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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, January 14, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 4

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Go to Goldstlno & Kosen water for bnrgini
in clothing. 3-3t,
Tho tax book is how in my hands nnd I
slinll immediately proccodto tho collodion
of tlio taxes charged therein. Ior that pur-
poso I shall attend nt ny ofllca in tho court
homo from hnlf past 1 o'clock, p.m. until 4
o'clock, p.m., ench day. L. II. Myjcrb,
fclierlirmid cx-otflclo collector Alexander county.
Ono of tho directors of tho Cairo and DlandJ
villo road, in company with other interested
parties, mado n survoy of tho work already
accomplished, arid pronounce thcmsolvbsln'bt
only aatiiflcd but gratified. From thq eastern
terminus cn tho Kentucky shoro to tho top of
Xiogan's hill, a dlstanco four miles, tho grading
Will bo completed to-morrow. FrOm Bland
villo, coming in this direction, an equal sec
tion has been finished, leaving n gnp of
only tnrco or rour miles to oloso up, to 'put
our city in snro nnd rcliablo communication
At n special meeting of tho Cairo chnmbor of with 1,10 1,crt of Ballard county. Tho henvi-
commorcc, held this day, tho following gen- csl nnd m03t oxponslvo work hns been por-
tlomcn were appointed delegates to attend the formud m inM fMAilly performed. The
Chattanooga convention, to bo held on tho co"trn-tors have dono their whole duty, nnd
25th lnt., viz: S. S. Taylor, Wm, P, Halli- Klven their employe nnd tho public ono of
dav. Daniel Html. A. 11. Saflbrd and Goo. D. u, UMl roiuls ln "ouinorn ivontuck-y, anu oy
Willinin'on. LouihIatiikwh, Sec.
G.viito, Ills., January 13th, 1800.
. . I . I I I -I.I I. ! I
Tho City National Hank elected tho follow
ing named gontlcmon us directors: 8. Staats
Taylor, Geo. J). "Williamson, Scott "White, "W.
r. Hnllidny, Stephen Uird, A. II. Saflbrd,
and l'obert II. Cunningham.
At a meeting of tho Hoard of Directors, "W.
1'.. llallidny was elected president, A. II. Saf
lbrd appointed eashlor, and Walter Nyslop,
nssistant cashier. A. 11. SAi'roisn,
janl2 Iw Cashier.
Tliu unearthly horn-blowing, grating of
pot-lids, beating of pans and clevis; rasping
of fiddle.', tho jorking of ljurdy-gurdies, tho
sounding of ton-Jons and tho grinding of
buzz fuzzc?, Inst night, near Thirteenth nnd
Poplar, constituted ncharivarl as is n "shiva
roo." AVo nevorboforo heard sileh wild, con
fused, head-splitting noles in our wholo life.
Bross, in his rolo of "do you tako this woman
whoiiHocvcr she ulnnd fasti by your side,"
etc.) must lately have visited that locality.
All kinds of dry goods and rcady-mado
clothing nt Goldstlno fc llosonwntcr'.
Cairo is sadly in want of a local disturbance
Tho alternatives now nro torpidity, or a case throw several moro drinks of ardent under
far tho best that leads into Cairo. Prom every
lilllsldo along tho routo a good tirticlo of grnv
cl hns boon obtained, and this has been liber
nlly ttcd, so that "in season" and "out of sea
son" tho Cairo nnd Jllandvillo road will al
ways bo passable,
Through tho ollbrts of tlio cllloictit and
faithful reproscntativo of Uallard county, in
tho Kentucky legislature, tho chartor has
been so nmended as to pormit tho extension
of tho road to Mayfleld, in Graves county,
which will no doubt ho undertaken when tho
present job is oiThnndB.
it. . . . .
w o may now puuiisn u to tlio world, as a
condition that never boforo existed, thnt tho
banks of tho river opposite Cairo, or nt tho
tormliuis of this road, aro now permanently
aecossiblo at all tunes, and stages of river.
(jot what nt: M:t:nt:i).
