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I i
The Cairo jBlletin, A.ngust 1.
'JVNioiit. Tho
mcel lo-nlght.
Itonrd of Aldermen
MurrtoroLMlimn mayor und nlncnhler-
. men,
' . trfinlln
1'KiuoXAU-Mr. Hinrlei a.m.,
,Wn absent from the elly 1
roturned thli morning.
(HMKT.-.".ir"i,'81- dull
at tho police court. Seldom a case of
plain drunk.
t. irOrc.-Col. McKcag hav-
tnrr reeelred M commission, rclloved Col.
Km U.U morning from Autl.cr duly
it tho J'.
COWDBD.-Tho official rcporU of, tho
proceeding of tlio county court nnd city
council In UiU issue of Tun Biawm ex
eludes much of our miscellaneous and lo-
cal matter.
IUjiemdek tbo Ureal Auction Sale of
Linen and Dreii Boo.l nt Schultr,' old
stand, thli evening and to-tuorroy. It
closet till week.
KsMEiiarn tlio Great Auction Sale of
Linen and Droll goodi at Schultr.'i old
stand, this evening und to-iiiorruw. It
clcti thli week.
Kexieuuuu tlio Great Auction Snlo of
Linen and Dre! goodt at Schultz's old
eland, thli evening and to-morrow. It
closes this week.
WiunrnoAT Cotillion.-tTIiIi nfl'ulr,
which promises to afford ram enjoyment
nil) certainly come otr to-morrow even
ing en CYptain Phillips' Iminonw wharf
boat. .IUnukp.ocs. Tho holes nnd looio
planki on the corner of Twelfth street and
Washington avenuo. Doe the city relish
Redman cases 7
UtrTEit. Tho absvneo of sour berries
aud unrlpo fruit ha been attended by a
corresponding decrease of cholera morbus.
lltuaiofs. Notwithstanding the heat,
of yesterday, tho various place of rellgl
oui worship wcro well attended.
i. r. AiiMRTKOsu, r.u,., vimeu mini
week for the purpose of engaging n (
Englnocr tojottnbiith tho boundary of
itrcttinnd lot. Metropolis Timn.
I. H. Aiimstkosu, Ku,., visited Cairo last
A Family Theamjiie. The Imppieil
nnd best member of n faintly 1 uiually
called Uic liglil or tlio of the household,
bocauic, beildei being happy and cheerful
himself, or htr.olf, ho or the make Ml
s-lie happy or cheerful. The Charier Oak
Htovo liitich n treasure,
Cairo Lodge 'o. 237, A.F.Jc A. M
AAwlll hold n ipcclal communication
this (Monday) evening, August lt, A. L,
6S70, lor work In tho V. C. degree. VIiI
ton nrc fraternally invited, lly order of
tho W. M. 0. KOKHK.ST, Sce'y
That you do not your dental npparatu
in proper trim, it l your own fault, for
nil tho world know that you might do 10
by using tho matchlM vegctablo dontrl
Ceo Sozodoxt,
"SiuLDi.vo'a Glue." Cheap, Conven
lent nnd Useful. Mcndi everything,
A Set-to. James Median and n St.
Louli man named Collins, tit an early hou
this morning, became Involved in u ijuar
rel, which ended In a terrible mug-smash
wig. It li fcald that Muelinu win badly
SiTrosKp DiioWNUD. A deck hand
named Murllu Ilincs, shipped on the tow
buat Grand Lako on, July -Mb, 1870,
Grand Tower, ll)s,( it Is iiipposcd wa
drowned near, Island N. CO-on tho nigh
01 July '.'I'd.
Coxkiiual Fklicitv. Nothing tend
inpro to connubial happiness tho cheerful
and healthy Infant and children. Mr
"Whltcomb' Syrup U tho great children'
toothing remedy.
Now la tho tltQO U ecuro tho moif
uesirablo room at tho St. Churh-s at low
figures. During July, August nnd Sep
tember, u largo deduction from regular
rate will bo made. A few more day
boarder can bo accommodated at thu old
rate. Tho coolest and most spacious din
Ipg room In tho city. Jy7dlm
Ai-oi.ooetic In tho report of tho
Council proceeding, published on Satur-
uy, we iuieu tnat uouncllmaii -Meyer
presented and read a petition, (Igned bv
I. H. J'opc, 0. Whuor, D. "W. Munn and
ethers, granting consent, a property
holders, to the location of Scott White'
frame building on lot No. 5, block Xo. 22.
It l but Justice to Councilman Moyer to
aUU that-for reuenthct known to him-
7 iu, not' ,n? WouW Pr"t
uch a petlUon; although ho did, M tho
record. how., warmly udvoet0 the
prayer of tho petitioners.
K. If. Oswald Jh Co., have on hand
several of "Singer'" fino lowlnt; inachlntk
which will bo old at ynat iargamt, ol
thoy will leave the city in a few days-
bltO tWO I(j'a1 Qiiti lit n.l f:i .....l '
l'erton deslrini; mjiehlno weedlo, at 7o
cent per do., will do well to glvo them a
can. iney win huq dlpje of tholr fur
nituro nnd rnllllnerv ion.l. nt
1 D , ...v.. fhVIV'
room, on Commercial avenue, on Monday
nuernoon ana gvemoft August 1st.
