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Every BSunday, morning and evening, ex.
cept 3d Sundays.
Sunday school 3 p. m.
3d Sundays at Master's Chapel 11 a. m.
Rev. T. J Humble, at the Baptist churen,
the 3d Sunday of each month.
The W. C.T. U. meets the 2nd and 4th
Thursday in every month at 4 o'clock in
the Methodist church. All are invited to
Oolumbia, March 23, 1894
Local Kewd4.
25 yards imperial challie at M.
Jarrell & Bro's. for $1.00.
Capt. It. B. Blanks, of Monroe,
was in town this week.
A car load of frnitnure just re
ceived by Redditt & Co."
The river was falling until
Monday, but has since been risk
ing quite rapidly.
No let up on low prices; we
have just received a new and
large stock of china silks, lawns,
laces, embroideries and ribbons,
which we are offering at Bed
Rock figures.
Mr. O. T. McLain, of West
Monroe, paid our stirring little
town a visit Wednesday.
Fine laces and embroideries, of
all widths, styles and textures,
at R. R. Redditt & Co's.
Alfred, the 6-year old son of
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Brandin, has
been quite sick with pneumonia
for several days, but at this writ
ing, we are glad to say, is some
Miss Lace Dixon, of Monroe,
after a pleasant visit of two or
three weeks to her sister, Mrs.
W. H. Hough, near Columbia,
returned home Sunday.
Fine Stetson hats and a full
line of notions at R. R. Redditt
& Co's.
We are glad to report that
Miss Genie, the oldest daughter
of Mr. Oicero Bridger, who had
been quite sick tor several days
with la grippe, is now recover
The rainfall, Monday evening
and that night, was the heaviest
that ever fell here, at least with
in the recollection of our oldest
citizens. The amount was not
measured by a regular gauge,
but was fully 6 inches.
Landreth & Sons' seeds at R.
R. Redditt & Co's., who are sole
agents in Columbia.
Miss Mirtle Larrence, of Alex
andria, who had been on a visit
of a few days to the family of
Judge and Mrs. W. II. Bongh,
went with Miss Lace Dixon Sun
day to Monroe, where she ex
pects to remain a few days be
fore returning home.
B. B. BBedditt & Co. keep the
very best goodd at the lowest
prices. They have no .oddy
soos l ex bntat h fdrnde
ladies' shoes-the best in the
market for the priee.
The gold medal contest at the
Methodist church, last Saturday
night, was witnessed by a more
than usually large audience.
Miss lNettle Wright, who was
admltted into the contesting
class the day before on aoooont
of one of the origihal number
not being iliy prepared, carried
off the beautithl jaise.
411 ~o~i~ 'having work ln
mystedto call and
get it be~ot.the lth of April, as
l expeeact t eave here about that
time, · Joxzr Aem.w.
Columbia, Ls., March 12th, 1894.
STHE WATCHMAN is sorry to
learn that the baby child of Mr.
and Mrs. A. B. Hundley was
painfully burned last week. Che
child was playing in thefire with
a piece of paper, which igniting,
carried the flame rapidly to its
clothing. The little ode was
divested of its burning garments
as soon as possible, but not until
it had received several severe
burns. The accident occurred
in New Orleans, where Mrs.
H Iundley and children are visit
ing her parents. We hope the
little one, by this time, is all
right and on the road to recovery,
and that it may be spared the
affliction of suffering long the
consequences of a burning by
Do'NoT put off taking a spring
medicine but take Hood's Sar
I saparilla now. It will purify
.your blood, strengthen your
nerves and give you a good ap
3 HooI's PILLS are hand made,
I and perfect in proportion and
appearance. 25c. per box.
R. R. Redditt & Co. have just
I received a complete stock of
spring goods, consisting ot all
styles of prints, ginghams,cham
t bries, fine lawns and challies, at
Sprices the very lowest.
