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The Democratic banner. (Mt. Vernon, Ohio) 1898-192?, November 05, 1912, Image 6

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t 1 j J 1.
1 '
And Is Guilty Of Beating And
UinMng Her
Gnts "tigh!" Leaves Home
And NeylMts His Properly
Are Among The Charges
Mane Ky Lola B. Pirdy
In An Attiui Against Louis
D. Puniy For Alisony
- r
lliier Hi ms of Interest From
iKiuple Of Justice
Lola U. Purdy la plaintiff and Louis
D. I'utdy Is dofondnnt la a suit
brought Friday In comtuon plcau
court, the pinyor of which lu Tor Judg
ainnt lor tillmony and injunction.
P!. ntlff FotH oiit Uint ihcy woro
nun r'l Nov. 7, 1908, In Mt Vornon,
and that ono child was born to tlioiu.
She clnugcB Hint defendant Imu boon
guilty of baiting and choking tier,
thai ho Ih addicted to tha iiho of In
toxicating ll(iiorH, Unit when ho bo
comes Intoxlcntcd ho Id not only vi
olin u nnd cruol towards her, but
IcnvfH his homo and neglects to euro
for his p.opcrty, whereby filaintlff Ih
compelled to look after and euro for
their llvu stock and provide fuel.
Defendant, sho saye, awns 9? acre
of land In Harrison jftowntfiip Mid
elio averu that ho Hltiroalonlng to
dlspoEo of tho real fcstato la 'order
to prevent hor from (obtaining any In
terest therein. On final hearing sho
asks that fine, bo given custody of
tbelr child nnd Judgment aor per
manent alimony. I'robat Judgo
Berry has granted a temporary In
junction as prayed for. V. O. Ixsver
Ing for tho plulntlfT.
Breach of Fromlee
Al.'n Hollnnd Iiiih filed a milt&gainot
ThomnH Duplor, meat dealer of
Newark, to recover f 10,000 damages
for bruich of proiulHo- of marriage.
flhp nltf"iA Ihiif Ihn nimlriirl vvnn
made about Doc. 20,l!)p2(la,id IKat.ou,
Dec. 23, 1011, aha Wafted .or bo-.
tro tlud to carry out tho contract,
which ho has wholly failed to do;
that Hho has remained unmarried by
rcarou cf his repeated promises, nnd
has gone to cxpontic in prepnrlug for
A wedding, and that (the ban nufforod
montn! lorturu nnd been huniillalod
by his refusal to tumwy her.
First and Final
Ail u II. Klrkpatrlck, executrix of
Margurct L. Morrln, deceased, baa
filed lur first nnd final account. It
shows fUOS.JS chargeable and tho
same amount credited.
Account Filed
In tho matter of Itunlel Honor,
trustee of lturr Htmble. n first and
final nrcnuutlng has loetPnmdo. Ho
received Sl.Oflfl nnd tinld' out 150.92.
-Wi , ,
Inventory and Appraisement
' An Inventory nnd npralsoment Iiiih
been mndo of tho efctntu of ltonsvlllo;
Van Horn, deceased, It shows 1143.50
In personal property mid Jl.lft.Gfl in
Ora nnd Kmina McKnrtiuid, execu
trices of the ICmlly McKnrtnnd OHtate,
hnve filed tliolr report of appraise
nicnt, It sIiowh f.1,200 ki securities.
Report of 8e
W. A, llornck, admlnUlnl((; w, w,
a., of Dillon MurKuvhnaBJed u report
of. sales of pormMtat property. Tho
total amount reollrcd $9ftr.'.(i:i.'
. --
Transfers of Real flstate
A. A. I'errlne, mayor, to Win. till
more, lots ril-.1i:, Work V, Mound View
ccmcterv, 700,
Sndlo Marshall et al, to M. O.
Levering ct al .68 awns ,4n Wikiriw,
J., II Meruit to M, (1. favoring el
al., Inlots 1 and "3 nnd part lot 6,
Harrington's add, Prvdurfrklowti,
flutioy'rvn Hover lo George lm
ald'ati, lot 11, Osborn'u add, Mt. Vor
non. Jjl.iOO.
Mrs. VJi'lnrn TrlMem returned to
her Irtio In Dotrolt, Michigan, Krl
liy Mrm'nn after n month's visit
yi'i tic 'or, Mrs. llatllo A Parr,
f Hut Front street.
