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The Seattle star. (Seattle, Wash.) 1899-1947, May 23, 1899, Image 4

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ii i \ k m
Street Car Wage
Schedule Fixed.
CODICIL TAKE* i>nisnn(Tio\
Fn«l Minimum "ay tt II Cant* far
Ho»r-S*«Ul* a Sa* Fr«a.
• nea R»!l»»J.
Th* vlty cmim-tl la»l ntsht d»vot«O
moat of tta time anil attentlna to the
fultowina* revolution, (ntroducml by
iViinrllnmn Itu.l*:
■lir It rr*olv«d by the rlty outu-il
of th. dty of itll»
"That hrr»aft.-r In th* irranllnx of
•II ftreet railway franrhlara. • pro-
i»»»n t«- tncorporattvl In rach fran
rbl»* to th* *B*ct th«i th# rtty ahall
rerulat* far** on all i-ar» aflrr a
l*rl»d nf t. n year*, laklmt Into i-.«n
--■Mat«llrin «h» coat fi>r Ih* eomrtrur-
IK.n i*f the mad.
"That hrr«»fl»*. In rrantln* »uoh
•tr**t railway franclttwa there (hull
ba prOTtaton incorporated In the »am*
•atna tt>* rat* •'' wajrew fur all con.
durtiir* and mntornwo at not leva
than II rent* per hnur, and th* wactw
of ooenmon labottra In connection
with *uch mad at not let* titan II
rent* per hour.
"That any per*on huyin« ticket* of
th* valu* of not I*** than » rentt,
•hall hare a reduction on curb pur*
rba»* »M. . of not leva than 55
per rent, of tit* amount uatmlly
rhar«*4 for a dost* ticket."
Ru4*'a r**olutl"n w»a the direct
mult of tj»* recent action taken by
th' ilml ear *mploy*« M thta city,
when they decided to petition ">•
c.Hincil'f.M- a SI cent rlau** In th»
propo**d vooaolldated •!!•>«■! railway
charter, aa already dvt»U«4 In Mm
Hill oppo*e<t the Immedtal* rotuld
•ration of th» resolution, •arina- '.hat
fir hi I loea* fav«r»d an entabtuhnl
wt(t Kcb*dul*. but till not want th«
matter aaaafl npon in tn* aiwr' of
Chairman Janiea of th* corporation*
mmnaUte*. ll* wanted In* resotw
tl » to b* referred to that comcnltte*
tor rooaMeraSon.
«-a*tl^man awl N.«vln eepouaetl Ihe
r«K>lutlo« and art*d imtnedtat* ana
Mutdoon expo«rtaUt*d. «»yti« that
Th* ix—aara of th* raanlutltMi at thla
tin* would b* premature, tnaamu. h
a* It would tend 1" fl» certain pro
vision* la a francbl** that waa not
yet formally befora coum-u tar cott
CtU hton MM that he wma anla*"»
--t»tlo la th" propo*xd ctmaolldatlon
franchlM aw outllocd. and waotrd •
th* city and th* employe* Vi f*t
•»*ry poa*<bteadvaata««v It* favor
ed :mnM«aJs ronatdrralloo of fh*
A motion to refer tlte r-i»o?utv>«i It
tb* eorporatloo* cmnmlne* waa lo*t
on a ti# vote, a* follow*: To refer—
Cr»r*t(m. n«ll»r. 0111. MuMoon. T»y- j
tor an.l Rtnohart ajmlnat— Ca*«e
man, Crawford. IIi:i. McArdle. N»»:n
and nod*. Ab**Bt—JimfJ.
Tit* matter waa then taken up tn
cwimiiiM of th* wbol*. MuMoon
■aid that Rud« waa attempting to
Uka *nap Judcment, and Ma rr*olu> '
tlon attooM not be pr'taad until the
corporation* committee had been
tivtn Urn* to cooalder it. KlmKar
remark* • wer* mad* by Caatleman
and Hill. Th- reaoiutlon waa finally ,
approved by a vote of aa»aa to fir*, j
the committee of the whole then a 1 -
).>umln« and the council taking up
the queallaa. When pot npon lv
final pa*aa«e, th. vot* tor the re*»4u.
tlon atood a» follow*! Tea*— <-»»!»-t-
--man. Crawford. Cricbton. •. -Mr.
Ilude. Hill and Vnvln— Nay*
—-DUelr, 081, Mutdnoo. Taylor and
Th* city council accepted an Invit
ation from Chairman J. MAVMM>
. Una* for tb* eounctlinen and city ofll
ctal* to partM*p«t» la th* »*'rr.»«i
on Memorial I>»y
on motion of Hilt, to* council .!»
fl.tf) to accept th* invitation of the
ownere of Ilavenr^a park and vt*ll It
today In a epectal car.
The «tr**t car employe* petition to
council to fix th* minimum rat* of
ware* under a consolidation fran
rhla* at 23 cent* per hour, although
virtually a- •■■ ' upon already by coun.
rfl under 'th* Rod* resolution, waa
formally referred to the corporation*
The question of allowing ■ i
month*' disability pay to th« family
of th* dead lire encineer Chaa. K.
Brabon w«» f»rr» Ila th» Or* com
mit t*.
Th* ftaattl* Ban Franclscn Hall
way and Navigation company waa
granted a perpetual francht** for a
standard ruag* railroad tn enter the.
city on Colorado street and extend
in« north to Main street on Railroad
avenue. Th* company tnuat begin !
construction work In the city before
July i. or forfeit MOW.
a license to wed warn linuwi tht*
morning to Wm. Murphy, «»•<• 27. and
Katharine Uavan. in: 22. both of He.
at tie.
■» 1 Will 11 Ml It L, M»y ».--
Mi* h lotarmt aurround« tho frame
rottane »' 1104 Division Mrr-.-t, thin
rtty, wl»«re Urn Mary Btorck 11 % .-I
until her roy»terlou«i I nil on tho
r ,«nt of April 23. Mr*, Mm bndn
h»r <-h1l«1r»n *'«■■ th«r«> r.n that
rulny night «n<l, airaln«t th» proti-«t
of her con. w«nt «lrlv)rt* with M ■■•
knotta Urtni'r, Mm Kan novrr vecn
tllv* afterwnril.
