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41 I I rtit ti
MS GF THE tiff,
Trfllinuti)' of the ,Vltiirr.
rum ;, .mi- iohi.
XTIOEkck ron the rnosrcoTlon.
Mr IlflrnnatfalllW tllflt llO WHS nttlfttlOOi
knnw Ihn unrties. licnrtl tliu dofcndnlit
talk nnJ nt-nearcd inads did not know
wlmt nboitt. Ho Iut his htvnd on dofcnd
nlit s shoulder aim uskcd liim to tnko u
llnis of 1'corj Jmd known dccoaicd for ten
yours i I n"1 niihytlcian; taw tlio deceased
tho dsvArto' tlio duncb: wns nt his houso
nbout i oclock'On Sunday morning J J o.
ntiiineil liim; ha was speechless; loutul
cjnluilon In nostprior Hurt of cranium i
tho contusion was nhutit 2 to 2 Inches'
broad and thrco or four indies In length)
tho wound was caused from u violent 'blow
with n dull instrument ; J think tho wound
wi such ns n round stick would hnvo
ma Jo; tho fracture was like u live cent
silver jilcco: tho system presented con
vulsions causoJ by "nervousness; tho sys
tem was nervous on account ot pressure
on tho brain; when blood vessels nro ef
fected they overflow the bruin; 1 liiudo
oxtornnl applications; could do nothing for
him; his mind was guno; if called curlier
ntwAtlttnr- mtrrlif litivn litnti ilntlA '
tho ooiithUIou pussud through tho whole
cystcm ; no wounu on deceased witen l saw
li'lin ; 1 saw him next day ; I concluded
I could do nothing for him ; I know that
Duiutncrtmitli is dead ; tho fracture in the
back of his head cruised his death ; voit
tnoriem examination Juul on 'lucsuay;
Dr.'s AVlllinms and Lane present ; the
Doctors mndu an incision; wo then found
fracture : sometimes a person can walk oil'
nftcr f ucli n blow ; n blow of this kind ef
fects tho brain immediately so that he did
not know what ho was doing ; It is powl
Mo for a person to have sucfi n wound and
walk and have ronson .
Jiavo practiced lnediciiio for 'JO curs'
.11,1 11 lr a ,Kn..zr.A ... .,..!.... Drill'
V. I "WW ilitu UVVVMIVU tt nil 1I3.UI.IIIIU j teW
norsons proiont.nt dance; hnvo distinct
recollection of what happened thcro; usk
cd defendant to drink with mo : cannot
say how many barrels of beer wore drank ;
had n covcrsatlen with Holl'mnii of the
dllllculty : heard somothlui: crack: did
not eoo deceased after dllllculty that even
ing ; had no instrument with mo then :
Judged from condition of system butt ould
lmvo been mistaken.
Tho witness went throuch ii verv riirld
cross examination concerning tho charac
ter or tho wound ond the skull, mid Judge
-Uulkey seemed thorough! v posted in the
matter, and compelled tho witness to
niior many opinions nna stntoinenls givon
ns evldoncu In chief.
Testimony of John llenton: I know
deceased ; ho was about 30 years of ago
and a man of family; I know defendant;
I was present nt n danco at (lump's in
18C3; snw defendant and deceased tliero ;
Germans danced half tho time and Amer
icans half; Germans were just through
dancing nnd tho Americans wero going to
danco n cotillion; when defendant and
myself got ladies to danco cotillion dueous
ed was then on tho floor wnltzlui!. defend
ant told deceased to cet off the floor and
let us danco ; deceased said danco on, lln.ru
is room cnougn ; uoieiiuant tool. Ills lady
to lior sent nnd told deceased that ho would
not danco any mora to tavo his (J d d :
life; deceased got otl'tho floor; I danced
out the cotillion; defendant went out to
wlioro tuoy werourlnking beer; deceased
went out tliero too and was first to nut
i sum 10 ueieimani: vomoim mm iiance,
but ho i wore he wouldn't do it; toon n
no earn uiai no went oil; when I got
through dancing saw defendant go towards
thofenco; wo wero daneinc about fifteen
minutes; AVm. Couglcton, John llenton
nna mysou startod to tollow defendant;
didn't hcur defendant say n word after ho
itarted out; doceased was about "'i steps
idioad when defendant started; Clemen
ii uukiuiuiiiuii mii-iiu ui wuj i sioppou
Itnido tbo fenco nlout half ft minute and
crossed tlio fenco nud went to where thev
wero; I saw n coat on tlio foitcu uht-rn I
y.ot over; saw defendant when lie crowed
tho fence; saw no ono put tho coat there;
whon went out to where thev wore saw
uoccised lying on tlio ground; heard
nolsu when tit tho fence; sounded like
tonio ono striking; taw no ono strike nor
any ono have any thing to strike with; can't
say whether any ono wni between men nnd
uoicnuani; no ono was standing on tho In
kido of thofenco: first thine: that uttmi'
ted my attention was deceased lvingontho
groiuiu; saw Siemens niicmpi to ratio liim
up; ho took hold of his right arm; l'oter
iionman iook noiu oi iili oilier iirm and
told him to cet ui. and iiunchod him u
little with his too: ho nunehed him nbutit
thohlns; liodid not hurt him; ho pushed
him along; Clemens told Ilotlinau to stop
that he wirt badly hurt nnd to let him ref,
lloU'iimn tuld deceased to get up when he
t. n uui:iiiii; mm; IKIIOUlIfllll WUS SlllUUItlg
around at this time; Couglcton had gone
n u , uiu no. uu uiicy out tliero: start
ed oil' when they vera pulling him; went
al'iicnbout loo yards mid defendant caught
up with me ; did not ipoak to him nt p!nco
in mull-mi; , no ran tun cuiigiii up nnd
went on n littlo further mid Clemens
caught ui with us; wo stopped nnd ho and
defendant talked together di f. ndantii-l.CHl
Clemens to iro back nud co if.i,u-,...i,.,i ,v.
