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The Democratic banner. (Mt. Vernon, Ohio) 1898-192?, February 22, 1910, Image 1

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Gar Strike Gets Out
5 of Bounds.
Hospitals Filled With Victims
1 of Numerous Battles.
Service Withdrawn When Police
Prove Themselves Powerless.
: Trades Assembly May Call Out
100,000 Toilers In Sympathy.
Mayor 0rders4,000 Recruitsln
( Anticipation of Further Trouble
1 Today.
Philadelphia, Fob. .21. Flllod to
overflowing aro tho hospitals as tho
result of riots attending tho strlko of
motormon and conductors on tho Phil
adelphia car lines. At least 1,000 got
in tho way of bullets or bricks or
paving stones, and half of those wero
hurt seriously. Tho outlook was bo
alarming In tho afternoon, when tho
Philadelphia Rapid Transit company
withdrew uvory ono of lta "cars from
service and sunt them. to tho barns,
that Mayor Reyburn authorized Henry
Clay, the director of public safety, to
recruit 4,000 extra policemen for duty
today if possible Tho regular forco
of 3,300 was utterly unable to (.mother
tho trouble.
Tho Indications are plain that the
Rapid Transit company Intends to glvo
C. O. Pratt and tho striking conduc
tors and motormon all tho lighting
thoy want, and sober-minded citizens
ftro considering tho advisability of
asking the governor to lend a hand
with tho state constabulary. There
was never a day In tho strike of nine
months ago when things looked so
UGly as they do at present.
Company Is Defiant.
Indicative of tho company's attitude
and of its determination to stand
against tho closed shop demand, D. T.
Pierce, executive assistant to Presi
dent Krugcr of tho Rapid Transit
company, said: "Every one of thoso
thousands of bricks that were thrown
adds to tho determination of officials
of this company to spend every cent
In the treasury and uso every bit of
power thoy bavo to keep the system in
oporatlcn without tho use of those mon
who struck. Tho men woro treated
fairly and tho conductors and motor
men that wero discharged had been
proved guilty of dishonesty or evasion
of duty."
On top of Mr. Plor.co's flat-footed
etatoment enmo another from C. O.
Pratt, the national organizer, who is
bossing this strlko In person. He said
that a meeting of tho Central Labor
union's oxccutlvo commltteo had been
held n tho homo of President J. J.
Murphy, and that tho commltteo, with
Murphy's approval, decided to call a
goneral strlko If tho Rapid Transit
company persevered In trying to run
cars with nonunion me.n. Murphy, who
Is thoroughly In sympathy with tho
striking conductors and motormon,
confirmed Pratt's statement Murphy
cays ho hns tho power to call out
100,000 men, which would tie up or
cripple every Industrial establishment
In tho city practically.
How frequent and generally distrib
uted woa the rioting may bo Judgod
when it Is known thero was a call for
pollcomen every four minutes from
early morning until lato In tho even
ing. The area of tho rioting was so
Immenr. that tho police had a desper
ate and difficult problem on their
hands. Several times during tho day
thero woro fights in which more than
a thousand persons wera taking part.
Many Gent to Hospitals.
Tho outcome of all tho fighting and
disorder was that four persons were
Injured fatally in all likelihood, about
!00 wero sent to tho hospitals, and
97 cars were more or less damaged
and threo cars woro burned. Accord
ing to tho company's roports 2,008 win
dows wero brokon. Thero wero mor
than 1C0 arrests made.
Both Pratt for tho strikers and
Plorco for tho company claimed the
advantage of tho day. The showdown
of strength on both sides Is oxpocted
. ' U4..uJ -Mriwt.
4,4. &.' !fct
Present Mayor of Philadelphia
Is Product of Buckeye State.
fb come today, when tho company will
face the proposition of furnishing ser
Tlco to tho busy workday crowds. Tho
company admits that 4,000 men are
on strike, but that from 2,000 to 2,200
have remained loyal. Pratt for the
union says that there aro from 6,200
to 7,000 men on strlko and that the
company 'has not a single old employo
left on tho Job.
