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HOTELS, n t iT?
r. i, oasts.
a. k. toimtcrt.
'Comer Sixth Wabwt Streets,
(Entrance on Sixth Blrett.)
OAKES, CADY & COV Proprietors.
MHK MXYlM&r rrsprleter,
4.t 11, .. , $
tmbHe ImS-cI accoasModetloa.'
At Cairo, lnthSUUf Itlfnolt, at h 0!o. of
' " KEMOICCl'i
Loan, and dleeoonMl.
1122,241 u
lUU.OVI 00
is.iso ou
7,om as
U.8. bonds tocuiclrcalllon.
" " oa tun4...-....
f Other stoek. bond and mortgagee..
Dje from redeeming sod
.. r.i.na ui l08t a
Baa fret 'other national
Bank. . 47,812 U
Dn from other lUnlu and
Bnkn..... 11,11(43
UiBklg hoo...... u.ooo oo
Other rJiUt.. tl,Kt ci
182,013 75
Carren' expenses
3,2SS 63
2.34 30
'5n' J Heme
lnlndlag' .if.
3,743 17"
Blue of ether National
. lrjaa 00
Fractional -eorraaevt ..... 3.101 W '
Specie (eoln) 12,119 21
Legal Vender Note...., il.ouo 00
r . , UillUTIMi
. ST3,tM W
.1100.000 80
capital (toes ,
tatrplas fasd
Profit and loee.
C.tt 01
iwtiHMi av,wt -
. 11,711 64-
m arm m
J3,69 i
w.ooo oo
Z20.SOS Tl
40 Ttf
So oUtar. Mata m4 BejUere-. a,Mg m
Mai af Illlnoie. iUzamder Cooelr. m J
. ewi.
atautaeat la tme to Hie beet or bit knowledf
tad belief. ' a. : flArfDKO, Caebier.
. K , , , R. H. CUKNIMOHAX,
Pint KationalB ank
oar cjLiaao, ilxs:,
i A. .
the Cloie of .SnilneM, Apr" 2th, 1871,
Lonesiii illfcoanlf
u.cm oo
1.222 04
,u. H. boo J to iecare circuUiioo
tlOU 00
U.'. bond
and ircuritle
u hand .
ae eMS
ustoelu -and
11,710 es
f Other
10,378 49
Dae from redeeming and reeerro
aeeata.H..t - iwhjUw.
Do from other national banki.
Bn from oNMi baak aad baaktrew.
Heal Ee tu..
t Faralure and axtnre'.....,.... v
Cash Uaau, leoladin: refesue
mamoe - ........
S.721 21
2.C37 3
1.131 30,
4S.SS3 69
3,7M 44
1U 00
2,433 SS
13 4
Cnrrnt eipaa....
i a tea paia
Caeu uatBaui' (aom)
.$ 2.1S7 S
aOr V"
ttfi e I
Capital toe k
Viraeaee '
1700,000 oo
$1,27 3
, it
4.B3S 34
r CiRBiatloa oatttaadtnc
,ou 00
so oo
; Btete national Saske...
IadlTldual depoelU
M,33 14
ltO),S69 41
utmim nf TIUnAla. rAnntv of Alexander, ae.
Tri N HuthV Oaehiar of tha Pint National
Bank el .Oalro, do tolemnl awear, ttat the tbor
bubacribed and awora' to before tae, thie Sin
ri4ay W J Ti A. l). i i .
Correct .attart:
tji a I "
Practiqal Watchmaker
-Oairo, : : : : Illin6is
'Alware on hand a fina etock, of
1rlTCi1ES,'CL0ClIS, jewelry, etc
S-rPartkjnlaralUotloBtiTntorBu1n Fine
a-Di mrgest ewee er uoid and Sllrerfipee. .
tacleela thaeltr,
' mjr7dm
"""WmrH. MTeTSi - JnoiH, Cmnoa
Buecesaors to E. 0. Tenia k Co, '
waoustLs asatsas ia
, 40 H. Ui St., eor. St. Q
VirO.VKrprfiOBc. BT.
a. a '
Orri'WlUr'lVf prompt' aad careful attea.J
ion. . , , . ,afrfi
UTnraei., hi toik axb piitisiurpii
Steamship Gompany,
Under contract with the United JKtte and British
aoYcntmeaie earearninj
TTOlrr .nfonnatU.
' 21S Wathuiatea avtau. Cairo, n .
few Toil
news 01? the city.
