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NEtV'SEHIESVOL. VM r 18. : ; 1
WHOLE NO.-1408
II i M
V; i '. ' .. .1 -.- 4 -"'.5 . 'l- - . .....' ,- . .' ; j .V - -1 ','"'( ' ' ' " t I " '' ' j . ''...('- ,( ,
Ja! "' ' '"'lYV" '1 t "'' V" ' "S-t '' CoRFfiKEMCcor the M. r. Chubcr; We
WCllU, VyA-HIf . fr" ' "-purwd proceodingi of .'ibis
. body piililiahod in tire Ztnesville Courier,
: 1 Jolin n. WTiiht, Printer. ' "
. , j ' '
OKICE T.llmma i Building Thiwl T'our
' .':- Mio 8iret-autb Sid". ' ' 1 .
' Teh $175 per annum in advance.
Thursday Evening, JNp Or 1832
A SrLKSDip Gitpuin. .Wnv.JII..Gwin,
say the Ohio State Journal, the Locofooo
Senator from Caliiornia, who ia at the head
of the Locofocb Natiort&l Committee, for dis
tributing documents,' and i'lectioneeririg for
Tierce jand King, ia just the man .to ring the
charge of GalphaniHtn against the: Whig.
This Gwin.on tlie 4th of ilarch,' 1851', at
the close of the JUt Congress, with other
Senators, wa requested to remain a few
day by the President, to attend to some ex-'
ecutive business, and, In adaitiwi to his eight
dollars per day, he charged,' nd actually
drew from, the Treasury the enormous eum
of "four thousand and eight dollars as con
structive mileage," that is, he imagined that
between the adjournment of Congress, on
the evening of the 3d of March, and the spec
ial meeting of the Senate, on the morning of
the 4th of March, he had trailed all the way
to California and back, and for this imagine
ary journey, he "charged and drew thiB four
thousand and eight dollars for mileage. Tho
people will please remember that, for the
actual journey he did make to Washington
from California, and buck again, he charged
and drew his pay maJJilitm to this sum.--
The four thousand dollars wasjusi somucti fphPorsi
ConrKKEKCEur the M. K. Chubor. We I.tciiiEan of nit Lake bie Disastkr
We find the following incidents, eoauecbtd
with the Jestructiuwof the Atlantic Ui the
the following list of. appointments' for Lan
caster district : ,t , ,
, . .Each. Pom mell, V. E, , ,
I,ancnter -Audi Urooks. "
' Rushvilte-John F. Longman, H. S. Ben
ner; ': ' "' .r ; ., , .,: .;
. Hebron-Samuel Hurvey, Jl. Mark. -..
Etna-James Gurley. ir
, Daltiinore-Richard DouglityV
' Royalton-A. M. Alexau(k.-' '' " ' '
; Circleville-J. M. Jamison. ;' .' -'t
; Tarlton-Joh W Steele, :
: Mount Pleusant-J. H, McQutcbcon. , .
Logan-Wm. Porter.
' Nelsonville-S. M. Bright '"
" The Conference adjourned, to' meet at
Lancaster, the 7th day of September, 1853.
Abuse of Ges. Scott Rebuked y Gen
LCass Tho N. Y...Tribimc the out-
Bide small-fry orator ol the Tummany Hal1
demonstration, on Thursday evening, under,
took to abuse Gen Scott in unmeasurej
terms, by repeating all the scandal person
al or political which has been manufactu
red, thus far in the campaign. The lunguuge
wua insulting to tl.o good sense of the pub
lic, a contradiction of history, and quite dis
graceful to those employing it. At the sumo
time, iu the hall. Gen.. Cosa. with more truth
fulness mid dignity was contradicting the
defumingorutors, by speaking ns follows;
Mtfwaukio Sentiuoi: .. - . ;:,-.!: ! , .. .-im.
An iiiterektiiii; xhibiltOii was given of ..
j :"Tll KmIIi.wIm-i1h .-. . .. . . . .. .
IIojk', Uit ovrry tn".il i vth," '" -'
ill the case of 'all "ligeil couple, over Seven
ty , who were drawn tin the hurfifane deck:
Tlie man was frantic with despair, lathis
wile, in the inoitt. beaulilul urnceof
heavenly trynt, Lruulit him to coiunuture
und Mubmission.
A youtrg married couple stood together,
calculating the ehunces of the wreck sink
ing befora the propeller reached iv. "If it
di cs Juie,"said the young wife.uiicoimcious
of any other ear, "be sure to keep fast hold of
ine, so that we shall go down together." '
One ludy was seen by Mr Walbridge.to
throw her infant into the water, and then to
leap after it. .... . . ,
When the bow went .down, the forward
cabin broke awuy from the boat, and floated
off with tlicuio who were on it, and they wore
rescued. It is possible that some who were
struggling iu the water iiear the wreck,
Gei. Scott 4ju Ma. PLa' (iir.T-- The Feiu.t asp Loss or Ij t
Friday Kv Hiu((,S4pl 10. lti-ltt
V "' From ;marhMHti. " I vv." T W .'.'7tiTx,T I . ' PUrtr- C '"" A wrf.espnayu'rof Suutii. The M..b,le papers ar filhtd with
FiTciiuuRu Mass' He-.t 1 -Tl. nnn K. Z , " , . U Bt"u" g.vrath. MUwim; acroui,! U,e particular, of the late freshet there. In
cr,t!c Ze SS tueet. to morr'. i "l Co,umbu'' WM'y of sn int.re.tiag portw.n of Lino. CU.W. re- J, uf the greets of Mobile, the w.te, was
It U probable that Ju-lge Bi-hop will be the : 1"'t hve ? "nf"n"1 influence upon ct.nt ,perdl MIT,. ,e ljrtVt,n BcoU c(ub. Un n( y(f foej Jecp iteimbot
candidate for Governor. There will benojthe election In Ohio. ;An lnterehuge of j "He JeUiM the .uUtahce of a 6iive--. Belt tJale. wsssunk, and ik Swan and
opposition to the endorsement or the Haiti- Lentiment and prospects, evinced very clear-, sation with Ex-(;v-riior M trcy, Mr. PolV ai,., . . ,ua i, fl.uJ into tb'
Ure PlatforOH but ll.ey quarrel on the tbat lhe Wh; could carr, U,e State, sad Secretary of W.r, in h the bo.Mi1 y .f . " , - "
i-:.. I it inn 'uitrh th Pr....n..r- it. k I ,v ul" " uiu r.rry ou"l "".. . ..,:. .. ood... aiul broken to niece. Several
. '-'- - - - . . - i. .i . a . i j r .... . a ui. anu hi. luiii. v. Biitiici un atii , it 11. . . -
might have been helped on to it by those
"tioni 'DejiocraU tnlk of supporting Hon.
