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Thursday, January 24, 190?
Published each morning oxcopt Mondny.
Admitted to tho mails as second class
JOS. n. HAMITiTi, Proprlotor
Mcmbor of tlio Associated Press
Daily, by mall, one yoar.. $7.50
Daily, by carrier, one- month 75
Weekly, ono year ... ....-. 2.50
Weekly, six months . ....... 1.25
Cash in advanco
Advertising rates mado known on ap
plication. ,Tho trial of Harry Thaw begins to
.dnyvalacarthqunkos, wrecks and in
'vestigntions. That governor of Jamaica would have
been lynched hadjie been the mnyor of
San Frauoiseo at tho time of the reoont
disaster in that city.
The constitutional convention in
Oklahoma is alroady getting congres
sional habits. It is now involved deeply
in -the negro problem.
The shortage of men in Arizunajniiios
Avill jirnbably be relioved after the leg
islature which is now in session passes
the Anti-Gambling Hill.
An uxohnngo stntos that hundreds of
women are flocking to an Adamless
d-'don in Texas. It's a two to one but
that they don't run ono good-lookor to
the hundred.
The two Dreadnaughts of tho sen
ate, Fornkr and Tillman, have laid
aside their vituporative vocabularies for
the time being and poaco reigns again
Yiu the upper house o congress.
The lower house of the territorial leg
islature has no compunctions about ask
ing for a raise in salury from congress.
A follow feoling in the national body
.should result in a specdj' increase for
tho territorial solons.
.North Globe wants to coine into the
city limits and tonight tho taxable in
habitants of the north will petition tho
council to admit that section of the
eiunp into the incorporated limits. East
Olobe will be next and then tho city
of Globe will be a very respectable sixed
Governor Swottonham of Jamaica
fceems to bo the Nero of modern time.
The latter showed his contempt for dis
aster by fiddling while Homo burned,
but it would have made no difference
if he had not produced obligntos during
the progress of tho blaze. But Swctton
ham made "jokes" at tho oxpon,so of
the American reliof party, whilo hun
dreds wore dying from wounds rocotvod
in the earthquake, unattended by doc
tors. The British governor is deserving
of a pago in modern history, along with
other notorious criminals.
That the American people, ir any
large contingent of them, arc willing to
indorse notainntion as a means of po
litical reform in any country is quite
past the bounds of possibility. Annr
flhists are not the kind of reformers to
find favor with the'good citizons in any
civilized land. They are opposed to any
form of government and hold that tho
assassination of thojjljioad of a gov
ernment, whether he be a czar of Rus
sia or a prosidont of tl?e United Stntiw.
not only n just ill njtji!, but a roula
de act. Gregory Gorshuny, a Rus-
I is
iian, who is traveling (rum place io
.place in the United Status, and wnH in
(Jiicngo last week making speeches and
trying to raise money for tho promotion
of revolution in Russia, is quoted as
having said in an interview: "The
czar will be killed before my return to
Russia. L only regret that my en
gagement in America will prevent my
participation in his death." Roing
asked whether ho. thought tho American
government might cut short his stay
in this country, ho said: "I have every
confidence in tho Ameriqan people. Thoy
believe with mo that tho Russians
should have freedom. I do not think
much of your prosident, but tho pooplo
at heart are with tho Russian move
ment for freedom. Popular indignation
will restrain the president from return
ing me to Russia."
Tho people of tho United States have
not forgotten tho assassination of Lin
coln, Garfield and McKinloy, and "tho
deep damnation of their taking off" is
execrated today as it was when tho dia
bolical deeds wore committed, It ap
pears hat this reformer was under a
death sentence in Russia; that his sen
tence was commuted to life imprisoji
meut and thnt he mado his escape. Of
the fact of tho commutation of sontenco
ho modestly remarks: "I may say with
out egotism that J ,mndo The nnmo of
Ocrshuny wo great that the government
did uot dare to kill mo for fear of n
popular uprising.',' All of which is
probably a product of Ocrshuny 'a imagination.
