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Thursday, July 7, 1910.
1 a Jl-cjL.
(Continued From rage one.)
of more than 5000, including 1000 ne
gro soldiers of the Ninth cavalry from
Tort D. A. Russell, fairly mobbed the
champion's private car. Flowers were
showered on him and -the crowds forced
their -way into Johnson's car to shake
hands with him. A number of women
In the crowd fainted as a result of the
-rush, and were taken into Johnson's
Picture Men io Fight.
That the moving picture syndicate
owning the Johnson-Jeffries fight films
will resort to the courts of the several
etates to determine their right to repro
duce the pictures, was indicated In
PhHadelphia when one of the best
known moving picture men in the coun
trj, who has a big -interest in the syn
dicate, said the agitation would be
fonsrhL J
The pictures, it was further said,
would be placed on public -view in New
York, Boston, Philadelphia. Chicago and
several other cities on July xS.
Figrfat Grows on Pictures.
The movement agarust the exhibition
of fight pictures continues to groi,
R swell. New Mexico, Johnstown, PennM
Pasedana, Cal., among the cities whose
officials have annonuced the inten
tion of prohibiting pictures, while at
S. Joseph. Mo., whose mayor declared
jesterday that he wanted his boys to
see the pictures, a mass meeting will
be called by the local federation of
churches and the city conucil will be
petitioned to pass an ordinance barring
the pictures.
Reports from all important towns in
Kentucky show that only two. Cpv
lngton opposite Cincinnati and Frank
fort, the capital of the state, will al
low the exhibit of the fight pictures.
Lynchburg. Va., today prohibited
their exhibition.
Hollidaysburg, Penn., will allow them
but there -will be separate exhibitions
for whites and negroes.
Indin Protects.
Calcutta in far off India has joined
in the cry against the pictures. Cables
from there say the demand for a sup
pression of the exhibition of the fight
pictures is spreading in India. The pa
pers suggest that the American author
ities destroy the films and compensate
the owners.
Y. M- C. A. Denounces Pictures.
In New Tork, the pictures were de
nounced as criminal from the pulpit of
the Church of Divine Patrony today, at
which the 22d annual convention of the
Young Men's Christian Union Is being
At Corsicana the announcement was
made this morning that it had been
agreed between the moving pictures of
the city and mayor "Woods that no mov
ing pictures of the prize fight between
Jeffries and Johnson would be shown.
Definite public announcement was
made this morning by the mayor and
city council of Denison, Texas, that no
moving pictures of the fight will be al
lowed to be put on exhibition in that
Oklahoma Shuts Out Pictures.
At Durant, Okla., this morning mayor
JL P. Bowles said he would revoke the
license of any theaters exhibiting mov
ing pictures of the Jeffries-Johnson
jjrize fight. The management of all
theaters and moving picture shows have
been notified of the decision. There
are no negroes in Durant and the gen
eral opinion is expressed that no man
ager of a place of amusement there has
any desire to exhibit the prize fight
Mayor Dahlman is out of the city, but
chief" of police Dononue, of Omaha,
states that so far as he knows, theex
hibltion of the fight pictures will not
be prohibited in Omaha.
Deneen Against Pictures.
Replying in governor Deneen's ab
sence to a telegram from "William Shaw,
general secretary of the United Socie
ties of Christian Endeavor, of Boston,
asking the governor If ae -would join in
recommending the prohibition of the
pictures of the fight, private secretary
Whltaker has telegraphed this answer:
"Your telegram received in governor
Deneen's absence. Speaking for him, I
am sure he is in sympathy with the
movement to prevent the exhibition of
moving pictures of the Johnson-Jeffries
prize fight in Illinois."
Governor Charles S. Deneenyleclared
that he will join the governors of other
states in a nation wide effort to bring
about the suppression of the fight
Headed by members of the "Women's
Herald Building
A. H. Richards, Jeweler.
International Book and Sta
tionary Co.
"Win. Moellcr. Real Esta'e.
Cigar Stand.
Herald Business Office and
Press Room.
El Paso Printing Co.. fac'ng
Main St.. near St. Regis hotel.
John Brunner. Tailoring.
Y. "W. C. A, Lunch and Rest
Public Stenographers Co., Ruth
Williams, manager.
