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Thursday, June 16, 1910.
KJA-imriHFfftia' xtt.&afarq s
By Charles Klein and TOT Tnl Jll 0 tS R L C Cotf 1910 B? I
5 Artfinr Hcrsblo 1111 I S 1 1 1 1 ! LI L U 1 1 L L G. W. Dillingham Co
: 1
'Inward Jewries marries waitress
wl .e xt college and is disinherited oy
-2 fc lattbsrr. Stepmother visits apart-cip-ts
of her old flarae. Robert Under-
3 d. to try to prevent him ending his
Li' when preyed by creditors. Howard,
t 'Tvg Cntferwood. a former college
rs, seeking a loan. Is asleep in the
-nTxntemt during tae interview ana
'Tpmther leaves. Underwood shoots
J "rr. Howard awakens and is ar
r' -d and, oy police taird degree meth-
" ;r TTtdc to confess to tae crime.
T; s wife scales aid of bis family. Goes
to e lurofcnad at prison. He tells her
!: is aoc gwUty.
fCoQUased From Yesterday.)
"He vasts to separate us, I know.
He'd give half his fortune to do it.
Perhaps he's not altogether wrong.
Things do look, pretty black for me,
dont they? Everybody believes that
rsy going to see Underwood that night
had sontethicg to do with his suicide
and led to my husband being falsely
amsed. The police built up a fine ro
mance aboet Mr. Underwood and me
and the newspapers! Every other
day a reporter comes and asks us
Khea the divorce is going to take
plar and who Is going to institute
the proceedings, Howard or me. If
rerybody woeid only mind their own
cnsiaess and let es alone he might
forget- Oh, I don't mean you, doctor.
You're my friend. Tou made short
"work of. Capt. Clinton and his 'confes
efon.' I mean people outsiders
strangers who don't know us, and
don't care "whether we're alive or dead;
those are the people I mean. They
fcoy a one-cent paper and they think
I gives them the right to pry into
pvery detail of our lives. She paused
for a moment, and then went on: "So
"von think Howard is worrying? I
'hluk. so. too. At 5rst I thought it
"was "because of the letter Mr. Under
wood wrote Hie, btit I guess it's what
jcn B&j. His old friends won't have
cnytMag to do with him and he's
lonely. Well, I'll talk it over with
fclHt "
"Yes talk it over with him."
"Did you promise his father you'd
ask aer she demanded.
No not exactly," he replied, hesi
tatingly. Anaie looked at him frankly.
"Howard's a pretty good fellow to
asd ny me in the face of all that's
bms said about my character, isn't
he, doctor? And Tm not going to
stand in his light, even if it doesn't
exactly make me the happiest woman
fn the world, but don't let it trickle
into your mind that I'm doing it for
his tether's sake."
At that moment Howard entered
from the inner room. He was sur
prised to see Dr. Bernstein.
"How do you feel to-day?" asked the
-First rate! Oh, Tm all right. You
se. Fm jest going to eat a bite. Won't
Tovi Soia us?"
He sat down at the table and picked
up the newspaper, while Annie busied
herself with carrying in the dishes.
"No, thank you," laughed the doctor.
"It's too early for me. I've only just
had breakfast. I dropped in to see
how you wore." Taking up his bag,
he said: "Good-by! Don't get up. I
can let myself out."
But AniJe had already opened the
door for him, and smiled a farewell.
When she returned to her seat at the
head of the table, and began to pour
out the coffee, Howard said:
"He's a pretty decent fellow, isn't
"Yes," she replied, absent-mindedly,
as she passed a cup of coffee.
"He made a monkey of Capt. Clin
ton all right," went on Howard. "What
did he come for?"
"To see you of course," she re
plied, t
"Oh, I'm all right now," he replied.
Looking anxiously at his wife across
the table, he said: "You're the one
that needs tuning up. I heard you
crying last night. You thought I was
asleep, but I wasn't. I didn't say any
thing because well I felt kind of
blue myself."
Annie sighed and leaned her head
on her hand. Wearily she said:
"I was thinking over all that we've
been through together, and what
they're saying about us "
Howard threw down his newspaper
"Let them say what they like. Why
should we care as long as we're
His wife smiled sadly.
"Are we happy?" she asked, gently.
"Of course we are," replied How
ard. She looked up and smiled. It was
good to hear him say so, but did he
mean it? Was she doing right to
stand in the way of his career? Would
he not be happier if she left him? He
was too loyal to suggest it, but per
haps in his heart he desired it. Look
ing at him tenderly, she went on:
"I don't question your affection for
me, Howard. I believe you love me,
but I'm afraid that, sooner or later,
you'll ask yourself the question all
your friends are asking now, the ques
tion everybody seems to be asking."