The best usually costs the most.
f Not so with "THE BUCKSKIN
BREECHES." They cost no
more than others, yet they are
f absolutely the best Jeans Pants
in the world. Every pair war
- An immense stock of shoes has
j' st been received by R. R. Red
ditt & Co. All goods guaranteed
to be just what they are sold for.
r Ladles, Misses and Gents Hats
. of the latest styles at M. Jarrell
& Bro's.
Get your wagon at R. R. Red
1 dlitt & Co's. They will suit you
in prices and quality.
A Chll Cure.
t We met a man from the coun
r try the other day who had been
I having 3d-day chills for a long
g time. That was the day for the
'- regular visit of his old enemy,
but for the first time in many
g weeks it failed to put in an ap
t pearance. He couldn't account
- for the failure ot the chill to take
t its wonted hold on any other
t hypothesis than that the rough,
, rugged, bumpy aud ratty road,
down the big hill leading into
town, had kept him and the
wagon jolting about so much
that the chill in the attack upon
him missed its customary lodg
- ment and got lost in the tall
t pines that skirted the road on
f either side. At any rate he
L, missed the chill, didn't buy the
- chill cure he came to town for,
- and went back home sorer in his
bones, but better off by 50 cents.
Moral: If our merchants want
to sell their chill cure medicines
t they bad better contribute to
ward putting that road in a
smooth sa rd
Tennyson on Sping.
We have the word of Alfred
Tennyson for it that in the spring
the yonog man's fancies lightly
turn to thoughts of love. It is
V iargulkr that the great laureate
e omitted to mention the fact that
'. it is in the spring that a consid
a erable portion of the human race
turn to taking Rood's Sareapari.h
Ias Probably nothing but the
diffioulty of finding a good rhyme
r for that invaluable remedy de.
I terred him. Certain it is that
the old-time domestic remedies
ae generally discarded in favor
of ne Afandartl blood purifier,
n Hood's Sarsaparilla, which has
d attained the greatest popularity
a all over the country as the tavor
bt ite Spring Medicine. It purifies
theblood and gives nerve, men
LI thabodl and digestive strength.
Those .
Are tell-tale Atoms that your blood
is tu4 ri Zk- ull of { in & ttes, causing
a slurggish and u tlyk . prlei0~2
A few bottles of 8. S. S l anx
all foreig n and impure matter, cleanse
the blood thorougi , and give a cl
and rosy comple on. It is most effect
ual, and entirely harmless.
Chas. Heaton, 78 Laurel Street, Phila., sayri
"I have had for years a humor In my blood
which made me dread to shave, as smallboolsor
pimples would be cut, thus causing shaving to
bea greatannoyance. Aftertakingthreebottles
my face is all clear and smooth as
itshould be-appetite splenfdid,
sleep well and fee` like runninga
foot race all for tie use of S. S. S.
Treatise on blood and sin diseases malled fe
Seed potatoes, of the varieties
specially suited to this climate,
at R. R. Redditt & Co's.
Buy your stoves of R. R. Red
ditt & Co. They are leaders in
everything in the hardware line.
Constable's Sale,
First Justice Court Caldwell Parish, La.
James Wear vs. Wilson Smith.
By virtue of a writ of fieri facias, to me
directed. by the Honorable First Justice's
Court of Caldwell parisb, I will proceed to
sell at public auction, to the last and high
est bidd er for cash, at the front door of the
office of the first Justice of the Peace for
ward 1, on Saturday, the 21st day of April,
I 1894, the following described property, to
One roan mare 7 or8 years old.
One two-horse wigon.
Seized as the property of detendant
and will be sold to satisfy said writ.
Terms of sale-cash, with benefit of ap
Witness my hand officially this the 13Lh
I day of March 1894.
i Constabl 1st Justice Court.
Poleice Jury Proceedtings.H
The Police Jury of the Parish of Card
well met this day in adjourned session,
with the following members present:
Messrs. Call, Fluitt, Howell, Red itt,
Coates, Jarrell, Myers, Hebert, absent, W
Willis; ward 10, no member.
