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Vol. XV
Capo'Girardaau. L'iSGOurii Friday. February
i -1 iW Jfr
Job work at The Herald.
Judge Frank Kelly is at Caru
theraviU'e holding regular ses
sion of circuit courts
Attorney Stewart attend
business in circuit court at
ruthersville the first of
kI to
A dog. cat, rat and mon.key
show had a three night's enpra ce
ment at the Grand Theatre this
John Man ire. employed on the
Cash-Book, Jackson, was in the
city Tuesday and Wednesday on
""The State Senate of Missouri
has passed a bill prohibiting the
killing of quail for a period of
three years. (
Dr. and Mrs. Ilex Cunning
ham attended the Coppage-Col-.
lins -wedding at Caruthersville
last Saturday.
Har.dmacher's t&iPsrmg- estab
lishment has the oniyDry Clean
ing machine in town. Fhrme
No. 875 and he will'cr.31 for and
deliver your suit.- AdV, 53U.
A. S. Handmacher, the tailor,
vl ill rive for vou. Give him a
'Orgadzsiioa -VanttA '"
Since writing the liu. article
in regard to the farmers of this
county organizing, I have hzd an
opportanityto gietthe opinion of
several men' who are farming
and re interested in Capeoun
ty azriculturc. Without? excep
tion these m'jrr have expressed
themselves as-anxious to become
active members of this organiza
tion. We, of Cape county were
first in the field,, but we are not
list. Saturday Feb. IS., St.
Louis county , farmers he3d a
meeting at th court house in
Clayton for th' purpose of or
ganizing and t employ .n advi
ser. Sikeston district is organiz
ed and a recent letter fro.n there
I states that they will in at-, few
I days be ready.- tr close x deal
Contest, last night.-Nc MadU ;jthua KOod aa: To enraLte
rid Record. ' , , c0"ntu'&,thiit are n e
jneld would take considerable
space, those mentioned g.we an
A bijr meeting of thcComrricr
cinl cluba of1 the state will' be
held at Moberly, M6., . February
25 and 2G. A number of buri
ness men from this ity and
Jackson will attend.
Prof. E. M. Carter,- Fild and
Extension representative of the
Cape Girardeau Normal ' School,
was here, a highly interested
auditor at the County Spelling
Mrs. B. B. Sanders returned
Sunday from an extended visit
to her daughter Ruth at Cap
Girardeau. The latter is making
a most excellent record at that
school and is taking high rank
trial. No. 30 Main street.
875. Adv. 39-4t.
l'hone in her studies. Pemiscot Argus.
Mrs. B. F. Rector of Chaffee
was in the city Monday visiting
her daughter who is a teacher in
the Normal school.
A hotel keeper at Ov&n claims
that George A. Kimmel, the
"man of mystery," also known
as the "claimant,',' recently came
to his place, and in payment of
a two-dollar account tendered a
check for $49.00, receiving the
difference in cash. Later the
Mrs. P. A. lloch and son and
Mrs. Mavrr.e Levho left last
Saturday 'for Cairo, III., to visit j check proved to be worthies-
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Gannon.
The litigation which has been
idea of what the people- of the-
state generally .are doinr; .
A committee of sevon . men
have been working on a pltn for
organizing hers,, and it is pro
posed to organize- local clubs at
central meeting places. To do
this, an average of four school
districts havabeen gror.ped to
gether, and a central point
chosen; for example: Oik Rid'e.
Fruitland, Daisy, App.'aton, New
Wells, Egypt Mills, Gordonvii!.
Pocahontas ind Tilsit have been
designated. In cases, wh-ire
ivccessary, . .vchool houses have
been chosen There arv? twenty
four of tlvsse districts, in all.
Each local .dub will have its by-
All' ever t)i broad land tha
nd of Febrjtnry, Washington's
birthdiy, is eelebratoii..
How shall any man ad J aught k
to the praise and eulogy of Geo.
Washes-ton? Ilisrary and bi
ssrcsphy,. elcruenca- and poetry
hive erchaust?d their combined
dTortsupon the feuccesful leader
ot the Ameriixn Revolution and
the- f cinder of. the American
rf publjc. our Prst gnt aational
Evei-y great crisis-in: tJie his
tory of the world, haa- found its
creat roan to guide and control
it;. Cali thia provid3nce or acci
dent,, the- American reTolution
was no exception to it. Befora
thj firrt munners of dLwontent
were hird in that strujgle the
man was being prepared for the
crisis. On the banks of the
Pctomis.- and Rappahannock,,
thirty years before Lexington
and Bunker Hill, a truthful and .
TavlJ At Glpnn, l'lvsidcot
II. Rov.ir ViC4;-Pr'i(ii)Rl
O. S. Sninmprs. Aw!., ("a-Jiier
W. ). fJow man, Avt t'a.!;lr
JI. HreMmprnnt Savii f,; lvpf,.
