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Percentage* I'ncollected Is Low-
er Than Has Keen Isuhl.
Income Ol' I he County Kxreeds Out-
K<> for the Year By More Than
One Hundred Thousand.
The date of delinquency for the pay
ment of the last half of delinquent taxes
on real property expired November 30.
At that dale the receipts of the treas
urer's ollice were wit hin 18 per cent of
the total tax levied for 1899. At the
same time there is a large stack of tin
opened mail on hand which came in dur
ing the closing days of taxpaying time.
These letters contain remittances of an
unknown amount, hut it is certain there
are several thousands of dollars. These
will greatly reduce the percentage of
taxes remaining uncollected. The total
of all taxes levied for the year l*'.t'J was
$352,802. of tl.ir., .a the close of open
tazpaying time, November 30, exclusive
of the unopened mail, $65,206 remained
uncollected. This is a much better show
ing than usual of the 1898 taxes de
linquent $11,600 remain uncollected, but
this is less than the usual annual loss,
while payments are monthly being made
on this account.
During every month of the year tax
payments have Mowed in freely and there
was therefore not so irreat a rush as
usual during the closing month. Many
heavy taxpayers took advantage of the
law allowing a ."'> per cent rebate for
early and full payments.
Since January 1 the income of Whit
man county, from taxes official fees,
fines, penalties, interest, mileage of tax
collectors, etc., has been $365,670.74.
The disbursements have amounted to
The November collections were as fol
lows, for the different \ears:
L 899 $ 10,4(>7.17
LB9B 454.1'.t
1897 '2us 29
1896 330 32
1895 259.59
1894 . 2.".s ?s
Total tux receipts § 17,!145./S4
Official fees 854.80
Mileage of tax collectors :{l). 10
Taxes for 1893-2-1 219.12
Interest on delinquent taxes ... ,4,791.74
Total income for N0v....... £ 23,850.10
Previously reported since Jan. 1... 341,820.64
Total income since Jan. 1 f365.670.74
Cash Went Out.
The following disbursements were
made during November from the various
Schoool district fund §< y.UiK) 24
Special school fund .. 3,112.35
Koad district fond 2 ,'X-A ii:i
Current expense fund 8,126.23
Road and bridge fund 1,412.63
Indigent soldier fund 20.00
Total § 23,960.08
Previously disbursed since Jan. 1 . 237,839.99
Total since Jan. 1 §201,800.07
Oaketsdale Hoyw and Hestauraun
teur In Trouble.
Clarence Smith, aged 1~» and Leslie
Battdorf, a year or two older, were ar
rested last week at Oakesdale for the
theft of half a dozen chickens from Mrs
W. 11. I'isher. Battdorf was sentenced
by Justice Doneen to 20 days in jail,
and is now serving his time. Young
Smith the justice thought too young for
such punishment and he was sent before
the superior court as a candidate for the
reform school. Here his case was con
tinued for a month and he was sent
home on his good behavior, with a
promise of discharge if he could show a
clean record.
.1. H. Dwyer, proprietor of the Bon
Ton restaurant at Oakesdale, became
tangled up in the case by purchasing the
stolen chickens at 20 cents each. The
hoys said they made a bargain for the
sale before stealing the chickens, and
that Dwyer knew they were to be stolen.
An information was iiled in the superior
court charging him with receiving stolen
property. Dwyer was arrested and
arraigned Wednesday, pleading not
guilty. His case was set for December
12, and he was permitted to return home
on his own recognisance.
Typhoid and Scarlet Fever.
Typhoid and scarlet fever are the
diseases now troubling Colfax people
There are two serious cases of typhoid.
Mrs. P. C. Maguire is in a dangerous
condition from this fe\er, though her
physician thinks her recovery possible.
Judge E. K. H.iuna, suffered a relapse
when ou the road to recovery a few days
ago, and he has been delirious ever since
though still retaining a fair amount of
strength. His condition, however, is
critical. There are mild cases of scarlet
[ever in three homes. Mrs. Ortis Ham
ilton and two-year-old daughter have
practically recovered, but will not be
out of quarantine for several days yet.
