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'Wle BaIrrer-Derrnocrat.
Publisher and Proprietor.
Sturday;lfebmuary 9,1901.
Fifth District Levee Board.
RePilar meetings second Wednesdays
irt .*iouary, April July, and October, a
Delta. La. i
The Iirlefigh reappotionment bill ii
will give Loarsiana one more repre
sentative in Congress, and in the
58th Congress we will have seven tl
representatives where we now have o
The naval bill calls for $80,000,- B
000, which is the largest appropri. a,
ati n that has ever come up for con. ai
sideration of Congress. This does o
not include the four battleships u
that are asked for, which is in
estimated at $16,000,000. The to- di
tal amount required will be about ki
--- - -- w.
ITanna',s ship subsidy bill, which a
he is working all kinds of schemes to ea
get through the Senate, is about to
dead 'for this session at least. It is dr
proposed'to talk it to deeah. The au
only chance for it is for the Presi
dent to call an extra session, which wt
he will do at the bidding of Hlanna. of
The Jeffries-Rublin prize fight to in
take place in Cincinnati on the 15th
ii c: using trouble, and the Gover- ino'
nor of Ohin is going to have his Le
bandse fall :a trying to, prevent it an(
being pulled tff. lie says that it are
can't take place, while the mayor of the
Cincinnati says that it will. We In
have only a few more days to- wait whi
to s,  who is the biggest man, the law
governor or the mayor. fais
The Chinese, particularly among T
the official class, care no more about per
committing suicide thait they do of The
taking a good smoke of opium. the
The Emperor ,r the Dowager just was
makes a hint that they had better oth
go and shuffle off, and they go pror
forthwith ald do it. Since the press
present troubles came upon the the
Chineve Government thirty or more the
high in rank have committed aui. proi
oide. so it
Governor IIear' has called a fu ia
meeting of representatives from the
each of the Levee Boards to the liquor
State to assemble at Baton Rouge ed, a
on Thursday, February 14, 1901, to a· renl
confer relative to acquiring ev.- Statet
decnoe to establish the swamp char.- have
tar of certain lands all over the stop
State, with auview to having them nowo
approved to the State by the gen of hK'a
eral government, under the swamp Pro
land grants. has bh
,_ _ _becaui
A special ffom Raleigh, N. C., rupted
says that Representative Stewart has liquori
introduced in the legislature a bill the bu
to prohibit the Supreme Conrt from to rais
issuing license to practice law to
negroes. It does not revoke pres- The
ent licenses, but seeks to prevent lowIng
any from practicing in the future. Catehit
There are said to be some twenty congre
aegro attorney's in thbs State, and it a.re
some of thenmhave made themselves does n
ebnoxious to the white people: ments a
This is drawing the line -lose. every
-- great bl
Three steamships left New Or- will co
leans this week for South Africa, not far
carrying 3,o700 horses and mules. returu i
England has alrea! y shipped over adi
Ofty thousand horses and mules hs
from the United States to South this l
Afrrea. There seems to be no let RaO as (
up in the war or purchase of stock. R sdel
Some orank says that our governCo-re
ment should put a stop to England 'we r
taking any more horses and mules e
out of the United States. gress, in
Scdrawal t
The Baton Rouge Advocate says genune
that "the present lawin the collect- ed on th
ion of State taxes, while" it is the congress
sevelrest and most exacting against dnitiol
sheriffs and tax collectors, is the afforded
mostL perfect and satisfactory ever which th.
put upon the statute books. With is now no
the opening of the new year, each valley th
sheriff ins charged with the full ing cong
amount of taxes of every kind in his respoudei
pariah. The burden then rests with have, al
hiMn to balance wii6 the parish and to the cat
State or give a sulfficient legal reason 'The press
why the collections have not been the Missi
made. Failing in these two require- recognie(
mentse, he or his botndsmen must cheap talk
come up to the captain's office and valuable a
make good what he has failed to aomes as t
:alleet or account for. The law is ees and d
areh and exacting, but it is almost only poeeil
with a min
prfet. We believe the State has oognize no
lost nothiag whatever by delinquent tional, in t
ta colleetors for many, many years. complished
Th'i preseqt ofl els in this depart.
e througbast'ro e State, seem to Plo oblnl
be thorough business men and fllU bottle poail
a to the mark." Gssnard's ,
A great many persons have wond
rBDrY AT ered why it was-that Mrs. Nation, of
LA. Kansas Oity, ws permitted to smash
up saloons and saloon property'in
Topeka and other cities in Kansas
, Editor. without being even arrested in some
cases; and allowed to go on destroy.
