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Democratic banner. (Bowling Green, Pike County, Mo.) 1845-1852, July 24, 1848, Image 1

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"Usrreo Ws' Stand Dividsd Vk XlL.''
VOL. 4.
The candidal for the Presidency,, of
the Democratic end Federal parties, respec
tively, may be compared with , eftHqSier;
with infinite profit tdthAoJfr -pay
be called upon to d4f
During no former peV$f IShP
contrast between the Vsl efeiidates for
. ... . ? i.j J.. -i. '
that high office, been mewrea in us cuar
cter. Certainly, dntAg no former period
in our history has this jfbntmt served to
pface Jtlio ftemoeimiis.. V"? Wg'Fr
ground, or in a more impregnable position.
General Taylor, to use the words of .Hor
ace Greeley, a leading "whig" onhe 6th
June, as published editorially in the JVewl
York Tribune, has been nominated for the
purpose of "rewarding him for services
performed on the field of battle by confer
ring npon him the office of President of the
United States, leaving him to supply his
admitted deficiencies of knowledge and ex
perience to perform the duties of the office,
in the selection of a Cabinet who could in
struct him what to do."
General Cass has been nominated be
cause of bis splendid civil reputation be
cause of bis power as an orator and states
man, and because he has served his country
with distinction in positions that require
the most powerful intellect and the most
enlarged experience and because to these
great principles of Democracy. J - THE BLOOD HOUNDS.
Gen. Tavlor is also the candidate of a A pamphlet, which, in 1840 njede its ap-
tty that has not dared ta express its op.n-
ion in regard to a single one ol tne great ., Wm j, jarrison i,old and will
questions now agitating the country. ha've the support of the Democracy for
party alone
gress and Democf alic rrmcipie. tie poinis 1eC80ge in tlie eperkiCTi of th
for his faith to the expressive and cowpre- ;pjijrida waI.t a war waged by one of tlie
hensive resolutions of the Baltimore Con-jmst powerful of civilized palinns, against
ventinn, in which the boldest and strongest tribe of ignorant
ground is assumed in regard to fiery ywes
tiun now before the country.
iow agiiaimg me vomnij. jnave me support oi me democracy mr
Crss is the candidate of? one President of the United States prefer-
.i 4 r n .i;, PrA 'ence Maitii Van Bureri, contained the
e the party of Democratic rro- . , -.
. . . . following, as the 77th reason: '..v:'
"77 nut vote fjr Martin Van Buren?'
said a barnburner in - this city. "yesterday;
"he is worse thud Cass. - I have little con
fidence in death-bed repentance; and;sTiall
continue to estimate ilartm Van Buren bv
the principles he uniformly maintained
wlien lie had hopes of power; and then he
would not allow the unci tf the herrle I
Out upon such a man." ... .. r. ...': ;
e clip tue above, from the Troy Cora
' ? I a 3 . t- ' V .7. .
Gen. Taylor is presented to the people of
tlie South as the "friend of Southern insli
and deduce If" svj-s.iinerriai Advertiser, and ran assure it there
m ii last, an." firiwtvMi --r-.w'.VjggyiPV' in ttOCli-l
Is, w have wttnessetf a !eterocAelfr Courier ' fy-u-n
from its first act
ing Blood Hnumi
scene of brutality and inefficiency, which
stamps the character of iti conductors with
every feature in which an intelligent peo-
tutions," and as the undenmble opponent'?1'' justly look upon its rulers whh con
: Horace Greeley, tie gieat editor of the
Tribune. ays 'thai Gen. Taylor's conceal
merit if his opinii.tis argues that somebody
, ".'is t,j he chcntid, and that he the said Gree-
j;., vvi7- , di'ts not care to be ranked ttlher among
ndidate of the V big party, ... ,,
t i ... ww. . ec iMifiuiLi a ur ttic wirriirx.
a- : . B iFir lurii iifiiiiiiiii(i. a iim Mi'.pnri. hi in iim i
a tin i n nrnvivniKm hk hii m iiiiiikriu air n
of th Wilmot proviso; while in tlte North,
Mr. Fillmore, the Federal candidate f i the
Vice Presidency is offered to abolitionism
Times are now so changed, that the an-
thor of that measure of piocimag
Hounds, is tlie cai
apology, in favor of Sen. Taylor's devo
tion to Northern interests.
lality which Whiggery in 1840, so patheti
cally described, caused by the hunting down
of the savages, has nowto.oe home to roost
Gen. Cass is presented to the whole Un- in the ranks of Whiggery, ar.d we recom-
ion the same in the North as in the South,
without equivocation, evasion, or mystery,
scorning all subterfuge, he Stands erect on
the plhtform'of Democracy, and desires no
support that is not given with a full under-
j'standing of his principles upon the Wilmot
Proviso, and all other questions.
