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AV. K Biwus is suffering from
ai! attack of lulnbngo.
What hns become of the Metho
dist Sunday School picnic?
E. 0. George, esq., made a flying
visit to Waverly yesterday.
Mm Laura Hawley is out again
after n few ilays indisposition.
4 Mr. E. C. Hubbs, of Holladay,
( upent several days in the city this
I week.
S TliirtyJoight wagon-loads -of to-
' baeco Lave been delivered in this
market since Monday.
Miss Dora Hall attended the
commwicenjciit exercises of the
McKenzie schools last week.
Mrs. A. Fry and three -children,
of Coxbnrgh, were the guests of
Dr. and Mrs. R. B. Travis last Sat
urday. Mr. John S. Yarbroitgh, of Box,
-accompanied by his little son,
blaster Curd, was over to isit Rela
tives Sunday
Only two license to marry issued
since last week: W, "V. fl&tdin
and Minnie Thompson ; T.-d Hobbt;
and Mollie Lane.
J, H Farmer, esq., bid off the
Hartley lots, sold at public sale by
the county clerk, last Saturday.
ihe price paid was $431.
Mclllwain. is the name of a new
post-office established in this county
between Sugar Tree and Chaseville,
D. A. Gossett postmaster.
Etnaville, a new post-office, bas
been established in this county 5
miles east of Chaseville, with A.
M. C. Gossett postmaster.
The numerous friends of Miss
Lizzie Hicks will regret to heal: of
her Berious illness. She is at the
residence of Dr. F. C. Whitfield.
In a few localities of tnis county
farmers have turned their stock in
tm the wheat crop, the wheat not
being worth the trouble to harvest.
y Misses Eva Wyly and Artie Biv
vns left last Saturday for an ex
tended pleasure trip. They will
visit St. Louis and other prominent
Walter C. Morris, an old Camden
boy, now representing a Nashville
wholesale hat house, was in Cam
den in the interest of his business
the first of this week.
After a visit of sevefal weeks to
relatives in Texas, Mrs. Callie Ha-
mer returned home "Wednesday af
ternoon. She was accompanied by
her daughter, Mrs. J. M. Bell and
An enjoyable entertainment was
given at the residence of Mrs. M
M.Dodson, in South Camden, in
honor of Misses Emina and Meta
. Sager, of Dickson. The young la
dies returned home Sunday mom
The Nashville, Chattanooga, and
St. Louis Railway is now running
extra trains on Sunday for the ac
commodation of the freight traffic
.. This is one of the best roads in the
South, and uses all means possible
"to facilitate its business.
Mr. A. J. Fry and sister, Miss
Ada, of Coxburgh, wTho have been
attending school at McKenzie
arrived in Camden last Friday en
route to their home. They re
mained over, the guests of Miss
Fannie Travis, until Sunday. .
Attorney-General John R. Bone!
of Brownsville, was here "Wednes
day afternoon in behalf of Judge
B. J. Lee, of that place, who is
candidate for the supreme judge
ship, Judge Lee being unable to
meet his friends here on acconn
of other appointments.
W. C Crawford, A. B., professor
of ancient languages and literature
at the Benton Seminary during the
session just closed, left for his home
at Greenwood, Ind., lost Sunday,
Professor Crawford is a thorough
gentleman and scholar, and as he
docs not expect to return his de
parture is universally regretted.
New Improvements.
Just at present Camden is hump
ing herself in the way of new' build
ing improvements, and when all the
buildings now in contemplation are
erected we will have a number of
structures that we may justly be
proud of.
The building far the Camden
Bank and Trust Company will be
commenced at an early day. This
building will occupy tlie corner lot
on "which the old tumble-down
Hartley building now stands, and
floor to be fitted up
" ' I
ior me Damn
'and the upper floorwill be arranged
or offices. T. C. Rye went to Mc
Benzie this week to see aboutbrick
and other material. There is talk
in mollis a uuuuie uuuuuig, uu
nothing definite has yet been ar
rived at.
A. C. McRae's large, two-story,
ten-room dwelling, in the south
part of town, is being rapidly pushed
to completion and it is "expected
will 1
! f ylonby the
middlo-of July, yhen -completed
was wuiiuixiy win pit-'swiit
commanding 'appearance.
Tlie wort on Totn H. Bafcemtfn's
residence is being rapidly pushed,
t is located in the northwest part of
town, and will contain four rooms,
with hall and convenient verandahs,
etc. It will be completed m about
tWO weeKS.
Mr. Ben Hatley has let the con
tract for a dwelling, and workrom-
meirced on its erection this week.
