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Now is the Time to Plant Oats o
Oats will produce as many pounds of grain per acre as corn and with less labor to grow
harvest. 0
Oats mle best grain feed for young stock and work animals in summer.
Oats sown in fall is one of the surest grain crops, affords winter pasture anli a better 0
ribution of labor.
rts sio ould hle abplated from September 20th to November 1st, using Louisiana grown SOel
Sashl . ., e t, using Loisin on seed
lied Rust Proof variety at rate of two bushels per acre. Use o"linary grain r ill ii , ll
redgrou ', 1.
S? sF l --\t ,,u lin time i1e 200 to iin 0 t oa niast , ac id )J i:rate (il' pct. a, 'i a Ilatt
For further information send for U. S. Farmers' Bulletfin No. 13;, or call on U . \. Aget . 0
Redhead, a:t County' Superintenldent's office, Lake Cha:rles, La.
Calcasieu Trust & Savings Bank
Predicts A Walkover.
(Elton Progress)
late election coverin'In the
Satquestion has Ip:nned out
Spgro!gresi predicted when she
Sbstinthe Welshring. This in
he fact that our stirong coi
welgbbor turned loose quite a
of boodle in an effort to turn
~ tide, which, as resuits
sabad business move on the
the looser. Now we have a
to make, and that is, if the
1r Is made on the part of our
Jo aings, she will again not
her boodle but she will also
votes and uractically the
ofthe honorable citizens, for
il evident from iudications
io,tthat the next and final
will be a walkover for the
poilot-Welsb. This is but
illustration of the growini
the good judgment of the
-i large can be trusted, and
are short for the man or men
Spolitical war try to over
will of the masses. We feel
thizng with some of our
- neighbors who fought us
>ish on the loosing side. To
bh to suggest that they con
Illy their mistake in this
sad to avoid atrother dissap
t climb on the hand wagon
for Welsh, a sure winner.
ship In The School Of
. Your Choice.
Tiler Commercial College of
Texas, is positively the only
college in the state which
athorough course of practical,
bpokkeeping and business
SOther schools teach theoret
eeping: some of theta call
niness, but it is not. The
room of the Tyler Com
allege is a community of
houses of various kinds,
-Wholesale, Commissin, Real
itail, Insurance, etc. Each
Is engaged in real, active
_learning to do by doing.
-ry made by the student dur
ttire course is originated by
sale or purchase: it may be
y be groceries, dry goods.
or stock in a corporation,
.issaetion is reall verformned
paper required in the trans
ae her check, note, draft, re
age, deed or what not, is
by the student; contracts of
lpare drawn up and a greed
a the parties forming the
p; articles of incorporation
up. Theru these practical
Sstudent learns business as
kkeeping; they learn how
another face to face and
business in a business way.
eopying theoretical trans.
a text book, as is done
ther commercial school in
fiiakes more teaching force
leachers to teach our svs;
methods; our teachers are
hers of Bookkeepin,, but
'well informed on business
hen a student learns to do
s actually doing it, he
*thoroughlv, and with our
bito face business methods
t~ give the student a tho.
of both bookkeeping
trainlng in less time than
lsblv get the theory, or
p.a.ceal bookkeepinr, alone
H.ne a free scholarshlip in
of Fvou choice to any one
her school in this state
bookkeeping and busi
ascetical business transac
ra do, Sinmiliar practical
$_e used in teaching Short
.Writing and Telegraphv.
In learning to do in the
that whlich you must do
inbto the business world,
Sa Policy tihat has made the
remal College of T'ler,
gest school of the kind
. larte'catalogue, telling
Telegr.aphvy, the Uvrne
-.kkeepio g-. usiness
dthefamous Byrne Simnp
$Acre Farm
SWith Well, Etc,
lRed Rice.
o Per Acre
- UUIUI0na
We!sh Autoest Meets Almost Serious
Mr. and Mrs, WV. E. Faught, whil,
returning fromnt Lake Arthur. Sunda.
everin" in their car met with an acci
denlt that, while had enough, caine
near being lmlch mnore serious, In at
tempting to cross a sinall culvert tht
was but a few yards from a larger
bridge, and while seeking to avoid the
high lift that exists in the center of
most of these bridges the front whee
of the cat; went off the end of the cul
vert, dropping the weight of the car on
the engines and danmageino the catr to
a consider able extent. Tei car was
brought to such a violent stop that it I
threw Mrs. Faught forward striking,
her mouth on the brass railing of the
wind s~ield with such force as to
loosen several of her teeth and cut and
bruise her more or less seriously about
the head and face, Mr. Faught es
caped with but slight injuries.
This Section Enjoying Ideal Harvest
Ing Weather.