General Taylor has repeatedly admitted
great services and qualifications, were add-hs painful and benighted inexperience and
ed consistency as a Democrat, and intre-,ncapacity his utter ignorance of all great
pidity and ardor in defending his country Questions, and his mter want of sympathy
against British invasion durinir the late war. ltd all not reared to the toMier's life. His
mend the re-printine of the "more than
one hundred reasons," with the addition of
a "yellow kiver," for circulation in the
present campaign. Will some Whig editor
get it up.? It would sell well Ohiit States
man. '
A Whig paper in Philadelphia on learn
ing the nominations made at Philadelphia,
We desire to ask our friends of both po
litical partit s, whether the first part of this
sentence is upt true, and whether there is
any one among them who is not willing to
...1 -l .1 . I ' v D
Miuscnoe m me lasi also. Jjemocrais are
you willing to be the dupes9 Whigs, are
you willing to play the part of political
swindler; f examiner.
Moktfvideo. Advices from Rio Janei
ro to May S8 state that the news of the
French revolution caused a cessation of
hostilities in the river Plate, that the block
ading forces were preparing to withdraw
Gen. Taylor admits that he has not vo
ted for forty years, and that nearly his whole
life has been spent in the regular army.
That paper, in speaking of the rumination
of Geu. Taylor; says:
"Tue first ri-sull of winch we can confi-
letters, when written by himself, are awk
ward, ill-constructed, and without point.
Gen. Cass has wrung plaudits from all
. General Can La voted, from the neriodi -P- powers, as a minisier nas
whea he voted for Jefferson, down to t!ieenricI,rd ""f libraries and our archives with! There is mors truili in the Boston Daily
last ejection when he voted for the present ,he productions of his mind-and is at pres A-and more trutl, fearlessly laid, too-
executive, and always on the side of Dem- nt "e uf lhe m0Jt finished, self-educated
ocracj. Carried a poor boy to the west, scholars in this country.
fortv-nineveanaffo.whenthatrecionoi.lv This contrast is useful and impressive.
contained twentr.firA thousand inhabitants' and may serve a eood purpose hereafter, as !-n'ly spesk, is that the srhtme f uniting
he has remained among its adventurous and'd'owing how far aparty withnnt principlej,,,e WJljg pty urwn Gen TjlrAS fail-
... . . I ! ; ,1.. j ED; The endeavor to fafr the state of
duerprmng peop.e, unm now mirooers,"" .-- -T- - " j,bUc 0,jiollj by circulatin); Stories ol en
uvcoiuiioii oi inuaouanis Having, in iiiai -." - tire acquiescence, everywhere, will only re
pace or time, studied the volume of his greatest oi an numan virtues.
country closely, and gathered stores of .
knowledge and experience on the field of Washington, July 3, 1848.
war: in the cabinet, in the councils, in the Mr- Jol,n Van Buren il is ,,ated' inXeni
executive chamber, the senate house, and!'0 invade the "rte'n "unties of Pennsyl
eourts of the old world. vania, to sow the seeds of discord, and to
, . .1. v throw the firebrand of disunion into the. for they won I agree
General Taylor is nominated alone be- . , , , .
t .t - .... ..... Keystone State. I doubt much, thouch,! "I was decidedly in
" me victories ne nas won wun nisi . , ... , , " fu.. r m. pi..i.
j .L. . . . ... whether Mr. Wilmot will be persuaded to fvornf Ir- Clay s
twifiu. Biiu uibl inn. n n nun v wnirn nn. i
, , w 'j " wr
stvled the ticket, the Kangaroo ticket ,Irom nMie. fna that Uen. UriDe was
the strongest in the liind Iee." As tlie,r'-",' i""'ur'" i''wi
'!r nariv nroteti ara!nt r.Riar ll-rli'ntal. Other reports are that the adinst-
1 " . t r i j:c..i.:. i i -" t
rni vi ur uiucuuiri wai urnicn up uy
Kosas, and that tlie I rencb had landed ar
tillery for defence of Montevideo, whicl
the Whig party, and is at a loss foi a aame,
why not accede t' the hig chrifteiung in
Indiana, and designate them as tlie Kanga
roos 5. Lvuis UnVn. "
was pronounced to be in a state of siege.
