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" "TO tKT "LOOT."
column, occupying three line
of leas, two insertions, twenty -live cents,
rreasman, to go alxty mile iu the cnnntry,
to work on a weekly paper (atx tokene); one who ran
set type. Addreaa g, B, P., thin offloe. Jyl-b
that can moke Mm self (tmiornllr useful In
any business. Address P, K., lit Main strot. Cln
clnnatl. jyt-b
. , yonnr man, to work In a store or any decent
business. Address J. O. M., Frew office. Jyl-bt
family! la experienced ahd has good reoom
ihandktlons. Addiees HANNAII, atthia office.
V'ANTED By a family without ohlldren
w three or four pleasant rooma. The rent for
one or more mnntha ran be had In advance.
jy. n. m... caro una omce.
RMAt.T. DWftT.f.TKfl
Direct box 407, fosl-ofnce. Je3u-d
VANTrSD By ft gontlemnn, ft furnished
V bed-room. Centrally located, and neceaaary
attendance, with or without partial board. Addreaa
J. J., Box Hot, Poat-offloe. je30-b
WANTED A party with
la deairoua of entering Into
able bnalnena, aa partner. Jnqnli
ft oaih capital
) a eat and nront-
lira at North ..t
corner of Vine and Fifth.
Room Mo. 6. je30-b
general bonae-wnrk. Bot. from fourteen to
general honee-wnrk. Boy, from fourteen to
sixteen years oi age, to work In Rakery. App rat
BURNETT'S SALOON, 164 Weat Fifth at. Je30-b
WANTED A number of good Veat Baat
era. Apply at No. 23 Weat Sixth street, up
WANTED TO SELL - An excellent
family Horse and Korkawav. TnnnlrAnf n
- " room
Wednesday and Thuraday, June 2V and 30,
PABTKIDOK, at No. 23 Weat Fourth atreet. on
XTlTANTED Cooks, chamber, nurse and
, - uiuiuiiuuw i iB, ivnnu women anu gins lor
general work, good situations In city and country.
jM clerks, portora, harvest handa and errand boys.
TJJioBe In .want of help will And thla a aure place to
supplied at my office Kry Kim and Ninth atreet.
r"Cbeapness and diapatch la my conatant motto. A
f bouse and lot lor sale. jeM-b
ANTED A journeyman Barber and
annrentice bnr. nn tTmaman dMH
OV Rlxth attWAt Annlv l,n m-,1i. ,-1-1 f U
S --fft IH.WVIJ W V.. (At
AW- . . jeW-ct
V ANTED One good female Cook, and
OT.fl WMfth Wnmin innlvfti MaiKanh ITniiaa
tngtou, K. jeW-b '
ANTED A PARTNER Ib ad estab-
liflhOfi Onmmlailnn laiiaintaAtsi An avMllanr
cuancfliorn party witn MIUO, to get into a pay ins
Fifth and Viae itreeU; room No. 5.
uuumno, AMUir tv nALaV OC K,J.t XI
corner of
8hoe Store: will cut. mend and make new
Avora:; can De generally uaetta from long experienco
yn busineaa. Good reference glren. Addreaa O. B.,
corner Ninth and Freeman. je28-d
WANTED All the Terrier Pups In town
to trim the enra. I have a nice,.
cool place to keep them. No trouble
om niea. aibo, lor sale one well bred
k and tan alnt Pup. six weeka old.'
iriramea. j'rice, nve aoiiara. t;au at the ma-
nurnot atreet, between Vine and Kace and
axourto. j02oDT
and Bell articleaof naa and wanted hrevnrv
family. Call at 76 Third atreet, near Vine, up ataira,
i jtoom o, iron. 8 to 12 A. m., ana from 2 to a p. M.
We expect a large number of people at our
oftlce, to-day. Thoae winhing to hire help, and thoae
wishing aitna.tlonj. would do well to call early and
hava their nainer registered on Our booka. Oomo
pne, come all; flrat come, flrat aerred. Harvest
handa are now In demand at the General Intelligence
Agency, no. 382 vvealern Bow. A. 1). vAKnON 6t
iCO. i27.bt
ANTED A CUrk in aa offloe Ten
rount man aa agents, salary aocordlno? tn
r agreement. Also, aevoral glrla wanted for general
honao-work in city nnd country. For luforniation,
ripply at the General Intelligence Agency, No. But
Veatern Kow. A. D. CAHSON CO.
je27- bt
WANTED $1,000 OR 9I,(S(K for two,
three or tour yeara at 10 per cent., on a good,
.unincumbered, improved Fnrm, about twenty miles
ttmm Ciiicinnaii, nlnng a K.illroail. Titlo perfect,
r Property worth 8S,(KH). Addrosa at once EXPECT
ANT, Ilox 9:2, Cincinnati, O. jo27-b
learning ELliOTIlO-PLATINO, a valuable
art, greatly In demand all over the country, can lie
taught in a feivdays, byapplying to Dr. RICHARDS,
Dentist, No. I Sycamore atreet. jeM-aw
tT-HTLD Perjons wanting to employ
isitnod femulo help, call at Mra. WARNER'S
tsx Ortlro Also, girls wanting placea to do
P call nnd leave their lmiiies at Mrs.
intelligence Office, SOS Fifth street,
By ft young lady, a situation
a r ancy or Dry uooas store, Uood
Addreaa, A. B. jeia
-SITUATION--By a man who
naa 10 wort in a garaen, take charge
win nan uimaeii general naeliu.
iHcuy 01 a porter in any Dullness;
ur aniall wages. Reference given.
mm uiuce." jey-am
5,000 PEOPLE Anxious
great variety of 8nngs, to call, imme-
Filth HtrPPt Jriiill.nl Nlara.
