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Debs and Socialist Unity
"Unity of Socialist elements in the
United States" has become the hobby
horse wkh which some Socialist-party-ites
are parading in order to lure somo
stray comrades back into the folds of
that organization. Some of these per
sons are well meaning. But they do not
understand the fundamental diffences
between Lenin and Seheidemann, (if
we may express principles in names of
those who represent them). But the
greater number of them feel an uncon
trollable longing for the nickels and
dimes of the tens of thousands of
members, that the late executive com
mittee of the late Socialist Party has
thrown out. The deep love of these
right wingers for the Non-Partis:m
League and the coming Labor Party
was prevented from ending in a happy
marriage by the lefts, and with a tem
per, only inspired by unsatisfied love,
they concocted a scheme to get rid of
the obstacle. So they expelled the left
wing, nearly half the party and half
of the half that was left them quit in
digsust. But now other obstacles pre
vent the final eonsumation of the mar
liage, so these politicians realize, first
that they have robbed their psrrty of
1he only excuse it had for posing as
a revolutionary party by throwing out
the revolutionists, and second they
have, and this is something to be still
more regreted, lost countless nickels
rind dimes which otherwise would have
probably found their wav into their
We neither have time, nor do we
desire to here investigate deeper into
the Teal cause of the unity move.
Suffice it to say that in the desire to
bring about unity they bit upon the
scheme to induce Eugene V. Debs to
aecept the. nomination for president
from the Socialist Party, as undesirable
as his candidacy may have been to
them otherwise. And Debs, noble heart,
bent down by the knowledge of tho
feud within the ranks of the socialists,
ricecpts. and so unconsciously helps 1o
play the game of the scheming gents in
the Socialist Party.
Without going into the question
deeply by writing a necessarily ox
tensive treatise on the fundamentals
of communism there might be said
just this about the question of unity:
We would advice Debs to read the
arguments filed by Mr. Stedman in
behalf of tho Socialist Party in the
court action of that party in Detroit,
Mich. We would further advice him
to road the transcript of the Albanv
Should the communists unite with
Stedman, who denounces them in a
capitalist court as enemies of capital
ist society, in order to induce that
court to take property, bought and
paid for by the defendants, away from
them and turn it over tc the law
abiding Socialist Party?
Or shall the communists unite with
Mr. llilquit who assured the Sub-COnv
mittcc of the Assembly in Albanv
that the socialist surely would shoulder
a gun and fight for ''their'' country
should the Bolshevists "attack" it?
Or should the communists form a
happy union with. Mr. Waldman, . who
swore to the ronviction, that he would
by all means prefer the! capitalist con
stitution of the capitalist, ridden state
of New York to the dictatorship of
the working class as desired by the
Or should the communists unite with
Mr. Bcrger, whoso hatred for them is
only exceeded by his love for capital
ism, and compared to whom even
Scheideman is a raving "radical".'
Now all these porsons and their acts
arc mere incidents that can not de
termine the possibility or advisability
of unity. These incidents, however,
show us the fundamental differences
in the conception of these "Socialists"
and the communists. These differences
rrove conclusively that there can be no
unity between tho two, except the
communists betray the working class
hose advanceguard they are, or
these "Socialists" desert the capital
ist" class whose rear guard they are.
One is as impossible as the other with
out one of the two giving up its nrin-
ciplos and accepting tho principles of
the other. And Debs surely would not
want the communists to desert the
working class in order to strengthen
the rearguard of capitalism!
What does unity meant
When is unity desirable!
For many years the fight between
the right and the left in the German
Social Democratic Party was carried
on. The split was always avoided with
tl & merely sentimental plea for unity.
Unity of organization was thus pre
served. Put did the German working class
profit by that unity!
It did" not!
On the historical 4th of August, 114,
the left was overwhelmed by the right
and, for a moment at least, aquiesced
in the betray of the German working
class by the Social Democratic Party.
