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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, March 17, 1870, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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.Mrrlliic OMiij Xlclil, III tin Court
II o tin-.
Mr. Lloyd, weiitcrn ogont of tho Amor,
loan Free Trade League, will address the
citizens of Cairo, In thu Court House,
Friday eveiihtK, lth Instant, commenc
ing at half past 7 o'clock, on the ulinn and
objects of Free Trade League, the bur
dens of "protection," thu prlneiplosof thu
tarlll", etc, ,
As llui jicop'.i: tiro, or should be deeuly
Interested In tlie success of the mettsurcH
aimed to be brought Into administration
Ill t In. A t.t..rl.... .. I.' ...... P.. .1.. I .. .1
.j ...v. ...... ..1,.., nre li.iwi: i.vuiiui', nun
advocated by Mr. Llovd. the Court I louse
huouiu iu ilili il to oviiMlowlng. Let
ovmllowlng. Let
well as thoe who
and nrlneliil,., if-
K vo tht IrJiitlJinai.
give the gentleman
those who favor as wc
oppose the quusticiH and
voived, turn out and glv
a hearing. marl72t
Mi-Krnii llui Iikiisii.
The following nketch of MoKeii l'.uch
tinun may int lie uuinti rerting to .r
lonul readors:
Mr. Iluelmuau wui U irM In l'hitdel
plilu, Feb. 2iith, IHin: Is the poii of 1'ay
mastur iluulntnuu, U. .-. Nuvy, neiiliewof
Admiral JtU'-haiiHti, of t tic Confederate
navy. whoeouiuiHuded the Merimao In
the Hamptiiu Koutls Monitor buttle; N
the LTuiiil-nti of Tliouut McKuau, oun
of the plgnum of Diiar.ition of Inde
pendeiici', and l e inneeted witli
many otlicers In our army ami navy, tlie i
lamny navnig neen nieiiimeu wun tlie and that her growth will be in exuet
(lovt-rnmentlu many of i dMpurtment- !.,.-.,.,. wilU (...ir,i41ii.,.iinn Tlmt il.u
t-lnce lt foruutloii. Tin- trnge.1- . 'el"" u, talro stletllno. ilutttlils
Jan was lilm-elf an ortJcer in ( ' great and a grloviou error into wlileh
the navy. ajipolutHl by J'rtsi'leu t Jack- . "lie has falluM, we need scarcely urge tip
sou, In IMo, sKi.ed umlir Commndnn- ' on an unbiassed mind; and that.st. Louis
nalla-. ofthe Wn In.JlH Murt;lron. re will neveruchleve theeminence nt which
signed hii ciiDiiilrMiiii In 1-W, became n i . .mi.. , .
mercliuut at Sew Orleaiip, c.nltiiuiil ' sllL' u,m -' u,,tl1 "Uv ''"eanN pUcIi suicidal
liuilnen tlierelarieiy engaged in pugar ' notion", and "Joins hands" with Cairo In
and other products until iVo, wa hlwuy
infatuated with a love, fi.r tin; dramatic
art built a large prVHt.-tlu-ntre Ml New
Orleaim, cunductiHl It with the
mot lahlouuble utice'-s for thr.-i'
years, relliKjulibeil hi mercantile
poiltion and liecameau actor In 1SJ. Hu
lius lnee then performed with grent
kuccess In all ttie prluelpul thuutre.i
tbroughoul the world, wliem ibo Jhigllih
language is -poken uml lius tieen eon-ui
ereit one of the head-' of tin- protesvMn for I
Home years in ureai itriiuiu aim
America, and Is now visiting some of the
mailer titles previous to another and
lrii professional visit to Kurope. Mr
Huchunan and Mr. I-irre-t are ttie only
living representatives of the old chool
ofliHMvy tragddluus, In either hemis
phere. Tjp rat. lrliol.s llultt am: K'slaiirmil.
Thl popular and eligibly located boti.-e
of public entertulnin-iit is now lilted
and furnished throughout In guod style;
und, under the management of Mesir.s.
