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Saturday, Nov. 2, 1912.
Enemies I Have Made and
How I Made Them
Progressive Candidate for Sheriff.
At the time I became a candidate for the Legislature, I
sent out circulars stating that 1 v.antod to go to the Legisla
ture to help pass an eight-hour law for women; a full crew
law for the railroad men; an employers' liability bill for the
factories, mills and logging camps, and an initiative, referen
dum and recall bill. I asked each voter in the district to vote
for me or against me according to whether he favored or op
posed these measures. I was elected by one of the largest
majorities ever given a candidate in that district, receiving
about 2200 votes out of about 3000 votes cast. This district
is made up largely of people who own their own homes and
are conservative and level-headed in all their actions, political
and otherwise. We got these four bills through and signed by
the governor. I mention this fact to show that my actions
in the Legislature had been ratified in advance by the people
I represented. Each of these bills had its powerful enemies.
The men who were making money by working young
girls twelve or fourteen hours a day deluged the membera of
the Legislature with letter predicting the terrible results that
would follow if young girls were only worked eight hours a
day instead of twelve or fourteen hours. They used every pos
sible effort and brought to bear every possible pressure to
induce me to drop the fight for the bill, but without avail.
The railroad companies at a time when trains consisted
of from fifteen to twenty-five cars had induced the trainmen
to consent to run trains with one less brakeman than a full
crew, and had promised the trainmen that as soon as busi
ness increased so that trains were again as long as they had
been before, that other brakenien would be restored but had
refused year after year to make good their promise, although
the trains had Increased in some cases to as many as one
hundred cars. A full crew was absolutely necessary to safely
handle these immense trains and It finally became* necessary
for the railroad men in order to get the full number of men
to a crew to take the matter up with the Legislature and we
compelled the railroads by law to do what they had promised
to do voluntarily.
A lot of people had been waxing fat on the misery of the
dead and dying workingmcn of the State through liability In
surance companies. The employers were paying out millions
of dollars for the protection of their men, but when an em
ploye was injured or killed all he or his heirs received «U
an opportunity to carry on a law suit. This robbery of the
dead and dying became such a scandal that it became neces
sary for the people of the State to take the matter in charge
themselves, and resulted in the passage of the present employ
ers' liability bill, which has proved such a boon to both em
ployer and employe. Every possible tactic was resorted to to
defeat this bill and to continue in existence the former system
of robbery of the weak and helpless, the dead and the dying,
and every man who took an active part in passing that bill
aroused the implacable enmity of those persons who were
profiting by this robbery of the injured workmen and their
A long series of betrayals of their trusts by public officials
throughout the country had resulted in a determined effort
by the people of the whole country to find some means by
which unfaithful public servants could be called to account
without waiting for their terms of office to expire. We passed
a bill In the last Legislature which is the first step in this
State to make it possible to summarily remove from his of
fice any official who is found to bo corrupt, and this law was
opposed In every possible way by the powerful 1 interests that
profit through the corruption of weak or unprincipled public
These four bills interfered with the plans of the men who
for years had preyed upon the weak, the helpless, the unfor
tunate, the corrupt, the dying and the *lead in this State, and
destroyed their sources of profit, plundw and privilege.
Here I made my biggest bunch of enemies
The Sheriff's Office in my opinion affords the greatest
opportunity for social service of any department of the county
government. There is not only an opportunity to reduce the
cost of that office to the taxpayers without in any way re
ducing its efficiency, but on the contrary its usefulness can
be greatly increased.
The more prisoners a sheriff ran get to keep the greater
is the profit. The system of paying sheriffs so much per day
for keeping prisoners works out just as It would In any other
business —the sheriff gets as many as he can and keeps them
as long as he can, all at the cost of the taxpayers. Instead of
getting as many people in the jail as possible and keeping
them there as long a" possible, the effort should be in the op
posite direction. The smallest possible number should be
placed in jail and they should be kept there the shortest pos
sible time.
The biggest asset that Pierce County has Is In Its boys
and girls and they should be protected and conserved above
all other assets.
What does it profit a man, no matter how successful he
may be, if he has a son in the Penitentiary or a daughter in a
worse place!
Our jails and prisons are full of men and women who
comld have been developed into good citizens if they had only
been properly handled when they first started wrong. The
head of the most successful reformatory in this country has
said that there is no such thing as a bad boy or girl—that
they are merely children whose energies have been misdirected.
I consider all the other work of the Sheriff as of minor
Importance as compared with the care of youthful delinquents.
The purpose in printing this statement is to inform the
readers of what Hob Hodpe has well called the "Kept Press,"
of what has been going on politically, economically, morally
and socially in this county and state, as they will never learn
from reading their dally papers, and to let the people of Pierce
County know the animus and the source of the lies which are
being circulated about the writer by these enemies of the
common good, who realize that they are all going to be put out
of business by the progressive movement.