1 Race and Kim, where are kept near
papers, magazines and socks to be
uere. ie8
TANTED GIRLS Wantinggood places
. to do housework or chamberwork. Call im-
i atelyat Mra. WARNER'S Inteliigenre Onlce,
vvost riltn street. Also, Ladies wanting good
I obtain tuein by calling at the above No.
linn 1 it rtYTTinnfi
1 win i, mum.
ffHIS beautiful Chart and Map is having a
i-SL tremendous Bale, far exceeding anything of the
ap I publish a large variety of
uii cuuuiry.
i- In addition 10 t
f Bnbscrintiou Bouka, Maps, Eugrnvin,
T"ulv CrTraveliug Aseuta. Call lmmei
1KB, OIG. DOll
uiutely, or ad
'dreaa. MACK R. B A UNIT.. Publisher,
jf- je22-am 8s and 40 West Fourth St., Cincinnati.
hvIho MidfJle.aii'ed Mn. Mttcbnnica. Farmers
lerkB, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Students, and in
1 j
uie Iu order to recruit their health and invigorate
their systems, or In order to' engage iu a pleasant and
profitable business, or to see the country, can find a
pieasam, useiiu ana prontuuieempioymentuy caning
atH. M. RULISON'S American Queen City Subscrip
tion Beok Publlahing-bouse, No. 141 Main street,
viuciuiiau, uuio, ur vy auuressing
myie-bm Cliioinnati, O.
'X .OST On Friday morning, July 1st, from
MM a wagon, on Main street, between Sixth and
Liberty, a Brussels Stair Carpet.
The tinder will be
rewarded by leavlug it at W. M. BUR-
jbaww umce 111 uia uoun House
rOST A Black and Tan Terrier Pun, with
A V.U.. t . .. ft. u i
aam WlilIU H)U. UII IIIVDOIli tUAOU UlOfll Villain
v, 1 collar. Wu sren folio wl rig a lady from the coruer
' Vallwoiul A J, ill l,o nuir) .1-fuixrna.l t. kl. ... t i. .
V 11 corner oflUca and Eighth troats,
. T .OST A Black and Tan Terrier Pupj the
enw u-"- earB oe'nI recently cut and are not yet healed.
ii; Any person returning him to the Bteain Marble
woras, corner ii Htu ana Broadway, will be suitably
; rewarded. jeao-b
I OST MANTILLA On Sunday evening
A last, between Sixth and Smith, and Mound and
HMnble, and kemble and Baymiller streets, a black
litfW Mantilla. The Knrfurwlll rl.. i..vu lih n
O. UEOGKS, Baggage Master 0. U. A D. R. R., Sixth
street Depot. )eW-b
. - a . T OST On Sunday, 2Bth Inst., in Newport,
' . . , -i M- a white and bla:k New roondland Dog-had on
i ruuaile answers to the name of "Moe." A liberal
' . reward will be paid if returned to 0. B. TALL
MADQa,24ViueBtreet. le2.bt
T OST On Wednesday, near the eorner of
fc . TJ'i,h Broadway, a Ladies Gold Neck Chain.
7, The Under will be suitably rewarded by leaving the
f aamowltp JOHN If. DAIR A CO.,s0and 42 Lower
Market street.
Q4TRAY HORSE Taken up on Sunday, the
3 19th, on West Court street, between John and
Mound, a briitht bav llnr.a ltk l.l.i, ,.. -..j
tail, about b hands blgb. with while collar and
saitaie marks, aud right bind foot white. Inouire ot
ITllteentli Ward luf W.liihm.n-.,.i 1 D rwui via
xAlo.ogrnsrJuilhauiiPluiB, ' 'jeij-iotf
irOR BENT HOTTSE-fa-A newIonse, with
flvesqiures of the corner of ronrtk aad Main atrwta.
jient tiu. Appiy at im main. . . lyv o
14IOR RENT One or two rooms to a roapeot
- able and lone ncrson. ApdIv at IM Mound at.
Jylb .
ner Broadway and Wchatnr streets, containing
twelve rooms; bath room, cold and hot water; gas in
II the rooms, range, c. Inquire of TITOS. SPOON.
ER, No. 4 Dobolt Builaing, or No. 441 Broadway.
I4IOR RENT One or two gentlemen can be
accommodated with a large furnished morn,
without bonrd, bv applying at the corner of Vine and
Sights Streets. Terms moderate. je2S-b
1H0R RENT HOUSE A good three-story
Jev Rrick, with all flxtnrea. Alan, apartments for
smaii lamiuea, in noe. ya ana iuu juutou atreet.
quire at Cottage above.
or two gentlemen can be accommodated with a
neatly furnished front room, on the second floor,
without board, with the privilege of bath, gas In
every room, In a respectable private family where are
po boardnra, at No. 109 Longworth street, between
Elm and Plum. Je23-b
Co. will remove to S. E. corner Vine and 4th
streets, opposite the Post Office in August. je-14
Ja.' GAS. Latest edition. Apply at No,
214 Weat
Court, or at this office.
FOR SALE HOUSE and LOT fort 1,200,
In easy pmymenta. Frame House with six
rooms, cellar apd hydrant. No, S Phrahe street, bet.
Plum and Western Row. Lot 23 feet front br 4.1f
feet deep. Renta for 1218 a year. Apply to 8TUR
DEVANT A PATTEN, No. 67 West Third street.
fjlOR SALE New and seoond-hand ma-
chlnerv of all dearrlntlona. Stenm Fnulnna. Raw.
Grlatand Feed Mllla. 1). W. WILSON 4 CO..
No. 39 Last Front at., bet. Broadway and Ludlow.
FOR SALE A small farm of land, contain
ing 12 acres, situated near College Hill, within
abort mile of the omnibus atand. A amall dwelling
bouse in the western part of Cincinnati, wonld be
taken aa part payment. For particulara. Inquire of
A. D. CARSON A CO., No. &2 Western Row. je27-bt
Wagons, Spring Wagons and Farmers' Wagons,
new and second-hand. J. R. PALMKR,
my24-3tw4w M Bank St., near Western Row.
BOARDING One or two gentlemen can
obtain board, with nleaaant room and comforts
of a home, in a pleafant location. Reference re
quired. At 26 Seventh street. jy2-a
BOARDING One or two single gontlemen
can secure a nleaaant room with hoard In a
Srivate family, by npplying at No. 107 Longworth at.,
etween Elm and Plum. Terma moderate. je30-l
Broadway Mansion,
One of the largest, finest and best located houses tn
the West. Flcasant, well furnished Rooma, with
evory attention, use of Bath Rooms, Ac, by the
With or without Boarding, at the Regular Table or
In Restaurant Department, where eatables and deli
cacies of every description are sorved to order at any
time, on reasonable terms. je2-ftv
TJOARDINGl Two gentlemen
nnd thoir
Mm wlvea can be accommodated with rtlni
leasant 11 n-
furnished rooma and board, at No. 23R Race atree
Also, two or tnree day boarders wanted.