Mrs. J. B. Cass.
Miss B. Garra, Dressmaking
Drs. Satterlee & Satterlee, Os
teopaths. Dr. Nettle E. Satter
lee, Dr. Flora L. Satterlee.
First Church of Christ. Scien
tist. Reading Rooms.
The Wm. Jennings Co., Con
sulting Engineers Machinery
Southwestern Portland Cement
A- Courchesne.
B, E. Ruthstelner, Mechanical
Colorado National Life Insur
ance Co. E. McMillen, agent.
R. L. Nichols. Attorney at Law.
Lee & "Woodyard, Contracting
Charles M. Gibson.
Carter & Robertson, Mine, Mi"l.
Smelter and Railway Supplies.
The Ludlow Saylor "Wire Co..
T. E. Robertson, manager.
Standard Home Co., Money to
H. L. Howell. Real Estate.
Christian Temperanxe union, various
to prevent the exhibition of the pic
tures in Chicago.
Indiana Acts.
Governor Thomas R- Marshall, of In
diana, says he is opposed to the fight j
pictures beinrr exhibited in Indiana.
'If there is any law to prevent the
exhibition, it will be enforced," said the
Mayor Behrman, of New Orleans, has
issued an order to the chief of police
to arrest the -proprietog of any theater
attempting to show the pictures.
Maryland Shuts Out Pictures.
Governor Crothers announces that he
will not permit the' showing of the
Johnson-Jeffries fight pictures in Mary
land. Cardinal Gibbons has declared his
opposition to the exhibition of the fight
pictures in Baltimore or elsewhere, say
ing "It would be wrong to show these
horrible pictures, first, because the chil
dren have to be protected and it is the
children who would be most seriously af
fected if such exhibition were allowed.
The proper authorities should see to
It that the young men and young wom
en are given the protection that is
their due. The showins:. of the pictures
would have a bad effect upon the men !
.. -. .. - n -.-I-. J !
ana women 01 me cunimujin.y aiau, a.nu
would, I think, tend to induce attacks
upon the blacks."
Arkansas To Stop 'Em.
Governor Donaghey says he will pre
vent the showing of moving pictures in
Mayor Duley today issued a procla
matibn prohibiting the exhibition v of
the pictures of the fight in Little Rock,
Kansas Says "No."
"If I have the power to do so, and t
think I have. I will never allow the
Johnson-Jeffries fight pictures to be
shown 'in Topeka." said mayor J. B
Billard. "I give this as a fair warning
to the owners of the moving picture
houses. If they insist upon throwing
these pictures on the screen before the
Topeka public, I will see that he po
lice department stops the show and ar
rests the managers."
South Takes Action Quickly.
The police will prevent the showing
of the fight pictures at Richmond, Va.
By practically a unanimous vote, the
Atlanta city council has passed an or
dinance prohibiting the pictures of the
fight being exhibited there.
Chief of police Boyle announces that
the exhibition of the fight pictures
will not be permitted in Charleston,
S. C.
A bill prohibiting the display of mov
ing pictures of any prize fight wag In
troduced in the lower branch of the
general assembly of Georgia "Wednesday.
Mayor Lyons has informed all moving l
nicture show operator in Mobile that
they will not be permitted to present
the fight pictures.
All Sections Unanimous.
The house of representatives of Louis
iana has passed a resolution urging
the authorities of all towns in the state
to prohibit the showing of the pictures
of the fight.
Michael Regan, superintendent of po
lice of Buffalo, says that the city or
dinance prohibiting exhibitions of mov
ing pictures of prize -fights wiii be
strictly enforced. '
The Albany headquarters of the In
ternational Reform bureau has Issued
an appeal to the authorities there "to
pass sfjitable ordinances to prevent
the exhibition of any moving picture
theaters of the views of the Johnson
Jeffries prize fight."
Mayor Fitzgerald states positively
that he will not allow thf fight pictures
to be shown in Boston. If state action
is taken, it will come through-fhe state
police, which has a censorship control
over the theaters of Masachusetts.
Arizona In Line.
