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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, February 12, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 4

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Time of Arrival nnti'DeiiHwri'eif tafclli.
(Cairo l'ot Office, February J, ;1M
Ponth (Mrmplit N. 0.).. 4:00 a.m....... 4.00 p.m.
Ohio Kiverroulo 5:00 p.m.,.,.. fl:00p.m.
Mississippi ,niVfrroilte,1 . ' ,-i
Tuesdays nud Fridays.. 0:00 p.iu.. 700,p.m..
Charleston, Mo., Tuesday ' , ,
Thursdays .v,aMitrlny.ll:00,A.m-.. ,11:00 .!
Thcbejt; Goose lsmncl nnd -j .
Hantn Fo , C:00p.tnFfl. 7:00 .m. Sal.
""QhiO lilvtf routti departs every day bxr opt Mondays.
J, M.UHAHAM, 1'. M. ,
For oysters, jjo to Loills Herbert nntl pro
cure) somo of his Mohllo Slioll Oystors.
Thu bargftiiiM givon by Goldstihb & Itoson
wntcr in calicos, muslins, nnd nil staplo nrtl
clcs in tlio dry goods llnd, is .ntlractlng tho
attention of nil jirudont Imycrs.tf
Wnterl water 11 wntorlll Grcut' induce
ments I Bargains 1 unrrains I Tho. stock of
clothing, furnishing goods, hoots, shoe?, &c,
Arc., which was saved byStomhoimor& Marx
from tho Into Arc, will bo sold nt DO per cent,
kis thun post, nt their now plnco of husinoss,
No. 8 1 Ohio level!. Call soori and socuro bar
gains, as tho good will bo sold nt a great snc
illko, by order of tho underwriter.
Notlco is hereby givon to tho tax-payers of
Alexander county, Illinois, that for tho pur
poe of collecting tho state, county, district,
r-chool, special, aupor and court houso taxes
now duu for tho your A. D. 18C8, I will bo in
my ufllco in tho city of Cairo during tho
month of February, each day from 10 o'clock,
a.m. until -1 o'clock p.m.
1 will bo nt tho storo-houso of M. D. Gun
titer, in Goose Island precinct, on Monday,
Match 1st, 180(1.
At tho houo of Thomas Martin, C3q., In
Dog Tooth product, on Tuesday, March
2, 18C0.
Dated at Cairo, 111., February 1, 18C0.
hhirlirtiliilQ-t-.onilo Ollettor of Alexander county,
Illinois lewist
what ok the hay xvrr.ni
Every candidate in the flold should now
dctoriniuo tlmt, if ho Is defeated by tho votes
of his follow-domocriits, at tho primary elec
tion to-morrow, ho will onduro his defeat liko
ft man I A llttlo soreness is to bo oxpected--il
natural; but to eurp and complain, and to
run to radical enemies of tho democracy for
comfort, is by no mean' natural with a demo
crat, and Is not oxporlod of a good democrat
by democrats.
Nothing, Juit at this Juncture, could afford
tho radicals of Cairo inoro solid satisfaction
than tho development of a score or two of
"soro-hoads" out of tho primary election. The
sympathetic follows would wear out their
.hoe-leather in hunting them up, to nssuro
them that thuy had been most foully dealt
with; that everybody knows that they couldn't
have been defeated by fair means; that the
election was a rotten cheat and a disgraceful
fraud, and was not, therefore, entitled to the
respect of any decent man In th community.
Now have wo a single democrat In thn field
who would pntieiitly listen to uindoletieo of
this kind from tho hollow hearts and oily
tongues of shrewd radical trickster? Have
wo n candidnto who has mndo up his mind
that ho cannot be defeated unless ho Is de
feated by fruiiduluiit means T If wo havo,
then tho hopes of tho radicals will surely be
realized. If wo have not, then thero will bo
graceful submission, u harmonious party, a
grand victory, and a dlecomlltted sot of radi
cals. Tho Judges and clerks, to-morrow, should
enter upon a dlschargo of tholr duty deter
mined to furnish no just ground for charges
cf fraud or unfairness In their conduct of tho
tlection. Tho name of ovcry "voter should bo
registered, and thu ticket numbered, lleforu
counting tho ballots there should bo a careful
comparison, t iMormino If thero Is an exact
correspondence betwen thu number of votes
cost and thu number of names recorded. Thu
election should bu conducted, in fact, as Hour
ly as mny lie, after the manner prescribed for
elections under thu law. Tho candidate
should make it their o peclal business to sco
that thu rules adopted are strictly observed
at all tho poll. If this is dono, all after
complaints, and charges of fraud can bo safe
ly laughed nt as tho emanations of " sore
heads" who arc soreheads for tho sako of tho
Many of nur citizens aro availing them
elves of thu delightful wouthor prevailing to
transplant and trim their shrubbery and fruit
trees ; and somo of them, taking Urns by tho
forelock, nre planting lettuce, onions, and
othor early vegetables of a Jiaturofcfllclcntly
hardy to resist ordinarily cold weather. Cro-
cusscs and snow-drops have been beguile
into bloom by tho warm sunshine In different
part of the city, giving us a Utoof Spring
In tho midulo of inter.
