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Wednesday, Jan. 7,1914.
MEXICO CITY, Jan. 7.—Rebels
captured a train at Aquas Call
entos and boarded It and started
down the track and another band
of rebels, thinking they were fed
erals, blew up the train and killed
HOUGHTON, Mich., Jan. 7.—
Governor Ferris Is here making a
personal Investigation of the
troubles ln the mining district
and Is shocked at the way things
have been going.
—Thirty-four more cases of
■iiiiilliM.x ihave developed on the
battleship Ohio among the sail
ors, who are now at Guantanamo.
CHICAGO, Jan. 7.—Western
Federation of Miners' officials
here decided to take no action on
the Michigan strike until Gover
nor Ferris had made his Investi
A Conspiracy
MADISON, Wis., Jan. 7.—At
torney General Walter C. Owen
say. the action of the doctors in
getting together and deciding
they will not make examinations
under title new eugenic law for
the legal $3 fee comes close to
conspiracy and they may be
NEW YORK, Jan. 7.—New
York telephone company has
agreed to discount all bills 10
per cent as a result of agitation
for lower rates.
CHICAGO, Jan. 7.—Mrs. Ame
lia Marx, widow of Sereno Marx,
died Just as her husband's estate
was probated. Out of a $800,
--000 estate she got only a small
annuity and two .one were cut
off with $5 each.
Flve year* ago I wai troubled
with kidney trouble and Inflamma
tion of the bladder that I had to
lease working my farm. Life look
ed dark to me until I heard of Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root through a
oured friend. I tried a bottle and
began to feel better at once. After
using five or six bottlei 1 felt fine
and have continued to work as I
had before my affliction.
I want to state that Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root Is a kidney medicine
that will cure and I owe my good
work during the past five or six
years to lt.
Yours very truly,
Preacott, Ark.
Subscribed and sworn to before
me, thla 27th day of March, 1912.
Notary Public.
This la to certify that Mr. C. W.
Morris haa bought Swamp-Root at
thla atom ln the paat.
Adam Guthrie, Jr.
Letter ta
Dr. Kilmer * < ••.
Blnghamtoa, N. Y.
Prove What St-amp-Root win Do
For You.
Send 10c to Dr. Kilmer ft Co., Blng
hamton, N. V„ for a aample Bluebot
tle. It will convince anyone. You will
alao receive a booklet of valuable
Information, telling all about the
kidneys and bladder. When writing,
be sure and mention Dept. M. Regu
lar fifty-cent and one-doltar size
bottlca for aale at all drug stores.
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Looking Forward
The winner of a mar
athon race ran not spend
his time in looking back
To benefit by past ex
perience one must look
backward to learn
where mistakes have oc
Begin the year resolv
ed not to make the same
mistakes. To win fin
ancially you must have
a bank account to help
Savings Bank
& Trust Co.
I llth st. and Pacific ay.
Death and Disaster Follow Hoodoo
Ships; Lives Lost—No One Punished
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 7.—There Is disquiet among ship own
ers and their chamber of commerce allies here over the verdict of
negligence found against First Officer H. W. Ravens of the steamer
President for the loss of four lives, t lin-i- crewsmen and a passenger,
at sea recently.
It Is liable, they fear, to link
itHolf up significantly with evi
dence before congress supporting
the La Toilette seaman's efficiency
bill making human life para
mount over profits.
The President is the llth of
the Pacific Coast Steamship com
rauy's vessels to come under the
"hoodoo" th,at has followed this
fleet within the past few years,
bringing death and disaster.
Coast owners had hoped that
the "hoodoo" explanation might
be ac<_s_.ited and further investiga
tion directed toward lAundane re
sponsibility dropped.
But the passengers who
brought charges against Capt. R
1. Paulsen and Second Officer T.
L. Mathlesen as well as Havens,
would not have it so.
They had witnessed the "lroo
doo" resolve itself into "plain hu
man bungling and gross ineffi
ciency, as far as the President
was concerned.
"Three lives, at least, needless
ly sacrificed," they testified.
And ln the case of Ravens,
whose license they suspended for
18 months, Inspectors Guthrie
and Italian sustained the passen
ger, into hot terms of blame.
The launching of the lifeboats
had been bungled, they said. The
three crew members who lost
their lives ln trying to save Lea
tliain, the passenger, and not
been supplied with life preserv
ers. They had been lowered and
spilled into the sea on the weath
er side. The second boat, also
without life preservers, had been
put ln charge of a storekeeper in
stead of an officer.
Sufficient search for the drift
ing four had not be<r>n made be
fore the President resumed her
course, they averred.
