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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, September 11, 1869, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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inula t;ntini h. k . cimnin) Miim.
n fw.anri.av aiiiiiidt "iirii wi.aa iiiiiiiiviiiii
-t I ...... ,n.t ... - If I ...
ntAhinwIlt tnkn nlK-nt and WOVem
ooino north:
train oBTftti Siao o'clock a.m
train arrive a........) . iI3 o'clock a.m.
KltEtOHT.TKA.INfl: . ,r
, lfTr tt .... m :: o'clock .m.
, arrivr at ... 6:40 " p.m
rf m " i.....i...,..,.j., 7i) " i a.m.
Art-lral nT Ipair( Mr of Mall. "
(Clro root Offle. February i860 )
aaaim. DirtiTf.
. - (Tim A'j.lumif
in imiuurii ... Jiir'n.m.... o.wi p.m.
... .. f.. . ...... v.w p..i.....a..vw a ....
H flhrAnvhanil wa M 1 1 III . ITA
miuiiuii rfiiisia htii n m i imi n.m .
, a. It . A . I ( AA I.AA a
inin kia rnuiA (Iadatu a tat ust niutbi AionuAT.
' J.M.0KAHAM. I' M.
i i
jjcmocrauoioumy toiireouoo mr
purpose of nominating candidates
tbe various county ofilccs and for the
ueu mauve LUflinci ivoavcnuon. win
-a -a il. . r i WW I d I
mm ii v. rwniPini ir ziki. i nriH . si
... t i. iruir. A wfi
. . .
A III . . A A Ata .
IdKilMtt llAhtBMnlinli IMIH IWiU T
. A. l I ln 1 il.
live Democratic voter?, or fraction of
f!nnd 3 t'nlty
A. KscMbacli,
J. 11. Taylor,
Jah. H. Jtlulkoy,
M. D. Ouuler,
Green M&soy,
H. Murcliildon,
Jai, 12. McUrllo,
Pntrlok HulUvi.n,
Detn To. Central Committee.
,epttl . , .
Ender'a Stomach nitterHl "Tnebcit
I'M Male.
-My realdenco on 'Kightu atreet. '"Will
neuStt B. 8. HtlMBi-XU
Haminnln. I'nme
TIio beat and prettiest cookalove now
auo. XT '
A Dolotjut received. Call Dd soo
1 1' 1 11 K. L I ICI'l V A 1 L . UIl U L.U.. IOQUJUiB
erciui evenuo, Depuunnu
... i o.i:r
Took Place la NbHfrow.
The closing scenoB o. the Gallatin
. n i ri I ai
. A . A . .
Mr. uurqloic caiieu oicsara. uoyuoiaa,
I A I. . t '
mx niaiinrm rHnmir run aiiniunna esania
oftk n i e t M tftmf Mini1 4lrvanv ! l aa! aa1
Til niiiiuuiJi:i:u liibl iiiuan 11 iiu ucniiini
meet theso cbrifltlan gentlemen In
A ....A iU.'...
ulcu uLMJii nil iv juiii iiniiua niuuuu iuu
ltt, llfaM It n CI 111 All fillltrv 1 1 i 4
iDBiuDi amuuaiMfliii iiiin ni ui nn t :aa n
To County 0rr.
Notice Is hereby given, that the pub.
o laws of 18CJ nro now in my. onico for
Ntr hut on. J. U. liYNCH
Augia lm County Clerk.
in- phiiAhiiiii ii
"Barrel t'n" keeps the scalp healthy.,
Kndor's Chill Cure Novor Falla.
- I I I I -
If you want a good stove, or tinware
J ii riiiii. L'liiit'r. ur nnviiiiiir hi iiihl iikic
t . . a .i LlLI I l A It.
a -r iB. m..lftL A A
a Ua . Ail. J ..u ii.
Particular attention given to Htoana
f tirl mill nrinnnT (j Da 1 1 la I M tv
Myl aalaaaaai lAH AaW' oil nV. aiai AtllmMaaUa
....kiM ata.aatlaM a a
First, aeoura 'Barrett'."
"The Best In Use." Ender'a Stomach
All Druggists reoommond "BarrettV.'
Sacrod concert la, Jplincheel'fl hille,
Ahi Rnntair Abend den 12ten Septi' I860.
