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The weekly messenger. (St. Martinsville [i.e. St. Martinville] La.) 1886-1948, August 05, 1905, Image 3

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Closing out at cost our entire line
of Summer Suits for Youths and
Men. - - '
All new up to date clothing at 1-3
of its real value. Call and be con
vincam. - - - -
Yoursaexlous to please, I
Wholesale and Commission,
Rail Road Avenue,
Public Notice is hereby given that by
virtue of resolution of the koard of
Health. it was ordered that all privy or
rault within the limits of this Corpora
tioe.. shall be deodloried or disinfected
by the owners thereof, within ten days
days froem date of this publication. In
default whereof the Health Ollicer of
said tlhardl shall ansme said privies or
vaults t, he deelorised or disinfected at
the cost arilrl expensel of said owners. By
order of the Bmord of lealth.
G. M. GARY. See.
That Finue RelldenIce of Mr. T. .. Brous
sard, Main Street, measuring 110 feet:
front by depth of :1 feet, property
facing t streeets. rice $2,000. Also
the lot o thle uorth side of this proper
ty. 0 feet front by 54 deep, this lot
faces three streets. Fur further lutor
mation apply to
Dec. 2. St. MPartlnville. La.
Town Board of Health.
The following Ordinances were presen
ted and unanimously adopted by the
That except during the months of
Dec. Jan. and Feb.of each year mS per
son or person, withoeat the consent of
the Hoard of Health, shall buialkd use
any slaughter house within the eof
the Corporation for the killing or slaugh
tering of cattle, sheep and hogs e&t
It is hereby ordained and enacted by
this Hoard that It is Injurious to public
health and detrimented to the sanitary
codition of this Town that Hogs or
swine be kept is the yards and enclo
I. That it is therefore unlawful and
it is hereby prohibited that more than
ase Ho, whether iu pen or at large, be
kept in any one yard within the limits
herein in this orporailon icluded be
tween Berard street. Rail Road Avenue,
College street and Bayou Teche.
I, That any addltional helg, or waine.
above this, found la any one yard. shall
be considered as reamIlg at large; shd
be impounded by the proper offier, and
dispose of as in similar cases;
3. That for the impounding, and the
sale of such hogs that the Police officer
of the Town shall be entitled to a fee of
$2 in each case to be paid, with other
costs, out ot the proceeds of the property
G. M. GARY, Sec.
When you take GBoV'S TASTELESs CHILL
ToNlc because the formula is plainly
printed on every bottle showing that it
in simply Irou and Quinine in a taste
lass f-rnr. No Cure. No Pay. 50 eents.1
Since Wednesday only one train
each way is being run on the Main t
line, and they ran as beet they
can, subject to all kinds of delays,
and now on we can hardly expect
to get the mail on schedule time. ,
Mail and freight is about all we I
got from the trains as passenger
traffic is almost entirely 'suspen
No vacation, enter anytime. School
six days in the week. Night School
iree. Five month scholarship and I
board only $95,oo. Write for cata
lague to A. Y. Delcambre,
April 8. President.
GOorner arondelet and Perdido Streets.
American & European Plan.
All Modern Improvements.
Public Notice.
St. Martlnville, La., July 1S, 1905. 1
1 On the S2lt of August next a special 4
meeting of the Town Council will be
held to receive bide for the buildlng the
bide Walks on the street. designed by
special ordinance, lately published.
* AN bide to be made in writing, sealed
and deposited with the Seeretary. The
Couneil reserving the right to reject any
aI nd all bids. Said bids to conform with
I specifications as provided int the Side
I Walk Ordinance.
Further Notice is hereby given that
S after due notice shall have been served
r on theproperty owners according to law
, to build their sidewalks within the legal
r delay of 30 days as provided and the
F same shall have not been built, the Con
tractor shall then be authorized to pro
Sceed to build said Side Walks at the cost
} and expense of said owners as per con
tract made with the Town Council.
Oct your Oats, Brim, Cora and Hfay
t. roa Blenvenu's. Free delivery.
Mrs. Bernard DLseens of Ame- a
lia, La., is here visiting her sis
ter, Mrs. John Sallee, Jr.
Big stock of WINE coming from
San Fraucisco for H. P. FOURNET
Wholesaler and Jobber.
Messrs. J. C. Bienveuu and Al
fred Delaune who were spending
a few days in Galveston, returned
homre last Sunday.
-Best and Cheapest HIGH PA
Wholesaler and Jobber.
-Mrs. Louis DeBlauc is having
her home rebuilt on Washinfo*o
street, which will be a modern
Protect yourself of yellow fever I
by drinking L. F. Gary's CLARET,
Mr. Richard Bienveuu and fam. -
ily have removed to Breaux Bridge
this week, to make that town their *
permanent home.
-Mr. and Mrs. Armand Pro.
vest of Jeanerette are visiting here
they are the guests of Mr. and a
Mrs. Casimir Wiltz.
-Mr. Bernard Avegno left for
his home in New Orleans Sunday
after having spent three weeks
here, the guest of the Soulier fam
-Mr. P. H. Daspit bought the
dairy farm of Mr. C. M. Olivier,
Monday, and has taken charge of
the place, which will be under his
direct management.
-Remember that when in need
of FEED, such as OATS, CORN.
HAY, and BRAN, that L. BIEN
VENU supplies the public at the
-Messrs. Henry Fournet, Robt. -
Gary. George Livingston and W.