A gigantic fellow, nnmod Itynn, heavily
mu'cied and with n fist liko n trlp-hnmmor,
devoted at least four hours of yesterday after
noon, to tho work of provoking a light with
somebody. People ran from him, garo hhn
tno sidewalk, endured his Insults, nnd nor-
mltted him to Indulgo in a very extensivo and
woll aborted amount of hostile, pugilistic gy
rations, rather than accommodate him to tho
llght-ho so poraoveringly courted. Ho be
rated the town as n cornmutiity of cowards ;
THECENTIIAUELEVATOItATCAlIlp por rail toftmhlfmm Muth vlttC;
!JT't:i'i nrp I
Thn nnnrlnss Armada, itanSatn fin. Ti.,2.,,1
A fow months ago mount. nii,cklnghani,.of WHty clefX -wuiio-.jrowior, the" Wg61a mall
tho contral elevator, Chicago, 'dotorrrjrKd.' nd passcngor packet for. Evansvlllo and way.
1 ' . 'I '.., I 31. j.1 .
of Qrst-class excitement.
Negro boys, aged from two to sixteen years,
gather on the vacant lots on tho corner of loth
and Poplar for a regular indulgence in Sunday
prlzo lighting. Last Sunday they had a
"real, good time" four lights.
Tho city market, although liberally enough
supplied, is poorly p.V-onizcd. Stall rontcrs
complain that tho council permits dealors in
nil parts of tho city to como in competition
with thorn. Tho competition has not brought
down too prices or provisions, howovor.
hii belt, and then Hung out tho bantering ban
ner oi "a tight or n foot race." Pursuing
mis idea ho throw iwlornlok at an unoffending
negro, and then tried to maul him for being
surprised. This man was jostled, thnt ono
threatened, and another kicked at, until all
virtue in forbenranco hustled out. Then it
was that ntr. Ityan was accommodated. A
pair of knuckles, hard ns cast-iron, wore shot
into ms iiico, cut his cheek baro to tho bone,
aim iiini ins nugo form prostrato on tho sido-
walk. A fow roujimr kicks In. lb rllw warn
upon tho orection of such a grain olovntor
in Cairo as thoy concetvod might sorvo tho
purpose of tho grain trAdo already flndlng ita
outlet from tho Northwest by way of tho Mis
sissippi river. Gentlemen of known cnorgy
and means to deturmino upon n thing wcro to
accomplish it.
Tho olovntor building (originally erected
as n government warehouse) is 250 feet rail
road nnd river front by a depth of nlnoty feet.
It is supplied with four towers, two of which
nro already finished and nt work. Each of
theso towers covor eighteen bins twenty-four
foot deep nnd nlno foot snunre, making atotnl
of soventy-two bins of nenpneity of three
thonsnnd fivo hundred bushels. Communica
ting with theso nro thirty-six storngo bins ten
feet deep, nnd tho samo dimensions otherwise.
Tho total storngo capacity of tho building is
thus shown to bo two hundred and ninety-two i
thousand bushels 1
Tho cars of tho Illinois Central railroad run
within two feet of tho lino of tlio railroad
front. In tho track nro fixed four pairs of
scales, ono pair opposite each tower, so that
tho car, in gross, may bo weighed on its nrri.
vol. Prom tho cars, in this position, tho
grnin is shoveled by six men to ench car, into
a hopper or resorvolr which has its mouth
almost at tlio car door. From this hopper
tlio grnin is elevated u hlght of nbout fifty
feet, nnd from thnt altitude distributed by
means of pipes or conductors to tho vnrious
bins. The length of tlio ciovntor legs, Is fifty
feet. Through theso pass an electric belt of
about two feet width, ono hundred feet in
length and containing one hundred buckets,
enclt bucket capablo of lifting about two gal
lon of grain. Tho entire belt passes over
tho pulley four times every minute, carrying
with it nt least twenty bushels of grnin every
revolution, or nbout eighty bushels por min
ute. If it bo preferred that tho grain pas
directly from tlio cars to tho barges in tho
river, it is discharged when elovntcd upon a
broml bolt running foro nnd nft, and this belt
convoys it directly to n largo hopper In tho
rear. This hopper, when filled is emptied,
in an instant, into tho shippini: bin. Hero it
Is carefully weighed nnd, admitted to tho
schuto leading to tho barges. Grain from tho
bins, when It is desirablo to shit) it, is dis
charged at tho bottom, upon a conveying belt
running foro nnd nft in tho bnsemcnt. Jly
this itnoans it is passed to tho' hopper at tho
foot of tho elevator. From there it Is disposed
of In tho samo manner that grain is: thnt is
nblnts this ovoninir. Sho clvcs.throuirh tick.