With Fans-Ibmatio.v kok the
"DilIiKTAnti," Ori.KnwisK 'bra
CliicKrNs" "r" r"n me,n, rr'c,u,,ll,l'1
(hut eIoe,'tl.e o,.polto; half open, an In
Tltnlle" toe.invorsntlon;toiiehing the up
.i. ,u inn of the fan. an iissurnnco of
i slrrccy and confidence; waving tlio f'i t
''ll,o right, "havu no fenr;" lo the left,
'-omcbody Is watching!" covering tho face
with tho 'fan, "I understniid;" lowering
tho fun below the Aire, "l don't under
stand;" touching the forehead, "yes;"
waving it briskly, "no;" oponlng and shut
ting tlio fun slowly, "1 must have tlmo to
consider;" ipilekly, "write."
I'o.iTro.vKi. Tlio undersigned com
niltleo have agreed to postpono tho draw
ing for 1. Welly's rcsidenno to an early
day, notice of which will appear in tho
IIuli.kti.v in due time.
A. 11. SArroiiu,
1.1 i m, ...
1). Itl'nn
Wi P. Hall
Mil. Waiii: Dri'I.t vkm. Vn linvn rn.
cclv6d tho following letter from Mr. Wire.
Itozplnim Itself s
Jmif Urn, ill., July .'W, U'v.
Mh. KblTOIl Drat' Sir; A gtntntni.iit
has several time uppeiircd In the llm.t.K
Tl.v to the elfrut that I urn a eandldnto for
Ropreontntlvc. I delro to ititto thut I
am not nciindldutu for UiMoriiny othor
ollloo. Yimn truly.
I KTKIt Caiitwkhiiit. This uoted
Methodist preacher, announced to deliver
a lecturoln thin elty, on Wednesday night
next, at tho M. K. Church, Is thin spoken
of hy a Dubuque pnper : 'tit wnt a strange
sight, and ono wo mny never oxpeol to ico
again, to liehold u man In tho pulpit bo
roro us wiio win ciglity-xU year old, hud
been eighty year, n citizen of tho West.
anu wno, tixty ycurs ago, crosied tho Mi
ittlppl wnere It now St. Louli. He
reached In the Sliitoof Illinois when Chi
cago wai unknown, and ho had spent ixly
ycitr in tlio muIiIIu riding through the
great West."
Hope County,
Tho l'opo rounty An rlcultiuaJ Sooletv
will meet at (lolconda, Aug. , to arrange
lor tlio next county fair
Tho comut Marshal In. tukliiL- tho i-nn
us of tho txiuuty, fviind one family of
... -1 . .. . .
vwoivo iuiiwieri!, nciuiur or whom knew
hU or her ne:i nrir'opiosltc. ho ha foun
a lady who ha kopt an account of all hor
expendituriM nnd domestic aim In lor
numlx-r of year; In her family he found
n eiiiiu, im moutlis or age, whoso hand
ami leet weru wt-lilifrt, liku tho feet of ai
aquatic fowl.
Union CottMSv.
A meeting of the Di'iiiocralle comitv
commltteo was htdd t.t Joilesboro on tho
'.'Gth. Full rets ufdeleirate wore lmnnfn
cd to attend tlio Metropoll Convention.
The following gentlemen nro announced
In thu U:rUt for Sheriff, nubjcct to the
doclslon of the Democratle Convention
John M. Itlch, Jacob Illlenmn, T. W. Lit
tleton, Henry 1). Day, .1. 11. MeKllanny
nud .1.1. Moljirlu.
Wu learn from tlio Cnlro papers that
there I to bo a State Teacher' Institute in
thlsphico on tho Sloth day of next month.
The Anna correspondent of the Oatttlr
I mistaken. Tho association to ho held
at Anna I thu Southern Illinois Teachor.'
Association not State TVaelmn.' Instl
title. M. II. V. I.lvlng.ton Is it candldntu for
polleo magl.trate fjr tho town of Anna.
Young MUeiihelinor wa greeted, on his
return to Dongola. with considerable cor
diality by his friends, who hope, that Ills
future llfo will b.. an ornament to society .
So says tho ..(mm udicrtlsiic.
Tut Ukv. MiuStiiothkii o.s ''IJiumu
is Tiiku.t.) ..hrixiMKNT" Viinuoc ts-M(i.s-AT.lo.v.r-Thii
Itev.gvnlleiiinu ay to
us: .SVi:; I1 feel it t.'Ao.my duty to cor
rect a ttntumriU xhtt h I see' In tho lliri.