And when at last the left realized
the impossibility of unity of organiza
tion when unity of purpose is lacking,
aud when they finally broke away,
they had to do it at a time when
their chances for organization were
below zero on account of the condi
tions created by the war. And in the
November days of 1918 the left was
too weak to send the Scheidemanns
after their master Whilhelm into ex
ile. The unity of organization so long
preserved in Germanj', then proved
a destrimcnt to tho revolutionary po
wor of the workers. The right wing of
Seheidemann and Nobke assassinated
the left of Luxemburg and Licbknecht
with the power that the Scheidemanns
could never have gotten without the
help of the Luxemburgs and Liebk
nechts during the long period of unity.
Should we learn from history, or
should we close our eyes to it for the
sweet sounds of a sentimental plea?
Should the communists of America
unite with the Scheidemanns her.;
merely on a sentimental plea for
They cannot!
They will not!
The day will come when capitalism
in this country will call upon its rear
guard, the pettit bourgeois Social!"::
Party, to save the dav for capitalism
just like the German capitalists called
upon the German Social-Democratic
Party there for that purpose. On that
day, the first day of the revolution,
the communists in this country will bo
Jaced bv the daggers and bayonets of
the Stedman Scheidemanns. Tho com
munists will not unite and wait until
they are assassinated bv these friends
of capitalism in the name of law and
order, capitalist law and order. No,
the communists of America are on their
guard so they may not be caught
Socialist unity means more than som;
100.000 people paying dues into the
same treasury,
Revolutionary socialist unity means
more than some 100.000 workers voting
for one and the same man for pres
ident, even if that man happens to
be such a lovablo and incorruptible
Socialists as Eugene V. Debs.
Eugene V. Debs as the presidential
candidate of the Socialist Party is
not acceptable in that capacity to the
communists, no matter how acceptable
ne would be as a member of tho com
munist organization.
Revolationary.&tcialiflt -unity must
be a unity of action obtainable only
Dy a unity or purpose.
The purpose of tho (Ommnnist mov
ement in the United States and the
world over is to replace the capital
ist state by a proletarian dictator
ship, execrcised through workers' coun
cils. And the purpose of this dictator
ship is the creation of a free com
munist society, thus abolishing the
A unity upon that program is not
only desirable but necessary. Such uni
ty, however, cannot be accomplished
by tho Socialist Party and the
communists coming together. Tt
can only bo accomplished if the
revolutionary workers gather around
the banners of communism. Thov must
leave the Socialist Party and its
leaders because those leaders arc mis
leading the working class.
For a unily under the banner of
communism wo are glad to join hands
with Eugene V. Debs. But the first
provision is that Debs himself leave
tho Scheidemanns and join tho real
forces of the proletarian revolution
the communist movement of America
Communist Labor.
By Anise
Staff Writer, Tho Federated Press.
Manifesto on Mexican War
Mexico City, April 22. (By mail). The Communist Party of Mexico has
issuod a manifesto to the Mexican worker calling on them to keep out of
the prcsont civil war and center their energies on tho work of industrial
organization instead of permitting themselves to be made the tools of
either of the rival sits of politicians.
The manifesto says among other things:
"This revolution is not a Social Revolution.
"This is not our fight.
"This rcbellin is not a rebellion of the proletariat against the bourg
eoisie, of the masses against the masters, of the slaves against the slave
drivers. "The bloody butchery that is beginning, arises because one coterie of
politicians is trying to oust the other from official position.
"Between the two we have no choice, altho we observe with interest
that American imperialism is backing one against the other. American money
is behind the Sonora aggregation, nsing it as a tool with which to make in
tervention seem necessary to the American people, as an accelerator to in
crease public opinion north of the Rio Grande in favor of ennexation."
Tho manifesto says that the party would prefer to seo the revolution
fail for it would mean a continuation of individual existence for Mexico a
while lor.ger, and tho party's work can be conducted with less persecution
nder Mexican officials than under Americans. However, it predicts the
success of the uprising and the eventual annexation of part or all of Mexico
to tho United States It says that tho Communists would certainly not fight
for such a revolution which is buckod by Wall Street and on the other hand,
it would bo futilo to fight opainst it.
