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OFFICE: jSTo. 13 Tonth. Street. Thornton's Building.
o ir Fi .i .nr
I 1. U IM . I",
k IH IFJ ft .
Whether Father Uyacluthu hs or has
t koptble faith and truth aud observed
oblfgatlbris and dutle i as a member of
e Roman Catholic Church, he certainly
peart to the world to bo acting ait
i apoatle of peace and Christian tolera
5u and love. He seems to bo engaged Id
slurcre eudeavoi to show how much
ore important are the truths which
aristlaus hold lu common than the doc
I n en whioh divide them and keep them
A'lhprlnv tr thn faith In u-hleh bo was
iliwmcu nuu nuiuii uuuiuna litiuuc
nong its devotee?, he yeV. nwjgnizeh
le superiorly of the Church Invisible
i that which is seen. An ho say in a
Uecto.the Protectant ministers of liM
m: "I am a Catholic and hope to re-
; A Half muvios noi.r.Aii srm.v.s.
A dispatch from Boston under date of
the i2d, instant, Kays that the Irving
i ton Rational Rank of that city was
entered some time between Saturday
' evening and Monday morning and a
clean bweep maue o( tho yalunbios on
I deposit in the outer vault, mostly be
belonging to private Individual. These
1 valuables were largely in United StateB
- bonds and'were contalncd'ln twenty Ave
or thirty tin trunks belonging to as
rnuiy different Individuals. It is not
possible at tho prent tlmo to give the
pieces aud sum of money taken, as the
bank officers do n-jt know Just what
amount tho depositors and Individuals ,
had on band, but It Is believed by the'
cahhler that some four or flvo hundred
) tbou-rtnd, dollars bavo been stolen.
nr.ti iteu Tu MI5H nosr. wixfvrox, o n,-;
BrxTii or hki: iikotueb.
1 '
ar t. a. x. v
They tell me flrntand oniljrl4Y
Outll?c. ell niter dreaiflij
But the rarnoy Of a irst-jrrnrlr
Te mi tno; lcilini' .ceriu.
tain one. Thavo not broken wllh'the' , ' On thu iOth of October a man giving
hurcb, but tho abuses. I recognize true
hrlstlans in all the Protestant bodies,
T .1... U.. ...... H....r.l, M.
racing all who hold Christ at thoir head,
far wl ir
His prefatory letter to the edition f
la aermons to be published by Mr. lut-
am roveals tbo same spirit. He nays: '
Whatever divides ua externally In ,
pace and time vanishes likea dream be '
jre that which unities us within the 1
race of the name Clodi the blood of the
ame Chrlit, the hopes of the same eter
tlty. Whatever our prejudice, our ni
dations, or our irrl tlom, under the
yo of Uod, wbnseeth what we cannot
) Ills name as Vi. A. Jmlnnn. hlrcil a. room
adjoining tho bunk, as dealer in Callfor-
nla wine bitter, putting in a large stock
ot bottles tnu iauelod, and constructing
a clo.et nuxt to the safo wall, which wan
ami tue neons removed, tiio jrun
casing to tho fiafo was thtu bored, prob
ably during Saturday night and windoy
morning, by tho operator, to reach the?
property in tnc ouier opartmcnt or tno
than any 4.irtbly tftytnte. Jfbrick, two feet thick. At this poin
i the mafconry was found rlr'lled through
A llr.;irrar ,ltnl to ll.on ftp PrWon.
e; uoaer Ills hand, which leadeth us (
vhithtr we Would not go wo are all
aboring In common for the upbuilding '
if that church of the future which shall
e the church of the past iu Its original
luntvanu neauiv: nutnaii navr l'rih-
tred to iUelf, besides, the depth of IU
tnalysla, the breadth oi its nynthees,
.ue exirtenc or its toll, ita struggles.
tnd lu griefs through all the centurit a.