Tho democrat of Cairo, to a man, should
a'.UnPtho primary election on Saturday, itud
declaro their preference between the different
candidates for nomination. Tho polls will bo
kept open until eight o clock in tho evening.
In order that laboring men may voto
without loss 4( time. Thoro is, there
fore, no excuse for tho non-participutlon of
any democrat in thu illy, Turn out, one (tml
all, and maku thu voting lively.
Thu Northwestern Insurance company
this city, paid Messrs. Hurd&Sun,
torday, $2,Uo,:;3, on ..ods destroyed by''
&t Uoluuiuus on tho 7th Inst. This pi .. , i
ftdjustmont Is in keeping with tho Iv . .
wosltrn's mannor of doing buslnoss. Ti -MCiiilS
itti liability and thn, without
hHtift nieuU it.
From UliS flilo Mluetlon of Amorioaii ai !
foreign eutlery, Mr. "V. M. DavldM:i
Mbtcd us a specimen poalcot knife, for w'
w Undi r him our "grooian bund" sahv .
Davidson stora U & inuioum. It com
vwythlRK that nobody olio thinks of !
It wlU Involve tho oTpondituro of at
$y dollars to tako thu fctono eagles d i .
froo tlioir perch over the custom house t"
2,'Iioy mask coiit. u-n '., iivwCYCf.
local news:
Cilro, Illlnolf .Vcjitij: 121S.' s
Wc,tlit! unilcralKiicil candldutifi
hereby pledge purseXvii4 'h4e
1V1.T. ei:rm AItT,
ii. J. ykm:.
Tho cotillion party at tho ball alloy last
nlcht was quito lively, mado so in n groat
measurobytho prosonco of sovoral candidates,
who nro always doing somothing to ontortain
tho untorriflod votor. At n lato hour tho
crowd dispersod, woll satisfied with tho cour
tesies extendod, and expressing a willingness
to go again on a liko occasion.
A tri-wcekly paper, culled "Tho Head-
Light" Is published on board tho steamer
Richmond. An editor and two compositors
nro constantly cngagod upon It, dishing up
cabin and deck news in a very palatable
stylo. Tho pnpor also takes a glnnco nt shore
affairs, as tho great steamor hurries on tier
vnv. It is tho sourco of much amusement
and pastimo tothopassengors.
Jimmio English, of tho Court Houso Sa
loon, will settwoflno froo lunches to-morrow,
to which ho Invites not only nil tho candl
dales but tho voters of tho city. Tho moni'
ing lunch will bo spread at 9 o'clock and tho
evoninc lunch nt tho samo hour at night. Go
evorybody nnd feast on his good things.
Mr. E. T. Ross, to whosd death wo made
reference in Tuesday's paper, was a gentle
man well known In this nnd Fulnski county,
nnd highly respected by everybody. Ho was
si brother-in law to Hon. Geo. . "Wall, of
l)u Quoin, who was In tho city yesterday, to
attend tho funeral coremonies.
As each candidate is ordering his own tick,
ots, and ns wo havu receded orders already
for 24,000 thero will certnlnly bo no Inck in
that particular. It is a good Idea, however,
to havo plenty of tickets particularly In tho
ballot box.
Wo nro furiiMiing tickets, this year, nt
f2,50 por thousand, which is just ono half of
tho usual price.
Uoforo tho break of day this morning, an
Individual o'f jwrno pruminonco ran against a
fist, somewhere on tho lovee, tho collision be
Ing suuiclently violent to throw him back up
on his haunches.