It is to be a four-room house. Mr,
Hatley speaks of having two or
three cottages erected for renting,
and will probably do so if he can
succeed in getting suitable build.
ing lots. As there are a number
of -elegant building lots to e had
fe will find wo difficulty in getting
as many as he wants.
Considerable, if not sufficient
money for the erection of a Meth
odist parsonage lias been raised,
and we understand the contract
is soon to be let for its erection,
A. J. Farmer's new residence, a
short distance north from town, is
about complete and lie will soon
move his family into it
The change being made in the
new depot building is . about com
plete, and that building now ranks
second to no depot on the Nash
ville, Chattanooga, and St. Louis
Railway as to neat exterior appear-
nn,P ftd rmrvPiVntW rrnr,W,1
n 'i ni. ii i
perienced in getting lumber and
mgs now in Course o ejection has
already been occasioned- One or
more large brick-yards and n plan.
ing-mill at this place would be of
untold worth just now,
Notwithstanding the number of
residences built within the past
eighteen months and now being
erected, there ae none to rent.
This epeaks Volumes.
When we eet the iron fence
arouml the court-yard, a planing-
n mi i , ,
mui, a nounng-mui, a uud ana
spoke-factory, and the Paducah,
Tpnnesfipp. mi d Alahnmn. "Roilrnrifl
roTv.,1-r. L,m lw
l,l,i v
Besides new building b .
"lom" wunum0a ucujj,
erected, there is a great amount of
aauitions anu ouier improvements
beincr made on the old residences.
Property here is rapidly increas
, . . . .
1 n rr in rn Inn orwl tha Hnina ti fo
G n ,, u, UcV uu n
Ulfaiam unill ll Will DO increased
from 50 to 100 per cent over its
nresent value.
Tmst Tnpsdnv momiTKr . Mra
j o - J
ji ? tf. .... i.ii..i . . .
uirowmg iurs. Arnoiu tome grouna
wifli tnr.A 1at- ..v..
Duvu.iuiio tuau duo nag uui
, .
conscious ior some time, out we are
glad to state that she received no
eerious injuries, and will soon re-
J. W. Arnold started to go out at Daniel Cool)er' IIenry Wflde' tod A waIit a f e yle, artistically tnmmod hat
1 1 i ' i , . Barnes, three of Benton's young sports, call on them. tl
the north door of her residence, in Wii too much ,. 8oda op ftnd a8 lliey
A Runaway Accident.
Sunday evening, the 8th instant
Mrs. Ellis Arnold, her two children,,
and Honry Datis, living about 3
miles northeast hot a Camden, were
thrown from ft buggy a'hd Mrs.
Arnold and one of the children re
ceived painful though not serious
Mr. Davis had called for Mrs.
Arnold to visit a sick relative, and
directly after starting, the mule at
tached to the buggy became fright
ended and ran away, throwing the
occupants out "with above results.
I Ivn l.u rvrrvr tii'n a c hiv it hr II Yv o inu I
w z z.
Another Railroad Accident.
Another fatal riCdident occurred
nr Oiq ooTivillii linffntrnciA mill I
St. Louis EailWav last Fridav. tins
s. , , , , ,
in this county on that road within
ft IHOnth.
Y . r,.T?Ti r n n
J osepli McEllianey, of the bridge
crew, vorkHig on Cypress tlestle,
near Jtva, uemg tne lasc victim.
As the -east-bound passenger train
:flpprcKed the bridge tpon which
flfog, McElhaney
got out on the end ot the ties to
tinlrl fVio mmi-lvnil vK?1 flio tvxn
passed it being necessary tor him
u I
to assume
a dicing !Kta
avoid being struck by the steps of
the coaches and he, probably
il 1 11 1 11 1
raiged too soon and m gtruck
, , ,
on tne neau uy tne rear steps oi tne
last coach, which knocked him
from his place and inflicted injuries
that caused his doath the following
day. He was about twenty-three
.years old, not married, and lived
viii a I'll i rn.n- i i;i iv. j . r , rv ni in t nil iuv.
New Advertisements.
Under tlie head of " Miscellane
ous A'dvertisements will be f ownd
the liolldw'mg Kietf dvei-tisers fai
The Chronicle this week:
Miles 1 Mason's Son, of Rich
mond, Va., wants all the wool he
can get, and proposes to pay the
highest market price for it, deliv
ered at any railroad station or river
J. Y. Arnold, boot and shoe
maker and saddler, one door north
of The Chronicle office,
his business known aud solicits
work in his line. He refers to his
past work as a recommendation.
T V. , . ' '
JoSePn Coleman, the
barber, has recently equipped his
shop almost entirely anew, and so
Hcits toe Wing clean shaves
0n"6 tloor east of tlie Stige.U Hotel
is his place of business.
