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The Bolivar Bulletin.
Hugh "Williams. Editor.
Progress Telephoxe No. 17.
Friday, December 13, 1901.
If South Carolina is satisfied
with her Senators no outsider should
For the first time since the civil
war there is not a colored man in
It is said that Hon. A. W. Stov
all, of Jackson, will be a candidate
for Dircuit Judge of this district.
It will tax an active mind and
deplete a well-tilled purse to ''re
member the poor" this Christmas;
but they must not be forgotten.
Speaker, Henderson announced
the House committees Tuesday.
Representative Patterson was assign
ed to the committee on Insular Af.
fairs, which will be the most im
portant committee this session.
A meeting, held in Chicago Sun
day night to protect against the
methods of Great Uritain in the
South African war, was attended by
thousands, h'or the relief of the
Btricken women and children in tht
South African camps, contributions
were asked and nearly six thousand
dollars were received.
It is a fact that protected manu
facturers in the United States sell
their products cheaper to foreigners
than to home people. Of course,
they put the price to the highest
limit in every market; but if they
have competition in a foreign mar
ket they can make a profit by sell
ing for less 'ban they extort from
American consumers', who are shut
out from the benefits of competition
by the tariff. These are truths
which the people should remember,
and they should not forget that the
republican party is responsible for
this coudition of affairs.
At the January term of Quarter
ly Court, oidy a few weeks off,
among other important business to
be transacted will be the election of
a Chairman. The present incumb
ent, Esquire W. J. Cox, will be a
candidate for re-election. So far
we have heard of no opposition,
and this fact alone is sufficient evi
dence to prove that Chairman Cox
has discharged the duties of the po
sition in a satisfactory manner. For
two terms he has filled the responsi
ble and important place, during
which time he has zealously guarded
the county's interests. His re-election
by acclamation would be a
compliment well deserved.
The car loads of holly recently
shipped from the neigh -oi hood of
Bolivar, have been purchased at
ridiculously low prices, considering
the fancy figures it commands in the
market. The smallest sprig is sold
on streets of the larger cities of the
north for teu cents, while here a
crate will brinir little above that
paltry sum. Christmas in the north
without holly would be like the 4th
of July minus the fireworks. Ke
mote from its growth, children are
told all sorts of things about it
that it is a fairv bcrrv from Santa
Clausland, brought by reindeers on
an early journey. Always popular,
the use of holly is more extensive
than ever. The brilliant green leaf
and gaudy little berry attract atten
tion, aud admiration everywhere. It
holds its color for two months, and
"Deeds only to be removed when
Easter favorites drive it from its
point of vantage. This is the home
of the holly, but our people do not
seem to appreciate its worth. Here
after, those who sell from the tree
should demand something in the
neighborhood of a fair price. They
can get it.
A Million Voices
Could hardly express the thanks
of Homer Hall, of West Point, la.
Listen why: A severe cold had set
tled on his lungs, causing a most ob
stinate cough. Several physicians
said he had cjnsumpliou, but could
not help him. When all thought he
was doomed he began to use Dr;
King's New Discovery for Consump-
tion and writes: "It completely
cured me and saved my life. I now
cov weigh 227 pounds." It is positively
sickL gurauteed for coughs, colds and
long troubles. Price, 50c and $1.00.
Trial bottles free at W. J. Cox &
ella (Cos'.
Tues' ----"
Watches for Ladies and
Gentlemen at Lightfort's.
Fair View.
, r, T, , r ' county, has been the scene of a een-
, On last Sunday evening I rof. C. ' b
M. Hatch sang at : Piney Grove lie b the liame of DV jjbn W &v
. j m to begin a music school Monday ; tbere actice
!1H6ul Acv" ai,u
. nmht I lt ni Vi nml f'nnTiiiliP fl II l- ,
We hope
teaching will be of no little benefit
to this commuuity, as .there are
numbers of young people in it.
Prof. Ernest McDaniel and Mr.
Geo. Hradfurd, of Tocne, attended
siijging at Piney Grove Sunday.
Two young men, Messrs. Tyson
Fawcett and Willie Uariett, of Ar
kansas, are visiting relatives and
friends in this community.
Miss Mattie Mavfield, who was
sick with fever for some time, is
better and will be up again soon,
we trust.
Mr. Geo. Wilson had the misfor
tune of losing a horse a few days
Messrs. Tom and Dave Ayers are
still busy grinding.
We are glad to state that school,
is in a progressive condition. The
pupils seem to be putting forth
great efforts.
On last Saturday night there was
a second meeting of the society or
ganized at Piney Grove, and those
who attended seemed to be enter
tained. I trust that the society will
be of great benefit. Let everyone
do something to aid the society. If
you can do nothing more, come and
bring somebody with you.
