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The Bolivar Bulletin.
nuon Williams, XiDiTUK.
Progress Telephone No. 17.
Mr. Fosteh is a member
of the committees on Judicia
ry and Public Roads.
The Selmer Symposium
has been purchased by Mr.
R. M. Houston and the name
of the paper changed to the
Weekly Post.
The Legislature in joint
convention on January 10
elected E. AV. Garmack Unit
ed States Senator for the term
beginning March 4, 1901,
and Reau E. Folk State
The spectacle of women
button-holing members of
the Legislature in hotel lob
bies and kneeling at their
feet in caucus in order to se
cure votes for Librarian, is
sufficient reason to change
the present method of elec
tion. The office should be
made appointive.
Mr. Romine, Democrat,of
Pulaski, has introduced bills
in the House providing for
the election of Superintend
ents oi fublic ocnools and
the Commissioner of Agri
culture by popular vote. The
nearer such matters are
brought to the people, the
better for a.l concerned.
Lawyers have their bar
associations, doctors have
their medical associations, ed
itors have their press associa
tions, in fact nearly all pro-
fessions are organized for
the advancement of their in
terests; therefore, we can see
no reasonable or sensible ob
jection to farmers holding in
On Tuesday Januarv, 22,
a Mayor, Marshal and Board
of Aldermen are to be elect
ed by the qualified voters of
the corporation of Bolivar,
to serve for one year. All of
these are important positions,
and they should be held only
by men who have the wel
fare and interest of the town
at heart.
A bill, has been introduc
ed by Mr Anderson, Demo
crat, of Hickman Countv, in
the House, "To repeal the
act providing for the disposi
tion of unclaimed bodies of
persons who die in charitable
and penal institutions in coun
ties now having a population
of 40,000 or over, and to cre
ate a commission for this
purpose, and to provide for
the punishment of any vio
lation of this act." We are
not familiar with the details
of Mr. Anderson's bill, but
any measure which legalizes
traffic in dead bodies should
be defeated. Some member
should introduce a bill to re
peal this obnoxious act. It
has been a blot and a stain
upon the statutes of Tennes
see too long already.
Proceedings Circuit Court.
(Continued from last week.)
State vs. Otis Shearin, attempt to
have carnal kuowledge of female
under 10 years of age; forfeiture
taken on bond.
State vs. Will Crisp, larceny; four
years in penitentiary.
State vs. Will McAtee, larceny;
three years in penitentiary.
State vs. Jesse Dodson, carrying
pistol; fined $50 and cost.
State vs. Luke. Jones, larceny;
one year in penitentiary.
State vs. Jim Fuller, attempt to
commit murder in second degree;
fined $15.00 and costs.
State vs. Duff Clark, murder in
first degree; not guilty.
State vs. Charley Morrow, mur
der; defendant ordered sent to Asy
lum. State vs. Will Williams, murder;
20 years in penitentiary.
E. W. and L. II. Pirtle vs. Ladd
Shingle Co., damages; mistrial.
New trial ordered.
! Tennese s Electors.
The Tennessee Electoral
j College met in the
the Ijrovernor at
Monday for the
' a. . a . 1 i I . m
cabtui tue electoral vote 01, uum iumcu ioJa, m u)uc-, greatest newspapers appeared. Si
the State. There were pres-i8lde 8takes- The feature of this burg, Va. He migrated from that j Louis, which was then a mere over
ent the following members:' year'8 events wiu be the match be" ftaif toPnnessee " 182, locating' grown town on lhe we8leni frontier
State at Large, E. E. Eslick,
of Giles County, and J. B.
Frazier, of Hamilton Coun
ty; 1st district, Baxter Tay
lor, of Washington County;
2nd district, John W. Staples,
of Roane County; 3rd dis
trict, J. J. Lynch, of Frank
lin County; 4th district Wal
ter Faulkner, of WilsonCoun
ty; 5th district, A. B. Neil,
of Marshall County; Gth dis
trict, M. II. Meeks, of David
son County; 7th district, R.
B. Williams, of Lawrence
County; 8th district, T. C.
Rre, of Benton County; 9th
district, AV. W. Craig, of
Crockett County; 10th dis
trict, W. II. Carroll, of Shel
by County.