AVo havo frequently entered our protest
agHinst tho practice of hanging up clutched
fists nt points whore people nro likely to comu
In contact with them j but all to no purpose,
it seems.
Every democrat In tho city should tnko part
In tho primary election to-morrow. It mat
ters not what his opinion may bo respecting
tho fairness and ' policy of tho method em
ployed to niako nominations.' Tho majority
havo decided In favor of it, and it is his duty
as a democrat to submit to that decision. Tho
democrat who stays away from tho polls bo
cause he prefers conventions as a plan for
bringing out candidates, is In effect, a bolyjr,
for ho sets nt doflanco, as tho boltor does, tho
will of a majority of his fellow-democrats.
jot the voto bo full, then, that thero may be
no cavilling about who would havo hoen
nominated had the party turned out and votod.
Thero aro over eight hundred democrats In
tho city, and every ono of them should tako
timo to Ylstt tho polls.
The names of the following geutlomen havo
been substituted for those originally appoint-
od, who could not servo:
In tho second ward Louis Herbort, Androw
Cain nnd U.Wutson "Wobb, tako thu placo
of Anton Eischbach, Lawrencu J. JJyrnu and
. II. Irvln.
In tho third wnrd, Fat Fitzgorald takes tho
placo of Timothy O'Callulian.
In tho fourth ward W. II. Fitchor fills S'n.
Klugo's vacancy.
It is hoped that all tho gentlemen named
as Judges and clerks will bo at tho places ap
pointed in timo to open the polls promptly at
tho hour of two o'clock p. m. ; and that thoy
will supplv themselves with tho nocessary
poll books, ballot boxes, tally sheets, etc., that
tho election from tho start may bo conducted
strictly in accordance with tho rules nnd reg
ulations laid down for Its govornmcnt.
The African Methodist Episcopal congro-
gatlon Iihto purchased Turner Hall and con
verted It into a houso of worship,
A hammer and somo nails and an occasional
now plunk could bo employed to a groat ad
vantage on the sidewalk, between 10th and
20th streots on YVashlngtou avenue.
Jimmio English has stocked tho Court
House saloon in ilrst-class style, and is keep
ing a very ordorly nnd gentcol houso.
Tho sale cattle yards in this city are In full
tide of operation. Tho firm controlling it
havo ngents in Texas who buy and forward
cattlo at frequent intervals, and when onco
hero they aro quickly disposed of. Thoy can
be bought, in somo localities in Texas, for $8
and $10 por head. Tho greatest cost is that
of transportation, "Vo wish tho gontlomen
ongngcii in tins entcrpriso unbounded success,
Thu throo negro ku-kluxes
I to grief. Officer Hunsnkor
hnvo como
thorn this morning, nnd brought them
bronchi thorn
uroutni inem
boforo his honor, Esquiro Jlross, who at
onco procoeded to nn examination. Tho
defense set up was, that tho wholo thing
was got up as an innocent scaro; tlmt
during tho
t ,y ono of their number had pick-
ik thrown itsldo by somo ono
't up a mns
in tho German procession; nud that
thoy had usod it for no othor pur
pose than to sr-aro folks with whom
they woru acquainted. This explanation did
: 'A noutrallzo thuir demand for monoy du-
ug their rounds, for tho evidence showed nn
:vancoboyond sport, In i.ds purtlculnr.
j 'lh:y Ycro fined $10 and cosu, each.
Tho plodgo of tho candiaatf'ttrftiWihd
in anothor column. Tho candidates sigfeW
it without persuasion, frooly and voluntarily,
Tho individual who Tlol0',IVl?2SA?rflf
pitudo. Lot tho democratic mder
It out. names and all. nnd fllo it away
tlmt hn i mnwmuhlish tllC hftmo Of tho
candidate who sets It at dofianco if unhnp
pily, any such dovolops himself. "Wo expact
nothing o tho kind, and .in , cbvswIbjj tho
llst ofridmos, wb cannot plnco our nngor on
one. tho benrcr of which would not rosent as
an insult tho baro Intimation that ho could
prove unfaithlul-to his pnrty nna nia woru.
Skiff & Gavlord's minstrels nro In town
mi... flnn 1.... i....l .mnnnntod with tllO C01I1-
J.J1U 1U MlMOn U1IUU , , . , , I
Mrtn.-ffftrWi'itkmi nme oxoufsitb musio in dif
ferent pnrts of tho city, this morning.