Hit body waa found RIPOMHI
In « ditch nrsir hT bom« dvn <l.iv*
lii'-r. fthe had been tttranidcd by -i
cord, wbi^h wnn found about h«r
iMtrk. Th« unknown and mlimlnff
•tran**r (a thu link which ihn rx»
--11c« havo never dlamvere-il. Tho place
In which she iln-l i» aal'l ta i
haunted. Th« children r-i>ul<l m>t re
main there.
Mrs. U. tinny vi. 1 her daughter,
"Tin- I in. « Uimnlmicn."
Mill. Ji-atatir li.wnthfil. davit moved
In. The cii...(v i. i inti Mr*, si..r. k
wan • |j.«ii;;l. .| i.i death In Hi- rHI.-ir
of h.-r home ami <ili. i vv 11 I uni-mil
to wlh-ii- (ho im-ly ».i" fnuiKl. Mix.
(Iray a.o • that at iilirbt a womiu'i
».•!.«• . i ir« out ill I hi- h«u»r!
"Tit ' I—l - mak*, don't inui.lrr nw;
pi«iii« »!■•. rtt* you low me,"
Nail Kills Sheep.
wmtMTCH. May tt.—lUU .ii.i a
great .t.al of •l.iirmK'' <■» empa and
t>uiMine» In ami about th* little vll
liki « of Mtllhrook ami Morrtand at
S >•'. l<» k thla ttfii-MHxMi.
The hi»l«M.in.i» w*r» of •nornwnja
all* •i.i fell wild Fii.-n IMa* at i"
kill ■!■>-.-■• kikl poultry, oml "' '"
through wwoden rvuf Imn Hub* Ilk*
Whi>li' on !i ir '• were at ripped •>*
every mi of foliage. Th* *torra "'
Hi.- no w«i alao very hr*»»>.
Carpenters 1 Strlko.
MARION, lu-l . May Jl —All «>( th*
carpentere of Marlon w nit out on a ,
■trlk* thU morning according t.« the
0r.1.■!• Id'll. I l.ml rl i-lllll* at a Illr<-t
--ing of th* carpenter*" union. Th"
k-ontia.'t.M • hail no warning until
ItWa murnin*;. Th» *«rlk* I* to ob.
t4ln a minimum *r*t* of IS coot* an
hour iw a. .t-i» of ntn* huura, Th*
present tlm« arai* la :.■*. •-•-•><• A
. -.>minst :«•<• » i« named at th* mi ■••ting
i.« IH4---I th* ■ ..i>it.i. it» Ther* 1*
m.<r«« r«rpvnt*r work In tfcu .n r »i
the i»i. ■« i>t Mm* than th»r* haa km
fur >■ ii• The funtrsrtora Mill re
•mt I lit* »l» in Hi.l
Charming Actress too Small
■H Hill i ■ ' —«ij- ~ ■»«£» üb'mM&mk
and Thin, They Say.
PARIS, May 13 Opinion* ar* .liv.
iti<-4 tht* morning •• to in* iMtiu .>r
tiarah llernhardt'a perform* of
lUmlet. aoKM consider h»r net In*
r*.iui»ii", ethers rtgard to* tipert
tn*nt ■• unfortunate, declaring thai
ah* I* hru.i.r and t i<>l>nt. an ■ fall*
to ptaas*. lte*lti<*. Ul«y aay »h* M
too *m*U ami lain for h*r part.
Battleship Armor
WAJMO.VOTCn*. d C. May n.-
Th* Minn**, tctrai company ha* In
('irmol th* navy department thai II |
•ill not tml on armor far hattlrthtpa J
and erukNrni tnrina* to th* b*«vjr
rr»a»uiT of private *mrk. T>« .Ir» I.
*Km orfsatoe* rrcrvt in mi »l <rirrln«
■a It t* .I*.!*--! i" h**«> th« o»ta|H ptl>
tlon a* (t»n«r a* poasibl*.
Disaster Occurs in a Copen
hagen Military Ar»«nal.
rofww km May Jl — a*T*n
men «rr* killol and two sth*r* Mr
knnly tnjur.-<l by th* ri| t . :;••-> of a
•boll In th* military laboratory b*r«
An Apparent Sulcid*.
I.KXIV.TiiV. Kv. May :t~\
■at*. «rr(t«n on pasteboard. «nta Ala.
««%T»«1 n»-ar th* trorkbou** r"vl
on Monday ■Mat wotUd lndtcat* •
•ulcM*. It r»«.l:
"t>«*r I* K..rr»»-»r: I H»» Mm
an4 1 *hall 41* for him. Ton will find
me In th!* pond ■ th*«lt Int. Take
m# to Ha Itl North Umwtan* *trv*t
and u«u I «ar, <lu»*i*." Irfiuiry
at th* »il !r*»« f«l!r-l la r*v*al tb*
II Gang of Smugglora.
XKW mm May ■ j«m«i l'«
--pa. an Italian fnrlt *-»l'r »*» ar
»■■»:• I ant] atrvrra) a*taur<-a of »r
--tMn wMrh had b**n imiuiM mi
m ■».*<• y**t*rday by cjior tat trvaaury
,«ir.-tit». to brmk up a cane that baa
bmtn mmotwlttit Into thla country
opium and «ilr«rt». l"lv» man. with
drus» worth |V»*>, hi>» b**n tak*n.
l» w-i«» tatimatvd hy a hlith <ti*.
torn official yrwtcrday th.v la»«»
wtmtrval* dnia* hou*"* In thl* and
r.^ir-ty <l!i»» have . ..nmv-i at th*
Brooklyn Boys Imitate the
Western Indian.
NEW TOflK. May M -IV*. Ja*k.
mm. colored. m <!»>■ irtnploy of Mr».
Shirl.-r lii vl*. of * Itrm*rn ,i r «-i.