Men'i Fine Real Skin Gaiteri. aid also
"Princo Alborti,'' at Elliott & Haythorc'tJ
VIua' flanraanrl Klrl Poliih. fCallflOr
top, at, the City 8b oa Store, oorjiy Cor
mercial aTonua and Klchth akaat. tr
9 ' " tfr aa
toc. Choice yaMllyJfkW to'kkW
Ulf bill, iack fto. for aaW at tkeBfnt.
l.n Will. n 5
Will, . WW
Ladle' Serge (Pollih) Vrench Kid,
oiced, it City S-oe Store, coraer of (Jem-
mercial arenue and Eighth street. tf
Who la It that deea not like moklag
hot bttettlte fcir beskfaat? -The Fame-
Cook atore will bakothem In ire minutes
time by the watch. tf
See adrertbement of Dr. Butt' Dlipen-
ary, headed Booki for the Million Mar
rlage QuWa In another' Mima." IV
abould be road by 1L my 9d wly
OenU' Oxford Tin. Prinve AlberU
and Opera Sltppert, at the 'City Shoe
Store," cornor of- Commercial avenueii'd:
Eighth itreet. tf
TIkaij tbo adverllimcnt In another col
umn of the cntcrprito In aid of a public li
brary at Omaha. Being legal and con
ducted legally and openly l a luro guar
antee of falrneu. tnyOdlw
I.V7ANTB. Much luflering to tbote
tender little buds of the human "family
might be allayed by uilng Mn. Whit-,
comix Soothing Syrup. Soo advertise
ment In another column. myUdwlw
Thk Urio patent moTeable point itoel
plow; one ortra, point given with each
plow. For tale only by
n6tf " 129 Commercial Arc,
.ladlea' Serge (FolUh), jcallop-top; for
frera oWdollar'and fifty cenU to three
aollan and twenty-five centi, at City;
Shoe Store, corner of Commercial avenue,
and Eighth street. U
Barclay Bkoh. are selling mure of Sim-
roohs'Xlver Regulafbr'at retail, than of
all the others, of that .clan of m.ediclncs
put together. The reason of this isbe-
cauio all who try it recommend it to their
friend. ray2dlw
A splendid aaaertaient of bird cage
moss basket, floWe'r stands, flower train
ers, wire-cloth for window screens, bath,
and foot tubs, Ac, dec., just received at .
6tf 130 Commercial Af e.
;Tbui. There can be no doubt that
Baugh i, par excellence, ' tbo boot and.
shoemaker of Cairo. He challenges com
petition in his trade, and atsures the pub
lic that he will guarantee to his customer
satisfaction. Hi shop Is on Eighth street
near the corner of Ohio Leveo. tf
Sxwino Machinm. Attention of
persons wisntng a uru-cias
sewing' machine is called io the
late lioprovwl "Vtriieeler nl Wilinn'i.
Tbey cannot be excelled for a family
machine, or for light manufacturing pur
poses. All are invitea to can ana exam
ine the Improvement. J. C. UAKBUH,
ap80dlm Agent, Cairo, III.
St. Kicholas. Day boarders can se
cure good accommodations at the St. Nlch- ,
olas (formerly, the ,St. James) at per
week. The bouse I at tbo corner or unto
levee and Eighth street, a central location,
and is proprietored by Ilariy Walker,
who is alive to the wants or his patrons.
Parties desiring boarding and lodging can
leam terra on inquiry at the office.
rv say3dtf -
"I wish I waa dead I'' i an expression
not unfrequently made, use of by the dys-
peptio and sufferer from Liver disease, the
depressed spirits unfltins; the mind for
anything, and almost driving bim to die
pair. But be of good cheer, thero is life
and, health for you yet, so those that have
taken Simmons' Xiver Regulator attest, It
regulat tho Liver, dispels despondency,
and, restore health. myOdwlw
The Great Soothing Remedy
I Cnreecolie and griping Prlre,
WHlTCOHBnlJ in tne Down, ana ia- i
1 rililalee the proceta CI I uean
( teething- J
Mr. -Subdues oonTulslms
WMITCOnB'8) and jreicomei an
alt die- I
to in- f
en, )
I fame and children,
Urt. f Caree diarrhea, dleen-
WHITCOB'SJ tery and summer com-
Hyrnp. 1 pumtincniiureBoi ail
' Cents.
1, 1. lVi rimu Infante and ChllJren'e Rrothlnc
Remedy In all diaordera brought on by Teething
oranihercaee. Prepared by the . .