Imrt much and thut we would goon u Utile
iuriiiu miiu Tni, viciniis went Uacl; und
je went on; wo stopped about 76 yards from
ure mj; fuu mm at uown; wo wult
nniu uoouv nan an nonr and Do did imt
comoj wo wero uooui to yards from
ItrlUgo; tbo path takes to tho lcR of big
road going fn-m (lump's toDongoln; tin.
jum euiue hho mo oig roau ni tliu bridge;
wo saw two men walking in tho road and
after waiting about half un hour defendant
wanted ino w go and seo what had become
oi defeated, if no was killed or hur. much ;
I w nit down tho path to the brldgo; the
men we w and myself got to tho brldgo
:iv t . " ,8,no iimo; mo men wero ur.
illiauis ma Frank McLano; I told them
that defendant wag upon tho hill nnd hud
got mo to come down to seo what had be-
i i . 5 one or both of tho men
said that ho was coining ftion stopping
onco in a while and was voinltlnif 1 did
not eo him oa tho bridge, J& went
back to dofendant wo saw him ucrou tho
brldgo; ho was then about 100 yards from
his own houlo; no ono wus in sight thut i
observed; this was almost 11 o'clock or
nflor; ho was iroini! in u umi..
walk; after ho was gono defendunt und my
self started on across tho bridgo nnd met a
man by tho namo of Jlidgoway ; jaw
nothing of dove&tcd; do not know whero
llldgoway lived; ho wanted to know of
aeienoant wnat wag tlio mutter with Joe
(deceased! Jtidgewny did not go on uny
further ; deceased's house was on tho roud ;
wo went ou together until I got l the
road going tp my lipusrj nud I tuniwl nnd
Itidgewity (
defendant j
SeniOU, WIU nin m ui:iuiiuiiiii j
llldgoway was in company Willi liim; do
nut Know whero ho Is now; 1 did not seo
anything more of defendant, ltldgeway.
Wlllams, Couulcton or Clemens that oven-
inc. 1 did not see deceased miv more: I
saw defendantut Sunday School j defendant
said nt th Sumlav School that ho would
learn their d d n fool some sense U no
did not die; vhen on top of the hill to-
gctiier tlclciubint told me nun no i-irui;..
him with brns knuckles ; he "aid that he
handed them to Clemens.
cnoM k.vamisku ii v j until: ai.i.kk.
I have talked with Clemeni lnco he
cave Ills testimony In the case; he might
hnvo told mo whip things he swmo to; t
have alio talked with Couglotonj I Imvi)
Inlkcd with attorneys for prosecution all
nloiigj 1 was with Clemens yesterday about
half an hour; not much dillleulty between
parties ; did not seo deceived when first
went out; I did not gut oil' the floor until
tiie dance was over; a waltz was playing
when idefepdultf and,, deceased loft the
room vl aid suio'.that 1' (lanced tho set
nftcr they left; I do not recollect defend
unt talking to Natfmulol l'oor at tin; ttmo
ho lelt; 1 did not go up with Clement to
defendant, when talking to l'oor and say
to him "Abe there lie goe now, go and
knock hell out of him ;'' J did not see
.defendant tako oil' his rout;
1 did not notice any ono leaving inn my
self, Clemens nud Couglet'onj defendant
was '-' steps nhead when wo started ; I do
not know whether nnybodv elo lollowed
and pofed us or not; 1 ifo not recollect
lloH'man palng; lam sure he told mo
ho handed the brass-kuueks to Clemens;
no one heard what he told mu nt .Sunday
school; 1 know Spartmau and his wife; I
do not recollect being nt tlulr houfo Sun
day morning; 1 cannot ny whether 1 was
ornot; did notsay to them that defendant
had hit deceased with a Mick, but had not
hurl him; but that 1 had hit him on the
head with n Mung-shot and dono tho work
for htm; did not state tothem thaM waited
for him on tlio bridge; huvu been away
tlnce to Misttri; was iibcntnt the time
of court; went oil" on Monday nnd came
back on Saturday; euino through Cairo
whin I went to .Missouri; did not show
SpnrtiniMMul his wife, that Sunday morn
ing, the slung-shot; do not know whero
ltldgeway Is: cannot say that I spoke of
meeting mugowiiy in my evidence in
Joiiesboro; had not been notified that 1
mint In nt Joiiesboro court ; went to
Missouri to seo my relatives; patd my own
expenses; court was In session when 1 re
turned; no process was served on mo du
ring that court; staid ut homo during nc.t
week of court; uttended court at Jono
boro when served with n process : mav
Lhavo had conversation with Sparliuan;
Homing was snui niiout n siuug-siioi: inn
Is tlio first referno I have had to n slung
idiot; visited Metropolis tomomy connec
tion; tho llrrt 1 heard that I was charged
with striking deceased wus niter 1 got hack
from Mi"'Oitri, and that I would bit ar
rested ; did not attend this court until I
was summoned.
