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Constitutional Convention and
Three Amendments All
Receive Majorities
in Columbia
Centralia Votes Against All Ex
cept Amendment to Pay
Interest From
cense Fees
Although majorities against the pro
posed constitutional contention and the
constitutional amendments were voted
in many rural precincts all four propo
sitions were pit en majorities in the
county as a whole as a result of the vote
in tie four precincts in Columbia In
the rural precincts a very light tote was
cast but m Columbia the vote was near
lv one third nf the normal poll
That there was a great difference of
jpinwn on all the proportions is shown
in a coraarison of the totes in the tari
cos precincts On the constitution con
vention proppitin for example the
rote in the fourth precinct of Columbia
I5 489 to 21 while in the Hinton pre
cinct it wis 9 to 21 against In the Sapp
precinct rn the same proposition the
wile was etcnly divided being 18 to 18
On the soldier bonus amendment the
tote in the fourth precinct of Columbia
was 301 to 200 in the Sapp precinct 3
to 33 and in the Hinton precinct 10 to
20 The only one of the four proposi
tions toted upon favorably in the Sapp
pircinct wa the amendment providing
for the payment of the interest on the
60D00J00O road bond issue from lite
automobile license fees f
At Pralhersvillc and Deer Park ma
jorities were toted in favor of all the
propositions while at Wilton the major
ities wrrc acjlnsl the proposition It is
generally con etled howeicr that the
large majorities in favor of the propo
sitions voted in the four precincts of Co
hunhia will easily overcome the adverse
tote in the scattered rural precincts
where he constitutional contention and
the three amendments were opposed
The constitutional convention for in
stance received an unofficial majority ol
1074 in the four precincts of the city
The soldter bonus amendment however
ouy received n majority of about 400
in the city The majority in favor of
lite amendment enabling vromen to hold
state offices was nearly 700 in the city
while the majority for the amendment
authorizing the patment of the interest
of the 60000000 road bond issue from
the automobile license fees was nearly
1000 in Columbia
There were 355 votes cast in the first
precinct of Columbia 261 in the second
precinct 271 in the third and 510 in the
fourth a total of 1397 votes for the cit
according to unofficial tabulations
Tie only amendment on which there
ii any question of receiving a majority
in Boone County is the soldier bonus
amendment which receitcd the smallest
majority of any of the four propositions
in Columbia
Only a few returns from the thirty
four precincts of the county were avail
able rten late this afternoon and defi
nite figures on the result of the election
in the county will not be available until
late tomorrow or early Friday morning
according to C W Datis cleric of the
county court who will open the poll
books at that time
A majority against all except one of
the four proKsals was recorded inCen
tralia the amendment to pay the interest
oa the road bond issue from the automo
bile license fees being the only one to
he voted upon favorably On the con
stitutional contention the vote was 63 to
2081against the proposal On the amend
ment enabling women to hold state of
fices the vote was 97 to 175 and on the
soldier bonus amendment it was 87 tr
The tote on tho bond issue inter
est amcnment was 151 to 122 a major
ity of 29 in fator of the proposition
Heres More Normalcy
Bricklayers Vill now work here for
B00 instead J1000 per day the old
ige This reduction in wages was de
cided on at a meeting of the local brick
liters union which was held yesterday
The Edwards Brick Company also an
nounced a rOlucion in common brick to
1100 per 1000
Teachers Discuss Ficld Crops
Dr W C Ethcridge left for Cham
Jn 1IL last night to attend a two
j conference of crops teachers About
tcMj middle western states will be re
Psented at the conference Plans and
otfhods in leaching field crops in the
colleges of agriculture will be discussed
Big Apple Crop in Nova Scotia
lUurxx Nova Scotia by mail
A lutapcr apple crop is expected in the
Annapolis Valley this year and it is
tioated that over 1000000 barrels will
be atailatJe for export all of which will
Wss through this port
I St Louis Womans Story Appears
irlev L Scifert nf St Louis a
of the Missouri Writers Guild who
M in Columbia last Journalism Week
las a story in the August numlier nf the
kdies Home Journal entitled Blue
For Columbia and ticinity Generally
fair tonight and Thursday not much
change in temperature but slightly
For Missouri Fair tonight and prob
ably Thursday rising temperature
Thursday and north portion tonight
Cool weather has oterspread practical