22, 500.00
A'ccounrs of individuals, business firms and corporations
solicited. Interest on Time Deposits and Savings
Accounts at rate of 4 per cent per annum
ivas growmg up,
Henry L. Rozier, capitalist, of
Genevieve, was here the t connection
first, of the week isiti;v,i his
daughter, Mrs. Charles ILirrisor,
('.01 North street.
going. on for about two years in ilaws and e.ct its own oinvers.
with the estate of ine presiu-r.ts constitute a csa-
M. Mry Baker Eddy, head I tral county organisation, wuich
of the Christian Science cult in j will be known as the Caits Gi
the United State;?, in the courts rardeau County Farmers Bureau,
of Massachusetts. ha been settl-; Some of the beneiit.s to be d riv-
W ANTED -Experienced farm
hand, single; work fur one year.
Reference required. Good wages.
Phone or write, E. A. Schubert.
Him; LaMotte, Mo.
ed at last by a compromise under led from such b
Miss Clara llauen.-child, of i
Oakland, Cab. who has txic-n :
visiting relatives and friends in
this city for the past few months, :
loft for her home Monday morning.
the terms of which practically
all the estate will go to the First
Church of Christ, Scientist, in
Boston, amounting to ?2, 000. 000.
The son and cthr heirs will re
ceive small amounts.
have been giver. The possibi
lities are .great, being Uraited
only by the membv-rs them-f.-ives.
This will be just what we make
it. The business interests and
business men of the county hava
expressed a desire to as.si: t su .-
; stnrtially. One tinn has ttaV
The Princess is the style of tin;
new motion picture show ,,u j that they would prive hi
! nr..?,, n,l Ki,-lo r-iir t.. vcasu lo am in utuenng iue
OllVAAi U1KI ltit. -'- ,
mIuvivc. i county crops, i here seems little
i one of the most up
Cape county.
! doubt but that at least $2000.00
W. F. Shipp. a prominent at-torney-at-law
of Ochiltree, Tex.,
was in the city this week on j
business. Mr. Shipp made the
Herald office a very pleasant
I Under the management of sever- j m ue cor.iriDuiea u te ust as
alof our leading business men. premiums for crops m the coun-
fUia chA..- Knnco ic lioimr r.rirafcl. I ty. INOt thO liOSt ten OaVS Ot
look after our interest in Cape
Girardeau and adjacent counties.
Salary or Commission. Address
The Harvey Oil Co., Cleveland,
edout and out, and will soon put
on an appearance that will no
doubt attract the many show go
ing people to such an extent as
to become its regular patrons.
Clean, moral and interesting
pictures are what you see when
you attend the Princess.
I. N. Hall and Miss Ruth Vas
terlins were married Monday,
February 17, 1913, Rev.. Lawson
of the Presbyterian church offi
ciating. They will go to Michi
gan to reside.
The Wednesday club had a
banquet at the Academic hall
Mondav evening in honor of
Airs. G. E. Alt. Mr. and Mrs
Alt will leave soon for their new
home in Virginia.
J Do you want to change cli
mate? Buy a fruit ranch in the
famous Bitter Root Valley, Mon
tana. We own a large tract of
developed and undeveloped land
in this fertile, valley on the Pa
cific side of the mountains where
the climate is perfect. Grand
scenery, fine water, mild winters
and cool summers, fine hunting
and fishing. Write for prices,
etc. TheO. W. Kerr Company,
209 Andrus Building. Minne
apolis, Minn.
Where is the Mother ot Harry
Harry Parks is a boy in the
Missouri Baptist orphans' home.
St. Louis. His mother is want
ed at once. She is thought to
be in this neighborhood. She is
married again, but I do not know
whom she married. Any com
munication concerning her, ad
dressed to me, I will care for
with pleasure.
F. Y. Campbell,
Cape Girardeau, Mo.
Col. C. D. Matthews Weds.
Col. C. D. Matthews, a mil
lionaire banker of Sikeston, Mo.
Tuesday morning married Miss
Eleanor Ballard, a nurse in St.
Luke's Hospital, who attended
him during an illness last April
The ceremony was performed at
8 a. m. at Christ Church Cathe
dral by Dean Carroll M. Davis.
The couple left for California on
a honeymoon trip. The bride
lived at 5717 Von Verson avenue,
Matthews was a colonel on Gov.
Iladley's staff. -Globe-Democrat.
corn or the best peek of wheat,
but the money will be awarded
to the best yield per acre. The
yield per acre is the all impor
tant factor, and often makes the
difference between success arid
failure. This amount of money
will make it possible to offer a
priie worth" striving for and
worth winning, furthermore, the
man who don't win and tries is
benefitted by having tried.