Was Young Couple By Gang
Of Rowdies
Hnllowo'on celobratlons wore car
ried too far by a crowd of West end
royollers Thursday night and pedes
trians woro not only Insulted, but
woro attacked. The rowdyism was
woroo this year, porhapB, than has
boon tho case on tho west side for
several years. The free use of revol
vers In tho hands of the young men
mado the night doubly dongorous.
Rather early in tho evening a young
lady residing on Bast Chestnut street
and a young man from Gambler, a
studont of Konyon College, were go
ing to attend a Hallowo'en party.
When at a point some distance west
of the D. & O. tracks thoy were sud
denly confronted by a crowd of young
men and boys and Insulting remarks
were hurled at them. The student
answorod thom indignantly and was
Immediately attacked by a numbor of
the largest members of the crowd.
Pivo revolvers were drawn by as
many membors of tho gang and sev
eral shots woro flrod in the alf. An
attempt was mado to force tho stu
dont to tako tho "run", but ho chose
to stay and fight Ho was saved from
a bad boating by the timely arrival of
tho police
(ilven The Heroin An Amateur
(Shelby Olobof
Tho funny man of tho Globo wus sit
ting on tho sidelights at tho opera
houso last night whon O. I. Miller
who plays "Major Kutlodgo," was dy
ing on the stago nnd Btevo Dulton, as
"Martin Howard," comes to his res
cue. Tako it from us, thore is more
fun in a homo tnlont show than thero
Ih in tho best road show traveling.
At any mto, Major Rutledge had
sontoncod Martin Howard to be shot
to death as a Bpy, and the fooling
which existed botwoon tho men nec
essarily wus not tho host. Stove was
brought forth and placed on ono sldo
of tho stago to bo shot. A boy from
tho country lutppnnod to bo lined up
with tlio Holdloro who woro to do tho
kilting, and whon tho word wns giv
en to tako aim lie. pulled a rnvolvor
from his pocket unit leveled It nt
tovo- T" l,lU"r ,,,l " know "I'0""
w ll WHH lomlt'"' ftn'1 " to( ,lU th
glngor out of him. lloforo tho word
II ro coillil ho given ho mndo a ten foot
Jump and hud tho man with tho re
volver by tho throat. When tho spy
waa suttHllod that tho weapon was not
loaded ho. romimod fiitt position.
Of County Deputy Martin To
Tlmon Lodge
On Thursday oveulug, one of tho
most enjoyable social hohsIoiis of the
Ho.iHoti was hold at Tlmon lodge No.
in, k. of p.
UAh tho lodgo was lo rocolvo an of
ficial visit from County Deputy Mar
tin of tho Gambler lodgo, tho mem
bers of Tlmon 'over Its yours of ago
voluntarily ngmeil to ontortaln their
guests from other lodges of Knox
county, which woru all represented,
and tho younger Knlghtt of Tlmon
County Deputy Martin spnko ut
length on tho Held of "nrk that tho
Knlghln of Pythias are doing, and tho
work yet to urrompllstt, after which
an examination of olllcors of tho lodgo
wan held and Mr, Martin highly com
nllmouted all for tho otllcleucy of
their work.
The CusUo Homo was olaboratoly
dorurutod with urlous Hallowe'en
features, Including bunting, the col
ors of tthloh woro emblematic of tho
Pythlau order.
After lodgo dosed n mippor was
served ami a smoker eiijoyodjaktliu
club rooms, ' ' s
Tho county eouventlou will bo held
at prodorlcktown Tuosdny evening,
Nov. l-th, As this convention Is an
open sewslou tho ladles of tho lodge
are Invited to attend.
For Infants and Children,
The Kind You Havi Always Bought
Boars the
cot OZzffi.&fc
Society :Noie
At Auction
Mrs. Harry C. Devln entertained
with thlrtoen tables of auction 'bridge
nt her home on North Main street
Thursday afternoon, honoring Mrs.
William H. Pratt of Kenllworth, 111.
The prizes were awarded Mrs. Davles
of Gambler and Mrs, Frank Klrby. Tho
out of town guests were: Miss
White, Mrs. Fillmore, Mrs. Davles,
Miss Merwln, Mrs. West, Mrs. Walton
of Gambler, Mrs. Reed of Chicago, 111.,
Miss Helen Hart of Warren, Ohio, and
Miss Clark of Charlottesville, Va.
Little Friends
Little Miss Harriet Cleveland F.i'r
fhlld entertained from 4 until 7 with
a Hallowo'en party at her homo, lei
Fast Gambler street, Thursday ever.
hg. The home was beautifully do
orated In cut flowers In honor o the
nappy occasion. A delicious luncheon
was served. The following merry
little guests wero present: Franc's
Wolverton, Mary McConnell) JSIotee
ficott, Mnrgaret Young, Dorothy B v.