Dr. A. (I. Miller tejtlfled; I am it physi
cian : r o.i Mud 7 years ut Diiiil'oIu: know
nnd knew parties; wasul Gump's in lii!l;
n uttieaiiercaiioii tool; place iietweu de
fendant and docked concerning a dance;
Americans and Germans had made tin u
cotillion; deceased had Ids partner still on
tlio lloor; dclciiduttt tolddcccucd Unit tliey
wro ready; ueccued said, "uomu niong;
defendant begun to tnlk up to him nnd de
lllJI V B I I. 'Ill viivmiuiii . .'II I ll I MIV. I'll mil II 1 1 II-.
ceived took Ids lady otl ; ileleudant came
out to tho plaeo whoro tho beer was sold
and said to (Suiiiii that Joe (deceased) wu-
trying to break up the danco ; deceased
said if he roulil not stay there without
trouble that ho would go homo; I miw no
more or deceafCd until I saw liim niekeil
up; II think .defendant nked of crowd
whero (Joe, deceased), was ho turned
around nnd started to pull oil' his coat, und
nud, "1 will give him hill yet, ' or "knock
hell out of hint;' 1 saw li'lm Parting oil'
to tho fenco in direction of tho road; I
heard it report it sound I llko n cracked
suck coming agninst u iiard sultatico
there wero but few out ut plaeo of dillleul
ty wlieii I got there; when 1 got
to piaco n uiu pain nnout sixtv
yards from beer stand Mr. Holl'man
and .lolin Clemen tried to net deceai.ed l
his feet: tliero was n number there: (,'lum
ens hud hold of his rlirht iirm mid llofl'mitn
of the left ; they got him up utter omo
euori; tliey led mm duck to the tenco;
did not see Charley George there ; was
niso ui uiu tenco wiien Kiev raised liim in
deceased walked by nldof Holl'miin and
demons to the fence : deceased then
walked along to tho left leaving tlio crowd
to tho right ; cannot statu where ho went
to ; saw no morn of deceased Unit evenlnir
remained there not to exceed one-half
hour; wenthomo with Mel.ano; took tho
wontrc'1,1 road : on our road mv dueeutiil
sitting by tho bideofroud ; ho wns kitting
on ii none; ill lieu mm ll ADO Hurt liim
inuoli ; lie said that defendunt did itotttrlk
liim ; asked him who did strike him, nud
lie bitld nobody ; then asked what is the
matter; lie said hi head
mm in tlioujrli It would burst
I lelt of hu head: I discovered that hit
liuil received a blow on the back imrt
the head: tlin wniiml u'n lull I n.l tin. n..l.i
ear; It was midway tho ear and occ!p?tal
bone; it hud swollen in 'clrcumferuncii
about tho klo of a (liver dollar; 1 said to
to him to get up nnd go home, that he
11111:111 tret nick mid not lm able. In im
homo; liii wio. coniiihdnluir of his head:
wus fitting tliero alone; he trot mi: he
UtrtM after MoLunouiid inyelf; tlio road
-.tt. I.IVI.T ,.,',.'. ,,i' LU llll.
win lovei mr ion yaru, or so; did not
notice how ho walked; when I got to the
ITItlKe, WO .IW .lOllll I Olllllll! Ill Vi
tutidun; on the bridtre i llei .lull rikl:ii1 mu
. . . . 7 ' '
Ullclc ,l(ie uk-cuilMMl I wiu- tin uiu. n-lll,
hiiiii had no couvernutiou with liim lm
nui'jien on tin. nuie end or tho hrldgo
...... Kiunvi un mere i ii unto path on
tlio Mt ,u ill' th I, ,1,1
sawdeeeuned thereabout 1011 feet from the
imio-u: lie Will IIIIIU lllf 11 lln u ;n ii iM.ii,
ouiiUnir: alter
homo: l.nou- wlioro
ceased' Imme wus l.'.O yards from' the
bridge; saw no more ol .leceued thut
uigiii; met a man by the nuiiio of Jtidir
WilV, oplindte the bhiek.mltli .1,,,... r.?.
uskltiir a few nuesllnni Wd U'llnl Knt.it.t 1...
looked lini'L". ei,' ,,
about hulf wny between us und tho bridgo j
this wus nlNjut 100 vnrdi. IVlllll iloi'rxiL,.,! u
house; ho was wu!kim hIowK-. ifi,l,.u,-
left us nnd went In the direction nt' ri.V,
purty ; next mw deceued. next due. In th,.
evening; found him in liU house; he was
very stupid; could not get him to peuk;
felt ids pulse ; us 1 stepped out of the lioue
toldsomo body that ho would hnvo to hu
worm than ho was before, hu .died!