SMITH, Auctioneer, No. 221 Vine street. Two
Hwellinar Houses No. 334 Vine street, bet. Ninth
and Court: also, No. 367 Vine, between Court and Ca
nal. Will be sold at Public Auction on TUESDAY
MORNING, Ju'y 6, at 11 o'clock, on the premises, a
fine Dwelling House, No. 134 Vine atreet, between
nintn ana uourt atreote. It contains ten rooms, all
finished in the best stvle. a lame hall. saa. bvdrant.
cellar, etc The lot la 211 feet front by 111! j feet deep
to an alley. Title porfect. Also, the Dwelling No.
367 Vine street, between Court and Canal atreeta. It
containanve rooms, with a store-room in front, large
aide yard, Ac. The lot la 30 feet In front by W feet in
depth. Title perfect. Sale poaitive. Terms of both,
one-third cash, balance in one and two years, with
luterost. jyg
SMITH, Auctioneer, 221 Vine street. Poai
tive nnd l'ereniptoi y Hale of Kleven Valua
ble I. ola In Newport, K),. For I'nHli. Will
be aold at Publio Auction, on SATURDAY MORN-
July 2, lBf.tl, at D 0 clock, on the premises, In
Newport. Ky Eleven Valuable Lots in S. V. Park
hurst's Subdivision, six of them, viz: Nos. 133, 13A,
137. 1.10. 140 aud 141 are feet in front bv I no foot iu
depth, on the south side of Kim street, between Iea-
utiiiaauu rauerwui me uiuer nve, viz: nos. 14,
144, 146 and Mb are 25 feet in front by loufeet In depth,
on the south-easterly side of Ooodman street, between
Isabella and Patterson streets; No. 141, Is a corner
lot on Isabella street. Title perfect. Sale poaitive,
to the highest bidder. Terms casb. j30
STOKES. Sales-rooms No. 14 East Fourth-
street. Household Furniture, Splendid Mir-
rora. Eleeant Uas Chandeliers. Ac. On HATUHUAI
MORNINU. Julv 2. Will be aold at Publio Auction.
on Saturday morning, July 2d, at Dwelling House
known as tbeforiner residence of Griffin Taylor, Eaq.,
on the northeast coruer of Third aud Vine streets,
several hundred yards of Brussels Carpets, a larae
loth, 1 Plush Sociable, Rosewood
tlr. 1 larffa Hahoaanv llooKcaae. 1 lllvan. a
Sofas, 1 superior Lounge, Oak Circular Chairs, 3
vasnsranas, maroie siacs, ifresaing uureau, mauo-
gany Sideboards, French Bedsteads, out cornice,
Window Shades, Stair Carpets aud Rods, Kitchen
TrIiIm. llookins Htove. Ac.
ALcO splenuia ijooaing uiasaee, in giu iramee,
French Plates, 34 by V6 iuchea.
A LHO 2 extra larffe and elegant Oaa Chandeliers:
2 amalier sizeao.: auas nracaeia, wun uioues.
Mi-k-U..ln u 11 AAln.lr
je30 COOPER A STOKES, Auctioneers
are so near nvlracloa as to resemble the famed Scrip
ture aocounts of similar cures in ancient times by the
Mnntotlnir with oil. and thftHACiirft are an wonderful
and lnBtantaneona. ao satisfactory and mitigating of
human ill, as to call upon publio fuuctlonaries, and
thoae having Charge of publio institutions for tbe
slcs; and suuerlng, to iook wen into tne wen auesiea
merits, the wiinnle efflcaov of this "Electric Oil. 11
Profeaeor De Ohath, therefore, haa deposited J100
with the mayor, the sumo to oo loneitea li tne "r.ieo.
trio Oil," aold at Philadelphia, fails to cure a alnule
case of RheuDiatism, or Pains in the Baok, or Limbs.
mi.. u i .' v u ill.... t..rA
rues, duih ur jjuruii Duma, vitua, wi.wi
Breast, Sore Nipples, Bronchial Affections, Swelled
uianaa, reions, stinnesa in tne joinia. npraius,
Bruises, Bores, on man or beast, or Scratches an
Bplinta on horses; also, Deafness
Price 9A cents. .VI entH. and 1 nor hottle.
Caution. Be sure and get DE (UtATU'S ELEO
TRIO OIL. It la tbe only genuine.
Wholesale and Betall, by
Corner Fount andValnut streets.
Ear For Bale br all Draaarlsta.
exnerience In tbe art of Mustard-maklnir.
proprietors ofl'er the above brand of Mustard To tbi
Diibllc, guarauteelng it a strictly pure article, manu
faotlired from the best quality of aeed, carefully ar
lected with tbe deaiu n uf Droduciiie: a M nstard SII P IC.
u in unii, we nave bo nesiiatinn in say in
that all lovers of iood Mustard will nnd the I. X. L
M tie mat wuicn toey wo irequeniiy lau to ouiam,
V4T0rders romplly filled.
JeM 99 and 101 Wainnt-atrect.
IfMI Cases St. Julian Claret.
Which wa oner at a small advance.
)n I and t Burnet House Bulldiuf ,
Clothing Intelligences
OompllmenU to all. Will be home for three months.
10 Fast Fourth Street.
July 2, 1869. (387)
Sprague & Co., Fashionable Tailors,
10 East Fourth Street.
Sprague & Co., Lace Neck Ties, New,
10 EsmI Fourth Street.
SWWIll remove to the corner of Fourth and Vine
Brat of August.
Local News.
MiTsoeoiooicAl OBasavATioKS, for the Dally Press
bv HaNat Wan, Optician, No. 7 West Fourth street.
Corrected daily. July 1, 1RS9.
Barometer. Thermometer.