On motion W. P. Nethery was appointed t
overseer on the 2nd division of Kentucky 1o
road, in place of M. V. Bay, over age. a
On motion J. J. Meredith was appointed t
overseer on the 1st division cf Kentucky N
road, in place of WV. G. Ferrand.
On motion R. R. Reitzell was appointed
overseer on the 1st division of the Buck
skin road, in place of J. J. Butler.
On motien W. J. Vinyard was appointed
overseer in place of J. J. Gregory, on the
2nd division of the 1st division of the as
Simithland road. it
On motion' G T.ouilaW
Btason were appointed to work on the 2nd
divisfon of the Columbia and Vernon road.
On motion .T B 8ikes was appointed over.
seer on the 2nd division of the Smithland t
On motion the hands-on L D Moleithen
and S E Curry's places be appointed to work
on the 2nd division of Alexandria road.
On motion G T Martin lessee of the
public ferry at Columbia was allowed a re
bate on notes due, on account of overflow.
On motion L C Roberteon was appointed
overseer on the 2nd division of the Colum
bia and Harrisonburg road in place of T J
On motion Rebeca Williams was placed
I on the pauper list to be paid at the rate
of Four Dollars per month.
On motion the sum of $10.00 was appro
priated to pay for lumber to build bridges
in the Rtiverton out off on 1st division of
Sthe 2nd division of the Columbia and
Monroe road.
On motion the following report of the
committee of claims was receives and s
adopted as follows: 11
G WV Warner, witness claim ..1.....81200
TJ Webb....... ........ ...... 35
Mrs LP arker...... .............. 385
BJ Lively. ........................ 10 50
Mat Smith.................. 1010
Levi Dixon....................... 100 (tl
WALively.......... ......... 1200 a
WBRushing............... 745 a
Fleet Biushing................ 1150
S M Smawling............... 1125
W Davis....................... 525 tl
L J McGehee..................... 950
E EEVolentine..................... 1050 J
J JM Smith.................. 00
WH o ge..................... 2 00
Allen Wooten................ ..175
W V Fife..................... 30
OF Lively.................... 998
BillWade .........................5 10
Sandy Bony....................... 160
Simpson Jones.... .............60
charles Fields....................... 80
WL Had.................,.,,... 1800
c~(r$· . b~· . ItS .
Jo o1.... .ý........,."v,.."....-. 518
Jim Johnson...:.......:...... 100
EM Volentine.................8 200
SBrown....................... 485
GL. Warner........... ............ 775
Fred Lively........................ 9 75s
AP 8tuart....................... 720
JP coates 25.................... 90
I WELively...................... 5 75 j
.A AVolentine.... ............. 1890
GW Garrett..................... 80
IP Flait . .................. 990
E Grayson ................ 1080 1
AP FPlitt..................... 995
CBNethery ........ .......... 260
" WF Volentlne................ 1100 t
J N Volentine...................... 160
F H' ettles feeding prisoners ajailer 84 00
J JJl eredith4th quarter salary......102 50
ML ecom clerk, making jury end
w itness Claims..............I... 86
M L Mecom olerk, record books.... 32 00
Caldwell Watchman...... ..... 700
SDB Walker P................. 762
CA 8Fet Rndl aone.a... ........... 0
R R lddlt 4 t jal ... 105
SABhrndlekP ailonervs.......... 9580
..JP co........................... 5001
We, your eommittee on elaims, beg lesie
to report we hrve ewlnaied the fors
oaeounts eand nd them eorreet ansiadtl w
the same miounting to $553.97. co
Respectfully, di
W. 8. HOWELL, chairman. Hi
On motion the clerk of the Police Jury co
was instructed to send to each road over- ml
seer in the Parish of caldwell a copy of the Pl