I mi ww not conscious; next saw him Mon
day morning; ho wus evidently dying;
is wife sent .for mo; felt his liulso nud
dl covered that his left si.Io was paralized;
vnhl 'ldo M uhlMj noticed an
ll j " " twitching of tho eye; did not
treatment of nr um,c, ,i, ,.a,0W(l1
went home; defendant nnd
ll... I..l 1 ..r
The Cairo
hopeless; I did not seo him again living;
next saw him nt Coroner's inquest nnd ho
was then ii corpse; r;iosi moritmoxamin
iition was then made bv l)rs. llanucrs,
I McLane and myself; after dissecting wo
! found the bono' fractured; frncturo was
' about the slzo of threo Oent pleco; It was
i nearly round; the fracture was In tho upper
edgs'rlght side, of thcocepltal bono; tho
upper edge oi tlio lructuro was dctacneu
and pressed inward; tho brain being in
compressible this caused a'lacoratlon of tho
mcmtiriinc; passed n prolio in nnd met no
resistance nasslne; Into the brain i such in
jury to tho brain, was, In my opinion, to so
shock mo nervous system mat it never ro
acted; think tho blood vessels of tho
brain wero fractured j blood driven out of
its natural channels so that it cannot es
cape Is destructive of life; tho cause of
tho convulsive condition of tho deceased
on Mondur was ncrvouse depression : de-
iiresslon also caused the vomiting; the in
ury ho received on tho back part of tho
tend caused his dontli ; from tho cxamlna-
I on iiiitdo 1 cannot conceive or anv other
cause of death; tho injury on tlio back'
ot ms nead was a mortal injury..
The twitching In tho right side was caus
ed. I think, from tho injury to the brain;
it is my opinion that tlio injury from which
lie died, was tho samo I felt on his head
Saturday night. Kxcitemcnt will some
times keen n man on his feet after really
serious Injury ; it is posslblo for a man to
walk after his skull is fractured ; some
times they talk and sometimes not; I think
that his mind wns injured nt tho tlmojlsaw
deceased on tho road; tho injury from
which he died wos received before I saw
him on Saturday night ; round
stick with bark on it could scarcely pro
duce such a wound ; It depends, however,
somewhat upon how tho tho blow was di
rected ; tho wound was round ; I saw dc
defendant on tho next day in a harliarshop
nnd he was talking ; ho said that if ho
"hud not run like is 1 when ho knocked
Joe (deceased Hlown, ho would havo got n
h 1 of a lick,'1 1 asked him who would
give it to hlm; ho replied 1'ctcr Uoifman
nnd Andy Aden.
Tho danco stopped when the dllllculty
occurcd; I saw iloccased throw his coat
back nnd started toward tho fence; did
see which way defendant went but dld'nt
seo which way deceased went ; I did not
follow defendant : tho crowd had drank n
f;ood deal of beer ; heard a crack ; I think
t was about 50 or 75 yards to plaeo of
difficulty from houso ; when I got. to place
of dllllculty, Holl'man and Clemens wero
raiting deceased up ; HolTnmn was talking
to him; by tho asslstanco of UotTman and
Clemens ho walked to tho fenco ; whon ho
wnl ked to the left of tho houso; it was
about midnight when I got home; I do
not think that my recollection is as good
us It was when Wore Judgo Crawford ;
havo no recollection of asking deceased on
the road whothcr ho was hurt; did ask
if Abe hurt him; doceased had drank con
siderable beer; ho was a beer drinker;
cannot say whether ho was undor tho In
fluence of beer that night or not; am tin
nblo to describo nu exccsslvo drinker';
they say 1'ctcr Hodman drank half a
barrel in ono day : I was not his physician
und did not think it my duty to care for
him when hurt; tho reason why I stated
that the injury from which ho died was
inflicted before I saw him on tho road, Is
that ll was in tumo locality; the examina
tion on Tuesday evening was through two
neisslons which wero lnadu about oiie-half
licit in length.
Tliu witness underwent n thorough and
very critical uJluntioit of tho anatomy
nud phrcuulofysW the skull. Tho sum
nud substance .of thu testimony of Dr.
Williams ou this point wns that tho wound
on tho head of deceased might nnd might
not produce death.
Prosecution horo rested tho case.
Can tho course, gritty tooth powder and
tooth-destroyjng chemical fluids
find u place on tho toilets of sensible
psoplu ? Tho fragrant nnd preservative
''.Soxodout" has superseded thorn ull.
".Spalding Glue" mends furniture, toys,
crockery nnd all ornamentul work.
If you lmvo ii leisure hour nud want t
employ it pieaautly drop In on Henry
Lattner, second door below tho ikmI of.
flee, llo has largo ulry rooms, splendid
bagatelle mid pldgeon holo tables, nnd tho
cooieu und hut lugor beer, Importod and
iiomestic wines nud liquor to lw found In
mu city or Cairo. A spacious roo.i'. ru
tired and well ventilated, supplied with
cnatrs und tables, Is ut tho service of visit
or, und Henry himself U nearly nlwuy
on hand to give everybody a welcome.
Drop In on hlm, and seo if nil wo lmvo
ntld, and more too, I, not true. v
ritiriT jaus.
l'arsoiis. DavU tc Co.. at. No. C A:
Tenth street, have received their second
large stock of Fruit Jars for tho summer
trade, which they are olfering at much
mwer iigurcs than last year's figures.
Good Glass Jars at l Silpcrdor..: Ma
son Jars, self sealers, at !?: 75 jier doz.;
r.uiii:iiiinirceiaiii limn cap., fa per dor.
