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We have a complete lilne of Stylish Tailor
Made Suits in All Sizes, made by Union Work
men and guaranteed to fit. The above cut shows
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ie Homes i
We have arranged with the
North American Land and Tim- +
Lbet comfjany whcreb we have h
secured the agency of about 1P,. "
MOaeres oftheirlands surround- -
ing'Welsh. We can sell you a
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time to get a cheap home. Or if -
you want improved farmies we f
have them ranging in price from
l25 to $40 per acre. Write or +
call on
Robinson & Carr
h R Welsh, La.
'TiheRICE BELT JOURNAL $1 per year
PWelsh Machine Shops,j
M. B. VAN NESS, Proprietor.
i Any Size or Ouage, and
[Oil and Irrigating Strainers, .
O17 two doors from Postofflie.
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ie lorse Harware Co., Llm ie,
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We wont YOUNG MEN and LAD)IES of
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Students can enter at any time. No va
cations. For full particulars regarding
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ecutive office at Cincinnati, O. Catalogue
The Morse School of Telegraphy
Cincinnati, Ohio. Buffalo, N. Y.
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Get milk of the Welsh
Dairy. They sell the best.
Herman Elstner, Son of a Prominent
Resident of Lake Charles, Loses Iis
Life at Prien Lake-Hlie and His Sis
ter Alone at the Time.
Lake Charles, Nov. 3.-The funeral
of Herman Elstner, nineteen years old,
the son of J. C. Elstner, a prominent
wholesale grocer and insurance man,
who accidently shot and killed himself
while out hunting Wednesday after
noon occurred Thursday afternoon.
Young Elstner and his sister were
out with a party of young people who
had gone to Prien lake in gasoline
launches, and Elstner and his sister
had gone up Contraband bayou, a
tributary of the Calcasieu, in his
launch. They were ready to return
when on arriving at the bayou bank
they found their boat was drifting out
into the stream. Young EIlstner
grasped the barrel of the gun and en
deavored to stop the boat by reaching
for it with the gun, when the trigger
caught in the oarlock and one barrel
was discharged, the load entering Elst
ner's chest. lie was killed almost in
stantly. His sister remained with the
body for nearly an hour before the
rest of the party went up the bayou in
search of them. They found the boat
had drifted out into the bayou and the
dead boy and his sister were alone on
the bank. The remains were brought
here at once.
---- ,
Will Try to Find Oil.
Mr. E. S. Wood, of El Campo, Tex
as, who owns a large tract of land at
and adjoining the oil field. just west
of Welsh, arrived last week to look
after his interests here. Mr. Wood
expects to farm obout 350 acres the
coming season and will drill for
oil on the balance. In the next sixty
days there will be a determined effort
made to find oil in paying quantities
on a tract of land which is located in
the proven field and owned by Mr.
Wood. Mr. Wood stated in a con
versation with a Journal representa
tive last Saturday, that he had inter
ested some parties, who have money
enough behind them to thqroughlv de
velope the field and who are confident
that oil will be fofind in large and
paying quantities, and who will spare
no time and expense in their efforts.
They expect to have a well started by
the first of the year and will employ
only competent and reliable drIllers
and will put down several wells as fast
as possible. Mr. Wood says that if
oil is not found on his own land, they
will try and find it on other lands ad
joining, as he is sure it is there and
hopes to be the lucky man in locating
Mernmentan Dam Meeting at Jennings.
On the 15th inst. there will be held
at Jennings a meeting for the purpose
of properly adjusting all matters per
taining to the rebuilding of the Mer
mentau dam. This is one of the most
serious questions that has been before
) the people of the rice belt for some
Stime, and immediate action is neces
Ssary in order to protect next year's
rice crop. Both sides of the question
Swill be thoroughly discussed, and let
*us hope that there will be an agree
ment arrived at which will be entirely
satisfactory to all parties interested
The Lake Arthur Herald comments in
part as follows:
"It is up to those in cha'rge of the
Mermentau dam proposition to devise
some means whereby the excess of
water may be rapidly drawn off so as
not to become a menace to the pros
perity of the people of that section.(
There are civil engineers in the count- (
ry who have made a study of such
problems and who could no doubt pre
sent some valuable information on
this vexatious question and relieve
the existing strained condition of af
-- * --
Hold Nession in ('rowley and Take Up i
Routine Matters.