But their blame ranged wider.
It embraced ship owners and
stockholders, satisfied with inef
ficiency because it paid greater
The passengers knew that even
while they testified to the toll of
lnconi|tetency, a group of wealthy
ship owners and members of the
chamber of commerce were pro
testing to congress against the
I/aKollette bill because it "would
hurt trade."
Light punishments for negli
gence and Incompetency, and
their bearing on maritime disas
ters, is also revived by the pres
ent case.
Government records show that
revocation of licenses Is extreme
ly rare In tliree typical years, with
a loss of 81 lives by wrecks, lees
than 10 licenses were recalled.
Even the suspensions are light
—from 30 to 60 days usually.
9 9
Prominent ltoctor's Best Pre
scription Knsiljr Mixed at
9 ~ 9
This simple and harmless formula
has worked wonders for all who
have tried It, quickly relieving
chronic and acute rheumatism and
bnikache. "From your druggist get
one ounce of Toils compound (In
original sealed package) and one
ounce of syrup of Sarsaparllla com
pound. Take these two Ingredi
ents home and put them In a half
pint of good whiskey. Shake the
bottle and take a tablespoonful be
fore each meal and at bed-time."
Good results come after the first
few doaes. If your druggist does
not hay« Torla compound In stock
he will get It for you In a few hours
from hia wholesale houae. Don't bo
Influenced to take a patent medi
cine Instead of thiß. Inatat on hav
ing the genuine Torls compound ln
the original, one-ounce, sealed, yel
low package. This waa published
here tait winter and hundreds ot
the worat cases were cured by It In
a short time. Publlahed by the
Qlobe Pharmaceutical laboratories
of Chicago.
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Outer —Wrecked Snnta Rosa, one of Pacific Coast Steamship
roni|Miiiy "hoodoo" fleet from which four lives were lost because
Capt. Paris, now In command of one of the company's ships, haggled
over price "pet- head" of removing passengers.
I pper—t'apt. It. J. Paulsen, of steamer President, from which
four lives were recently hist.
heme* —Supervising Inspei'tor Cant. .1. K. Holger, who declare*
civil service has done away with ttiH'kling of government agents to
big steamship companies, to retain office.
Then the offender goes back to
employment with tlie same com
This has probably grown up
because the Inspectors realize
that skippers and mate* too of
ten have had to suffer for the
sins of ship owners. I
A flagrant case is that of Capt.
Story of Newsboy Sextet
Sounds Like Al^er Story
The Newsboy Sextet, nt Pilotages', who started
their career as Herald new.lioys in New York city.
The history of Billy Gould's
Newsboy Sextet, appearing this
week at Pantages theater, reads
like one of Alger's stories for
The young singers are really
newsboys. They first began as
a quartet, singing to while away
the odd moments in the newsboys'
room of the New York Herald at
1 and 2 o'clock in the morning
before the paper came off the
Then they began singing on
the streets, and were often chased
from the corners by policemen.
Eventually the lads gathered
nerve enough to go Into an ama
teur night performance at a vau-
LONDON, Jan. 7.—"Upside
down" dinners are the newest so
cial fad. They are to be started
next week by a novel banquet
given by persons prominent in so
cial and ./iatlon circles for
All Should
Help in the
Big Show
Every boy and girl in the state
and all schools and associations
interested ln the development of
the rising generation is asked to
assist in the big industrial and
educational exhibit to be given in
Tacoma next October by the state
association. Fine prizes will be
offered at this contest for the
boys and girls who will compete.
NEW YORK, Jan. 7.—Mrs. Ide
Yon Claussen, who sued Presi
dent Roosevelt for $1,000,000 be
cause he would not have her pre
sented to the king of Sweden,
has been sent to Miittcawiin in
sane asylum.
Faria whose haggling over the
price of removing his imperilled
passengers and crew from the
wrecked Santa Rosa, resulted in
the loss of four lives. He is to
day again in command of a Pa
cific Coaßt Steamship companyV
vessel— the President —after a
suspension of six months.
deville house, and drew the first
prize of $10.
Two months after the first at
tempt they were given a three j
days' tryout as a "regular act"
with a small New York vaudeville
house. That was just three years
and two months ago. The lads|
have been singing ever since, and
hnve toured the country several
Several of the boys own New
York real estate. Another owns
an interest ln a fur establishment
and one of them owns a small
New York theater. Each Mon
day the lads mall most of their
salary to the folks back In New
Hamel, Hicks and other "upside I
down" flyers. Claude Grehame-I
White is arranging the details,
and many surprising features are
promised. The dinner begins
with cafe liqueurs and ends wlth
soup and hors d'oeuvrea.