Cull nud examine nt the
An unhealthy system Is eenerallv mm.
duced by tut unhealthy stomach, and thu
hitter is a sum Indication of poor hull.
gestlou. When dieoitioii is bad every nurt
of tliu enijro ystem must necessarily nUf.
fer, and tho mind itself shows tho ein.eu
of it in the low spirits of the patient. In-
iigenuou u the purent of u thousand In
lescribnblo miseries all kymptoms of
worso disorders yet tocomo. Tho nromonl.
tory indications of that terror of our
race Dyspepsia every onokuows. Now
why kuil'er thu penalties of delay when by
tho use of Mishlor's Herb IlltiM lint nuK'
Immediate relief but positive and' porma
neut euro can bo realhcd. This colobrutod
Household Iteinedvisun Infalllbln rommlv
for ull diseases arlilnir from ii disordered
stomach nnd will omdlrto tli... ii
usonublo with yourself consult vonr
own iutorests-tlirow uway your pharina
coplu preerlptions und tnko n course of
.Mlshler Herb Hitters. Sold bv nil .1 rue.
gists and dealers. Dr. S. II. liartmni.
o., Proprietors. Lunen.tiM- v
, ,, i
Good Culf Hoots for two dollars and
keventy-llvo cents only ut 1. Nod's, No.
7!i, Ohio Lev.'..
Last night's dispatches from London
ro to tho ofl'ect that ltussln bus declared
for Prussia.
Tho London Timet declares that Franco
Is without n shadow of oxcuso for plunging
Europo Into n war, the end of which no
man can foretell.
Oen. 'Waltko declares that Prussia was
never better prepared for war than at the
present time. l'rusan troops in large
bodies nro moving westward.
franco has demanded un Immediate de
cision from the South German States.
I T boro has .boon no blood shed so fur.
' Norway and Swodon will remain strictly
neutral. Switzerland will maintain
armed neutrality.
Tho London Times says any violation of
Belgium tcritory ends England' neutrn
trollty, and demands that Holland's ueu
trnllty shall bo respected.
Tho report readied Loudon, but was not
fully credited, that the French troops havo
commoncod bombarding the town of Laar,
Tho liitohioU excitement prevails
throughout all Europe.
A regular convocation of the Cairo
VChapter No. 71, Jt. A. M., will bo
held nt Masonic Hall this (Tuesday) at 8
o clock for business.
M. L. DUNNING, Sect v.
1."V. UAltCLAY, M. Ex H. V.
hllo tho stoniuor Idlowild wits lying
nt our wharf, yesterday evening, it negro
deck-hand wont into ono of the wheel
houe. and clambered on the wheel, but for
what pttrposo we nro not advised. Tho
engineer, unapprised of tho negro's whero
nbottts, let on steam. The negro was
thrown from his position Into tho river mid
was not soon again. We hear thut his neck
was broken before ho was thrown into the
water. Wo could not leurn his name.
KiTtiiK.v trTumrnt:.
I will offer for Mile, on Thursday, July
21, 1870, at UJ o'clock n.m., ut tho reside nco
of Mr. O'Neal, No. 2'J, on Fourth street,
n largo assortment of parlor, bed-room nnd
kitchen furniture, consisting of sofas,
chairs, mirrors, carpet, bedsteads, mat
tressc, pillows, stoves, bureaus, cooking
utensils, knives und forks, etc., etc. Sale
positive and without reserve.
jylOdlt Auctioneer.
a taixtuxiim:. .
Ait individual seven-eigbts "reas
over'' sut down, about noon to-day, on the
a pun or plonk on tho extrcinu inner edge
oi tliu let cu lde walk, near Tenth street.
llo had sat there but n few minutes when
ho went to'sleep, lost his balance und fell
hcnd-longn distance ofuboutclghteen feet,
f) tho hard ground below. Tho nttentlon of
tho City Murshaljwas culled to tho ' loltv
tumbler," and ho repaired to the spot whero
tho chap wus lying to find him touwl
atletj). Tho fall had not, apparently In
terruptcd hi nap. Tho .Marshal aroused the
sleeper and made hlm riso to his feet ; but
was unablo to detect any sign of Injury.
s no lenow nad, in met, oscujied without u
single scratch or contusion.
Once upon n time Jimmy Stocktm fell
from tho third story window of tho.Sprlng-
Held block, u df'taneo of thirty-llvo feet,
into a pile of empty barrels ; but us he
confessed to feeling "u littlo shook-up,''
next uay, no must surrender the belt to
this new competitor, as the "champion
fullist." Ifu full of eighteen feet fulls to
disturb his slestit, it Is scarcely probable
iiiuiu inn ot .JiJiect wouiu "shako him up,'
ut vii ii nine.
Jik sure to read tho advertiicment
'Grenteu Work of the Age," In this
I"1!11"'- maymiilm
Gool wholesomo Vlneear. Anv ono
run in nl: i tl Km. ,i,l'.,-lt.-, ,.r t'
Bishop In this paper. uty'-'.Vlaw.lm
' " w ... ' v l,,VI,IUIMVIII U 11.11.
Kcmomber tho Hough nud Heady hat
In white und brown, ut John Antrim's.
I hoy are nice thoy nro cool. Ses
tiiem. r
Fiiksh Eggs nnd Yellow Uutter win al
ways bo hud. Head the advertisement
Greatest Work of tho Age," In this pa-
l,cr muylW3m
.Narutogu Ladles' Trunks tho best
manufactured nllslr.es and prices, at John
Antrim's. Also SkIcIioI and Travcliiur
AJugs oi ull grude, iei, styles nud
prices. tf.
Kahk a.viiComkoiit, perfect vision, tliu
eyes jireserviii, natural sight guaranteed
to those who uso Lazurus & Morris' per
fected spectacles. Tuber Hros.kole nironts
ror tins place. dyr.'ditwlm.
ioo,oihitIio array ol Charter Oak
Stoves now In uctivo service in tho hitch.