UKtW, und. i'A heading of "llrlnglng
Them tia.uliiient, In which mr name i
Impicperly u.ed. There Is not, I believe,
n (tnglo sentence In the wholu article al
luded to, that l entirely tru. Truth mid
falhchood run throughout every eutcnee:
II I like the tory of thei-crpont to Mother
Kvo in tho garden. So, Imfead of what it
laid of tho origin of tho dlthVulty at the
church, the other night, being true, it is
just the oppo'llo of truth. I will give
your readers the fact in tho cuo, ui 1
know them to bo, and then they ran judge
of the matter. A certain sitter, sumo tlmo
last year, a It reeim, .ay tho found Kldur
Mltchem nnd tinutlitr tiitcr of the church
acting at man nud wife, and whispered
this thing around, until hem u iort tlmo
ago It reached tho ers of the ollleer of
tho churcli, and like lione.t ituwuriN of the
household of Cod, thoy determined to
havo tho matter properly Invuttigntud, ac
cording to tho law of thu church. And,
In tho course of tho Investigation, the ac
cused became so highly exasporuted that
(hu flow into thu facu of thu witnos and
struck her; and so thu tight commenced,
nnd, a to my uwn part, I can prove by
tho people that I hailuo hand in It cither
at tho church or at,Jio police court. This,
the people all know, and why your Infor
mant wishes to slander me, as ho ha un
dertaken, 1 what I can't ce, link's ho
iiiouU I was having too good n tlmo of
it. At my name was not in it, ho no
doubt thought that he would bring my
name Into It hy iyingt Rna trylng t0 ,.
Ucr me. Your Informant, Mr. Kdltor,
OoSe,hUW,,iallJer no
night. Such a thlni? ... i.t....
so 1 do how. Mr. vau " ::. . :
tv..i "l U1 will U)
Dnn Able Iliirncdnt ColnnihiiH, Ky.
Ofllcrr siiilCrnr I.oarall all Tliflr
Clolhlng, '
Wo are pained lo announco tho loss of
another magnillcent first-ehiss steamer by
flrn mid eiirnlesAiiosa the latter however
being from tho conduct of an Irresponsible
per-on. Tho splendid steamer Dan Able,
ed hy tho Illinois Cantrtl It. R. Co. to
convey passengers from their road nt
Cairo to tho Mobile & Ohio rond, at Co-
lunibiH, and vice vena, wa totally de
stroyed by tiro last Saturday night nt 10
o'clock, while lying nt tho wharf boat at
Columbus, wultlng for tlio train from Mo
bile Fortunatolv no live worn lost.
The fire seems to havo orlgtnnted in tho
cook house, nnd tho following is tho report
iiirnisncd u:
Tho third cook kindled a flro In tho
cook stovoto prepare auppor for tho pass
engers expected by tho up train, and tbon
went up stair to notify tho othor cook.
It is snppojed that ho built qulto a largo
lire or that some combustible material, a
oil or grease, was noar or porhap on the
(love, willed Ignited during his absence.
At least tho flame wore found bunting
out of the door of tho cook houio on his
return. Tho alarm was Immediately given
and tlio engineers nromotlv turned
powerful stream of water on tho flro nud
quickly subdued tho flro below. Unfor
Innately the flame had mounted tho stair
way leading to tho pantry, nnd notwith
standing all tho effort of her cntlro crow,
tho fire spread to the light wood work of
tho cabin nnd soon over tho entire boat
Word wa then pasted for all hand to
abandon her nnd let her to adrift, a aho
could not bo inved, nnd wa(
vndangorlng tho wharfboat and depot
buildings. The first engineer, Ben Mngee,
and me watciiman, uco. Hmltu, wero (o
bent upon doing everything In their pow
or tosavo tho boat that they continued to
use the hose for tomo time lonaor, not
knowing that tho Iwathad beon cut loose
from the wharf, when t,U flame nt
length drove them forward, thoy wore
soiiio distance from hortx nau wero com
polled to jump Into tho river, nnd awlru for
life. Magoo swum. to. taa wharf boat, but
a hu could not rcaeh Out guard nor be
reached ho narrowly weaned drowning.
Whon the burning (tcttmer had drifted
some thirty fact away from tbo wharfboat,
the line whleli held up. lutr levor to allow
the steaiuto pass tlkrosagh tho cylinder,
(the hod been in engineer' vornacular,
'blowing through '), burned In two nnd
both tnglncs itartcd. Amazement telzcd
nil spectator who weru not iteambont-
, m niiumii lllllt III) IIUOIHII UeiDST
1..... 1. ...... 1.. .1... t t.t
wan on l.onnl, wlinn they taw
tteamuoat start Her own en
glne.s nnd liegln to movo up stream,
lieading at n slight nnglo from tho shore
It teemed at though tho doomed steamer
aud finding herself dcertcd, wa attompt
had beon suddenly endowed with Intollect,
Ing to use her own mighty power and
strength to save hcrtulf. Kacli loud es
capement of steam from thu pipe seemed
like a hoare groan for help. Tho wheels
turned but slowly, steam bolng low, and
each paddle as It struck tho water s coined
like thu splashing hand of a great
dying gtaut,strugglingiigatnstthu deathly
assault of both tire nnd water. Enveloped
In llnmu from stem to slcrn, she slowly pro
greited about one hundred yard up tho
river each escapement becoming weaker
and weaker, when at length tho ttcamplpo
nvellcd. With u mighty shriek, of ocm
Ingly mortal agony, her plpo (ttcam)
pound (Mirth In dense volume for n few
icetxtds her chlmnle. tottered and fall
ono wlietl.hoiisu went overboard tho
engine stopped the current gradually
took pnulon of her, forcing her back
ward down stream, aud all soemed over.