The College organized bv
electing J. B. Frazier, Chair-
man and T. C. Rye Secretary,
and then Went into executive
cession. The vote was cast
for W. J. Bryan for Presi-
When it came to the selec-
tion of a messenger to carry
the returns to Washington
eleven candidates were nomi-
nated, and after thirteen bal-
lots had been cast without
obtaining a result, T. C. Rye,
who was not a candidate, was
nominated bv Mr. Eslick and
chosen without a dissenting
The college then adjourn -
ed until 4 p. m., when it
met and signed the required
papers, which are three in
number, and are certificates
of the vote cast by them. One
copy is carried to Washing-
ton bv a messenger commis-
sioned to deliver it to the
President of the Senate. An-
Other is sent to him through
the mails, and the third is
deposited with the Federal
J lldge Ot this district.
Oil the second Wednesday
in February, at 1 p.- m., the
houses of Congress meet in
joint session in the hall of
the House of Representatives
tO count the votes and an-
ilOUllCe the result, the I res-
ident of the Senate presiding",
Nashville American.
In Safe Hands.
RALEIGH, N. C. January,
15. The Democrats assum-
Pf nnntrol nf the States .,f I
, i . c. .
iiooh touay auer su years oi
Republican and Populist ad-
ministration, Ohas. 15. Ay-J
cock succeeding Hon. Dan
L. Russell as Governor. In
his inaugural address Gov.
Aycock reviewed the history
of the adoption oi the con
stitutional amendment in this
State and contended that it
does no injustice to the ne
gro, but that it really bene
fits him. He urged the Leg
islature to make ample pro-
vision ior education. n
wuo,,,' VJ,V"'
-1 nave oeen elected as a
I i . "I - I
Democrat 1 Shall ad minis-
er the high office to which
I hnvp hppn p.'illpd in nnpord-
. ,:!. K Mr1
unuu wii l lilt; uuiinua auui
. . pi
principles oi tnat gieai, puny,
OUt 1 WISH It distinctly under-
W 1 . 1 ' A 1 1 I
stood that I shall strive to be
a instOovernor of all theneo-
i' o,l ,f,T
P . P y.
color or creed, ine law win
be enforced with impartiali
ty, and no man s petition
shall be unheard and unde-
cidetl because he differs from
me in politics or color. My
obligation 13 to the State, and
the State is all her citizens,
No man is SO high that the law
shall not be enforced against
him, and HO man IS SO low
that it shall not reach down
to lift him lip, if may be, and
set him on his feet again and
bid him godspeed to better
things." a
Fortunes in Field Dogs.
This is the season of the year for
the Southern field trials. During
the middle of February the annual
derby for setter and pointer dogs
will be run at Grand Junction, a
small station a few miles east of
Memphis, in the section where nuail
r , -
' is probably more abundant than
: anywhere else in the world. The
winner of the derby is always class-
ed as the chamPion doS of ths Unit
a - - .
WU nr Tl XTO I m i lli.noi ma fnti l-O HHA
I flFDon Ihn xhtmn nn frnm Ihn P orrn
........ :
Lorillard, Jr.'s, kennel, and a set-!
Loril lard's
office of e(l ptes, and besides the derby this vine ueignoornoou, regrei me loss United States west of the Missouri
1 oVlook year lhere bas been arranged a "u- "r"u a ,u anil Kaw rivers was a trackless wil-
between ciniue reoresenta- T x'"u' wu" , ' e,ness. nearly half a century ago,'
purpose of Inaicu ueiween canine representa killed bv accident. Mr. Kidd was .u ,v. f r Tr
ter dog from the mammoth training j kind husband and affectionate fa- St. Globe-Democrat, has kept !
and wintering establishment of J. ther, being highly esteemed by all 1 pace wjti1 the progress of its city!
M. Avent at Hickory Valley, Tenn. I WD. knew him. lie embraced . and section. It has been, from its '
.7 ,jr.i . ... . : nrsi issue to i ne nrespnt. limp i ha
-1 1 r it
Avent is in charge of the great game
preserves of H. B. Duryea, the Bos
ton millionaire, and he has recently
been authorized by the Bostonian
to challenge the Lorillard dog for
a match for $1,000 a side to settle
ror once ana an, tne mooted ques
tion of superiority.-
Dogmen, as a rule, are as much
in earnest about their animals as
horsemen, and the amounts they
wager during the annual field trials,
especially among the millionaire
fanciers, would surprise the average
person. Lorillard's dogs are the
love of his sporting life. He con-
UrIs one of the largest game pre
serves in the world, in West Ten
"essee, and he has quartered there
thousands of dollars worth of val
"able sporting dogs
Tennessee is the greatest State in
the Union for the training and win
tering of fine dogs. Memphis is the
home of the old original Gladstone,
who won trophy after trophy and
prizes in every part of the United
States. Gladstone was imported to
America direct to Memphis by P
Ul - Bryson, and Gladstone's blooc
is coursing through the veins o
some of the finest setters of the laiui
.Near Memphis is situated the
game preserves of XV. C Whitney,
George Gould, Pierre Lorillard and
H. B. Duryea. Charles Sturdivant,
of Stanton, Tenn., is in charge of
the Lorillard and Gould kennels; J
M. Avent is in charge of the great-
est kennels in the world, owned by
a syndicate and located at Hickory
Valley, Tenn. Mr. Duryea is the
head of the syndicate, and spends
much of his time from his Boston
interests hunting in the mammoth
game preserve. Mr. Avent is rec
ognized as one of the foremost traiu-
ers of the day and an authority on
all matters pertaining to blue-blood
ed docs
XV. C. Whitney is never happier
than when trudging along behind
! some of his fine hunters, waiting for
his dogs to set" a covey of quail
His preserves and training place are
located at Hickory Valley, and the
wmtney ana uaryea places com
bineel cover over 2:1,000 acres of
. , p nf pvpw llM,.pintiftn
abounds there, and an annual fox
chase is held each year with a crowd
of ew l orkers as invited guests.
