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OFFICE: No. 13, Tonth troot, Thornton's Building. . 5
' ''IT
Tho Chlneso Immigration movement,
inaugratcd in tno Boith, excited 'rif I M
very Incoptlon, tho hostility of all tho
leading radical Journals of the country.
Thoysawinlt an cflort to re-establish
Invtilflifytttf scryltifde'In'theHouth, and
unearthed old anil almost forgotten laws
and mead them in bar to tho onward
progress of tho ruovoraent. Thcso object1
Ions were well met by tho domocratio
psesa; but prctto channel Tho radical
press now champion the measure as one
that Is calculated to enlarge and re-eiier--rizo
our Industries,, whllo many, very
many, . of tho prominent democratic
papers opposo and denounce it as fraught
with danger to tho luutllutlona of tho
tountry and the perpetuity of tho demo
cratlo party.
i. Tho Chicago 'Tribune,' whicli,not. long
since denounced tho plan for Introdu
cing tbU labor Into the South, ban now
jomo round to an cmpbatlot .acknowl
edgment of ILb Immense value, and it Is
as covetous of It for purposes of western
manufacture, as any one in tho South
has been covetous of It for purposes of
tjouthern agriculture. And the argu
ment of the 'Tribune,' In the present' in
stance, corroborates all that has been
said. as to the benefits which the Inter
osU of general Industry, and cnterprlso
must derive fronum luflux of Chinese
laborers. For example, the 'Tribune'
Not a (tingle cotton or woolen manufac
tory is now running In Chicago, though
the state of Illinois has coal enough to
run all the bplndles in the world for a
thousand years. It would not, there
fore, dlsplaco a itluglu workman from
employment if 10,000 Chinamen Wcro;
brought into Chicago, uud 10.000,000.
were invested In manufactories of cotton
and woolen goods in tills city which,
upon cheap Asiatic labor, could not fail
to cam handsome dividends. On tho
contrary, such an inilux of capital and
manufacturing labor would furnish im
mediate employment for soveral thous
and stonecutters, bricklayers, engine
and machine makers and builders, In
putting up the new buildings required
for their occupation, for neveral hun
dred each of carmen, grocer, drygoods
and hardware men, and finally would
add in some degree for labor to lu re
ward among every class of working men
In the city.
Laboring mcu, who can now And
nothing better to do than digging sow
ars, will fiud themselves promoted to
whatever more profitable employment
they are fit for. The cheap labor o( the
Chlneso has precisely the same etlect on
the labor market us the still cheaper
labor of the horse, tliestenui engine, and
of all tho machinery. All tend to lessen
the amount ofphyMcnl toll required to
mpport the life of the luborcr working
by their side.' Meanwhile, the products
of the cptiidles and looms of 10,000 Chi -
nameu working among us wouiu soon
reduce by fifty per cent, the con of all
wearing apparel and of general llvlug.
The butcher could afford to charge 1cm
for hU labor in selling meat, becau-e he
would pay lens for his coat and the dress
es of tils wife and children. Wagon
gonerally would purchaso more of the
comfort of life with a smaller num.