The 6-year-old daughter of Mr. and Sirs.
W. E. Slate in North Colfax is a victim
of this fever, and the disease has also
appeared in the home of Mr. Walker in
South Colfj:x. All are under quarantine.
Opened in New Ouarters.
The Colfax Implement Company has
completed a new building on the site of
the pioneer house of Knapp. Burrell A:
Co. The larger part of the stock of the
company hus been removed to these
commodious quarters, 56x90 feet. The
company has recently been reorganized
by the addition of H. M. Moffatt, who
purchased the interest of J. \Y. Hereford.
-Mr. Moffatt is president and manager of
the new company, Aaron Kuhn vice
president and L D. Woodward secretary
and treasurer.
Stole a Small Dog.
C Soka. a Japanese cook with an
<>. K. A: V construction crew, was ar
rested at Hay Monday by Sheriff Canutt
on a warrant procured by Thos. Eaton
ofElberton. The charge was the theft
of a black and tan dog October 28. Mr
Eaton had been chasing him up and
down the line ever since. The dog was
recovered, and Mr. Soka soaked $10 and
costs of ?1.'5 by .Justice Kirkland \fter
two days in jail the tine was paid and
the little brown man released.
First Democratic Graft.
The county commissioners adjourned
Wednesday evening, after listening to
the tirpt grafting proposition from the
newly elected democratic officials. Com
missioner elect Hinchhff aod Sheriff -elect
Mackay called upon the hoard with a
demand that tin- county pay the prem
iums required to secure surety bonds
for county otbcers. The republicans
furuishMl their own bonds. D would
cost $1200 to meet the democratic
demands, and the commissioners very
properly turned the pocket-fattening
scheme down, with an intimation that
if the "reformers" wanted that $ 1200
they could vote it to themselves when
t bey got in.
Go Before Ijegislaiure
The content instituted recently in the
superior court against E. J. Durham,
declared by the canvassing hoard to
have been elected representative in the
Seventh district, wan dismissed Friday.
on the ground of non-jurisdiction of the
court. The scene has now shifted and
notice has heen nerved upon Mr. Dur
ham that the matter will be taken
before the legislature, noon to meet.
The contestant in the cane has also been
changed, \V. L. Lyon of Pullman being
substituted for John Jones to represent
the Allen m ( V of the contest.
President of Mining Company Im
Under Arrest.
Julius Bellach, president of the (iold
(reek Mining Milling Company, with
properties in the Kettle river country,
was arrested Tuesday morning on com
plaint of Pleas Lefraneis. The charge is
larceny by embezzlement of $900. It is
claimed various stockholders are losers
to the extent of $9000 through permit
ting Mr. Bellach to handle the affairs of
the company. The losers are said to he
I. Lefraneis $2500, Phi! Wilman $500,
Harter Bros. $5000, AugustSeiler $500,
Mr. Hoefer $500, and possibly one or
two others. The complaint, however, is
for but $900, drawn about h year ago
from the treasury, which it in claimed
Bellach appropriated to hi* own use in-
Btead of devoting it to the development
of the company property, for which pur
pose it h'hh drawn.
Bellach wan held by Justice Kirkland
under $1200 bonds, which be furnished
after a night or two spent in jail.
Aged Women Want Divorces.
Mrs. Clarissa .1. Morrison, aged G-t,
has hied a divorce complaint against
her husband, John Morrison, aged 68.
Judge McDonald has ordered the hus
baud to pay in #500 by December 14, an
temporary alimony and suit money.
Mrs. Anna Diethelm, aged <).'{, has also
instituted divorce proceedings against
her husband, Matt Deithelm. She auks
for half their property of $12,000, $50
a month during pendency ol the trial,
$50 costs and $250 attorney fees. The
court has issued an order to the hus
band to show cause why he should not
pay the alimony and costs, (ieo. Cott
rell has been granted a divorce from his
wife Allie Cottrell.