The Real Estate Exchange of
fers two town lots for sale at a bar
gain. For further particulars see
from f alrvievv
RcRular Corrcs'iMindence.
The farmers' dl tliis section atehartebtk
ing their wlieat.
James Beaton, wlio went lo Arkansas re-
cently ha returned, satisfied that Benton
County 'affords as good homes 88 further
One day last week W. L. Sauls and
Alhi.rt Sl.nnklA hrnnm involved in Rrli-
nnt while RPttlint? their Accounts and
I I ' "
Sauls unceremoniously ordered Shankle
lrom his premises, at tne same umearop-
, . , . m.,,.. to thfl
di8COmfort of Shankle's feelings. Sauls
has departed tor parts unknown.
Peyton Pierce says the turkey kibbler
rePrteJ recently as setting on a nest ol
pi'irs has hatched out a brood of voune
i . .
I -
tllrl,.VB flt1.i -nt vlfi n eat cfiftd with h
nVLn tirnr,d Innt tinm from a tnrkev hen
and nut with his own. He feeds and at-
I v.... ' - - " .
tends their wants with great care. This
I ........ ..
remarkable ffobbler is ol tlie "tironze
i ....
were inauigtng in
too much bo strous
UantTiiAirn tcir )Ando1)ll. flhd lift Wnt out
itv, hi. Hi,rt-.mn nd commnnde.i them
"'V' : T ,.
luuesisi, ouv 3 mc vvya ncio giuujr i
to comprehend the situation he sought
tcT arrest,
K- June lfX ISOO.
Leyal Motive.
Statb of Tksnksskk, Bknton Oodnty,
vs. J. V. Holland.
B virtfleof la decree (rf the Cliuncery
VjOUH, I will on
Monday the 7rh -!ay of July, 1890,
at the court-house 'in Camden, expose to
public sale the lands of. J. W. Holland,
bounded on the north by Holland ; south
bv Berry; east by Senoe-; and went by
llollanu, to satisfy a iudgitierit secured
against him for taxes due the Stvite and
county, tofjetherwitli all cost The land
will be eold on a credit of six mohths.'free
from the equity of redemption. The pur
chaser Will be required to execute interest-bearing
note with approved security,
and a lien will be retained for purchase
May 28 1800. Tom 0. Ryk,
6:3 Clerk and Master.
H'akkis kt m.s.
pY vi),n(J fl ft decree of the Vfmy
in the CU8e ? w Sunders and wife, for
the use of(Sr. C. Camp, vs. W411iain Mar-
ns and Kobt'rt In ewmnne, 'ariminiHtrutor
of Joset)h Newsome. I will on
Monday .the 7ih '4aVfUV .90;
at tlie court-house in Camden, Tenn.,'
P08 to public sa e the tract a land m
ountv, the same beinar the tract pur
msed by Harris and Newsome from J
W Wan rwlnvci anil wifa iinur in ta nna,
nt-ssion of Mrs. Joseph Newsome, contain-
ins 200 acres, more or less. Particular
Sale made to satisfy a judgment obtained
lniii-wlai-ioa ti'ill i tt irivatt nn futr fif cola
, THISlsa
interest and cost of suit. Land 'will be
sold n. a credit of twel ve mouth8 "P
v,..-w. - .'V -1 I
with ap ved urity am, a lien will be
reiaineu ior puruiiasc money.
May 28, lim. Tom C. Ryk,
6 :S
Clerk and Master.
When you want fresh groceries, con
fectioneries, titc., go to J. H. Gill's, on
the east side of the square. ti
i -
Truth Is more of a stranger than fic
tion. Binthampton Leadet.
A cutnplete line of the latest "style mil-'
Hnery gooto, l&ss fctinlfi.'Wirddh.V tf
The Btmlias practically 'ho weight it
is so light, don't you know. Washington
Call and see the Walter A. Wood har-
vesting machines, sold at Oung& kobles
Riir SJmirW Tnn Tlvutf I'hphest mmi-
liig anuy, tenn. ineyateineDestman
ufactured. 6-1 in
Bess: I say, Ned, cau you mend a
1 i . n v l xt i a t i
rttL ' B1P' CUn m
one. Burlington Free Tress
Meals at all hours, at Mrs. Farmer's
" Will you marry me? "
" No. but I'll be assister to you liero's
a non(lr,J dollars, Farewell." -Sun
Dress-making, in all its brafccl.es, at
Hudson, Hatley & Bros. tf
Malce no mistake erbout people lookin'
green, lie r axetmiiiton am an right in
Bide.-Clncago LigTit.
