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Mexico Missouri
VOL.. 13
Mr. Crewi Passes Away Mr.
Wayne and Miss Slavens
L:ttldonia, Mo., Nov. 4. Henry
Crews, 71 yours old, one of the
olilest eitizeus of this city, died
Vl.ry suddenly at Rix o'clock Run
jay morning. He Buffered a se
vere coughing spell and ruptured
g ljinod vessel of the stomach, j
Plrtdd ran from his mouth. He
fulled his Ristrr and then sank
bark and died instantly. He hnd
been in his usual good health. Mr.
Crows was a bachelor. He was a
native of Boone county and came
tn Audrain about HO years ago
and engaged in farming, moving
to tliis c'!y about 20 years ago.
,ist t. Mrs. Lizzie Settles, sur
vies him here. He was an unele
also of Drs. Ed. and Jeff, Barton
and Mrs. W. H. Logan here. He
was a brother-in-law of Mrs. M.
H. Crews of Mexico. Short re
liiniis services were held at the
liome here today and tomorrow
moiiiing the remains will be
taken 1o Mexico for burial in
Elnnvood cemetery, lie was a
good citizen and his death is
deeply mourned.
Mr. Roy Wayne, of Mexico, son
of Mr. and Mrs. John II. Wayne,
and Miss Flora 1). Slavens,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. II.
Slavens of this city, were married
Saturday night, at the home of
the bride's parents, Rev. W. E.
Akers, pastor of the M. E. church.
South, officiating. Mr. Wayne is
conmvted with M. T. Vandegrift,
tie painter and decorator of
Mexico, and is an industrious and
liirtiiy worthy young man. Mrs.
ne is a sister of Mr. J. 15.
Slavens of Mexico and is a charm
in and accomplished young
woman. Many friends here ex
tend the happy couple very best
Mr. Wayne Dead.
George H. Wayne, .'17 years old,
who had been ill for a long time
with lung trouble, died last Sat
urday morning at, his home in this
city. The wife and one daughter,
10 years old, Madge Wayne, sur
vive him. Two brothers and six
sisters also survive him, as fol
lows. John T. Wayne, J. W.
Wayne, Mrs. Thomas Crum, Mrs.
lames Bradley, Mrs. Obe Hall,
Mrs. IVto Crum, Mrs. Thos.
Wright and Mrs. Frank Waters,
nil of this county. Two cousins
reside in this city, John II.
Wayne and Win. Wayne.
Funeral was held at the home
Sunday morning, conducted by
Rev. J. E. Aycsue, interment at
NVw Hope church, southeast of
this city. The pallbearers were
Carl Crum, Frank Wayne, Robert
('ruin, Wayne Bradley, George
Waters and Clarence Waters.
All of our readers are bound to
be interested in the Clinton Eye's
latest news regarding the devel
opment of Henry county's noted
lipids. Here it is: "The trip
ltts of James Ball and wife, east
of town four miles, were a year
0,J Thursday. They are as
taltliy as any children of their
"fe and all pretty children. When
'"'' Were born one boy weighed
S(-ven pounds, the other boy and
K'i'1 weighed eight pounds each.
Sow John Wrallis Ball weighs
twenty-four pounds and has six
lp'th. Ho gets over the floor by
i'1-awling. Jerome McNees Ball
ghs eighteen pounds and has
four teeth. He can sit alone.
Julia Geneva Bull also weighs
"sawn pounds and has four
'"'til. Sim u-nll-c ..... .,!..
;'"ts in K0. Tlcy ore a W0I,Jer.
f" ''ttie Irio. They have been
raised on cow's milk. Mrs. Ball
s f'hly assisted in raising them by
oldest daughter, Miss Pearl, "j
How One Man Voted Henry
Wright in Deep Snow.
M. M. Ui vens: Everything
lovely in my neighborhood. 1
live just north of the railroad,
ea t of the public road, at Little
by Station. In town, you might
say, but get my mail nt, or from,
Benton City. I was born and
rai ed in that locality of the
E. M. Morris: I Rtudied the
proposed Constitutional Amend
ment thoroly and voted Tuesday
for the ones I wanted and against
those I did not want. I think
that's the intelligent way to
handle such matters.
Chas. Peterson: 1 used to live
down in vhe Lick Creek country
ot this county. 1 knew that man
.Levi Poor, late of Nebraska, now
of Oklahoma. I understand he
comes to Mexico occasionally. Mr.
Alrssa;;e .Man, the next time Mr.
loor lands here let me know. 1
want to shake the baud of one of
i he county '8 early settlers again.