Fuer Kilters Bier, bat Herr.Bo.heel bcHI
tens goaargta MogoDen you .win's'opr
oheatrn a,uf rtll gemdlnjea Verlangen. 2.
Violin solo's vvergetrageh, vbb Eronia
witii.. Anfmiir dtVs Concert's. 8 lJhr.
ElntrlttsprclM, SS centBi Taoh dem c(?n
Ihft Juiitt on RuaiI.
Tho cpmplcMJ f tho Iron Mountain
railroad opens lip communication be
tween St. Louis and Mobile that is only
.thirty miles uhortor than that furnished
via Illinois Central through Cairo. This
fact, taken In connection witli tho assured
completion of tho Cairo and Vincennes
and Cairo and tit. Louis railroads, within
the next two year, gives ipeclal pro ml
nonce to the Junction railroad project,
connecting Cairo with the Mobile and
Ohio railroad at; Moscow, Ky., aome four
teen miles distant from Columbus.
The Illinois Central, the Cairo and
Vincennes and the Cairo and St. Louis
roads, terminating at Cairo, must form
closer Southern connections. While the
twenty miles travel hence to Columbus,
oti a pleasant and swift running stoamer,
ia but a pleasant respite from the dust
and clatter of railroad travel, thochanges
froaa ,car to boat and from boat to car,
and the twenty minutes delay conse
quent, aro considered as "vexatious im
pediments," not to bo tolerated in this
break-neck ago or llgntning ana veloci
pedes. The connection must be close,
the route oontisuousj or the requirements
of tho times will not be complied with.
The Junction road would bring trains
to a point directly opposite Cairo, making
the shortest possible, route between Bt
Louis, Chicago anof'Moblle. As a few
hundred thousand dollar will accom-
nllsh this end, and as three great rail?
road corporations are deeply Interested
in Its accomplishment, it la not to be sup
posed that it will be delayed much lon
ger. We have, Indeed, hoard that tho
necessity for Immediate action Js being
canvassod by parties able to build the
road, and that there Is a strong proba
blllty that it will bo tho first road finished
Into Cairo.
i -
Chills Cured In Six Hours, by Ender's
Chill Cure.
Letter Hcatls printed at .the 'Bulletin'
Office for 19 00 per thousand.
- - - i
Best French merino 90 cents per yard
at .RelHy'-.
Heavy domestics 10 j cents per yard;
itood bleached muslins at from Ifito 18
cents, nt P. Rellly's.
"Barrett's" Admired Hair Restorative.
Kuykcndall, "dciined his position be
foro tho nconlc." In Golconda. ou Mou
day last, Hq Is iu favor of paying offthe
; bonded debt of tbogovernmcnt In green
backs provided Kreenbacks aro mnde
equivalent to gold, and If tho Secretary
of tho Treasury had "follored tho Idca-
ars In that aro flnanco speech of mlno
we'd of boon back to specie payment s
your ago. The speech wcro at tho com
raand of the Secretary, and ho (Kuykeu-
dall) arraigned htm beforo the people of
this dcestrlct for not follerln its sugges
tions and avoiding tho financial embar
rassments that now weigh so heavy on
to the Industrie:!.", ,
WaIuiiI Timber
For Salo. Eighty acres of the lluest
Walnut Timber Lund In tho country,
situated In Mississippi county, Mo.,
four (4) miles northeast of Charles
ton and within eight (8) miles of Cairo,
Illinois. Bald land Is adjoining John
Hwank'a farm. Also ten acres of School
Land situated three miles from Cairo,
Illinois, on the Cairo & St. Louis railroad
lor terms and particulars enquire o
B. T. Whltaker's Drug Store, No. 108
Commercial avenue, Cairo Illinois, dtf
Carpeting at "Rellly's 25 per cent
cheaper than ever beforo offered in Cairo.
Dr. Austin, surgeon dentist,
Elliott, Haythorn &, Co's, is one of the
most skillful gentlemen In tho profession.
Tho work performed by him has given
cntlro satisfaction. He Is perfectly
familiar with all tho advances and ap
proved methods of bis profession, and
Is, practically and theoretically, a first
class dontlst. The citizens of Cairo and
vicinity are fortunate In having at their
command tho Bervlces of a gentleman of
of such acknowledged skill and pro
floloncy, SeptOlw
Everything bolow cost at P. Keilly's.
i 1
Hoop' skirts 2T springs, 50 ..cents per
palry at Rellly's.