R M Johnston bought from Edgar
Torrance at Endicott Monday 150 head
of mutton Bheep at $:\ 50 a head. This
seems to he the ruling price in the i'a
lou-e country now.
Ernest, the 2-year-old son of Dr. and
Mrs. A. E. Stuht, wan badly bitten in
the face by a dog a few days ago, but
in not considered in danger of serious
The members of Colfax Lodge No. 24,
A. O. I. W., and the Degree of Honor
will bold Christmas tree festivities at the
lodge room Christmas eve, for the benefit
of children of the members.
Edward Johnson sold 28,000 bushels
of wheat to A. Kuhn Monday,and Leroy
Stilßon disposed of 12,000 i ushels to
the same buyer. The price paid wan 40
cents a bushel.
Mrs. Leonora Scruggs of Pine City
was Thursday adjudged insane and
ordered to the asylum.
J. S. Carter is out with a petition to
the newly elected council for appoint
ment as city marshal. ,1. W. Knifong is
also a candidate for the place.
Cy Neel was offered a few days ago £4
a head, run of the band, by a Montana
buyer, for his 3000 sheep He refused it.
The •). i; & X. in fencing its track with
wire between Colfax and Moscow.
Don Ryrie received the sad news Sat
urday of the death of his brother, Alex
Ryrie, at San Francisco, from consump
tion. Mr. Ryrie was a resident of Mos
cow and was on his way to Arizona in
search of relief.
A meeting of the Cbildrens' Home
Finding Society will he held at the home
of Mrs. W. T. Booth, Monday afternoon, j
December X)
Usual services at the United Presby
terian church next Sabbath. Preaching !
by the pastor, Rev. Win. W, R, id, both
morning and evening. At 11 a m , "The
Fifth Word:'" 7:.'50 p. q,., "A Sure
Pastor Collins will preach Sunday at
tin Baptist church, morning and even
ing. Morning theme, "Unwavering Res
olution;" communion following sermon.
Evening theme, "Winning Souls."'
The subject for the Christian Science'
lessou sermon for December !> is "Sacra- I
ment." Golden text: And hesaieth uu- j
to them, Ye shall drink indeed of my
cup, and he baptized with the baptism
that 1 am baptized with. Matthew
20:23 Responsive reading Luke 22:7
--20. All are invited.
Mrs. A. W. Mechliog entertained her
Sunday school class of twenty-two young
men at dinner last Wednesday evening.
A guessing contest was one of the fea
tures of the evening, John Grim winning
the prize. After dinner music and games
pleasantly passed away the time until
the wee sum" hours of the morning.
The Best Plaster.
A piece of tlannel dampened with
Chamberlain's Pain Balm and bound to
the affected parts is superior to any
plaster. When troubled with lame back
or pains in the side or chest, give it a
trial and you are certaiu to be more
than pleased with the prompt relief
which it affords. Pain Balm also cures
rheumatism. Cue application gives re
lief. For sale by all dn.-irnifcts.
Holiday presents, most useful and
valuable, City Jewelry Store.M. A. Rose,
Wanted—Good heavy horses. Call at
Farmers" Drug Store o
Call on H. W. Gofk for Insurance.
Beat Davenport By An Almost
Two To One Vote.
Convention Ticket Won Out On All
But Two Officers—Heavy
Vote Was Polled.
The annual municipal election, held
Tuesday, resulted in the election of the
regular citizens', or convention ticket,
with the exceptions of mayor and coun
cilman for the First ward. For these
offices Julius Lippitt, heading the inde
pendent, or petition, ticket, beat W. J.
Davenport, the convention nominee—
285 to 151, and John IMngle de
feated J. A. Byrns for the council in the
First ward, 90 to 41.
Great interest in the choice of city
officers was shown. The vote of 441 for
tlie three wards of the city was the
greatest ever cast in a municipal elec
tion, the interest being engendered by
the sharp contest at the general election
held a month ago.
Vote liy Wards.