CJ.il. Sharp: Here goes a dol
lar lor the Message another year.
Keep 'er coming. i live over
Santa Fe way, the best country in
the county.
Mrs. Field Akridge: 1 was
born and raised in this county
and 1 recall the days when 1 used
to attend school with the now
Message editor, when Hen Ely, of
near 1'erry, used to wield the rod
aud he wilded it too at ttie
old Aslier school house. Those
were early times but they were
good old times. My home now is
in I he good little town of Lad
donia. (Ins Dillard: I was up in
Northern Iowa a couple of weeks
since, disposing of apples for
Kelly Wilkerson. Iowa did not
raise any apples this season. Cold
where 1 was in Iowa; ground
frozen so that it would hold you
up. Henry Wright, of Mexico, is
up in Dakota selling apples and
one day recently lfe writes that he
waded thru live feet of snow.
That's too much winter for mc at
this season of the year.
J. 1. rredde: I came to Au
drain county from St. Charles the
.year Buchanan was elected Presi
dent. I settled on Youngs Creek
and came to Mexico to vote that
fall. I was a single man then
ine winter that year was an
awfully cold one. The cold winds
swept over tile prairies and I re
f-olved you would never catch me
maKing my nome around here,
but I have been here ever since.
I have lived m different places
round about but in recent years
have lived in Mexico. The first
time the dirt on the Lackland
farm, south of Mexico, was turn
ed over for cultivation I had hold
of the plow handles and helped
do the work.
Thomas Shire, northeast of
Mexico, is over at Graymont
111., assisting Jim. Fossen gather
his big corn crop. Mr. Shire says
Fossen 's corn will yield CO bush
els to the acre this season.
Little Mabel Spaar, 9 years old!
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. II. C
Spaar, southwest of Mexico, has
been veiy ill for a month with
malarial fever. She is recovering
now, we are glad to report.
Mrs. Field Akridge and Mrs
C. B. Fegan, both of Laddonia
made the Message a pleasant call
last Saturday.
Mrs. Roy Barklcy of this city is
enjoying a visit from, her aunt
he Box Supper at Hedgedale
Interesting Personal Mention.
Miss Abbie Sullivan, of near
Mexico, visited Mrs. Harry
Barnes, Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Minnie Stallings, our in
termediate teacher was called
home to Mexico last Friday by
the illness of her father, but re
sumed her school duties Monday
Mrs. Henry Ernst and children
isited relatives 7n Mexico last
Mrs. Cornett and daughter,
Miss Maud, were shoDDintf iu
Mexico last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bamev
were business visitors in Mexico
Mrs. L. II. Sims was shopping
in Laddonia Mondav.
Robt. Walter and son, Elmer,
were business visitors in Mexico
last Saturdav.
Misses Grace Knoebel and Lila
Stuart were shopping in Mexico
last Saturday.
The Hedge Dale School, 3 1-2
miles west of town, gave a box
supper last Saturday night,
which was well attended. Quite a
arge crowd went out from here.
Miss Cunningham chaperoned the
school children, and they all went
n a large wagon. The children of
ledge Dale had prepared an in
cresting program which was all
?ood, but we want to especially
mention the duet by Roy Snook
nd Alcne Kircher, two of the
my tots. Their little voices were
so sweet and clear and with Cor-
iclia Miller at the organ, was a
most beautiful select inn. Tl.U
program reflects great credit on
he skill of their teacher, Miss
.Mabel Cook. There were a lartre
lumber of pretty boxes, and all
irotight good prices, one bring-
ig $ After the selling of the
oxes, by Mr. Val. Erdel, Jr., a
ake was given to the most popu-
ar lady. She being selected by
. otes. This was riven to tin.
o .-
eacher, AIiss Mabel Cook, with
Miss Effie Bryson, their former
teacher, as a close second. Then
i box was voted on to give to the
lgliest man present. This was
given to Mr. Virgil Stuart. We
want to compliment Mr. Erdel on
his ability as an auctioneer, for
lie makes a splendid one. In fact,
we think he missed his calling bv
not being an auctioneer instead
of a farmer.
Ihe new concrete porch and
walk at the Christian church are
The men of this towu are plan
ning a hue time for Tuesday
night. They have arranged to get
the election returns' by telegraph,
and while they wait a banquet
will be served in Doolin-Wood-
ward s hall. A grand time is ex
Mrs. Dr. Johnson, of Centralia
i.-iiiru i-fumves anu menus in
.,4., 1 ... I.. 1.' . 1 A
Mexico last week. In company
with Mrs. E. L. Johnson here she
made the Message a nlensnnt
business call. Mrs. Johnson
formerly lived at Tulip.
airs, iicster Austin and two
children, of Lincoln, Nebraska,
are the guests of Mrs. Austin's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles By
bee, of this city.