HOTEL AltltlVAM. , r .ft
(Thoei.OliftHos 1
It 0 Hlelnml, Ohio;
MImKIIbIIom, Vt.i
n tUlnainn nltu
AE.ilr. Olilo:
j a Wnrd.'cn, HI.!
M t Wordsen, Detroit;
A l inn. Central a; t j i i ""'J'"r."' ,
Ml I V. Kiournoy, Iowa; T 8'' n' m, ft;v
j f.iinivii)UUji " , ..r - ts.tt
j unri, ni i.aun;
J I.cimnnr, bt Luuls;
Co Hodmnn, CIiIpiiko;
J W lUrlciiul, Htl.ouii;
M 11 Clarlt) Mo.t '
(S LciiipUp, r.rnM.ivltlc;
Low, Onylord,
Frank IVll,
1, Vhtlfn,
F Doimlilcoii,
Wllllof Hi) lord,
John Pr'll,
It Duckholiz,
A J Kay. uoion,
JAOould, M (... '
A Kii'ton.Pt I.oill"!
.Snin Oardacr,
J htlles.
J Arni'trong,
A Molvoo,
J Malcr.on
1. F llitN
osklirandOiylord'a MlnMrrli-.
Iort Mat for She l H""" nUIK
Two o'clock, P. ?!
(Jen. Andorson. Colum.; VTm. White. lwh
Cominouwi alth, N. O.; City of Cairo, Ht. Louis;
slmrk. " Miamrook, "
Aritio-ls. F.rnn.ville; Molho Mt . IMtMrnrs;
JVorlft City. Loiilsirille; Tyrone, n.lnllle,
Ariionaut, Mcmidiii.
nen. Anderoon, Colum.; Wm. White, r-vliicah;
fiamrook. Cincinnati; C..mtilonwtaltli, bt. Loula;
Miilllo Ktiott, y. O.; UMk.
Iinti, Armaila. Kran.tllle;
IV oiaCity. " tityorcln, Meinpliln;
Argonaut, LoiiHUIIp.
The weather continues clear nnd pleasant,
and tho roco bushes and gurddn shrubbery
generally aro fast expanding their buds into
leaves. 'Tho cottonwoods will bo covorcd
with groen In another wcok, should this tcm
pcrnturo continue.
Tho 3Iississlppi is still falling slowly at
St. Louis, nnd onlv ciijht feet water is re
ported to that city by tho officers of tho
Itntli. , , , ,
Tho Ohio is rising steadtlv nt Louisville,
ail nnd Fitlsburir. Thero is nearly
seven foot In tho chutu over tho falls and nlno
feet n tho chnnncl to l'ittsourg. JUteen
towboats havo loft Fittsburg with ovor ono
nnd a half million bushels of coal for Cln-
innnti, Louiivillo and Memphis.
The Cumberland is again rlsini: with near
ly six feet on Harpoth shoals.
Heru thu river lies risen about ona inch
slncu lost roort, nnd is now about stationary.
iiuslnuss continues modoraioiy goou.
Tho Ruth cleared for 'ow Orleans last
night after receiving about 300 tons, the
princlplu lUms of which woro 1500 bbls flour,
1C0 bbls pork nnd 07 hhds tobacco.
Tho Armada brought 13 hhds tobacco, 40
mulci and horses, 18 coops poultryy 380 bbls
flour, 247 bbls potatoes, 2C8 pieces hollow
ware, 22 bbls whisky nnd 03 pkgs sundries
for rcshlpment south, and tho following lor
C.Unt. "Wittlf. 2 nkfi eirtrs: Btratton. Hud
son & Clark, 20 bbls potatoes : Win. Hyslop,'
1 box ; G. V. Vllliamson, 4 boxes eggs j a.
Mnckio & Co., 20 bblspoUtoes; G. W. Ha
gov, ono cow and calf.
Tlio xyronu urougni i iu Dars iron, tu duu
sheet Iron, 14 pkgs sundries for rcshlpment to
St. Louis, nnd 125 pkgs furniture and cedar
ware, 140 slabs and pieces Iron, 7 hhds tobac
co, 13 cattlo, for reshlpmcnt south. 8ho was
also well filled with people, including a picas
uro party of Faducah's best looking girls, at
tended by samo tolerably good-looking young
Tho Quickstep, Capt. Uextcr, Clerks Gram
mar and Fonnington, Is tho regular mall and
passenger packet tor jsvnnsviuu nnu an way
points this evening.