"Our business, under those circumstances and unless conditions
change decidedly", continues tho manifesto "is to keep out of the
fight. If an opportunity for morn effective action in another way,
offors Itself and we reconsider this doclsion, we will advise all com
rades accordingly. But virwed in the light of Scientific Communism,
after numerous consultations and after careful rofcrence to tho
conduct of Communist leader bj other and similar crises, this is our
opinion today.
"We must bow to the inevitable. Sinco we oauuot much longer cootinuo
Down in Chicago
One hundred and twenty-five
Thousand BIBLES
From the Prison Bible Society!
The Chicago POLICE
Are hunting for them
And many theories
Have been advanced
About their disappearance.
Some say they were taken
By a patriotic squad
Of the American Legion
Who overheard a lecturer say
In a down-town meeting:
"These Bibles
Have DYNAMITE in them
Enough to BLOW UP
The whole social order!"
And others claim
The Bibles were seized
And held incommunicado
Because they were written
In Hebrew and Greek
And have been printed
In over one hundred
Foreign languages!
There is still
A third theory
That some secret service men
Have seized them
As seditious literature
Because they contain
The WOBBLY creed:
"An injury to one
Is an injury to all I"
And the Bolshevil: doctrine
"If a man
Will not WORK
Neither shall he EAT!"
Some day, and tho world will be,
Glad and happy and care free;
Clouds that darken peaceful wayB,
And in their path leave doubt and haze;
Will some day pass above so high,
That we'll not know they are nigh; ,
When men will not their kinsmen slay,
Then there'll be peace and joy some day.
Some day, when Time has clcar'd the stream,
In purer view we'll se-: the gleam
Of Love that permeates our tasks,
And cast aside the' world's false masks,
That have to us disaster brought,
And finds a world that has been caught
la Time's Drag ?m.;-jaen will pray,
And sing the songs of Right, some day.
Somo day, the rightousucss of Right,
Will clear tho vision and the sght;
A wayward world wili then behold?
More prcciou3 gifts, than gifts of gold;
A new mankind .villi new ideals,
Environments that fair play wields;
Hand in hand m the world's new way,
The Pow'r of Right, will rule, some day.
John V. Daganhardt.
Piqua, Ohio, Author
the class struggle under Mexican rale) with its lesser restrictions, wo must
prepare to continue it under American nilc. We must organize to fight a
fiercer foo to resist a moro powerful master!"
In anticipation of American rule, sooner or later, all moetings of Com
munist locals will bo discontinued, and the party will get ready to work
underground if it becomes necessary. Members are advised to join industrial
unions where they exist, to organize them where none exist, and to center
their energies on building up industrial unions that will cover the country.
The development of tho Mexican I. W. W. will be the sole work of tho Com
munists henceforthj and they will prepare for the time when, in conjunction
with American workers, they cun overthrow the capitalism that will dominate
both countries.
Again warning the workers to refuse to fight, and to use their energies
in industrial organizations, tho manifesto says:
"Wo will not buck our heads against a stone wall. We will not sacrifice
lives, blood and energy where nothing is to be gained. Wo will save them
for more useful purposes.
The address of tho Communist Party of Mexico is P. O. Box 985, Me
xico City, D. F., Mexico,
(Continued from page 3.1
10. Wai upper smelted during this epoch!
11. What is husbandry!
12. Nnmo tho causes which forced' man to give up his nomadic
IS. What is meant by barter! Can you explain its evolution!
14. Why would village instead of nomndic life tend to produce
the pairing family!
15. Name the industrial developmetns of lower barbarism.
Ki. What economic factors would lead man to colder climates!
17. Why does the Eskimo not make pottory!
18. What is tho difference betwoen picture writing and hiero
glyphics! 10. Can you draw a picture of an hieroglyphic!
0. What are farinaceous foodi!
21. Name the raw material out of which coarse fabrics were woven.
(Continued next week.)