Fresh bread every day at Mrs, Harriett
Farmer's. tif
It is. a careful wife who puts four big
berries on top of lier husband's' dish and
seven at the Iwttonl of her own. Ash
land Prws,
When ycrs tant the test bar-esting
machines, Inly tlie Walter A. Wood, old
by Young A Nobles, Big Sandy, Term..
The average boy is a natural savage.
This is 1,e is talletl little shaver,
1)ein8 in baibarous Stage of his exist-
I eiuu.-i.erie iiuuie Ijapicsb.
, ,t r, m, ,
to call and eicHiiiiiie her stock ol late style
hats, trimmings, etc., at low cash prices.
There has been a tide in the affairs ol
. i .........
many a young lady which rolled by and
luft hw on the shore, because she said
s i'VV. "Yas "Dnlhw
I '
I i ' v. " J .
The millinery department at Hudson,
.. I it ii 0 r i,. :.. i t: ,
" naviey xrus. is m t-iare ui iuisscb
Hicks and Hagier. ol McKenzie. il you
1 i.... Si J . ll. -...! r,t .vW.no t-rV.
ror BH ,fc 18 uro .'"u,v "l ,cai
" What tiiused it f " " Tlie censys-taker
1 , . .. . tw-
asked her if there were any other young
ladies in the honse'-Boeton Herald.
Go to Mrs. Harriett Farmer for choice
groceries, cigais, and fresh canned goods.
Mluci'tlttHivmH Advertisement.
HXV1V0 Vntlwltwl order fur WOOI,, 1
will lmv tlittlilifliiW market price, delivered
at iinytli'iHit or wlmiY, tltrM'.v s:ivinn Hic mMjv
l"'1 - f'"inht, (irayiiKc.imU 'n
furiiislHtl n-,;e of rout.
No. 3 S. t.lth Ktivct. Klclimoiiil, Viu
Boot & Shoemaker,
East SideSiuare, 'Cainden.rerin.
I him nrt'imred to do nil klmU of win k 'in my
line with ni'iitni'ss and (llspatvli. I keep none
Imt the very best materliil, and my rnrt, work
xpeak for Itself. Hepali ing a specialty. 7 :iy.
imtrniiN, I now iiave fanlltles to slmve, Hham-
1 11 " i?;iiiiHareseeoiiii tonono.
, J 1 V;. i1011.
1 ''tiuiiy,
CauideiL 'i'piin
town lot containing
. and lmmwlrd on t u n
sides by prominent streets. Ileautifnl residence
S1""1 1,11,1 onered ,lt a lMirBl"- N,) ,in,,rove"
2. SHn
an unimproved town lot also.
and contains about two-thirds of
an acre, is conveniently situtated for a residence.
For terms and other Information about thte
above property call on, or address,
'Camden, Tenn.
National Democrat
Every Dertiocrit Should Read Ml
Every Seeker after Political Truth
Should Read It !
We Will SiMlcl the ;Utioal IVilioerat and Tim
Camden Chronicle to airy address within thu
United States for 2 a tear; aim NatiiUiitl ieili-
crat one year mid The t'kmden Chronicle fit
montlJs for si.5. Sulfficf i)rt,iolrs to be puld vwl-
The reuular stihscrlntioii ntlce of the Natftiivtt
n Is jiuhlisUed In the cfty at Washlnbton, and
n,.....t L Ai rn n,...,...,.J II .1. I.
each Issue contains eight seveiwoliniin pagesof
reil(liltg matu.r. jwid to this oiliee ior wimple
Htiastneeiutorsenientwf leading Democrats;
it contains all the. AV:i.shiii!'toii iiml Vutlotuil
news; Its record of Congressional pnH'eedinKs
i i inn any. i iiinini.-tc, cum it in hi evnv wciy
a w,)rthy exiKiiientorsouiiilDemiKTaticdoe'trlnu.
of the narty of the people.
nuowrioe now aiui secure iiicsesiauncn oruans
i an on, or miaress,
8tL laimien, Tvmu
The followinir time card shows the arrival (r
mail and express trains, at Camden, of tlie Nash
ville. Cliattanoou'a. and St. Louis Kailwav. lit
euw M V .
No. m, mall, west.... !t.l!i a.m
io. R2, mail, east .. 4.,-M.t p.m
No. (W, express, wext lo.-ct p.m
No. -5, express, east... 3.41 .a
ii k(V.ikk'ritir.
(Uniisville and Nashville Ka-ilnwd.)
TI1 MAxiijUM OF S aVeT Vl
WlliMi tllivllli' tii'ki'ts he ture in k fur ami Tio
certain tlial tliey tcH via. Louisville aud Nash
ville Kailrowd.
f- P. Atmore,
t!f Hehil Passenger Aveut
l.u;:!bV.;ic, Ky.
We are prepared to do all kihds
Camden, TinM

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