The Washington epeclal of tho Oineln.
aati Commercial tells tbLsl ttie ntoryon
Julfax: "An a npecimen ot some of the
leitlraony taken by tlie Houae Election
ialana, it is noticed in the records that a
negro witness from the lower cnuntJc,
tn anawer to questions by Mr. Kerr, the
Jemocratlc member, swore that he be
lieved that one of the Republican cat,
didatesat the Presidential electlen waa a
negro. When asked whether it was Geo
ral Grant or Speaker Colfax, he replied
anai 11 was tno latter, ana tbat he knew
that he, Colfex, was a negro, from his
"IlroUicr Dominique of .St. Joseph,'
the heed of the order of C"ur4uelit(s, ba
written a reply to the letter of Father
Hyacinthe, in which the Impropriety of
the latter' conduct is explained in mod
erate but earnest language. After up-
braiainglueeloiunet preacher in J pater
nal tooe, It commands him In a very
poaltlvo ay to go back t his' convent
aud autne onco more his cast-otrgar-menu
of a C'armelito monk, or to pre
pare himself to bo excommunicated with
all the pains and penalties thereunto at
tached. TheCubana isteod Co ho actively at
work on the reeoirnttioii aueKon when
Congresa MeeU. Tliey aro getting up a
lotof meaaorials for tbat purpose, and
intend to present a monster one, con
taining twenty thousand signatures, the
first weak of the seaslon. KJghleen
thousand of the uamea have U-en
already obtained. They have also
prepared a docuaneut, e?., to Uy, rxjtore
tho house committee on foreign aflHIrs,
that the republic of Cuba Is a Ixinn.
tied government, with a Hug and aeul,
and ha. in good faith abolUhed slavery.
The Washlngtou 'C ronlclo' says:
The President and .Secretary Fish aro
both entirely satisfied with tho cource of
Sickles at Madrid. It is therefore Im
possible that they contemplate hU re
call. HtatemonUof, Uiatel.ecl recnetly
printed are intended for fleet on tho
Senate when his case comes up for
confirmation." Xobody ever auppoted
that Sickle would be recalled on ac
count of bis "course," no matter how
immoral and rascally it might be; but
there are men who want the place, and
will pay much mora for It than ho did,
Tbejaat of walking from Paterson to
Hoboken in two hours and a half
about sixteen mileswas attempted by
reterSaUlj, Smith started oir about
two o'clock', under favorable auspices,
with the wind at hie back, followed by
a long caravan of carriages. Tha first
fourmilea were made in twentyn!ne
minutes, and a good apeed was kept up
until reaching Berger Hill. Tbta atruok
bim so that he was unable to come
within requisite time, and lost the
Match by aix minutes,
Sometime ago therainJster (n .chargo
of a cbureh 'at Klngtown, Pa.",' having
fallen into the habit of spending his
leisure hour In fttealjrjg borees, was dis
missed by hia congregation, who
thought such conduct unbecoming to a
preaober. His successor was a promts
young man, but he has Just been arres
fed for Murder, aad the flock is again
without a shepherd. ,
A New York dispatch of the 'lid aay
that five notorious New York burglars
aud thieves, all under heavy erntencs,
together with one murderer, of Jer.y
City, who wore in tho Iludfon couniy
lull, awaiting to bo transported to-duy to
tint Trenton Stato prliou, concocted a
p!.iti of escape by the blowing up with
gunpowder of the wall of tho Jail, Thfy
were aided by a gang of Kew York
thieves aud roughs, who waited outride
the walls. This morning, nt the rul
mlnatlon of tbeplaus,c.irrlagts were held
In waiting nt three dlilerent nlucus to
convey the prisoners away upon the fcuc
eesfTul carrying out of tho plan, which
also Included the rele.i'oof nil the pris
oners in the the Jail. The Jailor, how
ever beosfmV suspicious lflt night that
Homethlug wrong wat gpln on, and
called in the sheriff tarly this morning.