ots toIiouisvinb,Knd connects closoly with
packets, for that city, nt Kvnnsvlllo.
Tho Ituth, ono of tho most magnificent
stoamors ever upon tho western waters, is duo
hero thls ovoning, bound for Now Orleans.
Hor accommodations nnd faro cannot bo sur
passed, whilo tho nnmo of her commnndur, II.
It. Pogrnm, gives nssuranco that nil which can
bo expected from kkill nnd practieul knowl
edge of stoamboating will bo dono to ciuuro
safety nnd comfort. Wo havo never yet Been
n notlco of tho Ituth and her commander
which gavo them moro prrtiso than thoy do-
Tho soini-daily Columbus packet, General
Anderson, and tho daily Paducah packet, 31 il
broy, arrlvo and depart punctually.
The hull of tho new mountain boat for cr.pt.
Henry Symnics, was launched yesterday from
ju. nutting s 8iiiiyaru, at .uotropoiu. The
excellent and powerful mnchliiory of enpt.
Tom. "WilUon's Cnlro towbont, Hero, is to bo
put into this now boat.
Tho rnto of freight on flour from St. Louis
to Now Orleans is quoted nt -10 cents por bnr
rol just 25 cents per barrel less than tho rnto
nttemptcd to bo set from Cairo to Now Or
leans by tho lato "ring" which was endeavor
ing to destroy tho reshipping business of tho
Ohio, Cumberland and Tennesseo river pack.
cU running to Cairo. "While wo do most ear
nestly desiro to sec steambontmcii mako
money nnd receive living nnd paying rates
on freight, wo shall mako no attempt to con
ceal our satisfaction at tho failure, of all at
tempts to injure tho trndo of Cairo, or of tho
boata which mako our city tho terminus of
their trip. Boats of that class do moro to
ward building up tho trado and. prosperity of
our city than any others, nnd should bo pow
erfully sustained by every ono who has tho
truo intorcsts of Cairo at heart.
I Htciuncr HUTU, IVarnm. m.-uter, leau
.Cairo THIS (Tliiirc7ftyir.VKM.(l,ntS
,IH3.T. Jil.MiI-., AKent.
.'wa AUrnoAT.
i hit n'V t
Through nilU of I,n,U,. KVru to nil
AvnlliUilc Pnliit lo ldtil or Wattr.
.S T K A .11 S II I P O 31 1 A X Y
3XT 33 7V onXiXl A2NTS
.....CAItTnit. Mutcr,
IlfltK, MRtr,
I'KfiltAM, Mutcr,
WHIT!?. .Mnter,
i:XTItlKi:N, Ma't. r
..-0'NK!li, MaMer,
CONI.V, Mnli-r,
JONK-i. Mn.l.-r.
....OllKHNOL'ni! Sliut r
W. II. AllTIIL'll
PAi:i,l.K CAHHOM...
CON T 1 N K N T A Ij
ComrrielngMI the tinrtt ntr! largest tfontiiontof
One of the nljte hnt-of iramcrs will lwnnr.r.i
for New Orleans oery othrr "lay, connocting at Ntw
Orleans with Oemti l.lncof ftMiniPr!) to
Liverpool, Xtw Voi J. I'.Zitr.-,, uiul (;lvt
toli, Ttinii
I.v'nijcrii anil .Shippers ran rely on on iS Ihe
louts lftarlli? Cairo imnrtuallx iu alv). Will par
lirtloulnr attention to all freights Mow Jleuil'lif
(o Now Urlean. Cll.la. T. IIINHIh
' (icncriil AkciiIi Cairo.