R. I ing the valuable property of others;
letor. but the. New Orleans Picayune gives
Sthe reasons in the following editorial:
A correspondent has inquired how
1 YEAR. -it is that, in the Sta'e of Kansas,
women can demolish the fixtures and
furnishings of liquor saloons with the
1901 comparative immuasty that has been I
the case in the recent raids there of
_ Mrs. Nation, and others who have
imitated her.
oard. The reason can be easily under
ednesday's stood when once explained. It is that
Dctober, at the barrooms in Kansas Citylare law.
less concerns, operated contrary to
--- the statutes of the State, and being
in defiance of the law, tiey cannot i
nment bill invoke the law for their protection. 0
re repre. They-stand in the relation to society t
I in the of' being outlaws or piratical con- I
cerns, against which any person has e
ye seven the natural right to defend himself 9
ow have or herself. e
To explain the matter further, it it
should be understood that some
80,000 eighteen years ago the people of 0
Kansas voted almost unanimously to
Lppropri- adopt prohibition laws in that State, ci
for con. and the Legislature accordingly R
his does passed measures- to prohibit the sale ui
of intoxicatina litqors in any form, ki
unless for medicinal purpo -es. The le
vhich is law also provided that it was a mis
The to. demeanor to rent buildings to saloon- tb
te about keepers. cr
The first trespassing came when so
drug stores commenced to retail
whisky by hbving the purchaser sign 0
Swhich a medical certificate. This made it Er
emes to easy, and the druggists were voted
permits to handle whisky by the
is about towns-people. As thie number of a
t. It is drug stores increased, the municipal $7:
b. The authorities decided that they should we
pay fines, and then the "joints" col
resi- sprung into existence. These places ac
which were allowed to run by the payment act
Ilanna. of large fines. 'he "joints" were for
conducted behind locked doors and fao
medical certificates were not needed all
fight to in order to get drinks. Un
the 15th Gradually the saloon men grew tin)
Gover- .bolder, until open saloons appeared Cwr
in the larger towns. In Wichita, tba
ave his Leavenworth, Topeka, Arkansas City aor
event it and manyother places open saloons, cro
that it are maintained. At Leavenworth vali
syor of there . e 117 saloose, and $25 every Sta
month comes from each of them. Ilai
. We In Wichita there are 16 saloons, !1el;
o wait which pay $50 each monthly-. The %A
in, the law is a failure beoause city officials till
fait to enforce it, and' the Governor 1sm
has never deemed' It necessary to felh
urge more strict enforcement. 7 a.
among 'The Kansas State and city officials rich
permit this wholesale violation of law b o°
because they make mo..ey by it. ble
db of The claim that they cannot enforce 280.
)pinm. the law is a :nere pretense. since it goat
r just was enacted by local option vote of D)ri
better the people of the entire State, and riche
not by the Legislature, which only on S
By go' proposed to carry dut the plainly ex- of a
e the pressed will of the people, and,. if $17.1
the the ofilrials choose to enforce the Th
law, they cool., oe certain of having accu
more the people behind them. But it is thatl
i sui- profitable not to enforce the law, and govei
so it is not done. than
The wisdom of prohibitory laws, ing t
d against the sale of liquors is doubt- Hin
S ful at the best. Many people are in annul
from the habit of drinking some- sort of ers; o
the liquors, either spirituous or forment- 000 1
ouge ed, and they do so in the exercise of worth
ato natural right. Pro-rbitory laws Wil
are never enforced, and in all the Mioli
evi- States and communities where they wear
char- have been tried they never did put a king?