Suddenly, a though arouiing herself for n
last expiring effort, a smothered but doop
report was heard, and tho spectator saw
her forecastle and capstan rlso Into tho air
and fall to piece, while a showor of .parks
shot upwards to the sky, and then all was
still. A ken of powder had furnished tho
last breath to the noble steamer which died
so bravely and went out at last la u blaxo
of glory. It li said that many persons
who wltnosxed the ttbo icne actually
tlicd tears, so human-Uko avemed tho ac
tions of the gallant craft.
Soon afterwards the burning mats
grounded on u bar near tho head of Wolf
Itlaud and was consumed to thu waters
All her olfirvr und craw lost everything
except the clothing they wore, so Inttnt
weru they In endeavoring to tavo tho boat,
rilot McKiunoy lost a library costing over
one hundred dollar, a masonic reirilla
costing one hundred aud flfly-avo dollar
and clothing curiosities and truuk valued
at over flvu hundred moro. Tbo bar
keeper, Mr. Jos. Smith, of Cairo, lott every
thing including several hundred dollar!
deposited with him by deck hand. Lot
This catastrophe will doubtlot hasten
the bulldlug of the Kentucky and Ten
niMce railroad, opposite Cairo, so a to
ubolUhthe neeesity of a tteamor between
Cairo and Columbus.
YniiNiiKK by twenty year i the
appearance of the man of ifty, or the
lady of never mind how many lumtuer
after hu or she ha charmed away the
gray hairs with Piui.on'is Viia.ua.
Pleasant, clear, and traaaparent. No
Sold by all druggist and fancy goodl
, of tha CHy
Cftlrn. .tulv 29.170.
rrcsont Ills IlonoV tho Mnvor. and
Councllmon Artor, llarclay, Jorccnson,
Meyer, Taylor. ISrnnklc, Fltzgornldleb,
Lohr, tonorgan. McKce, Mendel, Thco-
told, Waldcr 14.
Minutes of last regular nnd Intcrvoninu
meetings read nnd approved.
The clerk then prcwntid ns unfinished
busipett'n Report from the commltto on. flro
departnont, laid over from tho'Jatt meet
ing or me select council, wnicn was rcau,
and on motion received and recommenda
tions of commlttoo condurrod in.
Tho iam" commltteo reported upon n
petition from Messrs. Wood & Jloylo
heretofore reftrred to them, which said pe
tition, together with the report was, on
motion, -rMtrred back to toil Wood &
Bovle m the nronor ilsriatamni requir
ed by tne ordinance upon'Khe lublcct
therein referred to.
The committee on itreots, to whom was
roferred'tbe petition of tho Sliters of tho
"Hol, CroHi Dravlna for tho construe
tlon of'certain sidewalks nnd street cross
lags, reported the nemo back recommend
ing tont eaid petition be returned to tno
petitioners, with explanation ai to tho re
quirements of tho charter on the subject
or oauaing siuowaiKs.
Aiaerman uarroii apponrca anu iook
Tho followlnc veto messaco was then
1.1.1 .u- r.....i .
To the lion, ,tliar rlly Council of tho Oity ,ef
ftw-r mViww 1 if'
Therewith return for your further con
sideration aerie of resolution mnrked 8,
appointing tnecial committee for cortain
purpoae, whkh seem to be very clearly
denned and set forth in tucn resolutions.
I object td that -oortion bf tho resolutions
which authorise tho committee to tnko
posioiiion of nnd rotaln any or all of tho
books or. tlio city, not only rorino -pur-
note auocineu. dui lor nnv oiuor examina
tion thoy may chooto i6 mako. Such pow
er is ontircly unwarranted, dangerous anu
suuvertive to tno intereets or tno city. Al
ter tbo commltteo 11 a uerrormcd mo uu
tic tor which thoy woro appointed, they
hould bn compelled not only to report but
to return nil books nnd nacors bclonnlnc
to the city, to tho city clerk's office, whoro
every one interottea may go ana tco mem.
Tho nreiont resolutions would nuthorlr.o
the commltteo to tiko and retain nil tho
book of tho city, now or hereafter In tho
custody of tho city clerk, and thu retard,
delay1, or put an entlrostop to tho ordinary
buslne of the city, at'jwell a withhold
themfotn tho use of nriy other commltteo
tno council or ino pcopio wno nro mioresi
od, nnd who may want to contult thorn. 1
cannot believe that theto wero your Inten
tlom in passing too rotoiuuons.
THOS.-WIL80N. Mayor,
Councilman Taylor lUKeetted that the
tlmo to Interpose n veto to tho resolution
referred to had expired, nnd moved to lay
tno veto message upon tno laoie
Ayes Artor, Barclay, Jorgenien, Meyer,
Taylor, llrankle, Carroll, Kloh, Lohr,
Loncrgan, McKce, Mendel, Theobald,
Waldcr 14.