In the First ward 135 ballots were
cast, as follows:
For mayor—
Lippitt 1,17
Davenport 36
Lippitt's majority 11l
Council man-at-large —
Yon Soehnen 77
Wheeler 4S
Yon Soehneu's majority 29
Councilman —
Dingle 90
Byrns ..'..'..'. 41
Dingle's majority .... 4<)
1 J
Clerk -Brain well ..11l
Treanurer —DePledge HI
Attorney—Warner 113
Second Ward
The Second ward cast 208 ballots, as
For mayor—
Lippitt ..129
Davenport 77
Lippitt'h majority 52
Wheeler 117
Yon Soehnen , 87
Wheeler's majority AQ
P.Codd isi
Roland Reid 75
Codd's majority "it;
Clerk - Bram well 189
Treasurer—DePledge 170
Attorney—Warner 177
Third Ward
The Third ward vote was 98, as fol
For mayor—
Lippitt 59
Davenport 3g
Lippitt's majority 21
Councilman-at large—
Wheeler (J(J
Yon Soehnen 30
Wheeler's majority 36
Councilman —
Mastin . (12
E. 11. Kirkland ;-Sl
Mastin's majority :)1
Clerk —Bram well 83
Treasurer- DePl«dge (J3
Attorney—Warner 72
Ward Totals.
Following are the totals and ma
jorities received by each candidate. The
majorities are to the right of winning
Lippitt 285—134
Davenport ,151
Wheeler 231— 37
Yon Soehneu 11)4
1 Hngle 90— 4'.t
Byrns 41
Codd ..13] 56
lleid 7;" i
Martin. 62— 31
X irklainl ;51
: Bramwell .383
DePledge 350
Warner 362
Howard Bramwell for clerk, 11. (i De-
I Pledge for treasurer, and E. M. Warner
j for attorney, had no opposition, and
i each ran well up to the total vote.
A. O. U. W. Election.
An election of officers for Colfax Lodge
No. 14, A. O. U. W., was held Tuesday
evening. The following were chosen for
i the ensuing year: R. I. Hill, P. M W ;
('has Platt, M. W.; P. B. Stravens',
foreman; (J. M. Lommasson, overseer;
1. B. Doolittle.recorder; Chas. F.Stuart,
financial secretary; H. J. Wilcox. record
ing secretary; F. Pooley, guard; V. K.
■ Moore, inside watchman; \. W. Ward,
outside watehmau.
Marriage Licenses.
The following couples have been
licensed to wed during the week: Philip
J. Ochs and Katie Schierman, Endicott;
F. E. Hungate and Josie Stewart, Pull
man; Horace E Jnhnson, Palouse. and
Rebecca A. Newman, Plainview, Oregon;
■ G. P. Shireman, Endicott, and Elsie Hol
brook, Colfax; J. M. Copenhaven and
Mrs. Josie Knott, Pullman.
I .
How to Cure Croup.
Mr. K. Gray, who lives near Atnenia,
Duchess county, N. V., says: "Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy is the best
medicine I have ever used. It is a fine
children's remedy for croup and never
fails to cure.'" When given as soon as
, the child becomes hoarse, or even after
I the croupy cough has developed, it will
prevent the attack. This should be
borne in mind and a bottle of the Cough
Remedy kept at hand ready for instant
use as soon as these symptoms appear.
For sale by all druggists.
J. W. Poteet, proprietor of the Colfax
Candy Factory, has learned the secret of
your "sweet tooth" and is prepared to I
cater to it with the finest and largest
stock of pure sweetmeats ever offered to
the people of Colfax and Wbitmau |
county. Mail orders will receive prompt
aud careful attention,,
Splendid holiday stock, which includes I
something for every person, something !
for every purse. City Jewelry Store, M.
A. Rose o
Wanted—By a competent woman, po 1
sition as housekeeper in the home of a !
widower or bachelor, or will do house- !
work. Apply at Gazette office.
If you want Insurance, or a collection '
promptly made, call on Eacho, Larue & :
Co., the real estate hostlers.
Henry Myers and W'm. Thomas left
Monday evening on visits east. Mr.
Myers went to his old home in southern
Micbigau and Mr. Thomas to Tennessee.