I David tleimhaw for Governor.
CiTCHBUHGfi, Sept. a. The Democratic
State Convention ol Massuchuortt. met here
to-day, and organized by calling Nathan
Wood tit the ebair. ; : , , . .
. A long debate ensued, attended with much
excitement, on a resolution opposed to the
Coalition' with Freesoilera. Finally,' those
opposed to the coalition 'retired to another
room and appointed S. 1). Uramford tempo
rary Chairman, when itwa decided to await
the actum of the irgnlar Convention in re;
gard to tik ooliliiMw-i ' :
The reguUrConvenlion wag densely crowd
edupwards of iflOO present. A resolu
tion was adopted to proceed to ballot for
uuuernalurial candidntes.when Henry W,
who could swim, but there were two consid
erations to binder these efforts; tho almost
certuinty of being drawn under by those
clinching wildly at everything:, and the ex-
Uishup was uoininuted, huviug received 834
votes out ot 1,132.. The balance wore chief
ly for David Ilantshuw and l'lincy Merrick.
. The commit lee appointed on a Piutforiu,
rrMM.rt.pr. Rulliii..rA Pliitfitm ml i-.ib.Ji,-
l''""" ""-y siiouiuaii Bouowu iur j tio euiuj,,.,,, Presidenliul candidates.,
guther, before help arr.ved. When the pro- j , A reB0iulion offered by Mr. Bradford. oP:
peller actually neared the wreck, ord dehv-' si iUe coalition, -was reported by the
eance seemed probable, the ascriptions of ,.,.;.,.. ,,,..., i- ,i.
praise aim jiiuiiks to uou went op in "uu()t the Convention.
thedelegate. from the different counties car-1 wm owWrtd. When U.e g' IW" thVw.ter receded, were
ned home with them tlie ebeenug iiiIotimi- , aamivroir of Mr. Polk renokud. nuoti ' left hiirh and drv iu the streeU. The roer-
I ... . . ' . i .
conquering Mexico, ami d'-termineU to send ' cunula lt, in merchandise alone, about
fITi'tov,rt,b,!f.M'l,VT''lB:,i'- - ',ue u""n J chi,l wer
try, by the wsy of Vera rritt.it wus also de-; ; . '. . , , ,
jtermiiifd tlwt Gn. S.-t should not uke !urowui'f; i Auawnguie wast, we oamage
cutnmaud of tint artuy. . The duty ofrecoiu- . terrible. .
mcndii.g a suitable n run to assume that A family of six persons were drowned at
command properly dev.i'ivd upon the Hec- j l'aKCpg.mU. Five smacks, with their crews,
retary ofWar. Gov. Marry said be "irMit i w'cre Inst between Dog River and Dauphin
three weeks in rastiiig bis eyes over the j Mauri, during the gale; The number of
couiitrv for n Riiif -jblf nprsnn f,if that rn- i Uvm 1.mI witt. tiuiu la ruintm-l tn I... r.nm
drer-sed by the Hon. Thomas Ewing and ; gponsil)le command. Finally he informed ' lil'tecn to twenty.
Horace ""Grrpley, 'Esq-' Both mad-' able ' the Pivwident tbat M wished a meetin? of. At Choctaw Point MghtHnuse a sad result
lion which will rouse up the Whig spirit and
induce theScott iucri everywhere to work out
the result. Thers tunst be do aluggards in
this campaign. Every man must do hi. du
ty. Every man must be at hi. post. Every
voter must be at the polls. ' Bear this iu
mind and work to that end.
Tho Convention, in the Grove, 'was ad-
ipeechesaud both were listened to wttli pro-' - '-uoiiieicaiifu.ior im.- purpura u. w,'iij ..i n,c siorm occurrea. i ne tenement wnicn
I i ,. i ,1.. ..it., duriiirr tb. ,,,at "nsttc" intu eonsiderstion, end bIj in-; was occupied by the keeper, Mrs. Philibert
found Uent.on. In tl.ee,!, dur.ng lbs , fonm,d fce Preiilil.nt oMlil, purp0!W , tt- te ntuuXnuiueihylhi flood, gave way,
forenoon of thf day and the evenings of j Comlu(.fl, (;.. H,-,tt for the iwwt In io-- ud Mrs. Philibert. horaou-in-law. William
Tuesiluy. and Wednesday, speeches were
made by Messrs. Greeley, Conger, G.bs t
O'Neil, Harper, Cainpocll, Lawrence and
tion. At the meeting ofthe Cabinet, Presi- ;.K, polgin and bis wife, with their two child-
A mill llirt iiruii I out tn,ii
riliitut ffi iin tiitt.-orn hit ii rta m Itititilo.I lr non. - - - ... . . I . 1 ' -..- t i - I ... -.fl . .1 .HA l...J i ' .
, , . , ; " vu ' t luaioii aim exr.iTt.'iiioi.i.it wan Uui on Hie tu- i me Diaic nau "nv "" critrunt it ina!iucin
Uini iiuiitjn iuiai;ti iu jiruvi II. 1 lie iJiuifiri
dent lulk inforniH the' nMtnbfri tht lhy . rn, and Oari-ir Pbilibert, wote forced la
had met to takf into eunwrannn III verr arck Uoter as best tlier eoald. " ThT et-
i tktrn ti tra Ttfitimt- itilnl 'n ki rf f ftH Hfsl4 ru rtf titn ntnA tn a air a tKoienti3n rttf rurlo wmfl
several others. All of thtui made good , War- Goy Mart v bwl ptt.pttr4 hiiiis. ll'for ' but iirs. Pbilibert and her two grand-child-spccchcs
aiid elicited lhe warmest eneohil- the emergency, and finally convinced the jree, alier being driven about by the wind
urns of the auJience. .., ' other tneinbers of the Cabinet that n oh-'and the water, were washed from their fra'.l
The crowd was in the best of buuior. The '" theconntry wds lie Ui eutrustwiih j bark and drowned. Mr. Colgin, with bis
, r . r i the Coiiur..iiid of the proposed sxpeditiun. wife, was rescued. Mr. Philibert and a
assurances of -occes. from different parts of An;i mLi,VI! hr.uid tl... Adu.inisirati.,1. ' r...r,rn , ,ui-i.. lk.tb doubtless were
nl to an inferior man, drowned. .
gouged out of Uncle Sum's pocket, without a
particle of consideration tliercfor.