WuIIc tho prisoners treru in trie yard, ut
10 o'clock, them was a heavy oxplosion
which shook the walls severely, but did
not throw them down, nor make any
aperture in them, the only dumago be
ing the . demolition of, .window in .the
ware-room," and a'portlon of a cu!mhcy
flue In which the bCouudreLs bad placed
the powder. The prl-onerj -ro unable
to profit by the exr'Io.-i.m. The rounds
outside the tail returned to Xw York
t city dlKgnsloil at lie failure.
T 1 1 1. I'll i ST STL X M BOAT.
ni KtlifitBtt rritiXo our oirlr
to m"mor)' crer chur- ,
Ana oVr th fath of future jm
lLltscth'aiag 'hxloiT ttoat.
O.oft my mind recall tho hoar.
Wlitn nrrappod in -liadowj pl-joii.,
UtutU pmu an ucinvitod ggcit '
ITcni his dtiliDK " the Utml.
I ht aot ccn hU fce bforo
I ihuddertl it thu nk;ht !
And I nhudder jet, te tblnlc f.
The i squish ortfcV. nlatt.
rwthful lroT and niAJf&it-k.
lly? tno fill onldind nun:
Ao eye jrn dim In which th Jiyht
Of r.'li.nt fncy nhono.
Cold wn tho check, and cold tl; tt ;
1Uovjait flxwl J dims
Awl on thern m-iurtiMl a trthr did
Who oeld bavdled for his.
J Icmvi not If 'tura Hcramr t!s, '
1 Inert. Dot If lw Sprier i
nd If th MMi ; in the lrt, "
I dkl not hrr thorn king.
Ifr.oweri earn" forth to deck tae Mth.
,. .Thrlr btoom I did net ss ' Qi
I lyked upon oat withered &wr.
Aodtuui' el Uuomd forioe. a,
A m1 sad tlleut tiiM 11
Within tkutt Ii'iom of woj
All oye nrdim od oter-Asi.
A if rrcl!i, In Midrfea haaU,
Tu l. ih 'Inking heart.
voftly trod. If frid,
Totnurltwl!r'lpi ., ,
And rtole Jut loo. of l.li W
Fu: tnumtty U Veep.
WiU hits the sny w. Br. -
Aad now the tAtt U oew,
A ihouaiU of hw twoei prwMfWM'i
LUi odon from the toitt.
x MhnstUt Ills tpirltsVd,
Fr4om Jhl world wry .trte,
)fow oft, iii thought, did (gab.
, Lneoerhu cheerful Uf.
HI. rmry look, bt orery nord,
Hi vokf'o cfbtln tin,
C.m bv:k to i llko thin; wbe w.ith
It only pr.rod 5rhn ROri.
Thii jrjef may i irlt!i ycri hwny,
And Juy oiAy in toy lot ;
hot th one it long n'membred,
And th-oChrr koii for;ol,
Tlie fTp..t houra trip lightly Uy,
A 14 4A the fuote.t tIM,
Bnt tho dp, dei lt"e that erw (ui
tn time ftMJ e'ei eQtt.
1 ''
.n ' : !
If t
baked (logs, fricasseed cats, nn l all the
luxuries of the season, liut in trade
they were exceedingly nharn and deceit
H't "k Kr R J.r"'n . cad .r O - A P P HJ T) TT A "NTTiS T
iiiu irunsnuuuii iu mi uuier; noiaescenu ---- js .
lug to common lies eitlibr, bht Indulging ' . ,
In lies that are "gorgeously imposing.
nnd thftt aweyou "by tlielr gfabdetir"' ! , ' '. ,,
The fondness of the Islanders for dogs he - . , i
declared to be iuteuse. Dogs had tho i 1 ,
best of everything, and were tho clo-o ,
companlons'or the men. They 'fondle'!
and caress the dog until ho iu a.full grown ,
dog, and then they eat him " "l
couldn't do that," said Mr Ciomens, in ;
one of his driest and funniest patsuges;
"I'd rather go hungry two duys tlmn -t
eat nn old personal friend In that way.'