The Lumlnarv. Cnpt. Dan. Conwny, Is the
packet for Vicksburg and Memphis this oven-
Tlio Lady Gav will lenvo uero for new ur-
leans this evening or to-morrow.
Tho Win. White, Capt. ortlicrn, uerK
,11mm v JJeavorlv. is tho regular Cairo and
Fadueah packot this ovonlng.
Tliotrnv and fesiive ivrono, tapi. j.om.
Harmon. Clerks "Weaver and Hard is the
regular Cairo and NasUvllIo packet this oven
Intr. She will land paiscnKors and freight at
all intermediate iwints, and tho kindnoss of
nor oiiicors in attending w me wants oi tneir
patrons, is proverbial. It Is reported that a
lady living on tho banks of the Cumberland
river, hailsd tho Tyrone and requested Capt.
Harmon to take a paper of needles back to
Cairo and exchango them for others a few
sizes larger. Uo promptly compneu, anu
delivered tho papor to tho lady on tho return
trip, making auomer oxira isuuiog iur mu
Three Young Mesa Kill KcU Other lu
fKrotii ih MarnDhia Afolanclie. Sth.l
One of the most painful and tragic ovents
that ever transpired in Arkansas, occurrod
on Thursday last, at Mariana, a village in
I'lillllDS county, twonty-nvo mues normwuii
of Helena. Tho actors In this bloody tragedy
were all young men of good standing and ex
cellent character, wen of tho very best stamp,
brave, generous, and in the very hoydoy of
youuuui muniiooa. . ,
Tho particulars of this tcrrlblo ovont, as
far as wo havo boon ablo to gathor thein from
nurtlos llvlnr. near Mariana, nro brlofly theso:
It scorns that on Thursday of lastwook, while
Mr. Tom Freeman was driving a wugon and
team In the direction of Mariana, ho was ac
costed by Mr Tom Slaughtor, of Mississippi,
who, together with his cousin, Mr. Arthur
Slaughter, was riding on horsoback in tho
samo direction. Tho romark mudo by tho
first Mr. Slmightor was somothing to tho effect
that "he was d d glad thoy could nllbrd at
least ono whlto driver in Arkansas I" Mr.
Fri'fmiiin it w ..Ui'dtrcd. bolnc ruther deaf, in
terpreted tills romark as an insult, tuid bit
torly cursed tho young man; thoy, or cmo of
I ll. .... e ll. . k It en a mill Vtisiltr (! II 1 1 1
l"UI"' smirking wuj. u
, , ?. Mar ana. Upon tho
arrival of tho wajjon at Mnriahu, Tom
HlutiKhttr ordered Freeman to dismount,
drawing a pistol at tho timo, which, it is mip
pWd, ai'cidentlv was diaclmrgcd, wounding
slaughter, tho ball passing through his body
in tlio region 'of tlio neari. wr. .arwiur
Slaughli r being present, lovolcd his pistol and
llred upon Freeman, shooting him through
tho head, not, howovcr, beforo Freeman had
slmultaiift.utlv flred, mortally wounding Ar
thur Slaughter, who died instantly. Thus In
a few minutes, threo bravo young v "olio ws
wero sent to their long nccount, with.oufWarn
lag nud from a trilling cauao.
HtSuler LUMINAHT, Conwnv, mater,
wlllT Cairo TUBS KVENlNa. Feb-
ruary VI. nt Oo'clocle, .1 CHAB. T. HlNDE, .ent.
poll NEW jLEANS.
jrw Hteamer LADT OAT, Piirksj, mauler,
CAilsnlll Isave Cairo Til IS RV KNITIG, Feb'
n!arjT?atB o'cloclu.4 CHAS. T. HlNDE, Agent.
I )
Xlogular rncltot.
TliOfflrio side-wheel stoamcr
H.W.AMrT0N..2taStrr flAJ. PAUt..i..Clcrk,
Leaves Cairo for SlcrajShls and all Intermediate land-
lnS jmi O sJt
Kvery Friday EvenlnR on nirlvnl of the
nr.inra for mintilf??'1o lio MircliMcil at Cairo or Mem
phis promptly attended to as dlrcctod. l'lanturs along
tho river nud merchants In thnftfo cities villi find tho
iintnl.tMnn tnbn mutual lipncflt.nud tholr nntronnita
Is respectfully sollftltodi , . j ". . ,
For freight, pasanicor Information apply on hoard
the wharfboatft, or op the Hambleton. fel)Wtf
U0.lJ.-3r Faoicot.