Phoenix, Ariz., fell in line with the
municipalities that have barred the
fight pictures, when mayor Christy of
ficially announced that an ordinance
would be Introduced in the council
Monday night prohibiting the exhibi
tion of the fight films. Mayor Noy, of
Alameda, Cal., intimates that he will
put a ban on the exhibition of the pic
tures jn that citv. Complaint has been
made to mayor Noy by the Childs' "Wel
fare league.
Mayor Edgerton of Rochester, N. Y.,
is looking up the law to ascertain If
he has the authoritv to forbid th dis
play of the fight pictures in Rochester.
"If I followed mv own inclinations and I
had the authority, I certainly would not
permit the pictures to be shown here,"
he said.
Mllivankee Puts Up Bars,
Mayor Emil Seidel. of Milwaukee, has
sent word to all theater managers ad
vising them against entering into con
tracts for presentation of the fight
pictures. The mayor gives as his rea
son that such an exhibition is detri
mental to public morals.
Montana has a law forbidding the
portrayal of any felony on moving pic
ture machines and as prize fights come
within that category in Montana, it is
probable that the fight pictures will be
barred in practically all the counties in
the state. t
Frisco h Shut Them Out.
Mayor McCarthy, of San"Francisco an
nounces that under no circumstances
-will the exhibition of the pitures be
permitted in his city. He said: "Inas
much as this contest resolved itself into
a prize fight, pure and simple, and was
not a boxing match, the exhibition of
the moving pictures would be a un
lawful as the fight itself. I will not
permit them to be shown in San Fran
cisco." Exhibition of the 'pictures in Seattle
will not be interfered with by mayor
Hiram O. Gill or the police department.
"Whenever I am convinced that the city
is unable to handle any riot that may
result from the exhibition of fight
pictures in Seattle," the mayor said,
"I -will immediately tender my resigna
tion. The fijrht pictures will not be
interfered with."
Mayor Joseph Simon, of Portland,
Ore., will permit the exhibition of the
pictures in Portland. Mayor 'Simon
said: "I cannot see that the displaying
of the pictures is any worse than the
printing of the minute details of the
fight in the newspapers."
The Denver fire and police board has
denied the petition of Juvenile Court
and Citizens' union representatives to
forbid the exhibition of the fight pic
tures. Negroes Fight.
At Omaha as the result of a quarrel
over the merits of the fight, one negro,
Rufe Coleman, was shot and killed and
Lulu Newman was shot twice by Eu
gene Jackon, also a negro. The shoot
ing occurred at the Coleman's flat.
Jackson was locked up.
Jeffries Disqualified.
"Was Jeffries disqualified or was he
knocked out?" is a point Tex Rickard
is being asked by telegraph from sev
eral cities to decide. Rickard is dis
posed to rule that the interfernce of
Jeff's seconds in helping him get up
after being knocked down constitutes a
"Jeffries was not counted out," said
Rickard today, "though I am satisfied
he could never have got up within 10
seconds if his seconds had not puphed
him up. This assistance disqualified
Jeffries and I was trying to get between
the fighters to stop the fight on that
account when Johnson sent him down
for a third time."
Thinks United States Is Goinsr To Have
Trouble as a Result of Johnson's
Victory Over Jeffries.
Lpndon, Eng., July 7. The racial
conflicts following the Jeffries-Johnson
fight are the theme of general discus
sion in the British press. Varying opin
ions are expressed, but the universal
admission is that Johnson's victory has
made the problem for the United Stases
much harder than pefore.
The Dally Telegraph in an editorial
'It Is useless to hold up the hand of
reprobation here. These things are
brutal and vile, but behind them lies the
absolute necessity to keep the negro
race a little in check for if It once
gets out of hand, there will be worse
scenes under the Stars and Stripes than
have ever yet been witnessed there."
The Times in an editorial this morn
ing contends that the fight at Reno,
-which was conducted creditably, and in
a fair and orderly manner, proves noth
ing. A thousand picked American
whites, the paper says, would probably
beat on equal terms a thousand picked
negroes In any conflict or form of phy
sical endurance.
"The American feeling must frankly
be recognized," says the Times. "It is
easy in England, where there Is no col
or problem, to express indignation at
the lynchlngs. If confronted -with the
entirely similar conditions. there Is
much reason to fear that Englishmen
would not be more tolerant."