Tho grent hcart,f tho American poo
plo throbs with sympathy- for tho op
pressed in Russia, nnd thoy hnvo been
gladdened by evidence of the coming of
a bettor day for that long-afflicted coun
try. Rut our people know thnt the
killing of a czar would uot kill czar
ism. Czars have been murdered in the
past, but cziirism has lived on. Instead
of arousing sympathy in the United
Stntes-by his abominable talk, this Rus
sian braggart 011I3' intensifies the detes
tation of our people for anarchism and
its prpduct. Two wrongs, no mntter
how great they may bo, ennuot bo so
put together us to make one right.
Murder is not and cannot bo a remedy
for government sins. If the lower
strata of the population in Russia can
get on top, is there any reason to be
lieve tho situation will be improved by
the change? Time will bring about a
wholesome compromise botweon the ex
tremes, but assassination will not be
promotive of that happy consummation.
Meanwhile, this country ought not to
be nnd will uot be tolerant of tho Reds.
Judgo Fite of xCartorsvillo, Ga., has
given strong instructions to n grand
jury impaneled to investigate the con
ditions existing in his bailiwick, says
the Washington Post. Ho said: "To
my mind a man that gambles in u pan
lor is just as guilty as a negro that
shoots oraps. Anyone who plays a game
of chance for a stako, be it money or a
chafing dish, is as guilty as a negro who
plays ernps. I want you gentlemen to
investigate tho question of social gam
bling ulosely. 1 havo brought this mat
ter beforu several grand juries, but thoy
have either not had the backbone or
the witnesses lacked tho veracity to
get it beforo thccourt. The gambling
that goes on in drawing rooms, and in
which society women tako part, .must
be stopped in my judicial circuit.7'
This is sKikcu like a wise and fear
loss judge. If there is such a hideous
state of affairs in Georgia ns Judge Fite
indicates, it should bo tooted out. Wo
hnvc heard much of tho game of craps,
whatever it may be, aud have no doubt
that it is highly demoralizing to overy
colored gentleman who indulges in it.
But this exposure of "parlor gam
bling," and for "ehafing dishes," is
staggering. Whither are we drifting!
Where aro tlJ ancient moorings Can
it bo true, in this twentieth eqntury,
that gambling exists n the exclusive
soeinlire.lcs of Cnrtcrsvillel Is it pos
sible thnt witnesses called upon to Acsti
fy in such matters aro niggardly with
the truth? What suhtlo oison riots !
tho blood of Cartorsvillol If Judgo .Fite
has really unearthed such evils, his lan
guage is nono too strong, and his deter
mination to punish nil offenders is high
ly commendable.
It is disquieting to contemplate such
things. If the women of Cartersville
are addicted to gambling, who can tell
where the disease will spread f Where
will it stopf Is nuy community really
snfo7 In short, whither are we drifting?
Judge Fito has conjured up a nightmare
df hideous mien, and the country can
not be expected to rest easy until it
has heard the result of the grand jury's
Reflections of a Bachelor
The reason a girl likes to havo you
dossn 't,
her is because she
A man has got to bo a hero about
something, if it's only a boil his grand
father onco had.
Hardly anybody is such n fool as to
imagine girls like him because he goes
to Sunday school.
Women aren't going to enjoy heaven
so much if thoy can't wear a pink
kimona onco in a whilo.
Tho greatest pride to n .womnn in
being married is being able to brag
about having a lot of things she hasn't
got. New York Press.
An Ordinance Relating to MeotlTfgs.
Re it ordained by tho Mayor and
Columonjouneil of tho City of Globe:
That the regular meeting of the Com
mon Council shall be on each Thursday
evening, at Fireman's Hall, in tho City
of Globo, at eight o'clock P. M.
At all meetings of tho Common Coun
cil, a majority thereof shall constitute
a quorum for tho transaction of busi
ness; a less number may adjourn from
time to time, not Inter than to tho fol
lowing Wednesday, and may compel the
attendanco of absent members by an
order directing tho City Marshal to ar
rest such member nnd bring him to .the
Special meetings may bo called by the
Mayor, or by thrco members of the
Board acting jointly; by sorving upon
tho inombors of tho' Board at least two
hours prov'ynis to tho meeting a notice
of tho time of tho meeting and, tho pur
poses ttiorcol,
The Common Council shall judge of
tho elections, qualifications and returns
of its own members, presciibo rules for
tho government of their own proceed
ings, punish any momber or other por
son for disorderly conduct at any meet
ing of tho Council, by fino not exceeding
twenty dollars, nnd by imprisonment
until tho payment of such fino; nnd
with tho concurrence of four councilmon
may expel any membor, but not n socond
tinio for tho same cause. Thoy shall
causo to bo kept by thoir clerk a jour
nal of thoir proceedings and a record
I of all ordinances adoptod, and at the
desire of any member shall caiiBO tho
ayes'and noos upon any question before
thorn to bo taken nnd entered upon thoir
journal; all proceedings shall bo pub
This ordinanco shall go into effect
upon the "date of first publication.