It is hardly within the memory of
man, that this section of the state has
enjoyed such fine harvesting weather
at the exact time when it would do the
most good. For the past four or five
weeks the weather has been ideal,
mostly clear and bright with a cool
wind blowing from the north or north
east, with no rains and but slight dews
to interfere with early work in the
The farmers are making the best
use possible of this weather rushing
their harvesting and threshing with
all possible energy, and as a result
thousands of sacks of rice are cominig
into the market, and being absorbed
at or near the Rice Association Mini
thum. Two or three weeks more of this
kind of weather will see the bulk of
this years's crop under shelter with
no loss from damage by weather.
Former Welsh Citizen Near Death's
M.' L. Farlow returned Monday from
Alexandria, where he and his wife had
been spending sometime at the hosme
of Mrs. Farlow's brother, J. WV.
Tanner, a pione'r Welsh citizen who
moved to Alexandria about a year
ago. Mr. Farlow reports that it is
only a matter of a few days before the
end comes for Mr. Tanner, who is
verv low with heart failure.
Since returning to Welsh, Mr.
Farlow has received a letter from his
wife, who remained in Alexandria,
sayitg that Mr. Tanner was gradualh
sinkingt and that tihe doctors did not
expect him to last mtore than two or
three days more.
Fortnmes In Faces.
Advertisemen t.
Tl'here's often much truth in the siy
ing "her face is her fortune," but its
never said where pimples, skin erutp
tions, blotches, or other blemisbes dis
figures it. Impure blood is back of
them all, and shows the need of Dr.
King's New Life Pills. They promote
health and beauty. Try them. 23 cents
at All Druggists.
For Sale.
520 acres Prairie Land 6 miles from
Welsh. Price $12 50 per acre, Terms
;'$150Oi Cash, balance can he paid in 5
[equal payvments. If you want this ba:
iains call on C. E. Cart', at Welsh,
For Sale.
A pair of registered 0. 1. C. hogs,
Two years old. Will trade for cow.
G. B. Evans, jennings, La.
Mrs. L. E. Robinson's mother
and sister, Mrs. Irons of Kansas
City, and Mrs. Keener, of West
Virginia, who had beer visiting at
the Robinson home started on their
homeward journey on the early
train Thursday morning. They
went by way of Galveston, and
Houston, at each of which places
they expect to spend a few days
visiting friends and enjoying sights.
Frank Fenton, who moved
here from Fenton this spring has
been oblighed to return to his form.
er home, temporarily at least on ac
count of the serious illness of his
father, who needs -his care and at
I Miss Dr. Adelade Gaston, of
Cerro Gordo, Illinois was a guest at
1the home of Mr. and' Mrs. E. H.
Boling of this city this week. Dr.
Guston is on her way home from
an extended trip in California.
I Miss Dela Sherburne, from near
Baton Rouge arrived here the latter
paFt of last week for a few days
visit with.her cousin, Mrs. E. 3M.
Mrs W. C. You a'ln Alis
lenriette Young, who had been
visiting at the hone of liev. and
Mrs. E. M. Stewart for some littlec
time departed, Saturdltv for their
home near lB'aton Rouge. Enroute
they stopped in lsoxie for a few
days visit with a sister, Mrs, J. I1.
McGuffy. Mrs. Taylor and little
son, Warren accompanied them as
far as Ma xie, remainining there over
Mrs. Mcl)aniels from Washing
ton, La.. makes all kinds of hair
goods from combings, call or leave
orders at home of Mrs. Jas. Wilson
Welsh, La. 19 3t
Mrs. E. Sloan, of Eunice, arrived
in Welsh Monday morning to take
charge of the Millinery department
of the Southern Mercantile store.
Mrs. D. R. Read and daughter,
Margaret were guests of friends in
Lake Charles from Friday evening
until Sunday afternoon.
Ben Freeman, one of the promi
nent citizens of Jennings, who is
also the owner of a fine rice planta
tion just north of Welsh was here
Monday looking after the sale of
some of his rice.
J. J. Figueron, line man of the
Planters' Telephone Co., of this
locality was in Scott, La. over Sun
day visiting his wife and family.
I. J. Mills, one of the leading
citizens of Fenton, was a Welsh
visitor Monday, coining down for
some repairs for his threshing ma
FOR SALE-Household furniture
including extension table, stoves,
refrigerator, mattresses, bureaus,
chairs, churn, lamps and other
things. Inquire of J, W. Cooper,
Phone 175. I9-4tc.
Samuel Sears, of the Signal
Clothing Store was the guest of
friends in Lake Charles Sunday.
R. E, Medus, temporarly located
at Crowley, was in Welsh the first
of the week buying rice, for the
Standard Rice Milling Company.
1Major F. C. Fegley, of New Or
leans, was here Sunday and 1Ion
day, preaching at the Methodist
church Sunday evening, and col
lecting funds for the relief of the
families of men confined in the
state's prison. Major Fedley, is
doing a splendid work in his pres.
ent field of labor, and received
hearty support from the people of
this place.