ly all of the Plains
Missouri Valley the
upper half of the
Mississippi Valley
and thence eastward
north to the Ohio
me v earner stilt is
hot in the South
eastern states
Rains rl Monday
light and Tuesdiy
broke the drouth
IU1IR pnrnllv in
Illinois Jowa Missouri and Kansas
Missouri roads are muddy going west
and north from Columbia and rough
huiug casi ana soutn
lhc outlook is for generally far
weather with moderate temperature otcr
local data The highest temperature
in Columbia yesterday was 77 degrees
and the lowest last night was 65 dezrees
Precipitation 001 A year ago yesterday
and the lowest was 60 degrees Precipi
tation 000 Sun rose today 511 a m
Sun sets 719 p m
Women Will Not Hold State
Offices Soldiers Bonus
Item Carries
By United Pteiu
Sr Lous Aug 3 Two constitu
tional amendments and the proposal to
call a state contention to draft a new
constitution were approved in y ester
days special election incoming returns
today indicated The amendment giving
women the right to hold office in the
state was voted down according to un
official returns from all parts of the state
The soldier bonus item carried by a
large majority
St Lotus approved all proposals with
the exception of the womens proposi
tion Kansas City gate an oter whelm
ing affirmative majority rm the-proposition
ao call a state convention The
constitutional amendments also won
Butler County rejected the constitu
tional contention proposition and the one
giting women the right to hold office in
the state Franklin County beat the
womens item by one vote The consti
lution proposition failed to win in Ken
nctt In Hannibal the bonus carried 8
to 1 Clarksville defeated the bonus by
3 totes
Judge R S Cole Has Tried 6 Cases
of National Interest in i
Months in Oklahoma
Judge Redmond S Cole of Pawnee
Okla son of Dr J B Cole of Columbia
has just achieved the record of trying
more really big cases in the same length
of time than any man who ever occupied
a like judicial position in Oklahoma if
not in the United States Judge Cole
a 1906 graduate of the University of
Missouri is one of the four jurists for
the twenty first judicial district of Okla
homa comprising Tulsa and Pawnee
Judge Cole went on the district bench
a little more than two years ago and up
till the last two months he heard all of
the criminal cases and part of the civil
cases tried in Pawnee and Tulsa coun
ties During the last four months he
has tried six cases of almost national
reputation and last Monday began the
seventh when Ben Wadell suspended
chief of police of Sand Springs faced a
grand jury accusation in connection with
the recent race riot
Judge Cole began setting a mark for
other judges to shoot at in April of this
year when Eddie Shouquetle first of the
alleged Sperry bank robbers went to
trial Frank Freeling alleged leader of
the Sperry gang came next followed
closely by Al Ghristman a purported
member Caltin O Brady who was an
undercotcr man for the police depart
ment caused a long trial in connection
with stolen automobiles Brady had
hardly been convicted when the case of
the murder of John Devereux came up
and Goldie Gordon and Mrs Jesse James
were tried and acquitted This was fol
lowed by the case of Chief of Police
Gujlafson and the trialof Chief of Po
lice Wadell began Monday
In the Devereux case Judge Cole sur
mised the lawyers by hating his volumi
nous instructions complete within thirty
minutes after they had finished their
evidence This wasdone by taking
down every legal citation the lawyers
read during the trial and reviewing all
these at night when there was not a
night session of the court He keeps up
on all legal points as the trial progresses
and writes his instructions at night dur
Inc the trials so that they are ready to
submit to the opposing counsel when the
trial ends
Board of Curators in Special
Session Today Accepts
Doctor Hills Resig
fc nation
No Permanent President Yet
Plan o Re Establish a
Four Year Medical
Course Soon
Speemt to Tne XtluvutUn
Kansas City Mo Aug 3 The board
of curators of the University of Missouri
this afternoon selected Dr J C Jones
vice president of the University to be
acting president until such time as a
permanent president is chosen
The matter of permanent president
was discussed but no definite action
was taken
The resignation of Dr A Ross Hill
as president was accepted effeclite Oc
tober 15 Dr Jones as vice president
has served as acting president since Dr
Hill sailed for Europe in June
The cuiators decided to re establish
the four years course in medicine cf
fective as soon as the facilities therefor
arc made available
Miles C Thomas Ends Work Here
Leaves for Nebraska
Miles C Thomas Columbia supervisor
for the Federal Board for Vocational Ed
ucation will leave today for Belltiew