Passed and adopted tho I4th day of
January, 1P07.
Approved: W. S. SULTAN,
(Seal) Mayor.
Attost: F. J. Elliott, Clork.
First publication January 17, 1007.
Applying Genorally to Ordinances.
Bo it ordained by tho Mayor nnd
Common Council of the City of Globo:
That tho stylo of the ordinances
shall be ''Bo it Ordained by Uia Mayor
nnd Common Council of tin City of
All ordinances passed by tho Common
Council of the City of Globo uliall bo
reeordod or filed in n book kept 1 or that
purposo and be authenticated by tho
signatures of tho Mayor und City Clerk
nnd shall bo published in not hx than
threo consocutive issues of a weekly or
eight consecutive issues of n daily nows
paper published in the City of Globo,
and due proqf of such publication shall
bo made nnd filed with the City Clerk.
All ordinances shall go into effect
Ukhi the date of tho first publication,
unless othorwiso expressly provided for,
Whenever an ordinance, or auy part
of it, shall be repealed or modified By
n subsequent ordinanco, the ordinance
so repealed or modified shall continuu in
full force until the publication and go
ing into effect of the ordinnuce repeal
ing or modifying tho same, nnd no suit,
proceeding, right or fine or penalty in
stitutcd, created, given, received or ne
nrucd undor any ordinance previous to
its roponl shall be in anywise affected,
roloasefl or discharged by such repeal or
Whenever nn ordiunncc-Topealing or
modifying a former ordinance shall be
repealed, audi repeal shall not bo con
strucd to rovive such former ordinance,
utiles it shall bo so stated therein.
Whenever words are used Importing
tho siucrulnr or plural, thev mav bo con
stracd to mean either, and the word
"persons" shall include companies und
corporations, unless otherwise provided.
Whenever, in any ordinance, the do
ing of nn net. or the omission to do
any net or duty, is declared to be a
breach thereof, nnd there shall bo no
fino or penalty dcclnred for such breach,
any person who shall bo convicted there
under shall be adjudged to pay a fine
of not less than fivo (5) nor more than
one hundred (100) dollars.
A seal shall bo adopted the impression
ox which snail 00 as loiiows:
"City of Globo: Incorporated 1907,
Passed nnd adopted tho 14th day of
January, 1907.
Approved: W. S. SULTAN,
(Seal) Mayor.
Attest: F. J. Elliott, Clerk.
First publication January 17, 1007.
An Ordinance Establishing Certain Of-
fices and Regulating tho Duties
He it ordained by tho Mavor nnd
Common Council of the City of Globe:
The officers of tho City of Globo shall
bo n Mayor, City Clerk, City Marshal,
Supervisor of Streets, City Attorney
and such other officers as the Common
Council may from time to timo appoint.
All ofheers except the Mayor, Citv
Clerk, City Marshal and Supervisor of
Streets shall hold nilice during tho
pleasuro of the Common Council.
In case nny ofiice shall becomo va
cant through death, resignation, ro
tnovnl from' the town or any other rea
son, tho Common Council may, by ap
pointment, fill such yncancy.
All eity olllcors, whethor 'elected by
tho people or appointed by the Mayor
or Common Council, shall, be'oro enter
ing upon tho duties of their olllco, tnko
und subscribe tho oath of offion pre
scribed by Jaw; each of such olllcors,
other than tho Mayor and members of
the Common Council, shall, bqforo en
tering upon the duties of his office,
give a bond with some surety company
authorized to do business in tho Terri
tory of Arizona ns such, for surety on
such bond, paynblo to tho said City of
Globo in such sum ns is hereinafter pro
vided und conditioned for tho fnithful
performance of the 'duties of his office
as required by law and tho ordinances
and regulations passed nnd upproved by
the Mayor arid Common Council of tho
City of Globe. Should tho bond of any
officer becomo Insufficient, ho shall give
such additional security ns tho Mayor
and Common Council may require, nnd
upon his iniluro so" to do nt tho timo
required or within twonty-fivo days
thereafter, his office shall bo declared
vacant and may be filled by the Com
mon Council. Tho premiums of said
bonds shall be paid by tho City, pro
vided that o premium shnll exceed
ono-hnlf of one per cent por nnnum.