In a statement issued the company
accuses tho strikers of sending gangs
around to mako trouble for th loyal
employes of the company and for tho
police. The company also states that
It does not Intend to hlro strikebreak
ers, a mas3 meeting or carmen m
Labor Lyceum hall is in session this
f itty Lives Reported Lost In
Numerous Wrecks.
London, Feb. 21. An exceptionally
violent southwest galo which has pre
vailed over tho British Isles for tw'o
or thrco days has reached hurricane
force, the wind sometimes reaching
a velocity of SO miles. Thero have
been several wrecks on tho coasts
and a number of disasters ashore, re
sulting In tho aggrcgato of nearly 60
The steamer Quoon from Boulogne,
with 1C0 passongers, vainly tried to
enter Folkestone Sho was finally
compelled to stand off at sea, whero
she has been tossing Hko a cork fo.
hours. Tho Cunard lino steamer Mau
Tetania wan compelled to Ho off
Quecnstown for nlno hours before sho
was able to enter and embark malls
and passengers for Now York. When
she resalled sho was unablo to drop
tho local pilot at Rocho's Point nnd la
taklnc him to Now York.
CHIEF lili
Mlddlotowfi, "O., "Fob. CT7 Chief of
Pollco Fred Strodobeck was found
guilty by tho civil sorvlco commission
on tho charge of "Inhuman nnd brutal
conduct" while arresting Mrs. Agnes
Augspurgor, Sept. 10, 1009.
Cellna,r,7ror217-75ru7Bist T. T
Taylor, 40, ono of tho best-known phy
slcians of thl3 city, died here. He
burstcd a blood vessel In his head
when ho stooped to pick up a fork
which ho had dropped to tho floor
while eating,
, ..'..-'.. x - .jJ!iUva:,i'.ru:jiiftSi'ita
Ml W i MWMw
F I I'll
Dr. Charcot, returning from tho antarctic without bringing back tho south
pole, hns been a visitor to tho earth's far south on two occasions. His first
expedition, lu 1003-5, explored several uuknown points on Graham Land and
determined tho contour of tho external coast lino of tho Palmer archipelago.
Ills second expedition, lust ended, did not try to find the polo.
New York, Fob. 21. Ignazlo Lupo
Culscppo Morc.llo and tho six other
Sicilian counterfeiters who wore sen
tenced In tho United States circuit
court to long terms- In (ho federal
priEon at Atlanta, woro transferred
from tho Tombs. Marshal Henkol,
anticipating a demonstration by
friends of tho men, had 20 deputies
at the Tombs besides tho four police
men that enmo with tho two patrol
wagons. But apparently tho friends
decided to dispense with tho loave
taking. Tho men wero handcuffed In
couples, Lupo and Morello being pair
ed. Tho prisoners, four In a wagon,
wero taken over tho ferry to thv
Pennsylvania, depot, whero ihoy were
Lisbon, O., ejr21. Attorney C. C.
Council, who represented the state In
tho recent litigation over tho estate
of tho lato J. V. Rollly of Wellsvlllo,
received a letter from a Columbus
firm of attorneys declaring that a
woman, who claims to bo a half-sister
of tho dead man, has applied to tho
firm to press her claim for tho entlro
estate, which is valued at $200,000.
Washington, 'Fob. 2l. In two im
portant particulars tho testimony
which Louis R. Glavls has glvon to
tho Balllnger-Plnchot investigating
committee was corroborated by a sec
ond wltnoto. This witness was Henry
M. Hoyt, f rlond and admirer of Glavls,
formerly United States district attor
ney at Nome, Aluuka, and special at
torney for tho department of Justice,
and now attorney gonoral of Porto
Thero were but two points in
Glavls' statement concerning which
Hoyt had any knowledge, and upon
theso his tostimony was straightfor
ward, Ono was In relation to his ac
tlon in tatting up tho ase of tho coal
- Ll - JaJ.,ifiifc j ,., ji-.i.-. M,t .. wi ,t4u '
kept In llie TrnTnTgrarils'" Vailing room
until train time. Six deputy marshals
accompanied them south.