T A. M 2 62 7
12 M 2 M tw
P. M - .M 91
Thobr who have an doubts about their
being " born to Inok," now have an opportuni
ty of testing the matter in a good oanse, by
oalling at the Gift Book Store opposite the
We take pleasure In oalling the attention of
the afflicted to the card of Dr. Blaisdale this
morning. We learn that he has been very
successful of late with the numerous oases that
hare been plaoed under his treatment.
Wi learn that on Wednesday last, the passen
ger train on the Fort Wayne and Chieago road
was thrown from the track by running over a
horse. Several passengers and the expressman
were killed, and others wounded. The locomo
tive, baggage and two passenger ears were bad
ly smashed up. No farther paitioulars.
Fikb Paid bt th County in thb Cook
Cabs. The total amount paid to parties sum
moned and excused from serving aa jurors in
the case of the State against Charles Cook, is
$038 aq, which Includes mileage. Each in
dividual received $1 50 per day, and those
who came from the country, mileage at the
rate of five cents per mile.
A i.ady at Cambridge, Penn., bad an eye
ouged out and a eheek bone broken by a "ser
pent," fired off in the street where she was
walking. We hope the Mayor of onr oity will
issue bis proolamation against the firing of these
dangerous articles of lire works within the
limits of the city. The Policemen, we hope,
will be directed to arrest every one caught
firing them.
Co MUI8BI0NIB8 Phocikdinos. Bills amount
ing in the aggregate to $163 41 were passed by
the Board yesterday morning the most im
portant of whioh was $69 30 for bill of vege
tables for Lick Run Lunatic Asylum. In the
vegetable bill was a small sum charged for fif
teen quarts of strawberries. That the patients
are sometimes indulged in the luxuries, as well
as the substantial of life, the above is oonolu
sive evidenoe.
Unpaid Litters, detained fob Postage July 1.
Martin, Williams A Htepliens, Covington, Ky.
John Fox, Conneravlllo, Ind.
Mra. Lto.ic Lheroy, Now Orleans, La.
Messrs. Hawhnme, Morris A Co., New York, N. T.
Messrs. E. Coybus A E. Rayton & Co., New York,
N. Y.
Mosirs. P. M. Enus A Son, New York, N. Y.
Joshua Davis, JUananuM, unio.
Dr. Mac. G. W. of Hull, New Orleana, La.
Mlu Knlx F Winchester. Louiaville. Kv.
Mrs. K. J. Haynea, Ha'vuyaburg, Ohio.
ti. rJ. (jruw, button, unio.
Bernhart Hchnentor, Lions, N. Y.
L. Raldwln, llavuna, ill.
Benefit or Advertising. Mr. Shepherd,
a returned Pike's Peaker, has just informed
us that he saw one of Church's telegraph ad
vertisements conspicuously posted in Hill &
Co.'s store, Council Grove, Kansas territory,
nearly one thousand miles hence, and the
last settlement of any note between here and
the mines. We expect Church little thought
that his poetical effusion would travel so far,
but who can foresee the stopping place of a
well written advertisement.
"Fiaa in- ih Mountains Run, Boys,
Run." The Boston Atlas and Bee tells the
following cool story:
A fashionable wedding look plaoe at the
West Church, yesterday afternoon, Rev. Mr.
Bartol officiating. J. he happy couple propose
to spend tbe first flush of the honeymoon among
the White Mountains.
Many a "fashionable wedding" would trans
pire in the Queen City, tuutily, if the happy
couple only had the "White Mountains" hard
by, where they eould "spend the first flush of
the honeymoon."
Cocntv Surveyor's Report. In the County
Surveyor's report yesterday morning, to the
Commissloners,he oalls their attention to the im
mediate action that should be taken for repair
ing the Cincinnati and Carthage Turnpike. He
recommends that a sewer, six feet in diameter
and three hundred and fifty feet long, be built
at the point where the ravine first strikes
the road, and that a wall be built at the
seoond point, fifty feet long, and one at the
third point, one hundred and fifty feet long,
and at the fourth and last place, where the
creek makes a turn to the road, should be a
wall about sixty feet long. The Surveyor re
commends immediate action in the matter.
Tbi Balloon Ascexsion and Pire Works
Exhibitions on the Fourth The preparer-'
tions now making for the balloon ascension by
Mr. J. 0. Belman on Monday afternoon, and
display of fireworks by Mr. H. P. Dlehl, in the
evening, are very extensive, and must result
entirely satisfactory to all who extend to these
gentlemen their patronage. The lot will be
enclosed by a oanvass twenty-four feet in
height; and over the seats, extending more
than half way round the lot, an immense awn
ing will be eroded to protect the occupants
from the rays of the sun, thus giving the City
Lot the appearance of an immease amphithea-
ler. Tbe balloon asoensions to the altitude
of several hundred feet taking up ladies
and gentlemen will be quite a novelty and
must create a great fund of amusement. Mr
Belman, accompanied by Capt. H. Godman,
of the mail steamer Telegraph, will leave this
mttndane sphere at 0 o'eloek. The exhibition
of Fire Works will be tbe ohief plaoe of amuse
ment in the evening. Tbe pieoei to be burned
are very eoetly and will exceed in magnificence
any Pyrotechnic display heretofore given.
Messrs. Belman and Diehl are long resident!
of Cincinnati, and as these gentlemen have
gotten up two grand entertainments, at a eost
of over one thousand dollars, it is hoped that
onr oltiiens, one and all, will eheerfully go
intiU the enclosure, and thus aid them peounl
arily.' The advertisement in another eolumn
gives the prices' of admission.
A resolution was offered, inslructln.tha City 'Au
ditor to lease the foot of Lewis street, to Wllliam'and
8. L. Green, for the term of three years, on ronilition
that they keep It In repair, and pay a rent of (IS per
annum; and another, that font or Broad atreet be
leased to John Weeks and Chas. Vance? for one.year,
for the anm of (in. Famed.
Mr. Meyers Introduced a resolution asking that
the General Assembly be petitioned to grant the
privilege of using the Orphan Aaylum lot hereto,
fore pnrchaaed for Park purpoaea on which to build
a Commercial Hospital; nd further that Council be
empowered to borrow monies, If neceaaary, for the
purpose of building a Hoapltal.
