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VOL. 1.
ottte Elcmotrnt.
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Tallmadso KlockTfilrastorrlothe
Left at the Head of the Mnlrn.
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NO. 20.
luxury und ta?o. Like her lie had been
complimented too much upon bis beauty
and qualifications, und, like her, protuis
ed to be a "deceiver."
With two such characters in a small
village, as Frank Livingston and Mattie
Weston, much harm must naturally accrue;
both being well calculated to gain affection,
The Gazatto will b published ovory Thursday, on
the fniluwInK torma: ,. ,.
Onu variu odvauce ?"
After llieexlrntloiiof mouths ............ "
For loss tlmu than un yar, l the rata of. . I .u
iiornnnnm. but invariable In advance.
JoSo discontinuance ontilarroarageaarepaul.
this afternoon being a bright and sun
ny one, we gave it to the study of the
Sistine Chapel. The majestic architec
ture of St. Peter's hud already predis-
posed one toward Michael Angelo.and 1-
:. i ... L. i it. :
and crievously well calculated to trifle
Ihev were klri
party or mcuiu wnicu I ,,, Q ;i. ,,, i,inL .;
oroUK'lt aooui; anil lliou&ii wiuy u-- -,
and grievously we I c.ieuia e-10 in ,r .- tbe
wi.ni ; me, .. a.u h "7 J -ine Uliapol awakened no responae ol sym-
mm nV.la nut' v ft nli--nin wlllfth tlld BeOt) 6 r. . ' . '
A jquare of 10 llnoa, otli,ono Imortlonv...
n. u . .1.11. ...! t...n rlintl " "
All dvriUoinonuruntiliiBlelhaii thtoo moutUs,
tliarKcaattlioboveral. i ,., Hi
Onenouaro 3 ,
TW0 ' .. S Oil 7 uu.
Thnio .. TNI......
Vour 11 fl"-
Oiio-fonrthooluinii...1 0 J '"
Onn-lialf .,-Um 1
nn.rolumn . ...18 Oil 90 !
.n..., ...1. nrnhnnl RllnOS.llV tllB VOnr, 5 00
irPAUvortisBiiiBiitMiotinarlioil on Hip inaiiuiorlit,
will be contlnuert at our torinii nntll fnrbbl.
. in mi
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4(1 00
er met, each had beun working a sad hav
oc among the tender hearts ot unsuspect
ing males and females.
Mattie had crown ut sincu Frank wa
at school, and, indeed, ho had not lived
fore th's period. Consequently they had
never become acquainted with each other,
and had never tried their powers the one
upon lha.Dth'cr,
This limis the view of the Lat Judge
ment only continued tho aversion of the
former times. ;
In its moral aspeots merely, this pic
ture can onlv be considered as onu of
I Angelo wa tranVportet simply with the
,.t . mi.lit 4 tmwer let looia to work
vengeance, and IU9;rea on uy w usirun
livA imptilsas ofk Biii7erse of pcua(ors.
Nor was he so M trsnsported ri to for
get what an excellent opportunity .this
would be to illujtrate the ncwly-dijcov-ered
nowers of hU in painting nakod mus
cles in unheard df con tractions an! fore
- I.. '.1.
. The decent eraFity 01 rooing in ine one
picture, ciintrBSfil with the gros, lorce-
- What i-tbe Wrth! i .1 I'KHATfBAL COALITlO.lfc
Rev Henry Wail Beecker, in one of f ome of th mora onwroptlloUs dd
hi, Kermon. lately published in Tbe lode- corrupt leaders of the piebald J '
, the Free Btates, hostile to Li-Coln, are
pendeot, has the following: ' racking their brains to devise weans far
"Did you ever eo men made in this acc0niplisbing his overthrow. Tbe mass
woilj? they had no great wisdom; they eg of lhe people are confidently looking
had no great houor; they had no great ,aod i10ping for his ekctioo. But tbese
heroism; they had no great patience; thy j lUct8leriug poliiicians are. scheming to
had bo great meeuoess; may dbu hu grwn, prevBDt it. They ar trying to bring a
wealth o I love. But lliey had a certain i hout gom(J oaiitiort, noma combination of
muck-wisdoro; they knew how to thrust ajverge elements .that shall send the con-
1.. 1.. ; ,liua itirl nna tA ill mnlri- . . . .1 If. I. Au..nt-i : mw,A
i t I il .r iu m)mrir,li1.-il ! 11 ut """ ' ' iel K) UIC IIOUBM Ul ii"proooiiioii;o,
-u. naiteunep0i " ed; they knew how to amass property; elc(.t KtnMg nd Lane, or norae-
of the nature ofltho two man one .. i.nw how t0 construct nliiys and -n..-vr iht Lincoln is de-
whom reins lums II in wtm a n.ruy,, d kind of ferreting eve. r.,....i r. if !,.,., .1,1 iffepVH. who
tore composure, 4 touched and penotra- j 80( t ol- westsel S8g,city; they won, keco; dft iMX cuvasss a Tatter
led himself with twe that he holds back i . , arn. ., 0 i , t, ,.r(jS,)e,.! . . l t,n,i,,
those shocking expression ol human and ieRVes half Jntold-while the other t!i.yi . they were being built! and ;old ,,ke maeg anij donkeys, would
grbssneseand ferocity which projeots its tripa himself li'.f a gladiator and pu . wcordinK t0 tle estimation ol mou . ' , .,lt Listorv. they would beo-ime
own imaeino over things called uivino. in . every muscle ln'o" tension, anu cracKs . mn tl,(1saml dollais. and voo z..i u ......