At one point In his lecture, namely, in
the midst of a dicuslon of cannibalism,
Mark Twain paused nnd said with an
indescribable look: "At this point I usu
ally illustrate cannibalism before tho au
dienco; but J am a stranger, hare, nnd j
dlllldent about asking favors," How i
ever, ho raid, If there Is any one present
who is willing to contribute a baby for ,
me purpose oi tno lecture, l siiouiu iiKo
to know It now. I am aware though fh
children have become scarce and Iik-h
of late, having been thinned out by neg
lect and ill treatment since the woman I
movement begun. r
liut wo must leave the rest to tho
Imagination of our readers, only Baying f
that Mr. Clemens told two of the funniest
of exaggerated stories In tho most ir- '
rcMstlblo fashion, aud concluded his
lecture with a few graceful words of
thanks to tho audience fur their atten
tion. Perhaps ho is not a great humorist,
but he is a genuine humorist. Tlie man
who can say that tho Islander's dish of
plain dog "is only our cherished Ameri I
I can sausage with tho mystery removed,"
is one whose reputation ramo win not 1
sutler to die' and if Mr. Clemens can
pleace everywhere as he nleused In Bos- j
ton lust night, he will be sure to make
his fortune if he does not become a stan
dard author.
4mb fc-n r
, i i ,u "j
s-' Glycerine Lotion
Yvbsolution' notice;.
,r'S? rftPriunili'p heretofir exi.linir N-lween A.
. ' ,, T;1,' -?n''. Ir' 'H-5"'' tlt tfie firm .n.imoLl
A. U. Clyde A: Cc ltiiltli Jnt Ncnt IM..rtli.l l.v
n-'Ti'. Mr. 3,(1,1 trill voQUnun Ihi, . hn.i-
no.4m hl nnn, jy all U-h ofthe JLify (liw.
liet ail U!M. illlo (lie
or AX
fand.i. nulk"
Cmrrt Uf ; .o
TIIK 11 Kill rjXl.S.
M'ICIllXi Of 'II 1 1: llt'MIAM)
oTJir.ii .n.A'.s wir:.
Kivo or nix years ago, J. H.
Plnuoy, who lived with his wlfo and
daughter In Walnut street, .Newark,
went to the West with several other a
adventurer.". While In the Indian coun
try his pury was attacked by tho
i-avngcs, and nearly all we're Itilleu. In
Newark' it wuh fuld thut ho had been
killed, nnd after tlireo yearihin. wife re
married. About twelve mouths ago his
wife moved to New York. Recently her J
first hufcbnnd. who had roamed through
Mexico in search of wealth, returned to' .A. n.'
Newark. J.lkn another Knoch Ardon, t waj.
he Ij-mjo rarewu to nis ineuas anu wan
dered on. Ou rjundny he waa burled iu
Willimantlc, Conn.', and on Tuesday the
news camo to Newark that he had com
mitted suicide by taking poison.
ex.- -
Alislrla lias a paper currency"," not""it
ht on it speciivnasw, anaj.ncc uura,
ttoructUHttons, Tho oi:rreuco be-
teen gobi nr.d paper In tbnt country
niiw i ns low as "0 per cent., mid has
varied but little for many mouth, past
rlb-i tti i-.
ov. 17,
.A. 11. I I.YIJU..
tl. It. H'Vr..-
'V --v-
IlllTl OlW., ,.
SAKKfllll). (1
TlilL II VM.UL', AtalitBBt Cashier.
. i.-rcaiiiema i
.' .'
1 Alls
. j pr;rei
1 hiibjui
eiun. in ik,
nrisr.v ami sot riTCir on rvvros:
nn: oiuoixal. ut'iLiicrt.