Wnlker & Hlsson, is doing a large and
thriving business. It Is kept upon the
European plan the guest calling for
what he wnnts when lie wants it, wht tb-
crlnthedayornliiht time, and puylng ,
only for what lie onUrs. 'I ,i rooms are ,
large and clean, furnl!ied Willi tlie Im-iI ,
of bed ami beddlnjr, while all other fea-
tures of tlie ustabll-liment are rrti?ed ,
with Rn especial eye to tho comfort and ,
.ouvenluntie of the gue-t"
To Ta-l,i yfa
l'Miies owing Slate, County and Dis
crlct8hooI taxe", mut. If they would
nave cofct, pay them on or before the2Sth
ay of March, as on that day 1 shall
start on my tour through the country
precincts and Khali be absent two weeks.
Immediately oi my return I shall
commence preparing my delinquent
Persons owing personal tnxos only,
must pay up Immediately, as I am com
pelled by law to collect them without
inarMtd Lorts H.MvniM.
Waiitril ail I Of M 4'hirlp Ilnlpl
Wo want immediately one exper
lenced dining room girl, one llrst cia.-s
washer and Ironer and 0110 ehumbor- j
maid who thoroughly understands tho
business. To Mich as can oome well
recommended and aro well qual.llud. we
will give permanent employment, liberal
wages, and prompt payment.
Jkwhit Wilcox & Co., Proprietors.
VliTlt Versus Pulsion. Thnr Is as
much di.Uerencu between I'iialonV
Vitalla or ts.tlvatlon for tlie Hair aud the
flltl)-clirK'' halr-darkner, as between
the Tool of .Hethesda, that an angel
htlrred, and Jt fver-breedlng inud poutl.
The Vttullft Is eryntalllne lluid, without
a single Impurity or noxious pnperty,
and thu naturalness of the whades It im
parts to grey hair Is unetjualetl.
l'lii'iiUliiuK (iooits.
Tho completest stnek of gfiitli'inen'f. 1
rnrnUliiiii' t'ooils In the oily . I to bo t
found at Miller and Miller's. It would
Jieaietnarkalile want, indeed. In this
Nile that tliev cannot uttisfactorlly supply
at the very lowest tlgures lullng in this
Freeiunch every nlitlit at Henry liar
rls'd Saloon at U o'olock.
Maiioains! HAitO.UNs! A good stilt
of clothing for ten dollar.! at I'. Neil's,
7ii, Ohio Levee.
Clothing lor tho million ut 1'. NeiPn
"No. 7i Ohio, Levee. Tlio best goods In
the city will lie found at tills house, if
"tejijikst ts' iran" ISiHlen1 Stomach
A IV w TtKMIIlIn MneKPSlPtl IjJ- llir- Piva
Tiiiiiixllfi MitpKPSlPil 'J'
ml Miiinilmi.
The lofty pretences of St. Louis Ijuvo
had the elJeet, of attracting attention to
her manifest laol: of enterprise, her
plty jealousies and amazing llorthigtIl
edncss. She boasts ul a purpose I' con
trol the bii-.iues of the West and
to become a source oft-tipply to the
great lower volley; but W blindly pur
suing u policy that will render theno con
summations imposslbio. Slio advertise
to the world that the Mississippi river l.s
the greatest and cheapest "through
route" accessible to the producers and
shippers of the Northwest, yet she o
manipulates the monopoly of tonnage
hill trmlritfilliti. lid fri wmlttnl Mm tirrwlltr.tu
j of the country, upon tho verybanks of
that "route" to seek thu seaboard by tail.
' fl 1111 1 iir 1 1 hdti I if (.t.itl ttif.ru n II 1 1 I ti ritf.c
t --... ..v. . i .... . .,....7 .,.
vast carrying capacity, yet she cannot
' " ""vi i iiur in wrtumiH
' I,,,,C(! a 1,arr;1 (,f ,I,J,,r w OrleaiiH
1 f,,,rJ"M ""U ,,",l,l,r "'"J 'llu,m'r'
I W , f , "(,,I,l,el,M8 railroad lines,
m , lVhVlr ?V,li x'-' T
I (,,. name iKirrel of Hour in .New York,
i fur oiiflit v flint I tn fliU vpir f.u.? .HI.
