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h Bimfflttttli Smut
MT. VERNON, 0., FRIDA, OCTOBER 18, 1912-No. 84
pr " JiSHRjuWfr
First May Plate Of Roosevelt's
Wound is Developed '
Missile Spread Out Of Shape-Colonel Makes Such A
Steady Gain Id The Last Twenty-Four Hours That
Attending Surgeons Are More Hopeful For His Re
covery Than They Have Been At Any Time Since
He Was Shot In Milwaukee
Chicago, Oct 17, Colonel Rooee
?elt has made such a steady gain in
toe last 24 hours that the attending
surgeons are more hopeful for bis ul
ttaonte recovery than they have been
t any time since he was shot in Mil
vvaokce.. In an examination made at Mercy
hospital the colonel's pulse and res
piration were shown to bo nearly nor
tool, the general condition good, and
tbe" patient cheerful and resting well.
That the 'surgeons themselves tcel
Kore hopeful Is best evidenced by tho
sifilselon in a Mt'ef repwtee'whlta
fcbe colonel was being- examined. As
be was being rolled over the colonel
exclaimed, with a Aria:. "Y stove with'
neater agility tbaa I have for a
eoaple of days."
"We are all breathing wore easily,
too," came the quick reply -from Dr.
. J B. Murphy. x
'l am struck with the excellence
br Cnkme) HooeereH'r condition after
vkat be has been through," Dr. Lam
bert, the Roosevolt family physician,
aid. "There Is no question that it is
a serious wound with serious possi
bilities, nono of which have appeared,
and we shall not anticipate nor cross
s aay bridges until we get there. Tho
, -folded manuscript and heavy steel
spectacle t-nne checked and deflected
the bullet so that it passed up at such
a anglu that it went outside the ribs
ami in tho muscles. If this deflection
had not occurred and the bullet gone
through the rturlcle of tho aorta or
auricles of the heart, Colonel Roose
velt would not have lived 60 seconds."
Family Sees Patient.
Mrs. Roosevelt, Miss Ethel and
Ihcodori", Jr., on their arrival were
met at the Euglewood station by Mrs.
Alice Longworth and Mrs. Mcdlll Mc
Oormiok.' Mrs, Roosevelt was the
brst to alight, nnd as she stepped rap
idly oft the train, assisted by Dr. Al
exander Lambert, tho Roosevelt fam
ily physician who had accompanied
the party from New York, Mrs. Long
worth pushed forward, embraced and
reassured her that there was nothing
tb worry about.
When Mis. Roosevelt reached the
hospital the colonel greeted his wife
with a gay "hello." After greeting
tbe children, the colonel again re
aaamred thu whole family by having
read the last of the bulletins of the
Drs. Lambert and Evans immediate
ly departed for the down-town dis
trict, returning, in about two hours
vrlla several volumes of nature study,
gravel and fiction. This supply was
, aagmented by the arrival at the hos-
fMl of a box 'of books from "two
women admirers."
. Other visitors were Father E. J.
Vattmaa and Coloael Cecil Lyon. "I
talked with the coloael' for Ave min
. vtes said Colonel Lyon. "During
that time we talked of everything un
der the sun but religion. He's all
right, all right"
Bullet Located.
The first X-ray plate which definite
ly shows tho bullet in Colonel Roose
velt's chest, lias been developed. The
bullet Is shown partly imbedded in
the fracture of the fourth rib, about
four Inches from the sternum. The
bullet is much flattened and spread
out of shape. It is crushed into the
i.pper edge of the lib. Several small
vUntera of bone project near It.-
The surgeons in charge of tkf oat
from the flist have refused to state
Jn any manner whether the flesh' was
Former President Is Stren
uous Even When Wounded.
Photo llt by American Preaa Aaaoct
atlon. AIjiiVh, on of the beat puifd photon ot
Colonel Itooaevalt; below, Colonel Hooho
veil In hli auto, with crowd of udmlrem
round him, allowing how lie expoaed him
self to asaaaalu'a bullet In Milwaukee.
Jumps Into suto aftrr It was aliot
und keeps hi ensaf ewent to apeulc.
"I have Juat been ahot," lie tetla
audlene. "I do not care. a rap."
Flnlahed hla speech, walked off
alase, drove to hospital In auto.