Tho amount of said bonds is fixed in
the following sums, to wit:
City Clerk, Ten Thousand Dollars;
City Attorney, Two Thousand Dol
lars; City Marshal, Five Thousand Dollars;
Supervisor 'of StrcetH, Two Thousand
uonars. 4
The Mnrsfaal shall perform tho duties
required of him by tho Common Coun
cil; shnll seo thnt tho by-laws nnd or
dinances of tho City aro obsorved; shall
arrest nny person or persons for violnting
any of tno city ordinances nnd take them
bofore a Justice of tho Peaco in the
city for trial; he shall make all assess
ments for taxes nnd collect nil taxes
and licenses of overy nature levied
within tho city, except street taxes, and
pay over to the Treasurer wcokly nil
moneys received by him, taking re
ceipts therefor; ho shall have charge of
tho city calaboose and prisoners con
fined therein nnd Rhnll see that all or
ders aud sentences with reference to
such, are fully executed nnd complied
with; ho shall keep all the records of
his office in such condition thnt thoy
may be inspected by t'10 Common Coun
cil at any time, ntjd, jdnll render an
account to said Common Council month
ly of tho receipts of his office; ho shall
not receive nuj' perquisites, commis
sions or compensation for his services
us marshal or tax collector, except
ns is hereinafter provided; and shall
perform such other duties as may be
required of him bv the Common Coun
It hhall be the duty of tho City Clerk
to keep a line and coircct recoid of nil
the business transacted by tho Common
Council; ho shall sign as City Clerk and
issue to the Marshal, licenso certificates
for all brancheh of business for which
a license limy be required and tako his
receipt therefor; he shall countersign
nil wairants issued by order of the
Mayor and Copiinou Council and signed
by the Mayor, and attach thereto tho
seal of tho City;-ho shall notify in
writing all peisons who may bo, by the
Common Council, declared to be ollicers
elect. The City Clerk must keep separ
ately in huge, well bound, uniform and
suitable books, an Ordinance Record,
in which shall be entered nil Ordinances
passed by the Mayor and Common Coun
cil of the City of Globe, and said rec
ord shall be signed by the Mayor and
countersigned by the Clerk of said City;
and such other book or books as he
nmy deem uocessary for the fulfillment
of his duties; ho shnll report to the
Mayor tml Common Council monthly
nnd file a detailed statement of the re-
oeintK mill iliHliiirKmiiiMita nf tlin f!Hv
Government und the state of eaelj par
ticular fund; such monthly rciorts, von
fled by his oath, shall be filed in his
office. At Ihe end of the fiscal year, he
shall make a full and detailed state
uient of the receipts nud expenditures
of the city during said year, specifying
the different sources of revenue and
the amount received from each; all
appropriations made by tho Mayor and
Common Council, and the object for
which they were made, nnd the nmount
of mono- expended under each; tho evi
dences of indebtedness issued and what
portion remains thereof outstanding,
with the rate and amount of interest
due thereon, and the amount of cash on
hand; mid shall perform such other du
ties ns may bo required of him by the
Common Council.
The City Clerk shall be ex-oflicio
Treasurer of tho City of Globe, and ns
such City Treasurer it shalj be lib duty
to receive una saiciy keep all moneys
that shall come into his hands belonging
to the City of Globe, for all of which
he shall give receipts? as .soon as he
shall pay any warrant, he shall cancel
the same across its face; and ho shall
perform such other duties as mny be re
quired of him by said Mayor and Com
mon Council.