Mr. Torronee moved that the Orphan Asylum lot
be struck from the reaolutlon.
Mr. Roas moved that the resolution Ibe referred
back to the Committee, to roport at n future moot
ing. Carried.
Mr. Banyan offered a reaolutlon Instructing the
City Auditor to contract with the proprietors of the
Dally Enquirer to do their city advertising at their
Mr. Marsh could not understand the course of Mr,
Runyau. He voted against the Inquirer at tbe last
meeting, and now comes around In its favor. He
could net understand the workiug of "these dog
days." Mr. Meyers thought if the Enquirer be included,
the Volksblatt should.
Mr. Torrence was under the Impression that there
was something new in the wind. He had heard
talk of a "big article" having been written, and
that might have something to do with It. ITo hoped
that members would stand ap to what they think Is
right, and not be afraid of these editors, who can
write articles that will knock tbe best man in the
community "sky-high."
Mr. Eggleston entered into an explanation as to
the contract of last year. He was In favor of laying
the municipal proceedings before as many of the
citizens as possible, and for that reason he waa In
favor of including the Enquirer.
Mr. Weasner "joined In " with a rouaer in opposi
tion to the Enquirer In general, and in favor of Thos,
II. Weasner In particular. He had learned that the
Enquirer was going to come down on him In a flam
ing article he did not fear them bis character was
established, and waa as fair as that of any in tbe
Enquirer establishment. All ho asked of them was
to Btate nothing but facts.
TJncle Joe Ross also'took a "rip" at the Enquirer,
He didn't ku iw whether he had any character or
not, and didn't cars. He was "all fuse and feathers:
used a large amount of bad English, and said lesa tbe
more be talked. His wind Onallr cave out, aud he
settled down collapsed.
Mr. Noble took the floor in favor of awarding the
advertialng to the lowest bidder, as the ordinance
Mr. Whltcomb, from tbe loth Ward, the member
who asserted some time ago, that tbe Constitution of
tbe United States prescribed that a "cord of wood
should lie eight feet long, four feet wide, and four
feet high, and that every woman and child In the
country knows It," spread himself most brilliantly.
Ho was, unfortunately, (for the Enquirer, we sup
pose,) a carrier of that sheet onco, and he knew that
Its circulation was only two thousand. No one could
tell Him any thing about It; ho know all about It, and
would much rather see the Proaa have It. Ho soon
ran out of small talk, (not knowing more than the
law allows,) and backed down "gin out." Old
Munchausen isu'ta clrcumetance. The man with
the ash-cart cornea to mind we can't do the subject
justice. 1
Messrs. Mack, Meyers, Marah and Moore expressed
themselves in tavor of letting the hiuhest bidder en
joy the contract alone, at a loss to tbe city of at least
five hundred dollars.
Mr. Bnodgrass moved that the Press be inserted in
place of the Enquirer. Lost.
Mr. Runyan's resolution was then put and lost.
Mr. Mack called for the special order the Street
Railroad Ordinance which was read.
Mr. Noble moved that his resolution in relation to
obtaining the consent of the majority of property-
holders on. proposed lines, be adopted as an amend
ment to tho second soctlon. Carried by a majority of
Mr. Muck moved that the third sce'lon, In refer
ence to railroad companies buying out omnibus lines,
with which they conflict, be stricken out.
This was the signnl for a protracted and wordy
fight, in which all the leaders of the railway and
anti-railway factions participated. During Its dis
cussion the previous question was called and voted
down. The motion to strike out waa lost.
Mr. Kioratcd offered an amendment to the third
section : that all tracks laid conform to tho Ohio
gauge. Lost.
Mr. Toohy moved that the amendment to the sec
ond section in relation to gaining the consent of tbe
majority of property-holders nlung tbe proposed
lines be stricken from the ordinance. Carried.
Mr. S. 8. Davis proposed that the section requiring
that companies accepting the previsions of the ordi
nance, be required to give a bond of fifty thousand
dollars for faithful performance of contract, be
stricken out. Lost.
Mr. Pearce offered an amendment to seventh sec
tion, "that whon companies or individuals bid, that
they also state what prices they will laaue commuta
tion tickets iu packagea of not leaatban twenty-five."
Mr. Uambleton moved that "each aud every day,'1
iu tbe section regulating the running of cars, be
stricken out. Curried.
The previous question being called for by Mr.
Moore, tbe motion succeeded, and tbe ordinance
passed to its engrossment by a vote of 21 to 10, and
was finally passed by the following vote, 21 to 10;
which was enthusiastically received by its friends in
side and outside the bar.
See telegraphic news on first page.
New York Items.
New York, July 1 The Mr. E. C. Smith,
of Wall street, whose name appears among
the victims of the disaster on the Michigan
Southern Railroad, was a partner in the Ma
rine Bank, lie was a widower, and has lelt a
number of children.
The American Express Company has
promptly made an arrangement with the agents
of the steamship Glasgow, which leaves this
port to-morrow at twelve o'clook, to oall at St.
Johns, Newfoundland, and take tbe passen
gers of the Argo, who will be forwarded to
their destination.
The business in stocks this morning was
still more unsatisfactory to holders, prioes un
dergoing a further decline. The depression is
again most marked on railroad shares, though
the better olass of securities are not exempt
from the dull and heavy feeling observable
throughout the market.
Tbe heaviest depredation was in JMioulgan
guaranteed and Galena, which are each 'a(y4
)er cent lower, ine former is pressed lor sale
n view' of the heavy damages in whioh the
Company is likely to be involved by the seri
ous aooldent near boutn itena, at a time wnen
H is least able to pay tbem.
Cbioago and Hook Island was among the
steadiest on the list, boing sparingly offered at
bS-yi. Illinois central continues to improve,
selling to-day at oz3 can a and ti2, seller 60
days. There was very little change In rail,
road bonds. The State stooks are freely of-
fered and Missouri ana Tennessee sixes are
again lower.