This' is the man who feels so bad because
the Secretary of the Treasury paid the inter
est, on a sum of money . that was used in our
glorious Revolutionary W'ar, - He is just
the man to be a great patriot on such a sub
jdct. Let the people bear 'these' things in
remembrance. - -,. -
unti 11 ui i tin ittiiJiJti lu i veil. i nrj if i tj i 1- 1. 1 i... .i.. . ...i ... ..... ii , . ... i t..t...ii-rri . i ., . i .i . . i m l i
"Rut I in nv thar if ifipi-n in .int. mini i 1. 1 .- . u,u " IM,e VOI "erenpou some iwo 1 1 ie I eternitliation expresseu upon a;i mnu auu n snouiu iuii, ill" iein.icraiic puny I ne nouses nn nie isiano anu ciswiiere
liereB:Voet?ec , that the SUte must be rcuU Are jtu j would ntrely be swept Irom powers ft was jopp,,,,, the city were- chiefly destroyed
i., ,h;..,.,ll,l,.c. (. ,....i.m;. . vt , uw,-h-u "'" i Hull. J. ll Plioinpson, of New Bedford,, ., . , I not stated whether tbe pr.peil of sarty d-, One hous was carried op the river, but
ty and their candidate, lie H very much mis- ."Xow, if v u do not preserve order, and keep ,i.,. :.. ic... i all ready! r.... : "... ..........;....:... I, i.. nL:., rn ;
f 1 wl h. - Kn.f - 1,1 ' C'"' 1 ,,l.Pa,W,u ,'" umI J,!ve yuu" T 10 Chas. C. ..u,or Boston, and j.men Wl.it-! WH IGS OF FAIRFIELD! The State b ,cMrny(.d . h,. IIB1..rtse ttlI. I it aIld rov iuril th mates. five in number,
.WhiLU ...stantanooj s,h npo was ob- ,, of Cunway were chuseu . elector atielediou approaches rapidly. No time is to mand of a partisan favorite, had the ioBt to ! Iia mother Willi an infant nearly dead, af-
5 ' Pr r.llfi' f.' !r: I! U!nrl Mr, Orborm.,. a loudvo.cM.rectvl e.. , . . ..t .' '; i;;,,a,1JtboroU d.orr,an- do in inducing tbe C,U..l to aontt to t r an explore of twenty hours, without
.e mm. t "- ,eu ne.men lo el We women pass ou l.rst- After gtJier business of an unimportant " . , , ,, : . " j " Scott's app;.ii.ln.en. I f. or slUer..
W ZtKSt";" V h i.1 1 ' l" l" -SPiV "i'1 ",,e.".cl'J the , l,rlJ!,;llcr character, the convention adjourned UneJi. j ,zu,,u" ",u'it 1 4 "ut " J J"ue-! "Mr. Child also gave an account of a con- j a letter from Gwinnett coootv, G... say.
It. .The Wh 28 are tUst as hout'Rt as we are. ( eanm ' uloinr.i, h th.! womi-n and c i i rrn -mi. c... i. . ., i . ' lt..i !i f, v, li areniiiii is bed and I be sue : :., ,. r .... . r. . , 1'er irom uwinnen couaiy, ua., .ay.
a lie oui.euiTM, or j ail oil ai uemocrurs, or- j i , , cienimu w ilii i irri-r, i:it-i ,a rc-iurii
ticket deuihiids if. Lose not a
They think they are' right, and
! Return of the Mississippi. The United
States steam frigate Mississippi, CupU Wm.
J. McCluney, boaring tbe broad pennant, of
Commodore Perry, returned to New York on
Wednesday, after a short and active service
of thirty -two days. During her absence 'the
Mississippi has visited Eastport,St. Jolm,(N.
B.,) Halifax, the Magdalen Islands, Prince
Edward's'' Island, and other' ports of the
shores of British Aineiica and the Cull' of
BU Lawrence.. Commodore Perry was de
Kpatched to the coasts by the President to
Investigate the circumstances' cttending the
recent' scteuro of sumo fisln'ug vessels be
longing to the United States Ly British cruiu-
crs. Ho held conferences en the subject
with Sir George F. Seymour, the Englitih
Admiral, with the Governors of New Bruns
wick and Nova Scotia, and other public of
ficers. . Doubtlese the explanations given ut
these interviews were of a satisfactory nb
ture. The reception given totho commodore,
and the officers of the ship, at the ports they
visited, was of tho most cordial and friendly
character. During her cruise the Mississip
pi saw nearly five hundred suilof fishing
vcbscIs, and boarded a number. . Tho offi
cers au4 crew of the Mississippi .ore all
well. ....... - . : .
we think they ure wrong. : .Tliey1 think we
ire wrong, anu we know we are right.
Cheers The Whigs nre in the same ship
with us,aud they must sink or swim iOi us.
I know Gen. Scott, .and huve known In in
long he is u brave man, and a high-minded
honest patriot; but he is not my choice."
1 i : - 11
rTlie liig we I'n Und in fort-fuur
W c ii 1'ici ce in lift) t o." .' " ' ' "i '
. , : liftforo paper.
Yes, ii) '44 you "po'rd", the Whig party in
particular and the country i' general; yij!9
poled war upon tho nation which jio'.ed
millioiiH pf our money out of the Treasury ,tp
defray, its expenses;, you pol.td the vexed
question of slavery into the national politics,
aud various other diseases W'cro po'ud .into
cxistauce by that Polking Administration
which will require years of rigid economy'
to cure. Yes, you po-ted us in 41, ami it is
the remembrance of that poking that will ele-i
were nanueu up nrsi auu every one o i.nai Mtiiz.l another Convenli.n.. annointed J. cess of the
large number were taken on board, without f), Bradford PreMdent, and a largo number 1 ,,, ma,,lt '
one falling ni.to the water. ' jf Vice Presidents and Secretaries. A 1 ' '
riie scenes on tne propeller were heart- ; Sute C(,!lin,iUee wurt ,pp,.inted, and another i A Base Slaspe. A few days since, Mr,
rending. Danger over oreadlul rea lties r ,ortC(l resolutions ujrainst tl.o Coalation, I Gibbon- a vounir Irish orator, who has re-
lurcuu iiit'iiirti'ivrs on mi? niuiu. unu iiiu ' .i.:,.u ...i....i k...i. . .
. . " iin.il nt it; in.iiwau nil uiiuiiiu-T. j irut i.ii
strongest, tat down and wept. One young W(lfe wado lIuI10UIlri , 't! Convention,
man was iiictmsoliible in Ins ugony .l grief. 'Ti. nr,1..:ui,1 ,.;,.t,,a
' ""'r, , ' cull a convention of the Dc
"I have lost my two sistel
most touching accents,"! could not find
the.n in the dark." ,
finocracy if ex
pedient. ' It is thought tbe bolters will sup
port Tierce and Kiii2, and th J Electors nom
("duchess Col. . Benton. The -follow inated by .the other section party. "
tag is an extract from u letter Irom Wash-I ' 1 '
intrtoA Citv. dated 31st ult.-: . - i .. . . Arrival f the l'.uroi.i.
