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That New Hat For
Memorial Day
What shall it be?
Perhaps to cool for a straw;
too warm for a derby; but
the stylish Telescope will
surely fill the bill.
From $1.00 to $4.50
there's a selection here in.
eluding every new shade
and proportion Stetson,
Hawei, Gotham, Noxall,
and several other well
Known brands.
In the Prospect of Getting
the Erie Shops.
Strike at Galion Precipitates
the Discussion.
Reports That tlie Order to Move the
Shops is Proven Incorrect Meet
ing of Citizens Tonight.
Dies Sunday at Home of Son
in LaRue.
Djath HcBulted From a Stroke of
Paralysis Suffered Some
Weeks Ago.
Mrs. jrnry 12. Manlo-, tigou
seventy-four, died nt tlio homo of
lior son A. J. Munlcy of Lnliuc
at 11:30 o'clock Saturday even
ing:, lior demifio was duo lo paraly
sis with which tho aged lady had
suffered for several weeks.
Fivo sons and ouo daughter sur
vive. HcRidpsi the son at whose
home death occurred thcro nre
George, Alfred, William and Ed
ward Mnn'cy all residing; fn tlio vi
cinity of JjnRuo and Mrs. James
Harrif, of south of Lnliuc.
Kunoral sorvieoe wore coniluetc'
from, tho Baptist church of Laliue
ut 2 o'clock Monday nftemoon,
Jn Mr. Long officiating. Tho
remains wcro interred in tho Puce
cemetery south of LaRuo.
Tho strike In the RNo's Oallon
shops, of which mention has been
made In press dispatches, lias Borveil
to precipitate, a discussion ot tho
question of tho removal of thoso
shopa to Marlon, Sunday morning's
papers stated that tlio order for tho
removal had alicoi'y bec Issued hy
(lenoral Manager Stuart, but Informa
tion received hy Marlon men proves
tho Incorrectness of these dispatches.
It Is true, however, that such a movo
has been considered by tho officials
of tlio road, piovhled the citizens of
Marlon show tho proper spirit and
demonstrate their sincerity. A meet
ing or interested citizens was held
at tlio Commercial club, Saturday
otenlng, and nnother Monday morn
ing, and at lotb meetings the business
men showed that they rec'ognlzo tho
advantage, which will bo gained by
tho elty, if such a change- Is mado.
The Erie railroad company will bo
given assurance that It will bo given
substantial nsslstanco if It sees (It to
make tho removal at this time.
Citizens' Meeting, Tonight.
Thero will be a citizens' meeting nt
tho Commercial cl' tonight at 7
o'clock to discuss the question of tho
Erie shops removal to Marlon. Al!
citizens arc requested to bff present
to Join In tho movement In behalf ot
greater Marlon. All citizens will
bo cordially welcomed to tho club on
this occasion of Interest to all our
w. i:. sroFinr.r), piesidcnt.
connected with tlio pffico roul'ne
and it is tho opinion that the city'
chief cxccnti7e should j-eceivo a
larger salary. It i.i understood that
tho majority of tho councilmcn arc
in favor of tlio plan lo raise the
mayor's salary.
Mnyor SeherCO wag interviewed
this morning on the rjnestion of
increasing tho salary of tho office.
Tho mayor, as is natural, feels- that
llio strenuous dut'es of tho office
Rhtubl,bo awarded with u larger
salary hut hf 'lidlibve.s tl.1t before
the niayor is given an increase thu
polieo and i'lro department employ
es should he raised. "If the city
can offord' tlio extra amount," said
tlio mayor, "I wuild liko to see
council ra:'so tho wnges of tho po
licemen and the firemen. The
cast of living hai "'greatly in
creased in tlio city during tho past
few years while the salaries paid
to lhoo employes have rom.vncd
stationary. I think that we have
n very efficient, police deparlmont
and iv very efficient firo depart
ment . Tho' way to keep up the high
standard is to pay salaries such
that of fipciit men nn afford to
stay in the departments. "
In tlio evonl that the salary of
tho mnyor is raised tho present in
cumbent docs not believe that it
should be increased more than P
a year until after the firemen and
policemen have been taken care of.
John Pheasant was arrested yes
terday morning at ten o'clock on
West fouler street, by Officer Mc-
Oonoiigh. Ho was released last
night and gave seour.My for his
appearance for it hearing, in tlio
mayor's court tonight.
John Peck was arrested Saturday
n'dil on South Main street, by
Officer Wilholm and a eharso of
drunkenness placed against bim on
tlo police blotter. Peck diow a .$.)
fine which ho promised to pay.