Hold Iit DriiEaiata and Ixalera la Medicine
ererywhere. rcy7dgm
Proprietor of tha
Billiard SeJea and Bar Ksoti
ESI Dorado
! CesamerelBl Ave.,
Cairo -
J. WHEELER." i "
Ulajaa AlISi. 1'
I bulla.
Particular attention pttd to liter and admiralty
'It. 1
day) evening,
sharp, iiy order of tho
"W. B. Kkkkst, Setfy.
. Mi.s Sattokd. The .Chicago Evening
Pott ayi : "Dr. Marr'Safford, who i
Well-known hors u a faithful workor
.amoBg the wounded heroes of' our war, Is
.attracting much attention In Vienna,
wserasne nas oeen lociuring r
XJ. .... ..i i "1
Aimtv-Ws are i4 bve, so thi
niwsiii vrs ara u oaie,
strsit talk has It. another barrel, factory,
great mammoth concern wllheapacity to
tarn out all ths barrels that will be needed
by nil the!leur psopU and .pork packers'
of ten,or ifteen States.
, Rax;KLw S4rTivyhlU the children
of the public icbossw returning from
school to their hosM yesterday kfteiwoen
drunken fellow' began shooting hut ptttol
neAlMiy.ittnong them on WashingUn
avenue. Sheriff Irvln happened to bo
eleee by and promptly arrested the wretoh.
Luckily none of the children were hurt.
Tux Wood I'jlx. The time is past In
the West and South1 when it 'made no dif
Tererico how, tttich 'wooo'k family burned;
Even in region where wood i abundant
the expanse of srettts H is Jarns itetn of
imbii uvii, aim' ,ijj ."ve". w
makothoir wood pile list a, long a posii
ble.1 There t no agent tlfat aids thi econ
omy of fuel to much os a Charier 'Oak
Stove Try it. rny9dwlt,
Fni(iutAt.KoTiCK. Mr. and Mr. Fred.
Theobald arrived from Cincinnati yester
day with the body of the late Mr. Charles,
Brown', whodied at Mr. Theobald's resi
dence on Tuesday last. Tho remains wero
taken to the residence of Mrs. Amanda
Selby, from whenco they will bo buried
at Villa Ridgb to-day at 12 o'clock. Fun-"
cral services by Rev. Mr. Foote will take
piece at Mr. Selby' house at hall past 10
o'clock a.m., to-day, and the body "will be
ooSfnyed'io the cars at 12 o'cloclf, precise
ly. The friends of the deccasesjare. respect
fully invited io be present. '
" SprnnrAusTic. Mrs. Ferris, the "mo
dium," is at the residence of Alderman
Jack. Winter, holding nightly dark sean
ce. A gentleman of the city, somewhat
skeptical, had an iron ring made at Reft-,
nies Vulcan Iron Works and took1 it jo the'
the seances on Tuesday night. The "spir
it" placed tho ring on the arm" of the Rev,
Mr. , while he was holding tjie
band of the medium. How the trfck wa
done no one know. Mrs. Ferris -was tied
by Chief of Police Myers on Wednesday
night, and the lights' put out. Instantly
the gltart tatBhactriste, ed MU anto
leaks all Manner of ateises aad;'lt about
ww'reora; The, gas: being iit,-the nedi
uVasfsttlV tie nd gal tar, etcVajl -in
their proper place. Wbat all-this means
and what.it amounts to we don't know, but
to say the least, for ways thatara dark and
trick that are vain, the mediums all are
peculiar. '
XT" I. Bl"f Ht agata BAit wlr,.
Mathus, of the late firm of Mathus &
Uhl, has gone hence.
Tho strawberry festival last night was.,
a success.
Tho Ohio has flflcon feetof watrfin
the channel at this point. ,
Another disagreeable day was yester
day. Counfound the thing, has tho good
weather quit altogether ?
Cutmiagluuav is telling the best print
for ten cent per yard, and heavy broyrn
rne excttemenv aDont; tne nosrorat- i
nance continues." An maignatton tnet
ing hu been suggested. Go in, boys. "
Arnold didn't arrest Owen, the fellow
who wholloped hit jalorer the head. Cain
was the man. r
llayncs, of the late firm of Haynes dhv
Sloo, who has been- absent from tho city
during about ix. months hat returned and
inienus io remain, -xnoro is, auer an, ne
says, no place like Cairo. And he's right.