Nay Fltigcrald 1.
Tho Mayor tbon read tho following
communication :
Also.roturned fur the reason that the
rcgUtration dooe not apply to turn; of
mora than $5. Granting that tho registra
tion of city orders Uncccmry, tho reason'
must apply with equal forco to lareo a to
small order. Thero I but an inilgnlflclant
ortlon of our city Indebtedness in turn of
lo ilmn a., ami 1 fail tosee the necett tv
of embracing only tuchordor in the' regit-
tratlon. If the city 1 tuflVrliiL' from
fraudulent nud counterfeit scrip, tho
danger mutt certainly bo at great in the
largo a In the small denominations.
TH03. WILSON, Mayor.
The ayes nnd navs wero called upon tbo
patsago of the resolutions, tho veto of thu
mayor to tho contrary notwithstanding,
with thu following result, viz:
Aye Artcr, Barclay, Jorgontcn,
Moyer, Taylor, Brankle, Carfoll, Kleb,
Lohr Loncrgan, McKce, Mendel. Theo
bold and Waldor 14.
Nays FiUgerald 1.
Tho Mayor then read tho following com
munication: Iteturnod, for tho rcaon that I under
stand that n petition wa circulated nnd
extensively endorsed by the cltizcni of
Cairo, praying for tho rc-ottabllshmont of
tho market house, protcntod to the City
Council and by them rofcrred to the Ctot
mlttcojon Market. That committee feue
nut as yet reported, and a I believe that
a largo majority of the community nro in
favor of ft re-etabll(hment, ft loom
proper that we should await final action
glviog the pcopio n fair and impartial
hearing before retorting to baity nnd ar
bitrary meaturet, to defeat their wisbo.
Councilman Taylor Metre than flvo
day having elapsed tlnce the adoption of
tho rotolutlon nnd tho filing by tho Mayor
of hit veto, thu resolution became s law
without hi ttguature, and I theroforo
movo tbat said veto mossage lay upon the
Tbo aye nnd nays being callod upon tho
motion, with tho following result:
Aye Artor, Barclay, Jorgonton,
Meyer, Taylor, Brankle, Carroll, Kleb,
Lohr, Loncrgan, McKco, Mendel, Theo
bald, Waldor 14.
Nays yitxgorald-1.
Tho Mayor thon read tho' following
Returned for furthor consideration for
the reason that tho resolution U unaccom
Denied by anv report front Ike Treaturor
or FinnnceCommitteo allowing tbat wo havo
any moans to sparo in tne general interest
fund tbnt can bo applied to tho Fox
Howard & Co. fund with safety; if wearo
to fall short in luenavnent of interest a
wo nrobnblv wilL th Intercuts of tho
city would infer k front tho noglect of
the former Cttv Council t urovldo ade
quately foraa Foat,' Howard A CVs. in
terest fund,, taui to allow othor bond to
go to protett for which provision has boon
nude. THOS. WILSON, Mayor.
The nye nnd nnya were thon called, upon
tho pnaiago of the resolution referred to,
tho veto of tho Mnyor to tho costrnry not
withstanding, with the following result:
Ayes Arter, Barclay, Jorgontcn,
Meyer, Taylor, Brankle, Carroll, Vltx-
Srntt, Kleb, Lohr, Loncrgan, McKoe,
ondel, Theobald, Welder 15.
Nays None.
The finance committee presented nro
port sotting forth tbnt they had received
from the former nnd the present Treat,
uror cancelled scrip to the amount of f31(t
813 43 whlch.aftor n thorough examination,
finding it to be properly limed nnd can.
celled, destroyed by burning they further
reported that they rocelved a certain
amount of bond ana coupons from M. B.
Hnrroll, ns being cancelled by him whon
Treasurer, which they alio deitroyed by
burning after carefully examining the
lame nnd finding them to be corret. On
motion tho report wu received nnd ordered
placed on tlio.
Tbe taoollilj report of Joi, U. Taylor,
City Treasurer, was then presented nnd
on motion rcccivodund placed on file
citt attohnky's neronr.
A roport from tho Cltv Attornov was
prosentod nnd road unci on motion -laid
ovcrror tho consideration of tho Solcct
Council, by which body tho' subject wai
referred to said Attorney for report.
Beport from tho sunervltor on treats.
was presented nnd road, whereunon Conn!
cilman Taylor stated the report wai not in
compllanco with tho ordlnanon relative to
tno reporting 01 tne street supervisor, and
moved, that inasmuch ns said supervisor
was notmcd to report ns required by tho
ordinances and failed so to do that he be nt
once removed from his offloo.
A motion thon prevailed that Mr. Kvan.
Street Supervisor, bo rcquosted and per
mitted to give tomo explanation In regard
to tho matter.
Explanation made and motion to removo
from office withdrawn.
Aldorman McKoo then moved that tho
report be rcforrcd back to tho supervisor.
with instructions to report to tne next joint
moctlng, in accordance with the ordi
Petition from James Mcejhan, in relation
to tho loss of a cortain pioce of city scrip,
prcsontod and rend, and on motion, refer
red to the Committoe on Claims.