The Times thinks (that the pivot of
the whole question Is the world wide
instinctive feeling against color inter
marriages, and hopes that the con
science of the Americans will in the
future make itself effectively felt
acrainst such exploitations as the Reno
Sir Howell Davies has given notice
of his intention to ask the home secre
tary in the house of commons "in the
interest of public decency" to prohibit
the exhibition of the Johnson-Jeffries
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Thinky the Fijrht Game Shonld Remain
Amont? the Xotrroe Pic v-es
May J?e Shown In Juarez. "
With the ban that is being- put unon
the moving pictures of the Jeffries-
Jap To Hunt the South Pole
L ;
Tokio, Japan, July 7- Although the equipment wibh (which Lieut. X. Shirase,
of the Japanese army commissariat corps, now on the reserve list, is to maJce an
attempt to reach the south pole is of the most meagre description, judged by west,
em standards, the explorer is confident that he will win the coveted prze for the
Land of the Rising Sun.
The first intimation of the fact that a Japanese was in the race for the south
pole took the form of a modest newspaper paragraph to the effect that Lieut.
Shirase had resolved to 'make the attempt; that a 150-ton schooner had been
acquired at Hakodate., ,arid -that it was hoped to depart from Yokohama for Aus
tralia in July or AuguM
Johnson prize fight throughout the
country t El Paso so far stands neutral,
no official action having been taken so
far to suppress their exhibition in this
city when the films are ready.
"The council will let this matter rest
for the present at least," said mayor
Robinson Thursday. "Personally I think
they should not be allowed. The fight
game belongs to the negro anyhow. Now
that they have the championship, they
should keep it and white men should
keep out of the ring. The whites have
had enough good fighters in days gone
The mayor further stated that in any
event it probably would be passed over
the conucil's head, as he understood the
legislature had a bill ready to push
through preventing the exhibition of
the fight pictures in any city or town
in Texas.
This, however, would not bar the
pictures from exhibiting in"Juarez, and
some enterprising picture show man
may make a barrel of money exhibiting
them across the border if the proposed
bill becomes a law.
have been severely injured and a large
number slightly injured, but no deaths
j Special, ladies purses, shopping bags.
! El Paso Trunk factory, north side plaza
1 v
r ews
Taft Resting1.
Beverly, Mass., July 7. President
Taft played golf yesterday morning at
Myopia, dozed on the cottage veranda
during the early afternoon and with
Mrs. Taft and a party of neighbors had
a sail on the Sylph last evening.
with the insurgent movement, are to be
the guests of the ex-president.
"Want More "Wage.
Chicago, July 7. It is announced
here that 25,000 locomotive engineers
employed on forty-nine railroad sys
tems west of Chicago are formulating
demands for increased wages. The de
mands will be presented to the man
agers before August 1.
Jackson's delicatessen will help you
at lunch time. Step in and see. Phone
Curtiss Flies Over Ocean.
Atlantic City, N. J.. July 7. Glenn
H. Curtiss last evening made another
flight over the ocean, starting at 5:30
and spending 12 minutes and 13 sec
onds in the air. Curtiss on his return
to the beach declared that he is entirely
satisfied that flying over the sea is
more certain than flights over land be
cause of the less sudden change in air
Dr. GallnsrherTrust Bldg., hours 9 to
11 a. m., 2:30 to 4:30 p. m.
Asparagus 30 cents a can. Jackson's.
ira-in Bulletin.
All afternoon and evening trains are
reported on time.
Grain Crop Ruined.
Washington, T. C. July 7. The grain
crops in Montana and the western por
tion of the Dakotas, which are not re
ceiving irrigation water, are literally
dried up and shriveling in the fields,
according to a statement issued by the
reclamaton service.
2 pounds select white, tender as
paragus in a can, 30 cents. Jackson's,
phone 353.
SmuKsletl Opium Seized.
Atlantic City, N. J., July 7. Six fed
eral detectives, under inspector Isaac
Wilson of New York, raided the restau
rants of Charles Wong and Jim Wong
In this city "Wednesday and captured
alleged smuggled opium valued at
more than $2000. The drug was traced
to this city after it had been smuggled,
it is alleged, through New York.
Dr. Cieron reliable dentistry, reason
able price. Over Guarantee shoe store.