Hronklyn, h»iM th* rrlm of a child
and «'>ir;« to th* front door #.h« HI
a trttle rimmulDn Bat band and
fi-rt fi th* Iron lamp pnat In th* mid
dle of rh> Mm At hi* f**t waa a
pile of r,^A«i.n[^r* which had been
*f\ nn ftr*. Two *tr**t urrMiM wtr*
tonkins on and Il*t*n!n« with appar
•nt Mtlafartlon to th* rrl*s «t their
It.— arr»anv*d and Mr*, I»*vM
ram* to a front window, and. In r»
--•|...|.«.-I>> the •errant* n><iueKt, «■»»•
hrr it pair of acHanrm lUmt thrn rut
i (»• Ixmtta which held the boy and
r«-l»"si»«l him. The kul wu half
wilted. 11.- ".it.l that the I. i) 4ln th*
nHffhlM>Hir*rd pTftrfUted him.
A Public Nulaanca.
WICHITA) Kan.. May ll.—Thl*
city 1* now nil.<ut rir.i.i car «<-r
--vlcb. fn «rr<,rilanf« wrlh a dcrl»lon
by Jiiiigi- Kelp, ifrrtarintt thf *tr<-Pt
ran to be a publiß nulaai ■ th*
f^rn '11l runriinu tfidny. Tti« l«»»«
nt th<- i>re«.-nt Miui|>iny explml -'in*
time into, but they rontlntie<l to run,
il.-nj.lt.- the rlly'* pnitr**
Laborers Strike. '
■BAWOatn*, Pa.. M»y, IS—Two
hundred iii I twenty lalior.ni and
t'-am#tf-m thin nrnrnina* VMM on
strike for Ihe Alratrat l".ivln>: com.
|..iny for 11.50 a day and II frrr team
wnrk. The company, which I* P iv-
Init Market «tr.-. i, orfera m n in« nn
hour fur teama, ami If the trrm* nrei
nit at OHM accepted !!• I. .11, 'I Ilir-M
will I", t.r.iiiitlil ■■in riilla't.-lplilH.
HAH CtiAIRBi Win.. Miy IJ.—Dor.
inK fi k.-v.'l'i- tft.rrm t»t IV JlilllJN 11.
Iliinlt, nt AiiKUntit. wiim kill. I by
HKhtnln* while lylnir In li<-<1 wllh
hk< Infant WOO. The buy i ■*. iJ|i' '1 un
He Will Publish a Book After
His Own Death.
VIIINN \, May It.— Mark Twain,
who waa to have left I. i • on May t<,
| (la» |Mial(H>lH 1 I. » dtpartura until 11l
t«th, an M to b* r«-«lv>-<1 by Hi"-
Kmpttvr on the }lith ll* la work-
Ing on a book «ti-«. i iiiinn i'" moat r*
markabl* p««pl* H» baa mih during
■ Ilia hfvttnt*. I'lic hum..l 1.1 aa )a 111 ■
book will n.it ho |ui1.1..ii."1 unlit IM
yvara after In. death, and will b* hla
j Im-i|»c»i Id imatertly.
Writing Paper Combine.
Mliv AI'KKi:, May ».—A Journal
■ihi |>I front Al iin ..ii \\ - . aaya II
M ai*t*i| thai Ih* writing paiwr com
bine, with acaiiltaJlsatlun of iij.ixi..
; 000, la altn«*t an a. «iuii|iil»hc.l fact,
only th« rloaini uf n*goilatlona f«T
the rartuua propertliw «.mi.i|
irit..«init!it Appralarra lmt> vl*ll»i]
Wlarntmtn ami gon* over prnprtlea
atalcd to i.« th* I'm v*t and th»
I ■lover l'ap«r «•».•» mill* «l Appl*
! lon and I'lovvr r«*p«ct|v«ty.
Chat. Stelnle Diet From the
Effects In Ohio.
TULBtKi, «»hl<». May Jl-rKarlca
ft.ii.ii-. of ta <*lty l*ark avenue, v
•1.-.i.i. AM the mull of an a. . : l-m
•«i I to har* •-•••urio i la belnit In
li:oli-1 lr.i>> a ttofnan <"«!h''.|<- «r. ,< i
• •«-i«-ir In Ihla i\t > Th» younc man
• »il i«-f .ro he died that durlnc th-
Initiation at liberty hall ih<- llfhla
were turned out, and tome one airuck
him very bard in llh> bach )ual M
another fr<rpr<d him. He recovered
without faltlac, ■mi th* shock rtart
ed a < o-JKh. ami when tb* HchU <•«"
turned on be *a» ei-intnir blood. A
t>m(t*er »»M today tt* brlleved death
• an th» Immediate re*ult of th* In-
ItUtlon. A aa4 (ealure of th* Cae*
la thai fitelnl* »«• encaged to be
married aoon In a well known rvun*
lady har* ||* bad •!»«»> betn
•tr..pa; and h»«ilhy.
Whipped the Wrong Women
PIOCUOO, May n - Mr* Dr. II
(It. John I>>wney hor*ewhlr*pe4 An
na Unn la*4 nl(ht then dlaroveret!
that ah* had «i-i >*>l the laah over
ilk* «rtifl| iihoubKra after ah* an]
her vk Km h* 1 txvn arrralxl. Mr*,
rtmrninar waa looktna: far a >»aahin#
wtdlonr, » V-m ah* «r<-u««-l of .»in»
ali*nat*d her hu.s.r.l- affertlon*.
Eipen»lvo Vote Canvass.
SKW TOJtK. May SI Th* t».ar I
of eatlmat* lo4ay appropriated •'"
-IICM to i>«y til* •»p*na*« of can
xtm'nt In ihl* tily tb* vote* o( the
•nldhrra anl .».!..r» »hl<h wer* r««i
In Cwba. Pwrt» torn ant the Tbiap.
pfnea. A* ih»r* wer* not qutte *•••!
of the** vote*. It eoatf nearly ll* M :
onviu each on*.