For Sals. The undersigned will self
at private sale the following described
property: Four work borses; z sets
doubio harness; 3 two-horso wagons;
several plows and other agricultural im
plements. Partios desiring- to purchase
will call at her residence or at Root, mi
bach's, opposite tho court house. Terms
of sale, half cash ; balance on six mon(h'a
credit, with good security. '
apr22dlm Mm. KATIB COOPER.
Rkuoval. Mrs. J. Cummings wishes
to inform her customors and the public
generally that she has removed her mil
linery good irom her store on jsigmn
street to the commodious room on Com
mercial Avenue, between Seventh and
Eighth strocts known as Mrs. Oswold's
old stand. Mr. Cummings has added
largely to nor slotk of goods, and now hat
a cheap, seasonable and fashionabto col
lection of hats, bonnets, ribbons, etc., to
... . a .a at a i 5
which she asks mo attention oi oia ana
now patrons. . m24dtf
Fitxoxbald's" 'SAhpl Rooms. Pcr-s
sons blbuloutly incli'ned,,lovert.of thojox-
niieraimgjujua j, ijh vu j n jwwi
grape, or milt beverages, thould'call 1m-..
mediately at the taropleroowi, oaf fcrner-'
Commercial avenue tndFourteenthhrset
Besides evsrytblng laV ths.'drlnklrg; linty1
of lho,puietkVn4,,hViiu the .rn'oii jfra
grant Bavaria' Tclgars, Importation,! ftoin
Cuba, that land of narcoUo wsedt. ITitB
gerald kseps a fint claw place, ana , nts ,
wtuinun Jimmy Aogiieu, nu -eybod,-'andknowttho
wanU of every
body and who is a gentleman, every
, ,inins rajvif" ?V
, May 12th, at 8 ojolock, .
inch of him.
A CoMvrrjcNCB Gaimc FbactionAi
MOtrRKnWcvACtTA.xl' o 'BSWikhtilc-
ikhlftijig?tn liiVifL itrnngcrhon
rl ftotlngVihd ' aprntlywolVlo-do
stepped in at the basinets house or a fellow-countryman
of hi on the Leveo, and
soon succeeded in making himself very
agreeable. ;Ho, talked to the Lovee Italian
about the old laud and its" skies, and 1U
Viator EumanaaVand Its late triumph,
and, in short, did the "sociable" in the
mort approve Baannr.. Th Lefee.for
rrtubjeolof ttli4 c&ajffrsef Rome- bo
cam much inleresied'In hla'oompanion,
drank with him, walked with Urn, and
finally accompanied him to the steamer
ailfcclsrWiXwMch !lk-.-4r propose tor
leave the city. The bell sounded and tho
ttaging was being withdrawn, when, as if
rcmemberi'sc tsstethiac he bad forgotten,
tbaltsW : "By the
wal litBM r leH IracUonal
utm9r-,ptkSt whloli.Hnvs glvenr
use a goo AM otjinnoyance. Won't you
take thsas af gtre me bills for them?
AisOeptnltti njyhage oCjmw twon-
ty-five ssU WUaS in handed them to hi
Levee friend. fr They wre examinod arid
found all right, and ' the Levee man was
jOnly too glad to. help hi new friend. So,
Italian atranger counted out eleven pack
ages, and received for them $50. All done
in a hurry. Shake! And Lores Italian
juit 'succeeded fa' getting on the wharf-
boat when the atcamer backed out, After
the Levee man reached home, ho turned
his pocket, and, taking ope package began
counting it. What was his astonishment
to find that the top and bottom bills wore
good,md all tho balance blanks. Ditto
each package. . - Wasn't be, sojd ? And so.
ho rushed for one of our conservators of
tbo peace, who is up to snuff, and could do
a like trick himself i( he were put to tho
necessity. Conservator telegraphed to
Columbus, but' 'tho Italian strngr.lban-i
aged to slip thrpugh that village, and'
.bowled along on his way towards Mobile:
"Conservator .then telegraphed' to Union
vibj, anu Micro tuu reai-aiijr aiaiiau nrg
taken. Conservator took, a trip after him;
.and got the money but had to leavo. the
man. Moral: Don't trade good money
for wasto paper. The habit is (Tnprofita
blo. " 1 "
Reliable' and Satx. Dr. Henry's
RjpPkntPiHs are mild and pleas
ant iit therJ5pmtJon,'yet thorough pro
ducing nsMws'ei e Helping. 'Being, en
tirdy'iveUAl4,l"eycil betaken viitb
out'"fegard to diet orbusfness. Tbey
arouse the liver and secretive organs into,
healthy action, throwing off disease with
out exhausting debilitating the sys
tem. Try them asvi you will be'satisfled.
x nce zo cents a was:. ': iooia uy arugKisis,
, ... r , . , , .
ana aeaiers m aaewcKie everywnere. xrer
pared by thtii Grftm"Medlcino Co., St.