A 41... J .1. 1 imr .
sua u uiu duuvii aim ivesi is oyer ono
hundred and fifty thousand btroni:, und do.
Ing the work of Jthrico that number or
stoves of other kinds. Jyl8d&wlt
Now Is tho ttmo to sccuro tho most
desirable rooms at tho St. Charles at low
figures. During July, August and Sen-
tonibcr, a largo doductlon from regular
rates will bo titado. A few nioro day
boarders can bo accommodated nt tho old
rato. Tho coolest and most spacious din
ing room in tbo city. jy7dlm
Tuk WashinKton Saloon, corner of
Washlneton aveniio and Fourteenth atrnet.
Is rA plaeo to got tho bast and coolest
Cincinnati Lagor Beor kept in tho city.
Jialy 19.
Una Able, Cnlumlilis; A Hiker, IV'liienh,
I'.xclinnifi'. hi I, inn.. Mlllirnv iln
II Atne.i, do Atiunila, do
nciioetf, do M .1 llnlr. .Mi uipj
Wild Lnick, do (Uivi'lltnnch.Ndi
Al Pltll.inv lli'llc. tint t; Vir.'inl'i. iln
Oily offulro, VlekKj Kick Wnll,.HIuueioMi
"Wolind a delightful rain last evening
which cooled tho air to it vury pleasant
temperature. This morning, however, is
again sultry, but s there nro indications of
moro rain wo may, perliap, have another
cooling shower.
Tho river has fallen nboitt one Inch
since last report and scents to be stationary
as wo close. 1 ho riu from the Cumber
land should cause n swell hero at least it
fow Inches.
Thu Mississippi Is steadily fulling at St.
Louis and above. Tlio Missouri and Ill
inois aro also receding.
Tho Ohio Is falling nt Pittsburg with
three feot witter in tho channel. It Is nlso
falling at Louisville.
Itusincss hero continues fair.
The Great Republic cleared for New
Orleans, lat night, after filling out hero
with over noo tons, Tho principal items
received wero 1-1,00 bids flour, -'03 hhds
tobacco, ll"(l lbs potatoes, lii'J libls whisky,
TJO bid vinegar. 1'.".' bids pork, IIC3 sks
The Henry Amos and Kellogg and
barges received ronsidcrublo freight hero
probably :t00 tons in nil.
Thu Paulino Carroll Is still hero reeelv
lug Southern freight nud will make he
tween "JOO nnd .100 tons.
The Olive Ilrnuch discharged hero N)0
bars railroad Iron, I lit bundles hides, li
bales moss for the 1. C. H. K.. nnd 10 bolts
lemons for 1). Arter & Co.
Tho llelloofSt. Louis Is tho regular pack
et for Memphis this evculng.
Tho Puttilno Carroll leaves for Now Or
cms tn-nlght.
The (Juickstcp Is the. packet for Evnn-
vlllo to-day.
Thu Hello Memphis: goes to Si. Louis
Tho Padttcah packets leave dally ut
Wilkes' Spirit vjte Times, decides that
the Bob't E. Leo wns not guilty of foul
racing by lashing to the Pnrgoud while
tnking fuel, nnd gives two reiuous for so do
elding. Flrt, that bouts have ft right to
use all such me.ius of assisting them when
endeavoring to make fust time. Secondly,
that tho Lee beat tho Nutche. to Coiro
more time than she could possibly have
gained by the assltanco renJered by the
rjuiK i ixi: sii)k-uiu:i:l
.ITT!jil!i:''''l',l' "' AMU'AMV.UI
JmiitMiii IMllil.l
I! V..OltTlli:i!ll.i. i.'r. 1 1!. V. WILLI M .,'k
Will l.lv rrwill ulv asiilinri . li arini; r.ilrn ( trv
uay inmi'i.iy exeritii; iilllair-iioi .1 n clock p.m.
iiii Armiein is n shiii n. .ini-i Hi-ntmr, nv.
liiUTety oiilxrioriKioiiiiiicalluiis fur Luth mi..
eiiRfra mill freiiiht,
MiMeunniits t I'.nliii'iili wilhllin I'limhrrl.unl
iiinlT.-iiiii'.ti i, riser .-ki't ami (he r Urlcisu
ami lllno Milre.vl. rr iKttiieuinr, f ' t 1 y un
boanl.nrlo .M. .1. Ill CKI.KV,
Hii AniMit til i torn,
'i'lie Xetv Tow nnd .lob I hut
Jf. . COULTER, Master,
I hreliuri'.I ml nil lllnra In tin rll L'lt,.lr t.u-.
Ink' soil Jolilune m Ihe mont rrs-otialiln li-riin.
iiiMilunrr in i;niro, Illinois.
C iipllal - . $100,000
W. I'. HAI.I.IDAV, I'ir.lilrlili
A. II. NAI'l-'OHU. (UMlilrri
W.M.TKIl IIVNI.OI', AxIslHiii (In.liltr.
Ml Tailor V. I'. Ilalllilas.
mil IVIillr, lliilil.ll. I'uimliiKhsiu
Ueu. II. Mllllmiuuii, Mriilirli lllf.l.
A. II. Sairunl,
IO.v!liniiy', Coin and
li. IV Hoiitl JSoulit
and Nold.
DopoHitofti rtoooivocl
:m:iiai, ii..vkii
rjio us :.si;.fii:iisi.