Vi'in (barorrcpendenfe of tho L-ufi? itto C-ur;r-iocrnal.l
A few days airo, looking over yourS?x
cellent paper of the 10th Just., my eye
fell on the following paragraph, under
the head of southern uewn: "A Well
mond paper states that tho first craft
over moved by a team was on the Poto
mac, and lu Invcntoi a Virginian "
This man was James Hnmsey, of Bote
tourt county, Va. ile constructed a
model steamboat, using musket barrels'
for boilers, and launched it on tho Poto
mac, about tho year ITS.. It was a huc
cess, and of the capacity to transport two
men There were present at the time,
among others, a Captain Morrow and a
Mr. Fitch, frrom some cause Morrow
suspected that Fitch had some unfair
designs on Ilutnsey's Invention and or
dered him to Icavo tho ground. Fitch
went to New York, and bulit anil at
temp ted to run by uteam a boat, but
raneu. i-in ton, uing aware of Fitch s
plan and Its failure and being of superior
genius, supplied tho deficiency, and in
course of time built nnij run, by steam a
boat, In the meantime, Huniscy, who
was a poor man, aud unable to i-ecurc
sulllcleut patronage in the tho United
tit a tea to perfects his plan, wcut to
Kngland, where ho and his plan wero
favorably received by men of means,
lie thore built a seamboat, and a few
evenings before ho was to launch it and
mako it trial run, whilo delivering a lec
turubefiiroa bcieiitiflcnoclety In London,
on the, motive power of steam aud kin
dred subjects, was attacked with severe
pain in the head. Ho paused, placed his
hand ou hit forehead, fell, and died,
Ills bones now repose in Westminster
Abbey, r-uoh Is my information on this
James Kumsey was the brother of Dr.
Edward Rurasey, who died In Christian
couuty in tho year lb23 tnd uncle of the
late lion. Edward Rumsey.
tiKrfrr-Hoifor "
.Vnilay of Oollcfc 00 Ulllett 230 Cin- I
lull nuir,ie.
Nkw York, Nov. 20. A Havana letter
to the 'World' states tliM the French 1
baik Tuutuarls recently trrlved thero
with only sixty-eight Coolies ou board,
front Mucan. It appear that shortly af- ,
tor leaving Krt witti a cargo of 400 Cool- l
lev, the latter mutinied and killed tho '
captain, aud drove the crew ofT in boats.
The crew reached Java, when a Dutch
man-of-war put to sea, aud afier a tight,
during which over fifty Coolies were kill )
ed ami captured, recaptured the vessel
and brought her to Jva, where anuther
captain aud the old cruw got ou board,
and njie sailed again for Cuba, but dur-
Ing the voyage the Coolies committed I
suicide by cutting their throats or Jump- i
ing overboard, to such an extent thut but
sixty-eight remained ou her arrival at
: -5
i &
' o
; H
: t-
: cj
W.I'. IIAtiMPAT. '
I ft. Itt-M It Ol.k'l'l.'l.llll.
r.xcliausv;, Coin, ftntl'tnllcl Slattoodj.
j llnuglit niul hoi. I. , .
DftoitU l-ivt-J and a O'entrut
CA.VlXli Ml!rtl,
tioux. v. 'iibr.i.ii
KK, Ca.hier.
' 9
What ta Maya. In Ilia Lecture
Vudvlctl laluuils.
ou the
I Jt
htm '
It is said that tho power In tho Ohio
legislature Is pretty evenly balanced. In
tho senate there are eighteen regular
democrats and eighteen, regular republi
cans.' Thero are jwb ' ftcnators from
Hamilton county who wcro elected on a
kind of mongrel indepondent tibket,and
they will .sometimes Jly with tho ratts
like the hat iu tho fable. If these two
vote with either wjng It will bo ir a
njujorlty. The house Is in a similar fir
flfty-four regular domoorats. flfty-two
regular republican, and five Hamilton
county reformers or independents. Two
of thesevrlll'glVo tMo 'domdcbWfi major
ity, auv four of them will glye thu radi
cals a majority. 'Representing the city
Cincinnati. It is thought that municipal
interests will mainly guido tho votes of
the two senators mid five representa
tives. Tho nicely .balanced power, oi the
two parties will glvo'aiTimportan j intlu
tnc to these sevea'ieglslatori.