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trained voices and a special or
chestra, the Sheehan Bnglleh
Opera company comes to the Ta
coma theater tomorrow night.
"11 Trovatore" will be the pro
duction presented Sunday even
ing. On Monday evening the
company will produce "The
Chimes or Normandy."
"Officers 0«0"
Laugh overleaps laughs, sur
prise follows surprise, and thrill
chases thrill in the unfolding of
the plot and story of "Officer
fififi," the sensational farce which
Cohan & Harris will present here
at the Tacoma theater Friday
"Officer 6K6" tells a story of
love in an atmosphere of mystery,
the fun of which is supplied by an
over zealous policeman who loans
his uniform to a millionaire and
thereby gets himself into trouble
at headquarters.
THK KOl'Xn-l'P
At the Tacoma Boon, will be
presented "The Round-Up," Klaw
& Erlanger's big Western drama,
with Maclyn Arbuckle, which has
an abundance of thrills and
heart interest, both of which are
essential to the success of such
a play.
•loNepli Slieelian, with the Sliw
limi KngliNh Opera Co., at the Ta
coiiui Sunday and Monday.
Considered the biggest and
the beat vaudeville bill to come
over the Pantages circuit this
season is that which opens the
new week at the playhouse Mon
day afternoon. There are seven
acts aside from the Pathe films
and the special orchestra fea-
♦ Taconia — Sunday and <?>
♦ Mcnday nights, the Sheehan <5>
■'•• Grand Opera company in "11 $
<?> Trovatore" and "The Chimes <£
♦ Normandy." Friday night, <$>
•>> "Officer «66." Coming, ♦
♦ "The Kound-Up." $>
<?> Pantages — Vaudevi 1 1 c, ♦
♦ new bill Monday. <$>
Empress—Vaudeville. ♦
l'riiu csh - Stock. ♦
Alma Ktetzler, with the Shee
luin KnKlish Opera Co., at the Ta-
OMM Sunday and Monday.
tures, and on the list are several
acts that are said to be of excep
tional merit.
Topping the double-feature bill
will be the Hamada troupe,
which as its name suggests, con
sists of Japanese performers. This
act is heralded as one of the
finest yet seen on the circuit.
Harry Whitney's "Baby Dolls"
will furnish another attractive
novelty on the bill. This is not
a regulation "girl act," but a nov
elty in the form of a miniature
quartet presented in an original
Harrison Green and Kathryn
Parker, known to vaudeville as
"the blue ribbon pair in polite
comedy," will furnish another en
joyable feature of the bill. Miss
Parker Is said to be an unusually
pleasing singer of popular melo
Professor Richard Karsey and
company will present, for the
first time in the city, the myra
phone. This Is a unique musical
instrument with 2,000 strings,
and its music is said to be like
that of a string orchestra. It is
the only instrument of Its kind
in the world and is the invention
of Prof. Karsey.
Rutherford and Monroe appear
in a sketch entitled "An Extra
Added Attraction," which is said
to be full of music and good
comedy. John Simmer is billed
as the "somewhat different"
Dainty Bessie Leonard is a
whole troupe in herself. She has
been scoring a big personal hit.
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"Inside Life" On the Real
Kitchen Slang Waiters Use
You're heard your waiter call
your bivakfiist order to the chef
sometimes something like tliis,
"AUaru and Kve on a raft, close
they eyes, and a string of flutH,"
or your luncheon, "short and
sweet," or maybe your dinner,
"sheenee funeral"?
But all thats been abolished.
No more will be halle of eats ring
with this sort of comedy. The
more fashionable restauranteurs
have ordered It to the minor
"Spokane," which means
pork and beans, is allowed and is
used Upm end to end of the coun
try, because the sound of the ex
T. R. and Popular Government
This is the last of six articles
by GUaoB Gardner, staff corre
spondent of this newspaper, out
lining the Hull Mouse program.
Gardner .ins been Intimately in
touch with lloosovelt for many
years and is especially qualified
to present his side of the campaign
HE overthrow of
cla s 6 govern
ment is the real
purpose of the
third party
Roosevelt hap
pens to be Its
loader, but the
movement i b
bigger than any
man, and there
would have been
a protest of this
sort if Roose
velt had never come back from
It happens that Ro&evelt's func
tions to the popular feeling. His
seven years in the White House
were a struggle really against the
old parly organizations. Roose
velt was not himself entirely con
scious of this. He was accustomed
to think in terms of men—of good
men and of bad men. In those
days it is doubtful whether Roose
velt clearly saw the bi-partisan
conspiracy of liig Business against
the people.