report of 4be last Grand Jury. bi
On motion ordinance No. 11 was offered
by 0. Call and seconded by W. S. Howell,
on a call of the roll the following memberss
voted: Yea, O. call, c. c. Eluitt, W. S. or
Howell, R. B. Redditt, J. P. coat s, c. c. of
Jarrell, c. c. Myers, W. H. Willis. Nays,
none. The same was duly signed by the
president and clerk. fo
committee on finance made the following 9
report which was received and adopted, to e8
wit: th
To the Icn'l President and members of ua
the Polihe Jury, I herewith tender the fol- tv
lowing statement of claims taken in as cash c(
and scrip of 1893 on ferry notes due quar
ter ending September 30th, 1893: t
Amt scrip 1802 and 1893 as cash..$1905 44 of
1893 ferrynotes........ 6890 11
-- a4
Total ..... .............. 197234 U1
R. B. RarrsZL, Parish Treasurer. G
We, your committee on finance, have ex- tl
amined above etatement of scrip paid tl
in byt hTreasureras cash and And h
o. . FLZTr,T
Finance committee. 4
To the Hon'l President and members of b
the Poli..b Jury of the Parish of caldwell: ft
I beg leave to report the following settle- iI
meut with J. J. Meredith Tax collector, for a
quarter ehding December 31st, 1893, in the U1
following'years and amounts, to wit: fc
Amount poll tax, 1893,...$269 00
" 1 'lachl1893,... 50423 i
" 1 1 'lc. n. 1893,... 504 23 a
6C ni'lIfd, 1893,.. 302537-44302 83 11
"ý !tax,1892, .. 2000 is
S "lnils'ltax, 1892,... 1855 a
"7 ml g'lf'd,1892,... 122 85- 160U40 a
--- (h
Total................. $446323 a
Less 5 per cent commission for collecting n
saame. d
colambia, la., Feby. 5th, 1894. e
BLU, B rzULLs, Parish Treasurer.
9 We, opcommittee on finanoe, have ex- d
I amine tj above settlement with Tax col- tl
lector an Treasurer for quarter ending n
SDecember SlIt, 1893, and find sate correet. b
OOaat cant.*
5 c. C. FLrrr, '
Finance committee. .
D On motion the sum of $100, or so much b
D thereof .ils necessary, is hereby appropri- p
D ated to pty for puncheons and hauling U
5 same to tair the hills on the first divi- r
ion of thedentucky road, the same to bef
Spaid by tTreasurer, on the warrants of
5 the overs* the-aof.
0On so the .olice Jury adjourned to t
O meet ag On the 1, Mondy in Aprilnext.
0. B. RBDDIIZ, Presidet.
SA. B. l i Lsnr, Clerk. t
o osnnnraca No. 11. t
Autho the construction of a court
S'house the town of Columbia, La.; ap
Spoin a building committee, for the
0 let and contracting for same; de
ai were and duties; and pro
; sftI of aitme.
the` shadow ofd a b ovane .
0po has followed her so Iong in
the pat e, h paper is toda
at par, add she lSe now on a eah bis; ad
5 whereas,elive in the midst of a progres
Ssiveae, sd surrounded with the advan
tages and alroad transportation;
and twh the Grand Juies of our parish
5 have oo 'forthe past decade the
buildinge now use for a coaurthouse; and
0 whereas, handof mutation and timehas
Smarked e cpitals, to the moateare.
Sles , the edences of decay and
apon.its entire structurae;
and w it is absolutely dangerous to
0 the lifed welare oftbose whose duy it
Sis soco iyt; and wheres, the lw amea
It i the Impeative daty of the Pollce Jary to
0 provde attblebuslding in which tohold
oot Oaria of justice; and wheres, the
0buldln ata new courthouse in ourpirsh
__ a 9 s eceusity that we easuot sager
o SaBe it ordalued bthe Polioo ISY
ofthe~ahof~a idwein ure lres of ne
lunmbia ooute richor 8tone, or rich
0n adt (*bM east, not to eceed Ten
- Th~oursand Deflara, to be paid for in five
I, ,~UblatulirSnu~taftmni vis: Ohi the firt
,a of%(aro 1g1s95, 6,1897, 1898, sad
5 so. 5 9fo it ufrtker ordained, That a
committee of fie, composed of U. U. Red
ditt, S. BH. Gilbert, Jack J. Meredith, W. S.