Louis, Mo. Jm ''k "J myOdwCm
Ooatb,, Avadmt 1 The .City Council
having pnt Its hoof down upon the snoot
using hogt of. the' city, should now turn
its attention seriously to that genus of ru
minant quadrupeds of tho family Capridto,
familiarly known as the goat. They are
pest of tho first water, and the ordinance
makers of,the city should incontinently
cook their goose. .We havo seen them
climb tho side of a three story house, walk
along .the, roof snd then, fly off, alighting
oh 'tree, which they would strip of bark,
from tho topmost branch to the roots. The
Council need not hesitate. , .Tbey can find
precedent innumerable for the (laughter
of theso whiskered quadrupeds, and it in
only necessary to refer the classically dis
poaed of the honorablo member to tbo fact
that the Greeks and Roman sacrificed ths
goat to 'Bacchus, a an enemy of tho vine.
So let us entreat the Council to let an or
dinance loose upon them and drivo all the
goatirom the city, An. ordinance will
tJoltl""" '
1Gomx, Prof. Blaisdell left, the city
more than a week ago with the Intention
of returning, in a day or two. But he ha
not jt returned, nor has he communi
cated with any of hi friend lince hi de
parture. What ha become of him 7 is
jiow tho question of the hour. His friends
'are becoming seriously alarmed. He is
known to havo had on his person a largo
sum of money, and'may havo beer mur
'dcred and robbed. But thero aro those
who do not believe he has been "taken
off" by robbers. These doubtless, laboring
under the impression that ho departed to
wards tho South, are very fearful that he
has fallen into the clutches of tho terrible.
Ku-Klux Klan. We hope not. Such n
fate is dreadful to contemplate. Wo
would rather, hoar that he had fallen by
the hands'of robbers or had gono to Pn-
Ballard Tobacco Wakkuouse Salkh
Day Chanqxd. The tales at tho Dullard
Tobacco Warehouse have beon changed
from Haturday to Friday to-day), and
will bo held regularly hereafter on that
day at l Wclock A.M., tharp. This al
teration will prove advantageous to our
business men who are generally too busy
with thejr special callings on Saturday to
gtyecmucU actentlon to anything else. On
Friday tbey can alt spare an hour or two,,
and tbey should do p. to give countenance
to tbi enterprise that has already brought
Iri. ti; f - .1.. -i. 1.1-1.
muun irauo ana money io uo tiy .uwu,
but for the tobacco talesf would have gone'
elsewhere. Every business man in the city
ihsuld;atUad these sal. Oo to-day., it
'79 BO yourself you will find everybody else
To occuDv.Vverv nleosant room, (fur-
nUbed .or unfurnished), on Washington
avenu opposlteUre, now' custom house ;
sultaile'for man and wife or tingle gen-
i fleaVs Alio?' limited number of 'day
boarder; Termtvery reasonable. En-
qolw t thi office. mayS-0td
Regular moeting of tho Select .CoMncll,
held at the Council Chamber, in the c,ity
;of Cairo, tn Monday evenintf. May. 10,
Mayor Lnnsdcn presiding.
Prownt Councllmcn Hurd, Lansdift,
Schuh and Taylor 4. -
Absent Couuctlmon Halllday, Wood
and Woodwrrd 8.
The Journal of the previous meeting was
read and approved.
On motion of Councilman Hurd, the
ordinances awaiting a second reading were
taken up. . "
Uponiits sscond reading i , "An ordin
ance to provide for the appointment of a
Fire Warden, and to provldo compensa
tion for his services at such." Said ordin.
ance. having been read,, Councilman Hurd
moved to lay it upon the table. Carried,
the vote thereon, being as follows, vix.:
Ayes Hurd and Taylor 2.
Nay Schuh 1.
Upon Its second reading r "Ah ordin
ance in relation to hogs." Said ordinance
having had a second reading, Councilman
Taylor moved to adopt tbo same. Carried,
by tho following vote:
Ayes Hurd and Taylor 2.
Councilman Hurd moved to reconsider
the action of this Board at its meeting hold
on tbo 10th ult., tabling an ordinance en
titled "An ordinanco to amend ordinance
No. 07." Carried.