0c, on Wli.irflxat, I'ublie tauillnic.
r. SISON, laner inil Tlket Act.
Office, at t. florin Hotel.
leaver Cairo
Steamer LUMINAUV, ftiloj-, ma.ter,
iay) KVKN-
TIII'S (ThUMdav)
rri... c i a i . o w .iw.w I
aUU vm.MK iuik .miioH uyeh uecouio ,ult ,n , anUhlagtttoUa, and tho flKht-scokor discharged directly from tho cars,
an extensive branch of Cairo business. Tho ,mJ ,10 wmtC(, , J The boiler ami engine rooms, at tho upper
completion of contemplated road. Into Mis- lmil useciIlIy sight. s & Z IVo Hon cnd of tho Luildi"'. r very complete nnd
sour, and Kentucky wl render a largo Hock cut ,, hJ u " l and t,"' clean, r.s thoy mu.tromain while under tho
growing region accesslb o to us in another Wo0(1 trlekhnl in streams down Ws l ea "porl.itedenco of that accomplished engl-
year, when porkers may bo brought in by tho .,, .... , 7T " " UH bub ncer. nir. W. V. Mnrt. Th ,.! !.
i " viunnis nuro in n conuuiou ot iteci- I '
Tho honorablo N. It. Casey has our thanks
for Springfield papers containing Icgishitivo
proceedings. Tho doctor is keeping n close
watch upon tho business of his district, nnd is
making, in truth, u most worthy and credita
ble representative.
Tho caso of larceny against tho young
ew i oriver, 10 wnien wo rctcrroa vcstonlav.
was disposed of in the evening, mr. Van
Velsor prosecuting him only for petty larceny,
llo is now in Jail to await" tho action of tho
grand Jury.
The litttlo sun of mr. Thorndyke, sent down
town by hl mother, sovernl days ngo, has not
yet boon heard from. It is bulioved that the
little fellow was taken away by tlio father,
who, about that time, loft tho city.
Potter tells of a llttlo Jlonud City boy who
fell last week to tho bottom of a fifty foot woll,
walled with boulders, and who, aftor boing
fcikcn out, skipped off homu ns if nothing
whatever had uct-urrt-d to him. Hvoii tho
boulders wore not hurt.
A fitting trlbuto to tho memory of tho 5,000
bravo dead .who sleep near Mound City,
would bo n $50,000 monument. Hon. N. it.
Citsuy, will not our patriotic legislature build
It, Ifl thereunto moved by your powers of
pOMuaton t
JtroiJ, Winston nnd other geiitlomou aro
interosting themselves ln tliu etl'ort to securo
to Aloxander county tho state laxos paid by
iU citizens, to Jesaon our burdunsoiiio pauper
eipcmo. Tho ntinual oxjionso of our paupers
and criminals will exceed $22,000. Thirty
thousand dollars could bo expended every
year, and not ono cent of it cxpendod upon
uudescrving person. Hvorybody signs tho
petition to the legislature in this behalf, which
tho gentlemen named aro circulating. Tho
names of more than 300 citizen had been ob
tained yesterday evening.
Now and then negro brokon out with tho
small pox little moro than a porambulntiug
scab may bo seen on tho street, hunting tho
lijspitnl. Somo provUlou ehould bo mado
Immediately to prevent such itutomcrs from
coining In such oliwo contact witli uimispoct
Ing persons on the streets.
Tho darkies kicked up a terrible hullabaloo
at Freeman's hall, hut night. A regular
miig-rhugglng was Indulged In, during whluh
n woman received f considerably cut from a
razor. ' J
T. J.Kurth, our obliging deputy oltyool-lect-r
rturned home, with his now wife, I'M
night, and rec-ivod a '-rattling old reception"
frbm his friends, whose nnmo is lotion. Ho
was complimented by a serenado from tho
Egyptian brass band, and kept ttwako'bv an
other band that played, only, Haydn futro
dtirtlon to creation.