Daniel Webster was once standing in
company with several southern centlemen
in the capitol a Washington, as a drove of
..... : i. . .v u.i v
il... !.! i ,l. v.l :. " " JlE "J. "I'cusirr,, unr
rti , . f 3 i J .of-the southeru Cintlemen, "there co1 sjme
of your constituents." "xes, instantlr
replied Mr. Webster, "f hey sre going soutl
to teach schooL" Salem Hezisler.
"A WoiiBiHTOijrVssoiK
lar;plielwmerioji $ pgr4ttdiiitJCW ei T? f 'IrJ
go JMterday, irr the township jksQrtw-f ft
field, about eight mileeTre itfT ' The
Messrs. Urancers
sun It a tour in
ty feet, when
'r l' .& i.
- A. V.K
: .
a they ftneLfri&.tt f'i . : r-.Ci'liC'
ed by a violent cnirent'brjJnlC'V , :
up stones as large, as han'eg24eo-r ii " '
teen feet high. - For a' few moments, wherf
the holewasffirslioptiiedthttf Jas 'tfl-"- ;
corip'nied by a stream of water wlich si i.i", .
thrown tenor tare fethh.'7& wtUtf,
liowever, loon ceased coming,' and tb sir t
pushed,-put with sueii fore .lb'tWj loat v ;
oonld be distinttlj beard fifty or siitWods' .
distani. Oh loHelnflg fire tohe air itaoBgliV ..'
and the fiamesllasked twenty feet bich. '
l liey finally SiiCTe,f-rred -with considerable -'
dirBcultJ in stopping it',4ry forcing fe'bfa-- ; ;
lets end drivjpg'i spile foftdthe hole, whkdj - , '
was their only means cf Stopping the aiXtr
gas, and. ..extinguishing the; names; tfit
several moments after the boU&wai.stopiedi
md, shook for s.ma dls- . '
the earth 1 rem bled and
tahc Jrouhd as .tbougl n ernpyon wt -
a'jnnt lit take place. ; p rom the time it a?as
Jopenefn ill ft wa thai 1cWed . fikgVstlfe-t;;
six hours, and tlie air gushed oat all of tba
time with unabated force.v:n"'. '
It has been opened several times sucti
with the same effect. 'The power and forcsj
of the .air does not seem to diminish in the
east. We leaf h that several scientific etn
tlemen of this city intend visitincit Boon;
vertiser. .V J" .'-Ja.i
Detroit Adv
act ii poii its makers. ';
Hear that, ye makers of artificial enthu
siasm and give lip the trade I
Lr Please read the following, and trea
sure them up. Don't put them together,
f oses the war in which he has earned his
Vu'?k, infamous, and unjust, and ac
cursed of God and man.
Gen. Cass is nominated not only because
he has done good service to his country
with hir sword, but because he has enrich
ed her literary and political annals with his
pen, and defended the people in the balls
of legislation. Presented by the Democ
racy, who approve his principles, and are
proud of his course, he became their can
didate without causing a sacrifice, on eith
er side of consistency or honor.
General Taylor U presented to the cotin
try with strange and insane inconsistency,
1l..n.. l. I t fl ,
uo um won uis laurels in a war
which his backers denounce ; and the can
vass must be conducted by his friends by
showing that he is one of the heroes of the
war, jet that it was infamous in- its com
mencement, and that it was waged for pur
Ps f personal ambition and territorial
conquest s .-
..nVm1,! presented as the friend of
whichJueWMlMttd it since its commence-
Bant bv Marine .1 . . ...
me aavocate ol those
who have fonghUts batUesa. the oppo-
- w wose wno h.y, aided and comfort
a, the common foe mnA .. t,. -ki .-4
eloquent champion of the frr-at ,!r:..l.-
cf indemnity or th. Part, Md tecurity fof
XSsneral Taylor is present. A
Jj Mths Candidate for th. Natives, who
clar. bim to be favorable to their danger-
us ana contracted I doctrines.
r- . itn o not Miieva asd pjtctica th.
follow suit. He will not oppose the regu
lar nomination, I believe, though from rea
sons easily comprehended, he will not take
"the stump" in its support.
The disorganization in the Whig ranks
seems to spread with similar rapidity in the
New England States and the West, and will
soon be beyond the reach of the originators
of the movement. From a feeling of dis
content, the disaffection has gradually
grown into a settled conviction on the part
of thousands, that their position of hostili
ty to the regular Whig ticket, is a duty
which they have to perform, as moral and
religious men.