Ruminations of a Robs!
T have a lingering suspicion that
the financiers of the United States are
not at all optimistic as to collections
on their war loans to "our noble Al
lies." In fact, their hope of reaping
millions in interest has gone glimmer
ing, with no prospect of even recov
ering the principal. The loans made by
the government to its Enropean allies
might just as well be credited to war
expense and let it go at that. France
h practically bankrupt and Italy is
a close second. Repudiation by Great
Britain seems to be the only way out
of her dilemma, and the collection of
the indemnity imposed upon Germany
is an evenescent dream, for her in
dustrial paralysis precludes all possi
bility of liquidation. So far as tho
government is concerned, its losses
might be recouped by increased taxa
tion, but there is a limit to that.
Taxes aro already so burdensome that
it may be dangerous to augment them,
for even the American worm may turn,
and if he shonld Bolsheviki. The
world war has certainly proved a
boomerang to the bourgeoisie through
out the world, and especially to tbo
gentry of that persuasion in the U.
S. A.
The growing restlessness of tho
tillers of the soil is causing consider
able alarm among the politicians at
Washington. It seems that one of them
slightingly applied the term "Bolshe
vik" to the farmers when some agri
cultural complaints were bein consider
ed by a committee, and the news has
traveled like a prairie fire throughout
tho agricultural sections. It was a
similar sneer at the food producers
that caused the revolt in North Dakota,
which resulted in tho organization of
the Non Partisan League. A committee
of farmers was told by a drunken mem
bor of the Dakota Legislature to go
home and slop their hogs. They went,
all right, but, instead of following the ad
vice of the 'soused ' politician, they form
od a political organization that put the
politisians of that State out of busi
ness During the past few years the
farmer has changed from a patient,
thoughtess plodder, apparently satisfied
with his lot, to an inquirer as to his
relation to industry at large, lie
doesn't think it fair for the workers
in other industries to be guaranteed,
rain or shine, and approximately fixed
reward for their labor, while he is
compelled to gamble with the weather
and .accept whatever prices for his
product the middlemen may exact. He
also wants to know where he comes in
on tho eight-hour day which is en
ticing agricultural workers into other
lines of industry. That these inquiries
are pertinent cannot be denied. As a
worker in the most essential of all
industries food production tho farm
er is rightfully deserving of as much
consideration as other workers. The
fact that his hitherto sluggish mind is
now beginning to work along the line
of inquiry is a hopeltul sign, ui course
there is no hope for him until the agri
cultural industry is socialized through
the common ownership of land, and he
can solve the problem whenever he
wants to. Socialism will do the job.
This man Palmer, who by somo
quirk of the fates was made Attorney
General of the United States, cr.nnot
bo considered other than an unmiti
gated ass or, perhaps, he is just plain
"nuts". At regular intervals ho an
nounces the discovery of a plot to
murder prominent federal officials or
"tart a revolution or something. Until
lately the public awaited with bated
breath the fulfillment of his dire
prophecies. No person with a modicum
of brains now pays the slightest at
tention to his maunderings. Even the
capitalist press poke fun at his state
ments. And this mental lightweight
seriously sought to be a candidate for
President! He belongs in a sanitarium.
It seems that editorial writers of
the daily prens have become so harden
ed to outraging truth that they have
lost all sense of shame. For persistont
lying never in nil history has their
moral obliquity been equaled. There is
an inteleetual prostitute on the edi
torial staff of the Cleveland Press who
is entitled to decorations for shameless
and brazen perversion of the truth.
In a late issue of that exponent of
bourgeois hypocrisy tho attention of its
renders is called to tho fact that tho
Soviet Government of Russia has an
rirmv of 2,000,000 men notwithstanding
its denunciation of militarism, and that
the evident intend is to use this army
it forcing contignous European nations
to adopt the Soviet form of govern
mert. The writer knowB well that tho
Soviet Government was forced to raise
this army to protect itself from the
counter revolutionists, who wore aided
in every possible way by tho Allies.