A potltion from Mossrs. Noll ltd; Orooly,
reorctontinc that nmone certain other
'chatties, thoy purchased n large boll from
tne owner or tno wreck- or tno steamer
Louisiana, and that the Kough & Ready
Flro company wrongfully withholds from
them said bell, and praying tho Council
to cauio them to be reimbursed out of any
monies which may bo appropriated for tho
uso of said company.
lleferred back to said petitioners, on
motion of Aldorman McKeo.
A communication from F. Bross, Folice
Magistrate, asking further tlmo in which
to make his regular monthly report. Re
ceived nnd filed nnd further tlmo granted.
A communication from John P. Gam
ble, stating that ho accepts the action of
the council on tho 39th day of March,
1870, In regard to a certain donation there
in mentioned was prosontcd nnd read, nnd
on motion received nnd ordered on fi lo.
A communication from B. Shannety
asking tho council to adopt an ordinnnco
In rotation to tho duties of tho polico con
stables, at tct forth In laid communication,
was read, and on motion rofcrred to tho
ordinance commltteo with instructions to
report accordingly.
Alderman Lonorgan then prcientod na
ordinance entitled, "an ordinance in rota
tion to the duties of tho city marshal and
polico comtnblot," which, on motion, wns
rrferrcd to tho ordinnnco commltteo for
Thero wai also an ordlnanco presented
and read concerning tho flro department
of tho city of Cnlro," which, on motion,
was also rcfarred to the ordinnnco commit
tee with Instnictloni to report upon tho
Resolution bv Alderman Loncrgan.
Cairo, lilt., July w, lire.
Wiikiika, Thepresont city clerk hu
nt variout tlicn obstructed the wishes of
the city council, as expressed by resolu
tion! and by members, in regard to call
for meeting, nnd hnt othorwlso neglected
to perform tho duties of his office, There
pro bo it
I UxsoLVtn, That a commltteo of three
bo appointed by ballot to Invcttlgate hi
conduct nnd report upon tho expediency
of reducing lilt salary, by appropriate or
dinance, to an amount proportionate to his
noglect of duty.
BThulinllot cast for said commltteo re
sulted with tho appointment of McKee,
Taylor nnd Lonorgnn.
uy Councilman Taylor:
llaoUtd, That tho subject of tho expe
diency of thosnlo of tho steam pump and
machfnory nt Tenth street, bo referred to
to the drninagu committee, with instruc
tions to report nt tho next Mated meeting
of tho two boards In Joint cslon, the pro
ceed if tuch tale, if made, to be appropri
ated to tho erection of a market house and
city hall.
Tbe clerk then laid before tho board the
assessment list as roturned by John lly-
land, natoMor for corporation taxee for
1870. whoreupon, n motion wai tnado that
n commltteo of live bo nppotnod by the
chair, whoso duty it shall be to hear ap
peals froni tamo for tho term .of ten day
nnd report. Curried.
Tho Mayer dolrod that ho bo granted
until to-morrow tonnnounce such commit
tee, ns tho duties imposed on them would
be of great importance and require much
of their time. Leave granted.
Aldorman McKco tbon moved that thn
committee, when appointed, bo Instructed
to glvo public notice for four day before
cntoring upon their dutie as such com
mltteo that tho aitovtment list is in their
hands, andopun to tho examination of any
person intorostod thorein, and that the
object of tho committee is to hoar nnd de
termine nppcnls from nil persons who con
sider incmseives nggriovoa oy tno assess
mcnt of tholr property. Carried.
Tho ohair then stated thnt ho desired to
maku nominations for street laborers under
roiolutloiu heretofore adopted in regard
to appointment, and asked content to
appoint J a mo Median as city teamster.
upon n rnnvnsa of the ballot coniont
wai granted. Aye VI; Noes, 3.
Tho Mavor then atkad the content of
tho Council to appoint Michael Drisoolen
laborer upon tno streets, rno ballot be
ing counted, the coniont was refuted by
tno loiiowing vote:
Avoi 4. Navs 11.
Thu Mayor thon asked coniont of the
Council to appoint J no. Connelly at n
laborer upon tho street. Content refuted
by tho following vote, via:
Avet 0. Nay 10.
l'crmliilon by tbe Mayor wu thon ukod
or the Council to appoint J 00 xinnonnn
ns a laborer upon tho streeti. Refused by
tno roiiowing voio:
Ave 4. Nay 11.
Councilman Taylor then moved that th
council adjourn.
Carried. JNO. BROWN, Clett
I'crnap it i not generally Known that
tho much talked of trichina piraliit 'or1
pork worm, wns first discovered in Amer
ica by Dr. R 0. Kendall, of Philadelphia
t'a., wltn tnat American Instrument known
nt tho Crnig Mlcroicope, costing1 only
92.76. after repeated failures to discover
the worm with nn imported microscope,'
coning ao, 'w soouier power ana lou re
liable"' Thli fact Dr. Kendall standi
ready to provo nt any time. Tbe "Craig
Microicopo In neat box with full direction
it mailed anywhere for f a,T& by E. H
Host, 313 LocuttSt., St. Louis, Mo.