- --n . ... - j
! I.oultt may see the uvil that It to sap the
I foundations of bur proiperlty. Tlie riwr
I-liir I)rus(ed outlet, (atid In the linuiix
f KuifrpriM! wjjld prove iinrivulublit
one) but she o employs It in tu elo-e It
1 tliKiuamls .iioe piitronagu make
1 rival rotiti-, both rloh and jmwerful.
(,'hleugo ii governed by a more en
lightened policy. She seeks to build
hcr.-elf up by building up thu coun
1 try tributary toiler. St. Louis conceives
that her prosperity is in n great measure
dependent upon the destruction of Cairo.
mi eflbrt fot mutual advancement, will
only stiiko her as a truth when she has
employed ytmra in a vnui cH'.irt to e.-tab-
Il-b the eountrary.
Cairo I- iln- gateway througti which the
vast Inten-IiniieliiL' l'ooiU and products of
the North and .South mint ever nas..
The arrangement that constitutes her
such a gutewuv n.-e tlxedaud unalterable.
This f.tutrit. JiOtils must ri-eoguuf, anil
luueail ot denvlui: and ll-hllm.- It. ph..
muu-'roll up herakevW und make tlie
uiott of iu ft'be tiuiit dL-ciird the ridlcul
oui pretext that eiiu stands ut tlie head
of uninterrupted navigation on tlie -M !
Is?lppl river, and bynecuriug the Hliortent
poiaiblu railroad commuulcutiou with
Cairo (which U at tlie head of ever-open
navigation) neutralize tlie dlsatrous ef
Irots of leu nod Mind blockade which l
olato her for weeks and mouths at least
twice a year. This done, let her rccog
uir.e Calm an her natural and proper eu
trepot, oroMoy, Ifihe will, and then her
tonnage coming Into competition with
that ol IMiUvlllc. Cincinnati and I'ltt.
mrKt y, ,.lvct u nliut advance, at
H,,t tWanl maKlng g.xI her bwiet
n,Mi hij t.nJoy Hie advantagtM
IUred by thegreatly extolled "tlirrtugh
route " When this Is done the daws of
j,lir ,0latlon are at an end, and she
will enjoy, what, otherwise, the never
1 may eiijuy phort, cheap and unlntor
! rttpted communication with New Or
leans. Tills done she will have an inter
eet and animus iu common with Cairo;
. and seasons like tho present, when she
! can send a barrel of Hour, Hftceu hundred
mile by laud, to tho tlie Atlantic t-ua-board,
forty per cent, cheaper than sho
can send the same barrel of Hour twelve
hundred miles by water to Now Orleans,
will never return. When bhe recogniz
es Cairo as her natural entrepot, and
cUccts communication with it through
the Cairo and Louis railroad, Chicago j
will not again come to ner tioors auu
taUollDurunii wneaiiromuer very iianu,,
anil makeuioey upon them, because the
can place them upon the Kuropoan j
vessel iu tlie harbor of tw i ork, choap-
er tliau St. Loulscuu place them upon tho
r..r..i..ii ii niiul v..s.,l In Hip nort of Now
Orleans. Her eyes thus opened to her
inn. liitoroatx. riilea'-o will no ioniser 1
boast thaL alio can sell Hour iu ew
Orleans twoaty-llve cents on tlie barrel
cheaper than St. Louis, because eho can
freight it threu hundred and slxty-llvo
miles by lund and 1,1U) mile by water,
that much cheaper than St Louis can
freight it 1,200 miles by water alone. If,
however, she blintily persists iu her
foolish hostility to Cairo, iu her absurd
boast that is"slie tlie head of uninlerrup
' ted navigation" and wants no other or
J better outlet than the cuprclous MUsls-
' slppl adonis, hlio will remain St. y.ouis--
! tlio synonym of all that Is t-lugglsh and j
', unenterprising, and a by-word and a !