To't'lty Tax'Tayers.
The tax book for 18C9 will bo placed In
my hands to-morrow, and on Monday
next Tshall proceed to a cbllectioB' of
the revenue. "As the time allotted me
wherein to collect the taxes is abort, I
ahall certainly excerclseall the diligence
i required oftac i
Come forward thea, oh and after the
13th instant, and pay your taxes.
John Hyland,
Treasurer and Collector.
Cairo, III., BepU 8, 1869. tf
rAa; lit'lrif f lon-At tb Wtffjftmn Brw.
,','V " err SaIo'jb.
On Saturday evening, (ho 11th Inst.,
Prof. Wlttig's celebrated string band
will.glYe a copper, Ut the Egyptian Drew
cry Saloon to which everybody Is invited,
Aside from the muslo, School! meycr has
an odd habit of keeping (he purest and
most delicious wines; the coolest lager
and seller water to be found in tho city.
Call uround, hear tho music, sample tho
beverages and you will feol better 'pro-
part'd fur the duties of tho following Sun
Four-quurtec flour oil cloths, good ur
tide, at C5 cents per yard at Rellly's
i i i -Jowett
Wilcox is at homo again, full
of life and vigor, evidently rejuvenated
by the pure air of tho Green Mountains.
The only placo ill tho city, where A.
No. 1 shell oysters cai bo hud Jh ut
Walker A' Bissau's restaurant. 2l
In 180 seventeen years hence $75,000
of the bonds of Cairo wIP becoune'due.
At that time tho city will contain aft
many people as St. Louis now does.
RJclly has 81.200 worth of hardware.
ocks, butts, screws, etigo tools, etc. all
very saleable which ho will fell as a lot
for sixty cents on the dollar, cost price
Dr. Mary SalTord, of this place, Is now
n Vienna, Austria, prosecuting the study
of her profession. The hospital In which
alio is learning the practice as well as
the theory of the medicinal art, contains
over three thousand patients.
Mrs. Mocklor has summoned tho City
of Cairo, "If to be found in tho county
of Alexander," to be, and appear before
tno circuit court, to answer 10 nor tu a
plea of tresspass on thocao on premises,
and fixes damagos at $1,000. The suit Is
to recover atreot-fllllng assessments.
It Is said that a sale of lots at Belmont
Is contemplated. When and on what
terms wo have not learned. Our adver
tising columns say nothing about it, and
we do not go outside of the record forlu,
formation of that character.
till la IWatloA.
The county court Is still in session, the
labors of the court being much protract
ed by a settlement with tho Sheriff and
Treasurer. TIio session will probably be
prolonged until Tuesday or Wednesday.
On Rli Old MtKinpInc Uround.
Joe Geek, an old tlmeCnlrolte, but for
several years a resident of Missouri, 1h In
tho city, mingling among old friends
and acquaintances. He Is about to locate
In Lebanon, Missouri, which he speaks
of as a very thriving country town.
Whitcomb, of the Charleston 'Courier'
visited Keokuk on special iuvltutloii
from General Sanders, chairman of the
committed of arrangements. We wlli
leuvo the rest to the Imagination of pur
sous acquainted with the two gentlemen
only remarking .
"We outgo homo 'ul maming."
Col. Reardeii. one of the Cairo dele
gates to the Keokuk convention returned
homo this morning. Henpeuks In warm
terms of tho convention uud tho earn
estness that characterized Its dcllbcra
McKsra. Webb and Winston will ar
rive this eveulngou tho Bello Memphis.
Ourfilond, Bouton of tho Joncsuoro
'Gazette,' employs too many Initial to
dlsignalo the Methodist church North
and South. It Is not designated, uu he
says, "E. M. MethodNt" and M. E.
Methodist;" btltE Methodist (Episcopal
Methodist) and .Methodist E. (Methodist
I'orCi.BKljr XmiBrrr.