Actor* Married
n VI.TIVIOHK. Ml, May Jl - Mv«*
t.>lfl» IJihUum. l'«»lliv« lady M
th* I.y.ruin stork companr. «Nt J.
\V. I!*nlii»->n. ' >rir.-»rlr »n actor In
Chart** ''■■t*!"n'» "lt<>>«l flaw."
•»r» i|ui«t!> married »I T.»»m on
SlwvUif af»*f nooa.
Th* al*«m*r Oamnfi* wklrk arri»
-\ Kiimtar from Honolulu, will Ink*
en *uppll*a «n 1 go to Vlrinrl*. wker*
ah* will hereafter i>r»r«" b**»em
that pott and Hi. Mlch*»l.
• • •
r>r r. rVnm, of Oakland. Q*J • (!1
*1v» a fr*» tur* at ih« ll»n»» hall'
rvtrUr n»M en the luhjrri of
• 'hritlUn Krone*,"
• • •
Thorn «• W. Mtt«h*!l ha« b**n*l*et.
-1 by (ft* »'ut™ii of lit* U«v*r»Hy
■a th» editor of th* Wave for n*»i
• • •
The l'nlt«-<» RUIm Itchthou**
jnnnirr Column**, Captain Ilk-hard
anti, I* In port from Aatarta. Bh* I*
b*r* <»«>Un« th* antral of O*n.
«raJ Wllaon, chief »nvtn**r of Urn
-I*t»rlraCT»t at Wanhln«t<»n. who will
be In •h- (l!v In a f»w <taya Th»
Columbia will eattrry "i Wlliwn
«n<l lit* partjr about th* ffnucul on
m«4r tour at tnap«ctl»n of the m!H
ury pn*ta.
• • •
J, Will I-r«f>». formerly ~«-r-««ry
of iho Hcj.-it.lir *t> Hut" Cvnlral com
mltlr*. ha» arrival from Spokan*.
» h»r» h» ban b««R for ml wraka.
T>i a Ht»r r»t>ort»r, ha aakl; "■Bpo
kan* la on* of Ui* bu»i«t eMtM in
th* atatr f{#al •»!*(» la rapidly In
rrtiaaln* In valU*. awl aom* lino rr».
|.l»nr»« »ro tuirui »r«rt»"1 Much
cxclt»m*nt cr*v*ilp over In* MM
in that aactloa, «n) rlrh »«rlli»» art
b«lnc made."
• • •
Th* »!»im»r Fir", which *«• br*n
nn tha IMe'l Hound try dock* for
r»io | uit ten day*. wh«r« ah* haa
boon having new b->ll»ra plifo I in htr
bull, and other ext*nalva repair*
mad*, will I* on her l»«ual run t).»
flrit of next week.
• • •
W. E. Maker. an all»r»-1 furltlre
from lua»l«» from MM»achu»«lt«,
■»v« Deputy (Sheriff I. Iy>vlte« the
«ll|. last nlxht by a rlever plrce of
■tratory. t/^viaM-^ had arro»t»d him
on ThlM avenue. nil 1 on MM way to
Mi» J ill llaker aald ',• would like to
itt»[» Intn thw i:ii«*ll tmuM and tele
phon Ma nltormy. John V. Dor*.
Aftor ,imnu UM 'phon* for a frw
minuu* h« turnorl IO t*evl»«o, Who
had Bti.o.i at a »h»rt dlotanre, and
♦old him Mr. I>or» would like to
»i-n<l with him. Tha un*tmperllnK
..fTt. al»|if"l to tin 'ph«>no, and
while ii!« bark waa turned, H.ik.-r
quietly not away. Th» laat Man • f
him tie waa «'Hn« up J»m-«
atre«t at a hr*ah-n< k ■■ • i
• • •
TV. K. Ilaker la wanted In Hnaton
fr»r «h» null. it 1, infill nt MM from
th« A«l.ini« Kxprmna company. II«
I wu Hiroated her* last June by IX-.
tootrv* Weredlth. at th« rriiiiKiit of
the liovton poMr*. tie appllod to
th* aiiperior imirl for a writ of
liil»»»li rDrpiia, but II win denle«
ami he took an appeal whlrh la now
.-■ 11l • -l-
Workmen engaged In repairing the.
rfMjnty road «t Clporgotnwn. recent
ly unearthed •' human eknletnn. It
n-iia "11-m ..vi.-.l <>n lint la known ta
thn U M. <?«IMna' 11 .ii it .i. claim, |.
The akeleton mm Mi it of a mmi,
i nnd waa fuuml nt a depth »l nlxmt
l| v. Mn Hi. uuif.Kc. II la iup- :
TIIK SV. VTTI.T. si \lf.
Ihimk! (-» t'f lltr MiMitlhl* . t IHI III
• 11.111, IVlllllll |>l i -||tl.ll-Ill< • ••( Hi' 1
l"iii.-« Kivinu i !»•• iv this li.'ii' r.
a a i
Henry Young wa* yr«irnlay lined
110 i.. Judge I'unti for Int. tf. i v n
with mtio-r Adam* •luiiin hi. .i.«
••ji'iimb <»( til* duly,
• • •
Mik \nx" l;n«. 111.-. Mil *nip|uy«
of ihi- I*.-., h.-.iiii.. lirkl* wink*,
rr|M»rir.l la Hi.- pull! . yealenUy 41
--•moon thai *h» had her )•■• I" i pkk
•>l at ilf-nryi lon ii Huti 1.0 .ifh ni""ti.
«n.l M »i gold wan t,.k- it.
1• • •
<I*onr« !<•»!«. Mil.■ la wain 'I In
I,■ ■ « Ai\j««-!r«. <"«l , nn-1 I•■ » Molnm,
Is., for forgery, wa* given n pre
lim.nitry hearing before -In I,;. < >iiiim
>r»irr.l«y .irii-m.n.ii. lln pltwtdiil
guilty anil hi* bond *«• n«>-.t ni
$1000. l,ettti» «•• l.ikrll In Hi. i'"lllt-
II) lull i.. await Dm arrival <•! «n
■ .inV«r from th* i:.i«i.