Sidney" wishes to thank "Frank
I in," of Forest Hill, for his ex
pressed appreciation for his return
from Arkansas.
Recommendation of a Well-known
Chicago Physician.
I use and prescribe Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy for almost all obsti
nate, constricted coughs, with direct
results. I prescribe it for children
of all ages. Am glad to reeonimem
it to all in need and seeking relief
from colds and coughs and bronchial
afflictions. It is nou narcotic and
safe in the hands of the most unpro
fessional. A universal panacea for
all mankind. Mrs. Mary K. Mel-
etdy, M. D , Ph. D , Chicago, III
This remedy is for sale by W. J
Cox & Co., Bolivar, J. W. Nuck
oils, Toone.
Shady Grove.
School opened Dec. 2, to the de
light of both the teacher and the
students. Enrollment and interest
aood, and every indication of the
very best session that has ever been
taught at this place.
Mrs. Hannah Fitts, of Forest
Hill neighborhood, is visiting her
sister, Mrs. Betlie Dorris.
Miss Maggie Gibson has charge
of the Walnut Grove Academy.
There has certainly been no mistake
made in securing her services, for
she is an honor to her profession.
Mrs. Bettie Dorris and Mrs. Ilan-
lah Fitts visited the family of Mrs.
Hannah Gibson last week.
Miss Suie Granger was the guest
of Misses Lizzie and Katharine Gib
son in the recent past.
Prof. Ernest McDaniel, of Toone
Academy, made a flying tiip to
Jackson last week.
Mr. G. W. Black is to make his
future home at Augustus. Our loss
is Augustus' gain.
Little Johnnie.
A New Remedy.
The old friends of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy will be pleased to
know that the manufacturers of that
preparation have gotten out a new
remedy called Chamberlaud's Stom
ach and Liver Tablets, and that it is
meeting with much success in the
treatment of constipation, bilious
ness, sick headache, impaired diges
tion and like disorders. These Tab
lets are easier to take and more
pleasant in effect than pills; then
they not only move the bowels, but
improve the appetite and correct any
disorders ot the stomach and liver.
For sale by W. J. Cox & Co., Boli
var; J. W. Nuckolls, Toone.
Roll of Honor.
The following have paid their
subscriptions to the Bui.letix since
our last ifsue :
B. V. Hudson Bolivar
Lillie Coleman fcol.1 Bolivar
Dr. J. W. Cartwright Bolivar
F. S. Blaylock Middleburg
L. W. Black Toone
Miss Julia Upshaw St. Louis
S. II. Clinton Bolivar
W. S. Clinton Waco, Texas
C. M. Wellons Bolivar
W. N. Sparkman Saulsbury
J. W. Sammons. .. .Shawnee, Okla
A Good Cough Medicine.
From the Gazette, Too woouiba, Australia.
I find Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy .is an excellent medicine. I have
been suffering from a severe cough
for the-last two months, and it has
effected a cure. I have great pleas-
ure in recommending it. W. C.
This is the opinion of
one of our oldest and most respected
residents, and has been voluntarily !
given in good faitli that others may j
try the remedy and be benefited, as
was Mr. Wockner. This remedy is f
sold by W. J. Coi & Co., Bolivar;
J. W. Nuckolls, Toone.
The town of Pocahontas, in
j the southeastern part of Hardeman
Ut polished manners
and preDOB.-essina appearance, he
soon worked into the good graces
of the people, who congratulated
themselves upon securing the citi
zenship of such an estimable gen
tlemm. He had entre to every
home and was always welcomed
He passed as a widower, and was
extremely polite and courteous, es
pecially to the ladies, in whose
company when not professionally
engaged much of his time was
spent. Eventually he became en
gaged. In the mean time rumors
began to be circulated concerning
his past history. The engagement
was broken off and an investigation
disclosed, so it is said, that Dr.
Seymour had a living wile, a resi-
dent of Madison County, Ga ; that
he deserted her in Elbert County,
Ga., at the beginning of the Span-
ish war and had not since been
heard from. He was confronted
with this evidence at hand and
threatened with a severe whipping,
He denied the statements until fui-
ther proof was produced, when he
feigned sickness, went to his room,
remaining there several days, and
left secretly on the east-bound train
over the Southern road Friday
night. His whereabouts are un
known. m
Sterling Silverware, Quad
ruple Plated Silverware, Sil
ver Novelties, Knives, Forks
and Spoons at Lightfort's.
Foils a Deadly Attack.
"My wife was to ill that good
physicians were unable to help her,"
writes M. M Austin, of Winches
ter, Iud., "but was completely cured
by Dr. King's N?w Life Pills."
They work wonders in stomach and
liver troubles. Cure constipation,
sick headache, etc. 25c at W. J.
Cox & Cos', drug store.
The Pride of Heroes.