"What question?" demanded How
ard. "Yesterday the bell rang and a gen
tleman said he wanted to see you. I
told him you were out, and he said
I'd do just as well. He handed me a
card. On it was the name of the news
paper he represented."
"He asked me if it were true that
proceedings for a divorce were about
to be Instituted. If so, when? And
could I give him any Information on
the subject? I asked him who wanted
the information ,and he said the read
ers of his paper the people I believe
he said over a million of them. Just
think, Howard! Over a million peo
ple, not counting your father, your
friends and relations, all waiting to
know why you don't get rid of me,
why you don't believe me to be as bad
as they think I am "
Howard raised his hand for her
to desist.
"Annie please-!" he pleaded.
"That's the fact, isn't it?" she
His wife's head dropped on the table.
She was crying now.
"I've made a hard fight, Howard,"
she sobbed, "but I'm going to give up.
I'm through I'm through!"
Howard took hold of her hand and
carried it to his lips.
"Annie, old girl," he said, with some
feeling, "I may be weak, I may be
blind, but nobody on top of God's green
earth can tell me that you're not the
squsjest, straightest little woman that
ever lived! I don't care a damn what j
one million or eight million think.
Supposing you had received letters
from Underwood, supposing you had
gone to his rooms to beg him not to
kill himself what of it? It would be
for a good motive, wouldn't it? Let
them talk all the bad of you they want.
I don't believe a word of it you know
I don't."
She looked up and smiled through
her tears.'
"You're so good, dear," she ex
claimed. "Yes, I know you believe in
me." She stopped and continued, sad
ly: "But you're only a boy, you know.
What of the future, the years to
come?" Howard's face became se
rious, and she went on: "You see
you've thought about It, too, and you're
trying to hide it from me. But you
can't. Your father wants you to go
abroad with the family."
He waited and looked at her curi
ously as if wondering what her an
swer would be. He waited some time,
and then slowly she said:
"I think you had better go!"
"You don't mean that!" he ex
claimed, in genuine surprise.
She shook her head affirmatively.
"V33 T Hn " cho cairJ- "rnnr -FoVioi-
-. ww, w,v, mmv, WU.AV&, J WU& llUOJ. 1
wants you to take your position in 1
the world, the position you are entitled
to, the position your association with
me prevents you from taking "
Howard drummed his fingers on the
tablecloth and looked out of the win
dow. It seemed to her that his voice
no longer had the same candid ring as
he replied:
"Yes, father has spoken to me about
it. He wants to be friends, and I "
He paused awkwardly, and then add
ed: "I admit I've I've promised to
consider it, but "
Annie finished his sentence for him:
Train BhIJmta
A3. mltszacan. trams ar report n
GottBeWs stsdfc. develops films free.
-Jap43rj Sasltary Grocery
Hss a. deHczieFzen department that is
'nil of gd. Utters for fcnek
Phone 352.
firer employed by Kllpatrlck brothers
& Collins, contractors, was blown to
atoms today by dynamite. A fellow
workman was thrown 100 feet through
the air uninjured.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery,
Has fresh strawberries, blackberries
and Logan berries every morning.
Phone 353.
C. I. Billinjrton, 709 Magoffin. Tel.
14S9, painting, paper banking; decorating
Kcos for Governor.
Pltlsfcws. F-. Je lfi- Tae name of
rTcT 0C sxzxm Kmox will be pre-F-ntd
so rite RefKcMScaJi state convea
t jnfi. neac Wedaesdey as a candidate for
gnrfnur Jy tMe AMefcesey county dele
ft f2.
T' save tkte neo iced tea. yon should
n ten. &efallr prepared to make iced
Tt Tfcere fcs only one brand that
rjFt is-U tne reqafreaseBts and that is
! Jfc 5b rifc ora's special bfentL Jack
ie "s :Tlry Grocery.
Dr. GaHacfeex. Trust SIdg hours 3 to
XI s. at, ZiZ te iJ2 p. m.
S?II ladies pcrses. shoppingbags.
IT Fns Tmsls factory, north side plaza.
Workmen Blorrs Up.
HaidiwE. WyL, Jnae 16. While pre
Pn3g ib test shot on the Job on which
wat sgagd. Loafs Stewart, a shot
32 selectiHg 3. medicine for Inai-
gestjen, Byspepsfa, Costiveness,
Xslsria, Fever and Ague, merit I
5&sSd fee the first consideration.