A meeting of the executive committee
of the Rice Miller's and Distributor's t
Association was held at the offices of
the association in Crowley Wednesday
afternoon of last week. Those present e
at the session were President Chas. J. a
Bier, Mr. Jno. Green and Mr. J. F. a
Christman, of Crowley: Mr. W. K.I
Morrow and Mr. B. F. Lewis of'Hous- II
ton. Routine business in connection
with the miller's association was tak
en up.
Just received car-load '
of Moon Bros. Carriages h
and Buggies, Call and ri
see us before buying. 0
Welsh Carriage and Im-j
plement Co. Ltd.
t Begins Work Monday at 10 O'clock
Witlh W. P. Webber as Foremann-
Juldge' ('harge 1Was Along
the Usual Lines.
The special grand jury summoned
i hby judge Miller to meet today have re
1, ceived their instructions and are now
it at work. W. P. Webber was selected
1, to act as foreman and sbortly after 10
If o'clock this morning, having received
r- their instructions, the grand jury re
tired to their room and began calling
'e witnesses.
o The judge's charge was along the
Lo usual lines, with the special references
"' required by law. It contained no fea
a tures of special interest to the public.
is Two cases was set for trial this
n morning, but by agreement of the at
k torneys interested, both were indefinite
t ly l)ostponed. The session of court
'r for the day ended therefore, when the
1- grand jury had convened and was set
g to work.
'r Following is the list of grand jurors
I who were accepted:
t- W. P. Webber. W. W. Farque.
1- Francois HIebert Jr., Britton Nichols,
le W. F. Derouen, J. E. Moore, J. G.
ie Richard, Leon Chavaune, J. M. Cook,
n J. W. Kingecry, J. J. DrI)st. XW. ;.
ft Wilbourn.--DLaily American.
n Ths Hicks Almanac for 1900;.
t The lrev. Irl II. Hicks Almanac will
not be published for 1906, but his
monthly journal, Word and Works.
has been changed into a large and
- costly magazine, and it will contain
his storm and weather forecasts and
ot ther astronomical features complete.
k The november number, now ready.
d contains the forecasts from January
e to June 1906. The January number,
r ready December 20th, will contain the
forecasts fromt July to Decembetlr !90()i.
The price of this splendid magazine is
one dollar a year. See it and you
will have it. The november and .Jan
uary numbers containing the I;ev. Irl
hicks forecasts for the whole year',
and more complete than ever, can be
had by sending 25 cents to the Word
and Works Publishing Co., 2201 Lo
cust Street, St. Louis, Mo.
t Buy your ice fruit and vegetables at
the Welsh Meat Market.
For First-class Horse-'
shoeing and Blacksmith
s ing take your work to
t Armstrong's.
f - - -
] Eleven True Bills and One Not True Re
Sturned--lndlctment For Murder Re
turned Against Oscar Lyons--Two
Negroes Also Heldi on
Namne ('harge.
The grand jury Tuesday, after two,
I days deliberation, made a partial re
port of their findings to the district
court, returniung one not true bill and
eleven true bills.
Probably the most important case
reported is a true bill against Oscar
A. Lyons for mur'der in connection
with the killing of Allan W. Coward
at a saloon in DeQuincy, June 20, last,
Mr. Lyons has been in custody ever
since the day following.
Julian Baptiste and Chester Linton
were indicted for murder in connection
with the killing at a negro dance north
of Welsh some weeks ago. Seven ar
rests were made in connection with the
affair anti the two above mentioned
were indicted for the actual killing.
Archille Guillory and others arrest- t
ed were freed ft'om the charge of mur-'
der, but indictments wete found for'
carrying concealed weapons against
Celestine Levine and Eraste, Archille
and Napoleon Guillory.