• . •
I Tom lunv •!:.•- T»m Jonm, and
<lr. r«e Worrl*, alia* WIDUm Anlrr
•■■ii. two boy bunlaii fr.mi Victoria.
wer* •rrmtn] by Ivt*>Uvn I'owrra
!«»i night and they ru»fe*»»<i t.> r*hi«-f
It.-.-! that they h.i-l »i..i-ji over (MM
worth (if rood a frurn 'Hf- ■ • »'• •■!••■.
mil that mint <>r It w >• In tv» city.
A quantity of th» k--i !• were rtnuv
. trtl lair hint ntgtlt.
• ■•:;•
O«org* J. N ■■!!)'. a I !»■•■• rr, attrmpl.
•d "ni< iin in «*i «>i > ■ • *-:i'-"» fmntt*
day afternoon by Inking a i.-.i<!.-full
if in f I>!»in». K< !lv «U 111 ri I .
(»>! .-« h' a |.|'!if , »., wlirrw he ** i «
attended by Oily l'm-l. 'on Mi-
Kmhnlt. Kelly • !-• ,»■• he wan drug
ged, i
• • •
Wllllw Otni-y, Tnrney Aver* and
Jnhnnla J..m-« Ihrm yo(n I--!».
I mm* ••( xli.'in urn lv >.■•!• nM, «.•>..
■- 1 c«ii*.| by "'!• i»r K(i>ti in lhl«
j morning with a quantity Of -•••Im
• .| |iir wtr* In tliflr |«»nw»»ls>n.
' • • •
Ttt* revenue cutler Orant haa i<
rrtv*«l her ••< It* f»r .1. t- m ■-!•.« nn
id- tiering •*« eruUe, and nh* will
|.t.'».»»>!y «e4 «».i* lomnrmw. Tfc*
ilrant Wtll'Uku en roil i|> I aupplte*
today. The other rutter*. the C«r
win, Pn-rir >nl BM <•■ ■ ■!»•■ I tbrir
onlar* ■ day « i«m a«-<> «n I ••
an>tn •• th» Orant •'•• away lh»y
will ptm> ami Mm on their •utt-i ■■»
Tl>* tutors will praiMbl) I. «■■ fnr
th* north a*paral«lir. nil ni •••
«rlh»f, •• nrlnnallv ini'-ii't'-l Tlip
i-u»i»r RtMtl ■ 111 tha river atoanwr
Nnti»»iv In low, "a* «i<h'r-l ..ft th»
• •■•luniM* rlv»r ihi<im) tlh* will
pmhably «rri. In « day or «»••
• • •
Tt"- imw «t«a(n»r Atblnn, mmiit
bain »'. (\»«ip«vtlt» by Hi- l«iand
■taauNMi twmrany. w«» ■■ I 1*"* l'>
.Ur lo uiiUij; i l»«{.f<-f"n Rh« IS
to run In «■»»!—»" tt---» '■• t•••• - «m-r :
Patrbavcn «n lh« Vmiltt* an«l WW.I
by lilut run, but it la otatnl that
Ihvrt will bo nn rriurtion In the
(r»n»t".rf-»<!..r. ral*«.
Th» A!Mnn In l<» ft, |n«ir. l» fl.
hum, a- 5 IS ft. .>.-{. S»i- !• ff
lUrl With a ■ ■•"!• <!n I > ■■•i.!^p«in»
ft\f l 9, «• 114 by It In. »•• is- It
In «iMm«i"l ih*t (!••- »r«it»*r irtll
rr«k« about I! y.a- it per ttour.
• • •
Arvh)l«cia ■'• ■»»!-!, .r,« «n4 mi> " ar»
"•«rl»:n« on th* plan* of « rvaldrnr*
f-T AllflMl BM on !»• lx>nny
llcmim » I i:t! k Thr i.ii•! t!i;«. »!>"«,
enm^Mvl. will coal tt'M.
• • •
Th» •«<••»»! *-ii'«" Itiur«»l- k ar>
nrt4 In port *arly thla morningl front
Hunirr'a tlmr. *)•■*» l*h» wrni
, north frr.m r*a!rbav*n r»r*Mlr • 'h ,
m rmf%n of •->*»• t<*r the »••. :c.
Rttam n*ha]tng mmtwriy'a mrmr:»«
at thai r*t*'« Tb# HrmxH Irft
thvro !«•! Malur4ay «nl hroucht n■>
lat* i.»*«. Noihirg la b*lng <!■ ■•>• In
th«< Pannrrit*. and no work wiil »-■
rp*um*<t until about tli* mil li» of
| Tti» nrunwwlrk la «m» «f th» at»am
»r« whlrh will b* oprralixi by th»
j Kmpf» Tran»t«rtall«ii «w»m|»anjr thli
W'lll Tn fit. Mti it t »l Ifh* will Imv< j
tar that p^rl about Inr latin- part
of lh* month, having In low lh# €«•?»•
(Mill • at**! Tukr»n rlv»» Iwhtt»». "Hi*
lirii-»«l.k la fw»»r!-l by Captain
Anders .# #
■ • •
Ttl# IfMIN r*»mmllt»» nf iba
Qu««-n City Oofxl ft"«!« r!ub. Iwld *
m«-«-Cnif la»l night and It waa dr
fHfl tO (IV* * Wg •"«. U!«:..|l !••!
Otympto n»*l J»uwl«y. Tbr pi»
rrw !• Will B. f>v iH ttn- Magnolia
rtiuff blrycl* .th The r*cur»^n
will b* uii-It '■<— >b<|'lii >i <>f thn club,
• n<l «rrat*ir*-; *f bring mad* tit
mak* It 111 must Imporiant rxcur-
Vt'Ml Of th« m-nri'-n
Th" Northtrn l'ar.lfl<i r»Hrn»<l will
run a »f""i lal train, and nit nnty will
«.«!tl» wh»<Hnn>n »aki> advantiigo nf
th« •iruraloti. but th« train will a!»n
•top at Km! and Auburn, mil a
l*r*« llllH»llll» of w-h»>«>lm«i fr«>m
Taroma hav# (iromhu^l to Join thp
<■• ur«l'>n party.