This information is common property
among enlightened people. Then why,
y ou ask, does this paper persist in dis
seminating such glaring falsehoods?
The answer is easy. It knows that the
majority of its readers are bonehcads
who have never sought the truth, and
that if a few did make this unusual
mental effort, they forgot all about
it in a few hours. Tf the workers can
be induced to cultiva'e their mental
faculties to the degree that they will
bo ablo to remember the happenings of
months instead of hours the lying
propaganda of tho bourgeois press will
full of its own weight. ,
Lotta Burke, Marguerite Prcvey and Charles
Baketr are making a fight far a better life for the
workers. They have been doing that for mjore years
than many of you who read these lines have been
in the Socialist Movement-. If-aM t)iki4aboy4his-r
the greatest of Canisos were made visable to' you,
you would be filled with pride in them and in com
radeship with thetm. You Would feel a veneration
for tho heroism which has dominated their lives.
You would feel a pride in giving a little in return
NOW for what they have done for the causes of So
cialism these many years.
We are giving you that opportunity now, NOW.
NOW when defense funds aro needed to pay the
costs of their eases in court.
We have sent you a Defense Subscripi List.
Use it. ask your fellow workers to give siHittlo for
defense of Socialism. Do your part NOW, circulate
the list.
Give now Give liberally,
to the
Prcvey, Burko, Baker Defense.
Send all funds to The Toiler.
"The Mediumship of Farmer Riley".
This is a book of sixty large magazine pages, in which
is related in detail the observations of the author during a
two weeks' stay at the home of the medium, Jamea Wesley
Riley, better known as "Farmer Riley,1" near Marcellus, Mich.
If you have ever asked youreslf the question, "Does man live
beyond the grave! " a perusal of this book may perhaps assist
you in the formulation of an intelligent answer. The book is
as interesting as a romance. In his investigations Mr. Flower
rigidly adheres to a program which absolutely precludes all
possibility of physical agency in the production of the man
ifestations. Edition is limited. Order now.
Sent, post paid, for 50c.
TOM CLIFFORD, Publisher,
3517 Fulton Koad, Cleveland, O.
LONDON. The workers of Poland,
stirred to the depths by the liut Ger
man revolution, are moving moro and
more rapidly towards a Communist re
gime, in which their present lenders
ell tho way from Gen. Pllsudaki to So
cialist party officials will be swept
away. This assertion is made by the
Vienna correspondent of Tho London
Daily Herald, in an important nccount
of tho Polish reaction to the Gorman
revolution, which haa not boon de
scribed in tho proat dispatches.
"How closely tho destiny of tho
I'oliah and Gorman proletariat is knit
together was illustrated by tho spon
taneous strikes which broke forth
throughout Poland, which wore re
inforced by peasants' nnreat, and
which shook the Polish imperialist
tructtiro to its roots' says the ac
count. "As soon ns news of tho Germnn re
volutionary uprising penetrated the
Near East, all Galicin was plunged in
a general rnilwny strike, which was
rcinforcod by threatening movements
nmong the onslnved peasantry, nnd by
mass hunger demonstrations among tho
village proletariat. The strike sprond
swiftly, and appeared within two days
in Congress Poland, whero tranapnrt
was plnrcd at a complete standstill. In
Warsaw( tho metal workera laid down
their tools. Tbia act waa followed by
the proclamation of the general strike
throughout Poland.
"Tho immedinto issuo of the striko
was to provent tho renlir.ntion of tho
pivernmont's announced Intention to
militarise all public utilities, railways,
etc. That is, tho reactionary Warsaw
regime was about to Introduce forced
labor under militnry control through
The Polish Socialist parly, which is
conservative, prevented tho calling of
tho revolutionary strike, and for tho
fifth time forestalled the inevitablo
Polish revolution, says the correspond
ent 'Meanwhile the government, at
tho first rumor of tho atrike, had
withdrawn the miliiariration order.
These tactics or the part of tho So
cialist party bavo driven the workers
far to the left into the Communist
. A rf.

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