II. A. Hunuon and "W. 11. liookwoll & Co,
newsdealers, continue to supply tho public,
uH1i tumm-ii In r.dvpiir-d ..1' tl... .,..tl. wi.if
altMitloim to thn Bulletin' "flice have been
ron-tatit and obliging.
The finest stock In genU' furnlhlng goods,
at 118 Commercial nvenuo, 0-3t
Tho St. Charles, "Wednesday, January 13.
of deel
dod dilapidation and derangement.
"When sober, it Is said, this man ltynn, who
i.s a stranger tn tho city, is n quiet, hard
working fellow, possessing mnny good traits
of character. That ho should let liquor alone,
his experience of yesterday, will no doubt
convince him.
II Walton. oltv:
1, H iUrrli), 81 I.oik,
C Howell, l.ouisl)U,
C. ( UurHOll, rit I.ouiki
J Waltower, IVnn.,
J Herltijrton, "
Ij IM.yous, Jrnllana;
K I)ougla, Chicago;
W J Morgan, (Vnfrolin;
( W Hiininons, llliualii;
J IoTr, ItoKion;
Jl OiM. Afuinil)', Moti;l(;;
Ij II Clarke. Clitaiiro:
I. d Kinjit'iiry, I'uxny,
J ItOKgSi Ot I.oul;
J 1. IlvruciTiuch;
Tl.lttlo, SlljOuUi
J A wiinlram.cltyi
V Vanhorden, S, O.j
J J Llapman, Alton;
wm Vernon, tjty; b
Wm I)on. lloitoii;
K. H. May, esq ugont of tho publishing
houo of llnrncs & Co., Now York, nnd part
ner Inn houso of tho same stylo, In Chicago,
is in tliu city, to-day, stopping at tho St.
Charles. Ho appears (h bo ono of tho most
thorough-going "bookmen ' with whom wo
havo met in many a day.
L. L. Leach is in tho city.
Mr. E. P. Ilurlinghnn, principal of our pub
lic school, Ls named as ono of thn vlco-presl-dents
of tlio Ktato Teacher's Association.
Joel G. Morgan, esq., County Superinten
dent of Public Schools, is ono of tho commit
tee appointed by tho Slnto Teacher's Associa
tion, to present tho subject of popular educa
tion to the members of tho coining constitu
tional convention. A very Judicious selection.
"We dropped iu last evening on prof. Mc
Cluro'H writing school, hold in tho basement
of tho Catholic church, nnd wero not only
surprised nt tho advancement mado by his
pupils, but pleased with tho professor's easy,
short and inteljlgout method for imparting in
struction. Young gontloiiien, or ladies, de-.
siring instruction either in penmanship or
arithmetic should not rail to avail thcmsolvcs
of tho promisor's services.
Sovoral days ugo nu urchin, only twolvo or
thirteen years old, who at tho timo resided on
"Washington Avonu.i above 10th, called at n
family grocery store and bouubt two nounds
of sugar on tho account of n neighbor. Hav
ing a vory largo sweet-tooth ho demolished
tbes t wo;p.ounds in a Jiffy. Ho was, of courso,
detected, and roundly scolded by tlio parties
Hucruiieu. Huiiovlng himself in danger of
legal prosecution ho left tho city a fow days
afterwards, crossed into Missouri and found
a homo at m. Ulrd's. Ho hnd been there
only n day or two when mr. Uird directed
him to suddlo a mu)o and visit ibu post ofllce,
a mllo or so 'distant to inquire lor letters.
lie saddled tho mule, but instead of going to
tlio post oflice, rodq the animal aboard tho
ferry boat, paid his forriago and was landed
iu Cairo.. 'Hore, after Uio expiration of three
or four days, mr. Uird found him nnd recover
ed tho mule.