Train Wrecked at Sclo.
Sclo, O., Feb. 21. A Pennsylvania
possengor train on tho tho Panhandle
division was partly wrecked near
here, five cars leaving the ralH. The
passengers were shaken up but no
one was seriously injured.
Former Congressman Dies.
Washington, C. II., O. Feb. 21.
Mills Gardner, 80, former congress
man and membor of both branches of
tho Ohio legislature, died at his homo
here. Ho was one of the last Lincoln
electors In Ohio.
Lancaster, O., fVb. "21. TJTad onlj
Jn their night clothes and slippers and
with pillow slips drawn oer their
legs, Edward Church of Cambridge,
suffering from measles, nnd James
Mercer of Columbus, a victim of tho
mumps, escaped from .the hospital of
tho Boys' Industrial school. It Is
feared that tho exposure In tholr Ill
ness may result fatally.
lauilswK" attorney General "Wicker
sham and tho other was In regard to
the agreement la tho Wilson Cool
company case.
Llttlo Countess Arrives.
London, Feb. 21. Congratulations
continue to pour in on tho Earl and
Countess Granard on tho birth of a
daughter. Boforo hor marriage tho
Countcs3 of Granard was Miss Mills
of Now York, daughtor of Mr. and
Mrs. Ogdon Mills and granddaughter
of V. O, Mills, the well-known banker
and philanthropist. Tho Earl of
Granard Is ono of tho most prominent
Roman Catholic Peers of Groat Brit
ain. ap' r ltMfn'v, ,
22, 1910 No. 15
Johnstown, Pa., FeU TJI.-TIto hun
dred persons attending a small thea
ter at Patton, near here, wero precipi
tated Into tho basement of tho build
ing when the flor collapsed, during
a fire, nnd ono person was killed.
Men, women nnd children wero strug
gling In the debris, and to add to the
panic tho firemen wero forced to turn
streams of water Into the basement,
where the crowd was struggling to
escape the flames.
PlttsTuirg, Feb? 2t. TiroT which
broko out In a family theater In Fifth
avenue early this morning, did dam
ago to tho amount of $100,000. Guests
at tho Newell and Antlers hotels wero
thrown Into panic, but all escaped in
Youngstc-r., ts., re'o. TIT At the
final Billy Sunday meeting more than
6,000 people were turned away from
the tabernacle, although 10,000 wero
In it and two churches open for over
flow meetings. There was raised In
the meetings over $10,000 for Sunday
nlone. The converts during the six
weeks of meetings wero 5,000.
BTTmlng'hain, Ala., "Pel). "2T. 'George
Stephens, 38, engineer on the Louis
villo A Nashvlllo railroad, and son of
a prominent mine operator, shot and
killed threo of his little children, fa
tally wounded the colored nurso and
then killed himself. He was crazed
with morphine at the time of the kill
ing. El Pas"o,"Ttx., r tj"o.TirA fu3e blew
out on nn Arizona street car nnd ere
aied a panic among the passengers.
A. G. Smith and Miss Maggie Rollly
wero killed and W. II. Weldon of
Kansas City was so badly Injured
that ho probably will die.
Joe Reeves, C7, laughed himself to
doath during a lodgo initiation at
Cairo, 111.
Every chamber of commerce be
tween Kansas City and tho Pacific
coast has petitioned Colonel Roose
velt to return homo by way of San
John F. Johnson, Indiana bankor,
who serve.d six years In Columbus
(O.) penitentiary for wrecking finan
cial Institution, committed sulcido by
drowning in tho Wabash river at Lo
gansport. After finding an egg bearing tho In
scription "Besslo McGraw, Fort
Worth, Tex., January 17, 1902," in a
dozen, eloven of which had already
been consumed, a Princeton (Ind.)
family suddonly dropped cgg3 from
tholr menu.
Cure For Double Chin.
A double chin, they say. can be re
moved by rtflilHV the neck vigorously
with tlm closed list nnd applying a
creut deal of Ice cold water.
