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Savor ulli' an '1"' SiºPak
At mIlig tli:. At
Remember, when a litite tot how
yu used to con:l : inl urI m)ther
how you wouldl din to her in
se of fear? You never met a
person that was ha!f s g od, so
sweet so tender and so loyal as
mother, did you? Remember when
you left home to face the world
how tears came to mother's eyes?
Unless you are now a mother you
cannot begin to know what that
parting meant to her. Perhaps
mother has been called to that
pt Beyond; perhaps you are
fortunate in having mother with
you in Bogalusa, but you know that
mother is one that you should love
and honor each day. Next Sun
day, however, you are going to have
~a opportunity to show a little
lic love for mother as Sunday,
i 9th is Mother's Day and
Miother is not going to be forgotten
: .lBogalusa. On the contrary special
%'honor will be paid her at Goodyear
Park. Every man woman and
Shild in Bogalusa is looking forward
.to the event and the attendance
pomises tobe a record breaker.
The meeting will be held under
the auspices of the Y M C A and
k Mayor Sullivan has been secured to
Smake the principal address. The
SY M C A bandwill render a delight
Sfulconcert. The services will begin
at 5 p m at the Goodyear park, the
waether permitting. In case of rain
the same program will be carried
ra-ut at the Y M C A auditorium.
Emblem Of Day
 The Emblem of Mother's Day is
a, white carnation and these can be
lad Sunday at the Kandy Kitchen
"d the Bogalusa Stores Co. On
Mother's Day every one is expected
Sto pey respect to the mother by wear
ý h4 a carnation and also attend
ar*ices held in Mother's honor. It
needless to say that Bogalusa will
.l herself credit on this accasion.
11,110,000 FEET OF
In Fire At New Orleans
Monday Nig t--Damage
' Will Reach SI(H),(OX)
SSweeping over an era equivalent
U eight city blocks, fire in the S. T.
1 Akus & Company's plant at New
(Means Monday night wiped out
approximately ten million feet of
lumber, caused a property damage
estimated at over $100,000: threw
00men out of work and for sik
irs had almost the entire city's
Ahdspartment fighting the blaze
ald half of the police force endea,(
.,i~to keep more then 50,000
iNOs outside the danger lines.
eothly Report.
:8htriff and Tax Collector J. T.
s has just made his report
l month of April which showis
taxes to the amount of $6.376
were collected. The state tak
tions were S1.878.43 Paris%
84 School $2 512 5.
Improving Cemetery
AN.Dobbs reports that the coIn
which was recently let for the
of the cemetery has been
and that a contract has
awarded the Bogalusa Miill
y Co.. to erect a fine fence
the property. The cemetery
be in perfect condition.
lIve Nt t L.ven ('uns idhred
o: the past week rum)rs have
je. afiat to the efect that the
.!f:ices of tihe Auditor and Supt of
'ransportation of the N. 0. G. N.,
which are located in the Tate build
ing in North Bogalusa, were to be
moved to the Colonial Hotel build
ing. Several residents in North
Bogalusa became very uneasy lest
the rum')r developed into a fact.
No such a move has been con
sidered, however, according to F.
E. Farris, the general manager of
the line, who stated to the Enter
prise on his visit here this week.
Where the report originated no one
appears to know.
E. W. Seldner, who was formerly
Secretary to W. H. Sullivan, and who
for the past two years has been
Chief Clerk to J. H. Cassidy, Logging
Supt., left Wednesd y for Buffalo,
to accept a position in the office of
Walter P. Cooke, Pres., of the Great
Southern Lumber Co., and the N. O
G. N. railroad.
Mr. Seldner has proved himself
very capable and efficient in the
positions which he has held hereto
fore and he will make good in the'
lucrative position to which he has
just been appointed.
The beautiful flowers in the yards
of the G. S. L. and the home of
Mayor Sullivan are going to be
placed at the mercy of the people
of Bogalusa Sunday, due to the fact
that Sunday is Mothers Day and
that flowers cannot be secured else
where in the city. The announce
ment was made by Mr. Sullivan
that the public is not only invited
but requested to visit the G. S. L.
property and his home and select a
flower to be worn on Mothers Day.
Every man, woman and child is
invited to pluck a flower from these
beds and it is hoped that no one
will take advantage of the gene
rosity of the company and take
more than one each for each mem
ber of their family. If you cannot
go in person to make your
selection send the children, but
caution them to not take more
than is needed nor molest the
other plants as all Bogalusa is
proud of the flowers at these places.
Negro Suicides.
Leaving a note to the effect that
he did not want his wife to wash
and support him, that his health
would not permit him to work,
"Judge" Roberts colored, age not
known, ended his own life between
5 and 6 Tuesday morning by
hanging. The act was committed
under dry assorter number 7 at the
plant of the Great Southern Lumber
Co. ,The deceased has lived in Bog
alusa for 7 years and for many
months had been in bad health. He
resided at 550 Ave Q.