Neb where he will be in charge of a
training center for Federal Board stu
Mr Thomas was graduated from the
University of Missouri in 1914 He has
been in charge of the vocational edu
cation office here since last May
J 11 Jeans of St Louis will fill the
vacancy left by Mr Thomas Mr Jeans
is a graduate of Washington University
Will Spend 16000 on
bia Jeffeipon v City -Highway
The Columbia Jefferson Citv Highway
route will be re located in several places j
to avoid grades ana gullies along me
last three miles of the south part of the
road in Boone County Approximately
16000 will be spent on grading and im
proving this section of the route by the
State Highway Department according
to a letter received recently by C W
Davis county clerk from the department
Work will be begun the letter states as
soon as rights-of-way have been obtained
for the re locations
Blanks for contcyanccs of rights-of-way
are being distributed by the County
Court for signature of property owners
along the propescd route according to
J T Rowland judge of the county
court As soon as the conveyances are
signed adtcrtisements for contracts to
build the road will be run according tr
Judge Rowland
The Good Roads Law of 1919 under
which the road will be improved al
lows 51200 per mile to be spent As
the remainder of the road to Ashland is
in very good condition and the road from
Ashland to Uiiumma is a pritateiy
owned thoroughfare most of the money
to be spent on the road in Boone County
from Columbia south will be on the last
three miles to the south as that is con
sidered the worst stretch of road along
the route
The road has been designated as a
state highway foi more than a year by
the state highwn department but until
now no attempt at improving it has been
The road will be of dirt of a minimum
width of fort feet for the right-of-way
with a minimum roadway of twenty four
Louis Coleman Slightly Hurt
Walking Along Track
Louis Coleman a deaf man was struck
by a Wabash freight engine this morn
ing as he was walking along the track
near Tandy atcnue His injuries arc not
considered serious ny ur james
don who was called to the scene of the
accident by one of the railroad em
Coleman suffered a cut oter the left
eye and bruises and scraped skin on the
body He was able to sit up wr r
Doctor Gordon armed and to walk with
assistance after Doctor Gordon had taken
him home Coleman and his wife arc
both deaf Mrs Coleman is also dumb
The couple lite in Kansas Gty They
are visiting his parents Mr and Mrs
James March 102 Machir street
County Jail Quarantined
The County jail has been ordered
quarantined because of smallpox by Dr
W A Norris deputy county health com
missioner Mrs Hall wife of deputy
sheriff Wilson Hall has the disease
Mkximl - t v1 --
Freedom Anniversary Will Be Cel
ebrated With Parade Picnic
and Speeches
A parade of negro lodges clubs and
picnickers will start tomorrows Eman
cipation Day celebration and fair in Co
lombia The parade which is scheduled
to start at 1030 oclock in the morning
at the Fairgrounds will travel south on
Eighjh street to Broadway then to
Third street and north back to the Fair
grounds Shelton White of Moberly wilf
be marshal and the various negro or
ganizations of Columbia will march in
a body McKinncy Hall will be used as
a rest room during the parade and all
C II Brown of St Louis will be the
principal speaker of the day Friday
ctcning he will set up the uniform rank
of the Knights of Pythias oldge here
Forty six negroes are expected to be ini
The Kair grounds will be the scene of
all actitilies There will be seven
booths each with a different attraction
Barbecued mutton beef and pork will be
on sale add the usual fair attractions
will be operated
A baseball game between the Knights
of Pjlhias and the colored Masons is
scheduled for 230 oclock Following
this an automobile race will be held
three small cars being entered The race
will be four laps making a mile approx
Horse races also will be held and Ar
thur Strong Alec White and William
Jones will show off their steeds Fite
entries are expected in the quarter mile
race for men
Two large floors have been provided
for dancing during the afternoon and
ctcning The Columbia Jazz Hounds
will play A minstrel show is expected
to be put up in the evening Wrestling
and boxing matches are also planned
The local committee for tomorrows
celebration includes W M Burton J
T Scott Ralph Bass and the Rev J L
Caston of the colored Baptist Church
Will Wilke Conferring With Dean
Williams Today
Will Wilke of Minneapolis chairman
nf the transportation committee of the
Press Congress of the World is in Co
lumbia today conferring with Dean Wal
ter Williams president of the Congress
on matters connected with transportation
for delegates who will attend the Con