Robert Odum was indicted for man
slaughter in connection with the vio
lent death which took place in the In
dustrial Lumber Co's. yards at Oak.
dale some weeks ago. Other indict
ments found were against William
Washington, assault with a dangerous
weapon, and Oscar Tate of hoodlum
ism. The latter pled guilty Wednes-.
day morning in district court and was
sentenced to a line of $15 and costs, or
thirty days imiprisonment.
ed to sell my residence property, situ
ated on the south side, in one of the
most desirable locations in Welsh.
For particulars call on or write J. F.
Tubbs, Welsh, Louisiana.
A New Ruling.
It has been the custom of a number
of parisbes in Louisiana to grant the
parish assessor 4 per cent commission
for extending special school taxes on
his rolls. This payment is not war
ranted by law, according to an official
opinion rendered by Attorney General
Guion to State Supt. of Education J.
B. Aswell.
December Delineator? 9
Caused the Inlprisoniletelit of Four
YoungI Men at Siinger Last WeeLk.
They Were Bound Over on ('harge
of Assault to Kill--lirl Inpil's P1'un
ishmeetii Caused the Trouble,
Foun Yoloung men of Sinter, .;arcn,
Scott, Itobert Slaydon, (Cis Silaidoyn
and I(Joseph Ilo.eis, were 1 ru,-,
d(down to the city today and placed in
the custody of SheriiT D. J. Rlaid tb
answer to a char'c- ,f assault with in
tent to kill upon V I'. Silnilntons, teacih
er of the school at Sintier.
It appears that Mr. Simmons in
coUl'se of the discharge of his duty felt
it incumbent upon him to adminiister
corporal punishnent upon one of his
pupils, who is said to be a small sister
o(f the Slaydon boys. The story gi ((.
that when the girl saw what was ine\"
itable she started holme, but was over
talken by the teacher and ,given cor'lior
al punishment. IMr. Simmons, the
teacher, claimns that he had tried tevery
other meth(od of making the gi rl
amendable to discipline. but that et
erything else had failed and he Iva
obliged to proceed to the last extrietm
Last night, according to the story
told at the sheriff's oflice. Mr. Sini
mons, the teacher, was at Tom Htyatt's
store at Singer making purchases.
lie completed his purchases and start
ed out of the door with his arms full
of bundles, when one person struck
him in the eye with his list, another
made a pass at him with a knife, which
he dodged, and a third struck him ov
er the head with a scale weight. Sim
mons dodged back into the store, thus
avoiding further punishment.
Sheriff Reid had a number of tele
phone messages from Singer strongly
depreciating the assault upon the
school teacher, and stated that feeling
there was such that two of the citizens
of the town were deputed to arrest
those who were alleged to be guilty of
the assault. The young men above
mentioned were accordingly brought
to the city and a charge was lodged
against them of making an assault
with dangerous weapons, to wit: with
knives and scale weights, with intent
to kill. The bond was fixed at $300I
each. and they were remanded to jail
in default thereof.-Lake Charles
WMrs. Aladin Vincent Dead.
Word has been received, announe
ing the death at San Antonio, Tues
day, of Mrs. Aladin Vincent, wife of
a former popular citizen and repre
sentative in the legislature, of this
parish. They had only lived at San
Antonio a short time, going there to
see if the change would be of benefit
to her health, as she had been a suf
erer from lung trouble for a long
time. She was a loving wife and
mother and very charitably inclined
toward her neighbors, all of whom
will greatly miss her.
For Sale.
My twenty acre place inside corpor
ation limits and drayage business, on
good terms. Apply to, or address
S. A. Covey, Welsh, La.
Majesteic lolel at Lake Charles Leased.