Read the advertiitiuent in this paper
my 81, d9a
t Vnaittyis: Ttmllnr1nr MvTnf
Y Villain nnouaiir iivumuun
niidlcnily, frdtn ' IMlgostloji, dyspepsia,
ilvcr complnlnt,'ic.,"nnd It Is onlybecnuo
thoy neglect to nvail themselves of that
'wonderful household iromedy, , Mlthlcr't
IJorb Bittort ft preparation .tnat, oxceis
any other, pvor discovered foricomplnints
of this nature. Sufferer from thencourgo
fouracedypepsla, why wilt ypu on-
durollwmorjy It, produce, .wnarifuy tno
uioof Mithlcr's Horb BIttorsyou can drlvo
it from you forovef? TM Ms n'Worlgn
remedy nnd will effect n posltlvo nnd por
mnnent euro, in your cue. The public, It
made acquainted with nil tho Ingredient
used In tho preparation of theso bitter,
and tho highest medical authorities In tho
lnnd recommend It, and it hu never been
known to fail when taken according to tho
directions accompanying each battle. Sold
by nil druggUt end dealer. Dr. 8. U
Hartman Co., Proprietors, Lancas
tor, Ta. aug l,dw 1 w.
thk cRiis aicMtceri.
j ,TbU MkrosootM I MaapHfc fcnd ndnpt
od to nonulwn well u. scientific uto. A
new optical wonder I This is tho only in
strument of high power which" rcqUlrei no
focal adluttmont. nnd therefore can bo
readily ued by every one, even by chil
dren. Coellne only Two Dollar and
rJoventy-five Cent, by malV Pt paid, it
UwKblnthereachofallln tho commun
ity, and should boon the tablo or overv
Practlonecr. Read advertiiement In thU
paper. m2.d3m.
Mnko It your business, If you need cloth
Inc. to co to n rollable store, where you
can find all you need, nnd mndo In the stylo
you fnncy, nt such prices u to suit your
purse nnd the times.' Antrim's is just inch
n house. Thero you will nlwnya lad n
complete nnd select utortment of cloth-
. . 1 ' e 1
Ins;, either for men, youttu , boy orcniiu-
ron, nt price u low u the lowest. Com
pare hi good and price, at It will bo to
your interest. tf.
The AnWAUA. Arrangement nro in
progre, which irtntumctoriiy concluded,
will give to tho Armada the place of the
Dan Able in tho railroad transit trade.
ArmaUo, Padoatu CitrorVlrktbarn, Vieka
Miiurr. uiii 01 alma, m ixjuii.
i.nrenm. Ntmnnit: uai
tirand Towar, "
MMUItr, SvanMllUl
Hlieacch. "
A Baker , Ota Irardttw
umMia. natafiiw.
Msnawa, new
Dsn lilt, Colombo. Armaria, radarah!
KubkoD. VlektlKin:
(IranJ Towtr. 81 Lool;
twfllrn. KraaiTlfi'
t:nf vieatuir.
Mart- Milltr,
I'mplir, Wolf IilaoJi
Clfjrof Alton, litraehl.
HI JoMph, '
Thu weather has been nearly clear tlnce
last roport, nnd the tompernture more com
fortabl. To-day show en Incrent of bteti
but wo believe, tho exceulyo. heat of tbe
thit season. Considerable rain has fallen
in tho neighborhood during tho past two
days. A heavy rain fell yesterday down
the river In full view of Cairo.
The river continues falling slowly, but
will probably become stationary to-mor
row when tho Ohio rite will reach us and
causo a small rise here.
Tho Ohio it (till riting at Pittsburg
with over nino feet water in the channel.
An Immtnse fleet of coal boat bad left
that city, but other tailneu wu 10 dead
that not one panetiger or freight steamer
wu at the Pltttbnrg wharf doing butlncu
at lut report.
The MUtlttlppl coatinuee falling nt fit.
Louli, nnd lis feet ecnnt la nil the wnUr
found above Cairo. There is nearly ten
feet below.
Jlusinos here wu very good 011 Satur
day andHunday, but nothing has been dono
to nay.
Our port list sbwra tho lut departure of.
the Ill-fated stoaaaer Dan Able from wir
port to Colnanbos on Saturday evening
last, after tie hour of our last litue. .She
waitBiletly destroyed by flro at Columbu
on tbe sunt night nt a few minute before
ten o'clock-. Vull particulars of the disas
ter win ba found la another column.
Tho Idiewild brought a fair trip for ro
shipment, and proceeded to Columbus la
place of tho Dan Able She will probably
reiume her trip to Kvnntvlllo on her re
turn thli evening, Wo aro not informed
a to what boat will tnko tho plnco of tbe
Able permanently,
The Unker brought 800 bbl flour for re
shipment Httth, nnd 25,000 staves, 19,000
hooppoolcs tor Cairo. This looks a thougl
the Baker an at length found her appro
priate tphoee.
The Padaeah pnekets leave hero at 3
nu, dally.