Many 6oIdieis in the last war
write to say that for scratches, cuts,
bruises, wounds, corns, sore feet,
and stiff joints, Bucklen's Arnica
Salve is the best in the world. Same
for burns, scalds, boils, ulcers, skin
eruptions and piles. It cures or no
pay. Only 25c at W. J. Cox & Cos',
drug store.
L. Lialitfort & Co.,
9 9 9 9 9 9 9 S 9 9 9 . C v- "V- -v--v-
X5 oli vzii,
nuuiiuiuumHuiwiuu iiwiwiwiwiwiwuiiiawiwiwiuuMK:
Malaga Grapes Florida Oranges
Fruit Cakes
Plum Puddings
r. Currants
Heinz's Mince-Meat
Confectioneries of all kinds
Largest, freshest and best stock of Fancy
Groceries in Bolivar
On account of the low price of cotton and short
crops, during the month of December we propose
to sell for cash at prices below zero
2 lb. can Tomatoes, 8 ceiits per can.
3 lb. can Tomatoes, 10 cents per can.
3 lb. can California Peaches, 10 cents per can.
3 lb. can Lusks Bear Brand Peaches, 1G:j cents per can.
Cherries and
etl prices.
Apples, Oranges, Raisins, Prunes, Candies, etc., cheap.
Coffee, Sugar, Flour and Family Supplies at close figures.
irood Stock of Dry (jtOOUS at
Boots anJ Shoes, 10 per cent,
Queensware, Saddlery, Collars,
for cash.
Call to see us near (Bank of (Bolivar.
r . , , .
i'-irpfs treat cj ly' Lj
TV -S ...
'V.S l! .;
y.-. :.irr.'.
tr . :i ..i.J
-. :'.i:r.'
. l . t t r-
't IV
"T. xrsr
i- 1
.-nii cut J tc
rr.'v I.. 'V'i A. j i
Ii r. w, '.lit
w irs tvice
it'. !on;;by the
ol l''.U7c":a
t '
T 0
in cans
a!l ?i7-j.
S'ar.dord Oil
Trustee's Notice.
The undersigned, having this day
qualified as Trustee under the gen-
erai assignment of Thos. McCullar,
all persons having claims against
the said Thos. McCullar will tile the
same with me for payment, and all
persons indebted to the said Thos.
McCullar will come forward and
settle with the undersigned.
This Dec. 7, 1001.
It. B. Rosson, Trustee.
Essary Springs, Teni .
A beautiful lot of Birthday
Presents, Wedding Presents
at Hudson's, up-stairs.
Registration Notice.
Books will be opened at the court
house in Bolivar, Tenn., for three
days, to-wir. Dec. 26. 27 and 28,
1901, for the purpose of registering
those entitled to vote in the rami . ii
pal election to be held in Bolivai on
Tuesday, Jan. 21, 11)02.
This "Dec. 9, 1901.
C. A. Miller,
W. M. Matthews,
Julius Watson,
Commissioners of Election Harde
man County, Tenn.
In sluggish liver, llerbins, by its
beneficial action upon the bilary
tracts, renders the bile more fluid,
and brings the liver into a sound,
healthy condition, thereby banish
ing the sense of drowsiness, lethar
gy and the general feeling of apathy
which arie from disorders of the
liver. Price, 50c. For sale by W.
J. Cox & Co.
Seedless Raisins
all canned ;oods at
reduced price,
less for cash.
Bridles, 10 per cent, less
.. til. 3 " tTi . I
t.-ve 10 ctfrct c .1
TFT) a W
fb ()
The members of tb Utopian Lit
erary Society will present a double
bill for the enlertaiuunt of theii
friends on Friday night, Lec. 20.
The Widow Sniggles wit! present
her attractive young daughters
only eight of them; nine, including
the widow, who is not averse to,
the consideration of the young gen
tlemen of the vicinage. They will,
give you a snicker, a sniggle, a bow
and a squeeze all at the same time,
money back if you don't laugh.
This will be used as a curtain
lifter and will be followed by ths
beautiful and pleasing comedy play
"Out in the Streets " Home, With
out a Home, and Home Sweet
Home, with all its love and pathos,
will be seen; while "North Ca'liny
Pete, cullad," will do things up in
nice brown paper packages, of con
vent sizes for the old ladies' reticule
or the gentleman's side coat pocket,
guaranteed to contain enough laughs
to last until after next Christmas.
The packages will be given away
free, guaranteed to be worth four
times the price of admission. X
You Know What You Are Taking
When you take Grove's Tasteless
Chill Tonic, because the formula is
plainly printer! on every bottle -h ow
ing that it is simply iron aud quinine
in a tasteless form. No Cure, No
Pay. 50c.
Saved at Grave's Brink.
"I know 1 would long ago have
been in my grave," writes Mrs. S.