1 reproach with all who&haro in tho go- 1
ahead spirit of the age.
rarlHlur IIoiirltpirra, 1
That Pooley's IhiUing Powder hns been
severely LerLed, and has been proven to j
bo the pur'tt, moii coiMiiical, rcliultluuiul 1
Lett 'baking powder ovi'r manufactured
' to which thousands testify. '
L'.ich package contains the e.uet quun- '
tlty represented, aud one pound is guar- I
f I .... ftirllii... Ill til.. ...tl I .1 i
llllluiu iuiiiii. ... t.uiiitii I
partmetit tliau any other In market
Fur Kilo by grocers generally, iu quan.
titles to suit. mai Nm was
A bad Cohl can ha I'eedily cured by
using Nornnu'I Chalybeato Cough
Syrup. Sold by 8. J. Hunini.
marllOt " : ',
Use Kuder's Chill
(hue. "It never
1 I'rer trutlo JJcnUiicTo-Morrow Night.
A. Lloyd, Esq., Western agent of the
A rr,l !,.... i ...... ...
juuii jwuu n-uKuc, ia nuv. ill
, the tiily, stopping at the St. Charles. The
object of his visit l.i to widen the Inllu-
! T ,u",1, llicrc!l!)0 " Pwor f
who would remove the burdens from tlio
' people Imposed by the proient tt-ri fl for
"protection." lie Is of tlioso who aro In
favor of cheap goods, settled value?,
; and general thrift, and opposed to the
! pr sperlty of the few at tho expense of
the ifiunW Hilt what he is and wlmt lm
, advocate will ho holler undnrsfrind
those who may give him a hearing to
I morrow evening. He is posted for an
, address In the court house, and citizens,
without reference to their political hold
! '"K" a,l(l "'"'HatloiiH, aro earnestly In
vited to bo present. Let the invitation
meet a hearty response.
The non-arrival of the McKcan IJuch
annn troupe, Inst night, was quite a; is-
f .-...... . . . , . . .
( upiioiutmeui to no large aum oer oi i
i dies" and gentlemen, wlo despite tho
coiu weather and cutting wind, m:ide
cold weatlier and cutting wind, m:ide
I their way to tho Athcneum, expecting
; t0 witl)us4 Mr. ird much vaunted Itiche-
'liPl"ltment, however, Is
noLc.h,r(-9ilblo to the cmapanv ' he
rgaauiu to tlie coiapany
members took passage on the Mary Mil-
lor, at 1'iiducah, early yesterday morn
i Ing, and, but for high vlntls. which"
compelled the bout to tie up to the shore.
would have arrived herd ,nt J ,eUoI. p.
i m. Tho boat did not get in port, how-
ever, until 8 o'clock.
The company 1 now In the city, sure.
I There is no mistake about It; lind will
open to-night, with the programme nr-
i ranged lor last night IWchclIeu, with
! ISuehnnau In the title role.
McfM Millerand Miller have Just re
ceived an unusually large, well assorted
and urictiy fashionable supply of pUce
goods, to which they ask bjMjcial uitcti-
, , . . . i ,1
t.UII. IllUlllb CllllliatCS HIU llllf.1l I'lHIIIP
and cusImcM ever lirought to Cairo, and
. a...l. .... 1. a. a.. I .. II ...
such a variety of styles that all tastt-s may
be accoinmodated. suits or garments
' from these goods are made to order In the
j best manner and latest style, and at
lltftires that will defy competition. I'or
! proof of this they only ask to be put upon
' (rial. At till event- call uround and rec
t the new goods. Jan2.itf.
I The new supply of silk tiatnJUM .vci-lv
' utl b-v :'UUvr UUi -h!r is woi iby of (
. eT-ecial attet-tlon nf gentlemen who wish ,
,f lreliM-. anything In that line that Is
""uy fa-lilotiMble and of Hr.it-cluss
1 manufacture. Tlie .-upply embraces all
sizes: and as to rirlce and duality satis-
1 faction is guaranteed. febiStf
Ilrlitol A Stilwell, No. 32, Eighth
street, have added to their stock some
very choice Uraham Kiour; "A" & "IV
Uat Meal, aud Farina; also keep con
stantly on hand the various kinds of
Farinaceous Food Usually sold 7ry the
Graham J-our. marl-KJt
.lust received at I. Netr.-, No. 70, Ohio
Levee, a fpletitlid lot of sprln Caslmers,
Coatings and Vesting, which will be
made up In tho most faehionable ftylu-,
and at prices to Milt the tlnii .-, 11 perfect
lit guaranteed or no ale. tf
Tlie tticrmouieter has indicated colder
weatbei duii'ng the winter than it 1 un
corded v ente.-dny and to duy, bin none
that has been mute Keenly Jelt. The
fruit VL' ";ar nnH ,,ec elbjctually "done
Infants. - The most Irritable and rest
les of thoio tetider little liou'ehold buds
ure charmed, as It were, into tjulete and
sweet repose, by using Mrs. "Whitcomb's
Syrup. morHdawlw
Attention ladles! Use Norman's Chaly
beate Cough Syrup, for coughs, colds,
sore throats, croup, whooping cough9,
etc. Sold by S. J. Hum in.