Since those days he has had a
change to see the workings of the
system from new angles. The
Rooiev«lt of today is not the
Roosevelt of eleven or even of
Mveo years ago. He has progress
ed with the progressive sentiment
of the country and has broadened,
a.s many individuals in the move
ment have. Things which to the
former Iloosevelt were heresy are
now his gospel. The initiative and
referendum which he flouted when
they were put forward by the
Bryan democrats he now sees are
necessary. He realizes that the
people must have the tools of
government In thoir hands, and
instead of swearing by his party
as In the olden days he states in
his speech to the progressive con
vention that 'democrats and re
publicans alike the professional
politicians of the old system rep
resent government of the needy
many, by professional politicians,
in the interests of the rich few."
Now Colonel Roosevelt an
nounces his belief In presidential
primaries, election of senators by
direct popular vote, equal suf
frage, the short ballot, corrupt
practices acts, publicity of cam
paign contributions during the
Campaign, the recall of public of
ficials, the recall of judicial de
cisions which violate fundamental
rights, and the initiative and ref
This is the full measure of
democracy so far as the present
constitutional limitations permit.
Even the socialists cannot go far
ther without demanding funda
mental changes in the structure
of government, necessitating a
practically new constitution.
They, for example, demand the
abolition of the senate and of the
veto power of the president, the
direct election of president and
vice president, the abolition of
the supreme court's power to
pass on the constitutionality of
laws, an>l national Initiative and
re fere mi urn.
Colonel Roosevelt sincerely be
lieves that the progressive move
ment and its success is the only
thing which stands in the way of
revolution, or socialism. Roose
velt believes that the powers of
government must be used in a
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Owing to the large volume of business In this office In
the past 60 days I have been unable to give any considerable
time to further my candidacy for the office of Prosecuting At
torney, and for that reason I desire that you know, if you nre
not already informed, that I have, as deputy proßecutor, In
the past throe and a half years conducted approximately 600
of the people's cases and have prevailed in 95 per cent of
them. I do not believe that a prosecutor's ability should be
measured alone by the number of cases won, but rather by
the broader gauge of square dealing and Justice, and this I
always hnve contended for.
1 have given every hour of my time and every ounce of
my energy to my County and State. I assisted in the estab
lishment of the Juvenile Court, and am now one of its unpaid
officers. .1 believe by correcting the Incorrigible boy or girl,
that the criminal courts will have less work, the penal inetitu
tlons fewer inmates, and to society will be saved a great pro
ductive unit. As chairman of the legislative committee of the
State Prosecutors' Association I intend by legislative enact
ment to have created a court of domestic relations which will
solidify, rather than forever sever, the marital tie, so that the
family, the basic unit of society, will be saved. My experience
has further taught me that we must devise a law for the paid
employment on highways of the drunkard, the family deserter
a.nd the petty offender, so that the innocent wife and children
may have at least a semblance of support while the erring
one is serving time.
To deal with the many delicate feminine questions aris
ing in this office I purpose to appoint an efficient woman
lawyer us a deputy. If you believe In a vigorous, vigilant and
intelligent prosecution without fear or favor against the rich
or poor, high or low alike, may I ask you for your vote regard
less of your party affiliations? Yours truly,
Republican Nominee for Prosecuting Atty.
presslon and the exact order are
co similar.
"Adam and Eve," of course
means two eggs. "On a raft,"
thats on toast, and "close their
eyes" means pouring water over
them until the yolk becomes cov
ered. With fried eggs It means
turned over.
"Shipwrecked" eggs are scram
bled. This term Is also under the
A "string of flats" is a plate of
hot cakes. "Short and sweet,"
denottx a small steak, blood rare.
"Sports' V'llght" Is another name
for ham and eggs. A "sheenee
funeral" is an order of pork
larger measure for the benefit of
the masses. He believes, how
ever, that they will not be bo
used until the Instruments of
government are secured "by the
people and the government is
made responsive to popular de
Do you know just how to vote
for judges?
A lot of people do not, and
there is much discussion. Some
voters are insisting that Card and
Chapman, who are on the ticket
by themselves, may be defeated.
This is practically erroneous. If
they get one vote each they will
be elected, unless some oth<-r
names are written in or put in
their column with stickers.
They are in a column by
themselves where it says "vote
for two." They are not running
against Easterday, Arntson, Clif
ford and Me.Murray, who are in
another column.
To vote the county judiciary
ticket, vote for Card and Chap
man both in their column, then
go over and vote for two more in
the column where the four candi
dates are found. Can; must t>e
exercised not to vote for more
than two in this latter column or
the ballot will be thrown out.
In the supreme court ballot
there are two candidates printed,
Kills and Mounts. But the voter,
may vote for three here, as there
is a vacancy. Judge Main, Judge
Black and Brooke Wright are the
candidates, but the voter will
have to write the name on the
ballot in the blank space or put
it on with a sticker.
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In the air and still have a poor
complexion. Changing seasons and
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casionally In a solution of powdered
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