Tbea. ys eujht to try a bottle of
2r4ccx ffalclc Inxnrfast k!r Trie a all
fn" rrwerffe fnlf. TVe eeaniBte
HTTiu-. All DrncrrJr, 25c. 5c aai
3, r -& tUtm AA trfth 10r intampa mr
UfTer w Jarxe ? cue 9 1.
S ftmrscb Trouble,, Tertblngr
lfrIeri!. sd Destroy
smTt sesenc xasg mated FBH2. Addrsts,
39 r, argfr A. Z. OLSfSTED. L Roy, H. Y.
Dr. Cameron, reliable dentistriy, rea
sonable price. Over Guarantee Shoe
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery
Has the famous Sedgrvick Creamery
butter which tastes the sweetest in the
hottest weather.
Phone 353.
dent Peter Casey of the park board, that
he would return to Peoria Monday or
Tuesday. The message came from Cal
gary, Alberta, Canada, at 7:30 last
"Foxy ilr. Bowser" continues to
draw crowds to the Airdoiue. This
jfiuslcal comedy has a number of verv
entertaining specialties and some at
tractive features. The audiences seem
to consider the company very enter
taining, judging from the applause and
the "nTfre attendance each evening-. The
bill is full of comedy with a number
of specialties and chorus numbers to
add pJce to the performance. The bill
will lun the rest of the the week.
Taft Receive Hough Itiderx.
Parkersburg, TV. Ya., June 16. Presi
dent Taft and 100 Rough Riders on their j
way to JNew lorK by special train to
participate in the Roosevelt reception
next Saturday passed through here last
night. Taft will receive the old Roose
velt troops at the white house today.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery
Has some nice home boiled cold ham
Phone 353.
Notice to Republicans.
The state Republican executive com
mittee desires to know the name of
every Republican in El Paso county for
the purpose of sending literature and
conducting the coming campaign.
Please send in your name and address
to J. J. Ormsbee. secretary, at once.
U. S. Gocn,
Chairman Co. Rep. Ex. Com.
The pictures of king Edward's fu- J
neral will be sho-.n at Wigrwam to
night only. One crowded house after
another filled the Wig-wam theater to
see the pictures yesterday.
The pictures are exceptionally clear
and very interesting. The pageant is
a magnificent one and the brilliant
uniforms of the army and navy add to
the effectiveness. The king-'s casket
bearing his crown, scepter and ord are
shown. It is followed by the queen
mother's coach and the royalty of Eu
rejre. King George, two of his sons,
kaiser Wilhelm and king: Alfonso XIII
are among those easily recognized. To
night Is the last time the picture will
be shown.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery
His the nicest green corn for roasting
ears In town.
Phone 353.
After Grocers' Trust.
"Washington, D. C, June 16. Another
action under the Sherman anti-trust law
was started by the department of jus
tice when Oliver D. Street, United
States attorney for the northern district
of Alabama ,was Instructed to file at
Birmingham a paction against the
Southern Wholesale Grocery association,
alleging that It constitutes a conspiracy
in restraint of trade and asking that it
be dissolved.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery,
Has some very fine apricots, a de
licious fruit for hot weather.
Phone 353.
Killed by Wife.
Tampa, Colo., June 16 Sidney Moylle,
a forest ranger, was shot by his young
wife at his camp on Fish Creek, 20 miles
northwest of here, and died from his
wounds. The woman, who Is in jail here,
declares she has no recollection of the
shooting, which she says must have
been done when she was in a frenzy of
pain from a severe heart attack.
Jackson's Sanitary Grocery
Is where you get real Rockyford
Phone 353.
Absconder to Return.
Peoria, 111.. June 16. Ben F. Cart
wrlglit, absconding secretary of the
Peoria Park board and mayor of the
town of Avery ville, telegraphed presi-
A new spectacular music act has
been added to the show which will be
gin an engagement at the Happy Hour
tonight and continue for the remainder
"f the week. Garrett brothers have
the highest priced act that has ap
peared at the Happy Hour since the
oj.ening. The management promises an
entire change of program tonight from
the bill the first of the week. A spe
cial feature picture which is said to
have cost $100,000 to stage, will be
After (this week, the Happy Hour will
put its summer rates into effect, 10 and
20 vnts beLng the admission. The bills
will consist of two vaudeville acts and
two reels of special feature pictures
The rrogram -m be cnanged eTerJ
iilcht. 14 reels of pictures being used
eve iv week.
M f&fc'&r S5v kX vi5-r 3v &.
S MA r? uPM vZD' 3ca
1 wsil JL I .
H s ?
a -sES-
Iff ) J A
Tomorrow We Feature the
rockery Department
'HILE every department of the big Springer
store is well worth visiting tomorrow, it is
in the Crockery department that the biggest
bargains are to be found. Note prices below,
1 and remember that the number of these sets is
limited. You had best make your selection in
the morning.