Xcr the (iiriier of IMnlitli Slrrct uml Coin.
uirrrUI Asrnuc,
llns ni.lli'.l lilnisrlf Willi nun of ll, MelioualJ
.v I.U,
Hetor Testers
1'nrlli'N illssallslicil with tlui nL-iiitirliiu nf llioir
int'trr cull now lmvo tluun Iciti 4, If tlio iiipUtk
ure foumllrue Ilia snmll eiirns of tlin test will
Imohsrf e'l to tlio party canting It; it tlix motor
U foniiil lo lie eorri-cf no elmrcis will lm inmln,
l-Ueellfiit In very ileiarlinent, tlin Y. L, ATII,.
iidciH extrnorillnury fao;lltlc m MUKI( Hcn.l
for circular si'ltuu: lortli Ita grmlMl roursos far the
1'lniin, ur;an una MiijjinK. AUitreim,
NuiierliiteutUiil, V. I., ATII.,
I. 0. lox M, Jovksomille, III.
. JOIIX lil'I-IN
Great Remedies
Manufiicturerjiml vernier of tbo
Smith's Tonic
fllHK vroiirli lor .n.11,1- .l-''.', ".'riiVV
Soli ivtcsiern couuirj i "-" . .
Hi" truth of li'.'!"'':.'.'"
Mtmrr will H u , f, unci
many. V. i .lnl '".' I"" '""."' '"'!.' '.V "J
ruro. nii.l i-l inuii' i""" ' ' " -KHrral
lii-nllli. It :)"i": 'r' u.pl.c.n
tliiia il n mimlluriiosi -i u;r n vrvn. "",, ;n ,
Jl.i-.iie lm- Nn cln-clj.'.l. inure l V
n ull nnJ InnB slnnJIns; i , 'v';.,, ' I
"lei. sl.r. .. or four .Iojm ;.l J'' 1 ,'i
Jon. nl SIHil iriifinii"- -
ml) lm luimcii ui.
Ml. JOHN HL'LL'H I'rlncliml otlien.
NO. 10 I'll'TJI, (C'ross Street,
XaouIsbtt-UIo. my.
To My Ilnltcd'Miili-K and U orlsl
uldc IKciuIem.:
IIIAVh rifuro'l mmiy irsittnotiut. Irom
rr.ifi'ssioniil ni inrJical m u, my ini;i
un l lanoim lmlillcalion. Iims- shown, nil of uhsi'h
Mvrraulav. Tin-follow Inr. Horn hlhly t-Jw
t.itnl ami toi.uUrpliyiin in Droiicn, icT
WiBly one of III" in"l n-in.tln oiiiiiiuuirllon
lhie i-r rrceiriil. Ur llrmnit knows rx.
iv l y vsliallmsl'rfcKs nf, inil In IritimoDJ ' U.
print In b untli'n iti li-ttn. of guW llaar
Mhsttlin Io. tor .y. of Hull' Hums !
Irojrert villsnow, vsiK r'!oiinty, Oa., I
Judo a. Isoc.
Dr. John llcLU-lwar bin I ham iwnil
wwa youi "W'sm li lro)sr" siitI trials,
noil Cud it oiiJiifillly fhrcloii. It has not
fj.li ,1 in a sinxlu loilauto lis hale llm wishrj-lor
lfw t. I am Juiurf a j ratly U county rrai tn l.
ti J t.avf ilaily lin f sonic article of llm kMy
lam (no to oonfi.. Jiall uuow of no rnuf."
irauiuinniltil ty th Uel uulhoritir. Hut is io
i'crUiiinri'1 i.nly lnlt i:fTt. On Ihirnnttary
tl.ci at unecrtklnln ihnfilieim' Iy ctjsctia
writ nsoii la totliiJ out utn what linns I can
vr 'l,o ineJirlne dirwlly ir'n you. If I can tt
I j n ea.y trrtns. t shall ti a t;itl oal ol il.
1 am awnrn lhal tli" us ot su li aitn Its I. contrary
t ' intwlun. auJ iir ticn of u i!iat majority
olihu Mfsbr hn Jiwanlinu innrJj ahi' ho
k .iirlis l aiirlii .'iil. sim'ly lsuw ssr may l
I, i irnulof il. I'liiubiiutioii. For my pill, I ahall
ii.i o iIk rul to ll.o nil un l-i ty iiiraua lt uU
li at- suttcrinu humanity l. h I may I, (stlv
i,i 'iiimiiuil not I, notation Iitmi.i some un
it. . tntft'nli.u. IIimii lm -elf liatM 1. fii.1 it.
m!. t'.rst, nnJ rumi thu soIp rijiht luspiur
Dial ki ' wivlife. llorr)ir, I am by li'i mraii. ao
u.U.. iU'or ui)-jIi rof tho lliuii..n,iilMoiihlrss
ll .trunia that l.oa.1 Hip county, that .i..l Ki
ii. ,l lllillllivr UI iIispmv. tUHhli'll Kt rll Is hsir
r r' ly soon, anil inruriii ioi or ) ir ti
t. ni... lam, sir, ny ri-.tifull) ,
Jl' Litis f.U.K'lh.'si, M.U
Itrail tliu 'iitiiln'i I.i-tUT hiisI
I lie Letter from his. Motkvr :
llenton llarracks, Mo., il.ril3", Ism.