the stop to the sale of liquors; .but peopi
the nowhere has the law been so boldly hich
e and openly violated as in the State C., h
gen" of Kansas. more
armp Prohibition in the United States ok
has been proved to-be a rank failure,
because the officials who are set to
enforce the law are usuallh soon cor
C., rupted. The profits of retailing
has liquors are enormous in proportion to
bill the business done, and it is very easy oilfh'
to raise a fund to buy up the offticials. Ormrie
r to rwith tI
cijic it
res- The Greenvi!le Times pays the fol- compri
ent lowing just compliment to General States l
ire. Catchings, who is soon to retire from
nty congress. No public man deserves show at
ad it more than he does. The Times With
ves does not only express the senti- heetnte
le: ments of the Louisiana' press, but and the?
every individual living nu the thatthe
great Mississippi Valley. The time been eat
)r-will come-we believe that it is towhn
not far off, when he will be asked to Cbief Cl
Sreturn to Congress, where hIe has best toa
made himself popular and where hefoeha
has done such valuable service for Mr. Mi
this whole country. With such where he
et in as Catchings of Mlississippi anti Diri
eRandel he says,
k. Rasdel of Lusiaua together in new cam
Congress, our interests would be havebeel
-- well guarded. and dolls
T'he Times says? eicare
Few men have retired from- con
gress, in recent years, whose with
drawal to private life has been tihe i
occasiou of such widespread and T
A genuine regret as been manifest-. The Ne
t- ed on the closing of Gen. Catchings' a dispatC l
a congressional career. No better evi- aitile hr
dence is needed of the fact of the . Madig.
t national scope of his services tbhan is and a syn
I afforded by the many quarters Iro iggest on
r which these expressions come. There 23 24, 26,
h is now not a state in the Missi ssippi h... all
II valley that has failed, through it sasideon.al
!press, to voice its regret at his leav- thie main
nog congress. The Washington cor- tifteen igh
respondents of metropolitau papers wagered,
Shave, almost without exception, torth abovy
taken occasion to review his services oAst year.
to the cause of river iraprovement iDege of ge
The press of the slates riparian to Alabama.
Itre Mississippi, particularly, have Mladigan ii
recognized the debt due by them tp rbised near
Gen. Catch:ngJ. Noie of this i Texas Ra
cheap talk, rint a hieart tribute tor there will I
valuable services ahly rendered. It: figinders to .
3omes as the reward of sinular suc- from rn ow
eese and devotion to duty: a success
only poseible of achievement by one
with a mind sufflciently broad to re- WANTE
cognize nothing p tty, local or see- on In a e
tional, in the talk sought to be ac- large comp
eomplbshed. ratios; $s93
weekly; $3
---------- all expeuame
Gr obllls and malarial fever, Lake Iitcr aaarv.
Grovea Tastelee CLill Tonic. Eery j asch scturc
bottle psitlively gnaraunteed. Sold ar, varrced each
Gewrerd's drug loib 34 DE-UTh
588NES. His Touch is Gold.
have wond- A grant writer and philosopher
Nation, of once said that imagination is an inspl.
ration of divine origia, and while the
td to smash mind creates, though. it may appear
property-in strange and at the same time will sure
in Kansas ly occur at some period in the worldfs
history says the Houston Post.
"Coming events cast their shadows
in destroy- before."
of others; When Dumas created his greatehar
oe ives acter, the Count ofiMonte Crasto, the
ue gives idea that such a man would ever live
g editorial: and breathe, that such a man would
quired how actually exists in the world, and com
Af Kansas, mand such fabulots wealth probably
ixtures and never entered his .ead, but such a man
as with the now exists, and the, creation of Dumas
at has been pales into insignifoence when contzast.
a there of ed to the creation of God, John D,
who have Rockefeller.
"J'his uncrowned American king,
oily under- whose touch is golds is the richest man
I. It n the world History or fiction. does
Itisthat not show a man or woman who has
ever accumulated the fortune that this
Dntrary to wonderful man has:
and being John D. Rockefeller's wealth is esti
ey cannot mated at the enornlus sum of $2,000,
protection. 000,000, a fortune greater than the to
to society tal annual imports and exports of the
tical con- United States put together The in
erson has come from thisweaslb is $70,000.C00,
id himself and as this is reinvested and compound
ed. in ton yeurs. John D. Rockefeller,
hba some Here are some of the great fortunes
of the world:
people of f hCoesus $16.000.000, Duke of West
minister $75,000,000, Baron de Roths
at State, cRild $200,000.000. Astor $150.000,000,
Wcordingly William Rockefeller $200,000.000, Car
it the sale negie $300,0000,000; John Best diamond
any form, king $1.000.000,000, John D. Rockefel.
es. The ler $2.000,000,000.
is a mis- This unctrowned king's income is
to saloon- three*times as great as that of all the
crown, heads of Europe. Here are
me when some incomes:
to retail I Queen Victoria (now dead) $1,925.
iaser eign 000, Wiltiam of Germany $2,825,000,
made it EEmperrse of Austria $3.875,000, An
drew Carnegie $24.364,000, John D.
reby vote Rockefeller $75,000,000.