rrtfer Trace r Ik Xaarxl flnllilcr
Prof. Henry L. Hcott, a noted antiqua
rian, is making discoveries that may lead
to a better knowledgo of tho race that
peopled this continent thousands of
yean ago. f
Writing to an English periodical one
sf Prof: Scott's aWlatanta says:, ja -
Having secured the help of some half
iozen men, FrolV Scott' inaaedtately dl
rectd his course towards tho south,
whtre a bastard canon starts otrt from
as of ths Uintah spurs. FertUMUly
be bad with him a half breed who could
jonverse with the Bhosonccs, who raage
all through that , section, and through
the) interpreter he learned from Wa-pa-Hi-ta
(stag), a sub-chief of the Sboso
aees, that about' Ifteeu miles from
Evausion was a mound of extraordinary
dimensions, The .professor Immediately
repaired to tho place, and to his great
JrraUAeatlon , discovered a tumului of as
air and positive proportions as any des
jrlbed by Hquler and Davis. He imme
diately commenced tho work of excava
tion, and lu three days had tho inexpres
sible pleasure of laying baro what was
ertaiuly a vault. He found a cavity
about eight feet long, three wide and
four deep. Its bottom, sides and ends
wero made of tilangular.ahaped stones,
vld6utly quarried from the. red granite
of the Wahsatch range. There was no
top or covering to the vault, but fro'm'tlio
nature aad color of the earth Immediate
ly over it, the professor thinks that an
arch of burnt clay.had been used. With
the exception of somo unimportant
pieces of obsidian, evidently having been
used for lapidary's purposes, Prof. Scott
brought away everything found In tho
vault. But one skeleton was found,
which, on exposure, Immediately crum
bled Into dust; it appeared to lndicato
that of a man not over live feet ten
inches, Tho hones lay east aud.west
tho Hkull east. At' the foot, and nppo
rently between the feet, was found an or
diaary shaped earthen pot, with a capac
ity, perhaps, of half a gallon, 'cone
shaped, and without mark or engraving
on ft. Along the left side lay an Iron
braoelot, with' a' spring clasp, perfectly
preserved. On each sldo or the skull
were two medicine atones uhaiped like a
cigar, full of-holes, and of half pound
weight. The atoues were very blind ur
to Tnnneasee marble, or Scotch Kranite.
On the right sldo P)fthe skeleton tho
professor fouad a silver plate, about the
size and exactly the shape
tue snape oi hu struma
pallet. No raak,;4 whatever, .was dis
tlnguishablo.oh tbisiwees, but It Is of tho
.purest flllvorIt May have been used as
'a shield, though tho professor inclines to
thoiielief that It trae a "charm," and
that the skeleton was that of some med
icine man or priest.
, The value to science of this discovery
of Prof. Scott, we aro glad to say, does
not consist in the supposed antiquity of
the articles exhumed. Other ana moro
posltlsqjj vjdenco corroborates his ,im-.
presslon that tho vault' ho laid baro Is of
more than 1,500 years' existence. This
excavation, to be" speedily followed by
others, under tho direction of tho Smith
so ulan .Institute, wo feel confldent-lll
establish'the'fact that the mound build
ers crossed the Missouri river, and pass
ing over 'the plains of the grcat'iVYest,
r.i.n.1 ji n..- t iT .. i i
luuiju uuuiuvu ui wiciu men wjr as?;
to antral America via tue uuif or uajk
Ifornla; ?
.''ill i -4 ,
Tire' Indianapolis (Indiana) radical
'Journal,' takw (he Chicago 'Trlbiibe '1
rauicai, io umk, ,in mo ioiiowiug,Biyic,
because the latter was pleased with Sea,-,
ter's election as rove rn or of Tenacssoer
"Thero was scarcely a republican pi
ter of an v stAndinar in the countrv whoi
approved the course of either tho Clilca
go or New York 'Tribune' in thoso mat
ters, tho Tennessee election and there
are but few who will sustain them in
their attempt to commit that party at
the present time to universal sullrage
and universal amnesty. Tho great moss
of the republican party of tho north, as
well as the president and cabinet, sym
pathize with Col.' Stokes, and the princi
ples he represented."
The 'Tribune,' after explaining Its posi
tion, "goes for" the 'Jouraalwith the
follow! ug copperhead notieas.' The ital
ics are ours: -
"Let the 'Jokraal' eease savfflug tho
atmosphere for blood, and chattering
about 'ono-tenth of the population', if
loyal,' govornlng the Stato. TKdlldnd of
talk Witt In order Jive yeart ago; but the
time hit paMdr. U. Anew-ict'of books
uavo w:en opoueu. All men In Tonnes
see, white ex-rebels as well as black
unionist, are now enfranchised, and
will hereafter bo voters. What is tho
'Journal' going to do about it?"