... . . . i .. :. i , . w - .. . : l-HliaiiflU win cuvii iMiuimi
the representations of that great scene in .cheeks in blown; tawVoui his ideas.
which is 10 be revealed the htgnesi maj- q'lio graces ot mystery
lestv and wisdom of the Ureator ana nu-
. . ,
VIM no mniHiiu-.. ... . . , :nlr.
Acr.mmtbapal.lrorll.a.Uance, fur ruaaonS lilcli,
W"rr'ru".byvoenntr.etly ob.ervo.1 1 Ml ca.e,.
nxi.l.'I'lCKKTS.iinJ ovnry other varlPty or ri.Ai
AND FAStlV JOIlHIXO.with nuw ami iupcrlortyio,
knit on abort nnllco.
mHthiv ,ll,'l,,Till7T!S.
Jvlrtaf Falrfieti Co (.. Ctt-IIKMIY
r witlTM AN. rojiitoim l.unraMi-r, (ibio.
Prllat, f JWJKSSK LE01INKK, Office III Public
b jJlS:-jr Jf.r..r-A mkiiw ""CCHrosiB,
Ari(r-AKO.N W. liBltlGH'I'.OmieotJall.
C.rk : .Cr-J0llS C. KAlNEY, Office Public
Biu',!!i''-A. J. l)II.niK.rt(BcPnMlrnnJJdlne.
1"' d V iii. ii i.HM.nmrc. I'nWic Itiill.liiic
Jrr-B fi.H ANNUM, Office, Public il.iil.llng.
S""..i.r.-JOSKPII NIlAKP.of H""J, Town-Iblp-
JOSAS A. BRKK.oTW5IiinlTowi..Mp.ai..l
JoMN W. CUNSlSOIIAM.nrilocklne I0W11.M1.
"Li E 5in.r.-WM. W. Wllll NhY, JOHN
VII.I.1A.MS i.rtllHIAII C. Ill' I lb"-
The NIRIitlleforo the ITIowlnB.
All tblmmorWe In U.o inornliig tl.lno,
And dlamomloil witli ilcn,
And quivering wh ' coiitl find
That thrill lllo greon oarlh throngt
The little fleld, tho smiling Held
With nil Its l!iwera-a-blowlng,
How happy looki UIB golden Bold
Tile day beforo tho luolng.
Ami at ill 'nonlli tl.o depaning lis'it.
Twilight tbongh void of lar,
fiavo hcre,low watering, Venus ainka
From tho red eybor Jlan',
Flow peaceful sleeps tho silent field,
With all Us bonulies glowing,
tlalf stirring like a child in dreams
The night before tho mowing.
Pharp steel. Inevitable liaml,
Cut keen-cut kind! Our ll.'ld
Ve know full well must be laid lo
lloforo It frngruiico yield.
Plenty, and inirlh, and linnaatgaln
Its blomelens death bestowing
Ahd yet Wo woep.an.l yet we wecji)
Tho iilglit boforo the mowing!
own imagino over tilings caiieu uivtne. in eVery muscle in'o tension. Gi a man five .housand dollais. and joa .fl(! ,-, .Bet- pn-ntor realitione as
unisiueas. - h-iva laid the foundaliun on whi.di to build i t)lty ure ti0W ,,1,,, to foim n.vcr
and resbrve i, :mv,,.. i...,. ol), big f.-et built: ttive. i: ,i : (t.; .,.,... l.nt tl.i.uvh
cra"es most necessary in the treatment oi , . , . i ( u. . ... , .:,..,aii
Mr. Weston, Matiio's father, having i ior ,.f the Universe, we look lor t;ravity idivine subiectH. and so oonspicious in the .,, i.fll,0. i.;m twentv-fivc I .. t....-' u.. ..i. t.. t!.
hsa Irrr A mntinm tn Aifnnii tn. nil nn- MnUi m .AmnAtmrA Wa anol in ,.1,1 L' ..t.Ani ha mwtom- are Who V i .r i i i. t . i I o . . J . .
numo "B" r - I---- r uuu umjoauu wmr...v. -. meitwiu r.w.o.... - - tuoustiliu. und vou nave mmt imu w winllt-a,iWMrt - them, tor examwe:
nn it i;ifih' inr hi l v it:n. al uiu riiu ui liik onir inn inner onnia in inn Mi'.rmm n.iicai.v.tijnriritirT in nun niiiiiiri? iiiiu sciivi f i i i. .1 i.r. ri omi r . . . - .
conVeraiion he invited our youn
mr.re than they told, iney maa. aj, QV6r 'fwo hundred thousand dollars jio.ot.orabl-, to unite naturally hostile
mnuguiiui mm - iWii build a roan in tins wouu. i wo nun-1 ,,,:,,. fi.,as. to nrewnt the elec
Frolli tho Wawrly Magiuilie.
THE T W O V E 1 U T S.
Mattie Weston was unquestionably the
l.olln nf dm lit tie villittre of L The
young ladies had already acknowledged
l.er superior cnums, nnn amue u.u n
the case, no one atiempiad to gtiusay the
And well she deserved the tillo. She
wbs a young Indy of superior talent, ol
well-trained nioralB, und ot a goou cuuea
lion. Add to this the wealth of her pa
Vents and her venus like beauty, and you
will have a gi herul idea of our charming
heroine. Human naluio, however free
from fault it may sometimes appear, must
have i'.3 blemishes and imperfections, and
wo must naturally turn to see whore that
imperfection exists in tho (voung lady be
fore us. '
Mntiio Wits the oiilv child of nn indul
gent parent. M:o had'been rc ired In lux
ury, laving her wishos gratified as soon
us expressed, and her idle hims borne
with by a kind mini, who hud ncounier
ed the task of training her. Concquehl
1v it is not to bo wondered nt that she
3 . . :i .1 1 ..rti
grew up, in a measure, a spoueu uuu v
to his splendid mansion to see some papers
which had ft bearing 'Ipou the business
before thfin; and, as Frank was anxious
to see our beauty, he readily accepted the
invitation. From that time ha became a
ponst.uu visitor at Mr. Weston's, and nn
ardent admirer of his accomplished daugh
ter. - - '
to Frank, unitci1 ordinary circumstan
ces, this (act might have promised much
pleasnre; but to be in love with a coquette .