Umlreaaed unaided for X ruy ex
mulnatlao. draaaed and went to Oil
us. S.'iavetl hluiielt on the train,
Walked from etatlon to ainlm
lance. Submitted with amlle to aron)
X ray examination.
lacerated in the passage of th bullnt.
No Infonnatlon on this point can tie
obtained from the skiagraph. Gunshot
Wounds Inflicted by soft lead bullets
such as that fired by Hehrunk Into tbo
i body of Colonel Roosevelt cotninonty
aro lsceratcd nnd mu.'u conttiBcd.
According tp, the examlnattons, tli
bullet Is from four to llve'fnclies lif-
I low tbo surface, and in reach I mr Its
BsHw!Vi ' vir t'i
bbbbbbbbbbbbbKIbBbbbIH L
sbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbV bfV?Vl bbbbbbbbbBPM SbbbbbbbbbbbH
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbVSf9)BE?BBbbbbVlaBBBBf fcC'X? J?x ?" BBBL
bbbbbbbbbTWLr'glaV lif ffijM
fla TSbbbbbbbbV9t f ?Pbbbbl
PWji ,1:BfiBiBBBBBC tfBBBtV 'sN&bbbM
I f,TJ .4fBabTK9bTBBnkHaw : 3Ibbbbb1
Kff t !& " ,;sHPBaaMaaB
New York, Oct. 17 Pen cannot thousands or electric lights were
describe and even photography Is In- hu"B along Riverside drive, which
adequate In depleting the splendor of j Prelfels the Hudson river for miles,
and all of the vessels In the fleet were
the scene at night during the visit or out,ned by ,n6, of fleamlng ,arnp,.
the fleet to this city. Thousands andn the nceompantng picture the sol-
l.roscnt position imUe a HlmitinB !
wound fmm hIx to seven tiielii-r long. '
Unions rot npl cut ions nppenr, Col- J
onuj llooxtivrlt will be removed to ,
Oyutnr Raj Satutday eonlim. This j
was decided upon In it confernnpf? be
tween Mm surgeons and tbn (Jno,-
velt famll)-.
Bullets Not Poisoned.
Milwaukee, Oct. 17. One great
Ntuan of anxiety was removed for the
f.hyslclans who are 'raring, for .Colonel
Roosovolt when It was learned posi
tively that John Schronlt, his assail
ant, had not poisoned the bullets with
which ho llred at the colonel.. This
was learned In the report of Dean
E. W Somtner of Marquette univer
sity's medlcul department to Judge
N. II. Neolan, tho district court Judge
who ordered a chemical examination
of the bullets In Scbr.ink's una.
Oounlson, O., Oct. 17. Bloodhounds
are trailing burglars who chloroform
ed Joseph Howell nnd his wlfo, stolo
f 1,000 In cnsli and several hundred
dollars' worth of jewelry from their
flat, nnd then blow the bafe In their
l.ioccry Htort below, The oupk are
In a sorloiJH 'iniIflo:i.
Canton, 0 Oct. 17. The Ohio Ind
ention of Labor at its convention
here derided to submit to tho next
legislature drafts of measures provid
ing a-uiothers' pension, a state print
log office; to print all text books used,.
In toe public scnoois, and lb more
workshop Inspectors, A committee'
will write tentative hilli.
Lima. 0 Oct. 17. Wl'i r.f 'iw st
ern Ohio lavtimrs pu;,!nF hlli as
J4 a rtjy for farm IttliorJ. X. FeiutM.
aakrr, an Allen ewunt fefliE '',i,'
il the (Itv mlsnii h i ' fcidi paiA Ju
iWi of rU 'r!to:'ri.. '"be 'j,i"v ) r
tutnei in cut ion ,,t S? ft itiv
Sandusky, O., Oct. 17. Twelve pas
sengers n ere Injured, six seriously,
when an east bound limited and west
"sound local on tho Lake Shore Kloc
jrlc railway collided at a switch near
Vermillion, O., midway between this
ilty atid Lorain. Tho Injured: Mrs.