John G. Whittier Is at the Isle of
Sir Henry Holland is about to re-visit
tho United States, s
The young klng'of Grace is said to
have bccoinoadraakard.
There is a ytmag BMaln Oalesburg
who has rsa4l4l'dlmo uTrvaiB.
Somebodyilgarcsup C4Hsusioorc Van
derbllt's wealth at $100,0iM.
The viceroy of Europe U to spend 6000,
000 francs for opera In Cairo.
llurllngame has achieved notoriety.
His-'namo figures on paper-collar boxes.
A small frebh water shark was caught
in tho rlyer opposite East St, Louis, tho
other day.t
Mrs. Grunt once wrote poetry for west
ern Journals, under the signature of
Tho old settlers of Sangamon, Logan
and Menard counties will meet at Clear
Lake on tho 20th.
John A. Rldgway, tho inventor of tho
"Vertical RovolvJngTBattery, ' died in
IkMton an tho 14th insi'
The time for holdlng'the national cap
Hal conventionlitsMLonls, has been
changed from October Mh to October
Th marriage' robe worn'by the Prla
cess Louisa, of Sweeden, at her recent
marriage to tho prince royal, of Den
mark, was manufactured at Berjin, and
coat 134,000.
Tho city council of Indlauapolls, Indi
ana, will shortly visit Peoria for tho pur
pose of examining the new water-works.
A French paper says that the captain
of an American vessel bound for New
York recently fell' in with av deserted
ship at sea, jn tbo cabin of which was
found tho body of a man about thirty
years of age, his head resting upon a box
containing $150,000 In gold.
During the day of Bailey's circus In
Aurora, III., Squire Van Noatwick united
in bonds matrimonial ouo of tho Albino
boys, Amos Ilockmau, weight about 120
pounds, and the "fat girl," Julia Huntlea
ton, whose traveling weight is four hund
red and ulnoty-gve powids.
The radicataxhjrVS'fary little hope of
carrying theMwa afOfikand Pennsyl
vania lu ths)aMVleoilpi). They look
upon thomtaevltably lost. The
slguaturo ofifsMjfy tatBtatea to the
document for tho radicalism that is be
ing passed around will be death warrant
of tho radical party.
Our old time and valuod friend" John
W. MoKeo, Alderman of Cairo and cor
respondent of the Cincinnati 'Commer
cial,' and W. B. Kernoy, Cairo corres
pondent for a, long .time of the. Chicago
'Trlbuno' and 'Journal' dropped in1 upon
us on the day of the eelipse. They live
lu Cairo, poor devils, whero and all-wlso
Buler doesn't get up 'his best.'sun shows,
and they- wr determined not to be
cheated, so they vsfy staslbly oama to the
center of tbe unlysrsaEfflngham. ..
The boys behaved 'Yery well for "raor
el" geallu.en,, and evidemly returned
to Cairo In some doubt as to'whiob
was the grander eight fer tbeax the
eclipse or great oily like Sfflngbam.
EMagham 'Democrat''
T ' if i'
He Lay- Down hM Ctpi-hug tefHtan&n
Hdn. Ceorgo 8. Uoutwclt, Scefctary of tlm Trcwury
Hm I shall make llttlo apoloc'r for
asking your attention to nay fetter,, and i
icno iui viiu uatuiv ua vvinviiWi auu ,
were tho first to deny the political ortho
doxy of my friend and imytelfand by
'all tbo rules of tbo ftrum li am , entitled
toa defense. Again, you hold an office
6f the Kepubllc, and your acts therein
aro legitimate subjects of criticism by
tho humblest clttzen thereof. But in
somo respects we aro alike: for Instance,
we are both aspirauts for pkee. with this
difference you aim to be next president',
with every assurance of success except
In tho opinion of thepeople; while I seek
an humbler placo. with, my hopes iu dls
'astrouw ecllpse, exceptiin the; Judgment
,of Misslsssippl. So, in the probuble re
sults of tbo future, we both stand averse
to the Judgment of the country.