Wallace Pearson of this city is
at Devil's Lake, N. D., on busi
ness. He sends the Message late
Devil's Lake papers.
Preaching at regular hours at
Bethel church next Sunday by
the pastor, Rev. W. C. Rice. All
arc invited.
Former Audrain County People
Figure in a News Letter.
Big Horn, Mont., Oct. 21.
Threshing was awfully late this
year. .Just thru a tew days ago.
There was a rally dance at the
Big Horn ncIiooI house last Tues-
lay night. A large crowd And
everyone enjoyed himself.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Marsh are
entertaining a lilth new daugh
ter at their home.
Bom, to Mr. and Mrs. Nic Top-1
syic: a little girl a lew days ago.
Mrs. McCoy and two daughters.
Helen and Ruth, spent the even
ing with Mrs. Jim Marsh last
Atel Olson, a Tease Bottom
farmer, took some apples to
Iysham a few days ago which
measured 13 3-4 inches iu circum
ference. M. Olson holds the hon
or of raising the largest apples in
The Billings sugar factory com
inenced grinding Oct. 1st, with
between 40,000 and 50,000 tons ol
sugar beets at tjie factory and
more coming it at the rate of
about CO car loads per day. The
factory started with a full force
of about 500 working men, and
about '2,000 tons of beets passing
through the knives every 24
hours. This year the factory will
convert into sugar the product of
about 21,000 acres of sugar beet
as against 16,000 last year. In
order to handle this increase, the
company has enLargcd the plant
so that it now lias u capacity of
2,000 tons per day. Besides the
installation of another battery ot
boilers, the company tias erected
a new warehouse adjoining the
old one, which will, practically
double the storage capacity of th-
plant. When the harvest gets in
to full swing it is estimated that
about 7,000 tons of beets will b
delivered each day to the vnriom
dumps of the company, which wi'
represent an average of abor
$45,000 per day to be paid out by
the company between now an 1
January 15th.
r lax yielded $42.00 per acre.
The champion crop of flax for tl
entire State of Montana which M.
J. Marsh raised this year, accon
ing to the separator weight, tl
city scales, and a third weight :
.Miuiieapolif,, where the tlax was
shipped ard sold, Mr. Marsh's fla
yielded 24 bushels per acre. Ti
field fell short a fraction, beii;
100 acres, and the total weigl I
yield wus a trifle more than 2,4(
bushels and was sold at .tl.NO
bushel. Another remarkable thii
is this flax was grown on d.
land; no irrigation whatev
Marsh got $2,938.00 in clear mo
ey the first time in breaking li
J. F. Marsh raised Ihe large
watermelons on dry land this
year. He raised them that weigh
ed 40 pounds.
There is going to be a big lai d
sale in Billings, Oct. 21st. Ever.'
one is going and will put in hi
bid for all know what this land is
All the talk around Big Ho n
and Ilyshani is flax. Every in: n
is going to put in lots of flax no::
M. M. Ungles is going to sh'
tw car loads of cattle in a few-
Mrs. Albert Scright and two
daughters spent the night with
Mrs. J. F. Marsh last Thursday
and also spent Friday with Mrs.
M. J. Marsh.
Mrs. M. J. Marsh spent the day
with Mrs. George Smith last Fri
day. L. S. Perkins returned home
from a business trip to Billings
Mrs. Mc. McCoy returned home
a few weeks ago. She had spent
two months with her relatives
near Kansas City.
Jesse Baskett's Hurt Arthur
Lake's Barn Two Mar
riages. Jesse Biiskett, northeast of
Worcester, ran a thorn in his arm
a few days ago and it has been
causing him much sull'cring.
Arthur Lake, west of Vandalia,
lost li is lino barn by lire one day
last week. He puts his loss at
$2,500. A fine jack and n valu
able horse together with all his
farming tools and grain were de-
t roved with the barn. How the
fire originated is a mystery. Tin-
blaze was discovered at about
seven o'clock in the evening. A
irge crowd of neighbors gatln-r-
, A 1. . . P - .1 -1.4 I
A numner oi person K...
they saw a human form in th
flames. Some black
nines were lound in the ashes
next dav but they were too char
ed for a statement concerning.
them. So there is a guess that a
tramp started the tire maybe he
was a drunk -ami, he perished
Ira Ellis is under $1,000 bail,
barged with a statutory offense.