Sweet Potato Seed.
L. T. Richardson, announces that
he has about the finest sweet potato
seeds ever shown in the Parish for
sale. They are the famous Porto
Rico yams and he is prepared to
quote the lowest prices. If you
want sweet potatoes that will grow
you had better phone 125 before the
supply is sold.
Bogalusians will have an oppor
tunity of paying honor to their
mothers and at the same time,
the man who has done
more for our city than any other in
dividual, on next Sunday afternoon
when his Honor, W. H. Sullivan
will make the principal address at
the Mother's Day Services which
will be held at the Goodyear Park
at 5 p. m. Mayor Sullivan, besides
looking after the affairs of the city,
running the World's Largest Lum
ber Mill. attending meetings of
various natures, hearing complaints
and hard luck stories, always finds
time to take an active part in any- I
thing for the welf'are and better
The attention of the Enterprise
has been called to the fact that
some hustling citizen can make
good money and have an indepen
dent job by collecting the waste
paper of the city and disposing of it
at the paper mill, which is pre
paring to begin operation. It is
estimated that hundreds of dollars
of paper is burned each year in
Bogalusa which would cheerfully be
given to anyone. There is always
a good demand from paper mills
for this waste. The cost of paper
bailers varies and the Enterprise
will secure the bailer for any citizen
at wholesale price. By starting
to work now much paper can be
collected and ready for sale the day
the paper mill opens. Besides
making money by the work the
main would assist greatly in keeping
Bogalusa a clean city.
Dr. Lafferty Sells Farm.
Dr. E. E. Lafferty has sold his farm
in the Peters Lake vicinity to a Mrs.
Beverly of New York. The land is
considered very good and reports
are that it brought a good price.
Mrs. Beverly will soon move to the
farm and will most likely engage in
truck raising.
Busy And Happy.
These are the days that M. K.
Pearce, the genial propietor of the
Ozone Ice Co., enjoy except that they
are not quite warm enough. The
Ozone Ice Co., have the distincton
of making the best ice in the state
and also have the reputation of giv
ing 2000 lbs or more to the ton.
Entertains At Bridge
Mrs. E. E. Lafferty delightfully
entertained a number of friends at
Ibridge at the Pine Tree Inn on
Tuesday afternoon.
ment of Bogalusa. The responsibility
and work connected with Mr. Sul
livans various positions would not
give an ordinary man time to think
of anything new to say, even if he'
appeared in public but twice a year,
but such is not the case with Mr.
The demand for an aliress by
Mr. Sullivan is male on every
occasion of a public gathering and
he is expectel t3 say something
new-and he never dissapoints.
Mr. Sullivan has, therefore, de
velaped into somewhat of an
orator and if you miss his address
Sunday ru are going, to regret it.
A reminder of the pioneer1 days
of the once "Bloody Tangipahoa"
is in jail at Amite City. He is
Louis Singleton, once considered
the most powerful man physically
in Tangipahoa and could whip any
three men in the parish.
Without a haircut or shave for
two years, Sir gleton looked more
like a grizzly bear than a human.
Mentally he is said to be badly un
balanced, His relatives assert that
for two years they have been un
able to keep him at home. For
months he would wander in the
woods, relatives say.
Singleton has two brothers,
Walter and Ezra. and the old 250
acre homestead is situated three
miles north-east of Kentwood. The
brother, Walter, is charged with
Louis Singleton of shooting a neigh
bors cow and disturbing the peace.
Deputy Sheriffs Hugh'ey Dykes,
Willie Brumfield and Ashford Var
nado arrested the men.
May Day Queln
The contest for the selection of
the Queen of the May Day Celebra
tion which will be on Friday May
14 is growing interesting. Follow
ing was their respective standing
Miss Ethel Overstreet 185
Miss Marcella Yarborough 193
Miss Lenora Yeager 215.
Returns With New Auto
Thos. Chesterman returned to
Bogalusa Monday afternoon the
posessor of a 1915 Hupmoble which
is a beauty. He drove the car
through from Baton Rouge without
a mishap of any nature. Mr. Chest
erman is the agent for this car, hav
ing the parishes of Washington and
St. Tamany.
New Officers Lose No Tinme
In Carl ying Out Policy
True to their policy of being
more progressive, the new officials
of the N. O. G. N. have already got 1
busy and started to do things before I
the Boga!usa people had an oppor
tunity to even ask one another 5
when the new officials would start I
operating the progressive\ policy.