Howell and J. Q. Graves be and are hereby
constituted and appointed a building comr
mittee, authorizedand empowered to adopt
plans ant specifications, to advertise for
bids and to contract tor the erection of the 0
building herein above provided for.
Sac. 3. Be it further ordained, that said
committee shall exact bond with good and
Ssolvent sureties of the building contractor
or contractors, for the faithful performance
of hiM, or their controct; and the said com
Smit'ee is hereby further authorized and
Sempowered to bind the Parish of (aldwell
for the payment of said building withinthe
g powers, and under the conditions herein 9
0 expressed, and to receive said building, on
the part of the parish, after its completion d
f under the contract to be entered into be.
I- tween said committee and the building h
h contractors.
t Sac. 4. Be it further ordained, Tha4, for
the p ymentof said building, Three mills
.4 of the parish taxes for the years 1894, 1895,
0 1896, 1897 and 1898, be. and are hereby set
- aside as a special courthouse fund, to be by
14 the Tax Collector of the Parish of Caldwell
collected annually in current money of the a
United States, and by him turned over to
I the Parish Treasurer, who shall designate
id the same, anu set it apart as a courthouse
I fund.
d ac. b. Be it farther ordained, ba the
revenue arising from the Three mills tax
levied in Section Four, of this ordinance,
f be, and the same is hereby appropriated,
1: for the years 1894, 1895, 1896 1897, and
e- 1898 to the liquatiens of the annual pa
r ments of the principal and interest dae on
Le the courthouse building herein provided i
for. I
sc. 6. Be it fuarther ordained, That the I
funds arising from the collection of the one
mill tax designated as a coarthouse fund for i
13 the year 1893, now in the hands of the Par
ish Treasurer, be and the same is hereby ,
appropriated and set apart, together with
10 any And all unexpended balances in the
- hands of the Parish Treasurer, not other.
13 wise appropriated, for the years 1894, 1895,
1896, 1897. and 1898, or so much thereof as *
Smay be necessary, for the payment orliqui
dation of the annual payments due on the
erection of the building herein provided for. a
8sc. 7. Be it farther ordained, That on s
the maturity of the annual installments
" due under the contract, far theereotion of I
1 the building herein provided for the chair
gman of the building committee, shalidraw
* his warrant, or order, coIntersigned by
the secretary of said board, on the Parish
Treasurer, in favor of the contractor, for
the amount then due upon the contract, to
be paid out of the funds herein above ap
u- propriated, and upon presentation of saind
k8 order, the Parish Treasurer is hereby di
i rected to pay the same oat of the special
Sfund heremin provided for.
of Sc. 8. Be it further ordained, That the
building committee herein appointed, shall
to meet, at their earliest convenience, and or
L ganise, by electing from their number a
chairman and secretary, and shall keep a
truereoord oftheirmeetlngs, and reportthe
thesametothis body when called upon to
* Sac, 9, Be it further ordained, That this
ordinance take effect from and after its
-e adoption.
Ao ted Feb aorue JRh 894
S AB. Bn rrlreuiderktPPlie Jry.
rIA, B. HmmL tr, Clerk Plioe iary
o i I
For Rale by WV L VaHu~orn,_ Ie Thirrtlind & Co, IL U Rodditt & Co, U B Blankrs, If Jarrell & Bro, Hum hrieu & Ifixon, Kelly, l's.
Equippment UPiiwiiUSrd. Blaggan
Day casobes and Becliniug aite..