II. Newsom, of Decatur, Ala., "if
it had not been for Electric Bitters.
For three years I sutiered untold
agony from the worst forms of indi
gestion, waterbrash, stomach and
bowel dyspepsia. But this excellent
medicine did me a world of good.
Since using it I can eat heartily and
have gained 35 pounds." For indi
gestion, loss of appetite, stomach,
liver and kidney troubles, Electric
Bitters are a positive, gnaranteed
cure. Only 50 cts. at W. J. Cox fc
Cos', drug store.
Building lots in Xorthwest
Bolivar, between Railroad
and Union Street. Prices,
terms and size of lots to suit
W. C. Dokiox.
Nashville, Ten i., Juue 12, 1885.
Du. C. J. Mofkktt, St. Louis,
Mo. I can truly say that your
Teethina is the greatest blessing to
teething children that the world has
ever known. I have used it two
years, aud do not like to be without
a box all the time. My baby would
hardly have lived through his sec
ond summer if I had not used your
powders. He is now strong and
well, and has all his teeth. I never
allow an opportunity to pass with
out recommending Teethina to
mothers. May God reward you for
the gooil vou have done teething
babies through thi- r - tedv.
The Nuckolls' livery stable,
lot and brick room adjoining
it on the north.
Also, 178 acres of land on
Hatchie river, one mile north
of Bolivar, formerly owned
by C. A. Miller.
Also, 173 acres of land in
civil district No. 1G, known
as the Lockie tract.
Apply at Bank of Bolivar.
For Kent.
The Fentress Law Oth - s, corner
Main and Jackson Streets; also the
Taylor Carpenter Shop, between
said Law Offices and the Bolivar
Hotel. For terms appiy to
t.f. T. M. Moork, Agt.
Eggs, Corn-meal,
Butter, Cross-ties,
Turkeys, Chickens,
Ducks, Coon Skins,
Wool, Mink Skins,
Dry and Green Hides, etc.
For which we will pay the
highest market prices.
Wilkinson & Sons.
J. N. MULFORD. Jeweler
Send Post Office order or express order
for $3.00 and receive in return
5 yds. 40-in. Sleeve Lining.
5 yds. 32-in. Coat Lining.
J gross 24 Ivory Vest Buttons.
I gross 30 Ivory Coat Buttons.
J Spool Davies Imitation Silk, 1075 yds.
will also include my Illustrated Cata
logue of Tailors' Trimmings and
John F. Davies,
67 Smith Street,
Mention this Paper.
1- 1 (JI1t
I , -
Atgctab!e rrcparGlionrcrAs
simiialing UicFaxlar.dKcguIa
ling the Stomachs and Bowels of
rromoics DigcslIoa.Cheerfur
ness and Resl.ConiniRS Rciilxx
Opium.Morpliine i;or Iueral.
Hope afO!slrS.U!VELP!TCIlSR
Hmxpkm Seed'
fiocAttU Setts -
Jpptrmitf -Hi
ltirnSed '
Cfmfttd Mignr
Vuitrryrrt tlavcr.
Aperfecl Remedy for Constipa
tion , Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea
Worms ,( Convulsions. Fcverish
ness and Loss of Sleep.
Facsimile Signature cf
O. T. INGKAM, President.
W. .". IOKION, Oasliier.
JOHN i.. MITCHELL, Assia't Cashier
3FDieectoes G. T.
V. T. Anderson, G. M. Savage,
i .. I
txAi O. T. INGKAM, Pre-udont. ) AN
W W. C. IOKION, Oasliier. S- Wl1
JOHN' I.. MITCHELL, Assia't Cashier.J
CB"TransacU a General Banking Business. Deposits Solicited.
Collections Made and Prompt Returns. Money to Loan on Reasonable Terms.
.-s. .x.'x ."5x.n
b??? v? sl?'
Stiiis on Marble Works
Guaranteed. OfeLl"?
W. R. ROBINSON, Proprietor.
All kinds of Monumental Work from the Best Domestic
and Imported Marhle and Granite.
SALM. . . .
Our entire stock will be sold, and
we can save you 25 per cent, on
all goods, consisting of
lite d
our stock.
felfSKI -BR0S.. I
i (R
For 20 Years Iks Lsd a"! Worm Rsmedies. iiESSfflffiS
Bparedb7 eK JAMES F. BALLARD, St. K.OUIS.j
For Sale By
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
- nillrf llit ii irmVi f MM nli m ! i-tfci iir ii
I ii cram, Jno. V. JS'uokolls,
V. C. Dorion, Juo. P. Douglas.
v s-ST7-s'-sZ'-- Si
J " v
Correspond'' nee
w Solicited.
0d, thin
must be sold, and thev w
are going sure. Call and examine W
Sloct in Q':antitj.
Best in Quality.

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