Was more than he could calmly think up
on. No doubt tho icmembiance of ti
folly enme hack to him, and no doubt he
felt that heaven was dealing out a just
retribution for the unhappines ha had
brought upon others through nis false no
tion of pleasure.
Summoning up his courage he tremh
lingly approached the subject which had
engaged his attention for the last few
months; bu'. an almost evasive rcpiy anu
an adroit turn in the ronrersttion, by his
fair listener, threw him as far oft the sub
ject n.8 he was before. Again, he carelul-
v commenced to uuioui in a neari s story,
when the same change in the subject of
conversation was mada, and he was no
nearer than befoio. Disgusted with rve-
rvthin" he saw and heard, he rushed from
y . ... , , . li
the room and waiucu siowiy nna eauiy
down the shaded street which led to his
own home.
By this time his mind was bordering
upon distraction. To go boldly up aild
tell her the story of his heart's affections,
he thought would ensure him a blunt re
fusal, if not an evasive, jilting reply; and
tn know that sho was pln5ing with him
was almost mndneee.
"A hi" lie exclaimed, "she is exulting
over the influence wh eh her charms have
thrown around me. and I must tamely
submit while sho leads me captive to her
will." , ,
Tho thought that his notions had caused
such feelings came up to his mind to add
a new sorrow to his already oppressive
.. .. .... , i, . i. il. !..!..
one. tattle diu ne iiuhk inni more migui
be a time when he would suffer as he had
caused others the victim ol his idle fol
ly to suffer.
Sometimes he would form resolutions to
forget her, if possible, in ti e duties of his
nrofession; but b. oks which hefote he had
! . , , . .1 . 1..
loveu to siuay were now inrown asmo no
, , ,.- . .' r, ----- ... i ti imwucaiiu. iu jv ....... -
u oi me 8ay the least, some of the serene maaiy wanting in this picture, nnu e.'y"y Wim aive him a hundred thouwnd, and jr ! i8ol Aaron Burr and the Federal-
3 menu 0f (, ancient heads of Jove. Dut we wanting in the sacred trgures oi M"-uaB you have built liim above lhe heart; give,- , d(k l)V meaDS entirely within
the old ! lorei. Hies suggwu ,im Uo Undtei thoU sat,lf alld Le ls made !.he cwitut;n. but as unqueS'ionably
have instead a "trrent. brawny, muscular
man in a passion, dealing damnation with
a coars energy that appalls the delicate,
cowering woman by his side, liius low
in those days had the idea of divinejustioe
fallen; and whon we think that this coarse
brutal figuro r-presont8 the benign Swior
of the world, every Christian heart must
repel the blasphemy of the representation.
Itsnoffshow comploteiy me ragamsm
of the so-called Christian Churoh of the
dav had succcedod in reversing tho idea
of tie (Jcod Shepherd under which
Christ always appears in early art the
Iti.rh tViest and brother, touched with
thefdelinrr of our infirmities and how
ihey had in its place an avenging despot.
Martain Luthern tells us that in his youth
when he walked in the proccs3ion of the
Hoac. Irs heart was ready to sink with
fear of Christ, and no wonder. Christ in
fact, seemed to be regarded as habitually
in sue.lt it state of indicnation and ven-
eeanCe as to require a constant course of
soothing appliances from his mother to al
low ino human race to live; out now ac
coidingtoMichael Anglo.thchourhascome
when vindicliveness may have free course
and the mother hides her sight! as if
God had created a creature with greater
tenderness and love than be had hims 11.
There is not a single trait of this pictura
that exprsses anything of the divine
scarcely anything that rises to the dig
nity of "the human. It is mere exhibi
tion of the IruU element of wrath in
man lhe Irute element of fear and des
pair in the lost, of brute exultation in the
saints and angles. The cowering figure
of the Madonna is the only human tnmg
in il. She looks like A delicata woman
among a knot ol enraged gladiators.