Tho boy is too small to bo held to a rigid
legal accountability; btit'lf ho havo parents
in Cairo, it behooves thoin to apply tho curb
and rein to him, clso In a fow years, ho will
land in the ponltontlury.,
Julia Heddington was boforo 'squiro Shan
nessy this morning, charged, .with using abu
slvo language, calculated to disturb tho equa
nimity of ono Kiln Shanks, who is ono of
Julia's tonants. Tho languugo was tho foul
est that ever unfiled tho tonguo of mortal.
Pined $7 and costs.
This Julia Heddington keops a vllo shebang
on Poplar street, whom whites and negroos
mix on tonus or loathsome familiarity. Tho
old functionary proposes to break it up. '
Paddy JMcGraw was drunk again. He
don't soem idilo to resist tho "ruby," although
it Invariably makes him a beast. Fined ono
dollar mid cost, which was'jwiid.
compact, smooth-workiutr.andof rcallv si in
pio design. It was manufactured at rlshklll
Landing, Iew York, and is tho only cnglno
ot tlio kind west of tho Allegheny mountains
Its power is soventy-flvo horso.
Thisengino drivos shaftlnir that extends
tho full length of tho building, 250 fect, nnd
is regarded asamplo to keep the ontiro ma
chinery iu operation nt tho self-samo timo.
"When tho magnitude of tho building and tho
capacities of tho elevatorj aro considered, it
looks liko tho morest folly tostippoM that tho
power is roposed In that little "contrivanco,"
to set it all in active motion.
I he work has nil been dono under tho di
rection of mr. Nilcs L. Wickwtro, who hns
pushed it forward with t vigor that nt onco
shows his ability to grapple with biff Jobs
In two weoks tho ontiro establishment will Bo
finished, and passed over in coiuploto ordr
to tho hands or tho owners.
Tho proprietors are messri. J. & E. Uuck
Ingham, gentlemen well-known everywhere
In tho Mississippi Valloy. The establishment
will bo placed, however, under tho supervision
of mr. C. P. Hucklngham, n brother, we be
lieve, and one of tho most accomplished nnd
energetic business men connected with tho
grain trado or tlio northwest.
Port IjUt for (lie Twenty-four Hours End
iiig at Tno o'clock, P. M.
On, Aii'Ierson Colum.i MIl!rey. Pailurati;
?!m.,.n,i.,lleri ht- k01"": -mtrland, Kratisvlll,
M. h. t orM th, Memphis; Legal Tender, N. O.
Helen, Hclinont;
en. Anilron, Cohun.! Mllbrey, Palucali;
Ciiintierlaail, Evannille; Mountaineer, Moinphli;
M. I., tornyth. R. I.ouis; i,km Teuder. Uulsrlllei
Mary Alice, Helen, Hrooklyn.
Tho wcatheris again cloudy, and ruin, is
probable Tlio temperature-js mild and pleas
ant, and tho samo tempcrnturo is reported at
St. Louis, whilo again it is very cold at Pitts
burg and other points east. At Pittsburg tho
rain which wo ruported yostorday changed to
a heavy full of snow, and when it ceased tho
mercury was several degroos below tho freez
ing point.
Under tho influence of tho heavy rain. men.
tioned above, tho Ohio is rising rapidly at
Pittsburg, with over ixteoi feetwatflr. in tbo
channel. Tho riso is niojltljl'touttoftho Mo
nonguhela, as tho Allegheny is falling at
Oil City, and full of ice. . '
Tlio Ohio was still falling afCinclnnnti and
Loulsvlllo.yostordayi biifthori-nect'of tho
Pittsburg riso would doubtless begin to bo
felt at those ports to-dny nnd t6-morrdw.' It
is falling rapidly at Kvnnsvlllo,
Hero tho river has hecomo what tho la
mented Kd. Troyor would call "pens mid pa
por" that Is stationary. k- Although ho Mis
sissippi U rising slowly at St. Lpuis, tho fall
in tho Ohio will ovorcoino that riso enough to
force tho river to fn sjpwly,nt this point,
unless raiiisjhavo occurred nbov'oSt, L6uls to
canto a moro rapid rU. 11 n to tho nresnnt
writing, however, no rains' id that1 'quarter
havo been reported and there is no riso of any
conteqiieiico coming down tho Mississippi or
Ituslness hns been quito dtill 'In regard to
shipments, but receipts continue largo. The
Mountaineer received hero about ISO tons for
Memphis' and way points, and CO sheep. Tlio
l-Vnyth also received consldorablo freight for
Si Louis. Tho Cumberland brought n largo
.o for nshipment south, nnd the recolpts
H'nif., For Sale, For Jlenf, o.sr, Found, and
rernonnl, imblUhtd in this column for emht
cents a line, for one insertion.