.en, Harrison Greer, Carson Youdk:.
A masquerade ball was given at the
Ohio State Sanatorium Thursday ev
ening and the result was a most en
Joablo event. Tho auditorium was
decorate! for the occasion with au
tumn leaves nnd many other symi'dl
of Hnllowo'on and looked very prji:y.
Dancing was enjoyed until l?n
'''clock, music being furnished bv (ho
Itnlln trio of Mt. Vernon. Immediate
Iv following tho dancing u gr.iii'l
march wns held nnd prizes for il.'j
most original nnd comic costumes
wero awarded. Cider and othoi I f u.
owo'on refreshments woro served.
Flr&t Dance
Of Series
Tho Hallowo'en numbor, tho first
of n scries of six dnncos, was glvon
by !h Phi Sigma Chi fratornlty at
tho Pythian Armory on Thursday ov
onlns. About forty couples woro pres
ent nnd tho floor wns comfortably
filled throughout the program. Music
was furnished by tho Mild orchestra.
Tho hall was appropriately dec
orntsd with various things, symbolic
of Hallowe'en. Refreshments, con
sisting of cider, doughnuts and pump
kin plo, woro served. Guests present
from out of the city were Miss Kath
leen Prawn of Columbus, Miss Hart
of Warren, Ohio, and Mr. Harold
Stoylo of Gamblor.
Miss Pearl Dames, at tho homo of
her parents, Mr, uud Mrs. 13. D. Ilnrnes,
Woostor road, gave a party to a num
ber of hor young friends Wednesday
evening. Tho evening was spout in
plnylng gamoa to tho enjoyment of
Jill. A four-courso lunchoon wns
The guostB woro Mr. and Mrs. O. S.
Kyau, Mr. nnd Mrs. Ernost VI an, Mr.
and Mrs. Deo U rooks, Mrs. Albort
Hoar, tho Mossrs. Grovor and Marquis
Cartor, Mr. Iludolph Vlan, Mr, Casslns
Hanger, Mr. Lawronco Fryo, Mess.rs
Alva ami Italph Ilyan, Mr, Cecil Vlan,
Master Alfred Hoar and Loron Itynn.
Tho Mlssos Nollio, Kdna and Zolmu
Unkor, Misses Nora nnd Odrn Noods,
Miss Myrtlo Hoar and Miss Mildred
llrooks. Mrs. O, S. Hyan assisted In
serving tho liiurhoon nnd Mrs. Kr-
nost Vlan supurlntauded tho plays.
Miss Gortrude Lytlo was tho host
ess of a very onjoyablo ghost party
nt her homo on North Mnln street
Thursday evening, given for tho mem
bors of tho M. M, Club. Tho "ghosts"
woro mot at the corner of Guy ami
High stitoets nnd conducted to the
Lytle homo by Mrs, D. 13. Supp nnd
Mrs. Lytlo, nnd woio mot nt tho home
by Mrs. Herbert Smith, who presided
over tho witch's camp and dispensed
fortunes from the cauldron. Tho ev
ening was spout In playing games,
Miss Dorothy Ash and Miss Carlot'tu
Wolverton being awnrdod prlzoH for
proflcloncy In making black cuts out
of black chewing gum, and Miss Ruth
Amadon was awnrdod a prize In the
contest of stringing sllppory pumpkin
soods. A throo-courso luncheon was
served and an onjoyablo evening' wus
A Hallowo'en party wns hold at tho
homo of Mr. and Mrs. O, D. Qossllng
at tholr bomb on the Green Valley
road, . Those proBont woro: Mr. and
Mrs. Sunimor 8. Plorce nnd daughtor
M010I, Mr. and Mrs. 13. J. Lett, Mr., and
Mih. J. II, Agnow, Mrs. Sarah Head
liigjon, Mis. Jay Soavolt, Mrs. Kmlly
Hlgglns, Mrs, Austin Hardosty, Mr.