gress sessions in Honolulu next October
JtfrjWilkeibas just returned -from the
Pacific Coast where he completed ar
rangements for ocean travel making res
ervations sufficient for the requirements
of almost four hundred newspaper men
and women who will attend from north
America and Europe r
Nearly fite hundred delegates repre
tenting almost every country in the
world will be present at the Press Con 1
gress according to present indications
Upon Mr Wilke falls the task of gelling
them assembled from all quarters of the
globe and setting them down in
lu in time for the opening session Octo
ber 11 At least one group of delegates
those representing South Africa is al
ready en route to the Hawaiian city
Others from points almost as distant
will be starting within a few days
Mr Wilke undertook the transports
tion work for the Press Congress with
sctcral years experience with the Na
tional Editorhl Associations tours to as-
sist him He serted last year as pres
ident of the national organization and
during that time had charge of the
long lours through Canada Florida and
Cuba in which newspaper men from all
oter the United States participated
704 in Prizes to Exhibits From
An effort to obtain an exhibit of his
toric relics from Boone County for the
Missouri Centennial Exposition at Se
dalia this month will be made through
the Commercial Club according to Rob
ert L Hill who was recently appointed
centennial commissioner for the county
by Gotcrnor Arthur M Hyde Charles
E Nnrthcutt county superintendent of
schools has also been asked to co oper
ate in collecting the historic exhibit
Premiums amounting to 701 hate
been offered and entry blanks and pre
mium lists may be obtained at the of
fices of the Commercial Club Entries
must be made however no later than
next Monday Mr Hill said today and
all exhibits should be mailed to the fol
lowing address Superintendent of His
torical Exhibits Fair Grounds Scdalia
Mo A historical account of each article
should accompany it Mr Hill added
On Indictment Charging Violation
of Local Option Law
John Balsamo who was convicted last
October by the Federal Court on a
charge of operating a still and the illicit
sale of intoxicating liquor at his fruit
store on Broadway was arrested again
at 10 oclock this morning hy Sheriff
Fred Brown while applying for a brok
erage license at the office ofthe Colum
bia city clerk His arrest today was
on an indictment returned by the grand
jury last October charging him with i
violation of the local option law His
bond was set at 500 which he fur
Since his conviction ami subsequent
fine by the federal court Balsamo has
litcd in St Louis
Seven Former Members of
White Sox Can Not Play
Professional Baseball
Is Ruling
Outlawed Players Expected to
form Uwn Club to Make
Barnstorming Tour
of Qountry
By United JVmj
Uiicaco Aug 3 The scten former
members of the Wjiite Sox ball club ac
quitted by a jury of charges of throwing
the 1919 Worlds Series were banned
from eter playing professional baseball
again Judge K M Land is high com
missioner of baseball and Charles A
Comiskey owner of the White Sox club
announced the baseball fate of the
Black Sox
Comiskey said the seven men would
never play on his team again Landis
issued a statement of the rules covering
the case barring them from reinstate-
As a reault of thc rules by Landis and
Comiskey the seven players arc expected
to go through with their plans to or
ganize an outlaw club and make a barn
storming trip through the country Etldie
Gcottc has already been elected captain
sfhe BlaclcSox club and arrange-
mcntSvore in progress for the trip
Boy Swinging on Bag Swing Falls
and Fractures Both Bones
Harold Cline iflVyear oId nephew of
E Sydney StephcnsVJ broke his left arm
yesterday The boywas swinging on a
bag swing in Stephens yard and lost his
hold and fell
Dr D 5 Conley was called and set
the broken arm He said that one of
the bones between the wrist and tho
elbow was broken and the other crack
Aged Step Mother of Famous
Tenor Grieves Over
His Death
Sy United Pretu
Naples Italy Aug 3 -He is not
dead he cannot be dead With this
cry the aged step mother of Enrico Ca
ruso sobbing and kissing his cheeks
threw herself across his body today as it
lay in state
The step mejher entered the place
where Caruso lay by way of a lane and
awaited for the funeral cortege
Mrs Enrico Caruso probably till re
turn to New York soon with her baby
daughter Gloria
Martinella Lyric Tenor to Have
Place in Opera Company
Br Untlfd Ftw
Lokdon Aug 3 Martinella a lnc
tenor will succeed Enrico Caruso at the
Metropolitan Opera House ir New York
according to authoritative dispatches
reaching here from Milan today
Caruso Funeral Services Tomorrow
By United Prw
Naples Italy Aug 3 It was an