The young men connected with the St.
Nicholas Hotel proposo to Join In a dance,
Ulis evening, by way of observing, St
Patrick's day. Tho young ladles and gen
tlomen of the city are Invited to attend
,lt,( iiarticlpate.
Ibo fct. slcltolas llilllant liatl Is one
of the largest and best furnished iu the
country. It is the refeort ol both Cltlzus
and strangers who Indulge billiard play
ing. JnuOtf.
Tim Continental Is iho only cook Move
with sliding oven doors. Warranted In 1
all respects. Pitcher ii Tlenry, at 102 (
Commercial avenue, cor. 12th street. 1
I-'verybody U'cs Wizard Oil, nml
llarclay Ilro's. fell it cheap for cash.
Patroulzo homo institutions, liny from
the Barclays.
Just Received. -TheShoo FJy Klllott,
ami Don't Hodder Mo Hats and Caps at '
P. Nell's, No. 70 Ohio Levee. tf
Good Cotton Socks, only 15 cents per 1
pair or $1 25 cents per doz., ut P. Nell's,
No. 70, Ohio Levee. tf
- -
Good Calf Hoots for two dollars aud
scventy-tlve cents only, at P. Nell's, No.
70, Ohio Lovee. tf
Pitcher it Henry's large stock of hard
wuie, cutlery, tools, stoves, tinware, etc
WIIJ no solo uituooi reu-arti to cost. it
- (
For a good Heaver, Caslmere, or silk .
, 1. ... t v.. ..,. s.r - i 1 . .
mixed sun, vu in 1 . .kii p, iso iv iiiuu 1
j A new supply of Calf Roots and (Jailers
J Just received ut P. Nell 's, No. 70 Ohio
I Loven.
Drawers ond Undershirts, at nsacrlilco
at P NctPs, No 70 Ohio Levee. tf
j;p juire.1 immedutn attention, a
itMWvi c!,en rpn,I'i n mi iiKurable
(l.ung 1'ecrn.sp.
Brown's llromiiial Trocltcv
1 n.u! mrntlshly jjireins'sntrpiicf
I'or ItroncliItU, A'tliino, Otnrrli, Con
htiurptlvo mill Tnruut Diseases, thpy havo a
(oithinjjrS rt.
ril.VllEilS ANI PUllI.IO SPKAKttlU.
I uaothem lor-lcarnndatrenirthpn thovoice
hvl Owing to lh gol ro.utuiir.n..t popul.vitr ol the
Troclit", miDj wortlilcti ml elicnp imitation! r
oarrd, which xrrcood for noth.nt'. Ko juro to
oitiih the trup
6ohl :f rjwliprp, noIJJi'.TCm
A tture Collecllon. Itnwlaiiirn Itrcdpl.
MiKio Art, I)icoTrif i, etc., comprlIng thIuaMp
mformaUon for etcrybour. Srnt ut mail, (frrp ol
poata(e) tot CO ccnt.
Ail.lreR. K. NOIllIANDr, 1H Market Mieet, St.
Louis, dip. -( nw Iv
Iilltcllclur'M Jlnlr Ijp.