The day ha.been a busy one in the money
market, more so perhaps than at any time of
the past year. The banks and private banking
bouses have quite a lively appearance, nnd a
large amount of money will ohange hands be
fore the elose of the week. The changing of
loans is active and a gdbd demand is observable
throughout the market, though it is noticeable
that no stringency appears in any quarter,
Freeh loans are freelv effeoted at 6 per oont.
The Saxonia for Hamburg took $100,000
in specie on freight. The Ocean Queen and
Kangaroo, for Europe, to-morrow, will take in
specie, fi,suu,uuu.
Railroad Matters.
Rcaoino, Pa., Jdly 1. A meeting was held
yesterday at Ephrata, for the purpose of or
ganising tire Reading and Columbia Railroad
being the last line to complete tbe connection
between Hew xork ana .Baltimore ana Wash
ington, via the East Pennsylvania railroad,
The eonnty of Lanoaster, the oities of New
York, Reading and Columbia and the village
along the route were largely represented. The
meeting, by an unanimous vote, directed the
Commissioner to open the books lor subsorip
uoni oi swox.
Particulars of Loss of the Steamship
8t. Johns, N. F., July 1. All of the pas
sengers who were aboard the steamship Argo,
wniou was wreoaoo in Trepaeay Bay a lew
days since, have arrived here safe. The steam
tug left again, to-day, to bring np the erew
ana wnat was saved from the wreck.
Tbe following are the particulars of the dis
Between three and four o'clock on Tuesday
morning tbe Argo made Cape Pine, bearing
twelve miles distant from tbe coast; tbe pilot,
captain, crew, and all the officers, were called
deck at the sight of land. The course of
the ship was ohanged, and made S. E. by E.
This should have cleared her fifteon miles
from Cape Race. Abont a quarter past
four o'clock, a very dense fog came up.
half past five o'clock the captain spoke
fishing schooner. He stopped the engines
and reversed them, and hailing the schooner
asked: "Whore are you fiahing?" An
swer: "On the Eastern side of Trepaasy Bay,
milo Anrl tiolf n. w inline r1Y ' Thn
Captnin ordered the helm to be put hard a
port, the engines to go on in fulleapeed, and
the vessel to be kept S. S. E. by the standard
compass. This should have taken her clear
the land. The Captnin and all the officers
were on deck. The officer in charge of the
wheel gave the order, "steady," as the ship
brougnt up to her B. H. . course. At that
moment breakers were seen and the engines
again stopped, and reversed at full speed.
Before tne snip got sternway npon her, she
grounded her bow on the rocks at Fresh-water
Point, eight miles from Trcpassy. The boats
wore lowered and got ready, when tbe passen
gers embarked with but little oonfusion, the
women and children being oared for first.
Anchors were then passed out the stern, the
coals thrown overboard, the forward boilers
blown off, and every exertion made to get her
off, but without avail. The Captain now sent
oil' the pilot to Trepassy to get assistance,
when the steamers Dauntless and Blue Jaoket
were dispatched immediately for assistance.
Sales, Ac, were sent ashore and tents made to
protect tbe passengers, and when tbe provi
sions and luggage could be got at, they were
also sent ashore. The fishermen then com
menced nlundorinir the shin: about one hun
dred came around her on bearing the signal
guns of distress. They out away her masts
and completely skinned her. At four P. M.
the ship filled, fell on ber beam ends, and
stink in six fathoms water. The baggage be
longing to many of the passengers was lost.
There was no house within eight miles of the
spot where the steamer struck. At 5 P.M. a
boat returned from Trepassy with assurances
that two steamers were on tne way from at.
Joans to assist tnem. luesday night was
passed in tents with a tolerable degree of com
fort. On Wednesday the steamers arrived and
brought off the passengers and a part of tho
lhey return this aftornoon for the crew,
taking with them a company of soldiers and
police oflioers to recover that portion of the
property stolen from the ship. Divers will also
bo sent to get out anything that can be recov
ered from the wreck.
The passengers are all quartered and provi
ded for here. They will be sent on as soon as
tbe arrangements can be made.
The Great Balloon Expedition.
St. Louis, July 1. The first grand experi
mental air voyage to the seaboard took plaoe
from Washington bquare this evening, l'roles-
sors Wise, Xiamountaino and Uager naving
made a successful ascension in the mammoth
balloon Atlantic, at forty minutes past six
o'clock. The inflation was witnessed by thou
sands of citizens in the square, and outside the
tnolosure was thronged with excited spectators.
William Hyde, reporter for the Republican,
acoompanicd tho aeronauts, but should his
weight prove an obstruction to the passage Of
too balloon, ne will be landed at a tavorable
point; and this course will be repeated, if ne
cessary to the accomplishment of tho end in
viow, until all tbe party excepting one, to
gether with the boat, will bo landed Professor
W ise boing determined to reach the Atiantio
coast If such a thing be possible.
A paokage containing letters, St. Louis
papers and Western exchanges, was sent by
tho United b tries Express Company, which
ill be forwarded to their agent in New York
from whatever place the aeronauts alight. It
is expected that they will reach some point on
tbe seaboard botween V and 12 o clock to
Mr. Brooks, manager of the St. Louis mu
seum, preceded the main party in his balloon
Comet, designing to aooompany the Atlantic a
short distance, and return in the morning, if
tbe weather is favorable.
Tho balloon took a direction towards Lake
trie, but. when last seen was pursuing a
course almost due East.
From Washington.
Wabhinootn. Julv 1. Cact. Van Vleit. U.
S. Assistant Quartermaster, has submitted to
tho AVar Department a reply to tbe charges
recently preferred against turn lor alleged
misconduct in connection with the purchase
of mules for the army, and the Secretary of
war, alter a mature deliberation ot tne game,
has decided that the explanations and testi
mony render any turtner noticeot tnecnarges
uncalled lor and unnecessary.
The Postmaster beneral has ordered of Ct,
T. Neebitt, of New York, contractor, one mil
lion stamped envelopes, witn tne new self
seal ine improvement.
They will be turnisbed to tne public at five
cents per hundred more than is charged for
the present pattern.