Pearl Edwards, 17 years old. be
ing the young woman figuring in
the case. Ellis' preliminary
hearing is set for trie 25 th of tins
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Ticket! ar
rived in Mexico last week Irom
Kansas City where they were
married on the 21st ult. Mrs
Pickett before her marriage was
Miss Mary MeColly and formerly
lived north of Mexico. Mr. Pick
tt is or.e of Mexico's hnstlin"
young carpenters.
Mr. Harry Candy, northwest ol'
Thompson, and Miss Annie lv
Fecht, west of Mexico, wero mar
ried Wednesday morning of last
week, Father J. J. Dillon officiat
ing. We extend the voutil'
couple our warmest congratula
tions and very best wishes.
Rev. O. A. Mitchell, of Mexico,
lias been conducting a revival
meeting for the Baptist brethren
at Carrington, in Callaway coun
ty. There have been ahout 20
conversions. One man who is pat
71 years obi 'surrendered last
week and" as. Bro. Mitchell ex
presses it. "united with God's
The in-w Christian church, in
Callaway county, south of
Martiiishurir was dedicated last
Sunday. The congregation need
ed $(i00 to wipe out its debt and
$180 in excess of this amount was
raised. The dedieatoiy sermon in
the afternoon was delivered by
Rev. Joseph L. Garvin, president
of William Woods College, of
Fulton, Mo.
The King's Daughters Circle of
this city has elected Mesdames J.
W. Rixey, E. D. Graham. Charle
Glendye and M. E. Crawford as
delegates to the State King's
Daughters meeting to be held in
Kansas City. The Circle at lien
ton City elected Mesdames J. J.
F. Johnson and J. W. Dowel I.
Message Friends.
The following have subscribed
for the Message or renewed re
cently: rhil Rogers, T. J. Roberts, E.
Marvin, Miss Julia Godbersan, O.:
S. Ackerman, Mrs. S. L. Hickam.
W. V. Newgent, Ed. Duty, Amos
Harris, Miss Sadie Devaney, Mrs.
Dr. Johnson, Richard Franklin,
TI. L. Wakefield, J. A. Farthing.
Mrs. Charles Lamb, A. G. Mor -
gan. C. II. Sharp, Chas. Peterson,
jE. M. Morris.
Col.-Green Clay Passes Away Last
Thursday Night.
Col. Green Clay, 73 years old,
died unexpectedly at his home in
this city jusl before midnight Inst
Thursday night, lie had been ill
for several V eeks.
Mr. Clay was born in Ken
tucky. Febr.taty 11, 1S33. He
came to Mexico in 1SS0. Before
coming here he served a term in
the Mississippi Legislature. He
was a large landowner in that
State, lie leaves a widow who
was Miss Jane Rhodes of New
Orleans; a daughter, Mrs. J. W.
Zevely of Muskogee, Ok., and a
son, Cassius M. Clay, of this city.
Mr. ( lav served as secret, -irv to
i( All(.,.i(,,1n ),.,,.,, io)w , ynr.
enee, Italy, before the court was
removed to Rome, and to St.
Petersburg, Russia, under his
uncle, Cassius Marcellus Clay,
who was then the American am
bassador to those countries. It
was when Mr. Clay was in Russia
that Ihe United State negotiated
for the purchase of Alaska.
The funeral was held from the
home Sunday afternoon, conduct
ed by Rev. Joseph II. Harvey, of
the Episcopal church. A larre
concourse of friends were pres.
cut. Congressman Champ Clark
and Senator W. .1. Stone deliver
ed addresses at the funeral. The
burial was in Elmwnod. There
was an honorary escort composed
of the following: W. T. Bods.
W. W. Fry, J. H. SalW. S. J.
Buckner. C A. Buckner, R. R.
Arnold, S. M. Locke, S. B. Cook.
Dr. MeComas. T. TT. Talbot.
Champ Clark and ito Stone.
Col. Clay was chairman of tlu;
Audrain County Democratic Cen
tral Committee. Monday the
committee met iu Mexico and
chose Fred A. Morris, of this city,
lo succeed Mr. Clay. Dr. Paul E.