TuiEMTiSTHa woiLD Jor not contain lend no
Tittiol polon to t'atlyfo the 'Titem or proiu
deaih. It Ii perfectly lurmlea rchattp Irnliititan
eoui. AtoIU tho tni-.titcl unI Urluairn preparations
lioatini! Trtuet they do notponrs.if ymi vtotiM
panapnthR Janpr. The jjonuine W. A. ItoU holer'n
Iltir Hit liat thirty yean' repnutltin to uphohl it
UiU'HritT, MuM hj QuiKirlita. Applied at M llony
aire. i( ii. l. OVZI(lTtll
Drnlic'H I'ollerllun
Of nearly one hiindrpd receipt for mukriv irtidy
all l:iml f( Wlw, Cm, .tin, Ilep,r, Cord.'al. Fnperim
l .der, and mui-h o'heraaefnl information for llio
dealini; inor rr,n"i.(Vmrinn enr of tlie aUnp, eicl.ei
fir th trade or homo uie.
f-entby mail. fie of povtaie, tor SO cent. Aildre
It. V,. ,ni:.M AN Or, 8ul Market Mreel, St. lmU, Me
sex. lyaaw
If Vim Want
Material to mak dollar ttottlpnf th tt Hair Re.
tiratlf e.rer umsI lor restoring jray hair to II one-
ical color. aendMc'ri'i fjra pnekage.
If Von XViuif
Mee Whltp Teeth, Healthy Outne, nnd weet Hpatr
feed for our TUItKIsll Il;.NTRtncf:, tri.e, X,
If Tim Want
I ilrwic l ilr imviiVf VHi.llH, ifTWur.i, imi
. ........... f-. f r . . i .. . w - .v. i . i. . . i .. .
I ... . .. .... ... I f- ..... J.I.IK'I'T.T.11,1
fme as rente
I Ml.f it . t , M . . 'Fl ..u, . in... w la 1U1I I
ui.Elthrof the sbote rmt p"t-pld on reeeir,t
c! uric.
Ad liei Jstrph K. J,-sW, lit ilwlti t tin et, St.
l.aui. .Ma. i-t; iTiltir
AN iWSAV Toil VOt'.Nd MRS', on I'hyMolotfln,
Hrrore, Abu" anJ leaie, Incident to '. .-ill ami
Early Iahod,whkh create irnr'dinmts toMAIt.
MAGK, Ilh.ure means of rehsf. sot.u eald lit-
ler enrlt,f ., free i.f ehne. Ad lrp, Ir. H. SICIL
I MS Hul -HToN. Ho tar I Axoekitir.n. I'h.livlia-
Winn"" nnil Snrlul Kill.
KAt rot Voiao Mts lh true entimaip of wn.
nil the lianpinee nf ad tionorsMe inarrinse the
earful Vsoeul l.T.Uof tLe day, (he patiie and cure
went liii in acaled tntrlopr. Ad.lir., HOWAitll
1S-S1X1ATIO.V, lloi 1', I'Kla.Mp'na, V.
Atturnt'js aud Coniieoilurs ul Inr,
William II. (Irreu, '1
William It. filllirrl.
I'.tlllll, II. I-
jiuea . t.uurri,
rpecialattehlijs jfiren 10 Adnurajtj and St iilt
OITlrPvOn . Ohio l.vce, Ituouia
2 ami I
ottFlst ri'ntlomit tinun.
onire ln ttro..,.rv II 11 1 1 tl 1 11 K ,
0.rnrf 3rpithFtrpet ani C-nmrplal Atenae
..I. A" ni. .
II. Wei lit Vt .ill),
k. f. Ul. llcr,
Juu.v II. Mt'LUKr, )
(leu. W. Wall. CAiriO, ILL.
OtTtcr Hnouta, h ami U Wluter'a lllor
jjl 13. ALDIUGHtT
Otllrc, corner of 'uvil Itli fit reel nml U'asli.
iiikioii Avmr.p,
Will practice in tlilt And the adjolmni judicial pii
euila, and make oollet'tlons in the neijhtiorini'oun.
lira uf Mi.ourtMiiJ Kentucky. .e.Mif
Ktiop In li Terry Jloiiae, fmin Comrnrrrail
tri :p n I V. 4I1!'. ie.-l.
CO All.