nounced that private funeral services for
Caruso would take place at 9 a m to
morrow The public services will take
place at 5 p m The original plans to
have the services today were changed
Tenor Leaves 1254000 Estate
fl United Ptets
Naples Aug 3 Enrico Carusos will
made in America in 1919 leates an
estate of approximately 30000000 lyre
was stated here today At the present
rate of exchange it amounts to about SI
254000 Normally it would be about
6000000 The estate will be divided
among relatives according to the will
Frank J Sicman Gets First Prize in
Whcatley Temple Benefit
Frank -Junior Sieman six-months-old
baby won a gold ring as first prize in a
baby contest conducted last night at the
home of Mrs Rosa B Marshall 12 West
Park avcnueTfor the benefit of Wheatley
Temple Sisters of the Mysterious Ten
The second prize a childs chair was
awarded to Leon Robertson 18-months-old
son of Mrs Ellen Robertson Votes
were 5 and 10 cents each the baby mak
ing the most money for the lodge win
ning first prize
New Building Being Added in Rear
to House Candy Factory
The College Inn is being remodeled
and enlarged to about twice its present
A new building 21 by 60 feet and two
stories high is being added to the back
of the present building- extending it to
the alley The upper story of the new
building will be used as a candy factory
while the lower floor will contain the
cafe kitchen
Commercial Situation Improving
- t i
Markets Show More Activity
Increasing wool and cotton
tion in manufactures with a steady im
provement in car loadings are the most
hopeful indications in the commercial
situation at this midyear period accord
ing to a digest of the trade conditions is
sued by the National Bank of Commerce
of St Louis
Stocks of hides and skins arc increas
ing in spile of more actitity in leather
manufacturing lines The output of the
products of iron steel copper zinc tin
and lea continues to decline
Merchandise exports durine the monih
of June were valued at 340000000
which exceeded the previous month by
10000000 Imports for the same month
were 19800000 compared with 203
000O0Crin May Cold imports during
June amounted to 44000000 with ex
ports of only 77t000 leaving a gold
movement in our favor for June of 43-
The decline in failures for June brings
the total to the smallest number since
last November and liabilities were also
the smallest reported since last Notember
There has been a consistent and steady
deorease in business failures so far this
year the month of April being the only
The average wholesale price of all pri
More Than 700 Farmers Here
loday Cole County Pic
nic Tomorrow
Callaway County sent a big represen
tation to the picnic held for farmers of
thaUcounty by the College of Agricul
ture todat Cars began coming in at 10
oclock this morning A noon there
were about 150 cars and between seven
and eight hundred persons were on Dean
Mumfords lawn The picnic lunch was
spread on long tables
After lunch the picnickers went on a
tour of the agriculture fields and build
ings directed by members of the College
of Agriculture faculty They visited in
order the experiment field south of Rdlh
well Gymnasium the cattle barns poul
try building sheen and hog bams the
iliryrroiation plots and the agricultnre
engineering building
Some of the women visited the Honv
Economics Building and looked over the
sewing work being done there They
alsp made a special trip to the poultry
and dairy buildings
The roads were muddy between here
and the county line the visitors said but
the road from the line on to Fulton is
in good shape Most of the crowd came
from Fulton but other parts of Callaway
County were well represented
C E Neff of Fulton county agent of
Callaway County was active in making
plans for the picnic
Sam B Shirky assistant to Dean
Mumford who was in charge of todays
picnic said that Cole County farmers
will attend a picnic here tomorrow if
there is no rain tonight
Will Take Part in Danville Auto
Parade in Chicago August 12
By United Preit
Danvilje 111 Aug i Uiternor ten
Small left here today for his home in
Kankakee temporarily abandoning his
state road inspection tour because of
muddy roads
The indicted governor indicated that
he would not go to Springfield where an
embezzlement warrant awnjts him until
after August 12 He promised friends
that he would join the Danville motor
parade to Chicago for the Rixie High
way dedication on that date
Eleanor Kcely War Nurse Will
Head County Institution
Miss Eleanor Kcely was unanimously
elected superintendent of the Boone
County hospital by the board of hospital
trustees at a meeting today The mem
bers of the board H H Banks N T
Gentry W O Ellis Dennis Spelman
and T P Brown placed Miss Keely in
charge today She will begin buying
furnishings and equipment immediately