Commercial Appeal.
Boll of Honor.
. The following have subscribed
for and renewed their subscriptions
to the Bulletin since our last issue:
G. W. Childress Milan, Tenn.
G. M. Savage Bolivar.
I. M. Emerson Bolivar.
W. A. Carulbers Bolivar.
A. R. Fulghum Crainesville.
Dr. J. D. Sasser Middleton.
IT S. SassPr.. MiddlPtrm
" ' -----w------
F Am shearin Bolivar
B. F. Breeden Bolivar.
Mrs. M. J. Clift Memphis, Tenn
w- K bparkman .. .Jackson, lenn
o. r. iuuruaugn l oone.
n n m i i ri-
r,, a , cm
Jesse bcoggins Silers
R. aL Callahan Saulsbury.
. -
Haywood Harris (c) Bolivar.
D. E. Durrett Bolivar.
F - D- Aver8 Pba-
Mrs. Mollie Siler Pine Top
J. M. Johnson Toone.
Distressing Accident.
Editok Bulletin Mr. Allie
Dunnaway, in trying to get off a
moving train at Hickory Valley last
Wednesday, was drawn under the
cars and had his left arm , badly
crushed up to the elbow; also four
ghastly wounds on the scalp, and
three frightful punctures on the
fore scato. The wounds on the
back of the head were about three I
inches lon.
I was called to the case and after
few preliminaries I amputated the
arm above the elbow and Dr. Tay
lor stitched up the wounds. The
patient is improving rapidly.
Many thanks to Dr. Taylor and
to Messrs. James P. Chambers,
Moorman McAnnlty, John Easley,
A. A. Martin, Jim Lambert and
Claude McKinnie for their prompt
and valuable assistance.
P. II. McKinnie, M.D.
Hickory Valley,- Jan. 15, 1901.
representative in tne annual neiabeen a consistent, christian member
trials held at Grand Junction last -of the Crainesville Methodist
year, and since that time there hasChurch. He has left a wife and
been rivalry between the two forces. ' two dauglu? and a host of friends
In Memorlam.
We, the citizens of the Craines-
1 HI I- r. r. -ir-- I T 1
in . x ri iiMWNfrJK uiiii v t i-i r- mil vui
! to West lenDessee.
iir. IVlUQ naS
maae a iaituiui ana loyal citizen,
owui "ccii
years ago, and since then he baa
to mourn Lis loss. lie nas gone,
forever gone from this world, where
disappointments and bereavements
come, to dwell with the Father of
1 1 -.1.
heaven and earth, never more to re
turn. We all may, by following
his footsteps, some day enjoy the
divine gift that our friend and
brother is now enjoying.
Mre. Maggie (Clark) the beloved
wife of Mr. John V. Caruthers,
died at his home near the Hospital,
Saturday, January lith, at 3 o'clock
As we gathered with her kindrec
ones and many friends on Sunday
evening to manifest our sympathy
for the broken hearted husband and
dear little daughter, Louis, four
years old, and to pay a' tribute of
respect to the departed wife ant
mother, looking upon the casket in
which her wasted form was incased
for burial, we were led to inquire
why is it so that the loveliest, the
purest, the best, are so early taken
away? The thought came, they
are better fitted for the happiness,
the peace and the purity of heaven,
thau for the storms and troubles of
this life, hence God in mercy and
love takes them to himself. The
gateway to heaven is through the
dark portals of death, but to those
who had loved and trusted in Christ
as she has done, ''there is light in
the valley." Maggie, early, with
two sisters and three brothers, was
left an orphan. She was tenderly
reared in the family of Mr. Tom
Richardson, of this couuty. Ar
riving at womanhood, she secured a
position as attendant at the Western
Hospital for the Insane. Here she
won the heart, and live years ago
before the altar, pledged to be
loving and true wife to him who
now so deeply mourns her death.