Coil was elected committeeman
from the Third ward in Mexico,
Col. Clay also holding that posi
tion. The committee ly
unanimous vote adopted the fol
lowing resolution:
Whereas, God in his infinite
wisdom h.i.4 removed from our
midst our Miierable and time
honored Democrat, I ol. lireen
'lay. and. whereas, the Audrain
( ountv Democratic Central Com
mittee has lost its valuable am
estimable Chairman, am! Ihe
Democraev of the Nation, State
end County a valuable and pru
dent Council,
Be it resolved. That we, mem
bees of the Audrain Demoeralii
Co littee, oll'er our .sincere sym
pat by to (lie bereaved family am
that we trv to emulate his noble
example in tiirlliering tin- causi
if Democracy, and that a copy
Miese resolutions be sent to each
of t he county papers.
V. I!. DeTienne,
T. J. Williams,
E. J. Shobe,
Coiuiuitlee on Resolutions
.ill. laiiiiius . i i in m ei i , oi
u.. 1 1 . . . i : 1 : i .. . i i .. e
Columbia, whose parents live at
Centralia, and Miss Blanche Baf
ford, daughter of Mr. Wm. Baf
I'oid of this city, were marrici
lasl rsaliililav, liev. A. A. wailaei
There were 320 hunt ing
licenses issued in this county for
the year up to the first of this
Dr. C. M. Sneed, well know:
Mexico, 1ms sold his praetic
.Jefferson City and will
j Europe for u year's study.
j Mrs. Bert Ingram, and
Robert, of Mexico, visited
g) to
M rs.
j Ingram's parents in
last week, Mr. and Mr
. T. II.
Mr. Robinson Dead.
J. E. Robinson, 77 years old,
ie!l dead at the home of bis son
in law, A. II. Whitney, in this
city last Wednesday evening. Ho
had beeu called to supper and
fell as he was walking to tho
Mr. Robinson was a native of
Callaway county, born Jan. 10,
1M5. Ho taught school for
number of years in his earlier life.
He enjoyed the old-fashioned
spelling bee Mid knew "Web
ster's Bluehack Speller'' from ft
to izard. He was superintendent
of the schools in Mexico at one
Deceased is survived by two
daughters, Mrs. A. H. Whitney,
of this city, and .Miss Nell Robiu
son. of Boston, Mass. A son,
Arthur Robinson, also lives in
The funeral was held at tho
ho of A. H. Whitney Saturday
afternoon, conducted by Rev. ,).
E. Ayscue, interment in Elm
wood. lie was a good citien ami
many friends mourn his death.
Mr. Spotswood Dead.
Frank II. Spotswood, 3G years
old. a native of this count v. born
not Hi ol .Mexico, son of the lato
loiiu . Spotswood, died last
Monday morning of throat
rouble at San Antonio, Texas,
rheiii e lie had gone over four
iiouths ago for the benefit of his
eallli. Ho had beeu councctc.l
with the Western I'liion Teh-
.raph Co. for a number of years.
The body arrived here vesterdav
it noon hy vny of St. Louis, and
funeral service was held at the
icshy lerian church, at two
o'clock, conducted by Rey. A. A.
Wallace, burial in Elmwood with
Masonic honors.
Mr. Spotswood is survived by a
wile and three child
lis mother, Mrs. J. Vr. Spots-
wood, who resides in this city.
Hid by three brothers nnil fun
sisters: Ifeutie and Clmrlin of
Mexico, and Luther, of Perry;
Mrs. dulia Dorgan, of Mexico,
and Mrs. Emma l!;irns of Freder
ick. Okla.
Frank Spotswood was a good
man am a hue eit
pained to chronicle his death.
The famous case of Dr. W. A.
Hemphill, accuse,l of conned inn
in the death of Miss Kli.ahdh
Glcason, n young Elsherry school
teacher, has been continued again,
and it is thought now that the
ease may m ver go to trial in lie
Lincoln County Circuit Court. An
adjourned term of ( 'oiirt will be
held in November, but il is said
the case will not be called at Ilia!
time. "The plea in the I " was
overruled by .Judge Dyer aim il
likely that the case on this issm
will be appealed to Ihe Supreme
Court. At the first trial Dr.
Hemphill was given two years in
ihe penitentiary. The iudid iiient
was found to be faulty and a new
healing was granted. The ipn-s-tion
of whether Dr. Hemphill
could be jeopardized twice for Ihe
same olVeiise was then raised Ny
lin's plea in bar. Rev. Clyde Cow
has served two of his four year
"l iicle" Daniel Letches and
his wife, "Aunt" Mary, slaves be
fore the Civil War of the late W.
O. Johnson of this county; who
now live at Wellington, Kan., are.
hero visiting the family of J. T.
Johnson and other old-time white
Mexico Savings Bank
a. M i l Mi i tl SH a
) 43rd Year in Business.
( AV. V. THY, PrBint.

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