The board of directors of the Majes-I
tic Hotel at Lake Charles, have leased
the hotel to W. A. Malin, of Houston.
for a period of live years. Mir. Malin
is an experienced and: highly success
ful hotel man and will give patrons
the best ol service. The Majestic is f
one of the finest hotels in the state and
will be of great benefit to Southwest e
Souisiana. t
S Open to the Public for
fRice Storage
9 Having decided to open all of our warehouses for 4
9 rice storage, we solicit your business. 4
Liberal Cash Advances
on warehouse receipts, and you sell your own
goods. Ask our managers to explain our method
for securing you best cash market price for your
Srice. Apply to
ROANOKE MILL, Roanoke, La.
/--OR TO
Louisiana Irrigation and Mill Company
Crowley, Louisiana.
iElection o MeClellain Was
Merely a P'erson:,l Triumph.
Itepnbila'n I'arty ('ontroll IBoanrd of
Aldermen. ,lroml II-dvtl De) part
anment of In i(e aItn Ja1nnlny
Lo'es Ifs Pree igCe.
(;oorg0 13. MC:.l t, is : e,'lt,,l,;d
myilor of New ;Y,;ih t !1 i , a phm p.
ity ;o small as to nake  - li,'t ' vo,.
lv a iperson-; al triii timi i;r hiiM slf, iu
its moral effect sla hineti d,.teh ,t fir
I'auim ny [Hall, rich t, o v.,It,w i
with unirty siunili ranee. T'h u anti-loss
independetnt sentiment o(f the voters ,f
the city r'epr'esented by thie municiipal
ownership ticket comtplot ey (oliterat
.ed Iptla ty linets. left Mr. I [vns, the re
]lpublicar Llllnlllie' fLor lla.Vor', a humil
iatig, third, and very nearly swamped
thie eoiitlilonud \vote of iTailiunanvy Hall
and the h}usil|ss republicans.
Williamn Trav(ers ,tIrolit is elected
ditrict attorney by a siill II plurality
in onpe of the imost rtlll;L akale and
dramatic campaigns in history, and in
spiti of being mixedl up in a four-c(r
inii!.d l ,ht, which gatt' him the triple
(handi ia p of muachih. opposition,
Strtachery, intiuietial circl s and the
tIext l'~ t'le itilliuil'i-s (,f havinlg mlany
i lore than It ),0(i0 voti.ers intelligently
split their votes.
More than that, the !,,aid of alder
mIen is pr'actically in cuntrtil of the re
plublic'ans, most of vIi(whose candidates
won by virtue of beiinu indtorsed by
the municipal ownership party. This
has been almost a foeregone conclusion
ever since the republiceans stole a
march on Tammany by ge.tting the in
dorsement of the independent organi
zation. Such a barren triumph at the
poll.,, was never accepted by a politi
cal party in this city. Tanmmany loses
the keystone of its arch in New York
through the defeat of James W1. Os
horne 1)y Win. T. ,TJerompe. The ad
ministration of justie will thus be in
independent and fearless hands.
('ar hipped to New York to be Used
For Packing.
The use of rice straw as a substitute
for excelsior or any other straw for
Spacking; purposes may become an im
lp),rtant industry and may add much
to to the wealth of the rice farmer.
The Matagorda, (Texas) County Trib
une gives a hint of these things in the
following concerning a shipment of
straw to New York:
"J. C. LeBourgeois of New Orleans,
who mantains headquartirs here dur
ing the threshing season, for several
years has conducted quite a successful
business in the shipment and sale of
rice straw to the various fruit com
panies of New Orleans, for use in the
packing of bananas, etc. Realizing
that this purpose is not the only one
for which it is adapted and that, on
account of its nature, it is much better
than any other straw of excelsior, he
has made an experimlental shipment of
one car to New York ( ity. the outcome
of which is awaited here with much in
Fine line of laces and insertion, also
line emblroidery edges and insertions
at an early date at Paul W. Oaniels.
Rleadling Notuce.
I:very man owes it to himself and
his family to master a trade or pro
fession. Itead the display advertise
mlent of the six Morse Schools of
Telegrapy, in this issue and learn how
easily a young man or lady may learn
telegraphy and be assured a l)ositil.

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