Such brawny, gigarttia saints, men and
women, as are thero exhibited look as
they might have been quite independent
of Providence tlu-y neeueu noining neu
ter than their own fists and heels to deliv
from snv difficulty whatever. St
Catherine, with her wheel, is represent
ed by a two-fisted virsgo, wbo could nave
broken her own wheel and knocked down
her executioners St. Bartholomew shakes
his skin in the face of the unwerse, and
exhibits his naked bulk in a truly Fejee
and cannibal style; and one thinks gen
erally, in regarding this enormously mus
cheat Angelo often times say, more than
he suggests and deatuns one wun 11007
assertion. The fresco of Orcagna was a
solemn and noble protest against the
kingly and eealesiaitical syirU of the
ae. which must have had an immense
moral forca- Thev who saw on the left
hand trcmblm!? and dismayed kingb and
nrailitoH-. moil Wnlihols. abbesses, ill all
the paraphernalia of royal robes or eccle
siastical, must have felt how vain bofore
God were all distinctions except those of
a holv heart and lite. There was a sub-
dred and fifty thousand will make a good',: of Mr. Jefferson. Their failure led
deal ola man. five hundred tnousana ,0 l)l8 gudj0 rj 0 Burr, and the ulti
makes a splendid fellow, as the world goes, j maU downfa) 0f ti,o Inderal party. In
The great trouble, however, is that, 1-1 jgj3i )e Win Clinton, an nndoobtd Ue
though the materials way not be very cost-; publi'oan, yielded to the combined prese
ly as Ood looks upon them, men find it ure of- a )oCa geotiment and a lofiy ambl
difficult to build themselves in this way. ; j consented to be the norrfinee of
Besides, they re very easily unbuilt. ,afeW jkpU,liCaui and the whole body of
Where a man is merely what ho owns, it ; l(ie pe J.jruliat. against Mr. Madison, the
dos not take long to annihilste him. I . Heoublican candidate. Clinton
You can take aman'sjiead oQ with ahun- noV(.r-scaped rom t(,e fHi9 positron in
dred thousand dollars. You can cut him'w,jc, l6 wag then placed, nor regained
n two with two hundred and fitly thou- - ,jig e y ,h 8iar,ding with the Republi-
lime practical lesson in it which migiitgRn(j You can annihilate him with a! can art . of the country. The charge of
nave uot.e lmmtmse goou on 0.0 """' n0l, of live hundred inousnna. so ti.ai,..b ain Rhd c(,rruption," which arose
the Sistine Chapel, but for which we look iU)era H,au h0 nothing led of him buti wheIf Mr Ciay K8VJ thivoteof Kentucky
in jin tknra. f.on V. or Julius miL'ht' 1..1 I . , P . n e a
11 ...... - -. o iBiiiua.oi
have taken snuff before all there is there,
and enjoyed the artistic combination with-
"There are thousands and thousat.ds of
mpn nl' wliom. if vou take away their
out once having their repose disturbed j i..,. nnA Mna. and lands, and fiscal
with any disagreeable suggestions. i skill, and such other qualities belonging hounded both theee eminent men to their
chal Angnlo did not belong to the school 1 10 tlien, aB they will not want in heaven, ..-. tn i32. the opponents of Jack-
of Prophet-Painters who stood before the and caDnot carry to heaven, '.here will not : .1,1. State were divided between
to Mr. Adams, in tbe House of Rpresen
tatives, in 1825, and tho elected him,
thouzh utterly fa1ne. whb credited tiy vio
lent paitiiant, and was thecrywhijh
kings and popes to declare eternal right-
but rather reminds us ola splendid eiave,
destined to shod ove the triumphal path
of religious despotism the adornments and
flatteries of his genus. . Ho taught noth
ing by his picture of the hnal judgement
except anatomy and foreshortening.
In regard to the figure of the prophets
and sybils upon the roof, I cannot for
bear the 6nie species of comparison. The
forced attitude of tome, the exaggerated
proportions of others, disturb my eye.
There is too mocn effort in mem
be enough left to represent' them there, of
righteousness, and godliness, ana iaun,
and love, and patience, and meekness, end
such like qualities. They have used all
these nua Hies up lor tuci ior ineir ma
chine. It has been their business in lifa
Wisdom f the Aaeieut.
A wise man speaks ' but sp-v'ngly- 4
Demosthenes. , '
Above all things, reverence thy'gulf .
Pythagorae, , ,
It is not only more hononble, bat alsd
more delightful, to give thn to reive
benefits Kplouritt.' ' -
We should remain tfart.jiiit anH a-.
tha death of ourfrnda; l0 i b t.
cannot tell whether it has l.pf i.ti. for
the betlr or the worn-, and because sor
row will be of no avail P!to ' '
Poverty and riches ait the Minei of
want and sattciency; he who wanttj any-t
ihin ought not to be called rich, and he
who wants nothing, poor. Demoeritu.
Praise not the unworthv on account ol ,
their wealth 8. Dunnock
Avaric ami vanity a.i the prinoipnl el
ements of all evil. Tmion.
A blush is the omiplexion of Jtrtue.-
Theoprastus and Dioger.es.'
One part of knowledge ensict' in be
ir.g ignorant 01 sucn 'ungs urn n iv
worthy to be krown. CtH"-'
NeVei praise man ior 'i.F; I k - a
man: nor a woman for rseu.b o
Paederetui. r
Envy Cutrodes vt po s or ..
doi iron.-AD isthen. B.
All thing should b couiaiuii o-.'.i!
friends; onr 'fiend is another h- If - Pj
thagoras'. Procure not fr'enis in haS'e) nor. .
oncenrocured In baate, abandon t!i"m ,
One outrht to remember kind est re
ceived, and forget tuose one lias dof.e .
A md otltjht euhor to be good, or to
seem so Dmocritus.
A stranr. If j si. is not only to be
preferred le rjre rountryman, but a kius '
Learning teaohei Joutb temperance, a('
fords comlortto old ae, gives riches to
tbe poor. (?) and is an ornament to tne
riuu. liiogeueii
L-rninj is all drnament to the rich, a
refuge in adversity, and the bert provis-
CUv and Wirt, the form.r being the tan- ioB ..i0.t0ld 2e. Aristotle.
didate of the National Republicans, and 0ne ghou(1 B0( 00(lemil, hat he can
tne latter 01 tne Ant.-e.... iu.r ot Derfora).chilo.
common iiostiiity 10 daemon iou 10 me
formation of a coalition electoral ticket,
Men are more mindful of wronira than
of benefit, and it is but just that it should
" nmnnanri nl about an eouni numoer 01. . . . J
to sacrifice probity that they might be the friondi of cl aod Wirt-. Tbe pe- U so; " ' but he who d.
rich;that they might gain powerand in-1 . A fct the Combination Unnatural serves no ;"d;"!
fluence; that they might make their hold parUV,g 0f the character of a maref ll- bUme and P'Bbment.-Dcmo-011
this world brevier and stronger. And j tiade hetween hostile factions, and they .
if they can not oarry foith these things jbeat u down by an overwhelming majori- In t, steel is better tluo gold; in life,
which have been the objects to the attain- , t ig36 tiie anttroniat8 of Van Bu-' wisdom exceeds weAlih. Socratee.