. I 'rem the Ilvdvn Adv.rt.ier.',
Mr- Clements devoted the first ten
minutes of his lecture to a painfully ac
curate description of a person nillicted
with the most loathsome form of Orleu
tftl leprosy; and then ho gave llvo min
utes to thu narration of a boyish adven
ture which ended In his seeing the hor
rible face of n dead man in the moon
light. Aud nil this muss of horror for
what? Simply that hu might say that
hU memory was full of unpleasant
things so linked together that when no
thought of one ho inevitably thought of
another, and so on through tho eutlro
series; and starting with leprosy nnd
dead faces iu the moon-light, his mind
necessarily ran through other unpleas
ant thlugu until it brought him to the
Sandwich Islands nnd his lecture.
The position of the island ho'gavo geo
graphically; but why they were placed
so far away from overj thing, and lu such
an incouvenieut hpaco, ho declined to
consider. Tho man who would' havo
.discovered tho Island, but did not, ho
aaid, was divertud from his course by
a mapiucript fouud iu a bottle; aud this,
said Mark Twain, Is not the only case In
which a man haa been turned from the
true path by suggestions drawn from a
bottle. The European nations brought
into tho islands their own ilisouso, to
gether wilh civilization, education and
other cnlaniitlci. The nftect of this had
been to diminish tho native population
education In particular causing a fright
ful mortality as the facilities tor learnim?
wjsre multiplied Hut 50,000 natives are I
I tiM.
U :
0 i
H :
0" !
0 !
o :
uj u
:. s. ii rc.ii
5- V .
Collretluiri Promutly AUcOdito.
'r- f, I
3 A
o ' !i
:l Rxclmncr, Coin, - llauak Xort ' Vnlted
jltmlss HocsurUlM, '
XJOTS-Klit Wold. X
te :
r- 1 1
Allowed en Time I)eosits.
f -
. co;,
Rif hlh itet, troond door ro Cooi. Are,,
Great Hrltaln,
.Vortiicrn (;criiiaiijr,
Houtlioni (fcrmany,
S ned en,
v"rrS . i.aa,'t
AOiiH VKit fj'Jl ING TnT". T"
iV T0--
,,,,, ,,,,
Also, Tlck.H fror.i
Liverpool, Jxtnthn, Havre, Anther?, Hr'mWi
and Hamburg, to Xew 'uri,
Ot.to sar.)oint-V'at
oil-Collections made on any point In Kiiroc.
dfcei'tdt. . . m ar n- a u ,
J. ' ljllll4llll-'!fW'r
if ax.v
it v
, I r I 1
i f
. JP "CT DEL 3XT X 17 U 3Et 23
JW2n.l( , O,, IUO ri8U I "IUlnnn.warn d1JWm. 3l.uw.r..
No.. IRft nmt lK7,Cnin.Av. I (iAlllO LU.
m v Ir I
IX THE FOXK'.rl.3VAl -I- it A M.IDA Y H1(0THEPS,
-'fn I .i.iMiJLL
lr,r. l id l',iiirtliW'nr(I-ln'..tkhrl
oil (l-iartinrDl. mtTiHiDiiffryU
JIki ir.trudured into
ll hriient u Dry Ciood
f the iitv.
Sail iiikI l-'niicy liy CiIoimIh,
now left upon the islands, tho women, i Of wry dowfiiition, hu.n'ry, NitiM. Hoot. nd .
made of one piece; "and tho men don't."
r.ti (in ;t'ii tfi mxi
FOitWAitniNt; ami commission.
'.'M Jrtoni) "Mil
Rut when the weather is inelnmpnt
the men wear cotton in their oars. Tho I oodt or firncenm, ua chon m tfir cm l
l? 55WSr doc, to Ihncrnerof ' '
nib" ! b"'"-' "wi "i uur, I 'J'ar win niiU'irenui ut-i. ,
stranger might enter any houso aud Tn uwurr eiwbiiabni.iit t thooorutrof siui.
straightway his host would et before I iAu&A " miiU
ll It thA csa An rt. " " .i.." w
O DEI J. 3V r
i i
him raw fresh lish with the teal on, ' .aiiVtr

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