Fresh Rice Bran $20.00 per :
ton or $1.50 per sack. Fresh *
Ro ice Polish $26.00 per ton or
$2.25 per sack, Nothing but $
fresh goods sent out. Sold at *
Sthese prices in any quantities.
Farmers' Trade Solicited.
4 Louisiana State Rice Milling
SCo. .
Glf Coast Rice Mill.
* Welsh, La. $
Rev. and Mrs. E. M. Stewart and
their guests, Mrs. Taylor and Miss
Sherburn6, were guests of friends
in Lake Arthur, Mlunday.
J. W Mleeks one of the promi.
nent citizens of Jennings was trans
acting business in Welsh the last of
the week.
MlissIva Hathaway. one of the
former teachers in the Welsh schools
but now teaching in Sulphur, and
MIiss Lula Hathaway who is teach
ing in Roanoke, were guests of their
sister, Mrs, W. L. Stewort, Satur
day and Sunday.
New Rice Bran and Pol
lshat Jones Bros.
W. J. Unkel, of Kinder drove
down Saturday for a weeks end
visit at the home of his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Unkel.
R. D. Carter, proprietor of Car
ter's Ice Cream Parlors, was trans.
acting, business in Lake Charle:.
MIrs. .inthonv Ilebert :Id tia ugh
ter, Miss Lillian went to Like
Charles 1ondal:ty rmorrtinag for 'i visit
with friendls .\Irs. I elbert irefu)roiia
in eili afternoon, while iiss Liilia
reinlatied as c(omii)any for lir aunt.
and will atttndl school in Luke
(.'Charls this winter.
A I..L Ileurnev shipped a car of
fat ealves to' th New ()rle:ans miIr.
ket the first of the V\eek.
FOR SA LD;-:A good kitchen s:lfe
in first i:hss c'otlibton. Inqui.e. :lt
tlis othfE'e.
J:,s. \\'ilsoi wvent to \inoin, Fri.
(d:at mior nir,. where Ia It:s a(.epltedl
:1 p,'stion Xi- h l one of tlhe oil carn.
M!.r. W , I. rX te dta n little
,i u:ht ,r, MJluri n, :ho h,  ve b!eer
spen min! several o);ths vi.iti).
at the founar's lteiltt in Stitvrtia
"l'nnenss:'e. arrived here the latter
part of last week.
Garden Seeds in bulk
all kinds lfor saie at the
VWelh BSakiery.v
M1iss Je.e Bnl:, w,,n . ,,o h)as
eharge of th' ('* A. Me.ii )illiu,
ery Parlor, went to La,,ke ('htrles
Sa:turday afteriinoon for a short visit
with frierndls, returning for her work
Mondtlay m)orinig.
Rice Chicken Feed at
Jones Bros'. Feed Store.
F'. F'. Areeneaux of I: ':e Charles
spent the weeks end here visiting
at the home of his parents, Mr. rani
Mrs. F. A. Areeneaux, and also tIt
the home of his brother Dr. Il. R.
Arceneaux. Mrs. Arcerteaux has
been visiting in this locality for
several weeks,
Mr. G. W. Mack, of Lake Arthur,
was a pleasent caller at this.office,
'rhursd py morning. Mr Malck has
entered the race for asses or, andi
it is predicted by his many friends
throughout the parish that he will
be the winner in the race for that
office He is a native Louisiana, and
has resided in this parish for the
past nine years, and has been en
gaged in the mercantile business in
Lake Arthur for several years past.
The Journal wishes him suceess in
his campaign
Bring your hair combings to us
we will make their up into 3 stem
braids for $2 25-C. A. MalcLeod,
over Crescent Drug Store.
Two rooms, nicely furnished, for
gentlemen, good bath room -Ap
ply to Mrs, Robin. 20tf
L. L. Funk of Iowva was transact
ing business in Welsh Wednesday.
P'. J. Unkel went to Beaumont,
Wednesday evening to attend the
monthly meeting of the Directors
of the Southern Rice Growers
Meet me at the Lafayette air,
October lth to 13th, 1912, Ex
dursion train from Welsh Sunday,
October 13th, returns sanie day.
A. RI. McIurney is the latest pur
chaser of an a:tomtobile, in Welsh
so far as we have learned, having
secured a Ford trour Dr. L. G. Lewis
a few ldays since. This will doubt
less be of great service to( him, and
shioul! make him more popular if
that is possible, than ever with the
Chts, Shattuck was a business
passenger to Lake Charles Tuesday
A. R..1eburney was transacting
business in Lake Charles Tuesday,
FOR SALE-A few extra fine
Duroc Jersey Red Mal!es, chligible to
registration, also several full blodtl
Rhode Island Red Coekrels, and
Vhite Indian lRunner Ducks.