irXNii7tIctTvt)iti)f:lwrniV"to '
T T tanaist J0. W. TltOVEIl CO.
ITAIfTSU) AlexanilerCounl Ordr, at SO ct
T v on uio nouar, loran Kiniin i i.hoiiht nnl
(ler .Materials,
yATUII-Cttirr City
tv. iinunr. mr nil
Material generally,
i.i Me nt-
N T K A M K It S.
The fo!!oi nit HoaU eormo this Lino am! will to
run In tliu following order:
M. E. KOHSVTIIm. 7EIfi!.t:it, Maxtor.
.MAItlll.K C'lTV rNWAr, Mu(r,
IIKIjLK .MK3IPIIIS) .(;11A.NK, Mater,
CITY OP CAlllO .MAMN, Maiter.
lYompt attention will U paM to all baloav In
truited to the rre of ttieie ll.
Kroistht anil Tsrket sirhce in eomjiany wliatf-twat. In
front of City National Hank.
:HA!. T. HINM:, General Asont.
Kt. V. filviON, Ticket and rttfiitfur Agent.
fieri n. at CO e.nf nn thn
kln'Uof Lumber and HulMrra'
IJSOIl 11KNT An otlwa and Iwement at 110 Ohio
J OhloI.mo. Apply to f WJLbON A N'
CHIll IIK.NT intended otJlcnand lnKinrn room;,
I; In-i-mentp , Ac, in Clark'a new ImlMlnff on Iolee,
a)iOTol2ih street. AlMidrtellintfoti Tenth ilreot. Ap
ply to K. K. A Ml It I ( J cor. 1.-th t. and Waah.Av.
TSOlt NA1.K Four cow mtli jaiins calww.
piy io j. u.urccnneiu.orat nr. Men oinco.
JOU SAI.K.-10.W) acres of land m Alexander ami
; I'ula-kl countle-s IntrwU to suit purchasers, In
eluding aoinu of the rtnent farming aud timl red lunds
iiiuiociaiv. i-oriisiniipiT
No. "I lllno I.i'i'.
JOHN II. O.VVIM, huii't, Memphis, Teantie.
The siilondld Ide-wheol
Leato Memphl. ererr Tl'tIMT, THUKSDAV tu 1
HATfltDAr, at A p.m., forWh;lo Hirer, connectluol
Uiirall's lilurl xllf. the MrmphM anl Little Hock Had.
nud for Littl lick and Hot spring. Tune fauui
Memphis to I.lItU HMh, Is hours.
KrrdKhta and 1,iiut receipted over the ajoio
Liuu at lower ral than anr other route.
CilAh. T. lllNin;. Aisent, Cairo. HI,
orllc on Whatrdsat.
Tll. "WAllUNUIl-IIemdrnce,
XJ natsireei.near mknui street
ell i
No. Ui Wal.
.'iiri.iiruj i-ii cri villi lifl.r I upl
Ottlcnliotirs, 10 to 13 n.in. and 'i"o J p.m., i
well Mipplied with fresh, healthy roccino matter,
Tli u . ji. . nr. it ,. .. ..
J hono power vneinc. Lino f-haftlnc. C'ireular f-aw. Si1 ' 1,(,L If,i CAII.O AMI ICKftlJUliO
and other machinery, nil in kuoiI order. Also, Sloro- J
llOtKe. 'JO liv SO feel. Willi x nonn'OTiT tlur,.. Al.n
divflllnxof vxtmm. All for salocolleetkely or sepa
rately; nou.resldenee of owner the roaoon. Situated
corner I'ouuneri'lal nvenuo nnd 'Jith street. Apply ti
janlldt JtlHN W, TltOVKK 5l CO.