Wo announce the namoof Mr. William
Martin in connection with a candidacy
for the county treasurership. Mr. Martin
is an old resident of Alexander county,
a man of sound, practical senao and of
unquestlonablo integrity. A domocrnt
of tbe strictest school, he will cheerfully
defer to tho decision of his party's con
vention. Tho German school has entered upon
Its sixth year under tho most enco urag
ing auspices. Prof. M Wlrschlng, is a
thorough German and English scholar,
and has devoted soveral years of his Ufa
to teaching. Pupils can bo ontored at
any time, and as tho terms of tult!ou'(?2
per mouth) aro very low, we doubt not
tho (choul will soon bo woll filled. Seo
Havo you scrip enough to pay your
city taxcB ? If you havo not, you had
belter supply yoursolf immediately. Bo
fare tho first day of Ootober it will com
mand eighty cents on tho dollar; and
beforo tho taxes of tho presont year are
colleoled It will bo held at ninety cents.
Tho amount of scrip outstanding will bo
absorbed In paying two-thirds of the
amount of tho taxes due, that caftfhe
paid in scrip.
' Negro Kllltd mt llcahcthiAwn.
A white, mau and a negro wore work
ing on a coal barge at tho Elleabothtown
landing, on Thursday last, and the
white man showed a disposition to shirk
his allotted duty. The negro oxpostula
tedand; flnaljy pitched In and gave the
white man a severe drubbing. Next
morning the white man repaired to the
barge aa(usual, and shot tho nojro dead
in his tracks. We did not learn, the
names of tho parties.
Our sister city of Columbus boasts of a
Phllharmonlo society composed entirely
ofyoungmen. Among tho number are
several skilled Instrumental performers.
Thosocloty gavo an exhibition on Thurs
day oveninsr. which was pronounced by
tho citizens to be tho most clmruilng
trtat they had enjoyed for many a day.
'Mothor, kiss me lu. my .dreams," was
sung with a pathos that "bronght
unhidden tears" to the editor of the I)Js
pateh,' and !cwwdqd,,hl8 heart with t)o-
llchtful sensations." it is a very ooautl
fulHong; but Judging from tho cft'eot it
had wo think it should havo boon
promptly fqllowect by "Susannah don't
you cry." 1 1 -
I.ornl IIrvltltM.
Ilumlxililt'- eeiilutliilul birth-day will
be signalized In ( alro by the llrlng of olio
hundred gluts.
The candidates Oft county offices nro
multiplying. Come on gentlemen. Tho
more the merrier: but don't forjet your
two angles of a triangle,
There haH been a very perceptible re
vival 'n buHluess during tho pant week.
Our market, Is woll attended by coun
try wagons. Gardening for tho Cairo
market has become qulto a business in
the surrounding country.
Our democratic friends in tho counrty
precincts must not forgot to hold their
primary meetings on tbe 18th. Inst, for
the appointment of delegates to tho
county convention.
Tho Shcrlffhas effected a full and sat-
IsfActory settlement with the county
Circuit court will convene on Monday
week. There Is quite a number of pris
oners awaiting tho action of the grand'
Clumsy and unseemly the ohiraney
tops of tho new custom bouse.
A useless wear of shoe-leather hunt
ing the mayor under the Impression that
the city has supplied him with funds to
relieve the poor.
William P. Halliday returned home
this morning after an absence of about
eight weeks, In tho city of New York.
This very considerable Interval of time
was devoted to labors In his line as one of
the directors of tho Cairo & Vincennes
railroad company.
The Joint efforts of Messrs. Buraslde,
Hurd, Halliday, Raum and others, have
placed the project on a very secure foot
lug, it having no less responsible backer
than the United States railroad con
struction company a corporation of un
limited means and credit.
Alex. Crockett, a uoutleman of murkey
hue and a citizen of our town got full of
bust-head whlnky, and Imagining him
self the tUlllditv Bros., Col. Allen or
Capt. McKlmiey went on board the
steamer Anderson, pitched Into the crow
cenerallv. until he wan knocked down
and kicked olf the boat. Columbus
That Individual must have a queer
conception of what it is to bo tho Hall!
day Bros., Col. Allen, etc. When ho was
kicked off of tho boat ho must havo"
thnuuht the Halliday Bros., etc., have
rather a rough time of it.
(IWuUr JltcUng-J
Cairo, ill"., Sfpt-mWS, IW
Present, the chairman, Alderman Car
roll, and Aldurmen Brankle, Gibson
Kennedy, Lour, Inergan, McKee.'Mou
dell, Redman 9.