The board of trustees expect the hos
pital to be completed October 1 accord
ing to contract N T Gentry said this
Miss Keely has been in Columbia for
about a month assisting the board to
buy supplies for the hospital She was
formerly superintendent of St Lukes
Hospital in Kansas Gty and was head
of the Kansas Gty Hospital Unit in
France during the war On her return
to the United Stales she acted as Red
Cross Public Health Nurse al Philadel
Table for Memorial Fund
Because of the increasing number of
volunteer subscribers to the Memorial
fund a table will be placed at the en
trance to Room 114 Academic Hall
where Miss Helen Baysinger will provide
notes and subscription blanks for those
desiring memberships before the active
soliciting begins Volunteer subscrip
tions will be received at this table all
day Thursday and until after the mass
meeting Friday i
mary materials is now only 4 per cent
abote pre war Wholesale prices for
some finished materials must still decline
and retail prices of practically all finished
goods are still very high in proportion
to the aterage wholesale price for prime
June was the first month that building
operations have shown an increase over
last years record totals Judging by ship
ments and orders for lumber increases
building operations are being reflected in
the lumber market
Crop conditions generally are 4 per
cent below the average and the principal
crops the condition o which is report
ed below average include potatoes
wheat hay oats barley cotton peaches
tobacco grapes and apples The average
prices paid to the producers for the
principal crops decreased 3 per cent dur
ing June and on July 1 was 65 per
cent lower than a year ago
Employment of labor has been de
clining at the rate of 1 per cent each
month recently and the decline during
June amounted to 3 per cent Farm
labor is plentiful throughout the West
at about on haIf the wages paid a year
ago The number of idle laborers in
both city and country is now the largest
since 1915
The Inquiring Reporter
Da joa think that homely girls note
more brains than pretty girls he aslts
lite persons picked at random loday
B L Foster student Homely girls
use their brains more than prettv girls
Beauty is an attraction and the homely
girl must have something to make up
for her lack of it so she uses her brain
Mrs L D Haigh1 housewife 1617
Cauthorn The homely girl has more
practical sense The pretty girl is more
apt to like to doll up and try to make
herself more pretty than she is though
some homely girls will try to make
themselves pretty and think of nothing
else As a rule the homely girl is more
C E Burks farmer four miles north
west of Columbia I think the homely
girls have more sense They are more
up to date and business like I think
the pretty girl pays too much attention
to herself and not enough to other
Dorothy Dennis clerk Of course the
homely girls have more sense Naturally
a pretty girl thinks more of her looks
than any thing else A girl who is not
pretty must have some other quality to
carry her through The homely girl is
more businesslike
Slife Dimitri proprietor shoe shining
parlor It is hard to tell I think the
bomely girl lias more brains because the
pretty girl thinks I am a pretty nice
girl everybody likes me The homely
girl thinks I am not very nice looking
so I will learn to keep a home and dd
Despite Increased Rent Rooms Are
AH Taken for Fall Term
Despite the fact that rents have been
raised and must be paid by the first day
of the fall term Lowry Hall is full for
next year Every room has been reserv
ed except one half room for which there
are many applicants according to Dean
This is the first time in the hUlorv of
the dormitories that they have been fill
ed as early as the first of August
Last year the dormitories were ran
under a deficit of 7629 1 The deficit
the high cost of coal and the advanced
cost of laundry are the reasons for the
advanced rents according to Dean Ed
Old Time Songs Are Best Will Be
More Popular Next Year
The community sings on the campus
this summer have been a great success
according to Professor J E Wrench who
has been in charge of the social work
of the University
There have been from 75 to 300 pres
ent at etery meeting The old time
songs are most popular
The sings will be continued another
year said Mr Wrench 1 think they
will begin at 630 next summer A
great many people go home after dinner
and do not return when they begin at
7 oclock
31 U Graduate Represents Andrain
Miss Marian Glandon daughter of
Mr and Mrs J A Glandon of Mexico
has been chosen to represent Audrain
County at the Centennial pageant at the
State Fair Miss Glandon is a graduate
of the University of Missouri and is a
member of the Pi BetaPhi sorority Mr
Glandon has been clerk of the races at