Uonsrres anjuuriKMl.. to-day Uih Urat tune , Ni;v YoRK,.Sert. 10. Eurpa arrived at except, perhnp8t tjruu s iasi eiron.
II at . : 1 1 ... 1L.1 lav a aaltl.as I.., t.
from Mexico, in which G-n. IWe said tliat ! ""-"""
on his wav home he called nt Washington, i ashod away or damaged, and adds:
nnd told President Pulk that the Adminis- j Cnrn and Wheal have gone up since the
trution had belter get out of their quarrel frerlitit, corn from 40 to 75 a 80 cents per
f i..... . ... '....... :i.i.. 1 l...l...l. ...1.,... i...... r:il . Tn a 1 I k.va
I .win oeu. 5ein as aixiii iiu.viuic. i iiuoiic., n ttvui iimi w w w w . .
.... . . . i l i . i e .i.:. i-A..uA
i ' i i ; j . ,:,,; , . ,,, ,r 1 "1 ne vv tug r::uv is prospering, anu Hie , no uuuui ii h n iu uui oeen ior una hmiici,
cently avowed bsdet,rm nation t, support , , it U,e rank, of the plenty of corn coold have been bought
Gen. Scott, made a speech at Loluuibus. -., Lowell is kwe for from three to five here next tall for 20 cents per bushel, but
rhe StaU-rmnn says:' ; hundred majority for Srutt and Graham." j nowjit is quite likely com will be as high
next waiter as it was last.
Ihe lis eel; so . .'.ttsiT. A recent
number of the Pittsburgh Dispatch contain-
"We did not attend the demonstration.
But we huve been informed that a speechof
more beastly vI'Lgaiutt; more reckless
falsehoods, and shocking disregard of de
cency has never been delivered in Ci'luml'ti?,
for n Innir uihile. u ilhont u llnre-uii or a fisrlit i linH'-iiast t'inlit. futinn in iiiiiiri.ve.l in- Whiirs would render Us n greet service !y
mainly iittribnt lbl , perhaps, to tliu circum- I quiry, whicli was freely met without a d"s-sending but. .such CATTLE as Gibbons all
stance that the adjuurnment took place in , position lo press sules; no qu jt-ib.c sule i over, the country
brotid daylight - Among' thevisiters in the ' since last Friday. ..' . Upon uu're report, that paper bus made
lobby to-day 1 1 ; noticed Colonel . Benton, j Liwrpoul Coin .Uric Weather, fine. :. ltie UDOve i,a!iC attack upon Mr. Gibbons.
fresh from the held of:his triumph in Mis-j Markets dull. Prime Houb bciiir scarce,!,. . . i
sourl.' ' Hi- bearing is as erect as-evcr.a.id j maintained Saturday's prices -inferior 3(alid 1 he Statesman is progressing. J gloomy
be carries about bis faco that Peculiar I cbeaaer. DeniiiKtuwn miotes western c:i- ! prospects make it nmd. A fe. weeks since
A Sios IB PESSsnvaBia Wotk Re-
. . . A .duliu.i . vl rAnaiir::lkl tsvllfa
ed tbe following question, which was repub-!iav(; ;vr voic;U Whig ticket, but who
now go lor Scjitt and G lab am, was held in
look that is designated by the. word aiime. . mil at 20s 6d: Baltimore 20s (j.lw2 Is: Pliila-
vate Old Chippewa to-the Presidency thus His oleotion is hailed by the Whigs with al- Jdelphia 20s odtri ilOs !)J; 01iio 2Jsii2ls6d.
inorii as mucn saiisinciion as n nu nau un neai wniif us ihiiiios mi; ren aim wnin
his lifi! been au advocate of Wki.jpriHcip.es. ' mixed 6s ld(Jfis 3 I. Yellow com arfs fldul
Grahams letter in the Intelligencer,, here, is j 20s; white 29s 0dtW30s; hiixed 2s(rpj.8s 0d
TnE Phoshect in ViRGiiiu'.' Tho Hon.
Gcorgo i.W.. Summers, wi a letter to a gen
tleman of that town, says that if Eastern
Virginia will give Gen. Scott tho same vote
it gave him, tho increased vote in the West
will securti "the State. , This is cheering
news, and must excite every good Whig to
do his duty.' The hardy mountaineers are
prepared to acquit themsolves well, aiid all
they ask is 'lor the low-landers t do' their
duty.'. ,'Let tlie'low-lsiiders" be "up und
j ug,',' a.nd meet the propositioa with the earn
esUicts it deserves, - ;i '' ' ' '
' FuBTHfiKs fhom Ciida. It-is stated that
Don Joso Luna was the editor of the revolu
tionary journil lately' lssued at' Havana-
He had his printing office iij. tho. fear of a
hiiill e.egar store,, .within fifty yards of the
palace of the Captain General.--: Ths broth
ers of Sr. Luna were Arrested ' lor having
'iriunltforis'of .war in their houses, whop Don
Jose thought it was time fur him (o fly .to the
United States. , Accordingly, he took: his
small press to pieces and packed it with type,
" and a portion of his edition already 'worked
off, into a cafFin,, which Vos., buried lu.acem
letery outsldathe walls of the city, He then
took passage, in the : Crescent Oity, and arri.
ved Bafely at New York. ! f ' ' '' ' " "
c: Dkeadfuc Mubdeb ahd Suicu)Bok.ihe
Murder eb.-We. are calif d upon to reoord a
transaction of the most horrible nature,whicb
occurred in this city en Saturday afternoon,
about -one o'clock, i! The. cir-cumstances of
.the case are as follows! .' About three years
effectually warding off a piercing.
A. Sau Stomv. Miss Ida Will:ams, u
houiilii'ul and talented ypuii . English liidy,
22 years of age, who. was. rescued from, the
steamboat Atlantic, lias arrived ut Detroit.
Tho Advertiser, of that city, says:
'Blie has ju-t arrived in this country from
England, and was traveling westward with
it' ' view to select a' locution for 'a furtiire
residence.in company with a-twin brother, a
married sister, a brother-in-law, anil two
niectts, all of whom were lost. Shu states
that, the last recolection she has of anything
which took place on the Atlantic, she was
standing in company witn tier menus on
the deck, when a beam of wood full aud kill
ed her brother, nnd hitting her tilao in its fall,
injured her back, when he fainted. She
hud no consciousness of what took place af
terwards, until she found herself on board
.tho propeller, on-her way '' to Erie, without
clothing, except her night, dress, without
muney, utul without a triend on this side the
broad A ihintic lier- friends were lostl
Without kuowing where to turn for succor,
she took passage on board a. Detroit boat,
aud reached this city, where her immediate
wants were supplied,: nnrf where she has
beou kindly offered a home in the family ol
a highly respectable aud hospitable resi
dent ul' Detroit." -';.: .
th.7 (.rent t I: to-day. It is said by those
who ought to know, ' that Mr. Webster will
come out shortly ' with letter ; discotuiten
I'ueing lb uso that is sought to be maJu of
bis liaiiie. ., Very trujy.itc.