Last week a number of men were I
placed to work in the shops and on
Monday a force of twenty-five men 1
were added. The shops now pre
sent one of the busiest scenes that
has been witnessed there for several
months. All the additional help
was secured in Bogalusa and it need
not cause surprise if more men are
placed to work within a short time.
The annual election for mayor
and five alderman of Franklinton
was held Tuesday when the follow
ing votes were cast: John L. Magee,
64; Frank M. Brown, 25; A. J. Seals,
17. Although the marshal is named
by the council, there being two can
didates for the office, a vote was
taken which resulted as follows: J.
Nelson Simmons, 57; Dyson Booty
Forth, 5.
The following were elected council
men without opposition; Willie Carp.
B. B. Burris, D. A. Varnado, D. K
Sheridan, and D. H. McCreary.
First shipments of a contract for
5.500,000 feet of yellow pine, declar
ed by lumbermen to be the largest
lumber contract on record, were
received at Chicago Wednesday.
The pine comes from Mississipp and
Louisiana and islfor an automobile
speedway under construction there.
Mrs. Debbs Honored,
Mrs. A. N. Dobbs and Mrs. Dollie
Richardison will leave Monday for
Shreveport where they will attend
the State meeting of the Easter Star.
Mrs. Richardson is the delegate from
the local chapter and Mrs. Dobbs
has been selected to fill the station
of Grand Electa at the session. This
is one of the most important chairs
of the order and is a high compliment
to Mrs. Dobbs as well as Jessamine
Truck Growers Meet
The Truck Growers Association
held a meeting at the Starns Hallin
Pleasant Hill last Saturday. The
attendance was good and-only rout
ine business was transacted. The
farmers are feeling optomistic re
gardless of the diought.
Open Office Monday
Chas. Webster, who has just had
a real estate office erected near the
Tate building by W.C. Tryon, the
well known contractor and builder,
Ireports that his place of business
will be ready for occupancy
Monday. Mr. Webster believes that
conditions are just right to buy
property in Bogalusa.
Will Give Last Play.
I On Thursday evening May 20th
Sthe Senior Dramatic Club will make
Stheir final appeaence and will pre
I sent "At The End Of the Rainbow"
at the Y MC A.
lh:siness Was Not All Dis
posed Of Tuesday To
Meet Saturday
The Police Jury. in their regular
session on Tuesday, were unable to
dispose of all the business and-as a
result will meet again Saturday.
when final action will be taken on
several matters. Several bridges
need repairs, dipping vats were dis
cussed, Dr. Brock of the Parish
Board of Health made a report,
some claims were allowed and many
things were discussed.
At this meeting, John L. Bankston
was paid $35 despite the fact that~
Mr. Willis, road Supervisor, refuse
to approve the claim. The Police
Jury also authorized work' to be
done in connection with the Silver
Creek Steel Bridge; no bids were
solicited and no price was agreed
as to the work, and there was no
written contract. Mr. Waller urged
that the the Police Jury increase the
amount that they have agreed to
pay him for road work near Rio,.
and this request was refused after
much waste of time. Mr. Waller
promised suit. The Police Jury was
in session five hours, and disposed
of thirty minutes actual work. The
rest of the-time was consumed in
useless debate and solem consider
ation of matters already disposed of.
The report of Dr. Brock showed
that he was on the job and he-.
made several suggestions which will.
be taken up again Saturday. The.
dipping vat question will also be
disposed of. A proposition was
made and recommeded ihat 30:
dipping vats be placed in the Parish
at a cost of $30 each, the Parish ý
while the remainder is to be paid:
by private citizens. Payment wa~i
made on part of the contract work
done by Mr. Willis at the Court
House and the remainder will be
paid Saturday. The qugltion of the
salary of Constable Kinig will also
be settled at this meeting.
Believed That All Changea
Of Employes Have
Been Completed
With such an important change
in the management of the N. O. q,
railroad, Bogalusa people expected
many changes but it now appears
that the anxious "watching and
waiting" is over, and to the sur
prise of all the changes were the
least anyone could have possibly
Aside from the resignation of
General Manager Howard and the
oppointment of W. E Farris tlhe
most important change was that of
the consolidation of the oflces.of
the chief engineer and the Supt, of
Transportation. Jno. L Davis re
signed his position, effective May 1.
On that date W. S. Hanley, whoIhas
been chief engineer was appointed
Superintendent in charge of Con
struction and Maintenance of Way.
Part of the duties that heretofore
were work of the Supt. of Transpor
tation were given to the Auditors
Mr. Hanlev has been with the N,
0. G. N. for about three years, corn
here from Terre- TIaute, Iid. He
Ihas been connected with some of
the best lines in the country.
Offices Moved.
The general offices of the N 0 G
N were moved from Jackson Mij :
to New Orleans hst Saturday i ,

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