They expect to return in a few weeks.
W. C. Goddard of Dayton spent
Thanksgiving week with his brother-in
law, M. A. Rose.
Miss Addie Davenport, sister of the
famous cartoonist, Homer Davenport,
left Tuesday for her home at Silverton,
Oregon, after a week spent with the
family of her cousin, W. J. Davenport.
Mrs. Seymour Manning has gone to
Kentucky, where she will spend the win
ter in search of good health.
W. J. Hamilton went to Spokane
Tuesday morning to attend a stockhold
ers' meeting of the Lakeview Mining
Company, in which he is interested.
Mrs. W. A. Mitchell, returned Satur
day from a visit of several months at
Pittsburg, Pa , where *he was for some
time in a hospital, but is now fully re
Miss Stella Perkins is spending the
week with Walla Walla relatives.
Prosecuting Attorney Inmau spent
Sunday at Spokane, a guest of his
daughter, Mrs. H. C lilair.
Mrs. John W. Flesber returned Satur
day from Beppner, Oregon, where she
spent some time with her parents.
Mrs. E. C. Warner and daughter Elsie
of Spokane are guests of Miss Margaret
Miss Kaulbach, formerly a nurse in a
Pittsburg hospital, accompanied Mrs.
W. A. Mitchell home and will remain
Unclaimed letters.
List of letters remaining uncalled for
in the Colfax postofflee. Nov. .'{<) th, 1900:
Allen, Sadie Miss McVigere, Jan
Eaton, T L Morrison, Win
George, Mr Myers, i' C
Hawthorn, Joseph Okaifey, X I
Harris, A .1 Peahody, Adam
Leary, W () Siynder, Henry
Martin, John Thomas, A E
Morgan, Simon Yon Dyke, Mr (2)
Dec. 7.
Bernheim, A Hauson, N P
Alexander, T E Harrison, Miss Cora
Anderson,MiesLydia Hoar, Mrs Th H
Cahill, Edward James, Miss Eva
Cram, Mrs E E Leckie, Pud
f>illn, I II Reid, Wm I)
Dunn, Daniel Kufenacht, Fred
Gordon, Lee Turner, Miss Etfie
Hawk, Mrs May Western, H W
One cent postage will be collected.
James Ewabt, P. M.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for
any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney, & Co.. Props., Toledo, O.
We the underpinned, have known K. J.
Cheney for the lant 15 years, and believe him
perfectly honorable in all business transac
tions and financially able to carry out any
obligation made by their firm.
West & Truax, Wholesale Druggists, To
ledo, O.
Walding, Kinnan & Marvin, Whjlesale
Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system. Price, 7oc. per Lottie.
Sold by all druggists. Testimonials free.
Hall's Family Pills ar9 the best.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if it fails
to cure E. W. Grove's signature is on
each box. Price 2."> cents.
Look into your mouth and you will
Hud a "sweet tooth." It needs nourish
ment and the Colfax Candy Factory cnn
supply what will he good for it. All
mothers, wives, sisters and sweethearts
have the tooth and expect something
for it about thia time*
For Sale Cheap—A number of Whitman
County Atlases; new. Apply at Bank of
Colfax, or address, Mrs. J. F. Fuller.
W axtkk—A good second hand horse
power to run chop mill. Geo. H. Mc-
Guire, Thornton, Waeh o
Wanted—Girl tor general housework.
Apply to Mrs. Ivan Chase, South Colfax.
Qo to Hotel Hart, Winona, for good
treatment. First class house o
H. VV.Goff writes reliable [NBUBAXCB.
Fully illustrated. Boards, 80c. Cloth, me.
By Dorothy Brooks. Illustrated Price
boards, JOc.
For Grammar Grades.
By Mara L. Pratt. Boards 40c.
Fully illustrated. Boards, 30c. Cloth, 40c
Paper edition, 10c. Cloth, Joe
Publications of the
Write me for price list before you send away
1 can save you money.
Newton V. Rows,
Col fax, Washington.