Councilman Hurd moved that the or
dinance entitled "An ordinance to amend
ordinance No. 07," bo adopted. Carried
by the following vote :
Ayes Hujd and Taylor 2.
Nay- Schuh 1.
Tbo bill, of tho Gas Company, amount
ing to $270, for gas consumed in street
lamps for March, having been allowed by
the Board of Aldermen, was presented for
concurrence. On motion of Councilman
Hurd, said bill was referred back to the
Commlttco on Claims
Tbo following bills having been allowed
by tho Board of Aldermen, Councilman
Hurd moved that the action of the Board
be concurred iu. Carried: tho ayes and
nays being as follows:
Ayes Hurd, Scbuh and Taylor 3.
Nay 0-
II Able, balance due him at elerk'ol the
late election 2 Sit. . t 10 00
Joe Lelimia, hauling- drunken maa to jtll 7
HBUrnrburg, for
Tho Nauiliti
lorooe .aieeflor ibook 21 z
iton, i
Tv oayv moor on etrrete,
la April, ending tba Hth, at 12.40 per
u oo
mjiuuBj, m u.t. i.iAir un airvei., in
April, ending the28tn,t 2J0 perdar 67
Stratinn' t Bird, 10 shot el fir Street
. . Xf in .1 - I . k ... i
r ThMMoajaunar net oraer olCutnD-
IS 00
42 0
Thot Htehan, hauling lumber..
se 40
rm MeHale, 23 Java In charge of chain
. Sang to April 23' h. at l? w per day .........
iUuerntStvPira Companr, nece.oary ex
' peruen an sccxant epprtu , etc., for 11
moniln, ending Anrit 1871... ....
N A lieTore.'laboron tidewalks 22 daya in
April, at S3 1 erday.......... ...... .....
Tboa Kilrgerald, labor on aidcwaika 13
67 60
CS 00
32 60
dajra ta April, at i.ouper any ,
The following bills having been, by the
Board of Aidormen, allowed in- scrlpat
eighty cents on tho dollar, Councilman
Hurd moved that tho samo be allowed In
scrip at par. Carried as follows:
Ayes Hurd, Schuh and Taylor 8.
Nay 0.
J a Lynch, rent, 1 month, Io April 1Mb,
1871, oh . .
Morrit, Kod A Co., Ijmber pr order of
3 00
84 70
172 SO
MorriK. Rood A Co.
jvuipirouer, f , ,
Comptroller. cuL
lumuer per oraer oi
II A ilannon, aiatlonerr for Clerk and
Trcasuter, caih M 14 33
Tho bills of the Cairo City Gaa Com
pany, for gas consumed at tho fire engino
houses for three months ending January
1, 1871, having boon referred to the City
Comptroller, were reported back by him at
Councilman Taylor moved that said
bills bo allowed and ordered paid." Car
ried by the following vote :
Ayes Hurd, Taylor and Scbuh 3,
On motion of Councilman Huid, the
Board thereupon adjourned.
,M. J. HOWLEY, City Clerk.
1 Tfceee the Attratloa f Ska Pnblle
to tSBpeHallr lavlseel.
Alba's. The barber shop of Wra. Alba,
on. Commercial avenuo, near the cornor of
Eighth streot, Is tbo placo to which all
lovers of a good, closo shavo with razors
sharper than tho wit of twenty Jen-old i,
wind their way. tf
Aeafs Tho Drench meat shop of James
Kynaston, located on Commercial avenue,
noxt'dbor to tho grocery store of James
Carroll, is now in full blast, and this pop
ular butcher is supplying all the refined
meat caters of that portion of the Fourth
Ward with splendid meat. If you have
not tried him givo him u call, tf
Jlime'i. Hime, at tho old stand, on
Sixth street, near Ohio levee, Is conduct
ing his bnrbor shop In a first-class style.
It is a model establishment in every par
ticular, and whilo in his charge all Its cus
tomers will receive eourteous attontlon,
and the benefit of excellent workmamhip.
Hulr cutting, shaving, shampooing, etc.
Jfew Barber :8Aop. The, razor Is might
ier than either the sword or pon, and
Frederick Netxor handles his razor with
nioro skill than William docs his sword or
Dickens did his pen; and beyond all
dqubl, he, has the most splondldly fur
nished thop in the olty. He may" be-
found near tho corner of Oblo( leveo, on
Eighth itreot,.rt,fA rear of the St, Ifleh
olat'IMet. Give him a call. myOtf
Wk have been requested to say .that
Elliott Af Hay thorn have now on exhibi
tion, and for sale, everything In the boot
ami spoo lino for ladies, ana, gentlemen's
wear: and that all their goods aro new
and stylish.