Th*- fara for th» roiifvi trip h««
li*»n n«^l at II.SO. an 1 th« train will
l<s»v» h«r* at » T> In the tn«rnln», ar
; riving at Olympl* at noun. T)i« n
curslon will l«-»v«> 'H>mptn at *
o'etork. arriving h'Pf In. pUtity of
time lo catch the la»t run. WhMli
will, of counw, bo r«rr|p<l ftr<>, anil
apeclal att»nilanta will bo placed In
tilt rara «f> l«>oh aflrr tti«n.
On th« Hjn *M Of Hi rxmrMon '!•
pait't* th» up- ' completion of th*
Bath tn Magnolia 1 -i<ifT Th» path
will coat at I- .I*l l-'^i". ant will h->
anc of th« flu' ri I••■ In HM (tatr,
M Chad wick and A T. Amlir»f will
manag* th» alTalra of ttia • ur«l..n
for the Oood Iloadii club. l>onnll»r.»
of printing, etc., w*r» r<w«lvril limt
night by thi> I in" muklnir It unnw.
marry for Hi club to «p«n<l any
• • •
Th» pl-it of I'ratl'a nrrh.-ird nildi-
H'.n w-a« Ml I and «<T«-pt<»d by lh«»
city t-oiini-ll I i»l ' .111 Thl* lm< I
of about Hirbt acn-» I" '■' Ik I" 1
upon it,., in trki-t In liull.llng lots.
Tb» pro»n>rly la -mi !'■ I i»\ Qin-»-n
, Ann*- bill. Junt nnrili 0( Hit' nd of
■ Cedar »trt»«^t rar line, nnd cr>niniiiili|*
h brautlful vl»w <if Dip city, l'uir. (
aound awl liftki* ITnton, <>vi>r nix
1 acrfw of Ihn In ml l» rnvcrnl wlih
, bmrlng fruit tn-r*. Many i Irabl*
homn will, d'Hibllpn*, fuxm be Imllt
on th* tract.
-'■«; m i • \
I. O. llfybrlrk, aw^ll In. .-• min
ing man. Hi In Hi« clly. having «r
--rtv' 1 M ' rtt\ from lmlcx. III* r*
' port* th>» condition of th« mlni"» «t
i that placa aa being favnrahl*, ""'I
thai rl" Ii or« i* b*lng taken nut. He
aald ymt*rd»y to a Ptßr r»porli>r:
"The r'tlltltry armind In I- X M 111 'Ml*
day produce the rlihrwl copper mlnM
lln North America. "i" pn-xnil
In'M' a,tlon« Hi■ ■■ • In i-vrry ri-«wiii lo
bftlleva ih il Ilil« Miiirini'iit will prove
i.i i.. iii In- I"- ahowim up
In ih. mnuntatna which c<iiitnlii we
of which HI) per cent, II eeppar. The
mi.,. ' whlrh nre prrxlmliiß ihn btst
development om '<' Humn"l, the
I • , : I.' 1
miin ayii(1l«»lf, ami th« flnltnii Van
'"The only thing whlrh la ..... iifc
• ««,u > fur Hi-, i-uinploi* ill vi-l"|im.-til
uf the < liiini-. In <ha vldntly Ot In
dex, ''.» ii iii. ni.il uf lraii«|H>ftnllini. ••»'
which thn «r# ran I»b »«nt to tl"1
•mil tern. I'l r|nratlnn» ••■<■- Ih-Ikk
iiui-1. fur Hi. building if a i ill' I
fiiuii I it'll k to ii ill /i i. a diatanr* of
«% inllrit. At Ihla |M.mt Itif mm.l
will runneri wlih Hie llrcnl Norlli
prn, but It will nut be ••iintnillnl l»y
thai «'iiiiii'«ny. Tlir flfl l>'l Ot tl»»
fur Wie connlrurtlnri uf thl* r<wtf *er»
CUI l-i'i Haturdiy.
v !.. ii m road la coin|ilel*d, nwH
uf I lie mi- »■■!! lie ►■i|ii'".l t<t In
mi. hi r nt Bvarati, the peo
|il<> huvlnit iii.il.- .i ■ ..mi .H t with 11"
utiiclU-r cumpany fur two ycur». Thp
lino ►!i..iiil I." In 11.n. i.mi r.iinll
lion l.) Augimt 1,
The i ..iii|.'inv luitliiing the rond l»
kii..><ii ,i« thn In.li x (luli-na It »;!•■• •■!
■ •nit mv, »ii I Mr, Hi yinii k I* ji..|.
■i> ni uf Hi" Dorporallon,
It la * niA\rr»hU fact Iha-t there la
a lorgm li.-lm ■ f I'nstrrn pcnfila Into
t:.i-« utals cvrr/ limn Die r-.1h•■..!•
rtiiikn a rv'tut'tUn In ffttac A larftt*
d»l« gallon Ha* orrlvml within the
|m»i r. >■. -tn> havtf.g t.tt-. -i adfant*
.•»-.>• <>f ii:- Mv ix »•■ vi) ■■• murilnti
lo Han Vnuirlmro. ilo»t uf Iliem
h»ve rome out h»re Iv ti»k r..r a
h ii .> wtitle oiniri are on I'lrnaum
The •lrr.»t Northern tut Mll-1
come i<- if!. !-i ... !.••<• ihe comer uf
| whk-h to i. I.i i a i:..-.- In r«d Ink.
I Hi li!llat*"n nrwl b-vln* t ti«-> /•iii.ejr
nme of a man* han*l«rtl nj T!i •
tv<'" •" wtltirn In t!i-- lii-i |» r»-n
mvl M Intend* d to twivty t.> lh» ip
' l|-- 1.1 th» It- .t <!..[ it I* «..!.'■
I:.. i..l • •!»!•.. to travel over the
) railroad.