I meot vt which thuy have devoted all t.scir; ren War8 split into many s. o'.ions. Una-; Commit no sseret to afrieod.which.il
sooh as picked up; he had no taste for any cular breed of saints and angels, that heav-
1 ...... . , . I il. - .1 1-- I.....1 ,.f n.nA.
thin" except to think of his sorrow, and
indvia nlnns for its alleviation. Mao.
doned by this suspense, ho commenced
making preparations to loave his home,
determined to atiit a place whore he was
fionslaiillv in pain at the realization of
events whiih ho could not alter.
Three yesis had rolled away, and still
Frank LivingHton lingered abroad. Tid
ings enme to his friends from him which
HRsnied thorn ho was wandering from
phce to place, never satished, an cxilo
from home, and friends, and fame. That
mind, whirll promised in the beginning
to shed such a halo of glory around his
en must bo the partio.ular laud of prize
fights and no place for such lovely wo
men as she who sits shrinking,, cowering
and abased in the center of the universal
brute convulsion.
"Thou thoughtest thatl was altogeth
er such an one as thyself," might truly
bu written under this picture by the di
vine hand. Even the heathen though
more worthily of tho godhead.
Tn the A110II0 Belvidere wo see the
wandering from GreekTconception ofaDivino Being who
had just launched tho shaft ol vengeance
against a monster evil. But how free
how high, how calm the expression. Uort
clear and maiestio the serenity of the
Compare them'witk tho composed gran-1 energies, what is left for them to go outj t0 UD;t(9 Upon ajngie candidate, they ! repotted, will bring jou to infamy.-
deur ot urcagna s conception 01 p!"""'.!)! lile wnbf lou see not omy eiugio a,rm:(i t0 run Ilanisou, W hue Weister. Ibales.
as expressed in his matchless tabernacle 1, 8pecimen3 but whole ranksofthesedwarf-ad jiingU1I1 each in lhe locality where j
in Florence those high grave silent wit- jed jngact class of men, patting each other ,)ie waa believed to be the strongest, and : horrtorl hf the Cernus.
nesses-whose mysterious foreheads seem fit on the shoulder, registering each other, w;tiloul the interfer:noe of the other can-j Although the marshals ehgaged in ta-
to wear the morning star ana one leeis 1 weighmg each other, ana speaxiog ot clialte in his alloted held. The masses tiDg the census sometimes experience an
the difference. One is strength in strug-jcaca 0ther of "our first men," our "largest, thought this smacked of "truck and diek- j noyances, yet they occasionally meet with
ulo the other in reposeand of two mon." "our influential men," "our strong .. 1 thnurrh Van Burcn was uuoon- Lo'ra0n8 wbo afford them no liitle amttse-
strength in repose is always the most meU;" and yet, if you were to take away uari ,1C hei,t the united vote of his Beve-jraent. Their talk U ofied a hard one.aijd
impressive.---tlndepeadent. from thsni tint of which the grave 'viHl , opponents. In 1C43, Van Buren ranexp088 them to charges of impertinetioe
divost them, you couia not uuu iUpOU the BuHUo I'latlotm, asa free ooiijfroui those who do dot reaiiy utiuermayu
even with a microscope! 'candidate. The mass of his supporterat the impornce of "numbering the people."
"Do you not know just such men .' i' wore hearty and sinoere. But his subse- j Que of the marshals of Sew Jersey, wnoj
vou were to think of those belonging to 'ent CODduct .with that of a put of his geJ 0f operations is In the iuieriorj at a
1 : n .nil d.L. J . . 1 . . . t . . l . t ) .nn.l A.
your own circie 01 sequami-auuc, , ihackers in that contest, proved iuat ma p'aco somewnac retnow irom
not what this and that man are worth as ajd ttajr 0hject in that memorable ipotg, found considerable i difficulty in get
factors in material things, but what they 1 8tl.Uj,ie wa9 to punish Qen. Cass because ; ting information from an "anc'unt maiden
are worth as God looks upon them, vfhatjhe peVentc(i the nomination of Van Bu-jhidj" whom he had addressed ori the sub
theyare worth when measured by their. eR m 1844 The hypocrisy and treach-!j90t.