The Knaawa river rote 15 feet in three
hour butThimday.
All thastda atreama of the Ohio are con
tributing more or leu water, and the river
, UrltingJrom fitUburgioEvauviUo.
aanaeeesaPBALyH INmhHim
LathvShirieles and Cedar Ptsts
wvunwrnud on e&? xvytc,
(ill nild nftflr Tliitrailav. Anrll lilth
trains will run as follown 1
cjoiBo runriitaei; i-itvnummiiririn,
Mall --l .M.
Kxmn - inu r. u.
QijlXU 0tllWMT-ltitri-i)H.
Kxpresn .......- i ..'.i.tl m, m.
Mail ! t M r. .
Maklnaelose ronnoctionii et I'huii with llllmil.
C nlrl U. 1U for Cnlr 1 niwl 11H poinln (.oiilb, hii.I
with ttio inl. & HI. I .! h. II. fur lnclliiimHjll
and lxnlslllf, no an iwinm nun aouuientl.
Also, l HnrlngflM IH Ui" Tolwlo, Wnln.Ii a
WMlcrn It. II. Tor Hilinry ami an vui
Willi Hie ClilcagoA St. Iultla II. R. :
ilnta wp.i, knl
for HI. Ii.ii.
and ChictKo, wldtll points north O'lnorllmi ,!
F. IHJDOE, Um'l Kul.
JOHN KCHidlTT.Oen'ITickil AkI.
Illinois mi R. R.
St. l.Hi,IHlavllle.liitlnmll
C'hlcaff New Yrk, lloitou
,..,XD ILL
Point Emt and JVorth
menger Train Arrive at nna lnv
Cairo aa rallawat
Mall Blfrttli
ARIUVK-aiOO A. M... ....i'll 9. M
ItKCAHT-aitS A. M l9 P. t
Holh traica eonntct at t.'rntrallt with train on Ih
rana, Bceatur, ttloomlnf Kl ?ata
I.a Stall, nianaata, rrrrpmn, umiaa,
Rnnaana, 4 nil paint In llllnaU.
laannrlf Mlnmtuta, Wlscantln and
lawa. ,
And with lini:utDlDaUtaDii Wt for
MU Loal. SprlagBeld, Louisville. Cla-
elMaUtilaaUaApolis A: laiiuaun., (
Aa-I at Ctikaa with Michliran CVnltiJ, Mh-M.
l.i bouiiiern. an-1 ntisMirir. ron
aixl Utlcaxo awlruwl lor
NIAOAIIA r A 1.1.1
11 IIIAt UAItllllUai
er through tiektU and laraiiiiatiua, yfT
Oatiiral tViMflirr Ak'-ni, C1iIcib
M. IIOOIIITT, Hnral HuritiUu4lwui. I
J.JOHNrtON, AKnt, Ctiro.
Good Strong Vinegar;
Xsa. On Dyl
rrant CUtr, Rargtsnni, Malaait, Mngar, ,
Wln,ar the Jnlcaaf Anjr r nil.
m , 1 .nl J.
Dlrwtlons tlrapUatiaaMj, Jieal, ii bar-nt4(
that or the oM prixeai Vif- ialowliia l iirJi.-etJ.
laUrrelt. ''jiiJiiD
AUf CnWMatkaVltf
Full nirrclloiu tebt mxii trlr "f F,")
AUJiti. W. It. annst
Lnl, Mo.
Millintif, fancy Goods, Etc.
InvlUi preltl ntuntlon
nlio liaa a mil lint of
to l.f-r fnr'r.( tt(Kr.
'a HlMtee laud Chlldrtii'a
Fnsrfi boots
AnaatltoaundotlttrthiDgi Uiat eannol b aou- 1
mtraUdinanadreHiMrovnl. Hhato datrmlaJ '
to 4tt aai tuaintaia (or btr MtablUMiiriil
lb aaai of
UrarelrMli,iaioMblaao4rMMoaabl '
HImwIII K'ttjrou aiorafor thauun amount nr
moaar lliui aav alhar mora In town. LHin't Mi 7
onlll run callbtttir-lUliy If tou wtat mil.
lintrr Rood' er fcuin ul i;lilljla Hi-fc- 1
alm. m. . '"Jjjl
miiE '
UAMIKI. lll'BUTllaali
nana: w as.tBt wit
aftjaHJlii cntunit.l
6J '
Collections Promptly Made,
KschMm. Cola, ataak rVetea
at Ml lnitetl guatca gecurl
lla BnjM !
btomt Allowed Mt 11e Depaalta.
cairo; ttnttots. 1
Capital iwi-iaoj 1
W. r. HAItlilOAVf PreiMenii
A. B. MkWfQUD, OaakJeri
,WA1YBB MYIMir. AaaUtnnt tlaakiar.i
ataata Tailar ' W. P, InUMars .
eett WnHt. Beat. . Cnnnlnt baas
te. p, WiUlMisMr Jteaaen lW, .
A. aefnrtV
XSeasaonaaOaaaa 3R.oal-t7act
A. OMauib"aAlinUN HIWUIM

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