• • •
A i»« (U|n line twa been put In
oficmilnn rt>nim*ilng the White I'j.i
and %'ukon railway at fummlt n.ili
■ I<ak» llennetl, A pnmp*n> call'd thr
lir.l IJM trunapnnation company.
hj\ - li*«-o fi*rn>- and lu»<• purrhaa
"l a»inal new stage* In ftfattle,
having •» total carrying <«i ■> of
!40 a*. ■„ ir Connection* will be mad**
with th» mornlug train from *•>.*«
way at Summit ihi«» ..i.ihh M*
■engrra (o make lii- try to I..ik»
l.t-i.i.^ii In •>!>» day.
Th* »»•• • art aa follow*: Haminlt
to ttm i'aUn. tl; Hummit In l.tk«
Btoewtt, fy, U>c Oibtn to Lake Ilen
'l'll. 11.
. . .
, The iJr. 11 N'.nlirrn n.«» •11.-l
1 < -:i,.- Bewr bulTrt library • ■>•* to Ma
uvertdnd tratna. Tbi» new dpj*rt
tire I* a •!■- ■■■>• I InnotatVun and |>ut*
the "i-.'.«.'»'i:w '■■■<" i«" I • aa already
ct»t>n»leie avrtlie. The tr«ln l»*vl«g
here at 4.30 n'rliitk In the aftvrn»un
\» luiurtuu* to all It* appointment*,
in 1 the ■■•;» tran*r»nttnent4l train
tbftt i .->• i:-■• a library car. Tb>«« are
f<ir tho '■•■■ ■■•' all l-.r '.-iia-'-r* h i^lnaT
■In-pinit 'if tkket* without •-^lna
charge, lloldrnt of flral-claa* tlrk
<■!«. tiy i i> •• c til* . iiu drawing rar
rate are aJwt .til»i> I t« their u*r. [
i'h» i ■■* .in are "!i:.-f»-l In oak
and are divided into thr"» aertluisa.
1 Th* main rompartment '.. tbe lib
' rary 0i..l genrral aitMtig r.«iro. «l
on* ri.i of ».';»! la the rulaine. at |
<-, v. «t • -■■«• ran get anything Ibat ta
:«,ivl to «rt or drink Tli<*n thrre
i* a i i' I i--.:■• arrangrnl wltb tablm
an-1 finally at th* r--ir I* a com
plete (•■.•!.-. r ahop. >.fT at which !•
Ih* bath rnonv The platform* of
t»<* car are notsr«itle for their
> i- >i. an-t r-> nn on wtilch to Hand.
Ihua mi'i.iu a i.»wf«.r to ob
«-i-i» «!■• country t>.r. «»• »i which he
ia raaalng. T»i.« i■»« iwrvtce I* fit
,-••■. r.-. ltitr«<tuctlon, the ltr*t ■ ar*
having bMai am' out her* only ■ few
.t.i>« ago. but It haa hut a wide
t;.w.l advertlevmerrt, <>fflctala if
rtie road b»v» »ie»n kt-pl bu»y •how
■ Ing the crowd* through the train.
Cunt Sgtrt Roll.
llaa already nt«i 111 pta ■• •muni j
lh« bMI dock' of !:< i«il-:.<- ramp.
In fart, nvnil of •>>.■ prumnlFr'a •!•« k
•11 NbMribad in llr|iubile a( \ of
* r*nt ■ abiir*. ana M Irvaiury
• !•>■ k i now «.rtrr.-1, fnr a •hnrl llmr
only, al ••»' • »r' I"" »h*r*. It I* a '
(■-- K-'ll piCUWtf rnvrrlnc two full
rlalm* almost in thr h«art of lli
irr*a(**t »r<>M camp iii th» world. It
in ih' l'»«i '■">' on th* m«rk> ■ fnr
th* rvaaon that It !■ •r»r<-l at *ui*h a ]
t>rlc-# that anybndy can «ft an Inter,
rut without I'tif.lMi In bli i.i«i dollar,
11*% In now an<l r*t "•'• brnoflt of th*
ral*t In prirt that It houn<l to fallow.
I'miih 1 attention ci«rn to all ordrra.
SLATER & SMITH, Official Brekfrs
Tin.. Main ML 111 Urn**" M . «ratil*.
Mill Pißfuer lit Butut
TIOM 111141-46 ci:e uj rim atiiii
• __ •
!" .r«i!iil*ti.l 13 lbs Nis". II" 11!
' ' «•. tit s»<ond • >••>•, t>«tw«tn '' {
ttlltr tit* U"tl. J
! '»♦»♦»♦»»♦ ♦+♦»»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦' ■
In Honor of tlii; Onccn's Birtliilay
ll.r. Fait I' in.- r
Sir. Alice Gertrude
Will Imvi. from Clt| I'm k
Tuesday, May 25, ■' 12 Midnight
iiriiirtiiiix ifinr. VlHorta at In p. 111
V\ i ,1 n
Thursday May is. Nt 6; |O A. M.
lii'iiiimnil liwvoa VlitorU at in p. m.
Arriving 111 Vlrtoria Iniih lrlp» mi lime lor
th*l !»!%>-'• H|mrlii.
Fare for the 01 KfS
Round Trip Ol.t/U
Tickets will be on sale ii City
Dock Monday morning, M«; 22,
Hrrurp jrnur llrkrla vartjr m ouljr ■ in', i
lllllill'i'l Will btHllJ,
You .'can flutter
To your heart* content and not have
them cost you much cither it you
putriiniM 0ur......:
Popular Ribbon Department
iirrtK IM a t»ITX*IAI. ih«t >■">' •"■mi"' "foil "> overlook—49 t*t**» N*.
M wMlh ,11 Hllk T«fT.i» Itlbbon, In (i«nl«.»m# »trlp*», pr«lty color*,
e.f,«UHydf»lr«bl«forn«k«n4 '"•' we«r, J»c »•'"»• »wct«l i""«.
„,' MILK-N»w fiiyl* K«n«y ntbb»n#, in « beautiful rant* of color*,
only joo a yard. : " ",'•'
Nu, »—All Hilk Ribbon tc. • >•'<« Larcc a**ortm«nt <-f Narrow nibbon.