Committee ou pollco uud Jail roported
in favor of paying
Pill of Wm. Miutln. for l;tmlr 7 00
" Thorn. Mrrriam,for work on Jr.il 7 W
and thut the bill of E. Grindler, for re
pairs ou Jail should be referred back to
him to be itemized.
Moved by Alderman Lohr that tho re
commendations of the committee bo
adopted. Carried by following vote:
Ayes Brankle, Carroll, Gibson,
Kennedy, Lohr, Lonergan, MoKee,
.Mendel!, Rodman 9. J
Naya Noue.
The following reports were approved
and ordered on file, viz:
Reports of F. Brosn and B. Shanneisy,
Pollco Magistrates, for month of July.
Reports of Joe Arnold.' Johu Cum
ralngs, Pat. D-vyer, Phillip Helm, Wra.
O'Callahan and P. O'Callahan, polioe
constables, for the month of August.
Reports of M. Barabrlckj Clty Marshal,
Johu Hyland, City Troaiurer, and, A.
Cain, Market; Master, for tho montluof
August. ' 1
Report of Johu Cummlngs, policeman,
of prisoners discharged from the city jail
in August.
Petition of sundry citizens, represent
ing that the sidewalk on the 'west side of
Touth street, between Washington av
ouuo and Walnut street, Is out of repair,
and dangerous to pedestrians, aud pray
ing that the city make the necessary re
pairs. Alderman Redman moved to
grant the prayer of tho petition. Car
ried. u Petition of Richard Magluuls lu rela
tion to his pay as carpenter on sidewalks.
'Referred to street committee. j
Petition of Joo Arnold and John Cum
mlugs, da' policemen, praying that their
salaries be raised if an' advanco is made
in the salaries of night pollcomen.
Moved that prayer of petitioners be
granted. Carried by the following vote,
Ayes-Brauklo, Carroll, Gibson, Ken
nedy, McKoe, Mendel and Redman 7.
Nays Lohr and Lonergan 2.
Accounts. v
Bills of sundry parties referred toUbe
committee on claims, under tbe rule:
RiU for laborer on MdewilkB, by K.Magltuil;..f fit M
mil ofTiiomM jiecnan, lor nsuiizi.
il- umter.
bo so
KIU fur laborers on IdenalWi by N PTor
11 00
65 00
'4 US
S3 W
Hill of Wm Melltlofor warklnc ohalnmnK
Kill ofK Vinopnl,iulUforilleiIW purpoei...
Illll IV, r ailra.a.1 uurrr ll John BllttllHa.
KtrMt 8uprUsi--. , :; ; eS9 74
Pill of Jon li Tnjloriervlcei to j Ucen- Inre
tlKttlni; Comiiilttro - " 00
1)111 of rojlf t picn !'or "loiilh of Augmt, 1840, . :VM 3?
, - On.uotfcj. of-Aldorman Mendel the
bills wore 'allowrul, .ai) jeforrc(l',to"tha
Select Council" IfoV oo'acurenccVl the
following vote: . '
Ayes Brankle, Carroll, Glbsou,
Kennody, Lohr, Louergan, MoKee,
Mendel and Redmaur-ft.
Tho fpliowhiR Mils (liorotofore passe
by thu Select Council) wore presented:
Rill f PitchurA Henry, fur luintar lurnl.ihril
Uifiity, nmntintfnr to , -g
Hill of uilro fit Gnu o forKAi t:iinuiiirl In '
tf-ft linui'. from .111) V I il tn Anriiat Ut lat.'i luo ni
18 V
Din hi i- nmiH'r, inr rmoTine rarr on rrmn
oltyllmlls. si W committed on claim re
commend to allow t
Dill of PHwppnoy for D-movlnft cafrlnn from
cay iwu.-... .. , ;&
Moved by Alderman Lonergau that
tho action of tho Select Council in all
owing tho bills bo concurred iu, and the
bills ordered paid. Carried by tho fol-
owlng vote:
Ayes Brankle, Carroll, Kennedy.
Lohr, Lonergan, MoKee, Mendel and
Kedinan H.
Nays None.
