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Hannibal journal. (Hannibal, Mo.) 1853-1853, August 23, 1853, Image 3

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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THE LARGEST und (ho prentedt assortment
f goods crcr brought to Hannibal, just now
reoaivsd, and will be sold, rertnin. The sub-
oribcr would particularly t all llie nttcntion ol
hi woholcsulo customer to this fact, mid nil
persons coiniug to llunnilml to purchase, poods
ill nad it really to thoir tlvntitiiire to rail on
For the rapid Car of
croup, asthma, and
Ma J not trUI, lntti of Impairing th public eon It
tlNn id IhU medicine, hut won fur It n appreciation, and
notoriety by fur exoccdlng the most sanguine ejtpt-ctatioris of
lu frUrjdt. Nothing but lu minimis viriuin and tho unini
tokable bentut oooferred on Ihourandt of tallorcre, ould
originate and maintain tho repuiniun It employ. Wbilo
mini laferlol roaiodiao thruet upon lb community, bav
(Hod and boon ditcsrded, thli has gained fricndi by over;
trial, ouof erred benefit on the tlllotuj llicy oan ticter forg-t,
Mil produced curat too uuuiorotu tad too rouarkablo to bo
wane it ii a rrena on id public to rrttend that anv on
untitle will Infallibly euro Hill tbtto I. abundant proof
that lb Cherrv Peetoraf doot not only at i ax-aeral thing, but
tluiosl Invariably our tbo meladia lor which It I euirUeyrd.
At tlmo makot thcee factt wider and better known, ihia
oedlolno ha gradually booome Ibo belt rvlianot of the ellliet
ed, from th b e oahln of th American Peaiant, to tba l'ul
oe of BuropMn Klin. Throughout thu emir onutitry, In
every But, city, end Indeed eltnort every hamlet It contains,
Cherry Peetoral U known u th heot rcmwly extant for dU
wm of tbo throat and rutin, and In roan? foreign eoun'riet,
It It oonlng to be oiunr Italy uaM by ttiolr most lutJIiireLt
iPayttetaa. In Ureal Britain, Vrauoo and li.'rinany, where
tbo medical aoteoo have reached their htguiit purfuotion,
Cherry Pjctorel li Introduced, and in constant u.u in the
Arinler, UotplWlt,.AImi liouaeo, Public Institutions, and In
domettl practice, at lb rutwt louicdy their attending i'by
Meiano oaa employ lor the moro dangerous etli-clious of tbo
iunrt. . Ab In milder oater. and for obildrcn It if enfo, tiloaa-
at and ofl.ieiaal to euro. In fee', tome of the mutt flattering
totllmontal wri.irehae been from parent who hate fouud
It effioacloui In ose particularly Inridontal to childhood,
"let Cuarty Peaturul U luauulacturwl by a practical Cliem
"iA, and otory oui,oe of it under bit own fye, with invariable
ova iracy and ear. It i tealnl and protected by law from
mnl.,i.l Anfiunibtnll Man Ka mIIi..! nil oni.iiifii, avltKitnt
a lulteratioo.
Wo bar endeavored hero to fornl h tbo oommnnlty with a
fuodlolno of ua IntrintH) tuperiurity and Worth at tbould
ooaioKnd luwlt to their ennliJenen- a rruiedy at oner Mifp,
apetii and caualual, which thi hat by repeated andrountlew
Uiali proted iuelf to b and tnitt by gn at oaro in propar
' in( It with chemical accuracy, of uniform eirenKth, to alloid
fhyalelaoj a new aarnt oa hlch they can rely tor tbo but
retail, and tbo aQlicted with a remedy that UI do or tbeui
ail tnai mra'oino oan ao.
Prepared and raid by Jamtt C. Ajtr, l'ractloal and Analy
iioal GheenUt. Uwtll, Mat.
XJf bold br L. T. Drlttlciham A Dm., Hannibal : Kluht
ley ACarwUrpb-a, New London I Ta'o, Turn bull A 0'., Prank
. ford Oiafuid, Dart A Co., Clarkttllle i t'ranoi, Walton A
War rta, tu. uonu, ani oy ur jgkt otorywncre. cun
AatMtaih, IblS-dAwUa.
Comrrtefclal How, Hannibal, Mo.
To Connirj Serchnnts and Dealer. Generally.
D. K. GAltMAN,
TVTOULD invito all purchaiert of Hooks, to
VY call and examine hu Stock, which is u large;
. And complete as any in the VVcstum Conn
,'i.tf. t keeps constantly on haiul, in
large quantities. School Uooks, of every
- kind now in uneAlso a full Moc' of
odlaneous and Medical Book, h:.i?: iv... y.
Paer, lilank Kooks, QuiH, I . , V.
Slates, tc Together wild a t
inent .of I'degant runcy btationci,
"' as has never before btseu otlcrcJ in
. All Al U Will 1A (ill hi Vnt'V li.W
AfBkf VI "IIIUU tf 111 UV "VIM S J owl.
'.. 1). K. UAKMAN,
Wh6!eBalo IJooksellcr and Stativintr,
Conunorciul Kow, lhmnibul, Mo.