Ma 7-AII Bilk Itlbbon. To » yard. i popular for dr«* ajarn.tur*.
No, 9—All Milk JU!.b..n. to a y»rd. *""
So. U-AII Bilk Itlbbon. 100 m yard, Ht* and color*, Us and «c a yard.
VICIT Ourdio** , .rtmrnt «nd Mun ni you with tht b»»t II II » and
|!Mcj|»v«i In inertly; all «l«v*» flui"! hy »Kp«ri*nc«l «l'i¥r ni!»r
I^mif' Klm H!lh innlrtifd Ulack and Tan T«ff«la U|«ve», *»« valu*.
nnly ;'•• « i'.''lr.
I.AUtr.H' Kx»r« fin' Bilk Olnv*». thrihW* tlpp*d flnrvra, warrant*4 to
•(uim-.ir the (d»v«, I |r » pair.
206, 208.210 Pike St.
\t ...0r... '
■ , ' m»i («■ ,!■■! i«> (hi. nut i ail ai»4 '
] i i « aanallM II • ni <
;; ■*••*■ !
Will, mi A....
m nun nil ii hum itti
From $7.<K) to $300
Sherman. Clay & Co.
lll>i.wl ><•.'•• - - a~»m«
You Want
A Bargain
In a New. Slightly Used ,
or Second-hand
Remember we have the
Largest and Mom Com
plete Stock in the City.
Call or writ* tor prteaa aiaci lifni
883 seaal Arc Btrtc Biiltlif
Our grocer says
There are not any
Has .Monty.
Fine as Silk
41; Pike Street
llntwnnn «th »nd Bth
(|)n Platino Cabinet 0117
\r\ Photos reduced \*\
0)0 •■ ss U>J
*?' lor »n l>aya. *J*W
L. a Roche Sh&at
Acme Publishing Co.
P. 0. Alley. phont B»d 1064
c ■»■% v«> wv*v% vw^wwww*
> ....00 T0.... j]
i Spnrkmon a. .McLean !;
<> '
? »o» iiiuiaim M > ;
< I l.ulif ll.'l ITU f*{, Halloy Mil* ]',
I — I
i w> offer imL alx*rottm hmiM, <>
\ aillwtatillally i.iiiii, in tool n«lgh. <>
5 I "Hi I. I'M •vi «'. tluall |a;m<ul <>
5 fiii»n. l«!>in In uit'nl* lomii. <>
> 1 '
». V*>*% W\W\V\ WV%V*>V% X V *
In tha tnar*.' .m . t thirty yearn Iho
well known
)"rll T>'ll'DMMlHl>lo,
T«irphnno ii.risii MIICKEI.SON, ftj[t
I Meils at All Hum s !
[ Mrs. Con* A. Hideout. - Proprietor ]
UCH Mi I \\ r <*\\<\ .Illtll.'- -I ,
I Ht MUtLUo '•»■> •"•'»
■ni, la coanacttoa With ik« i
• c,,,*a~ rUMu »• iBt»ii«l»ln
i- r ■(••>)• «( f^>p« •< oar mat*
«»ilr. Tb* •««■<• •»• we»*»rlul.
Han I «im b**iini It. A {•>••*
ui» to ikot ll jwi.
Ulitstuin *! rttaici:?!
■—■ ' j
%"JU IUI *iß*T Ji«*Tfo!«'ii, r iuitk of *
r.ia.!»<-.«i*j ..... lin.W
<• ■•■ l"l.liii« UlltllM IruiHUl
;«»■.«. It. Han, Jr . .... rrMKIM*
M.urt.. V «llu . . . VIM rrwl Uat
1 I»»i»i Tun«f . . ...... . <:««ki«f
IK » i-.t»h«r»i .... tmrlatl l u><v
Mini •1.4 ul«cr*pht* •l'banji« p»r»w«
la ..1 11— principal cttua al ik« Ijaiwj
n«n« *a 4 Eanp*. ■ „ 1
tilt rvuitt KirxDKITKWU »*»«
<.;-.;.--»» f *i4 i« mm."—
*"»»- 'ZZZ • tkom
J.mb rartk Vit»fm4<«
£0, Nrtif»iitr Vtc»rmM<a«
V. iaiur Caahia*
Carr*t*aa4c«M la ants* prin-ipal ciuatla
ib« l him and Kara**.
o# innit
Coraar Vci.t ».r aal rim ttim
r«|H.I ' .' . mflO*
Aa<tr«« riiilt>arg ' ! Pra*t<l<at
A U. (HMlbrtf .. ».Ca*al«t
Trail***-** a Oartal Baaktnc Il«ii!n«««
limn -. AM) • I HM-IIIH ~ioo>fi
M"ir.l BRr>Sßr>X «na nm »r»«o»
--tr<wvt tW»lori roro. •iniit or ta MtlMI
low ratM IVII ( unr N«i-«»rr
1 a. iiivi i.iHina
Nothlr« t Irr A'«.k» uaN>r. onunirr
or haH work. TaTalir TrAtt«#rv. tfoabU
onrMti. tin; itra4 >Urk. (LoV. <.#n.
Mlln' tlorm «a 4»M »««unt hoe<l coals,
11.111 (rm| I lark irml Data. «v H'ih>».
bUaktU.Kir. Sarr ani»i»Mit< anil 4ra«>r«,
fiaftmh. Xlaak»t> (1 as <Voiw»
wi.nl t.ni. »>«. ft Ml Qttnalru. li m
klii. 1317 1 r.l Anaut.
Rubhtr Tip* alnmicuia an 1 »n«m»l
l»li*r* for • rniin] !-■ »* rt'irat^rt rha« t
Mwtoa. »l» tnlit Way. Taoaa (lark oil
The Vaitl* Jank Co. para lnwaat arlr**,
i hut wit. b>iiina» All kin-1« of via.ta
n<l*r bouihL 8114 n!4B**»|>aa*n mid- No.
* Rallioad airnua. T«:>abon> Blaa
v.» mi
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