rinl.inr.nancaa. and failh. and love, and,..., .t il, ITmiEa nf Lindnnwald and its I f .Virtrr tim triKt8 Are foul Well, T
patience, ana meehiies n.u-o '."'"spersonil retainers Having Deen maus ap
parent, tbey have oeett oompenea to bu in
the shade of reiirement, and wander in the
cllou nf hnmiliniion. ever since: and tho'
their heanlessness, their grasping skill, j ,hey haVfl done penance, shd works of su-'9Tery cent of lax on it tew. 'Taint beet
tor you WW come suuuuiug "
votiihful brow, now inaciivo lay with her 1 brow how graceful aad harmonious the
mighty powers chained to one object. Ilis
frame, so healthy and vigorous, now wast
n , 11 - l I
lllL'llWBV Iroill U'seaso, lOOKOU use nenuu
ted child; iiod. afier having developed iutolow of what it once was. Unn quuted at
Womanhood, haVo carried thither a few j f'ection and the remembrance of his youth
iinrks of her childish imperfections, which , ful follies had impaired the noble strtic
fathHi-'u nva had failed .to observe and
Thero eeeniol to be ft natural pro-.lis-position
in Mattiu's nature to trille with
those whom her superior attractions bro'l
before her notice a r.atural re?itlt arising
from tho fact that she hud been two often
. . 1 l- . . 1 1 - 1 1
ture, and all tna'. once lookeu nooie uuu
now put on the tohes which sorrow makes
her victims wear as a murk of a sad dis
tinction. Once more letters came. Frank would
h at home in two more weeks. How
slowlv the time wore away. Slowly e-
1. . ... ... il. .. ..1 n.l.A ..nnllv .. I..n.n., wli1 hfllt WHIlt. tllrnllp-llOUt
tjomptimetlicil upan tne 01011 1110 c..w inMj iiuuk. iu, vi .,r- .
did possess. Tho eircumitunees under : tlueo long years, and looked for his re-
whieh she had been brought up. though turn.. She. like frank, Had paled Oencaui
they oudit not to ho spoken of in pallia- tho samo malady. She had visited foradds
lion of her after life, certainly had nn of- j places of resort, to catch again tho roseate
feet upon our Ma'.tie'a conduct which was j hue of health for her cheok and the lire
.iJi,.Kl . Rnm vouii!r ladies, though 1 of vitror for her eve. Now, returned, she
similarly rearo.l. do not suffer from such ! calmly waited for death to calm its victim.
ejects, owing, no donbt, to tho tllllercuce
of disposition and feeling. -
Shu had not lontr completed her cduca
lion belore half of the marriageable yoong
Once more they are seated logelhcr; not
in the stiff altitude they were in when
they Inst sat thero. Locked in the em-
1.1 .I.. !. .-Itnea 1 ..r,.irAr.lm'B utranfrlh thl'V lira IrV-
mon Ol tllO Village nau rere.veu men 1 unvo ui uuwum. o - j
of encouragemont and coldness in turn, ing in vain to live over again, and in this
and still no one was found to make the manner, thoso days of grief which have
Blightcst impre.Bion upon her feelings. I marked them more than many years could
A year before this period, a young gen-, have done.
Ibmur., tho son of a distinguished at tor . "And you wore not trifling with me
nev had graduated ut a modern univcrsi-1 when you always evaded my declaration?
... ...J ...an ..iininrr fi Inflv rnnilt.ation bvl "No. Frank- I thoucht you were at-
lL talr.tft9n orator. He had chosen 'tempf'na to trifle with mo, and I wished
il.,. i.rofesaion which his father had cho . to avoid it."
uon fnr him. und Dromised to outstrip him
in the pursuit of his professional emi
nence. Bo this as it may, it. is certain
nttiniile! We feel that the vemeance ol
god is beautiful! Thus easily; said the
Greek artist doth the divine majesty
overcome evil thus withoutconvulsioiis,
without ono reflected shadow of the mon
ster, doth it Bend the arrow of celestial
J . .... , 1. .
Force n the great attiiutld 01 uivinity
according to Michael Angulo and even
then he does not discriminate ootweeu
the grosser and the finer forms of force
the forco of wedge and beetle and the
force of electricity, lie studied the Old
Testament in its rougher and stormier
phases, but forgot the significant story
which tells how God was not in tho tem
pest) not in the earthquake, but in the
"still, small voice.
' Comparing tho Juttgement of Miohael
Angelo with the same subject a. trCatoa
by Orcagna on the Walls of the Campo
Santo, it is easfto feel that roligious art
in hia person had failed Into vigorous
bands, which W6re destined to rdti it rap
idly down hill into materialism and gi oss
ness. In that reined fresco with all the
faultsof n imperfect development of the
malarial forces of an there is a roirt-
Lincoln 011 Nejro Equality.
The Democracy and Bell-Everf.tts are
circulating in Massaoliusetis the following
nnfm!iirH. IVniii the erjeeches of Mr. Lin
coln, printed in tlu "Joint Debates of
Douglas and JjIncoln, puouuneu oj
Follrtt and Foster, of Ohio. The ob
jeot of the New Kngland Democracy U to
show that iir. .Lincoln h not m ivut u.
"Negro equality,"
"1 have said that I do not under
stand the Declaration to mean that all men
were created eaua! in all respects. Cer
tainly, the negro is not our equal in color
perhaps not in many other respects.
Page C3.
"What next? Free them; and
mnl-n them sccially and po'iticaly our
equals? My own feelings will not admit
of this. We can not make them
our cqunls." Pago 74.
"Our opinion is, mat it wouiu oe oo.
for all concerned to have lhe colored pop
ulation in a State by themselves, lu this
I asrree. Page 1 25.
than that I am not, nor
which are to make up ottrmankood in the
eternal world would you not find among
them those of whom, if their selfishness,
reckon you can't take none here.' She
was indignant at hie first remark. "'Taint
none of yoUr business who lives here, nor
who owns the dlace ti'e paid for, and
their vorldiy wisdom, were they taken j a,jon for tue Negro Pop.
fi-.iiii t hem. thero would Oe scarcely any-1 . HlllI ,i...ftr, Vears. thev still cower un
. . ... . e. ,.
thing Icttr
Three Secret Worth Keinemberlils.
The Secrd of Respectability lies in the
strict observance of the following three
rules : Live within your m'ans ; always
tell the truth, and keep good company.