A good many years ago Engf
land's average wheat yield , was
14.3 bushels per acre, now it
exceeds 30 bushels. How . have
they done this? Simply by study
ing, their conditions, growing
clover and cow peas, and buying
raw rock phosphate from this
country. Germany has done
practically the same thing. It
is much easier for us than it was
for them, but we don't do it un
less we try. The same thing is
true of dairying and hog raising
and other lines of farming. Cape
county has made a good start
and she can take her place as the
foremost Missouri county if the
people say so.
manhood. With enly the com-1 a
mon school education of that day, ! ft
the young man was s.-.on being j
educated in the broader sciool I
of nature and experie-ee, in the!
great forest,, under the spenJ
heavens vrith his surveyor's,!
chain and his sword, in the-;
Indiaa wars, defending the-iui
frontier settlements from.. thj;!
savage incursions. '
If you hive made up your mLcd j
to live in a town, then stand, up 1
for it, and if you know positively i
no good, then 3iler.ee is golden. I
Do all you can t help akngi
every man who is- engsged in i
le:f"titncte basiiH-v.. I'o net '
sovmI away f..r e ervthing "ice
you want aud si.il I eect the ,
home men tu suit- the whin of j
vse or two possible purch;urs.
Thesu-ws.-; of yca- K-!U-w towns-'.
u.an v-ill l e ycur success. No
man '.jwt'i to himself and no;
man loos ou niicss .ur.-;ni!ent ,
of his felk-w .bu-ine s, men. Take
your horn i paper. Do not imag
ine that the big eauis up all ;
this-spars. There v,:c manv little:
crevice-- of good cheer, secia!
sunshine, personal p.k utim:. in I
the heme paper that the big.,
dailies do not print. Then do :
not abuse your, neighbor. The!
main difference,, in the r.umba'l
or ms 1 units ana your own is
that you see through a magnify
ing glass as a critic. The ill
omened, the croaker, can do more
harm in a minute than two good
citizens can. repair in a month.
v-. -
f 'fC
" R ,4 h
r ffo f : ..a
U ifa sm eS -
n, ,'7
I m W SmJ 'W iJt kk
fTTB' a
H i - v , v
'S3 :
Copital, $500,000.00
AH Paid
We Pay 4 Per Cent oa Time
4 Per Cent oa Savings
Modest Interest on all Dsposils
!Cc-!.ie, see-us-Es convinced Ve will then have your p
S3 C5L
a! ; Great
r. n tl n ; m b.--l rrt r-a ,
Prominent Speaker Coming..
Kelly Wriibt ot State- Board
of Agriculture to Lector 8
Mri J. Kellv Wright (if Colum
bia, , Missouri will be in Ope
Girurdeau County, Feb. 2"th-26t.h-27th.
lie will talk in the. Cape Nor
mal Auditorium at 10 o'clock
Tuesday the 25th; in Jackson at
2 o'cloek Tuesday' afternoon,
Fek 25th; at Fruitland Tuesday
Evening, the 25th, at 7 o'clock;
at Oak Ridge, afternoon and
evening Feb. 2Cth and Appleton,
afternoon and evening, Feb.
Mr. Wright is well known to
many Cape County people, lie
is probablv the best speaker on
Agricultural topics in the State, j
Not only is he well informed,
but he has the jower of present
ing his subject in an attractive
I ni.inuer tuit car,noL fail to inter-
Died, in this city. Saturday lest both men and women.
Are you aware of the remarkable Special Oiler, open for a
limited time, under which you can secure Two Years subscription
to this peerless Combination at the price you would ordinarily
have to pay for the paper alone One Year.
Send One Dollar and you wiil receive the paper including the
Magazine Two. Years, or send One Doliar with another name for
Two Yearly Subscribtions.
(Vou will geOhe best Semi weekly newspaper in the United
States, 203 papers of eight or, more paires, with , full and "ccrrect
Market Reports and, giving eJI the News ci "all. the ' esrth ia " con
tinuous and; connected form. : You will 'also et a' Cc-.f !ota J.Iaa
tine Sectioa every, week,. 101 Magazines Vrith outslia ccvep pajres
In Colors something that, you can not g;et with, any other weekly
or semiwekly newspaper containing useful farm information
and special articles. hint3 for the housekeeper, interesting features
for th children, helpful readinglmatter fcr men and women, boya
and girls, young and old.
You will need the GLOBE-DEMOCRAT for reliable News
during the coming 'y ear, and you will find the Magazine Section
invaluable to every member of the family. Sample copies free."
Globe Printing Company, Publishers
morning, Feb. 15, 1913. Alva
Mclain. son of Mr. and Mrs.
G. P. McLain, aged 20 years and
4 months, Funeral services
were held Sunday at residence
on north Ellis street. Interment
in Lorimier cemetery.
Each time ho has been here he
has treated a different subject;
this time his message is of
special importance to everyone.
Remember the. dates and places.
Mr. Wright will be assisted by
Farm Adviser McWilliams.
Governor Major has disposed
of the best appointments ha is at
present authorized to make and
ha3 promised some jobs the
legislature is to place at his
disposal. His favors are going
only to Democrat who favored
him in the nomination for Governor,
) OlUc.
S Re.
Dr. Rex E, Ccaziatani
ninMelber(5ir-IIiirTiw E!2i
CAPE CHAnC-.VJ. .;0i

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