HIKjAN to investigate
Columbus, 0.. Oct. 17. Attorney
Oencral Hogan said he Intended to
ok closely Into tho physical coudl
don of A, Clark Lowry, Lawrence
eounty legislator, under iudlctmont
In connection with legislative bribery,
ceforo any step is taken toward
London. Oct. 17 Tho British ad
miralty' !fl propntiiiK to substitute oil
for coal ns fuol for its battleships. A
big navnl buso ciiulpped far tho stor
ngo of millions of gallons of oil Is be
ing constructed ut Ilosyth, on the
Columbus, O.. (ct, 17. Suit may
lit Htartrd fooii to teat tho correctness
of Attorney General Hogan's opinion
to Statu Insurance Superintendent
I Moore und tho state liability board of
p wards, that an Insurance company
I'an not contract In Ohio to Indem
nity an employer from tho result of
li'JiirU'R oi'ciiflloned by his willful net
or from his failure to observe the
lai" for the protection of the lire and
lii.'i ty of nutployes.
diers and sailors' monument appears
In the foreground with the curved
line of Riverside drive at the left
Several battleships are shown In the
river, with the lights on the New Jer
sey shore in the distance.
Abner ilrown, Fremont; John Knott,
Vermillion; Deputy Klro Marshal L.
H. Smith Sandusky; Truman Drown,
Cerlln Height), motorman on the lim
ited; Henry Morrison, a Sandusky
county fanner; Howard Ruggles, Rug
gles Grove, conductor of the limited.
quashing the indictment agulnst him.
Last week Hognn received word that
Lowrj- was trltrtally 111 at Mt. Clem
ens. The next report from Mt. Clem
ens was to tho effect that Lowry was
leaving for IiIb home In Ironton In
his automobile.
east const of Scotland. The protection
)t tbo tanks against aviators Is a
lerlotiH problem, say admiralty ofB
iers. An :r. litor dropped a dummy
;omb Inlr i ' -V L'll feet quurefroiD
t heisbt H
Columbus, O., Oct. 17. l'loseemor
Turner stated Ihut the giaud Jurx
v ould be called to hear Dr. Nye's con
fession and corroborative evldenco
rome tlmo next week. It was Intend
ed thnt the grand jury would meot tho
I rst part of tho week, but tho detec
tives at work on the cases nro said
to havo unearthed some new evidence
and that this may be fully worked
out tho Jury will probably not be call
ed until the Istler part of the wooli.
Is Sclirank, The Woutd-Be
Assassin Of Roosevelt
Made A Scene At The Funeral
Of His Aunt
Father Was Also Crazy De
clares A New York Man
New York, Oct. 17 Inspector Jos
eph Faurot, ono of the expert idcntl
flcatlon men of the Now York detec
tive bureau, will spend tho next fort
night looking up every available do
tal! of John Pchrank's life In Now York
The police declare thnt ho came
from ancestry in which insanity was
frequent and had probably been slight
ly unbalanced for several years.
The unhinging of his mind Is be
lieved to date either from the death
of his aunt In 1D07, or from the death
of a girl friend In tho General Slocum
steamship disaster.
Tho Information thus far In the
bands of the police shows that
Schrank was born In Iiavarla and camo
to this country when nine years old,
with an uncle, Domlnlck Flammang,
whose name the boy bore for many
His father Is said to have suffered
from Insane delusions and his grand
father, a wealthy Bavarian brewer, al
so exhibited unsoundness of mind In
bis declining years.
Tho Kiammang's became kaloonkeep
ers on tho East Side and prospered.
Eight years ago they retired with a
comfortable little fortune Invested In
Teal' estate. Upon 'thelr-deattrtiila
went to Schrank.
Mrs. Flammang died In a hospital In
1907 and her husband died a few years
Schrank, who was devoted to his
aunt, made a scene in the room where
sho died, refusing to leave her body
untlf'he was forcibly ejected.
Ho again became violent at tho fu
nd al and for several days he remain
ed nt tho grave, weeping and mourn
ing. After the death of his uncle, Schrank
moved his scanty effects to a llttlo
hotel n Brooklyn, a block from thu
cemetery, and thereafter spent hours
dally beside his aunt's grave, which
he kept covered with flowers.
Police headquarters Is holding a
bundle of letters and other papers tnk
en from Shrank's room In the Brook
lyn hotel. The nature of these docu
ments has not been announced.
The man left the Brooklyn address
nlnu months ago and took up his resi
dence nt tho Canal street lodging
house where he lived until about Sep
tember 20, when his pursuit of Roose
olt began.
An effort will bo mado to And out ir
Colonel Roosevelt while pollco com
missioner In New York, ever caused
Flammang's snloon to be shut up for
cxcl&o violations.