Tbo Flttctintl BtJ ' 1
: u rr ing-. j t
5mp, Boot., Shrill, Btq.n;
n a w . t a as . a- w m.
anaoniy mo uei
Osey'a Grave, Friday, May tntli.
To nvoid the difficulties and dangen in
cident to ft lnndlng at' Fort Jefferson, tho
ichool diroctors havo determined to hold
tho annual school picnic in Casey's grove,
Mound City, on Friday, tho 12th Inst.
Col. Taylor has kindly plaoed two largo
deck barges at tho disposal of tho direc
tors, and these barges will be closely
lashed together, properly decorated ntid
furnished with scats, and puttied to Mound
City by tho tug Montauk. It is boliovcd
that this arrangement furnishes' amplo1
guarantee against even the possibility of,
The tug, with her tow, will leave tho
foot of Eighth street at 0 o'clock A.M.
The school children will march on board
under the charge of their teachers.
Ticket for adult persons, 60 cents each.
School children piss free. Tbo tug will
leave Mound City on her return nt 4
o'clock P.M. It I hoped that as many
parent as can spare the time, will attend.
A lino string band has been engaged for
the occasion., 10my2t
K, Latest Oa. Is the Prosea TIM.
TUe tco wagolll or HUSO, IXKrmll Co.wUl
commence to deliver Ice about the city on
Monday, May 1st, and will continue to
mako dally rounds 'each morning (Sun
day excepted) during tbo present season.
Orders left at the office of, tho- company,
corner Ohio levee and Eighth street, wili
recelvo prompt attention. Huse, Loom is
& Oo. awe also propared to fill all orders!
in ttte steamboat and shipping trade.
apr27dlro -
Particular nolle by 1tae Enterprise
Sawing Bantu
Cixr Sckif, res' "ered for interest,
nouaiiT at par 61 fAe Enterprise Savings
mySdlw Trcasuror,
Oraer Waehlatrton Avenaa aad Foar.
tecatlt street.
Fred. Blaukenburg' saloon 'is newly
and elegantly fitted up and supplied with
the finest wines, liquors, beer, cigars, etc,
that can be found in the city; and Fred,
hu no superior ai a dispenser of delightful
beverages. Do not forget the place; cor
ner 14th street and Washington avenue.
Tux FiBToif Corn Mill. Thlt eitab
Ushment, corner of Commercial avenuo
and Twentieth street, li now in ohargo of
Mr. M. D. Gunter, who having purchased
and thoroughly refitted It, invites the at
tention of the public to tho fact that he It
now propared to furniih dealori and fami
lies with tho very best article of corn meal.
Ordors loft at tho mill or sont through tho
postofilce will receive prompt attention
New Time Table.
On and after 12:30, p. ra., Sunday, Doc.
4th, the following tlmo tablo will govern
the arrival and departuro of passengor
trains at Cairo;
Mail train leaves at 3:40 a.m.
Express " " at 3:30 p.uu
St. LouJi and Cniro Express
leaves nt , 1:20 a.m.
Accommodation leaves at... 12:80 p.m.
Mall arrive 2:05 a.m.
Express arrives '.12:24 p.m.
St. Louis and Cairo Express
arrives 4:45 p.m.
Tho last named train (eaves St. Louis
at 10:30 a.m. Traders can leave Cairo at
1;20 a.m., resch St. Louis at 7:25 a.m., re'
main in the city throe hours, and return
to Cairo at 4:46 p.m., the same day.
Tho 12:30". raccommodatlon nn'dj. Cairo'
and St. Louis expws leave dally ) aU oth-
.r,leave,dally except Sunday , w '
Way passengers snouia near in mina
that the 3:30p.m, train make only five itopi"
pings between uairu ana uoairnii via:
Mounds, Joncaboro, Carbondalo, Du Quoin
and Ashley. Tho ,12:30 p.m. train s,op
at all tho stations along the route, ,
d:3tf Agent, Cairo.
ISL'U J d Jt S l M
w mSMSaldiVeJ 1' JQ
-14 .f
M Lea
. Ij. i tJ
r "T 'l '
i lr7tH
ctra AJ branny siU.