uud Mrs. Albert B, Ausklngs, Mr. Al,
Hohwoltzor, Miss Rosslo Hess, Mrs
U. V. Muvls, Mr. and Mrs, Chas. F.
Huntsborry and sons Walter nnd Clar
once, Mr, nnd Mrs. Thomas A. Kolllson,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Georgo Stophov, Mr. Ed
ward AUspaiiKhi Mr. and Mrs. Rollla E,
Goosllng, In Goo, SlmpUlns, Mr. Ten
.. . . u ...... I
OUllll, I'll. U1JU X11B. IIJUMIUB X!i JIUSH-
lngs, daughter Mario, nnd son Edward,
Mrs. Harry Gcssltng, Miss Idcsslo Gobs-
ling, Miss Margaret Clements, Howard
Gessllng, Klnsel McCoy and the host
ess. The home was beautifully decorated
for the occasion. Games and cards i
were the features of the evening. An
eiegnui uoicr supper was ncircu unci
which, at a late hour, all departed
for their homes feeling that Mr. and
Mrs. Gessllng were royal entertainers.
o I
Miss June Clifton of West Chestnut
street entertained a number of her
friends on Thursday evening with a
Hallowo'en party. The evening was
spent In music and In playing games
Refreshments were served and a most
enjoyable evening was spent. Those
present' were Misses Helen Sharp
nack, Hilda Sharpnack, Elizabeth Ala
paugh, Agnes 'Jordan, Julia Barry,
June Clifton, Josephine Wenz of Day
ton and Messrs. Fred Pharls, Cloyst
Underbill!, Archie Cochran, Paul Phar
ls, Henry Carr, Geo. Barry, Leo. Be
logue and' Wallace Yerian.
A miscellaneous shower was given
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Chambers at
their homo on tho Granville road Just
south of the city Thursday evening
by a large number of their friends.
Tho young couple for whom tho show
er was given were Just recently mar
ried. Refreshments wero sorvod.
Those present wero tho Misses Ver
onica Illubaiigh,' Odlo Popejoy, Mil
drod Popejoy, llertha Shoults, Feoby
Wintormutc, Bornlco Hlgglns, Mnry
Hnrkor, Lottlo Hall, Allco Rockwell,
Lavorna Elder, Hazel Smith, Melllo
Smith, Gnhrlollo Andre, Alta nud EIIlo
Rumpus, Mr. nnd Mrs. Hlgglns, Mr.
nnd 'Mrs. Mr.hln, Mr. Punnnn Popoloy,
Mr. Win. Ke(lley, Mr. Roy Maliln and
Mr. Kirk Egglcstou.
Golden Gossip Cluu
Mrs. W. H. Mitchell outortalucd tho
Golden Gossip club at her homo In
Lock Thursday afternoon. Over thir
ty members of the club wero present
to enjoy tho pleasure of tho aftornoon
and to take part in the annual busi
ness mooting which followed Immedi
ately after an Interesting program. The
officers for the ensuing year wero elect
ed as follows:
President Miss Mnry Mitchell.
Vice President Mrs. Bessie Haw
kins. Secretary Mrs. Helen Snuff.
Treasurer Mrs. Mildred Mitchell.
Mrs. E. Q. Voyles, a member of tho
club, who Is going to Indianapolis,
Ind to make her homo, wns presented
with a pair of linen towels. A numbor
of vlsltoi woro present at tho meet
ing. Refreshments wero served.
Reception For
Mr. and Mrs. Oflg
Mr. nnd Mrs. 13. W. Ogg of West
Vino streot gnvo n reception at tboir
home Thursday evening for tholr son
nnd daughter-lu-law, Dr. and Mrs. L.
C Ogg, who woro Just recently united
In mnrrlugo. Ovor ono hundred
gliosis woro present nnd Dr, nnd Mrs.
Ogg received many remembrances
for their friends.
A four course dinner was served in
tho dining room which had been put
In rondlness to receive u largo num
ber of guests, The whlto carnations
that adorned .the tnble In nbundunco
woro presents from .friends of Dr,
un.l Mrs, Ogg.
Tho house wns very prettily doc-
orated with autumn leaves nnd other
things Bilggestlve of autumn. A num
ber of ferns udded much toward the
prettlness of tho decorations. Mrs.