Alderman Gibson excused from vot
The bill of R. H. Balrd for work done
on Washington avenue, having been al-
owed by tho Select Council and referred
to tho Board of Aldormen for conour
rence, was objected to by Alderman
Brankle, and on motion of Alderman
MoKeo referred back to the street com-
Second reading of an ordinance (here
toforo passed by the 8elect Counoii) en
titled "An ordinance In regard to the
sale of fresh moats in tho city of Cairo."
Alderman Kennedy moved to table the
ordinance. Carried.
First rending of an ordinance in rela
tion to tho salary of tho market master.
Laid over under the rule.
By Alderman Gibson:
Whoreas, A minority of tho oommit-
tee onstreettasumlng prlvllcgeswhlob
we. the uudersluuod majority, deem pre
judicial to the best Interests of the oily
m at t II t A.
or uairo, nave uiscuargca at 'nam party
of men on repairs or siaowaiKs, on tnv
lea that by so doing city scrip will en
ance in value, and have also contracted
for material without tho knowledge or
consent of the street committee
And. Whereas, All contracts should be
made through tho City Comptroller, by
Therefore be It Resolved, That the
chairman of tho street commtttco be in
atructcd to relnstato tho mon on repairs
of sidewalks, wtiicn be has so summari
ly dismissed from work.
John P. Gibson,
James Kennedy,
Joseph Mendel,
Majority of committee.
Moved by Aldorman Brankle that the
proamble and resolution of tho majority
of tho street committee bo adopted as the
sen bo of tho Board of AMermcn. Car
ried by tho following vote:
Ayes Brankle, Carroll, Gibson,
Konnedy, Lohr, Mendel, and Redman
Nays Louergan aud McKce 2.
By Alderman MoKeo;
Resolved, That Ills Honor, tho Mayor,
be instructed to call tbe attention of the
chairman of each commlttco appointed
by the Council, to tho proper manner
provided by law for the purchase of sup
plies for the city, and request their com
pliance therewith hereuftor.
Adopt od.
By Aldorman Gibson:
Be it Resolved, That tho ordlnanee
committee be instructed to draft an or
dinance equalizing the pay of the day
and night police, to date from tho ad
vance of pay for night police.
Tho statements of chief of pollco Mc
Carthy, and Arnold, pollco coustablo, In
relation to difficulty existing between
them, were referred to committee on po
lice and Jail, with Instructions to advise
With the Mayor in regard to the reports
of police officers.
Adjourned. JoirN Brown,
City Clerk, pro fci.
Cut glass goblets $3 per dozen, and
other glassware in proportion at Rellly's.
Best Meriinac, Sprague aud Cocbeco
prints at P. Rellly's for 12J cents per yard
nntha! Hull):
.A flue assortment of beautiful M Fall
flower bulbs at Davidson's. ae9-lw
Tht IliiinboiatCelcbratlon.
Tho German citizens of Cairo will
celebrate In a becoming manner;, the
hundredth birth day of tho' immortal
scholar and naturalist Aloxaudor Von
Humboldt. . T
Tho committeo having tho mattor In
charge have secured tho Atheueum
whoro, during tho, ovenlng, spoeohos In
German and English, will bo delivered
by gentlemen well qualified to entertain
an intelligent audience. Tho Interval
will be enlivened by Urst class vocal and
Instrumental muslo, andtabloaux appro
priate to tho occasion.
Tho German citizens of tho neighbor
ing towns and villages are cordially in
vited to attend aud partlclpato in the
celebration. There will bo no charge
for admission. .
It Is Intended that the celebration
shall be one in which all may parjld
pate with pleasuro.If not profltyand with
the hope that tho occasion will draw
out a multltudo of tho admirers of 'the
world's greatest scholar, a cordal invi
tation la extended to all to come.
F. Bkoss, President.
p. G. Bciittii,
Caul L. Thomas,
H. Meyer,
H. Sohmetzdorf,
C. Hanny,
Wm. Alua, i
Louis Hkhuert, Seo'y.
Committeo of Arrangement.
Cairo, Sept. 10. 3t
Shell oysters, In prime conditon, at
Walker, 81sson's rcptaurant. ' 2t
Ladle cloth callers, fashionable aud
durable, at $1,15 per pair at Rellly's,.
Use Euder'a
CiTlll Cuio. "It uever
'P. XIV Tv 11 AKN7.f!IIEM.
duv. J-8 at
Air l

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