1s fw.-.T a lis '
iTxx U ,r
, i i it ' dtUlrriii
ISifl '
it iliwui
ttf tit rtifi msr s . n n j X4 -
oi mnicrmi nscp.,, k , ,
- r XAi Wd.oAf
, ' . XstREKTi ,. j
. . - l,ti .
a w, l w uue,.a,vfa.uw n,bu liva w w-
not vno noi ominous nomo u certainiv
onoof tho best'Standt'ltt'Calro. It fronts
ttin nunc inai ainamtMAt lamiini. anil ii
i n
near tho lllinoi.'. Central railroad denot.
A 1 . . I. n . . .1 11 .. - r .1. . LL 1 , 1 1 I.
suitauiy nrrnngou rorotnees. -Apply next
v.a ii a v vjtvu v was nuuiMniu
grocery store.- ' ' r itf
Steamer Illinois;1 Oolum bus.
Jas. Fisk, JrTPducah,
IdlewllA-rEvftasville.- -
City of C5lp-Vibk'sburg.
Susio Sliver. Louisville.
, , . rv ,
Btearhcr'HHrioU, Cfefewbwi.'T'iira.iA
Jas. FiikirVftdBSsai.
t-WAowMa; isvBnvnn.tj-
Tyrone, Nashvillo, , u
Olive Branch, Now Orlean,-
Suslo Silver;
Orand Tower, MpmphUj,
Jno. Kylo," Vr OtisMS. r
Little Rock, St. Louis.
Glasgow, Cktcra4ti.-j
WhVrlverVsW!!ioVftand yesterday
morning in the,, neighborhood tho ialf
- V"- Jr.tr
fi.'ino yeatne wavo'niidr, -tarV and
dliagrecablo airdayj
-Tho Olive Branch was deeply laden
but addod a liltlo here. .
MTThe Grand Tower added, about 40
tons. ' ' " -T
SiTCaptDu.Soucht,i1flxJng up the
Armada at Cincinnati for a picnic boat.
ijaxT-Tbe bridge over I Cache .between
thi point and Mound City 'was wished
awayln the late' freshet.
Cspt. Billot's new WhlVjrW
boat will bo launched at New AJbanv on
tho27th. 'tt, iiM-imm
The Gleneoe f4jrLMMB,3and
City of Alton for St. Louitf left Now Or
lean on the 10th. KPg
jea-TbCity of Vlcksk.Vlcks-
hiir HnllU far Fart RmltKai, Vauluia
Carroll for New Orleans sVwday.
BO"Idlewild brought 10 W Jeei, 10
pkgs eggs and a lot' ot lundriss V rsship-
mont South. ?P3
WsW A barge ot coal struct; U,j(ag pisr
in tho Indiana cbuto over .tti' '! at
Louisville Wednesday evenlu'g )Bdl i a
total loss. M' ri
aWTTho JameslFisk. Jr.. brwcsAMhbd
tobacco, 0 bales cotton for Soith cad
dies, 3 hhd tobacco, 29 pkgs wagon ituff
for South.
STho Tyroao brought 120 hhd1. to
bacco, 60 tons Iron -and tunaries for re
ihlpment South. She did an excellent
way business, discharging CO people and
00 hhds tobacco at Paducah. jV
- a0"Tho Quickstep , for EvantVllle,
Jno. Lumidon for Nsibvllle; JatBssjFisk,
Jr.? for Taducab, and Illlnouor ,Cflum-
but, aro tho regular packet to-day, all to
leave promptly cn arriyajoj Ue.eysnlng
train, A w
)ag,Tho Mississippi i rising slowly at
St. Louis, a are also the upper Missouri
and Mississippi. Tbe phlo I receding
with 7 feet 10 inches at'Piitsburg but 1
still rising at LouUvi aBdjihelyW -with 0
feet 1 lnchin tlie chute, and 8 eetl htch on
oC.the eBtlte'coal fleet ilU 3i.i ll
-mar vye siiea yesteraay.uia ine uoi
Her' hdsurik four bargelf coat'at Mer
rlisanf on Sunday, and, bad-returned to
Pittabiirg for another lot.' Wonow;learn
mi Ill 1 ...1 . r. I
tow one of the barges was diicoveredleak-
boat two Aherf.her towttBs;iound
Itfthe curfdnk,'advrepefr4Uwijs tad
unk. They belonged ts MteWr-iftf Ifllnn,
wno also owned two of tho boat lunk oa
DSfte Itssaa t

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