Frlonds of tho family declare that
l( was always an orderly place and
that Schrank must have been mado If
bo said that his hatred for Roosevelt
dated from the day policemen raided
tho place.
Schrank has absolutely no police
record In this city. An Investigation
of tho saloon licenses Issued on tho
lower East Side shows that license
No. 46S6 was issued on April 29, 1905,
to John Schrank as proprietor. The
location of the saloon is given as 370
East Tenth street. The place is now a
Commissioner Daugherty is going In
to Schrank's antecedents with a flne
toothed comb, sceHIng to corroborate
a theory of somo of tho dotoctives.that
Schrank's Insanity is as cleverly plan
ned as was his attack on tbo colonel,
that ho only skillfully carried out a
plot of some ono's else batching.
Some ono person or set of persons
perhaps an Anarchist group, per
haps personal enemies plnnuod ev
ery step of Schrank's movements, and
doiicted him to cany out each, It is
bolloved by ninny nt headquarters,
Scluank wasn't to be anight If he
could help it; If he was caught, his
"proclamations," his pamphlets and
)U hotel menus and stationery clear
ly defining the trail of Roosovolt ho
had made, would pronounce hlra In-
1 sano and save bis nock.
Wbei Damaging Testimony
Was Given Against Him
Widow of Rosenthal, Murdered
Gambler, On the Stand.
testimony of Disinterested Witnessed
Tends to Show Thnt Defendant anQ.
Rose, Months Before the Murder
Met Frequently at the Latter
House and Other Places Beoker'u
Movements After Murder.
Now Tork, Oct. 17. There was an
tplsodc In the trial of Lleutenan
Becker that will hardly be forgotteiv
by those who looked and listened
That was Vilien Mrs. Lillian Rosen
thai, the widow of tho murdcrul
gambler, looked steadfastly at Becker
and sworn that she was present when,
Becker, in the Elks club, a few
months before the murder, put h!.
arm around her husband's shouldur
nnd said, "Cheer up. Everything will
he all right."
Tho jurors, who had bepn followlns
every word of Mrs. itoenthal's story,
were on llploc ns they leaned toward
tho witness. Several turned their
beads and watched Becker's face as
Mrs. Roscnthsl nent on with her tea
Umony ahp.it the raid that the lleu
tenant made on the gambling house,
and the retly he made to her suts
prised nu'eitkms as to what it all
meant, saldr "It had to be Herman
or me. Trill Herman he dont owe
mo anything. Tell him to go down
and see that man and tell him we
are square."
For the llrst time since the trial
IJeutrnant Becker appeared to bti
uneasy. When Mr. Mclntyre, a llttln
htter, would have persisted with tlm
cross examination of Mrs. Rosenthal,
Becker ordered his lawyer to atop.
With the testimony of Mrs. Rosen,
thai and with the testimony of nu.
merous disinterested witnesses thut
Becker and Rose, in the months be.
fore the murder, met frequently nt
Roso's house, at the Union Squat-to
hotel and at Luchow's restaurant, and
that Becker was in communication
v;lth Hobo after the murder, the stato
approached the completion of the
Mrs. Rosenthal testified that whon
she camo to bury her husband sho
bad only $100 "to her name" all that,
had been left her by Rosenthal. "W
Introduce this," said Assistant Dis
trict Attorney Moss, "because it has
heen claimed by the defense that
gulnblers gae Rosenthal $25,000 or
somo such sum to' Inbiiru his sll3ii.ee,"
Fremont, 0., Oct. 17. Robert Som
en, 21, son of George Somers, a farm
er, was burned to death in a fire
Which destroyed a barn on his fath
It's farm near here. Young Somora
o.et death when he attempted to res,
file a team of horses valued at 11,000,
Genoa, O., Oct. IT. Charles Cole.
rr.an was fatally Injured, In putting
vp a wire fence, when the wire broke
and a bolt struck him on the head.
Brush Better.
Now York, Oct. 17. It was report,
rd at the Hotel Imperial that John T,
Brush, owner of the Giants, was not
as seriously 111 ns had been reported.
He has a mild attack of rheumatism.
Datea on Coins.
James V. of Scotland was the first
hi nut dates on his coinage.
JSii&ibJJ1 3'h-, ry... .4 . iM .- fvc..

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