$5,000 ON LAND
The state sold about |5,00e
worth of land in Pierce county al
the courthouse Tuesday.
* ——-4
Prescription for Positive Re
sults—Don't Experiment.
"From your druggist get" twc
ounces of Olycerlne and half at
ounce of Globe Pine Compount
(Concentrated Pine). Take theel
two Ingredients home and put thott
into a half pint of good whiskey
Shake well. Take one or two tear
spoonfuls after each meal and at
bed time. Smaller doaes to chit
dren according to age." This ' ll
said to be the quickest cough am
cold cure known to the medical pro
feaslon. Be sure to get only th<
genuine Globe Pine Compount
(Concentrated Pine.) Each lint
ounce bottle comes In tin screw t.*j
araled case. If your druggist la out
of stock he will quickly get It fron
his wholesale house. Don't foo
with uncertain mixtures. It Ii
risky. For the past six yeara thh
haa had a wonderful demand. Pub
llshed by the Globe Pharmaceutics
laboratories of Chicago.
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|3|| Annual White Sale mjm
Wonderful Sale of Muslin Underwear
-A.S this White Sale progresses we realize more and more the superior value and quality of our
muslin undorgannoiits, and the success of the past days confirms us in our belief.
Princess Slips 95c yC_2\ 98c Nightgowns at 69c
Regular values $1.48. Those are (fc^A *<_SCX'S on<' ot our I,'i,,l(,|'s in this sale.
trimmed at the bottom as well as *7k?y <*C^V These are finished with broad
at the yoke and are finished with (~\ y^' L_My ribbon beading and are ribbon
fine Valenciennes laces. Others UV -w j I trimmed ;is the new fashion de
with good scalloped flouneings. X__T/VwM__. J\ /tL__{^A 1,m»(l- They have wide inser
-69c Nightgowns at 49c y&/ JL^^xL Jlls£'o% tions and edgings.
Remarkably fine assortment of \*_/\^ ~Jlj\smos/S^ Crepe Nightgowns 69c
dainty nightgowns in the slipou \y \ IIA if \Mm/ jraq Blue, pink and white crepe night
or high neck effects, trimmed / llf V/fliff / g<*wns that need no ironing after
with torchon laces, with dainty ■>/ / i \ \\* ' I being washed, are here at this ex
swiss embroideries and with dou- WllJ I II I eeptionally low price,
hie ribbon beading at the yoke. l^^ m***JUi I I $1.48 Combinations at 95c
Others have large yokes of eye- llm l"h^ I I Trimmed with pretty embroid
let embroidery and they are all fffl If k^l I wry antl heavy laces, single or
''it large and full. fc**aa_L liV l\\ (1,,u,11t' 11;llT,w bending at the
Combinations at $1.48 Lr" nn'k" Wi<l(' n,fni,, Ks at the bot"
These are trimmed at the vokc rwi^^'M Mh '""' ''""! ""' „,., ad(' "'" a vice qual"
and bottom with lace insertions. fVI ■ .fl JE» '^""'LyTi'L- .*««„
edgings and embroideries. You /'/ / 1 \ Ml . Beaut,ful PettlCoa^ at $2.98
may also find tlie new camisole // '' \ 1 -M \. v\ v: uU; -.-^raetivc T>ottieoats,
laces. Wide and ample ribbon // \ \\\ \\l Juushed with a very wide net
trimmings add in making these L\ /V\\ I flouncing inserted with exqms
vcrv attractive. / /VA I ,\\ l valeiK-ienne insertions. These
-_-.— - ..' ,_ __ // / 1 I petticoats aw narrow and fitted
Hand Embroidered Gowns at 95c (£/ kJ 1 I with tango bow at the side.
\\ hat is known as the American jLJ $1.48 Waists at 95c
made "French" underwear. \J Crcj.es. voiles and fine lingerie.
They are made of a fine quality Drawers 49c ]Vlost ol' tllom advanced spring
material with kimono sleeves and ~ _ models with long shoulders and
are hand scalloped and hand em- Regular values 09c Fhese are (|im . toirp ()thors ar(l
broidered with pretty spray de- finished with dainty antl heavy fini shed with Medici collars and
signs. They are of such a dainty embroidered edges in dotted and ruffs. They are each and every
make and design that they would eyelet work or with seallooed one at least $1.48 quality waists,
pride any boudoir. and embroidered flouncings. Special at 95c
Exquisite Embroideries at Special Prices
Our White Sale showing af dainty embroideries and flouncings at prices that are far below the
usual and defy competition.