Tho uegleet of one or the other ensures a
loss of character! whether its owner be a
nt. Uiclie8 are a much
1 . p. f-L:i.ii ap ..111-1 fVrtm rAsnrtntnliilitv as health is indc'
aur hiivn ntiBU. Ill lUVUl ui ytun,u tw uutat iv
. - .t maa tint rf mm litviniT them : itunihiit of beauty.
hnld office, 'nor in intermarry with! The Secret of Keying a Friend is valu
but malteis that don't consain you.
Her body iuterposed at the' doorway,
although thin and wiry, prevented hia
passage into the house, The marshal
would gladly have taken a seat, but (he
offered no such luxury to her inquisitor.
"HevI ever been marnir vveutwnai
next I wdmler. Perhaps you'd like to
have our peJigree right down iroin Auam.
rt.ir wnu cnn'i! .1 'soeBt you're some
U-.tns: and I will say further, in a ldition
to this, that there is a physical different
hntween the black and white racos.which
r KoIIj.vo willlorover forbid tho two laces
livintrtoo-ether on terms ot social and pol-
' T in. 'Pi,. 13(5. 193.
tttuai c.i" v r- , , , ,
"I ngroe with Judge DoUglas that he
(the negro) is nt ,ny "Iur1 in mnn re"
speos certainly not in color-perhaps
P. 15
"In that contest I did not at Rny time
der the aimwl of a betrayed party.
W mitrht cite other illustrations ot the .
prof osition We have laid down. But these
must suffice to satisfy politicians that the
masses of the people like a fair, open
fight- that they will not permit a candi
date to be beaten through unnatural ctlni
limni inns and under false pretenses; but,
1. h.,moo tn Hia trial dav. thev will 1 Rut Trill
niiDU i wifwi. . . ' , j . - . .
iinnnriitilft vifitorv. while tlicv fcilnw frfirti York, come out to Beck whom
UUtAl UI'll WW uwuwi.. j . - ",..111 1 1
smite down his double dealing toes. L you may devour, lou a neue. i?o ...
Y Tribune. agio 1 Take our senses, indeed !"
. The marshal tried to explain matters,
Ilichei; ..: i... nn.lnrsland the necessity
nl,la nnd mini ha observed with care.
. , ., M l f .11 KISJ1VO l 4
Making acquaintances is easy enougn -Jqu may put aman mine miuet. ui atld uuireojents 0f the law, and particu
any rogue or fool can do that; the diffl- ti,0 mx instruments in the worM.itnd , yinog her that he was not a
ctilty lies in keeping them, and eonverlini ;f he do9S nol hnw how to play on them rcgiJd(nl a Ooiham. He Utterly failed,
' tlldV Will II 1 1 II 11 U u.uuM.v.
11 J . -,
them into friends; The bmt
say I was in favor of negro suffrage twice
once substantially, and once expressly, I
know of is to preserve ydur independence. . may i)0ap wealth upon a man until it cas-
There are obligations, however, w men can ,i0 j(geit t0 heaven and yet no may oe a
bo rendered find accepted without a losaLau 6r qhe paupers are no', in the poor-
of independence. Tho pleasure of con- j 10Usg!ji but in nlausions--for a man is
ferring a lavor is greater 10 iiuj,t..; vUU rich only oy so mucn ns o uvn
a,;,,.r- mil nk than that of receiving one;!, llso what.' he has: everything beyond
hut it is delightful, and a guinntee o'jthat is uoverty. i do not thiuK mat tne
that he had gained, during a limited pe
riod, a crowd of admirors, composed most
ly of the yourg ladies of the 'village who
vcie trying to excel in captuiinghis heart.
IIi,s personal appearance was well cal
culated to win admiratiori, ahd his polish
ed manners, together with bis cultivated
min,l u.l.l.d tliA finiahina louoh. But,
" nd our reckless folly brought on all
this! nay, might bHve ended our exist
ence, and neither would have known the
other returned the affection." .
"Yes, Frank, it has taught me a lesson,
from sad experience; and I trust, that wo
may never bring suoli anotner griei upon
our heads by suoh thoughtless, silly con
duct." .' . , - , - ;,.
And Hi 11 a the mourned over the sor
row which might have been avoided by
. . -. . .I , . e : 1 T .... r. .1
luucu ua . . , . .1
like our heroine, ho must have his launs; j strict coniurmity to tne ruies 01 justly uu
und. Btrantre to sav. faults of the iamo right. " -' - .
stamp. Like her he had been ruined, the
petted child of an admiring household, in
jCiTBorrowed garments seldom fit well.
posed and majes'.ic strsngth, a moral dig
nity, worthv the subject. The severe and
J f ... e ni..:... l.a Ma.
mournitii gravity 01 vunsi mm u iu..
donna speaks nothing of human wrath
or passion the calm, solemn stntelinea
of the apostloa and prophets, the gravity
of their decorous robos, which one fan-
oiea might be heard falling in Bwaying
folds in the awful Hush and Biiuuess 01
that decisive uioracmt tbes'and, myste
rious figures of warrior angels, who with
brows solemnly Bd, sever the Wicked
fpm tha iuat without passion, without
vindicliveness, but on the grounas 01 an
eternal fitness; all these givctothiscom
nnaition of Orcairna a rrravity and mnjes-
r . " 1- ..-:....i..:.
IT ' which no muBCUiar uoutuiiuii,
artistic arrangements 01 mnrvoivuo w
shortenings, oould suggest.
' Orcagna was awed and stilled with
iiioo nf fJnd'a iustice and the infinite dif
ference botween sin and huliness.-Miohael
k..U,il dcTfiilit It..