"Hotel Ware"
We have a whole carload of the finest "Hotel '
Ware" ever offered in EI Paso. The Final Three
Days of Hot Weather Sale, we offer this entire
carload at a discount of
20 Percent
Every hotel keeper, ca-fe and boarding house keep
er should seize this opportunity to save money.
50-piece "Cottage"
Dinner Sets, plain
white, regular price
$5.50; sale price to
morrow is
100-pieee dinner sets,
with gold trimmings,
priced tomorrow,
ot WeatKer
50-piece "Cottage"
Dinner Sets, white
with gold bands; the
price tomorrow is
50-piece "Cotta-ge"
Dinner Sets; these are
beauties, white with
gold border; special
50-piece "Cottage"
Dinner Sets, white
with green and gold
lace border; Tery spe
cial tomorrow at
Any $35.00 dinner set
in the store can be
bought tomorrow for
Irk tKe Basement
In the Basement, tomorrow we offer bargains in Wooden Ware, Enameled Ware and
Granite Ware. Housekeepers will welcome this opportunity to fill the kitchen cupboard
at small cost.
Sale of Wooden Ware
Fancy round bread boards,
worth 15c ; special
tomorrow at
Fancy round bread boards,
worth 20c; special
tomorrow at
Square bread boards that sell
regularly at 40c ; f
special tomorrovr. ... ',
Square bread boards that sell
regularly f orx 50c ; Af i f
special tomorrow . .
Meat boards, worth 25 cents:
your choice 15
tomorrow at a JL
Towel Boilers that sell in a
regular way at 25c; a Hot
Weather Sale j
Special tomorrow IvC
10c & 15c
Granite Ware and Enameled Ware
are a frig feature for tomorrow. Two
special lots 'have been arranged one
at 10c, the other at 15e. Come to
morrow, supply all your needs in
Enameled and Granite Ware at
10c (& 15c
nBnBnft: nnB
InnnniLs Bn .nH
nnF ZwM
nnnV TjnnnH
1000 coat and garment
hangers, worth 10c each,
go on sale tomorrow morn
ing in the Base
ment at
(Dont miss this.)
" (26
-18 San Antonk) St.,
We want to impress on
you that only 3 more days
remain of our Hot Weath
er Sale. Supply all your
needs now both in furni
ture, rugs, draperies and
crockery at Hofc Weather
Sale prices!
From New Mexico.
At the Sheldon Mrs. C. D. Thompson,
Las Unices; Mrs. James F. Sattley, Las
Criices; C T. Brown, Socorro; Thomas
E. Hojrg, Ala-moordo; A. T.. Anderson,
J arsons.
o-r4t 1!St- -?es t". S. Cox and wife,
Silver City; L. D. Murray, Silver CStT
E. A. Wayne Silver City; Miss Lillie
Swet, Las Cruces; Dr. Peacork, Las
Cruce; Martin Lohman, Las Graces ,
Miss Mary Carson, Las Cruces: L. R.
Doolittle, Las Cruces ; J. A. Mahone-,
At tiie Angelus Mrs.' X. V. Xixon,
At the Orndorff G. D. Martin, Las
Cruces; W. C. Field, Las Cruces; T.
Itounault, Las Cruces.
At the Zeiger W. R. Dobson, Kelley;
Alline Dobson, San Luis-; Nestor Armijo,
Las Cruces: L. E. Brandt an wife, ia
Af. flip Grnnd Central C. D. Chamm
' and daughter, Deming- Mrs. W. nit-
son, Albuquerque: alts. ourc,ianu JKiiey,
San Marcial.
From Arizona.
At the Sheldon Henry E. Pickett,
W. A. Bates, Cburtland.
At the St. Regis Mrs. H. P. Prince,
Prescott; F. H. Smith, Bisbee; Percy
Neil and wife, Bisbee: L. B. Wilson,
Douglas; E. A. Xaull, Globe.
At the Angelus C. T. Wilson, Tucson;
J. E. English and wife, Tucson.
At the Zeiger James 0. Adams,
From Texas.
At the Sheldon L. Y. Hancock, Dal lis;
J. A. Begley and wife, San Antonio; A.
j! Webb, San Antonio; N. F. Crosse tte,
j San Antonio.
At the St. itegis u. .L. west and
wife, Dallas: W. S. Hope, San Antonio.
At the Orndorff John Humphries,
Marfa; W. E. Robertson, Marfa,
At the Zeiger Gaspar Giron, San
Elirario; F. M. Kilmer, jr., Pecos- A. L.