The statement contained in a letter from
Camp Floyd, and extensively published,
charmnir the tjcretarvot War with beinir tier-
sonally interested in the contracts with Hal-
lidav and otners, tor Buppiyine Hour to tho
troops in Utah, is wholly destitute of truth
The arrangement for this service was made in
tbe regular course oi business, alter a (Ivor
tisement, witn ine proper omoer, and Dy
which at least $100,000 are saved to the gov
From New Mexico.
Bt. Louis, July 1. Tbe New Mexican mail
witn dates irom eanta ire, reaonea inaepen
dence to-night. The Democrats have nomi
nated Otero for re-election to Congress. . An
expedition was fitting out at Albuquerque to
obastise tne Havajo Indians.
Outward Bound.
Halifax, July 1. Tbe steamship Europa
from Boston to Liverpool, arrived at this port
at 0 o'clook this evening and sailed again at
halt past eleven.
River News.
Pittsburg, July 1 P. M. River station
ary, weather clear and warm.
Louisville, July 1 P. M. River fallinc
with 4 feet u inches in tbe canal.
St. Louis, July 1, P. M. River fallen six
Inches in the last twenty-four hours, and
still receding. Nothing new from the upper
streams, w eatner clear and oppressively warm.
Arrival and Departure of Steamers.
anniMi.Bi icing' aim, uuutuni. , wioiuu. ,a
............ i .. ,. t .. .. ; m.. . ii ...... .. m,.
eanuy; I'aieiionia, jnaysvme ; rarest yueen, aiaui
son; S. II. Tucker, Arkansas ltiver; L'onewago, St.
liUUis; Bwanow, raraersuuig.
DurABTt-aits. Tolecraph, Louisville; Boston, Big
nanuy ; caieuonia, siaysviue ; iwurier, wneenug;
noreat vueen, mauisun; Arizonia, ruisonrg; nasi.
ings, rituuurg.
CINCINNATI, Thursday, July 1—3 P. M.
belna the Fourth of J the notea matu
ring un that day will be due on to-day (Saturday.
This brings the transaction of three days into one,.
fli.i tno ai, su and 4tn. The preparation maaing lor
payments due on thoae daya has created quite a de
mand lor money, and bankera are holding off uutil
after the National Holiday. Tu-ilav the chnckinita
were remarkably heavy, and a number of the bourns
report a scarcity or currency.
Railerli KiLL'banse remalna Arm at K aelliufl1.
Missouri money is bankable, with the exception
tne a arir.er s pang anu tne western oaaa.
Illinois aud Wisconsin mousy heavy, at 22Mc
Mew York Exchange In Chicago selling at 1H per
cent, premium; very funi.
New Vork gxebauge In St. Louis selling at fcSl
per eem, premium.
Cincinnati Produce Market.
was a
tn-dav. and the market was steady. There were also
several smalt orders in market from points east of thla
filsi e, which together with the light receipt, enabled
loldera tn obtain full nrieee. tholtah at the rloee. nn.
der the tinfavoratile advicea from New York, the
mnrnpi win weaKT. n itoui wai oris, sow) at eAa io
for auperfine. and In 2ia,f, to fur extra; 430 brie, were
recnlved the last 24 hnura.
WHISK Y The market for thla article la anr rinlt
and unsettled, and prices lower. The sales comprise
Mi brl. at 20 'io. and 490 do. at 2fio. The receipts are
l'KUVINIONB-The fee llnff I the market la dnllar
and there seema to be Utile or no demand to-day for
anv article: so hrla. Men mrk anld at lis a, and Ml
brfa Lard at lie, yostcrday. Bacon is dull at M
and or.
G KOCK HI ES-The market Is nnrhanmd and ataarir
with a fair demand.
WHKAT The market eontlnneadullaad nrfaeaara
tending downward, though there la no voaltlvo de
cline; aa'ea I w bush, cho.ee lted at II ti, aad SftO do.
prime New Hill at II l'.
CORN Tbe market is ateady and prlcea unchanged;
sales l.crno bnsh. mixed, at ano; 1,000 do. damaged
at Tec., and aoilrto. in atnre at Me.
K V K I no ni'insnii la fair and prices unchanged.
B A RI,KY Market dull at wen!.
OA I s The market la vervdu and nrlcea continue
to droop; sales lJtMlmsh. In bulk, at depot, at 40c.
OR F.ESK Sales loo boxes Western Beeerve at So.
market Arm.
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
NEW YORK, July 1, P. M.
Flour onened bnorant at .vaiOo. advance, bnt cloaeel
dull at yeeterday'a quotations: sales 4,A00 brls. at as
i(X)M 80 for superfine Btate; ftVrf.n 30 for extra do.; .
l.Vifi.l eotorsuperrine western; eogos an lor common
to good extra do.; ffttftA 1ft for do. round hoop Ohio,
te 2VA6 70 for fresh ground; closing Quiet. Eye Floor
dull at H(fbi la.
wheat dull and heavy; sales 12,onotmsh. at SI rnr
Milwaukee Club, and Slo. for unsound do.; 81 ftorio
I to for nrw Red (jeonla: SI SOCi.1 HO for new white
do.; St .VI for Red Southern, and SI TO for White do.
Kye dull at Bai ley dull and unchanged; ealee
1.400 hush. Canadian. Peas SI 02! 04. Cornouiet:
sales 13,0(10 bush., at Sac. for new Western Yellow:
80c. for unanund do.; 62c. for White Southern; old
mixed nominal at s?o. In store. Oata Ch&45o. for
State, and 4fiffl48c. for Canadian.
Whisky dull; sales 150 brls. at anc.
Pork dull and haavv: sales l.ftMllbblsat SIS 0MB
IS 12 for new Mraa, ?IT(rf,lrt for prime do, SlfMgiie ii
for thin do, SIS 90 for clear, and SI2 2ai3 79 for
prime; total stock of all kinds of Pork la the differ
ent yards aa made up to-day 90,017 bhla; same time
mat year 4o,iyv nuia; inciuoea in ine total, la av,wi
bbla Meaa and 2e,330 bhla prime. Beef nnchanired;
Bales A o bbls at S6 a7 for prime, S9 for country
Mesa, Slutfil? for repacked Chiraao, Sleal6)i for
extras: total atock of beef in different varda la 33.aas
bbla; anme time biat mouth 34,311, and same time
laat year Hum bills. Prime Moss dull. Beef Heme
auiet, at IVoolB. Bacon dull and nominal. Cut
Meats steady; sales 240 packages at 6c for Shoulders.