This fortune has been accumulated
mber of within a few years. Jay Gould made
nunicipal $72 000,000 in forty years and the whole
y should world was astonished. Rockefeller's in
"joints" come is greater than Gould's lifetime
se places accumula'ions. His fortune has been
payment accumulated within thirty years. A
s" were fortune of $2,000,000,000: It is one
oore and fourth of the total estimated value of'
t needed all propery, real and personal, in the
United States. It is more than five
an grew times the value of the entire cotton
appeared crop. six times the value of our entire
Wichita, wheat crop and seventy times greater
.as City than the average valueo of outr
sa City corn crop ;and five times that of the hay Fr
saloons crop. It is more than the estimated &e
enworth value of all the farming lands in the
o5 every States of seorgia, Alabama, New
f them. Ilampshire, 'eArmont. Massachusetts.
saloons, !)elaware and'Rhode Island.
'. The What do you think of this, men who NT
officials till the soil? Listen and I will tell you Ho
overnor same of this king's habits. King Rocke- Thi
sary to feller retires about 10:30 and rises at Lot
7 a. m. Wilen he gets up he is$72,768 Gat
officials richer than when he retired the night Tai
Sof law before. He sits down to breakfast at Wh
by it 8 o'clock, and at 8.30 rises from the ta
b ble. his revenue having inrceased $2.- Rin
enrce I280. This king is pious a:.d holds as Ste(
since it good knigs ought, family prayers. Bits
vote of Dlring the time of his devotions his Scrf
e, and riches swell $2,000. He goes to church Bu;
bh only on Sunday, and during the two hours Stae
fly ex- of service his fortune is increased
and. if $17.122.
'e the This king, whose touch is gold, has Ere(
having accumulated a fortune so immense
t it is that he can buy, destroy and create Ju
w, and governments. His income is greater
than the output of all the gold from all
laws the manes in the United States, includ.- P
s ing tthe Kondiket Seet
doubt- His inome is-equal to the average Brea
are innutearnings of 200,000 wage earn
iort of ers; or it would supply each year 75,
rment- 000 homeless persons with homes
:ise of worth a $1000 each.
laws Will this American, who, Ihke King M. B
Ml the Maolas, has a "golden touch." eer Ever
they wear a jeweled crown and rule as ae
put a king? Will time and the American
but people finish the throne of- empire
,ollly which Hianna. McKinley. Cleveland &
State Co., hasetarted? If so, who'will be
more titting to wear the crown than
ta the meriean Monte Cristo-Jhn D.
a Rockefeller.
luor. Woodmen to Meet.
ilin General District Depnty T. W.
s Mlitcheoff the order of the Woodmen
easy of tihe W'ld,: has returned bome fiom
SOmanint twhere he was in confdrence
with he d severpl deputies of th L-Vic
eific and Sovereign jurisdictious-which
fol- compraise all the States in the United
eral States with the exception of nine West
ern :States. He reports that during Stea
the past few years these jurisdictions
rves show an Increase of 40.000 members. St a p
mes With regard to the Galveston claims Steame
ti he stated that every one of them had at p.
t been paid with the exception of 13, Firs
but and these were not paid for the reason through
the that the famnilies of the insured had Y
ime been entirely destroyed and there was
Scontention among thie distant heirs as
is to whom would be paid' the policies. J.H.