New P. stare Law. . y ' this ' act, mo
cent postage is charged on newspaper un
der three ounces in weight to any part of the
United States, and one half cent where it is
paid yearly or quarterly in advance'. Pre
payment caii eitier be made at the office
where mailed, or at the office of delivery;
Newspapers of"ono ounce and a bull or
less in weight, Circulating in the Stale where
'Provision 70 tons liac l.ird sold at Jigs.'
Beei quiet: ru sales from firt hiiiils. Pork
quiet ut 90s. Bacon moving slow ly at 46s
iiOs. Cheese fine wanted l'2stji.4-is.--:
Coffee in fair demand from trade. '
Londim Marlelf Corn market closed
it Btigmat'med the Irish supporters of Gen.
term. It caiuiol uear lnsn iiiuepi-iiuuinc.
It will not loleraUvu them, the right to their
own opinions. We submit to any candid
mind, whether the individual, who edits that
sheet, has not the heart of a Native Ameri
can! Thfi very moment he is satisfied that
the Germans aud Irish of. the country . u ill
vote for the true interests of their adopted
lishedinthe Harriaburg Standard, of Sat
urday last: .
"If the Cameron Guards of Harrisburg,
and Captain Nay tor's Compiny of' Philadel
phia were not (while on main guard duty at
Jalaps.,) obliqeJ lo kneel to the 'Uost.carried
in a Catholic procession, and this under a
general order issued itrevioiu to general or-
.1..,. Vr orrr
We are authorized bv Captain Edward I ly.by th Uemocrats, iMotanig w
, Williams and Lieutenants P. II. Me-1 lowed -Ho participate iu it, although a
Scott us "Tories." Now it adds anotaerj WilliMns and D. F. Unger, all of the Cam-
Gen. Piekce. We take tho foil wing ex
tract from a late number of Parson Brown-
'..II I.1-;. I.... 'l',il. in i,i.,..i,n.itiirinrT
districts very lialtcring jII classes fully i home, he stands rady ta brand their: as"tn
einpluyed at reiiuuicn live prices. Co nsiils ries" and cattl
unproved, Ul ftCit 100; forei;;n sureties hardly
sdpported. American sixes. 1 St8, 108 tu
108J; Ohio sixes, 1870(i 1875, 104(i 105. :
, J he huropa hrought I It, passengers, l.en- i , dearlv-bcloved ally of Loco-
eral news utterly destitute of interest. Tne
published will only be chargeable with one- i '!'." Ihu h leader in Tavorof the withdraw- j locoism in mis camp .j,...
half and one-fourth cont iiet copyr the !l of grunts in favor of tho Cunard aud Col-1 ."When Gen. Pierce was first elected to
r.,,t:iirn snre-nl . or nol:but out. ol the Stale aieumurn, wrowiug open uie cuaiiipioii- : uongris iron; "- '"",- .T-
1 ... . ' . . . I . . r . I A I.. ...:.. t- . : I.-.
i upon Ills .)
(irMeriU I ic.i'rl
.... Si'aik. asd.tiie, Cuban Ixvadebs. It is
aid the Siutiish minister-. at; Washington
has called the attention of tho President to
'the' Tact that organizations are now forming
in various sections'oi' the Union,'' for unoth
er invasion of Cuba. The Washington cor
resnondeni ofthe Now York Courier, In ah-
n'ouncing the uuhn of.thc.Sjuiuuh uiiuister.
adds:; i '': ) - v.'-'.is ... .'-; i
Spain will contest 1 the' possession of Cu
b0 as it is hor jiist fight to' do, at nvery haz
ard and' wilh every imrn of drfifict that rith
be procured l hcrvitcn rtmiurer, or if wed be,
nv -alliance with ollntr - rotw. A vigorous
the same rates will be chnrt'ed as on the ship ol th? Atlantic to tree competition,
il.rpn iinnc.o iieivsnanors. Tho ' nuhlishera Mr. Webster's letter on the , subject
of such weekly newspapers may send to the Lobos Islands, excited unfavorable com
such actual subscriber within 11m county I wont and labored articles to prove that the
where their papers are printed and publish' (Islands belong to Peru, and consequently
ed, one copy thereof free of postage. - the revenue should be. appropriated to hqui
- The law takes effect on the 30th day of : date the claims of tlie English bondholders.
September, instant. ' ' ' t Satisfactory, ev.idencn is shown that the Is-
, ., ..' i '-.-i- - - - ! lands were surveyed for the King vf Spain
Post Office Litebatuke. A. letter pas-jjn )731, ns laid down in n map published
sed through lliu post omee, a lew uays since, nt Madrid in' 184S. Agricultural reports
directed to the "Urderter s Ulhoe, W ashing- (rm s,tHn, ,ii,v favorable. Also gen
ton." Another about tlie snine timo started !eraly (rom nginnJ ud Ireland. Tho
in pursuit of -Jerry Mire Jacobs," some- potato disense was stayed. Grain and green
where down in Connecticut. A ml still nno- cro,)s rrenrallv abuiiilant.
ther for a man resident tu the btateoi.Aew
Geursey." ..Wo' ure, uls
eron Guards, to y that tleneral 8cott
never i&nud an ordttmch as it alxjve indicated.
No such order was ever made known to the
armv. ' The company never was called op-
on to obey such an order, or any commmd
purporting to be founded on sucn an order.
The company never knelt to tlui precession
of the 'llost,"c-ithcr ty obligation or other
wise. General Scott never ssuot an order
imposing ar-y sorb-obligation nor one tlutt
irouid ntfard im prt.ltxt o- rxcurc toflny ftffcer
'jii Jo-him, iur issuing such an order, or im
oostiii' ucb sn oblinatii-n. Caiitain Nnylor
says the same, and in a card published in one
of tho Pittsburgh paper, denounces the
whole thing "as a fabrication, ami al war
with that lariie, intcliiffeut spirit of charity.
so'broadly considerate of tueritrhte aadscn-r
....... J J:-.:
Hollaiu towuship, York Co., on Saturday,
the aistult. One hundred andtwemy Dem
ocrats were present, who raised a pole over
one kundred fsrtki, to which was attached
a flap, on whirh is inscribed In large letters
STITUTION. -.--. -i
The whole sffair was conducted exclusive-
was al-
ber were present to witness the perform-
We onderstand" that the Democrats as
sembled, bad a mo6t pleasant and enthusias
tic time of it.. , All seemed to enjoy them
selves, and boasted tliat there were plenty
more of their old political associate that
would go fur Scott and Graham with as much
i-ul as., themselves. -
Here is a sign wurlh recording and worth
the attention of politicians in other States.