I miiy OzJ" I
Asking to Have Indictments
J.6V . -
And Custody ot His Three
Little Children.
Criminal Case Will be Heard Next
Week Jury Commission Draws
Names From the Jury Wheel
Motions weio tiled In the court ot
kcommon pleas, Monday, In tho cases of
five men Indicted by the recent graifd
Ijury. Tho motions, tiled by DcQol-
ley & DcGolley, ask to have tho in
dictments quashed on the grounds of
several alleged, errors.
In the cases of Charles Snyder, In
dicted for forgery and grand larceny,
James Sullivan, robbery; William
C. Dlckerson, horse stealing and
l'etor Fitzgerald, placing obstructions
on a street car track, motions wcr
tiled, settlnr up tho claim that tho
frecord does iiot show that ho Indict
ments wore presented to the court by
the foreman of the grand jury. In
the case of Kfihler Zlmmor, Indicted
for cohabiting In a state ot adultery,
the above claim ot error Is mndo,
besides the allegation that the sec
ot Mildred Dollls, the woman in tho
case, Is not stated.
. Marion City Directory.
The canvass for the city is 110.7
closed. Any household or business
who lias not been called upon for
name or business address, will please
leport same to us at Ackerman Ho
tel, ll. L POLK & OO.
Majority of Council in Favor
of the Plan.
Mayor Scherff is "Anxious That the
Firemen and Patrolmen he
Given an Increase
There is a movement on fool
among official of tho city to in
crease tho salary of ' tho mayor
when .tlio noxt appropriations are
made, the increase not to go into
effect until tho l rst of noxt year.
Al tho present time tho mnyor
draws a salary of $1,000 a year.
He is required to bo at his office
overy day in tlio year and tho
great majority of the evenings.
Tliife is ! great deal of .hard ioik
Mr. Frank Sells of Columbus
r? the uet of friends 5u tho city.
ICongressman Grant 13. Mouser Is
transacting business in Larue, today.
(Misses Dorothy and Aurlel Glimpse
of .North Slnto street visited Ju To
ledo Sunday.
Attorney JT. K. Jill was in Co
lumbia today looking after legal
Mr. William- Tlhnnds, formerly
proprietor of the Dairy restaurant
now of Iudiaiiiiolis, Indiana, is
tho guest of friends in tho cily.
Mr. K. .S. Iiaines, trap-drummer
at the Itayol Kink icsigned
hu position today and left for
i- borne at liillsboro, Ohio.
Mrs. J. 1 Dolliver, wife of
Uuiled Stntes Senator Dollivor, of
Iowa, was in the city, Sunday
and nt tended service at Kpworth
M. K. church Sunday evening.
Sho was accompanied by her brother-in-law,
David Clrahom, of the
well known firm of Jennings &
CiVaham of tho Methodist Hook
Concern of Cincinnati. They havo
been visili ig lclntives near Rich
wood where both formerly leslded.
For stomach troubles, biliousness
and constipation, try Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets. Man
remarkablo cures havo been effected
by them. Price, 25 cents. Samples
free. For sale by all druggists.
Wonderful May Matinee Sale Of
Curtains at $2.50 and $2.98 Pair.
Our Sale From Till 5:30 P. TL, Tuesday
Of the hundreds of unequaled values offered
eahc afternoon of The May Herchandise Matinee
these remarkable curtain bargains are some of
the rri.ost important.
AKJ .... . -n mi
-fy There are' the finest of fiat nt; curtains heavily trimmed
with wide antique laces, or with braids'; ' There also are
BeeLijitifijil Renaiss6Lnce
and Marie Antionttee curtains, priced as follows;
$2 for regular S3 and $3.50 values
$2.50 for regular $4 and $4.50 values.
$2.98 " " $4.50 and $5. 50 values.
The suit ot Henry Ulsh against
George V. Ault, which had been
pending iu tho courts slnco fivo yearn
ago, and whlcli hinged on an ac
count of only ?4.G0. wits settled out ot
.Vourt, Saturday. Both parties agreed
to Hpllt tlie costs, wnlcn will run up
to nbou $70. Ault brought suit In
tho court of Justice E. H. Day, nt
Caledonh, claiming Judgment against
Ulsh on an account ot ?t.r0. Ulsh
filed a counter claim for ?20. Ho al
leged that Ault ' dumped a lot of
brush and stumps on Ulsh's Innd, cast
of the city, greatly to tho lattcr'a
A bcef-steak figured in tho litigation
In some manncr.h'hut tho court threw
out that part? of Mho proceeding ns
being Irrelevant.