Sto Chbief Claim Counsel Root had thought who is t
has best to*allow the matter of the heirs' his step
he claimsto be first settled in court be- Park,in
he fore these payments were made. and whc
for Mr. Mitchell left for Ft. Adamnis, Miss., fore Ju
ict where he will put in a stroag camp. last, at
intl During'.the past year in this State, bond at
ihe says, there have been established 2Q lars. wat
Snew camps, and 1171 new members day evet
be have been received. Forty-six thous- made by
and dollar8 has been paid out to ben- Michigat
eticiartes in this State during the year tion he
1900. -N. O. States. Spectate
ths- ______________ It will
hle Big Chicken Fights. latest sty
nd millinery
st- The New Orleans City Item says that
a dispatch from Huuston. Teras, says sa'
articles have been signed between J.
e 11l. Madigan of Houston on one side
is and a syndicate on the other for the
Sbiggest oocklih main of recent years,
Sto be held near New Orleans February
2e3 24. 25. Twenty-one cocks are to be
shown, all to fitlt that fall in;4100 on
ts a side on each bhr,, ans $15)0 each on Cash and
•- the main are the terms. If there are
r- ~ifteen fights $680 will be the amouat Lo , di
res wagered, accordimg to the terms setl efts.
,lorth above. MIAdigan cleaned up here ixrures
A tat year. The syndicate have the priv
t.iege of getting their bids in Georgia,
,Alabama. Mississippi and Kentucky.
e! Medigan is to fight his own cocks,
rased near Houaton d nktowt as the
"T.x Rangers:" It is expected that Capital sei
there ill e large tndatnce, Surplus an
':and the Houston ien will carry enough fits
ftighters to aecourmbodte hack likhter I)eoits..
Sfrom anywhere. Ohrs
el Other cask
S WANTED.-Cabable, reliable per
Sson in every country represent I, J. N.
Slarge company of'olid financial rep W, Took.,
tation; $936 salary per year; payable liy that the
weekly; $3 per day absolutely surpe nd and c horret
all expenses; straight, bona-fide, def- worn t
tnihe atery. no coammislon; salary paid on thi the
each Saturday and expense moiler ad
Ivaiced each weet. STArAI,-DID IlO PtI
334 DE-AL'iOjN $T., CU-'IJAO. ,Providena,
,e We are prepared to show
sopher *
inspl. our friends and - customers,
le the
ieN. e ew Goods N
iow Wlth the
S+;ebar- Pew Year++
live The best brands of all Staples..
com. We have just received.
b;ably Dress Goods, I
an Shilt Waists,
t: ast. Skirts,
ID. Hosiery, 4
king, Handkerchiefs,
dman Oun beautiful line
has of
the Umbrella or Parasol
-c I until you see our line.
Ser There is hardly any use in
nes aying anything about our
SHOE STOCK. Every person
ths- in the town and parish knows.
ooo, that J. N. HILL & Bro. carry
car- the only first class line in
ee R Children's,
Sis Misses,
ar" Ladies'
25.- and Men's
An- Shoes.
sole s
iLlar e and Other Things.
cur Fine New Royal Sewing Machines, Machine Bands and Attachments,
ay French Bevel Glass Bureaus and Dressers, Bedsteads, Chairs, Rockers,
ed &c.,.No's. 11x15 and 7x17 Cooking Stoves sold on close margin.
Loaded Sheila 10 and 12 gage, Shot and Powder, Axes, Hatchets,
ho Nails, Hand Saws, Files in sizes, Hasps and Staples, Hinges, Screw
Mu Hooks, Screw Eyes, Horse Shoe Nails, Shoe Nails, Shoe Soles, Shoe
e- Thread, Hoes, Garden Rakes, Plows, Bolts assorted, Knob Locks, Pad
at Locks, Desk Locks, Trunk Locks, Bed Casters, Bush Axes, Stove Pans,
b8 Gate Hinges, Ring Bush Hooks, Bridle Bits, Wire Staples, Matting
ht Tax, Cut Tax assorted, Curry Combs, Horse Brushes, Paint Brushes, A.
Whitewash Brushes, Staples. Hooks and Staples, Repair Links, Lap
Rings, Plow Clevises, Iron Bound Hames, Trace Chains, Spades, Shovels,
is Steel Traps, Mouse Traps, Framing Squares, Carpenter Rules, Brace and
s. Bits, Try Squares, Zinc Oilers, Knives and Forks, Pocket Knives, Wood
is Screws assorted, Belt Hooks, Riding Spurs, Axle Washers, Rivit and 4Said
h Bu:s, Wrenches, Mitre Squares, Spring. Balances, Hinge Hasps and
s Staples, Pegging Awls, Sewing Awlse, Awning Pulleys, Brinley Plow
d Points, Brinley Plow Handles, Brinley Plow Beams, Cow Bells, Double Ohea
Trees, Single Trees, Breast Chains, Cotton Beams, Stove Pipe, Stove
e Elbows, Granite Ware.