J. Bienvenu who bhad gone to Gal- li
veston to spend a few days return
ed home last Sunday.
iiPAttention feed dealers. Get
your supplies from H. P. FOURNET
-Miss Isabelle Dittman who n
spent six weeks here, and Miss 6
Mariquite de Laureal who spent a d
week, returned to their homes in
New Orleans Monda r
The town authorities had some
of the streets plowed on the sides c
and graded with the road machine u
this week. This was a much need- s
ed work, as our streets had been p
all cut up during the recent rainy o
spell. r
-A Good Wright & Taylor's e
Whiskey at L. F. Gary's Bar, will a
prevtnt yellow fever.
In cases of emergency and seri- c
ous danger, when a whole commu
nity is exposed, it might be the v
best policy for the people to as- c
semble and offer sugaestions and
assistance to the Health authori
ties. We ares satisfied that our
board of health believe they are
doing everything that should be
done, but would no doubt be will
ing to go a little further toap- I
pease the fear of our people.
--It your fire inedrance policy
is to expire soon let me know
about it, talk the matter over with
you, P. A. Blenvenu, Dire Insau- I
rance Agent.
Some of our people criticise the
quarantine we have in force at the
present time, because it is not
strict enough, some believe that
guards should be placed at every
entrance of the town in order to
allow no one to enter the town
without a health certificate. Some
are of opinion that the parish
should have guards in the swamps
rto protect the parish from that
- Palmer Bienvenut o.
Wear the famous
In all styles, Black and Tan, Low and 3
High Cut.
:LP i iks: $3,50 and $4 I
Every pair is strictly guaranted.
Palmer Bienvenu & Co.
F. H. Rh YMES,
• Watchmaker, s Jeweler
f and Optician.
.. m . uab,,1.,
Eas opesed his shop Js the SadlMl DrrD Store, sad
Is prtpcre. t. k d l Jl d ofm
Watch, elock aad Jewelry Reeo -
0® Eyes Twesd lse and Trmes Properly Witte
-Mr. I. C. Vautier bored as deep
water well for Mr. Edomd Bul
liard, this week, whi' will be a
used to supply a superior quality "
of water for his pop factory.
-The train arrived here Tues
day night at twelve o'clock, the
mail was brought to the post of.
fice only Wednesday morning.
This, we presume, was due to the
delays caused by the quarantine
-Dr. L A. de Laureal has re
ceived a fine and powerful electric
machine, for the application of
static electricity, which is now em
ployed in the treatment of numer
ous diseases, with very satisfacto
ry results. It is particularly ben
eticial in the treatment of nervous
and rheumatic diseases. *
-For pure Jersey milk, butter,
cream or butter milk ring up i
" phone No. 3 and get prompt deli
very at all hours. Milk for ice
cream a specialty. AMeU a
Mr. L C. Gauthier, one of our
most enterprising planters, plan.
ted this season several acres of
King Cotton, as an experiment, 1
because of its early maturity, and i
he is very well satisfied with the
result. The cotton prodpce well
and matures early, be has been
picking this cotton since the last
two weeks, and expects to get en
tirely through with this cotton,
before the time comes foree him to
commence the harvest of his cane
crop. Mr. Gauthier is of opinion
B that this kind of cotton should be
t prefered by cane planters who
t cultivate some cotton on account
V of its early maturity.
FOR 8ALE -ecood hand and
e new Pianos, before buying write
ne for prices. Tuning and re
pairing, all work guaranteed, Fred
t W. Swidth, Lafayette, La. Phone
244. July 8.
Water and Light Statement.
atemet sediah July 31. JMIIL
Fr.m a To ilaoe. - - s
lob $1 To Lhiht Bieesae - 3185
" " " Wake Reveme. . N.
S" " WerlaN . - - 5.
. . . Metge Vrmne - + 1J
... " " Ietr.e fapplUem ms sel
SN O Foll d - .S
" " " Corpeaoron Cheek Aptl
May, Jea. July - Ma,
.. .. . Teeln 0 C. IUa
S..... Cblef aine - .
S-.. Ast. Ie aser - : wU
""" Ploeea . - - 5.
"" Psemgt ud 1aleea ISa.
S . " eolepon searvies w.
*. ... *leeral Kzpeame - U,
U sehumae - - ..
. . n dt. Tlhome Inpeotor
Juea sed Jely 1400
.. Ptutleg ep. ma -- v 1
. . e.. aad ~trea Jae&July T.
S"" Ibt.~rtael Mot. Co LdO MO U,
S"" a.. Wood &Co U.s
" " " Bap ire . - . ,1.
.... .. L Dehamp - UPa
.. . N nemeat oe Pleat 5.1
Stlas, Su5.13s
iabiitiesas follows:
WaIte PiFeee Oil Co - - - 15
4. L. EIAIY. He.
-The yellow fever situation is
getting more serious, cases have
occered in Buukie, Shreveport,
Bowie, Sklrivier, Houmr and Mor
gan City. Ow. case was reported
at each of those places except
Morgan City which had two cases.
All these cases were traced to New
Orleans, and were kept from
spreading.- Even when a case of
fever appears somewhere, if the
proper care is taken, the fever can
be kept from spreading, but good
judgment and intelligent work is
required; not erratic fear, and
wild vaporing will do any good in
such cases.
Fevr* was also reported at Nat
chitoches, Alexandria, Patterson
and several other places, but not
Get your Osts, Bras. Corns ad Ha
frem Blenvena's. Free delivery.

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