In tlio justice's1 court, Ault secured
Judgment and Ulsh -took the matter
to tho court of common pleas. For
months an effort was mado to effect
a settlement, but It was not until
Saturday that tho two litigants
reached an agreement.
.The divorce stilt of Edward O.
Falrlamb against Anna Jf. Falrlanib
was heard In tho court or common
tdeaa, Monday morning, and Judge
Young grante.l the plaintiff a decree.
The defendant failed to appear, and
the suit waB not contested. Fair
lamb was given tho custody of his
three small children, whoso ages
range from two to eight years.
This suit as begun in the court
of common picas, March 4, 1907. Tho
couplo were married near Prospect,
August .".0. 1S03, and, according to tho
husband's story, his wife deserted him
February ll, 1905, telling him that
she did not love him. and that sho
had another who would care for her.
,l I I llllllll ll ! I I , I..llll. llllll I. I ll
New lines of Belts, Neckwear Glovesd
Jackets, Long Wraps.
Cover; Jackets at ....5.00
Silk Jackets at $4.50
Long Silk Coat3 at . $12.50
Tailor-Made Suit:
Two prices on Forty-five
High Grado SuitB, the noa
son's newest ...,$10 and $16
A splendid showing of
Whito Waistn in India. Linon
Dotted Swiss, Persian Lawn
and Wash Silks.
50c, 08c, $1.50, $1.98, $3.50
Silk Gloves.
Long ilk Lislo Gloves
Long Sl'.k in white ..
In black and whito .,$3.50
Silk Shirtwaist Suits.
Black ... $12.00 and $17.50
Checked Silks $20.00
Jumper Suits in plain Silk3
Girdles and wide belts in
Silk Jet Kid ..25c and 5Qc
White Shirtwaist Suits
Our first showing of
Tine Whito Suits is ready.
Thoy otart at $3.50
Ladies' White 'Dresses
White Swiss 0.50
White Nctt Gowns ..$15.00
Elaborately trimmed .. $20.
N6 vol tics "in Baby Irish Laco
Collars .... 50c co $3.50
Swiss Turnovers 10 and 25c
Princess Laco Collars.. $1.25
Lace Chemisettes .... $1.25
The now linen collars
embroidered . , . 25c
ITlocal II
the women of the illngo hy ap
pearing ul the hack doors and af
ter knocking would iry to enter
without any invitation. Tho strang
er was put on a train Saturday
even iig and sent to Clevolnnd
where ho said he had relatives living.
Tho petit Jury reported for duty,
Monday morning, and was dismissed
until next week, all ot tho cases sot
for this week hnvlng heen settled
or carried over.
Next week will lm Riven over al
most entirely to criminal proceedings
in tlio court of common pleas. Tucs
ilay morning at 0 o'clock. .TimIkp
Young will assign tho docket and U
Is planned to put down for next weok
all of tho rases which were handed
down hy tho grand jury, which mot J
Jlohert i: Carey, ot Upper San
dusky, roforco In bankruptcy, pro
ceeding of George Mnthnr. Ho will
ho here AVednesday, and hold a hear
ing In tho cane of tho .Marlon Man
ufacturing company.
A motion to have certain clauses
fctrlckon from tho petition has been
tiled by tlio Firemen's Insurance
company, defendant' In a suit brought
by William H. Hlnklin.
Judge Vptliig has' given tho Rrie
rqllroad company leave to file an
amended answer In "tho suit biotight
against It by T. I Lundorgan,''
Tho Jury commission roported Mon
day and drew names ot citizens for
tho Jury wheel'. -Enough names ware
drawn for uso during tho r.oxt year.
Horn lo Dr. and Mrs. It. O.
Chdwrne tit jirntn. ji dun'ditur.
Snluidiiy night.
.A marriase licenuo luu been k-
Miod tt) Hoilncv Hoo.se mid T.iip:II
e Wolfe both of Marion. 'Tlmv
will he married this evening.
The ugosla li.-mo ball tcuin has
hediilcd tlio Hussylvnniii crnck
nine for a game in I lie homo diii
inoud on the nl'lcniooii oR Ucnera
lion day.
I). Alexander Jackson, of Cleveland.
Ohio, Secretary of the Ohio Sabbath
State Association, will come to Ma
rion next Sunday to effect a Coun:y
(Sabbath Observance Aesoclatbn.