Mascrip, Pecos; W. D. Lansden, Ysleta..
From Mexico.
At tihe Sheldon Miss Bee McDonald,
Terrazas. Oliih.; S. T. Ingrain and wile,
Madera, Chih.; Miss McNeill, Fenaku;
W. W. Murry, Santa Barbara: J. Y.
Baskin, Chih.; W. Yberri, Guaymas.
At the Orndorff A. Marnoz, Chih.:
W. E. Thurber, Mexico City.
At the Grand Central O. Lopez,
Ohih.; L. Del McRae, Mexico Cit v.
At the St. Regis Fernando Gil,
Mjexico City; Mrs. George W. Nork,
Ocampo, Chih.
At the Zeiger Manuel de la O and
daughters. Chih.; J. C. O'Bannon and
daughters, Chih.
From the Pacific Coast.
At the Sheldon C. Cain, Oakland, Cal.
At the St. Regis H. Pennman, Los
Angeles: Charles Meyers. Los Angeles;
J. C. Simmonson, Los Angeles; rl. E.
Sargent, San Francisco; Z. H. Ruben
stane, Los Angeles.
At the Angelus J. E. Murphy. Los
Angeles; W. E. Manloce, San Fran
cisco; Mrs. J. H. Fellen. Salt Lake City.
At the Grand Central M. L. Fennek,
San Francisco.
From New York.
At the St. Regis E. B. Porter, Jack
Fin. Brooklyn, .. Y.; H. B. Studman,
George M. Seeback. F. M. L. Moms.
At the Orndorff S. R. Johnson,
Merdnorth Estergrook, Brooklyn.
At the Zeiger Louis Schatjoy.
From Chicago.
At the Sheldon H. H. Van Horn.
At the St. Regis Y. Sehroeder, Joe
At the Angelus T. W. White, R. M.
At the Grand Cer. trail D. J. Hauptman J
and wife. ,
From Missouri.
At the Sheldon Wallace G. Smith.
Kansas Citv: Irwin Ritchey. Kansas
City; A. J. Watt. Kansas City: D. W.
Pollock, Kansas City.
At the St. Regis C. Haan, Kansas
At the Angelus If. V. Mepsr, St.
Louis; C. H. Springer, Kansas City.
At the Zeiger Colin Tinmions, Kansas
At the Orndorff George M. Briggs,
St. Louis; W. S. Danney and wife,
At the Grand Central tRay Bixby.
Kansas Citv.
From Everpwhere.
At the Sheldon James Tracv, Coving
ton, Ky.; M. S. EHensten. Cincinnati, 0.;
A. A. Chapman. Boston. Mass.: Sam
Hecht, Denver. Colo.: C. S. Sanford,
Nashville, Tenn.; George I. Waddlev,
Nashville, Tenn.
At the St. Regis Leo Keller, Phila
delphia, Pa.; Miss Knott, Yazoo Citv,
Miss.; C. H. Warner, Beloit, Wis.; James
H. Dawson, Rochester, N. Y.; P. R.
Clark. Youngstown. O.; E. J. Chamblers,
New Orleans. La.
At the Angelus Harland H. Bradt,
Detroit, Mich.
At the Orndorff Mrs. J. A. Yates, Oak
Park. III.: C. K. Rataichafc, Jacksonville,
III.; L. Rataichak, Jacksonville, III. ( .
J. Rataichak, Jacksonville, 111.; Clara.
Rntaicfaak. JacksomiHe, IH.; 'Frank L.
Ratuichaik, Jacksonville, HI.
At the Grand Central H. Waters,
Denver, Colo.; Harry MoConnick.
Rochester, N. Y.
No Man is Stronger
Than His Stomach
A strong man is strong all over. No man can be
strong who is suffering from weak stomach with its
consequent indigestion, or from some other disease
of the stomach and its associated organs, which im
pairs digestion and nutrition. For when the stomach
is weak or diseased there is a loss of the nutrition
contained in food, which is the source of all physical
strength. When a man "doesn't feel just right,"
when he doesn't :1frn well Viae an iinnnmm4.M.
feeling in the stomach after eating, is 'anguid, nervous, irritable and despoad-
eat, he is losing the nutrition needed to make strength.
Sach m man should use Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery. It cures diseases of the stomach and other
nr&ans of digestion and nutrition. It enriches the blood.
Invigorates the liver, strengthens the kidneys, nourishes
the nerves, and so GIYES HEALTH 3XD STREXGTH TO
You can't afford to accept a secret nostrum as a substitute for this ao
alcoholic medicine of known composition, not even though the urgent dealer
xnay thereby make a little bigger profit. Ingredients printed on wrapper.
ft WF

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