May the remembrance of the many
christian .graces that adorned her
beautiful life be a solace to hi
wounded heart aud inspire him to
train the dear little daughter to
walk in the footsteps of her sainted
Sister Caruthers was for several
years a member of the M. E. Church
South. After marriage to Brother
Caruthers, she united with the New
Hope congregation of the Cumber
land Presbyterian Church. By her
patience, gentleness and kindness
she won the respect and love of all
with w hom she was brought in con
Tli liiA(linro c 1 1 r v.- J v n nna cltnr
nas gone beiore, the other, Mrs.
McClish, of Whiteville, was per
mitted to be with her often during
her protracted sickness and was
present when her washed soul went
out of the frail borty.
We buried her in Union Cemetery
at Bolivar. Dear will be the mem
ory of her many virtues.
Her Pastor
ilerbine should be used to enrich
and purify the blood; it cures all
forms of blood disorders, is espec
ially useful in fevers, skin erup
tions, boils, pimples, blackheads,
scrofula, salt rheum and every form
of blood impuriety; it is a safe and
effectually cure. Price, 50 cents.
Sold by W. J. Cox-
It Girdles the Globe.
The fame of Bucklens Arnica
Salve, as the best in the world, ex
tends round the earth. Tt?s the one
perfect healer of cuts, corns, burns,
bruises, sores, scalds, boils, ulcers,
felons, aches, pains and all skin
eruptions. (July mtallible pile cure.
25c a box at W. J. Cox s.
Blown to Atoms.
The old idea that the body some
times Deeds a powerful, drastic pur
gative pill has been exploded; for
Dr. King's New Life Pills, which
are perfectly harmless, gently stim
ulate liver and bowels to expel pois
onous matter, cleanse the system
and absolutely cure constipation and
sick headacae. Only 25c at W . J
Cox's drug store.
A Prominent Chicago Wo
man Speaks.
Prof. Iloxa Tyler, of Chicago,
ce-President Illinois Woman's
Alliance, in speaking of Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy, says: 44I
suffered with a severe cold this win
ter which threatened to run into
pneumonia. I tried different reme
dies but I seemed to grow worse
and the medicine upset my stomach.
A friend advised me to try Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy and I
found it was pleasant to take and it
relieved me at once. 1 am now en
tirely recovered, saved a doctors bill,
time and suffering, and I will not be
without this splendid medicine
aain." For sale by W. J. Cox,
Bolivar; J. W. Nuckolls, Toone.
j TheGreatModeraNewspaper.
When all that Dortion of the
r r . i - . - i .
() I ! I V 1 1 1 Zn Otl - fl AH I PVP Onffll 111 n Q
1 frrpaf rnm tn trri 1 1 niolrMi.nlla .1
a. tiJal reat modern news?athorer. thp i
e ...... o, aim
hrgi 18Suft fo ihft nrpspnt t mA
J children's tutor, the youth's coun-(
selor, the woman o companion, the!
farmer's instructor and friend. Its'
circulation extends to every state
and territory of the Union, to Cau
ada and Mexico, and to every part
of the world where there ore read
ers of the English language. It
ought to be in your homeVurin"
J.-3 J O
the coming year. See advertise-!
merit elseVhere in this issue
If troubled with a weak digestion,
belching, 60ur stomach, or if you
feel dull after eating, try Chamber
lain's stomach and liver tablets.
Price 25 cents. Samples free alW.
J. Cox's, Bolivar; J. W. Nuckolls',
Many of the blotches, pimples
and other affections of the skin are
caused by the failure of the liver
and kidneys to cast off impurities,
which remain in the system. Iler
bine will stimulate the liver and
kidneys, and cleanse the system of
all impurities. Price, 50 cents.
Sold by W. J. Cox.
Cut this out and take it to W. J.
Cox, Bolivar; J. V. Nuckolls,
Toone, and get a free sample cf
Chamberlain's stomach and liver
tablets, the best physic. They also
cure disorders of the stomach, bil
iousness and headache.
Thousands Sent Into Exile.
Every year a large number of poor
sufferers whose lungs are sore and
racked with coughs are urged to go
to another climate. But this is
costly and uot always sure. Don't
be an exile when D-. Kings New
Discovery for Consumption will
cure you at home. It's the most
infallible medicine for coughs,
colds and all throat and lun" dis
eases on earth. The first dose
brings relief. Astounding cures re
sult from persistent use. Trial bot
tles free at W. J. Cox's. Price 50c
and $1. Every bottle guaranteed.