., ;aX,, ,jiarteEj.,
Republican Senators In More Con
ciliatory Mood'
Smoot Will Probably Consent
ment On Representation Of Senator Root That Its
Presence Would Render Measure Unconstitutional
Insurgents Show Signs Of Resisting Its Withdrawal,
But Regulars CloiiD Bit! Will Pass
Washington, Feb. 21. It 13 expect
ed that some action will be taken to
day by the senate leaders in tho
way of composing the differences
on tho Republican side by which
tho course of the postal sav
ings bank bill may bo deter
mined. It Is expected that Senator
Smoot will yield to the request of the
president and ask for tho reconsidera
tion of the vote by which his amend
ment was adopted.
Senator Root's amendment direct
ing that postal savings funds shall be
Invested-only In government securi
ties has been abandoned. Senator
Smoot was reluctant to yield. He said
that he was willing to defer to the
Judgment cf the president. Senator
Root and t.,e other able lawyers who
contended thit tho bill would be ren
dered unconstitutional If the Smoot
amendment was allowed to remain In.
Tho senator 13 not a lawyer. He ex
pressed doubts, however, whether the
senate would pass the bill If tho
amendment were eliminated.
The Republican insurgents. It Is
said, will not accept the bill without
the Smoot amendment. The senate
leaders aro confident, however, that
they can pnss the bill by a majority
of from five to eight votes. They will
endeavor to reach a vote on tho raeas
uro before the end of the week, and
to accomplish that purpose will prob
ably hold the lato sessions devoted
NewTdrrf", FeS. 21.Uiry "Mallon,
flippantly referred to as "Typhoid
Mary," was released from quaran
tine on North Brother island by order
of the health department, with the
provision that sho is not to seek em
ployment as a servant In thl3 city.
For the lnet three years Mary has
lived secluded In a lonely hut on the
Lancaster, O. Tttf.- 21.-7. B. Hen
ry, r5, and hi- daughter Ellen, 18,
wero killed by a Hocking Valley pas
senger train as they wero driving
homo from c1 urch.
Chicago, Feb. Sl.-Mt Decarao Known
that Indictments have been drawn In
tho government's beef Investigation,
nnd thai tho return of true bills
against Up packers awaits tho verdict
&-.vi-vlV. .irt... :i,:jjlAi-.';..-..-)s-.
To Elimination Of His Amend
ainiosT entirely "lb tho consideration
of tho postal savings bank bill.
Senator Bailey will speak In opposi
tion tomorrow. Other senators who
havo indicated an Intention of dis
cussing tho bill aro Dolllver of Iowa,
Owen of Oklahoma and Heyburn of
Cincinnati, T)., TVS. 1. rwenty
two witnesses are In attendance today
at the grand jury Investigation Into
the death of Mrs. Alice Van Zandt,
the woman whoso charred body,
bound and gagged, was found lying
on a gas stovo In her home. Jesse
Van Zandt, husband of tho woman. Is
charged with the crime.
Prlmo Minister Fired Upon.
Carlo, Feb. 21. Prime Minister
Boutres Pasha, while leaving the min
istry of foreign affairs, was fired at
five times with a revolver by a Na
tionalist party fanatic of tho name of
Wardanl. Three of the shots indicted
severe "vounds.
lblanfl oecauso", seeofZIng to faysl
clans, she Is tne victim of a peculiar
state of affairs. Mrdl"al men say
that nlthough Mary has never suf
fered from typhoid fever, bacilli of
tho typhus variety Just dote on her
system as an abiding place, and that
therefore she Is a source of danger to
persons In each house whero sho
New ruiis ' ICk, 1. 3., 'Feb. II.--Mrs.
John Waldron, 70, wife of a mas
ufact rer, dropped dead In tho Sec
ond Reformed church as tho collec
tion W83 being taken.
6T"flIo iie brand Jul? which Tua
heard tho evidence submitted during
tho past four weeks by District Attor
ney Sims and his assistants.

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