Just Received Bolgiano's Fine Garden Seed.
Planting Potatoes-Early Rose and Triumph. Yellow and Red Onion W. I
Seets. Corn, Oats, Hay, Bran and Ship Stuff: Meal, Flour and
Breakfast Bacon, Lard, Rice, Grits, Coffee and Sugar.
We will wind up by taking your measure for a suit of clothes made by, I
M. Borne & Co., the finest Tailoringestablishment in the City of Chicago,
Every garment made to hit and satisry.
J, J, POWERS, Pres, A. F, NHTZ, Vice Pres, . 0, BRIERLY; Secty.r
Vicksburg & Greenville Packet Co. SCHE
Steamer Belle of the Bends leaves Viokhburg every Monday and Thursday A
st 3 p. m.; returning, leaves Greenville every Tuesday and Friday. No. 6
Steamer Annie Laurie leaves Vicksburg every Wednesday and Saturday A
st 3 p. m.; returning; leaves Greenville every Tuesday and Sunday evening No. 05
First-class passenger and freight accommodations. Boats brilliantly lighted A
;hroughout witb electricity. Lights in every stateroom. Cusiue unsurpassed. No. 2
ies. J.'H. Olivin, tha'negro preacher,
;bt who is under indiCtment for whipping
rs' his step child to death near Valley
be- Park, in this county,.about a year ago,
and who bad a babes corpus trial be
s., ore Judge Kimbrough in December
last, at which time the Judge tixed his
te, bond at the sum of fifteen hundred dol
24 lars. was turned out of jail on Ttiurar
rs (lay evening last, his bond having been
Is- made by the seven days Adventists, of
n- Michigan, to which religious organiza
ar tion he belongs.-Mayersville (Miss.)
It will pay you to wait and see the
latest styles in spring dress goods and
millinery at Levy's. It.
rs STrArT$terzT O T x I
L LakeProvidence Bank
at close of business, Decemb.r
y 31, 1900.
° Cash and sight exchange.. .$72.330.29
Loans, discounts and over
drafts ................ 30,004 84 e
t Real estate, furniture and
fixtures .... ... . 3.713.86 tl
$106,048.99 ei
Capital stock paid in......$15,000.00
Surplus and undivided pro- G
osits.................. .783142
Other cash items ......... 2.95
I, J. N. Hill, vice president, and J.
W, Tooke, Jr.. cashier. do hereby cer- an
lily that the above statement is true
and correct.
Sworn to and subscribed before me
on this the 10th day of January. 1901. Ye
Notary Public.
Pruvidene, La., Feb. 2, 1901, 3t. fro
they SUNDAY sVIf. s.
ago, 9 a. m.-Sunday school.
be. 11 a. m.-Preaching.
uber 8 p. m.-Class Meeting.
8 p. m.-Preacbing.
I bis REV. J. L. FLBERT, P. C.
dol- S. FULGUM, S. S- Supt.
i, of For Sale or Exchange.
Lss.) Homes for- farmers, blacksmiths, mer
chants and others. Lots 66x150 teet for
$50. Will also trade for horses, mules;
cattle, corn or land. Miles of levee for cat
tle tieto pasture on, a beautiful lake, store:
and church and school near by. House and
. land at reasonable prices. All on Alpha
plantation, eght miles from Lake Provi
dence. La., and three miles from the Missis
slppi river. Address.
No. 7036 Magazine street. New Orleans. La.,
or C. R. EOELLY,
Lake Providence. La.
S Djc. 22, 1900.
.29 Straye,&or Stolan.
On January 2, 1901. an old bay'mare mule
84 ebout 15 hands high. Has not been roached
for sometinme; switch on tail; an enlarge
ment on lower side of mouth, near where
.6 the bit works; sore was running when last
- seen, now nearly thirty day' ago. A lib.
99 eral reward will be paid for same on de
-livery at the Midland plantation or to me
- at Lake Providence. W. C. McRAE.