In the pursuit of your ambition you are
unscrupulous as to the means of your sue-,
cess. Your organ, tho New York 'Sunj'
In tliQ flame.brcatfi ridicules tho capacity
of ypjir master, and dwells with empba
sis on your peculiar fitness for his office.
Your excellent tool, Mr. Tullock, be
came so reckless In the manipulation of
your departmcntin the-interettt. of your,
ambition, and so defiant of tbo wishes
of the President and the country, that to
savt yourself from an explosion of popu.
lar indignation you found It convenient
to transfer him to auothersphero of scan
dalous activity, where his talents' might
bo exerted with equal effect and less ef
frontery. SECOND noUNO, MOKK V W IS if MKNT.
Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi and
Texas, not to mention anything so hum
ble as myself, were obstructions In tho
vuy,of,your,8Uccess, because, through
President Grant's Intervention la exclud
ing the proscriptive clauses from their
organic laws, thcso States aro brought
Into tue-Unlon firmly wedded to his sup
port.' "Now, this is indirect conllict with
your systematized plans; for what Gen
eral Grant gets in the next election,
clearly Mr. Boutwell. will not get; and
therefore you bavo denounced tho con
servative republicans, who are for Grant,
that you may obtain the proscriptive re
publicans, who are for Boutwell, and, by
some- strange, - dexterous management
and occult political strategy', you nave so
worked upon tbe confidence of the Pres
ident as to cause him to llourhh the club
with which you intend to break his head,
by inducing him to Join you in denun
ciation of tao conservative rtpubUeaus.
a party created by his magnanimity, and
triumphant through his management.
DEH. But. sir. your purpose was easily dis
cerned, and has a twofold object, namely,
to destroy trio national republican party
in tho South, and then to reconstruct
from i tif shattered fragments a Boutwell
party, with no Richmond In the field to
strike for your crown. But If you can
not succeed in this sobouio of desperato
enterprise, you mean to ruin a result,
from present appearauces, much more
likely to be reached.
Your official intervention for .Wells,
for Instance, gave 30,003' majority for
Walker. Your letter to Stokes gave
Senter Tennessee by an overwhelming
vote of 70,000. Your marvellous politi
cal sagacity, now active in Mississippi
and Texas, will repeat your calamity,
and again overwhelni yeu with discom
fiture and defeat Superadd to these re
sults of your unapproachable folly the
imposition on these states of your iron
clad oath, and tbe alienation is com
pletc, landing tbem all In tbe outstretch
ed arms of democracy.
But tbe consequenee of your folly does
Bot end her. Ohio and Pensylvaaia
and others will fellow, decide their pol
itical status In '.October aud the North,
will tif baek the condemnation of the
South and peal In your ears this fact
that, there Is still enough of the incor
ruptible virtue of the Republic to rebuke
you for a wanton repression of that naoit
sacred right, tho elective franchise.
But. sir. this will not deter you from
your mad course. You will still persist
until every prop mat supports our party
is stricken away and the whole grand
superstructure tumbles about our ears in
hopeless ruin.
When you weru appointed secretary
of the treasury, aud uuaulmously con
firmed by a senate oi every suaue or po
litical opinion, did you not take an oath
to administer your office Impartially, and
for tbe exclusive object of it creation
to collect tho revenue and control tho
finances of the country ? Is not that' of
ftea the property of tbe nation, and your
self only clothed for a time with a little
brief authority? Then, sir, how do you
explain this perversion of its legitimate
uses aad functions into a means and in
strument of oppression, and compel the
election of obnoxious rulers upon tho peo
ple of the South? Is such a course con
sistent with your oath of office, or. do
you call this a great moral idea? But
Mr. Boutwell, though you have thus
postituted the powers of vour office for
purposes of oppression, without the war
rant of conscfeuoeior law, It may be Jat
you can tell me by- what authority you
presume to pronounce upon my political
orthodoxy. Who constituted, you the
iufalliblo hope of republicanism? Who
gave you authority to hurl tho political
anathemas of the party? Again, what
right had you to commit the adminis
tration to your policy? Have you to
learn yet that you are only apart of tbe
administration, and not the whole of It;
though your friends believe that a mob
amauia has seised your mind en that
eanjeet, aad that you verily believe your
self the state?