JA.M3SS KOSS. X-roprietov
coii.iii:kciai. avkmii',
OpcosltP 1'oot of rUveulli Mrect,
ieeps eAntantly on hand I'lttthur;, .Ml. Ciulmn,
fltlfl (UiQuiilll Con 1 1, which I le ilflmrixl tu quso
tines to int. in any art of the put.
ll fos' nenheil, a d full ineaaiira uijaraiiteed.
T'rm atruMly oaah III all dike" Uia If
AESpleuiUil (itaiicc for Iiireslmont.
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Liverpool, s.'cu- Vorlc, Hoilnu, ami flalvMa
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oar, s t a.m.
JVI.IA, I Knryalter-
i.ouv. Waaler.
Callahan, ller., nato Welnea-
ni'Mini., I day, at 1 a.m.
itiHkP, jiwer;
Cunnrclinat.St. I.oun ith
Norllitrii Line Packet Company,
Kruliiik I'ackct C'Miiiinn)'t
Omalia Packet Com piwi v,
and Vl-- i--il I.tnea
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Sir itijilif a nml V.'hlle Ittver I'ackit L'o.,
Arlinnana Klvr I'ackct tr onipaii)',
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and M lsliliil 4i. Temieaace H. K
At Viekabatc with
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Vlckalmr nml jlcrlillnn ltnllrnr.il
OlTlnc through bills lading asd nokeli to UI. mM.I
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OrlK'e un Wnarl'toal.
KIl. K.bltO.V, Tieket and TaMHiKer Aifut.
A S 1 1 V 1 L L K A N I) C A J 1 1 0
"Tfi.V Conihtlng ol thu lollowlrig
bTltOXU ..Mmter - llert
t.enica f.my JIomlHy nl -I P. 31.
lIAHilON M.ter
I.euc liver; Tliuratliiy nl 4 I. 31.
JOHN i.lmsii:.,
DAVIS Muter .. Uei'c
I.rnves lls-cry Satnriley l ! !. 31.
Tlirutnrli Hills Lading ('hen Yin. .nMi-
ille auu Citlro I'iiel.iis nml
"(hi'i-ii l.h'.e"
'! :-.sinllle, ChPiliiiiuiius, Trnii.i .tiltiu
ih, r.iiuiiiUus, itoinc, jiiicfiii, (luiup,
Vfest Point, Jioielowii, .tlllli ilt lllr ,
Cli.i t:uliiiilM, Aln.t sioiilKonier-, Alu.l
linrlpstun, N. t'i fii'lntn, Alu.l havniialit
(Jv.t Wlliuliiut mi, N". I'.; t'olmulilii, S.t'., Iy
Agent ut Cairo.
KE.NItV J'INKS, 1'ies t. SAM J. IIAL1, Hn'r.
f-avj roriirsse of the fallowlHC first cIj-i
tllirZi-t - ' itt-timera.
AI.IC1S Dt A.V lohnbunV, Ma-ur
ItOll'I' Itl'ltAH I'rtnUHlliio
JIIN. tUH.K W. It. Miller "
MI.VKIl .'IOU.N lien l. Mcrrielai '
H l.tl J. MAI.i: . I. Wauer "
out of !!. loi. ii.emli I aleainers Kre Caitu tut
Mrmiihis eiery Tueaday ami .saiuidar, ana far I'in
einnaii iei r'rid aivl sal'inUr
i. ills'. T HIMiK. Asi.t, t'siro, III.
HDico 1 A Wbsrf.h'at.
. -ifi-S- tViuiiting ot tho following
etsWfeSiilenillil l'usseuger Steauier
t lNi l . hCI . .. lla-ur ! roWLUK -.i.CU.
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..sy. i;iM SjaSy anil Tliu.aday at H u
. Multl ftRIMMMX ','
I tiK.VrM'. .
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. . " I Wll i. .
l.fw t.'airn Taidty and 1'lldfy at
WU. A. l.liWTI(...MKiT I WPInll I' ) er r
I,jt Cairo U'cdot'day and mti i u at 1 p,ni,
JUkin' hll intanrveclUlP lauilhiLH, unit pXjins xk'
tlculetklteution to I'-iuiet K-ektiT.

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