the State Fair for many years
Elwang Circle Meeting Postponed
The meeting of the Margaret Elwang
Circle ol Kings Daughters which was
to be held at the home of Mrs Max
Mever Thursday has been postponed
until a later date Mrs Meyer has
been called out of town
A F Tinsler Returrm Home
A F Tinsley of St Louis left for his
home this morning
AssVi -
3viVj i birjitis2riii
Think One Who Charges Church
Is Losing Grip Should
Consult Liver Spe
Millions in Gifts and Constant
Good Results From Work
Prove Value of
There is never a time when some wail
er will not cry that the church is losing
its grip according to the pastors and
church leaders of Columbia The sur
vival of the church in their opinion hss
been the miracle of the ages and the
church is no more on trial today than
it was fifty years ago
The need of religion in the life of
the individual is basic the church pro
vides this need said the Rev Joseph
D Randolph We might as well say
that people will stop eating as to talk
about the churchs losing its grip It
will never lose its grip so loner as it
holds Christ to the front
All over this state and the country
the church of today and its problems are
being discussed The year 1921 marks a
crisis of the ages according to Ernest
L Tustin in a speech before a recent
convention of Northern Baptists in ses
sion at Des Moines As evidence of
such a crisis he cited the great extrava
gances of living the deplorable lower
ing of morals m our social life the moral
degeneration and let down in habits of
our young people and the non-church-
A ministerial alliance moreover A
been formed at Clarence Mo- to comui
joy nding and short skirts say the
T do not interpret all this said
B F Hoffman professor of Germanic
languages in the University of Missouri
as an indication that the church is los
ing its grip It is simply an evidence
of the encroachment of the world upon
social and political life and this en
croachment gives the church all the
broailcr opportunity The church found
ed upon the Word of God is not on trial
nor is it losing its grip
But alas too many churches are not
founded upon the Word of God They
arc giving way to worldliness It is
these churches that give the appearance
that the modern church is losing
The world is more moral said G
D Edwards dean of the Bible College
than it was fifty years ago When I
was a boy I lived in a section of the
country where not a year passed that
someone was not killed in a drunken
brawl at a country dance Nothing like
that happens today When I was a boy
the farmers sat on the rail fence outride
the church house and laughed and hur
rahed during the sermon Today the
young people are not et en allowed to
sit in automobiles outside the church
and laugh and talk
The man who thinks that the church
is losing its grip had better go to trie
loctor and have his liver cleaned out
He is either dyspeptic or -else his mem
ory is so faulty that he has lost bis
sense of prospective
Probably there is a smaller attend
ance at churches but we must remem
ber that there are more churches now
than there were fifty years ago Fifty
years ago there were few telephones
newspapers and practically no libraries
IJhe meeting at church was a social gath
ering people went to find out what their
neighbors had been doing during the
week The motive for churchgoing has
changed Men are drawn to church now
from purely a religious fervor
All this cry about the churchs losing
its grip is slush said the Rev T W
Young Never before in the history ol
the church has it received the confidence
and the approval that it is receiving now
It u true that wrong conditions exist to
day but the church fenot responsible
Sot them In truth it is the only institu
tion that is trying to right these condi
tions There has been mo time in the
history of the church when it has not
had to combat the wrong
We were told by many during the
war that the churches would have to re
construct their theology to hold the re
spect of the returned soldiers Thrse
statements have proved untrue Tho
leading political and social leaders from
Lord French to Henry Walterson have
since declared that the only hope of the
world is the gospel of the churches
As to the theology of the churches
it is never a question of whether it is
new or old The only question is Is
that theology true Does it conform to
the Bible If it does conform to the
Bible it can stand the test in spite of
its critics
In the last three years th members
of all denominations hare been pouring
into church treasuries millions of dol
lars to carry on the work of these
churches Do proplr give their mony
to institutions that are losing ground
This cry that the church is losing Its
grip is mere bunkum

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