Good Iced Tea.
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Jackson's Sanitary Grocery,
Phone 353.
Attacks on Jews.
Berlin, Germany, July 7. The situa
tion of the Jews at Kiev is becoming
worse. According to dispatches to the
Jewish Aid society, the hostile mob Is
becoming dangerous at Slobodskoi, a
suburb of Vyatka. Organized bands
frequently attack the Israelites. Six
Drinks "Whisky on Bet: Dies.
New York, July 7. Peter Smith, a
husky young tannery worker In New
ark, N. J., drank 17 jiggers of whis
ky in succession Wednesday, thereby
wining a bet of $1. As, he pocketed the
money he fell to the floor unconscious
and died soon af.ter in a hospital.
Dr. W. B. AVeeka, 711 Texas street.
Chronic diseases.
Younp Taft Not to Blame.
Boston, Mass., Julj' 7. To no fault
of Robert H. Taft, son of President
Taft, was due the injury which the au
tomobile he was driving caused to Mi
chael Tithwalla, an Italian laborer, ac
cording to the finding of the Massachu
setts highway commission, just made
May Be a Strike.
Pittsburg, Pa.. July 7. Conductors
and trainmen of the Pennsylvania Lines
west of Pittsburg are voting whether
they will strike for an increase in
wages varying from 5 to 20 per cent.
The ballots were sent to the men yesterday.
Vegetables that are fresh and sani
tary at Jackson's, phone 353.
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Roosevelt Sees More Inaursents.
Oyster Bay, N. Y., July 7. Another
important political conference will be
held at Sagamore Hill today. Senator
Beveridge of Indiana, representative
Hamilton Fish of New York, and others
j who are affiliated more or less directly
Santa Fe, N. "M., July 7. Governor
Mills has issued a requisition for Oliver
Ackley, under indictment for burglary
in McKinley county, and who is under
arrest at San Bernardino, California.
Sheriff T. P. Talle, of Gallup, left with
the requisition to bring Ackley back.
W. H. Love, who says lie Is wanted
for attempted criminal assault in Paris,
Texas, gave himself up to deputy sher
iff Earl Bryant "Wednesday afternoon.
He said he had been waiting at Chi
huahua for an officer to get him but
that he became tired of Mexico and of
waiting. An officer is now en rout
here to get him.
Highland Park's new fire station "will
soon be ready for occupancy- There
will be a combination hose and chemical
cart stationed there, with, one teaxa.
The last of the grading- work at the
station is being finished-
Guaranty Trust and Banking Company
AT EL. PSO STATE OF TEXAS, at the close of business on
the 30th day of June, 1910, published in the El Paso Herald, a
newspaper printed and published at El Paso, State of Texas, on
the 7th day of July, 1910.
Loans and discounts, personal or col-
lateral ' $270,5S.63
Loans, real estate 9?S.0
Overdrafts .' cr?-a
Bonds and stocks 85,830.o9
Bonds and securities. Trust fund ac-
count .- 4ol.-o
Real estate (banking -house) - 250,000.00
Other real estate 1-'Jf 35f
Furniture and fixtures 9,96i-o0
Depositors guaranty fund 1,883.32
Savings Department:
Loans on real estate $ 45.116.66
Cash 8,500.09 53,616.75
Capital stock paid in $300,000.00
Surplus fund 10,000.00
Undivided profits, net 18,18o.65
Due to banks and bankers, subject
to check ?139.004.So
Individual deposits, subject to check- 222011.80
Time certificates of deposit 41.S79.55
Cashier's checks and letters of credit 1,272.26
Trust funds 25.61711 429.7S5.57
Bills payable ' 30,000.00
Trust building account 70.000.00
Savings Department:
Savings deposits - $ 52,956.75
Profits 660.00 53.616.75
We, M. Weber, as President, and Sig. N. Schwabe. as
Cashier, of said bank, each of us, do solemnly swear that the
above statement is true, to the best of our knowledge and
M. "WEBER, President.
SIG. N. SCHWABE. Casftier.
Sworn and subscribed to before me this 7th day of July,
A. D., 1910.
"Witness my hand and notarial seal on the date last afore
said. R. PLASSAN.
Notary Public

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