Tlio light draught sscn"ger Ptenmer
tva. -wiiitk,
It. Y. NOKTIIKUN. ........MnMor,
J. M. 1IKVKHLT -..Clirk,
Wlllmnko rcgulrr IMILY THIP3 Udvt con Cairo and
Pndiionh, lealiiK Cairo every evening (Sunday ex-
ccpteu) at nvoo'clocK,
Tho whitocoiini'CUat PnducaliwHMhpew Orleans
nnd Ohlornllrond, and the Cumberland nndTenncii.to
river ponki'ts.
ior ireicnt or passage nnniv on iam.w
JanMdir - Cairo, lllmoi?.
Is hereby kIthi tliat default h'Ting occurred la
the parfbrtnanco of the conditions exprofed Inacer
Ulntnnrtrni(or detd of trut, executed by Johu
Cuthlna. Jonn Cmhinitand Georio T. Cudilui;, to
Samuel .tiuau Taylor and Kdwla I'arson. Trustees
of the Cairo City Property, brartnr dale the 6th day
of May, 1861, and dnly rocuriW In the otflce
ot tho Krcorder of V"ii, In and for Alexander
counlr. in (he tilate of llllools. In Hook P. ofDeedr,
on psR 69, lie., said mortjjgo or deed of trut con.
rejinn tots numueren six 101, seicu ii nu ruin
a block numbered miecn (lb;, id me am auauion 10
h city of Cairo. In aald county and slate, , ih
UodcrslKned. said Trustees, will on Friday, the Slh
dy of March next, A. D. WJ, at 10 o'clock la the
lorotioon of that day. under and by Tlrtu ef the
power of salecontamea in said Mortgage or deed of
trust, sell, at Public Auction, to the hlxhest bidder,
for ch, at the otnce.bulldlna nfsaht Trustees, corner
of Wastlctitoa atenu od Kighteenthslreot, in sild
llv ol Cmito. In sold county add State, the abo?
deecribed real estale or lot of land, to aatlsfy the
purpeees and conditions ot said roarik'sse or aeeu oi
trust. Hsld nroiertr Kill be sold without redemption
and adeed will bs executed to the) purchaser on such
Trutees of the Cairo City Property.
I)l4. Clro. 111., February H. UC9 did
Is hirebr snven that default hi'lnc oocurreJ In tne
performance of the coadlUon exprrsid In a certain
mortgage or deod of trnit. executed by Joshua Cuih
log, John Cusblng and Ueorge T. Cusblng, to bamuel
Stoats Taylor and Eiwlu Parsons, Trustees of the
Cairo City Property, bearing date the 30:h day of
Marco, isi, ana uuiy recomeu in in omco ui me
KecorOr of Deeds In and for Alexander county, In
the bule ofilllaols, In Uok P. of l)eU, on psge S,
e., sld mnrtgageordsed of trnst conveying lets
numbered one (I), two It), three (3), four (I) and Ave
IS), In block numbered fifteen (16), In the first addition
to tne city or vairo, in saju county ana s, ia
andenlgneel, eald Trustees, will on Friday, the 6th
day of March aext, A. V. ISCf, at JO o'clock In the fore-
nooa oi tnai uay, under ana by virtue or me power
of sale contained in said Mortgage or ded of trust,
sell, at Publle Auction, to the highest Udder, for
cash, at the ofllce building of said Trustees, corner
of Washington avenue and Eighteenth tri, la sold
elty of Cairo, In seld eounly and State, the
above deson bed real estate or Iota of land to satisfy
the purposes and conditions of said mortgage orileea
of trust. Hold property will be asld without todemp.
lion, and a deed will be executed to the purchaser on
such tale. S. HTAATiJ TATLOlt,
Trustees of the Cairo Oly 1'roparty.
Dated, Cairo. 111.. February IS, lttv. dtd
tlnir of Cairo Council. No. 24
will !! held this (Friday) evening. Felmiory
12, IS09, or regular uusiueai anu wuik.
VlUng companions are invuea w anen i.
Dy order of theT. I.