C. A. Saxby, Woodlawn, La. 20
Mr. and Mrs. Chas Farreaux of
Riayne, and the latter's father, Mr,
B3enoit who has been their guest,
came over Tuesday morning for a
visit at the home of MIr. and Mrs.
Clopha lHenoit of this city,
Rica Chicken Feed at
Jones Bros'. Feed Store.
S. O. Scoggins went to Houston,
on business Monda:y.
Inon. A. M, Martin, of Lafayette
was shaking hands with his many
Welsh friends here Monday after
noor between trains.
The Ladies of the Presbyterian
church will hold a Baazar and
Social, Tuesday evening, October
22nd. You are invited to visit them
R. S Greer was a business visit
or to tihe parish seat of Calcasieu
Ml. B VanNess was a Monday
visitor to Lake Charles.
Simeon Beioit went to Lake
Charles Monday for the Willot box
for holding tlhe Lazaro Lewiu prinm.
ary, Tuesday.
Mir. and- Mrs. S. E, Carroll and
little son, Kenneth, were passengers
to Lake Charles Monday, Mr.
Carroll going dorn to serve on the
Jury this week, while his wife and
son re!nained only for the day.
Mirs, Andrew Louviere and chikl.
ren caime over T'ues.day for a,visit
with friends and relatives.
0 O
0 SERGES, Black. BI, V', te R 0
---Ju.,t In I
0 --Pencil Stri ee---: i i . i ! ai Chlec!,s.
O- --Lia Line O
4 Dress Goods and S.m ,,
0 0
_  ', '1" .,V%J,;. '   ';. ~,..k.'~'-l,"'r", '2
I 5 Off! 2) "r cet Lut =-0 Off!
From Regular Prices, month of OCtoler on 1. \e Ia'e :r
S complete line of Threshing M~le1iine l itin::s, ['K'pirs :ntl
Trirnnmings-iEvervything goes at the ::lOve (iscunt, \ill
save you money on anythi ;g yo)u ,u'. Cone sEe the
Stock of Oil City I ron Works.
Have moved into the ohl "White Il:bl,it l;iihling1 "
opposite City IHall.
JENNINGS, LA. L. D. Phone 236
Carries a Complete Line of Everything Usualy
Carried in Such an Establishment
Feed Stuff We carry a full' line of all prevailing feeds;
Bran, Shorts, Nutrileue. Shoemaker, Hay, Al
falfa, Oats and Corn.
Coal For threshing and pumping--5.00) per ton if ordered
Binder Twine Wo bought our twine right and will sell as
cheap as the cheanest.
:Sacks We bought our Sacks when they were cheap and can
sell for less than they can be bought at wholesale now
Ice Always on hand. We sell by the pound and GIVE
Binder Repairs \We have repair' for all kinds of binders
not manufacl:tur d h\ the Trust.
0ag AT PREV.ILING lllI':S.
A. J. FINDLEY, Proprietor,
4IJv J
Corner Polk and- Railrou:d Avenue.
!Mrs. A. L. Sargent wishes to announce to the public that
she has leased the building on tLe corne.r southwest of the
Depot. formerly occupied by the Con:n erei:'I lintel, and has
thoroughly remodeled and lefurnisl:ed the sl e al nd opened it
to the public as
A First-Class Up-to-date Hotel
Special Dinners will be served every Sunday. Send in your
order now for dinner for yourself and family Sunday.
~_ --- -u -- Yu---l~ C11YuIWiPr uUI~UYIIY
For UD-l'o-Date
Shave, Haircut,
Shampoo or Massage
:: :: TRY :: ::
I Advcrtisemeut. 4 j
'ft seemed that my I4-vetr old,, !v
would have to lose his lelr, on acctcunt
()f an uZly n1i1e1 cmused by a 1t.bd
bIruise," wrote 1). F. -owstrd. . Aquone
N. C. "All renmedies afln dcct'rs treit
ment failed tili we tried liuc~kleiº's
Arnica Salve, sM ud eu meti hiinr t;i h u
box '' ('tires hi ,r, ho! l . ýk'vi i p
l ions. pilea. 25 b4t Al, D, ukgist.
* Fresh Rice Bran $20.00 per *
ton or $1 50 per sack. Fresh
Rice Polish $26 00 per ton or
$2 25 per sack. Nuthi::g but *
fresh goods sent out. Sold at
above prices in anry q'uantities.
- Frrmers' Trade Solicited.
Louisiana State Rice Milling
o Gulf Coast Rice iill,
* Welsh, La.
**9.,*t4 ****
LOST-Gold Creccnt and Star
Stick Pin with Pe::rl in center of
Star.-F-inder return to Journal
SOfEfice and get rewa"r.;,.

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