SCdMtiao for Hams.
I. am nrm: sales 430 Dnia ar iiuhc.
Butter dull, at 11(3)16 for Ohio and Wfflll for Btate.
Cheese dull, at 2(it.c.
Wool Domestic Fleece continues auiet. bnt firm.
with llKht receipts; sains 40.000 lbs at 37HOM0 for
Inferior to Saxonvi nulled, ateadv and unchanffed:
foreign In lietter demand; ealea 300 bales, including
Eaatlndia, at Slfi, and Donakai and Meetfe-o on pri
vattnerms; also, son bales California at S132S.
i;onon ouoyani; sales ;,uuu oaiea.
Iron quiet, at 2S(A24.
Lard Oil (lull at doc.
Tobacco dull at S,4o.
M....- ....!-. ..I nt .iAIZ-
The stock oi Coffee la 117.373 baca. of which 3.4ft? la
Rio and A7,6ftt la Java. The atock of Molasses la
12.720 bhda and 6.22K bbla: of the latter. 2.671 la Cuba
and the balance New Orleana. The stock of Buarar
is 81,0is bhda, 24,723 boxes, vi.000 bags, and 2.239 hhda
Melado; or tbe hhda 64,44S are Cuba, 12,502 Porto
Rico, and only 1,2.'4 Now Orleans.
[By Telegraph.]
New Orleans Market.
Cotton. aaleal.300halMatllW(8limc. Saels of the
week 7, SOU bales; receipts 1,100 bales against ft,&00
naioa; preacut stoca, m.ibnj oaiea.
Coffee Arm at 1114c; Bales of tbe week, 4,000 bags;
preaont atock, 3l,unn baaa.
COLUMBUS, Friday Evening, July 1.
Mexican Volumtrrbb. The MaxioanVolun-
teers met at 'Squire Irilley's office last evening,
and agreed to partioipate . in the coming cele
bration of the Fourth. A oommlttee, consist
ing of Major J. Nelramer, Ed. Liliey and John
Weaver, was appointed to eonfer with the
Marshal as regarding their position in the pro
cession, uapt. Heynoias was appointed mar
shal and authorized to appoint one of their
number to carry the regimental colors of the
2nd Ohio regiment. : . ' ' "i
Rumored Aehkst op a Murderkb. The
Journal reported this morning, that a dig- '
patch had been received by Sheriff Park, sta
ting that Fronenberger, one of the murderers
of Honry Korrell, had been arrested at Crest
line. On visiting the. Sheriff oflioe to-day,
we learned that they knew nothing about suoh
arrest, more than was In the Daily.. Journal
this morning, although they olaim' to have
good authority in stating that Fronenberger
has been hanging around in that locality for
the last th. ee months.
Probate Court. The next term of tbe Pro
bate Court will be commenced on Tuesday.
There is forty eases on tbe docket; for assault
and battery, twenty-eight; petit lareeny, ten;
resisting officer, one, and selling intoxicating
liquors one. From the number of oases for as
sault and battery, it seems that the warm
weather has no effect on the pugilists.
Mairiagc LiCBtfsia.-Thirty-on marriage
licenses were issned by tbe Probate Court dur
ing tbe month of June. Comparing this with
the same month last year, there is an inorease
of one. Rather doubtful progress In matri
monial affairs.
Soldiers of 1812. The Committee of Ar
rangements have made all necessary arrange
ments to have a happy reunion of those gal
lant old heroes on the Fourth. This is as it
should be, but many dislike their position in
tne prooession.
Recovering. The gentleman who drank a
half gallon of "rifle" on Wednesday evening.
instead of Thursday morning, as stated in our
artiole of yesterday, is again about and able
to walk around, lie should be exhibited to
the assembled thousands on the Fonrtb.
Election. Mayor English has issued his
Droclarration. callinc an election for a Coun
cilman in the First ward, on. Thursday, July
in. thus, tne contested election case naa
been ended.
Db avubn. The Dravmen met at the Citr
Hall laat night and agreed to join the Citi
zens, in celebratinff the eomine anniversary
of our National Independence. . Mr. F. Spade
was selected as Alar sua l.
The Parade. Tbe parade of the Franklin
Fire Company will take place to-morrow after
noon. The steam engine, America, and Co
lumbia Hook and Ladder Companies will also
be in the prooession..' ; ".in 1. 1 n t
The Orphans. T6-morrow even ine Kin
ney's Juvenile Minstrels, or "Orphans," take
their grand benefit at Armory Hall, We
hope io see it crowded. ' : .i v ...
Ahbcor-dbd. Sars. Clark, whose trial was
set for to-day before the Mayor, oharged with
recolvlng stolen goods, came up missing.
The Abducted Cnuo, Nothibs; has vet
been discovered, nor oan any trace be found of
tbe child mentioned yesterday. ... , ,
Columbus Advertisements.
Book, Job, aad Ornamental Card Ih-lntlnc
atabllhmeal, '-';'
Is the cheapest nnd best place In the Capital City to
our ,uu rriimns uuue wuu ucatueaa si ia ais-
It A : iTJ J "X
The best in the 5Vorld.
all thei diSercnt styles of 'the celebrated
- K.NABE riAMOf -
Which hava tuken, In every Instant, the highest
awards over I'll ICKKB15H), and all the bret makers
oi New York, liosioii aud Baltlnioie, when brought
Iu competition villi them. .
. r i pltu&K A v r.li.- 1 r. iv, out. A KPN la,
' io. IS ftatt'S liuilUiug, btate atreet.
jeVO . . Oulumbus. Ohio.
Vt CIMTTBNDEN Jeft reoelvsd a
new and rheae atock of Yancy and Btaola
lry Oooila, Boota, Rimes, Bats, Case, Ac., No. ft,
Kxi-haiiM block, boulU H.gh atreet, Columbus, 0(
which lie will sell cheap for oasb, . suyM-auk

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