York county Is one of the strongholds of Lo
cofocoism, and if her honest voters follow
the example of these Democrats ol tlellam
township, the majority it will give for the
old Hero, who has served his country so well,
and who deserves so justly the gratitude of
his countrymen, ,js nut easily calculated.
We believe tbis.to be no isolated sign of the
video, July 4th, says:
' p. was in 1833, when the
system prevailed , in New
Hampshire. Pierce fell more iwn three thou-
snml vut'-n below fie average voiu ui ma put
ty! and if tho parties would have heen any
thing like divided, he would have been
shaniofully beaten." - .
' We won't vouch for the truth of this, as
we have iml the tables at hand; but some of : treaty with tbe Ar,
our I.n'cofoc'o friends, who are posted up,
will plense.conlradict their ally's statement,
nihilities of all, so eminently distinguishing -times but th? indication ol tne popular
General ScotL" P. SiaU JumaL ! f.iirg in favor of Scott, that, when told
.... througli tlie ballot boxes will not only as-
. Fbom MoxTEVn.EJ. .V correspondent of I to.ul,j our oppoueuts, but astonish the most
the Boston Courier, writing from -Monte- ' sanguine friynds of Scottthomaclvcs. Hat.
I T-l.
It thev can.
. The Settlkmkm of the Fishert Quns
TIon The New York Albion, of Saturday,
authorized to re- I , A... . .... '.,'' Av..;.eil its belief of the rumor that the
quest u lady in V isconsm to ook out lor a , e8taulitlhil)g a .tmng uiilitary reserve, finery difficulty UseUlcd byEngland having
Ss " Z S Bff "en6 pee ed i V without con,,,ro,.,ismg resijeot or uig- tbo imericau construction of the
w ... ' mtv. would enable him to effect th it econo-1 . ... ,.,j ,:i.,rih
wrgo iu . . . ....... J. ! ,k.
site is presumed tu bo a citizen ut
'- I i i:...:, I i V,. ro.orv,.d riirhta nfthe ica" '
I ...l.!A l. .1....: I. I,,.J. . It, m. ,. II"'!!""" """ .mutnu-n
.... m . . . , , V 1111 I I I1C Vl.lllO IW HHIUUUW. ,-"V 1 . . .1 . . ' - -- -.
tliat small estate, -j-ne louowing is, nowev , .. ,,,.. ... . - . North American provinces m ui v&.ec
or, tuo. richest specimen, ul. an addreBS mat
"The U. S.. Fhip Jamestown, has just ar- i FiS.-i-A fire broke out last night, about
rived from Rio Janeiro, with our Minister ut 12 nVlnr.k, in the Grocery store and Bakery
the Court of Brazil, Mr. Schenck, on board. ; of J. Scully, on Puint street, opposite the
Mr. Scheni k has come here to. arrange 4 ; 'ourt-yard, hicli destroyeu mui euimuip
tines lor tho tree nav- and three ndOinmg ones ocrup'd anu owneu
igation of the riv ers. The Comuiissium-rs j by Jacob Grim. Sud.Mer, Bilhson ftchom
oTFranceandEng!an.1,seiitoiitfiirtb" sne 'erer, Tinaers it.d Stovo Dealers, and Eji
object, have not yet arrived, rfo, .by the I Ketutr, Merchant . Tailor. The houses
prompt action of our government, and great ; were old frames and burned very rapidly;
irood fortune, our own minister will be the ' their contents were mostly saved, we under
first on the ground. The appointment,' ton. ! stand, nnd the loss is nearly covered by lit
is an excellent one, and as I presume he will surance in th Portage Mutual and the
act in concert with cur Charge al Buenos ! Cleveland Washington Lnion Companies.
Ayrcs, Mr. Pendleton, who is in hiirh fav.d-; The entire ..ss may be reckoner! at bout
Willi Urqiiiza, the li st results, for A iner1- j 4KJ0 dollars. Cuiiltcvtlte Metropolis, Tirs-
ican interests, may beexpected. I presume ulajf,
; we have, ever, sqen; " l uis wunts logo 10
I Put O Neal ho used to lyve in Westflcld but
I Aee after being yor too Southwic now but
he will be in", weasttvld nrx u'.:vi! lor after a
Job lifid be will pay for htr-S'rinmfeld Rc-
pMieun.',-;. .'".''d.-,4'i-'-iJ; ': i
Yield or Gold in Calif oiiBtA. 1 he Cal-
, . , , . . , .. 1 i u.i.u ur
jrouce nas oeen nmerea, nu-ine " ' . ifornia .papere oonlinuei to report good min-
Ifrill'iui Ol lliu isiunu, in- oii,juiriii;c in iir- j ,r ijianyi.
structloits, ' under the' 'apprehended revolt i rtf 1 , i 'ew
ana invasion, nil uirccieu mui uvory per
son taken with arms In his hands against the
authorities, shall bo shot within three hours
afterwards. .' A further order has been is
sued, that in case any officer should refuse
to execute tho foregoing' penalty he shall be
shot instantly for contumacy. ' The failure
of otif courts to convict the- expeditionists
engaged; 'in the last errmado against Cuba,
has not only. encouraged iothers to repeat
that Liwlcss enterprise, but it has created a
bad impression abroad as to the ' "ability of
will sail iinmeolatelv, to
convey Mr. Schenck up the river lo his destination."
Popular resolutions in favor of an empire ; three mr:ns miles Irom tlie snore, aaain,,,
continue. , - , i. - however:
The Sun says Mr. . Marsh examined the j Tli(j GoVernment cs we distinctly
official papers relative t6 the matters of Mr. jj weck ha9 not ba(.ked out. it relnains
Kinir's ininrlsonmpnt at Naples, and found , ...i..i..,. ;t i,n. 'i miiriiilnntlv nr Ul-
he had been fairly tried by the lawsof Greece ajv-,.j.y given away a certain right, of ted to jail at Pardeeviile, on chargo of j
which he was bound to respect. ....... a.hi,h it should havo considered itself rather mUrdcr. 1 The M'lwaukie Sentinel says: I ....