3MC XI n O IX A rCr
No. 7C Ohio Levee, Cairo, III.
Hnwlal ftttontioii ir!vri tft rnniirriiini'nt j nml ftlllnu
I'as Cairo
The splendid
l'nsftOiiKor .Mourner
...III.AKK, Mauler,
...i.iniiwt Jvi,0itUit,
.l.l'KKIt, Master,
CAItTKII. Master.
irnniL' iiiiiirriim iri-ri- Sl'.STiAY ivn.l
Tt'lXDAV, wid ou down trip eery TllUlWlWYaal
K'NOAV, liiakmn tloo fiinni-olloii with
VIckaburK ami Mrrlillau Ilallrnad,
Stljun nud MtrlitUn Jtnllroail
Xt-sv Orlenim, Jnckxiu umK.rcnt 5'nrttlcru
Throuih recolpts nlren to any and" all oInU on the
said roads, with Vaekels for Vaioo Ills it.
HpeclalutteutlooKiveuto aljway Lnsiuess liebwn
Cuiro und Vivkshotv.
CIIAS. T. 1IINDIX fieneral Aent.
Cairo, Illlnoia.
The only FIJIST-CLASS UOTKl, in Cairo
Is now in tho inot uncxccptionalle order for suctl
The i.t Hummer.
1I"KKUK' Carried to nml from the Hotel
rec or unurge.
i it i.
JVANSVIIjLK and caiiuI
c -Coi!i8tiiig rff tho'follawrhg
,piendi(i rns.M'iigcr Menmers:
Alt.MADA, wl H
HUSOt'CHKT Maiter rOWLKIt Clvrk
Leaves Cairo huuday and Thursday nt A p.m.
IiKXTKlt M.l-ter OltAMMHIt Clerk
Leaves Cairo Tuesilny ami J-'rldny at 5 .lii.
HOWAItf).'..' .'.MaMr willr.HT Cleric
Leaves Cairo Wednesday and Haturduy ut fl p.m.
MuUIiik all Intrrniediato hmdliii.'H,, and nvi:i" uir
tlriil.irQUuntion tnl'ftokefKrelshts.'
CUM. T. HINlii:. Oeneral Asent,
Oilleo on Wtiarl'-lmvat.
i ' . . ' kTi..
1 ,
DayJloardj lceni)-Fhc-Dalian 'per m$nth
' " l'roprlftors.
gHEK'w hou.sj:,
Qurucr Market und Court Street,
This. new. apacdous, elocant nnd weH-appolnted
liuildiiiK, will ho openiiU for iho reception of Kuestton
i i.uii. iiieomironousiiisneHiyunii
unit nllcr January
elegantly fu,ruilicil, contnlnliiK excellent rooms for
tho iwromitiodatloii of lady boarders, nnd nil other
I'onveuiencua found in the best hout.ea Iu tho Houtli
west. Chariioa moilciuto.
Tlirno eligibly situated nnd well finished business
roo.ui on tho first HoorwJIl Ins reutod ou reaionablo
terms to u fjood tenant. J.ititM.lin
WANTKU-A comfortable HwelliiiR with from 1
tobrooins, Apply to JOHN Q. HAHMAN A CO..
irr i. it 1. 1 .-v A.
71 OhloLoyce.
tffitiTi. ComposcHl of.tho followinKj,,; .
PIMS jitter I HAltl'nit cit-rb
Lenvcs Cairo every Hundny nt 0 p.m.
.STi:ON(i Master I KOAN Clerlv
Leave. Cajrv every T'ulay n 8.p.m. n ) t ,
' ' TYllONK,
Leave Cuiro ecry Friday at 6 p.m.
BVflpeclnl nttealion given to way buiiness bctuu
Cairo aud Niwhvillo. - '
CTIA3. T. JHNI)i:. (ieneral Agent.
dec2t'CSatf OlUco oa Wharfboat.

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