AT 15c—We are .showing embroideries, florae- AT AOr , >„ , n „, „, . . r . _ „
ii.gs, edgings and corset coverings in a variety of , 49c-^1")0 vo--<' flouncings, 45 inches wide.
good patterns, made of the finest materials in Tll('S(l ar(; fo**nd iv a ****\\* variety of designs
widths that usually sell for 35c. popular for the new drapes. They are made of
—— I fabric that will not slip or stretch when laun-
AT 25c —You are offered the best embroidery
values of the year in the form of these all white __Z__^__lZ__l_Z_ZZZ_lZ_ZZ___~~
flouncings in widths 18, 27 and 45 inches, that j
sell regularly for 60c and 75c. AT 69c—Here you find $2.00 flouncings of voile,
batiste, T.a Suisse and crepe. The materials
at qq« ot I i am ■ . . Z m alone *****1 WOrtli almost twice our sale price.
AT 39c—27-mch and 4.5-inch embroidery f ounc- Tl ,", nvf „„ .- , . , r__
, n»■ , _ to • _li J Ins extraordinary value, siiecial at 69c
mgs, made of fine nainsook and La Suisse that J ' _j
are regular $1.25 values. Beautiful designs "
« AT $1.50 —The cream of all embroideries im-
ported from St. Gall, 45 inches wide, in designs
AT 98c-You may purchase $3.00 bordered that are all works of art. The material is the
flouncings 45 inches wide in handsome and „„,.,. a?,,*,.,.* „,,,iu tr c u\. », i i „ .._. i
, , M -, ■ *■ -I T xci > nneet quality oi t rench voile and the qual
claborate designs on fine voiles and crepes. Tn ■__, _. __*__. / , . , „ " M
spite of the high market on these materials, JJ of the work ls su,'h u8 1S ouly fou"d "» St.
these are only 98c Gull t'nd-i'oideries.
Special sales of women's and misses' suits, even- Men's $15.00 and $18.00 suits are being sold at
ing gowns, silk dresses as we 1! as children's coats Presel£ lg_f» men's section with direct entrance
- from Pacific avenue at the very special price of
and hats at half price now going on.—Second Floor $10.85.
Special Underwear Fabrics $1.25 chiffon taffeta silk at 85c yabd
We are offering standard merchandise of undoubted quality by We have this ln white and cream ln a 26-Inch lmnortud Rwii«
the piecs of 10 and 12 yards at very special prices at this sale. H || k Th) _ ,„ v . rv _■__._ _.„,,. ___ ___. _ " " ' «-••""■»
WftT TflU T rVMYir'T riTTT y rlnely w«ven and makes beautiful waists, un
mmWslJOU liUXIUtLUin Peteltpe and white petticoats. This material will not split or'
In various qualltieß and we ghts. i,,„.i, n_-_. .w- -.«i « ■.■ _ . .. . -, . .
10 yard. Mc 12 yard. *. »t.7« \ °*5 w hl t. Lv Regularly *,
-12 yards SI..W 12 yards *_.oo 9l'**' Wblte Sale OaC
12 yards $1.50 12 yards $2.50 «_■__■—•_•_—
ENGLISH NAINSOOK $1.19 AND $1.75 WHITE SILKS AT 80c ft $1.10
Another material ideally suited for underwear. -. a _ .
12 yards $1.08 12 yards $2.50 J6-1110" genuine, white India wash silks. These will warih like
12 yards $2.25 12 yards $3.00 mualln and are good heavy fabrlcn suitable for slips, men's white
BOXED NAINSOOK Bllk shirts, women's white silk underwear, children's wash dresses,
We are offering a box containing 10 yards of fine Chamois Fin- handkerchiefs, etc. The two prices refer to the two weight
.ah Nainsook. 39 inches wide. Worth $1.50. QO medium and heavy. This is a real Imported CI Ift and Of._.
opeclal at, per box JOC Mlk. Regularly $1.70 and $1.19, now •flilUandOUC
CROOKBTON, Minn., Jan. 7.—
After be had killed nine wolves
and exhausted his ammunition
tho remainder of a pack closed in
on a lone Indian and ate him up,
at tha Lake of the Woods.
Presidential party will leave here
Sunday night to return to Wash
Club Elects
Bungalow Park Improvement
club elected Fred Berto, presi
dent; George C. I tick man, vice
president; W. J. Brady, secretary,
and O. A. Calland, treasurer.
Autoists Meet
The new chauffeurs' associa
tion will banquet at the Olympic
club tonight.
Yoa ran "swap" anything by
using a Times Hmap ad. Wee Wan*
Ad page. *•

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