The Mother's Favorite.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is
the mother s favorite. It is pleas
ant and safe for children to take
and always cures. It is intended
especially lor coughs, colas, croup
and whooping cough, and is the
best medicine made lor these dis
eases. There is not the least dau
ger in giving it to children for it
contains no opium or other mju
nous uru ami may De given as
confidently to a babe as to an adult.
For sale by XV. J. Cox, Bolivar; J
W. Nuckolls, Toone.
Beat Out of an Increase of
His Pension
A Mexican war veteran and prom
inent editor writes: beeing the
advertisement of Chamberlain's Col
ic Cholera and Diarrbcea Remedy,
1 am reminded that as a soldier in
Mexico in '47 and '4S, I contracted
Mexican diarrhoea and this remedy
has kept me from getting an in
crease in my pension lor on every
renewal a dose of it restores me."
It is unequalled as a quick cure for
diarrhoea and is pleasant and safe
to take, ror sale by W. J. Cox,
Bolivar; J. W. Nuckolls, Tooue.
A Seep Mystery.
It is a mystery why women endure
backacue, headache, nervousness,
sleeplessness melancholy, fainting
and dizzy M-cils when thousands
have proved that Electric Bitters
will quickly cure such troubles. "I
suffered for years wth kidney trou
ble," writes Mrs. Phebe Cherley,
of Peterson, la., "and a lame back
pained me so I could not dress my
self, but Electric Bitters wholly
cured me, and, although 73 years
old, I now am able to do all my
nousewor. it overcomes consti
pation improves appetite, gives per
fect health. Only 50c at W. J.
Cox's drug store.
Of Interest to Stockholders
Of the Illinois Central It. II. Free
transportation to attend the spe
cial meeting at Chicago.
Public notice is hereby given that a special meet
ing of the stockholders ot the Illinois Central Kail
road Company will be held at the Company's- office
in Chicago, Il'linoi, on Saturday, January "26, laol,
at eleven o'clock in the forenoon.
To permit personal attendance at this meeting,
there will be iss led to each stockholder of one or
more shares ot the Capital Stock of the Illinois Cen
tral Kailrond Company, as registered on the books
of the Company, a ticket enabling him or h'er to
travel free over the Company's Lines from the sta
tion on the Illinois Central Railroad nearest to his
or her registered address to Chicago and return,
such ticket to be good for the journey to Chicago
only during the four days immediately preceding,
and the day of the nieetim;, and for the return
journey from Chicago only on the day of the uieet-
l i v. t - A- l r. . ... ; t . . i ,r 1 1 ; .
1U, IUC jvui . 9 muuuCT. ioicij IVI1V.1UK.
when properly countersigned and stamped during
business hours that is to say, between 9.00 a. in.
and 5.00 p. m. in the office of the Assistant Secre
tary, Mr. W. G. Bruen in Chicago. Such ticket
may be obtained by any registered holder of stock
on application, in writing, to the President of the
Company in Chicago. Each application must
state the full name and address of the stockholder
exactly as (riven in his or her Certificate of Stock,
together with the number and date of such Certifi
cate. Ko more than one person will le carried free
in respect to any one holding of stock as registered
on the books of the Company.
For the purpose of this meeting the Stock Trans
fer books will be closed at three o'clock p. ni. en
Thursday, December 20, 1900, and remain closed
until the moruiog of Monday, January 7, 1901.
A. li. HACKSTA1 F, Seeretarr.
v a., V V V a V. ij
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in use for over 30 years,
4 y2" sonal supervision since its infancy,
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Infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
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I V7 Vi7 -Z7 Lr
O. T. INGRAM, President.
W. C. DORION, Castiier.
JOHN L. MITCHELL, Assis't Cashier,
Directors G. T. Ingram, D. E. Durrett, Jno. W. Nuckolls,
W. T. Anderson, G. M. Savage, W. C. Dorion, Jno. P. Douglas.
WTransacta a General BankinKjBusiness. Deposits Solicited.
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27 vS7 tz? sr 'sz? tzs -5"
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Paper of America.
One Dollar a Year.
news of the wwrld, in full telegrams, is contained in
Its departments devoted to "The Farm, Garden
W3a.de. the Weekly Globe-Democrat, issuetf'in
is without a rival in all the West,
40 to CO Pages.
One Year -f;2.00
6 Months 1.0a
"5- v

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