DO The best perscription for chills
Groves Tasteless Chill Tonic. No cure BJ
12 no pay. For sale at Guenard's drug
i2 store. C(
l Braxton -House,
= is still in Business C:
r- and continues to handle the finest
e Beef, Pork and'Mutton.
SYour patronage is respectfully asked
and satisfaction guaranteed,
3 '"Shop right across the street a
from the old Whittiugton Stable. _
_ Cacrr _s-i Rrr -"
Hay, Corn, Oats, Bran and Ship Stuff.
Planting Potatoes, Onion Setts, Garden Seed.
Funusuaunusuanliilikll iianluti nusuu
Lake and Levee Ste.,
Lake Providenoe, La.
The Finest Line, of Clothing CZSr
O ~ied in the City. *
• • tleteese\ •
) Ladies' Dress Goods,
Hats, Caps, Boots and
Shoes, Mackintoshes
and Hunting Coats.
Trunks, Valises and Hand Bags.
941 9O9+URe4f
I ....o . .-,
Call on me Before Purchasing Elsewhere.
w ce
ýe *e g g gD1
........VIQKBURG, MIae.......... co
-Manufaoture or- Hi
8ash, Doors, Blinds, Stain-work, Interior Finish,
and All Building Material. giv
Obeapest Plaee in the South. Write for prices before proh g elewere
e n el en e prel el b e ren h o le i
W. B. Thompson & Co., C
Cotton Factors & Commission Merchants
New Orleans, Louisiana. M.t
'- '--  ':"''. !. ! 
Information for the
*.' JANUARY 28th, 1900.
No. 23-Leave Meniphis 9.00 a. nu.
3day Arrive Vicksburg 7:00 p. m.
No. 6-Leave Memphis 7:35 p. im.
rday Arrive Vicksburg 2:10 a. im.
lng. No. 5-Leave Vicksburg 2:20 a. m.
bred Arrive New Orleans 9:10 a. im.
Red. No. 21-Leave Vicksbnrg 7:15 a. im.
Arrives New Orleans,550O p. m:
No 24-Leave Vicksburg 7:15 a. m,
Arrive Memphis 5.35 p. m.
No. 6--Leave New Orleans 4:00 p. m.
Arrive. Vicksburg 14:25 p. m.
No, 6-Leave Vicksburg 11:30 p. m.
Arrive Memphis 6:30 a. m.
No. 22-Leavy New Orleans8:40 a.m.
0. Arrive Vicksburg 7:05 p. m.
Leave Vicksburg 4:20 p. m., arrive
at Greenville 8:20 p. m.
ier- Leave Greenville 6 a. m.; arrive at
or icksbnrg 10:00 a. i.
le For further information apply to
)re. A. Q. PEARCE.
C. P. & T. A.. Vicksburg. Miss.
>vi- JNO A. SCOTT,
si Div'n. P ,s'r. Ag't. Memphis, Tenn.
ednd a
L Lake Providence - La
Keeps on hand a large assortment of Ec
D. Burial Caskets, New, Plain and Orna J
9 mental Metallic Cases and Wooden
Coins Made and Tririmued to Order
raril 1804iR v
--Lake St reet,
W . I. MABif .. .......... Proprietor
Up-to-da :e work
at Popular Prices.
atronage Solicited. W
S Ageunt for Mitluphi. Stc:u:n L::utdtI i
Queen & Crescent
The Best Line
m. ----IN THE-
m(Nort 1 L  <d. lalst.
The Summer Tourist's favorite
ide via Lookout Mountain.
n, GEO. H. SMITH, G. P. A.,
Orleans, La.
New Orleans, La.
'I t
Cfopowurs Ac.
AnioM s etn OC and docrtptUnn mad
golrlK a/certalin or opini fin ee R wether an,
Incent lnnq probablypqatentab~o. Commun!n.
gtonse P rtlJ..Eonfldemttal. Iltndbook on Patents
sent free. Oldest aon^ for serurmnr patents.
r':ttnu taken through Munn & Co. receive
epeckL stwic' without charge, In the
A handsoamely i nloderatd elty largat a r.
en atNon of lenc journal. Terms
year: our nmonta, t1. hi byl newdesiem
MiUAd Lc~!o s -, J-rew Yr
Tesd at F ptW WaaintO. D.
lMemhiu aM ViokEbrug
For Lake Providence, Greenville,
I A'kansas City and All Way
Steamer DELTA,
Ed. Nowland, Jr............ Master
SJoe Postal..................... Clerk
W. R. Spann, Traveling Kpresentative
Leaves Memphis every
! 1 TTuesday at .5 p. m.