I have heard it stated that Robert Tyler,
Esq., son of the Ex-President, will follow
Mr. John Van.Buren through Pennsylvania,
and take the opposition side of the argu
ment. "When Greek meets Greek, then
comes the tug of war.' Cor. of Bait. Sum
election, anil would
now prefer seeing
him in that office to
any individual in tlie
Z. Taylor."
"I do not design to
withdraw my name
if Ma, Clay be the
nominee of the Whig
National Convntion.
Z. Taylob."
Michael Wheelan, recently convicted in
Wheeling, Va., of the murder of his .wife,
is to be hanged on the 1st of Septemmr.
What Kilt the Ladies soy to It? The
conscience whig, in their great mais con
vention at Worcester, resolved that they
"go for free lips."
That old whig print the Northampton
Courier still tefnsesto "come in." The
following is from the last number:
Our fiiends are daily asking us when we
shall hoist our Rag. We do it now; and
the above is our motto. Our attachment to
the whig party has been to the principles:
maintained, and the general policy it has
Mr. Fillmore report d a bill to congress,' pursued, without supposing any thing hu-
in 1841, including a provision for taxing ,nH" be perfect. We have thoughtj and
tea and coffee. So says the Ohio States
Major Wm. Tell Poussin, the newly ap
pointed Representative of the French Re
public at Washington, was formerly in the
Engineer service of the United States.
They (my friends) have represented to
me that the withdrawal of my name would
be fatal to the success, and perhaps lead to
the dissolution of the party with which I
have been associated, especially in the freeUreat feast in November next. 'Fall to, then,
states. Clay's last Pronunciamento. gentlemen, but r.o" quarrIIIngi' ,t shall
That the ancient Henry" has old the help ourselves to Cass bdanttfelly, and the
truth for once, may be ascertained by nick-Butter will be there to see that we Jack for
"A whig" in the NorthdmptnnCourier
says Mr Abbott Lawrence carries in his
pocket a letter from Gen. Taylor, in whicl'
the general writes that, "if elected preaW
dent, he will select his cabinet from the
purest alble9t whigs in the Union." '
J ) . :
The i aif River Weekly News, in enu
merating the different candidates 'for the
presidency, says r ,
"First, we have Gen. Lewis Cast, an ora
tor a statesman, and an honest man one
who never tires was never beaten, and one
never destined to be beat. ' He is the Can
didate of the peoplo the rank and file
and will walk into the white house just ;a
e-a-s-y as tne Doy Knew uis lau.er'
The News then mentions Taylor,' Hale,
Smith and Van tturcn, and concludes thus
"Here's a political fricasse, from which
the people are to help themselves at the
ing uy any of the whig papers.
none of the reqnisite condiments. . Those
who go fHjier will probably fare totse.'?
' X'.rTj- V: v.. .".
"It tlipovetjpressititf ex-
claim Itq a wooing printer, a he
arms, sv-r ,i , w-i.
Decrease vf Flo-tr and Wheat on Jeto
York Canals.--The quantity of . Wheat
and Flonf left at tide water this year, com-1 clamed
pared with the corresponding period lajtl vThe 14'aate mi.Tlikfll i JioIisheaOrtline.
year, showr a decrease -equal to S46.034.niay admit foul thought, wrthcrt ei viog
bbla. of Sour. lMU "niw"
hear thou art going to
ferable to that of the rival party. Their
present position is indefinable, and their hi
tura cburse uncertain; and our apprehen
sionisthat in winning. the victory, as they
are likely to do . under Taylor, the whig
party will be qit. This, whether it will be
for weal or for woe.,will be consequent foj
the action ot the jHiiiIadftlphiaconyenltofJ,
and its Ie,glinlktesulr7, "T ; ?
A prudent and well disposed member of
the "Society of Fntnds," , once gave the
lO'.iowing irienaiy aavice
'John, said he, 'I
be married.'
Yes,' replied John, 'I am.! , ,.
Well,' rejoined the man of drab, I have
One little piece of advice to give thee, and
Ithat is never to marry a woman worth more
than thou hast
I was worth just fifty cents, and she .was
worth sixty-two Cents; and whenever any
difference has occurred between as since,
she has always thrown dp the odd shiljing.'