.f hrtv nn nuroose to introduce poli-
tii nnr! sooiitl equality between tho
white and black races. P . 194.
,'I tell him very frankly, I am not in
favor of negro citiJ!nhip."--P. 167.
We have been looking over the "Do
bates," and find these extraots to be verit--Wd
Pnrhnna our Demooratio brethren
will L'ive them circulation in this part of
the world.
i -
ifa-lVn Inarn from the WarrcntotVo,
Va. Flag that from a Cock of 100 sheep,
un.rl h Col. John Wohlcn, of that
i, uaa nlinned this eeason about
itnnnnnnnrla. nl wool whiah has alieadv
hfin nnfrrtMd hv a Richmond Manufac
turer lor the sum of 82,000. To this
hundsomn Drolit may bo added SI, 000
more, the estimated receipts of muttons
sold and the uatuial increase of the flock.
continued amity, if the kiuduess ono re
ceives can prouiply be reciprocated. Se
condly, do not press your company too
much upon the tew acquaintance. Mike
yourself agreeable to lum, lot him seek
vour society, and when you are with him,
avoid all topics on which a difference ol
like to ansc.
The Secret of Agreeable retsond Ap
pearand lies in cleanliness and the ab
sence ol many colors. 1 im bocu u nr..
adjusted bunch ot huninle primroses ex
cite admiration when ft bouquet of choice
and varietra'ed flowers has been scarcely
. .1 t i lit....!-!.!
noticed. Modem nower-ueua niun..
my me-tning. Wore this uot the case,
statues would bo coloted. A taste lor
"nudv hues is barbarous, and peculiar to
children and Mvsg-s ; a reBued tasie re
jects scarlet and yellow as 11 would raw
beef and strain oil. A gaudy oravat may
il. . nd even well, but a black one
Itiun f"ui - ---- '
looks letter. Borne Jouriu 1.
. i . . , 1 . . . . 1 .. ... tha m.r.na '
asses mat lug me goiuoie 111 "
are rioh; and yet many men choose to
tako their places, and spend their whole,
life and bend themselves double, to carry
that which always will be aburden to iheoi.
They do not carry it to make it a power
of usefulness, they do not erry it to make
it inflame and feed moral power, oy m.11
efactiou by a large dimity of botieU
oetiee: they carry il merely as gold, as
nonnnr: v 11 nil Kiev are blasts of burdeu,
but dene J. Multitudes and multitudes ol
suoh beasts there are, and ten thousand
aping men running after them Baying,
"Oh that 1 were they, or like unto them.'
And so the steep path from lhe mine to g,ainmed tll door in his fac...
the point where they thtow off their loal k however. h n''","l
i woru so smooth tnat many wu"
upon it overburdened slip and go to perdi
tion! Beechtr.'
however, for his next question only in-
Steased her anger. "Hev I pot any chil
dren! Why you imper dt pupopy, now
dare you asperse my chara' ler'-' H-re
hev I lived for forty-. -ight enr.ml n't
never been ten mile fro 1 in - f-t
doubt my resp-ift t 'ility v ... : ' -
to our min ster, h kt.o ai. .1 o-.. ..
lived here whon I was b .m; 1
all I possess in lhe world ie ii- ' s.-.un.
and two houses down to the 'Tag- 'iti.
netrly about fift. en ilmusand .' a'.--He
fan tell you thai I live w th mi f .
ther till I e da d. hvin- u b. l - on ',
sisters, and that I nev. r mani , and !,u n't
got no .hihlren; ho is wel icqiiui.iicJ
with trie people living wi
a litt'e girl, a farm man and a big stout
ItllC VOU L'Ull
J w
jfylron platos taken from a boiler
which had exploded after fifteen years
use. have been tested to a strength of
twenly-Beven tons per.aquare inch.
rmh enousrh who haih all
llO IO v ' 1
that he really needs.
1 (iuii irn I
m,.t;,.n nut of mo. I'm a woman cf feW
woidsand I don't allow meddlers."
The good woman had now Worked bor
self into a passion, and turning away.
r riu 11. i
lu :'cil'iW'
MltH A ;i: s' , ?-'d !jr-
Cukb fob the Schatches. Take fresh
slacked lime, and dust tho affeoted pans
net ia mi c 11 with it iwioo a Jay. It will not
a. ....A.,.,;nlaA All1 tSlll
....,. .A,... ahows us but oneicause the horse any uneasiness, aua win
u ,, . Ko ttlllM , .fft a cuwia a few day.
biUo ot the worm, mr ii ouiuu.io ..i--. -
flatterers, who will tell us only our mor-, iiaon ; : .
and silence our enemies, trom wnom -Rev. W. L. Gaok, totroeriy pastor
,,f Lha UuiUrian Church ia.Wanatia.has
received a call from lhe Richmond street
Congregational Church, Ediuburgh.Scot-
alone we might learn our defects.
& The cloudy weather melts at length
into beauty; and the brightest smiles of
the heart are bom in teats.
ing ficts
V eiiibt, ri..i ;! M Tie..; ..lib ... v...-.- ,
9 . . a- e .... .. v -, ...r..
property w.-r;e. i , .- - -- -
or sisters ear. ies n f ' i'.i'.' 'v -
ler all was about all tile inx.ini.i
cared to possess.
. .
M-n.. Nis. tbe hich- si mouotaio
in Great Britain, iu.es 4.4-)S fee'- above
the level of the nea. He:. Umoai is 3,-
192 feet higii. J
-fl.r human biaiu .s : iwtsi.ty
inhth of the body, but in a horso but th
our-huudredta . 1

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