Uev. C. M. Schaor delivorcd tho
baccalaureate sermon boforo the
llllll school graduates of the Pros- ns Iast
K.Ti sciuinis ju uie Aieuionisc
eliurch ortlmt town Snuilny oon
mg. The alteiu'ance was very largo
and a very interesting sermon do
1 vcred.
A delightful recital was given Sat
urday evening at the Prospect School
of Music by little Miss Vavon Smith,
aged sJx year. The youthful artist
hast for tho past year beon a nunll of
kMaudo Drake Inskeep at tho
School of MubIc, and has a remark
ablo repertoire ot selections) which
she plays In a most praiseworthy
manner. Tho recital was well at
tended and proved it success and a
,flne musical treat.
A half wit, who gave his nonio
as fleorge M .ller was arro3lcd at
Caledonia, Saturday and locked up
ror a, iimc. Miller, whose nation
ality is- Austrian was fr'ghloning
Oontly movci tho bowels nnd at
the-eamo time stop3 tho cough.
Beo'a Laxative Cough Syrup. Con
tain Honey and Tar. No opiates.
Dest for Coughs, colds, croup and
whooping cough. Satisfaction guar
anteed. Children like it. Mothers
iidorso It.
Sold by Flockon Drug Stor.
Apprnisemenf of Nypano Same as
Last Year.
CTho appraisement of tho Nypano
railway, tho branch of tho Krio
which runs through hero to Cincin
nati, 'will roninln tho same this year
Tho auditors of tho coun
ties through which tho lines passes
met nt Cleveland", Saturday, and de
cided to lot tho tax valuation ro
main at $9,000 a mllo.
Wenesday at Toledo, tho auditors
will meet and appralso the T. & O.
C. property. This road has about
four miles In the western part of
Marlon county. Friday, at Toledo,
the C. S. & It. will be appraised.
at the lowest prices. A good
assortment of 'Dress
Shirts at 50c
Cream color, Grey or Black
50c and 25s
OVERALLS -host maio with
bib at 48c
SOCKS fn etey mixed,
pair 5C
Beat Grey mixed SOCKS
3 pair for . , 25c
-,THE -
Denman-Jeoner Co.
Our onn lima lnff ..n ...11. L. ...!....- r .1.1 l.k.ll. . .1-
I sirablo goodj of 'most cvo;y dcEcription, which you may buy at
W practically your own price.
ew York Store.
$7-50 Linen Jacket Suit $4.95
Beautifully ntwlo hi tho Pony Jacket stylo with neat whito wash braid trimmings and
;i very iuu picaieu HKin. no coiors aro blue, whito and linen. lijsi:y worth
$7.50 and a bargain at
At 3.95 Wo very pretty styles in Linon Jumpor Suits that aro easily worth $0.00. Ono
is a pretty whito piped with blue, another a pretty linen color piped with while. (flO flE
An unusual bargain at tJjlJiyO
At $2.95 Very protty dotted and chocked lawns and gingham offects in
wasn amta worth $5,00. Beautifully mado and aro a big bargain at this gh fC
prlco - q2.Uo
A'c $4.95-A' hoauttful $8.50 valuo in a neat dotted Swi.s Shirt Waist Suit with
pretty laco yoko and a doubjo row of laco around tho flounce. It'o a bargain
Frivolous Forty.
Much of tho dullness which ndlicts
us In Bocloty Just now la duo to tho
oxtrcme berlouaiioBS of tho younger
generation. Mt la only tho wuuen
ovor 40 who seem nblo to frivol, The
others me interested In pol'cn, phi
losophy or philanthropy. Tkey would
fcoonor debatpon ethics than danco
the two-ateu.X.ady of Fajuloq.
A Rain coat Special
An excnllent water t proof materia! made in
semi and Ihjljt (jtli'nf efTecls in 4llhe now shaded.
Woflh -SI8.B0 lo-selljipecfal ni f 8.95. '
A Waist Special
Just received them. An excellent value of
fine sheer material in a variety of diflerent styles.
About 50 dozens of regular 2.00 waists to go
special at 95c.
?10 Voile Skirts $5.95
In black. only,. v:Mado (ull and in on excellent
style. Very special ancf a'b'argain at $5,95je
An excellent skirl In all colors and maoe m
about 15 different styles. It's a bargain at $3.95.
A Jacket Specjal
All novelty jackets and box coverts lo go at
1-2 on.
imwmammMmmKmmiWKmmmKgmKmmmwMKm '
$4.95 I
Wash Sk'rt;,
a m !
$4.95 1
Marion's Specialty Stere.
if 'j

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