I. L. Krlug of Coshocton, Ohio, was
present at the recept'on,
Entertain For
Coming Bride
Tho homo of the Misses Bernlco and
Gertrude Kaufman oh East Ham
tramck street, was the scene of a
morry assemblage, keeping Hallowo'en
with gameB, music and Hallowe'en
stunts, entertaining in honor of Miss
Laura C.uyj.col, whose marriage to
tholr brother, Mr, Bertus Kaufman,
which will take place In the near fu
ture The young people showered Miss
Claypool with a large number of
beautiful china pieces, 'The houso dec
orations wero carrle'd out In orange
and black, each electric light being
covered with a pumpkin faco. Refresh
ments wero served to suit tho occa
sion. Tho guests present.were; The Miss
es Willla Spltzer, Goldia Brlcker, Flor
ence Pago, Vivian Hntton, Gladys
Smith, Ruth Molllt, Ruth Ackermnn,
Edith Mellck, Elsie vMolIck, Sarah
Long, Margerlto Allun, Laura Claypool,
Bernlco Kaufman and, Gertrude Kauf
man. Tho MossrB. Ralph Jonklns, Earl So
volt, Harold Corwln, Frank Clnypool,
Wnrnor FJonner Oliver Walker, Jay
McDovltt, Morlo HarrisWalter Mason,
Dulo Davis, Chas, Wh'to-nnd Bertus
Also Mrs. J. M. Claypool, Mr. W. C.
Knufmnn of Columbus,1 and Mr. n-Ul
Mrs, L. A. Kaufman. '
Were The Hallowe'en Pranks
Of ThrBoys
With the exception of a few slight
ly broken wagons and buggies and a
few, razed grape arbors and out build
ings, Hallowe'en celebratora through
out the city kept well within the
bounds of the law and the few viola
tors were not apprpehended. No ar
rests were mado by the police.
A grape arbor and several small
outbuildings were reported damaged
and a number of wagons and buggies
were overturned in the streets after
having been hauled a considerable
distance from the spot on which they
wero found.
Tho usual com throwing and win
dow marking was Indulged in freeely
by the younger celebratora. Taking
It in all, comparatively small damage
to oroperty waa done. Two special
ly ippolnted police were on duty dur
ing i'lo night.
MSI yV BW Ra j t mt t t t ii if 1i
A son wns born Thursday to Mr.
and Mrs. Edwin Ewart of Morgan
A son was born Wednesdny after
noon to Mr. and Mis. Hubort Carhart
of Millwood.
Mrs. James Richardson, Mrs. Harry
Mitchell nnd Mrs. Philip Brorototi of
Mt. Vernon visited In Gamblor over
Mrs. Anna Cox of North Sandusky
street, who has beon seriously ill with
typhoid fevor for sorao time, Is Im
proved. Mrs. Harry O. Mitchell went to
Gambler Friday morning to spend the
lay with relatives.
Dr. Freeman F. Ward of New York,
formorly of Mt Vernon, Is tho guest
of Mr. E. O. Arnold for a fow dvs
Mrs. Lucy Glaze of Mt. Vernon Is
spending tho week with her son, R.
E. Glaze, Sr., at' the Park Hotel. Cen
torburg Gazette.
The Misses Helen and Katherine
Tulloss of East Gambler street went
to tltlca Friday morning to visit for
a fov days with relatives.
Miss Holen Hnrt loft Friday morn
ing 'or her homo In Warren, Ohio,
offer a visit with Miss Ruth RuIb
ton, Eert Gambler street.
MrH. S ,L. Nazor of Danville, who
sustained u paralytic stroke Wednes
day evening, Is not Improved and Is
lu a very serious condition.
Mrs. Georgo Harris returned to her
homo on Oak street Friday morning
after having beon a pntient ut tho
Medical and Surgical Sanitarium.
Dr. and Mrs. S. E. Deeley returned
to their homo In Mt. Vornon Thurs
day evonlng after a two weeks' wed
ding trip to Chicago, III., Rochester,
Mini., and Minneapolis.
Among tho Inter-county roads locat
ed by tho Btuto highway department
Is ono from Ashland to Mt. Vornon
by tho way of Loudonvlllo.
Mr. John Wotgund of North Snn-i
dusky streot returned to his homo Fri
day morning nftor having taken treat
ment at tho Medical and Surgical
Sanitarium. '
Mr. and Mrs. 'Philip Wllklns, Mrs.
G. II. Heard, and Mrs. Harker Lybar
gor wont to Canton, Ohio, Friday
morning to attend a meeting of oue
of tho departments of the M. E.
not only keeps cold out, but
conservesbody-warmth; body
fat serves the same purpose,
it enables us to resist unsettled
elements and serres as thei
great source or our Doay-neac.
Greater body-warmth means
richer blood, more fat, not
obesity but fat which the body
consumes fori warmth, vitality,
resistance-power as a furnace
consumes coal for heat
Scott' Emuhion does this.
A teaspoonful after each
meal makes body-warmth
healthy, active blood
sharpens the appetite and
makes all good food do good.
It drive out and hup oat cold
by mining endurance-power
and creating strength.