All money drawn from tho City
j rensuror snau do iiruwn 111 pursuance
of an order, of tho Common Council,
by n warrant signed by tho Mayor and
such warrant shall specify for what pur
pose and the amount therein specified
is paid. -,
The Supervisor of tho Streets shall,
under the direction of the Mayor and
Common Council, remove obstructions
from the streets nnd alleys within the
City of Globe, repair bridges and cul
verts, and make such other needful re
pairs as such streets may from time to
tunc require; he shall superviso nnd in
spect all work that may bo directed by
the Common Council in opening, grad-
ing anil improving tho public streets
within said city; give or causo to bo
given all necessary notices to property
owners or others ns to nny contemplated
opening or improvement of the streets;
he shall see that all dead animals and
oircnsivo substnnces of all classes uro
promptly removed from tho city; he
shnll direct as to the extent nnd man
nor of excavations in tho streets for
public or privnto nso and shnll direct
the way in which said excaviilions shall
bo made or the earth replaced thorciu;
nud ho shall generally do nnd perform
all acts and duties thnt may bo directed
by ordinanco or resolution of the
Mayor and Common Council.
IV shnll be the duty of tho Citv At-
torney to act ns the legal counselor nud
advisor of the Common Council and
othor cily officials; tp give his opinion
in writing when required by tho Com
mon Council; to draw nil deeds, con
veyances, contracts, ordinances and
other legal -instruments when required
by tho Common Council; to prosecuto
and defend nil suits, actions or causes
where the City is a party; he shall re
port to tho Council when required, the
condition of any suit or action to which
the City is a party.
It shall bo tho duty of tho Mayor to
presido at nil meetings of tlio Common
Couucil; all ordinances and resolutions
passed by tho Council shall, at tho ses
sion nt which tho same woro passed,
bo presented to tho Mayor, who shall
return tho same to tho Council within
ton days, with his approval or disap
proval indorhcd thereon; if he fails to
return tho same within said time, tho
same shall bo considered as approved;
if tho Mayor roturn tho same with his
disapprovaf, tho Council at its next
meeting may by n two-thirds vote of
tho inombcrs prcsont, pass tho same; ho
may, in person or by agents appointed
by him for thnt purposo, investigate
tho affnirs of any department of the
city government and tho official conduct
of nny officer of tho City and report
the same, to tho Common Couucil; the
Mnyor shall inspect and countersign all
wnrranfs drawn upon tho city trcasuror.
Tho Mnyor shall not nbscnt himself
j from tho city for a greater period than
fiftoon days without tho consent of the
In the nbsonco of the . Mayor, tho
members of the Common Council may
elect ono of their number to presido
over tho mooting ns Mnyor pro tern.
The compensation of tho various offi
cers of ihe City of Globo is heroby fixed
as follows:
Tho City Clork shall receive a salary
of sovonty-fivo dollars pot month.
Tho City Attorney shall receive n
salary of 0116 hundred dollars per
month, and an allowance of fifteen
cents per folio for typewriting.
The City Marshal shall receive a sal
ary of uiiu hundred and twenty-five
dollars per month. Ho may appoint
two deputies at a Hillary not exceeding
one hundred fivo dollars pcrmonth, but
such deputies may bo discharged by tho
Common Council at any time.
The Supervisor of Streets shall re
ceive 11 salary of ono hundred and twen
ty dollars per month.
All salaries, unless otherwise ordored,
shall become due and payable oil the
first day of each month.
This ordinance shall take efTect from
and after this. date.
I'n.-ised und adopted the 11th day of
January, 1007.
Approved: W. S. SULTAN,
(Seal) Mayor.
Attest: F. J. Elliott, Clerk.
"First publication January 17, 1007.
Articles of Incorporation
Know All Men By Theso Fresputs:
Thnt we, tho undersigned, .1 Dv Cop
len, S. L. Gibson, L. It. Scholl, J. C,
Uiitt and W. H. Mercer, all of tho
town of Globe, Gila County, Territory
of Arizouu, desiring to incorporate our
selves under tho provisions of the laws
of tho Territoiy of Arizona, ami espe
cially under Title XIII of the Revised
Statutes of the Territory of Arizona
concerning corM)rutions, being Clinptur
II of said title of Ihe laws of 1001,
nud nets subsequent and ameudatorv
thereof, for tho purpos" of engaging in
the lawful enterprise, business, pursuit
and occupation hereinafter specified, do
make, subscribe and acknowledge ac
curding to law these Articles of Incor-
loratiiin, and declare:
The names of the incorporators are J.