Ull J(illMll'I.I-l'rUlri Itnumn id. nh
oirui') of your B4rarilla, auJ thu htalin. and
Ix'ni-ni lal iiualltlp ll po.spssra, 1 suu l you Hit
follow mr slatPiiiPiit orinyca.ei
1 mi woun.ii'il About tun vrara airn wit taki'Q
or -Misr iinlronllni-.l furnilfcn month... llrlnic
inoiro .oolii n, my woumls hatuiiut Iipjipu yvl.
I liairnot .at iinsiiioinriil sine" 1 waa wonnilpJ.
lam shot Ihrouuh thu lili. My KriHTal l:pHlth
is nnottircj, uml 1 ik-pJ .omplhuiji lo ssl n
lurr, I Iuvk mots faith In sourHai.atiarillt tliau
in aiillhmi! i-lse. I wish that that I. fi-iiillii.
I'l.k..' i'ii,ri'a mu it half iluur UiltU". anJ
LAI 1. I .uiiiiw,i
I. H.-Thelollowinu wna writtan Annl 5, IsoC,
hi r, JmuUi J.hnsuo, inollirr of Uil. John-
HI. Iuis. .no.
iD i
M..JOII.V Hl'LL-HearHir: ly husUnJ, Ir.
C s, Jolmlou, as b skillful nrj!i-on n;l I'hysic.
hnin Vnlrr .New York, where lm tlinl, lravlnir
Ihn !.) v, V. Johnson in my we. At iltliiwn
i,.,. ,.f i... i,..i ,. , i,ri,iii.i J htrr ira ami
ainfiiu, f..r which 1 iramlilui yourhrs.arillit.
IT rt'llllli 1II.M I lmp for Irn yeata mom.
un mleil it tu muy iu New Vork. Ohio u J lost a,
for roliila, fi ler sons, and intrl debility.
I'.Tf,., i .ii,'. . .. I,.. ill.Miiinl 1L 71 lurtt ttitui
M v ui vj MrtfvU J ftxr Wfi irrrs il
miramUm. I am wry muinua lor my .on to ialn
i, .... ,. v,nirtar.atiarl la. llo Is fearful
of KttlliBH spunuus ariicle, henee his wiitltm lo
sou for It? Hit wounJs wero tyrrlUr, tut 1 le-
.eve h will rr-c uur J(JHNaoN
ArkniiKiis Heard From.
I'CHtliuuuy ol' slfetllfHl Muu
ritonv Point Wbllo Co., Atk. Mny 13, 'Co.
Ilr .innv li.'i 1 l)f nr Kir: Ijlkt l flirnarv I wa
ut Louisville purchn'inR ilruiin, and I jfol snml
of your KursaiiarllU und CVdruu Hitters. ,
My hou-iu-fau', who won Willi me in Ihn store,
has bei-ii down with tliu ilieiiinatlsin for aomn
time, couimouccd on the Hitters, und 10011 found
Ur. (list, who linn been In bad health, tried
Ihi'in, und ho nlso Iniliroveil.
tir in, iins. who baa boen In had hea th for sev
eral years .HDmach anJ lictr nllected he improved
tho Oilron ItiltiTH Uu civenyouKreat ioiulttr4
a thin i-eltlfineiil. I llunK i couiu hcii n (vm
luuiitity of our meiliofnH thU fll especially
. til run lllllem and rliiraanarilla. hliln mu
MiuiuililHi'iiruiir Ilickett A S'eelv.
'O. B. WaLUEB.
Propnred by DR, JOHN BULL a
liU J.uboratory, FlftU btreet, Lout
vlllo, Ky.
mi dihi
ror Halo hy HAKBLAV BRO
Cooking Stove
Get The Best
Hnvo llri ii Nolil 1st llir I.nstTtrn Vrari
Not oiip hm fnlli'il to glrp
Bntii'o Sn-tiislnotion ,
I Jii-y ntl' unite r.ally H'kliowtpil;v, to Ui Hip
And wlirrnti-r known thoy
Stand Unrivalled
Fur I.V0110111)' in thu L'hc of Fuel,
Fur Diiralillll r und Comenlenrc,
And Tlulr I'crrett Adaptation
To the
Wants of Western People I
S'ml fur price list, In
II I 'J St OH X. .Hutu Nlrert,
Jillyl laaly NI. I.uitl
Turtle Oil
maiik ur
Zlnrolay Drosi
Large Stock
'hrMirr itiiil btltor llsasa
Saau lnr all una a (rtrol Mrasli.
lua; rlollirsi fur S IrnMlasy Wlsa-
Itswa wiiiiniii naisri rsiui,
SSII Siiilh, Klnom. Tablrs, ami
all U'oodwark, S'liliia. Karlli-
en anil Silasiiwnrt, anal for
fleueral llmi.e S'lrniilnir I'ssr
ror I'oiiaiussir itnivsai iniwnrr,
llraaa, Merit Iron, mud all MeSalllc
Warn, Itrmotra, a Ur St lr, Nlalu
ami Kiitt, laliif a lirilllaal aurrare,
iinl tu Nr',
tbo wator, nt
Till, la not mamirac ssira ws
.... rnmri dlrcjt rrosu
theSprli'i'lts, mt Kas-atoaia, Hew
a urn. . . .im nr.-
licaitss rusrsr "---11.
Ivlnir to lx Itaaaa "
to i si 7" ; r-" .
lit a: ai
Barclay Brothors.
Blue Lick Water
KENTUCKY Freah lot -Jiut
rccclvcd.kcpt un lee, stud ror
! by
h '
5 0

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