A correspondent of Wo TJbsto'ri ''Post'
says: "Few' people-trouble themselves
to think what tbe effect would bo If the
ecllpso of Saturday last any Hength of
'time, and the sun wero blotted from the.
beavJeMrfPWloophy,declare.that not
only "would a horror' of darkness cover
me earth, but the moisture of tho atmos
phere would be precipitated in vast
showers' tothe eartVjfand ttb,e tempera
ture fall to a fearful point of cold, noth
ing less than 230 degrees below zero, Fah
renheit. Tho earth would be the seat of
darkness, and more than aretld drool.
tionr Nothlnsr could eonrivfl ueh freaz
jngcoldamompnt; mpre than oneeould
breathe In scalding water.' In threo'days
after tho coollnff Droaaas beiran. nothlncr
oreated would be alive but monsters that J
wallow In tho deep oeeau and tho eye
lees reptiles that make their haunts in
caves which penetrate far tinder ground.
v. , v w
. JT H. The llzht draught itcmtr ALPHA,
jfifSpf P. 0 IirA.V, Mrutcr. W. K I1VKRS
Crk, wiiriMTe furtha kboroaoit all loUrmedlate
point- on
- .IN(K t ,
'The Alpha connoot clottly at Dannllo with traim
orClirkiirillfl, lowln Greu an-1 LouUtiIIc, twl
at JohnnotiTille with tritlni for Nuhrillc.
Keturniox aha oomiecu t Cairo with kt&mcr- rvl
trln lor nil point. ' " ' attlDtf
FOR NAM On account of whom it mT con
cern, Urn wreck of the iteamcr LouUUoa, a oho
now He t tho wharf ai Cairo, 111.
. . UVAS T. I'AHKER, Aent,
Cairo, nt Ailg. W, I8CT. for Underwriter.
si xr-
Coatalaa Halalac or Artertlc,
I wit 17b-1mb1 t taa.X-uit. i
WlU tke U waiiMt lical t.
After a fJr trial, pronounea It theleit of all medi-
eloej-tt known for the apoejjr and certain ture of '
! lit'
Chill and FeTr araeaajed from a eeruln polion
xlttln In th atmophro known a: malaria. 4 a re
oucM h Titality of (thobiood. raUrdithe action of
the different organ-, and mbni ItlllioMaeit, Comti.
patlen. ate., and in thli m ntir ilu tnr
any dwea-eof a mora aerioua nature which may. fol
low, loarow rurtner trouble, aud relieve younolf
of thleduet,tako '
r ,
U atlmulate the ornant to perform their different
function., and act a ananllilma th tulu.n wHl
caueeethe Kerer and Afue. and" thernbr reetoree the
one w
And for coun-,colU, broactiilii and'oonaumitlon.
It i not to be aurpasied. Ki A TONIC UtVERAGr!
aul Int
I hereby given that default having occurred in the
performance of tho condition cxpreaacd in a certain
mortgage or doed of truat executed by John N. Pat
ton toHamuel Htant Taylor and Edwin Paraoni, (nil
te.i of the Cairo City Iroperiy, dated the Uthdayof
March. A. (1. WtA, and recorded In the roeorder'e ef
flqe, in and for Alexander county. In thoHtateof IUI.