D. Coplen, S. L. Gibson, L. R. Schull, J.
C. Britt nnd W. II. Mercer; the uame
of this corporation shall be nud is THE
COMPANY, and the principal plnco ot
transacting the business of this corpora
Hon shnll be aud is Globe, County of
Gila, Territory of Arizona, at winch
place the meetings of stockholders shall
be had and held, provided that branch
offices may be established and main
tained nt such other places cither within
or without the Territory of Anzoua by
resolution adopted at any special or rcg
ulnr meeting of the Board of Directors
herein, nud at such places auy and all
business may bo transacted which may
not be in conflict with the laws of the
Territory of Arizona, or anv other Tcr
ritory or Stato where such branch ofiice
or offices may bo maintained.
The general nature of tho business
proposed to bo transacted by said eqr-
poration and the purposes for which it
Is formed are:
First: To buy, own, hold, sell, con
vcy, build, operate, manage, control
lease, equip and maintain buildings,
iHiles, wires, lights, underground cir
cuits, appliances and machinery and all
uppaiatns capable of being used in the
transmission of mcnges, sounds nnd
(signals by the agency of electricity; to
buy, own, leasie, control and opera.te
wires leading from receiving nnd dis
patching stations, exchanges and booths
of said corporation to stations or wires
owned by individuals, or other corpora
tions; v
Second: To acquire by purchase and
nuy other lawful manner, real estate,
land and all other kinds of property,
ronl, personal and mixed, and to accept,
hold, possess, enjoy, operate nnd' use
franchises from nny State or Territory
of tho United States, or any county, or
municipal corporation, for right of way
over public domain, highways', streets
nnd alleys; to acquire by purchase or
otherwise by lawful means, bonds of
other corporations, chnttels, goods.
wares and merchandise and choses in
action; to buy, sell, manufacture aud
deal in all kinds of electrical appli
ances for driving machinery, ' motor
iiower for propelling and all kinds of
mechanical appliances where electricity
is applicable for the puriwses afore
said or in any way related to the gen.
oral purposes of telephony or teleg
Third: To act as a common enrrier
of messages to bo transmitted bv the
agency, of sound waves or electricity.
Fourth: 'To acquire by purchase, or
lease, pioporty and franchises of other
corporations; transact any and all kinds
of business which may He transacted by
a natural person, and In alienate, sell,
lease, demise and dispose of tho same, or
any part thereof, as well as any other
propeity this corporation possesses, lie
seized of or be entitled to; to bor
row money and contract to repay the
snnic at such times or time, with such
rate of interest as its Board of Direct
ors deem propor and seo fit; to hypothe
cate, mortgage, or pledge any and all
or any part of tho proporty, which this
corporation may hereafter acquire, or to
secure payment of such money, with in
terest, or to secure payment of any debt
of this corporation, with sncli intnrest
thereon ns it may legally bo obliged to
That the amount of tho Capital stock
is und shall bo One Hundred Thousand
Dollars, divided into twenty thousand
shares of tho par value of Fivo Dollars
per share, which shall be paid for in
cash as called for by tho Board of Di
rectors of said eotnpnny, or by convey
ance, transfer, assignment or dolivcry
of proporty which may bo purchased,
or acquired by tho said company, as
may bo ordered by tho Board of Di
rectors. All shares of stock when issued shall
bo fully paid and tho same shnll be
forever non-assessable.
That the time of the commenceinent
of this corporation shall be tho timo
when tho Articles of Incorporation of
this company shall be filed in tho office
of the County Rccordor of Gila County,
Torritory of Arizona, and a certified
copy of said articles shall ho filed in
the office of tho Territorial Auditor of
Arizona, nnd the term thereof shall bo
twenty-five years from and after said
Tho officers by whom tho affairs of
said corporation are to bo conducted
arc and shall bo Five (5) Directors,
who shall be annunlly elected upon the
second Tuesday of January of each
year; provided, mat the date of such
annual election may be changed from
time to time by the by-laws of said
There shnll also be a President, a
Vice President, a Secretary and Treas
urer of said company, and such other
officers as may bo provided for by by
law, all of whom shall be elected or ap
pointed in such manner nnd at such
times and for such terms as the by-laws
may prescribe.
The Directors shall hold office for
one year from the time of their election
and until thoir successors shall hnvc
been elected and qualified.