ago a young Gennan.T named John-Peter the judicial tribunals to administer the law
Richling, came tothis city in-coior;:J:Y:' I" f"?9 Pf m7rl)id. etatoof oniniptt,; '
VAHnff . ftArmAft ' il. nriiv.J PL.;a!Mn I i ' J si.M-itoir.Vi a". .. - .l .ni .iasa, , - 1 1 i
SroWn.troiii D:!t"n9rCf md hava since been
livino- together as man and Wife, On Thiirs
day 'last the girl- received n prirposltipn of
mArriofl9 from yoiing:maii residing in BbV
fngton, and Immediatoly consenting, they
were married. -'' '' " "':
On Saturday Mast tho girl was at her sis
tet's 'ln the nortlieost corner of Vine and
Ellen streets. Richling proceeded there at
the above named hour, and found her in the
collar, he immediately seised an' axe' with
which he struck her a violent blowr upon the
heaVsnlitrtnaher skntlin a dreadful marf.
tier. v He then ctfrried her body up uto the
yard end returned to the cellar, and deliber
ately cut bis on hro from ear to ear, kil
. ling him almost Instantly. The girl lingered-
vatil 4 'clocb,- when she died. Ah in
quest was held over the bodies by the coro
ner and a verdict reudered in accordance
With the hho'ie:tpin."Atlai. V f
- - :, . a,i r. . : -i i ' '" ,n -n
.. "Mother." aald Jemima Sort to hr en
Ahle maternal relative. 'Sam Flint wants
to come courting me to-night!. "Well jade
What did yon tell him!" - Oh I told . Turn 1 he
might come; fwante ?o tq ee ho the fool
would act." ' -' f""i -!',.,'.
Including the' amount re
York on TuesdiiVv and $6,-
000,000 deposited utthe New Orleans, miut
siniw the 1st of Jumiury,! the receipts in-tho
United (States for the eight months is $40,
600,000, equal to $61,000,000 for the year;
besides which, the. mail steamers have brot1
to Panama an average of nearly $400,000 a
month, consigned to: London, and taken
thenco by the British West India steamers;
-iliukinir the total export of dust from. Cali
fornia to the Atlantic: State and England held 40 years under a title from Van Rans
sixtyHix miliivtis dollar, for tho year. The Lar was a baragainstthoclaimoftheState,
total amooht of gold dii New i.York '(city, at uut that Von Rensselaer's title, to unocc
present. says the New York. Thiiea, includ- Lpiod lands was void, in all cases. . ...
Infftheduston the 0lo, bout. twenty Saugf.bties, Sept. '10. The Steamer
The Cunard company's screw steamship
line from Liverpool to New York.nnd thence
to Chnsrres, commence running in December.-
The' Andes sails in December, and the
Alps in January; They leave Liverpool ev-
cryfourth Wednesday. ; j
- ' From Wow Yorlt
Albabt, N. Yk September 8 "-In refer
ence to tho Anti-Renters ol . Van Ranssel
ear county, Judge Harris decided that Van
Ransseleur s paper title to we manor Uans
seiner Wycke, was illegal. Also, that binds
The Ciiabge oe Muedlr acaisst Lea
HET. We s'atcd on Saturday that Leahi-y,
the" Monk of La Trappe," had been coinmil-
. A Windfall ruB tirts Nabtu6ketebsi
Among the sums awarded and recertify- paid
under theBriligillan trcotyj was tbai ir$5tl,-
Uj3 to the owners ot tho ship .,Varqiiq, ol
.Nan tucket. . This gum was distributed among
thity clulmants,of whom, seven reociyed from
S4.123to two thousand twh liundred and nine :
and tie reinoinjng. si xtecii recoived' various
sums, from- -four hundred and orly-hine to
nine hundred and eighty each) . ' i-'.miv.
-..: !'.! pft vii w y 't-.T '-'.awi'l ' 1i
Fbanklih Piebce was in Congress at .the
Bame' sessioni 'atid'. ju 'eowuion, vilb 'the
jQicmocracy, ppposcd the .Bankrupt Law.--Campaign
iitatcmqn. !J " l"..'- !:;;
' Ayelr Lit' riE: people bemember That
Wm. ':'-KiH'd4.,Htit
'Foresf JC'rii y ,-i..'' t r..li vi;-ji.ii biis
t&i rasQccounts'. frm ,on,1f ranclaco
patatues were selling men oettUa ppuud..
- Th State Fair, t31evelaiid, Will "open
on Wednesday, 15th inst, ' '
millions daUari.'-
Reindeer burned tbis morning to the water's
edge. :'"Nothlng" saved.'" Insured In- -New
York tor 55,'"i0. 1 lie work ot inccuni-
the trustee than the possessor. More remains
..The Livorpool Times rejoices at the set
tlement of the dispute, but says: . '
The British colonists, for whose especial
benefit this rupture with the United States
was souulit. and on whose account we sent
armed vessels to the scene of the trespass,
Will be surprised to learn that the affair nas
been settled bv our surrender of rights, the
The Xnf3- Law 'tit Mibbesota. Tho
citizens of Minnesota having adopted the
Maine liquor law, the first attempt to en
force its provisions was made by seizing up
on the liquor of Mr. Constans, a grocer, of
St. Paul. Constans and his friends resisted
I the proc.f s; 'the sheriff called upon the
overner for instructions the Governor di
rected lbs sbcriffto enroll a posse, the pose
inr hiM Jiifiih .in a li'w momenta. r Iuhev al- ' at a. cost 01 waj.ooo, wnicn, orsiires mrn-
legality of which was not disputed by eitlur ( lwil.e rt Morton .Squire, of Pardee-: ishing the village ' with ; abundance
of the eonuacting parties, and the ' mlrac-: onCe IC missed lii,'tl second time of pure water, will be highly vahr-ble in
tion of which formed lhe ground ol our iu-i bM passeJ tlirongU hi elothes, grujted j cftsc of Bre.' The water is' brought from
terfcrence." .. : - . i '! - I his body and bidg.-o in hisarm. Ail ol this Rabbit Rub, a distance of twrAtnilea, with
u Time considers it htimillntmg to 1.rrrflli ; nu, -. ,,. u hile lha room' Is of 17feet, elviuff u so muon Jorce mat
ary.' ' This the Steamer that bfowed tip-. , iY-e k,uii08t prafesalons.aiid .are' most
.The Fisheries.