nola? in bookfjofDed,'-paKe-W'o.,'ald mortgage
vw kbcwi.iiiw.ivviii,;w, ium iimnwiiHi hihkth t'"f
ilxtecn (IS), nml. seventeen (IT), la block uumtHrea
aeventy.nine (TW) lathe firat addition to tho city of
Cairo, In eald county and Mate. We, the
underiigned aiild truetee, will on Wednesday, . the
8th day of September next, A. O. I860, at 10 o'clock
in the forenoon of that day, under and by virtue of the
power of calo contained in aald mortgage, aell, at pub
lic auotlon, to the higheat bidder, for caah, at the of
fice buildings of aaldtrutteea, corner of Waahingtoa
avenue andlMliatreet, In Jd city of Cairo, in Alex
ander county and Stato of Miaol, aald Iota numbered
Bftee(U),alxteea(t) and aevesteMa (17),. ia block
numbered seventy-nine (TO), la aaidirst additiou to
aald ollyof, Cairo, accord!) to tha reoorded plat
thereof, with, tho appurtaeaaoe, to aaUay tae aur
peeea coacHon of SirATLOa.
-frusta at a(WreCMa Tmtlt
Dai-4, Cairo, 111., Auat W, Us. aaTs-ahd.
aire trncth and aoielito. wlltdeiirov thai
g ot weanneea that cling. .0 tnaeiously to any
hen ri-corerins from thla di.enui.. It 1! hiviG
for the cure of PrpenTa.' '
if Aro i'ou u .SIhvc .. , , .
tnTnAuitr Of nnnrA vnu .I. rhM 11.
7j?r?)oA,n.lldot,'lu,t-J,oulllnot oaUAxi cured of
i.-t-f? fif tobtacco tuc ou will not craro it at-aim
K ,.elP?r.'r";? hundred. Many in Cairo
. fltl""?." T.d '"l""1 " ,n eirTT WT effectual. Get
a box and trr It. Ii vnniir.., a ,n.ii-. un.
centetoIUrclay HroheM, Cairo, and they will aend
; "j ruiurn mail..
Toaee tho girl or boy who doe not like TOLU.
the pruj? Store, on tho Ler-e, you can get a nice)
(...( .rtt.1. It... JH...t. ....I. it. ..... .
. v" r . kM. uiicmt niicK iu me levin.
your time during racatlon.
Now U
Brmnelleii. WkUkicH. WIbch.
..FfiL2Jilc- P,rV8 -nly, at wholei&te and rtlall,
"y uaratay Brother.
r 1BullaparlMblo Cement.
ThleneirMd Vllablf article I mariofaolur'ed. re-
.isiMiuiruui.-u Mu4 iuraia uy uarciay nrotn
firoemntln-;weo.-iher. gla-. chinawi
ert. vtta
aware, eto.
Ymbs; JLadlcM
And tho-e who are older, yonng men and old mi-n;
tnn rich and poor; thoe who haro black flowing locki;
thOte who tun rrm l im ltin.. u.hn .u-il
Jf'l??.'- ?." Klning it again, all uee Uarrcli'e VeceU-
oie ueur iteatoratlTe. If yon have not a.-ed,it rco at
-iS.tJaKeK a ".'"i I'rel-re It the place, aa their
Sf-hLli'i?!? en."ri hta-'au-rtera for tne article Ic
Southern Illlnolw. Kentucky and Mliwuri.
Frenck Blnckint;.
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neceiltA(otlip purcha-e of another largo aupply. W
ha to the true article a- mido by tho noted manufactu
rera. Jlarccronadd Droeaon. For elUicr kind go te
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nlng Hy I'aner-the genuine article. Oncehcetwib
kill a quart of Hip.
Cullforuiu Uine.
If you want the pure article, from tho original pack
agea, received direct from SunnySlope rlneyarda, hot
have lu Angollca I'ort.
Samtega and Illue Licit Hater.
Aa clear and lively m when drank at IhaSprin-l.
Tharirtueaof tlieio wutera hate been and aro boini
tested to the great benellt and aatltfactlon of many ol
our citintj.. Aa dealt out at the counter of Barclay
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JLavender Water.
Floriaa a cr; Bay Itum and Coloinea for (he toil
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