Vacancies in tho Board of Directors
shall bo filled by apiointmcnt, as the
by-laws may provide, and any person
so appointed to fill anyevacancy in the
Board of Directors shall hold office un
til the next annual election and until
liis successor shall havo been elected
and qualified. No person shall be a
Director who shall not be at the time of
his election or appointment a holder of
one or more shares of the capital stock
of this corporation.
All elections of directors shall be by
ballot and even-stockholder shall have
tho right to vote, in person or by proxy,
the number of shares standing in his
name on the books of said corporation,
for any and all persons ns directors to
be elected in such manner ns is provided
by the by-laws of this corporation.
The affairs of this corporation nro to
bo conducted by a Board of Directors
comjMised of J. D. Coplen, S. L. Gib
son, L. R. Scholl, J. C. Britt and W. H.
Mercer, who shall hold office until the
annual election to bo held on the sec
und Tuesday of January, 1003, and
until their successors are elected and
Said above named persons herein ap
pointed are not ineligible us such be
cause of not holding any shares of the
capital stock of said company at tho
timo of their appointment as such di
rectors, but each of said directors so
appointed shnll become tho owner of
ono or more shares of said capital stock
within sivty days from tho date of these
articles, or in default thereof shnll ceaso
to be a director whenever after said
period of sixty days, his default con
tinning, the Board of Directors shall
declare hiR place vacant for such de
fault. Tho officers of this corporation shall
be as follows:
J. D. COPLEN, President;
S. L. GIBSON, Vice-President;
L. R. SCHOLL, Secretary and Treas
urer; who shall hold office until their suc
cessors shall have been elected and
The Board of Directors shall havo tho
power and authority to do aud perforin
nny and all duties usually connected
with like offices, which powers and du
ties, while so-acting ns officers and di
rectors nf this corporation, shall include
tho adoption-of a corporate seal, "upon
which shall be inscribed the words fol
EPHON'E COMPANY, and the affixing
thereof to any stock certificates or
instruments of writing, which may be
issued or executed by them under the
powers herein conferred, as well as the
adoption of all necessary by laws for
the internal conduct nnd management of
the.nffnirs of this corporation; provided,
that no Director performing any duty
as a director of this corporation shall
receive any salary or compensation
The highest amount of indebtedness
or liability, direct or contingent (exclu
sive of its capital stock) to which said
company is at nny time to subject if
self or bo subjected shall not exceed
Twenty-five Thousand Dollars.
The private property of the members
of this corporation nnd the stockholders
thereof, shall bo exempt from liability
for corporate debts.
In Witness Whereof, We have here
unto set our hands this 9th day of Jan
uary, A. D. 1907. ,-
County of Gila. ks.
Beforo mo, Alice M, Birdsall, a No
tary Public in nnd for the County of
Gila, Territory of Arizona, 'on this day
persoanlly appeared J. D. Coplen, S. L.
Gibson, L. R. Scholl, J. C. Britt and W.
II. Mercer, known to me to bo theTer-
sons whnstf names aro subscribed to the
foregoing instrument, and acknowledged
trt mo that thev executed tho same for
the purpoes and consideration therein
Given under my hand nnd seni of
nfiieo this Ifith day of Jnnunry, A. D.
Notary Public.
My Commission expires February 9,
(SEAL: Alice M. Birdsall, Notary
Public, Gila County, Arizona.)
Filed and recorded at the request of
F. J. Elliott on tho lfith day of Janu
ary, A. D. 1907, at 10 minutes past 4
o'clock, P. M.
E. T. STEWART, County Recorder.
By Belle Maldonado, Deputy.
County of Gila. ss.
I, E. T. Stewart, County Recorder in
und for tho Countv of Gila, Territory
of Arizona, do hereby certify that the
nbovo and foregoing contain and con
stitute a full, true aud correct copy of
Articles of Incorporation of The Globe
Arizona Telephone Company, as the
same appears of record in my office in
Book 1, "Articles of Incorporation, nt
pagc''i23; that I have compared the
samo with the original record and that
the samo is a true transcript and of
tho-wholo thereof.
Given undor my hand and seal of
office this 17th day of January, A. D.
1907. E. T. STEWART,
County Recorder, Gila County, A. T.
By Belle Maldonado, Deputy.
First publication, January 18, 1&J07.
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