Printed at the office of the Cairo Ilulletln,
Notice Is hereby ghen to the holders of pojtdno
nnn,l. nfiliA i-liv nt rslrn. that there remain in the
alnklnir fund, a iirnvided under Ordinance 73. theMim
of nine thousand, three hundred and eighty dollar.
I will rrvclte proposals at my oraceon ioniay, reu
mary !f J, 1SVO, for the sale to theclty of such bond on
the terms and conditions tcified In stt'liuo of aald
ordinance J. MARTIN,
feblldiw city comptroller.
Plfty-idx acres of loud six
mile north of Mound
City. In Pulaski county, llllnola, threo mile east or
:ity, In Pulaski county, Ullnola, tnreo nines ,eas 01
'ilia Nidge ; 31 acm improveU land under good fence,
n orchard of 10U apple trees, goo-I fruit, four booU
age i ja aerrs 11
iard of 10U ap
dhnir snrlmrs-
an orchard or IUU ami
nevor.falhng springs lie on the road leading irom
Ualetlonla to Villa IllUgo.
A bargain can be hod In the atove premise tr np
riliMl f(.r in me ot an turlv dsr.
Fl AS, s A. nuvi
febllKllw Seventh street, near Wash. At.
Pnbllc notice Is hereby given that thern will im a
aptMitol election held fur tho purpoe of electing an
Aiuannau in inenecouu nu w uu ... "vv
stoned br the resignation of Albert Huwuika, on Tues
day, the 3d day of February, 1S6S. at the engine house
or tne Arau r irooorojwuy, miiwiii op
posite Seventh street.
And puUio notion I also givon that there will be a
special election held for the purosn of electing an Al
derman in thu Third Ward, to ail the vacancy occu
the resignation of Jame ltyan, on Tuesday,
th "S.I Iv of Keuruorv.
ay orrenruary, at tne omce 01 11, ni.au.
nessy, iwlicu magistrate, corner of Waahinglouavruuu
and Twelfth street,
Jly orl
order of the city council.
FAUIN, City Clerk.
The firm of Parker A Phillips has this d or Ix en die
solved by mutual consent. Iiyaa T. Parker 1 author
ised to receive all monies due, anil pay all the indebt.
odness of the firm. I). T. PA UK Kit,
Feh. e. IlWi-illw Tiim. it. rmi.i.u .-i.
WANTED Alexander County Onlers, at M) ct.
on tho dollar, for all kinds of Lumber and Unil
dera' Materials. W. W. TlIOK.NTON.
Office of the Cairo City Ferry Company,
and Volley Ferry Company,
Cairo, Illinois. February 2, 1S09.
Notice is hereby i on to tlio Stockholder of tho
alxne named companies, that an aseineit of six
teen (ICJ IW cent, upon the capital stock thereof, him
this day beeu madeby tho llireetors, and tliat the
Htockholdera are required to pay the came at the office
of the treasurer within ten (lu) dny from tho ilnto
hereof, la accordaueo with the by-hu of the compa
nies THOMAS W. 1IALI.1PAY, Secretary .
febldlOt ,
A Cartl.
A Clergyman, whilo residing In South Auitricaiisa
missionary, ilitcoverod a safe and iuiilo jeinedy lor
the euro of Nervous Weakness, litrly l)ooay, l)itoao
of the Urinary and&emlual Organs, and hewhoie train
of disorders brought ouby baneful and w iu liabit.
fircat numbers have been cured by this uoblo reined,
l'roinpted by a desire to benefit the aflla tod and un
fortunate, I will sond tho recipe, for preparing and
unngthiH medicine, in a sealed en elope, to anyone
who noedsiit, ks or ciuau:. Addie.
Station ! lhblo House.
febl-u3ra How Xotk. d'i
kX. . . . - ' ' 1
Pt cAino eiTV I CAtnotnawrtacOi
WitAnraoAt. - I wMA.riipAT.
t, '.I i , H ' ' ' '' 7 )
. -' .. . -
, uJV C3r-333TT,
Throticn IUU or Lnillnrr Riven to alt
Avnllahlv I'olnta hy Uall or,Vtr.
VO i M
A Nil
1ST 33 XV OHXi EiLIff S
V. It. AIITII.U11 CAPTKi;. Jlosttr,
i.adv oay,, .......-.lU'lti:, Master,
HUTU .7...... MPnOH.M. Master,
l'Aiiiit.M: cAJtiioi.i....M..wnrrK. mmiit,
HlH.MAIlCK...........K.STniKi:N. Mster
I.I7.IK fillYI. ,., , .0'.KII Master,
OI.1VK HHAACH MM.M.J()Ni, Master.