Will leave Mempbis EVERY Tues
day at 5 p. m. until further notice.
Late Providlence, La. hoold
iaton Rouge. January 22. 1901.
To the Parish Superintendents of Public
Schools :
In accordance with a regulatiou
adopyrd b: the State h!oard of Eluca
tion, t1here will he in all the parishes
an examination o,f white applicants f,,r
certificates to :each in the public
schools of Louisiana, on Thurbday, the
S11th, a.d Fria ,. the 12th of April
DS. next; and colored applicants, on Fri
!,vy, the 18th, of the same month.
buperintendents should give timely
notice of this examination through the
oflicial org:wý of their parishes;, they
-t+* should a:lso make known that neoother
exanminetion can be held until October
of the present year. It is expected
that lists of qualiied applicants willi
be made froii the results of t!,eso ex
aminations to meet the demand for
teachers, at least until the next tria.
The certificates to be obtaincd by these
tests will be of the first, second, or
third grade, and will be upon th,d
branches of knowlredge enumerated it
section 47, 48 and 19 of Act 81, session
1888, and in :lition to these, otl
pedagogy. schoil gor,"rnrment, and the
eS:l e:effects of alcohol and natcc,tices
upon the human ,\stem. A special
exarmination upon studie. pursued in
High Schools will be held for the bene
fit of applicants for those certificates.
One set of questions will he submnittet
as tests for certificates of the second
and first grades; eighty per cent of
correct answers being required for it
first grade certificate, and seventy per
cent for a second grade oertificate.
The simplicity of the examination for
a third grlde certificate, as laid down
r in the lav, should confine it to colored
applicants. Certificates of the. irst
grade issued after this examination are
to be valid for three years; those of the
second grade for two years; and those
of the third grade for one year; and all
certificates so obtained are to be recog
niz.,ed in evcry parish in the State. The
questions to be given will follow close
ly the text books authorized hv thi
State Board of Eduction. The Ele
ments of Pedagogy, and School Man
agcment by Emerson E. White are
commended to those who intend to
compete. Algebra, Geometry, Botany,
Advanced Literature, and General
History will form special subjects of
examination for those who apply to
hi teach th-.e branches in Academies or
High Schools. Speclal certificates so
given are to be good for three years,
and of value throughout the State.
J. V. CALHOUN. Superintendent.
AY. For above occasion the Queen &
Crescent route will sell round trip
tickets to New Orlerns and retur4 at
rate of one fare. $6.80. for the round
trip* Dates of sale Feb. 12. 13, 14,
15, 16, 17 and 18, good for return
March 7.
The street pageants will be repre
sented as follows:
Thursday night Feb. 14....Momrns
l. Monday noon, Feb. 18. ... Arrival RKe
Monday night, Feb. 18........Protus
Mardi Gras, noon. Feb. 19..... .Rex
Mardi Gras night, Feb 19......Comus
P. & 1'. A., Vicksburg.
G. P. A.. New Orleans.
G. P. A.
To cure a cold in one day, take
Laxative Bro Quinine. All druggists
refund the money if it faills to euroe,
25cts. E. W. Groves signature is on
each box. For sale at Gueuard'e-drug
Spring arnd
n Sun'ner Sanmple
from the
La IFO Y7Jb p'u12014
T ahe hargest Glothing
in tlhe United States,
have just been received
and we would l)e glad foPr
you to drop in and see
we are now
are the pret
tiest ever
sent out by
this IHouse.
We will fit
you in 5
Suit of Clo
thes, a Pair
of Pants or
aVest. We
TEE tijs,
or you do
lot need to
pay a cent.
This is fair
Stop in and
take a look
at themn.
For Sale or Lease.
The Gardham two-story hrick building,
known as the "Luake View Hotel,' wilt b
sold on easy terms, or reunted. Partly
furnished. Po.ssession given IlaJp Lru.
ary. For terms, see
O. P. H AM.
at Milliken's ILy Gio

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