,Fish. A discovery has "been receiitty
made France, in regard to the Increase
of, fish ty which it possible to increase
their uumber lo any required extent. We
hone this . muy lead to, the replenishing of
nll...',- ,;nra u-iit, a.-ilinnn. nike nnd trout.-
1 'I',... nmn r tir I. rnnr.f. iiv irivnii. 11- . .- w . . .
ft,,uV,v...r.rvv-,7, ' the EnirliBh Cutter Nellv, conl ftuc to du- '
Cauouu " . , , .. ,1... , . 4 . ., ... .. u
British pride. '
There was no bluster here about 54 40 or
lirrhf: and there was no fhzle. The people
of thisVonntry will learn yet that those who
was crowded. Lea hey has bad hi wsamin- bv attacldngan ordinary hose to a fire plug,
ation, aud committed to jail Ibr murder. , ,t the .water is jeadily thrown over the highest
. ... , . lOUSe IU 111? u'Mmijii, m. , v ..uv...(3 , m.v
KxTBAOHntMAHV AFf.tlR AT bUVRBA. , ... : !, ,l,.'i ,,nnh.lii..rv ' ' -' -
Letters from Smyrna, on the 2'$h'Ju!v, gire
bin'.terous in their express:on of patriotism
. Boston, Sept. . 10. The correspondent and indignation, tire not at all limes the saf
ol the Atlas, . writes that the. commander of let depositories of the national honor. ..
n'..' .11.JI. ..... . .. 1 .1 'i . 1 ' -
coiirairement to the discovery, lias
the price of fish, jn some parts of .Fran ce, to
be reduced to onp turw woaormpr price,.,.
A rinfVliiu n', VVllfTlf VflflTHS .'-' A hiah
r.mt nvtk Is ih'iail kt Lancaster. Pa. Jin tho city to a moderate extent
charced with inducing five youths, eons of I d ; -.! t t-
Wm. Keelings, G, Wilson, John Crowl ,.
and E. Reese, to go will) him to Phitadolphltt,
i i
frnm flliiriftelnn.. J.Crati
nTv... T .r ....... ., ., .it i
Cuarlestob, Sept. 7. Ycllpvy Feyor.isl1 atiemp. j login .tlie ope.o;ir.
an account of a terrible disaster' which oc
curred at Adalia some days before., uA luri
our wolf suddcu'y appeun d . in the midst yf
the market pluce, and bit several persons
most severely, but,ukiug fright at the cries
which aroso on all sides, hq,,jumperj over a
lifn ABD Wobe's. A prominent. Demo-" wall, and got.into a large garden i here sey
,. oa beingtoid ih.thU party fail t-
heir attempt, to elect PiEBGE.end bring ,... 01,PU,ir., 11 re he ivouinfed.ne
the Locofoco party cenerally 'into nower.i hMmlred and ' tweutv-eiirht .niTson',. biit.bio.-
NoRWicu. Sent. 8
tombark on a, whaling vnyBge.;i Ills paid here this morning.' Loss, loO.oeo inpur- ,it0(j mii,rnJ iifright and enlimitedsupplis
no-was to naye-xecvrveuiu apiu .or ucui. i . - . . ., , , . , , , .. , . in maim unu tiu ini-m m mo K. .
said: , . r . i 'e., .1 - :
"fin. '! 'tun caiinnt fail; wnmst have the
a great nro occurred ff.,., ,,,(, rhe '-revennes. '' With two tion
i : -i-.il,;. i '-t-.T iL' i'v r Puktmistrfsses There are ill the Uni- during the lour years, we cannot tan. it is
V, U dauulng like newjiiirkl, fie- Se1 boVingS ! not oSr nature MV With fimryear. of
,causq,t strengthens tho calves. ...,,, 0rp0tttlTiaster (!) thirty-one of 'whom ; starvation behind us; and heaps of spoils be-
1' ''' I Oifc-ul
this yvr oa Twsuuy tte ecoid dy yl wo- jmjrUnl offiQes,
-1' innAnal CVxCI f onrt Fa mills ira t TtrAfil. t rc'V-The yeportbf tho massacre or Cript.
ent staying at Mri Cowen's tiotol, at. West ! Bievens and fifty-six men by the.CmancheB,
IPoitit, ' ' ' , I i discredited in tho New Orleans pApert, .
nri tnnhhnaeir whom voU may.w
k'TJiete is "easse Bndi.effect,''BreBrrt and
the end," in a nuttsneJh t 4rei mne ex
tractive and cohesive powcr.of ub,licjlun
ier.O. S. Journal." " ," .
ing agajn frightened aw(ty, by. the cries of
tho people, lie got lino a soeepunu, wimr
he killed .eighty-tire heop-: and "wonrtded
atvdnry-flve; " Tbe' animal -was killed -the
next day.:.- " i-'.i'-i v ' - .tj
"Tub ExrEDiTioii to Japab. ItTs kaTd the
"Pntch government has prmiosed to address a
friendly despatch.to lhatnf Japan, amoothing
the" way for ari amlcahle teceptiori of thl
sqnadron' or Commodore yerry, and to sug
gest the Expediency an'J advantage of the
opening of the Japanese' ports to foreign
trade, as in 1843 had been the case with the
I Chinese empire.' v,. -ius.!t
engines altogether unnecessary.
Vetera 'One Aittztwo ro Scorr.-The
residehtsof Ne vr York, who had been "in
various ,bmle imder Gen Scott, -Iridltrrling
the- N. York Vohmteers in the Mexican
War, and a number o the veterans of 1812,
hehl ii rnretVngat1?ri stitutional HanBroad
wny. N. Y., last week, and Ibrmej! arr asso
ciation to be known as the S.-vft Xife Guard
It' b 'composi-d ' rxclus'vely of 'in n who
Served under Gen: Sdotf. W. If,' Browne
wis 'elected Presiifent, and J. R". Doyle of
rlirf War of fell ."Vice President. ". " " ' ,
- . ; . ;. . ' - .
" "Air '-!' Bmh caught with CBArr.
8mte on in" Belrerotttaine has soldSamMe
dayi'i rt''B!atSuteman Is a renuncia
tion f Whrggery, signed Jbn H. Skel
nrei,f'AfteT diligent Inquiry we are con
rtraiBcd W say that there is no man of that
name in Belrefontalne or it vScinity; Lo-
ifan'OateUe.' ' '
fv-lt is said that at the late elections in
England and Wales, the conservative, poll
ed U3,W1 ' votes, and the radicals J88,74,
- . . i .." m ."i
Mr. Leahey, (who once lectured in Mil- was raised, new . resistance was onerea,
waukie, which caused a mob among the j speeches were madi upon both sides from i
Calhoircs some two years since,) became j the heads of barrels, threats of personal vio-
suspicious of an Irish friend by the name, of j ivneo were made, when a compromrse was
Manly, ol'having too much intimacy with -entered nto, and the finuor placed in the
his (Leahey's) wife, and sued oim a few i hands of a third party; to stand a suH at law.
weeks aim, but failed to convict him.. On j. -- ' 1 " '
the 25th" ult., they had another . tfjul," ami Fibe Encikes Rebdebeo Usmecessabt.
Manly, was a "-am cleared; wnn , ideality wrne cinsensoi meooruuu o, iiuoMu,
drew out his revolver an J shot Manly, cans- , have jmt completed thoir water Works,

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