CutnprisEngall tho finest and largest loots out of St.
One of thn above llneof steamers will leave t'a r
f'.r New Orleans everv oilier day. connecting at New
Orleans with Ocean Line of riteauu n to
Liverpool, New York, Huston, anil Cialves
tnn, Texas,
Passenger and 8hlpp'r run rely on nne l th'e
lioat leaving lairo punetiially at alow. Will ray
trticillar attention to all way frelithts l low Metnph
lo New Orleans. ClIAii. T. II IN 1)11,
Oencral Agent, Ca r
OfJIee, on Wharftmt, PuUk I and :t
KI. . 6I5SON. I'-enirr and Ticket Agnt.
OfflCP, ut ftt- Charter Hotel.
S6 H T EAJ1K It S.
Tim follawinit lloU uornnose this l.lno and w,;j l-
run in the fol!,.w n orderi
M. E. PfiltMYTII 7.r.ir..KlL Master.
M A It III. K CITY .CUNWAr, Master,
riTvnt' AI.TOX. .T1I0MPN, Mal
II K I. V K M K M I'l 1 1 f .....nt K N K, M aster,
CITY OK CAIJlOM....SlAl.ls waster.
Il.,.m,. .t..nl.r.n .,,1 Im lllul to all bUSineM 13
trusted to the eare of these twite. , .
i',....l,i .nrf Tlnket ttmpe Inromiianv wharf'MSt. in
front of City National . aiik. ,
L.IIAn. I- III...'., i.iii.
ED. F. 8IS0ON, Ticket and Passenger Agent.
JOHN . DAVIM, Ussp't, Memptils, Tcnne.
Tho splendid side-wlieol
Uove Memphis every TUI)AT, TliUIHUAr art
HATUHDAr, at i p.m., for WhlUi Iliver, ronnectln at
Duvall' lllufl with the Memphis and Little Pock 1UJ .
rood for Utile Pock and Hot Hpring. Time tpun
Memphis to l.itUe Itock, 41 hour. .
Freight and PassenKera reelptM over the atot
Line ol lower raie.s thou any other route.
CHA9. T. HINUE. Aent, Cairo. III.
Office uu Wturf-boit.
Tho splendid
lUKsoiij;t'r rStfiuueni
RUU1CON ...HLAKE, Master,
LUMINARY.., .........H'KEIl, Moiter.
U. M.SIUIKVK. .CAHTKlt, Master.
Pass Cairo Iroinir upstream every HUNDAT and
TUESDAY, and on down trip every IHUIWDAY anst
SUNDAY, making close connection with
VlcksburK ami Merldlasi Railroad,
Nilws sua Merlillau Railroad
Blew Orleans, Jackson and Great North no
Through receipt given to any and all polnla ossth
aid roods, with Pacicet fur Yaxoo Hirer.
Hpecial attention given to all way business beSffea
Cairo and VlcksUirg.
CHAH. T. HINDIS (ieneral AgenU
Othcu on Wliarf-boat.
Consisting of tho following
Splendid rassunger StcamcTMC
Leaves Cairo Bunday anil ThU"d.iy at i p.m.
DEXTEIt Master OllAMMEIt ..CIer';
Leaves Cairo Tuesday and Friday at S p.m.
Leaves Cairo Wednesday nnd Rtturduy ut 6 p.m.
MakiriK nil Intormedlnte landings, and piylng pir
tlcular nttcntlon to Packet Freight.
CHAS. T. IHNIH:, (ieneral Asent,
Office n Wharl-loa'
1rrr4,f Composeii ot tlio tollowiag
Lfi5lr-Tr 2nii a -triiiiss
A AISII Vll,l,li,
SIMB Muster I HAItPKIt fie :
Leaves Cuiro every Sunday nt 6 p.m.
STllONO Master KOAN ... ...CI-',
Leaves Cairo every Tuesday at 5 p.m.
Leaven Cairo every Friday at 6 p.m.
StrpoclAl attention given to way business betinr (
IMilW UIU il.1911) 1IJI.
tUVS, X, IlINDE, GoikmI .V?-a
OiUco oa Wuartu ja;,

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