The Book of Lamentation j. The fol
lowing is one verse of a Clay long which
appeareo in tne new xoric 1 rtaane. 11 is
very appropriate to tlie hauling down of
the Clay flag before tM of Ge., Taylor:
, HtruI down that fiagl all' over :
' We have dona.what wen eouid do '
''Unbroken,throughadyeiity, . s . .
? ! A ttietTand ctiUant crawi
So it tas been with-Ti'uth and Right '
1 InWfWf art and-cirnei" ' ' r
mm. a . - 1 a . .
iieateB oorae oown py Bumnsrs
' And ooaqnared . - - for timt.'4 '
One of the nUny interesting incidents of
ihe late celebration of laying the cbrner-'
stone of the National Monument to Wash
ington, was the presence in the procession
and at the ceremonies, of the Indian Dele
gations now at the seat of government ;
The Cherokee; Chickasaw, Chbctaw, Creek .
and Stockbridze nations denizens of the
far West; were represented by some of their"
principal chiefs and headmen at tb impo
sing tribute paid on the Fourth of July to i
the memory of , Washington, under whole
Administration their forefathers . had sotnfe
of the earliest treaties of peace and friend
ship, and whose image was, here andtnere;
still borne on the ancient medals which
proudly adorned the breasts of several
the most aged of the Indians. These silvef .
medals were inscribed "17S&," and repre
sented Washington in the act of shaking
hands vith the red man, and their preset
vatiorTattested the veneration and tradition
al respect with which bis great name is still
kept bright in the memory of the "Son of
the Forest." . . ! .. .
These chiefs,, McLoughlin, . Pitcblybn; '
Taylor, McCoy, Pe-ta-wa, and their aS0-. -ciates,
were, through the courtesy of the'
Committee of Arrangements", assigned seat!
near the orator of the day; and it were lit
tle to say that none of the vast assemblage
present on the occasion lif tehed with more
rapt attention or displayed higher gratjficaf
tidn. Nat Intelligencer, 6th., .
An exchange paper has I picture of .
stilor nailing to the n ast a flag marked Tay
lor and Filraore. The sailor is a fine, frank
looking fellow, and is1 the same who nailed,
"Clay and Frelinghuysen" to Ue fane
mast four" years ago.' " TH. iame federal.;
flag, with other names. Bott. Statesman!' '.
Gen. Taylbr is sixty-two year old. ' ;Th
age of Gen. Cass is sixty-seven. '
A good story is told of Senator Ai)en
during his visit to Philadelphia. : 1 '.' 'f
When on board the ToaV and about td
leave the city,' Gen. Cass being fatigued;
requested Senator Allen to return' his ac-'
still think, that their course has been pre-lknowledgments to the crowd which. had ac-'
coropanied hiuv to the whrfr Mt. Ailed:
assended the deck .end commenced .The. :
captain of a steamhbat which had bme id :
loaded with Whig delegates,' undertook to
drown his voice by letting off the steam.
Allen's voice raised and sd did the hoi, of
the pipe, and thus they had it, whistle"
steamboat, scream Allen; but the.stent6riefli
lungs of the latter prevailed, and UI aodve
the noise of the engine was heard the truth-L
pat-toned voice of the tall Senator. '
The captain gave it up wearing that it :
was the first time his boat was averneat
Talk no more about the bull that a; but .
ed off the bridge by a locomotive, when s ,
western Democrat ean talk down a kteam
boat : - ' v:-
CoNGRiss. The H.use has" agreed to tW'
When I married my wife,LSenate amendment allowing the volanteer" : ; .
three months' extra pay, and Uiat the 2B-4 j f
ate has appointed a select committee, o ; i:
wnicn mr. viayion is coalman, equany. ,
divided in politics; fcnd having an eqfcil num-'
ber of members from the free and th tiave''
holSng States, to report, upon the! alaverf .
question so far as regard JOfegoh.ReXii
publican. -. v
! HosrmwTT
bor in Ark ansa.
TT ,,Dutgght ftofttoa Jai V
sai(ssys a colporteur, 1 tatfiX- - , ;
ihg through eight oUTefent counties, caJlinj y
upo' allclasaas of people; I have''ot Wa
oliarged qne.dime tt toeKlWi?ftM39erf;
i 'T
ft' V
feed: and ahont naa.half rt tn f.in. 4
horse-shoeing has leehgTihiitopsf ;Thl -l-v :- - ; -i
isporerty here, yet ttiepoorest 'XclktfiA "' 'i
evei Tisited, eonUined km) fceaxit 5a4 ;' ' - "
' Si',
:.y-. V

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