Reject tubttitut for SCOTTS.
Scott & Bowxn, MooniflcM.'N. J. 12-61
ness and ResiXoaMtu neHsr
Optum.Morphlne norNiamL
Ancrfeft Remedv for Cons
(ion . Sour Storoach.Dlarrheti
IteSinA Signature of
iiinrantceti under the t-oojjajl
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
Will make regular visits, and may be
consulted FREE OF CHARGE In
English and German at
Wednesday, Nov. 6.
L. T. MAHON, M. D.
Is a graduate of Rush Medical Col
logo, Chicago, the best known insti
tution in the Unitod States,
He' Treats Acute and Chronlo Catarrh
Ringing In the Gars, Dizziness, Weak
Kyos, Granulated Lids, Discharging
disease of tho Bye and Ear.
Nervous Diseases
Rheumatism Neuralgia, Headaches,
Eczema and all Skin Diseases glvon
special attention.
Chronlo Diseases,
of, the Lungs, Heart, Stomach, Liver,
Klndneys, Dowels, Bladder, such as
Bronchitis, Shortness of Breath, Pal
pitation, Dyspepsia, Gastriala, Loss of
Appetite, Sour Stomach, Constipation,
Ulceration, treated in the most scien
tific manner.
Hemorrhoids, Plles.Ureatod without
tho knife and no detention from busi
ness. Young, Middle Aged or Old Men
suffering from causes producing some
of the following' effects : Debility, norv
ousness, blotches, "dizziness, contusion
of ideas, aversion; of society, defective
memory and exhaustion, need Dr. Ma
tron's advice and treatment as he thor
oughly understands these cases and
knows how to cure them.
Epilepsy or Fits
Treated by best methods.
Diseases ttJNmm
treated In the most sslMfetorrnalin
ner. Our home treatment Is pleasant
to use and gives good results.
The doctor carries all hie portable
Instruments and comes prepared to
oxamlno tho most obscure cases. Those
who apply for treatment should bring
along a small bottle of urluo for ex
amination as It will assist In tho diag
nosis. Reforonces gladly furnlshod on
application. Correspondence solicited
and symptom blank furnlBhed on appli
cation. Addross,
2445 Fulton St.,
rl h' W- CVjassssssssssssssssssssssssi
BBBBBBKA-i-'V-v ;; 5V'5
LEi A ?r I '" 'jfPBSBBBs!
BaMH is i ? -5 1"".' r;' JbbbbH
UBJHbjBjBbb. v v s i ?BBBBJ
BKjEEiBBBBa&u .x & .BBBBBbbbI
for Infant and ChUdrtm.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears "
For Over
Thirty Years
Office Rogers' building, No. HI Bouts
Main street, Mt, Vernon, Ohio. Rooms
2 and 3, second floor.
Luther A. itresm Wm. F. Rimer
FarmB and city pnperty bought, sold
and exchanged. Properties rented and
rents collected. Fire Insurance a spe
cialty. Representing 14 old reliable
stock companies. Accident lnsuraaes
live stock Insurance. Plate glass "la
surance, automobile insurance, la fsot
we can Insure any property you may
have. Surety bonds of all kinds. Call
and see us. Room 1 Slpe bldg., South
Main st. Clt 'phone No. 447 Black:
All business of Mogul nature given
prompt Attention and Hpeclally to
practice in tne Probata Court. Offlcs
No. East High street, Mt. Vernoa, U
New Phone, Office 104.
Office la Arnold block corner oi
East High street and Moaument
square, Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
Office and residence, 18 East Vine St
Citizens' phone 62. Office hours: I
to 4 ana 7 ro h p, m
Bell 263 K,
If you own anything, have
It Insured.
Citizens' 'Phone 231 Red.
6 Cast Gambler street, Mt. Vernoa, O
Meetings for the examination of
teachers will be held at tne i
I ML Vernon, Ohio.
The first Saturday of every month
' Pupils' Examination ,
The third Saturday)! April and tli.
third Saturday in May. Gxamlnatios
will commence at, 8:00 o'clook a. m
Address all communications to the
Clerk of Board of Examiners.
Organization o btard: '
J. 8. ALAN, President,
Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
R. L, JONES, V. President,
v Mt. Vernon, Ohio,
A L. MURRY, Clerk,
Democracy, Ohio.
I DR. 0. O. ORIDER . :
Veterinary Surgeon. I
. Graduate Licensed :
OlUco and residence cornor
Gambler and Mulberry sts. Calls J
answoied day or night. Both S
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