Books Worth Reading
WE HAVE THEM: The popular ro
mances of the day, the standard works of
the best authors, history, poetry, fiction.
Also a fine assortment of books for b>ys and
girls. Picture books for the little ones
Don't overlook our confectionery department
CHAS. KKXXEL, P. O. Store!
Lock and $ Sewing Machines
n -i-i ? GuilS an(l
(jiinsmitli. Ammunition.
All Kinds of Repairing.
Gr-REA. rr
The amputation of the hand often saves the arm;
A loss now on goods is better for us than to cany
Itliis season's stock into next season.
Now is your opportunity to save- our time to
lose; but it sometimes pays to lose.
No Matter The Sacrifice
We are out to Lower Records
And we are doing it.
We are going to make a Clean Sweep. See posters for pritvs.
Sale commences Nov. 17, ends Dec SO.
When You Want Supplies
The city merchant has very few facilities for baying and selling which the
country merchant does not also possess. In fact, tht> advantages on the whole an
on the side of the country dealer. His rent in much less. His general expenses are
much less. Why then does so much trade go to outside cities, which ol ri^ht
Bhould he distributed throughout the neighborhood in which your lot in cant?
Because the country dealer lets it no there.
Whatever the state of affairs may be in other Palonse Country stores, we Mill
not sell you cotton for wool, nor jute for flax. We buy for each; we seU for cash;
We buy in large quantities; this means another big saving. We ask no one to
trade with us simply because we are in business in this neighborhood. We do
not ask your patronage as a right; 'we ask you to come here because
It Pays You to Buy in Colfax.
The meaner sorts of merchandise we have no time to bother with: neither
have you if we judge the trading public aright, (lean, honest, reliable stuff, at
lowest prices, is what intelligent buyers are looking for. We keep none other.
V J I A X k^^ a i /\
4 S the holidays are approaching an everybody is commenc
iA ing to look for presents, we call your attention to our
large and well assorted lines of
Ladies' Tailor Suits, Fur Collarettes,
Jackets, Woolen and Silk Waists
and the Latest Dress Patterns. ♦
Try a pair of our $2.50 Ladies' Shoes, the best wearing
and fitting shoe to be had for the price. Just received a new
stock of Gent's Dress shoes, in Vici, Velour Calf and Cloth
Top Goods. Our lines of Men's and Boys' Clothing is equally
well assorted and contains many bargains.
All Goods Marked in Plain Figures.
Pioneer Merchant, Col lax, Washington
It will pay you to examine
Before investing your money in a Chop Mill.
Some of it.H features:
No Burrs to Wear Out. No Uears. Only Six Bearims.
Mills specially adapted to wind mill power.
All sizes op to 3% tons capacity per hour.
Manufactured by PARLEY IKON WORKS, Colfax, Wash.
Christmas Presents Cheap
But Not Cheap Christmas Presents.
The Colfax Drug Store
(Next Door to the Post Oflice)
onrinn^^ ntht l)"l mbV°te^ to Sl»»f?»ter the Prices
S™ pLS? « V GK°°, (lS -n 'Hpecml att™tion m cHlled to the line of
SSK'ttdKi^ HOld regardleHß of cost- Ca"and ~
Telephone, Main 1. C. F. STUART, Propr.
Hotel Colfax, J-D- Hagan > -p^p^tor.
The Leading Hotel in the City.
All Modern Conveniences. Free Samp)e RoomH
Lighted by Becfcrridty. Commercial Men.
Ilotel Cate au<l V*™* Bar in connection.
Marble and Granite Works
d.mill^rdaco.^eu> r . Cattle and Hogs.
Monuments, Headstones, Tablets
All Kiuds of Cemetery Work. Payß hi^heat market price.
Call and see sumple« w,n-Jtree
~ ■ . Colfax, Washington
dr J Hre'a?i Do d o .lo s t ou rh r s',i»? esp^r j&vsss a^-s ■* «*d
r g dßsr llar 'etc-Apply at coiL F -^ *» L aa h" fi j-ToS
LIU j Cro^

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