Between St. Loaus and Ittle Book,
Tezarkana, OaSveston, Dallas, Port
Worth, Austina, San Antonio, Isredo
pnd El Paeo.
Direct connetions mid. in Union
.DepotSLois for an pont Borth u a"
General Passenger a Tickeat Agent,
St. Louis, Mo.
. O, O. F.
Grand offeere O. O. F. State ofLoulsiana
for the ensuing term:
M. M Dickinson, of Progressive No. 54,
Grand Master.
L, T. Postell, of Neith Lodge No. 21, of
Plaquemine, Deputy Grand Master.
John Larson, of Ousohita Lodge No. 2, of
Monroe, Grand WVarden.
F. Orieshaber, of Washinwton LodgeNo
3, Grand Secretary,
Wmin. teymour, of Magnolia Lodge No.
22, Grand Treasuarer.
A. G. iicks, of Independence Lodge No.
23, Grand Representative for two years.
Bernard Meyer. of Teutonia Lodge No 10,
delegate to the genesal reliet committee.
By. Tiemaun, of Teutonia Ledge No 10,
delegate to the board of directors Odd Fesb
lows Best.
W, G. Ferrand, Delegate to Grand Lodge.
Newspaper Laws.
1. Subscribers who do notgivesepres
notice to the contrary, are considered
as wishing tocontinue their subseription.
2. It subescribers order the discontin
Sance of their periodicals, the publish.
may continue to send them until all ar.
carages are paid.
8. If subescribers neglect or refuse to
take their periodicals from the c"s to
which they are directed, they are held
responsible anti! they have settled thei
bills, and ordered them disacontinued.
4. If subscribers move to other plagse
without informing the publisher, and thlbe
papers are sent to the former direetiog,
they are held responsible.
5. The courts have decided the "s.
fusing to take periodicals frottheoee,
or moving and leaving them ancalled
for," prima facia evidence of Intended
6. Any person who receives a mews.
paper and makses use of it, whether he
has ordered it or not, is held in law tobs
a hsubscriber.
7. If subs ibers pay in vanse they
are bound t give notice to * publisher,
at the end their time if they do not
wish to co Inue taking I otherwisthe
publisher is aunthorized to send it a,
and the subsocriber will be raespoeble
natil an express notioe, with paymeat
of all arrearages is sent to the publisher
Monroe mail leaves Columbia daily at
7:47 a. m.
Arrives at Colaumbia daily at 756pu.
Winufeld mail leaves Columbia Mm.
dlays and Thauidays, a. a.
Arrives Wednesdays and sdruiys
4p. m.
Vernon mail leaves Columbia. Ken
das andd Thursdays 8 a. m.
Arrives Wednesdays and 8stardels
5 p. M.
Castor Springs mail leaves Tuesdasge as I
Fridays8 a. m.
Arrives Wednesdays ad Satrdays
Sp. p.m
Losdied mail leave Meaday, Waeds
days and ridas 6 a. m.
Arrives uamed by p. m.
halrmve l Ieave Sandyas 1a u.
glen Ell ma leava' ys 1p. a.
Arrives Tuesdaiys IS a.
Horgan's L'd'g, leaves Mondays, ed.
esda)s sau Fridays 8 a a.
Arrives sme days d p m.
The oft wl be opes ome beer a
SuBndays, from to 9 a I. for bs a..
eommodation of the pabUel We sghtr.
Ing on Sundays-.ees a. 48. P. L. a,
C. sRr ro. P. M.
The W. D. Boye Co., of Ohi
sgo want a good houstlgi boy
orgirl In every town is the
United States and Canada to sll
beir famous llaustrated pars,
the Saturday Blade and the
Chicago Ledger. They ase to be
sold on the strt, in shops,
stores, etc. Thousands of boys
are now makling monsey doing
'this, as it is an easy matter after
once fairly started. Noospane
to begin. Send name to above
address, and receive Instreutions
and statiotnery.

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