Hannibal, July 1.), lS.I'.-dtjin
Into Northern Missouri, toany t'Xtciit, luin Wv.u
ill tin; last thrvu yi'ais : Mint' which time tlivv
lia u lii'rn ftratlually iiu rcasiinf; thi' iiiamilai turi'
aua suit ut tin. in ; itml ullliougli, uwuu; to thrir
i iilt liuht aim smoolli, ntul soint'ttuncr iu v,
soitu! littlts (lilUcHlty uttiinlfil tin- unit1 unit use
al 1'imI, yi't by uhvajs liialiiiif Stoves and (Jn-
tllljH til till' lit'st ijilallly ol :-t;oti:ll l'lr ntul Mnt.
souri iMiMint.uti iron, Uiey have iroril tt
withstatnl lire ln-tlcr than any otlirr CastiitL'
mado in tho westrrn country. Tin- Turr.aiT
caslinpa ntul hollow-wart' particularly, hac
Iicuii siiucrxoilttil hy it, when ver it l.:is lin n
brought into use, mul always ivcii s.aihii'linn.
Having lived here a liiiiiil.t r ol' years, mitl ln
iiij !rinant lilly loealetl here, jiiirclmsers ean
rely on our nuralitee us l.i the ijiutlity til the
ai lit:lu soltl hy us ; itinl as to the operation ol'
our celebrated I'ri.e-rrciniiim Stnc, ju.st
reinl tho cert ilieMc ol' lliost! ttlm liiiU used
tbein, nml are usiir.; tliem n.iw. And niiolher
advantage ti purehaser will have in buying u
St. l.ouis stove id' us, lie would not only he
Bcllinj n stove made ol the best material in lite
world', but ho can al any time net nil odd piece
or plato without any charge, by letting us know
that Mich is wanted, tin nil our at oven arc war
runted, and, in ease of imperleetion, tho article
will be promptly made, good tu tho purchaser,
which ho will not find tho caso with Cincinnati.
Chicago, Pittsburgh, and 1'iistern made Stoves,
an vou cannot cut uny odd Pieces. Kven if
they were warrunted, it would be impossible to
gel otlil plates iroin much n iiisuincf!,
Vc, tho undersigned, having used tho St
Louis Stoves inaniilaeturcil Vv (.. F. Filley, o
St. Louis, mid sold by CARTlEIl W. BRYAN.
at Hannibal, Mo., take pleasure in recommend
ing them to tho puhlio us superior in point of
draft, durability, economy, convenience and
caso of regulation, to any stove which we have
ever used :
Fli:UVS M KIP BOOK Nt w LMilion.
Litrmrii and Mhcrllaniuus S nip H"nh.
OD.NSIS i'lNii of Tnles mid Anrfttolet Binurmili.
W icul, lli-lorii hI. l'jlriiilif. Murnl. Itcliciniia. ai,tl
i' 1 ws .. ii ' 1 1 nT s"ilL"f
ros. 39 ami 32 Krcontl street, near Post OIHr.
1853. St Louis. Mo. 1853.
mill . . . - .. ...
Sfhtitmiilitl pieces, in I'r mid Portiy. Compiled I I i n aiore anti is 111 receipt ol llie lollowiit dcN-
S.ioiid ct Ii tut,, r. vim.,1 ai.d ,.n. i.Mo ni u. y.-ucK, nniLii iswnuracuai mo
by William Fields
Tlio roolr.alh und Hiuhwnv: or.
IVTAMiKHINUK of an American in Orcnt Britain,
V in lsftl ami Ki!. )ty Hfiijaiiiin Morpan. This
vnliui nilinilii't lli iil.'iv.ilii'iu ol llie intlior, made
iltiniit: einlit iiikiiIIi u,tntli-riii(;j, as a correspondent
tor Anii'ii. aii Jiiiiin;ila ( t n . Ir.tvrbd nmcli on
null, iiinris fssetiimiiy itoiti u,oic on llie aninn route
lues, by oilier wi iters.
i i
:vT!ici)ii's fur tint I'rotcslant Clcrirv;
f 'lit i.i' iiniiiii i iianiy, i in (iltcy without Hu
y ' in inHv , .mil I'liiliLviiii-in Hitliotit Cliristiaiiilvt
wi'li by 111 Ivlttnr on the l.iletn'tire ol' Charity,
ri'iiii..iiiii, riniperisni, ruin it-.ti I'.cniiiiiny, and I'io-li'-i.thlein.
Tin-erva: iiiiotiim which thu Iiook ilis-
tises is, wnellii'i llie I Innrli el tins hkb is what the
pritnilive ( Innrli WHs,ainl Mlii lln r Christians both
asiur.4 iit.il I'l'i'iilr iiie iIkiiic then ihily. (ttr author
neves inn, iiini.in tmr iiniul, he hits lii:i.leont a strong
e. lie t ll ink m Hi, Me is iiliiiitil.ini ikoiii fur relnrni ut
the present lime, Hint that it is needed ul t as much
ut llie .l.iys ut' Luther.
I'nr -ale at the M'.W HOOK Sl'dKK. jylillf
II. & T. A. M. DANNOLl),
John I. Eliot,
Georgo C. Foster,
Dr. 1.. T. Urittingham,
Charles W. Mills,
Henry Vtterbiuk,
Win. Hawkins,
A. Ingram,
Thomas Cover dull,
U. Guntcr,
Jesan Wright,
W. F. Kercheval,
Win. Logan,
Israel Johnson,
John Fagan,
Washington Meyers.
II. Krcrtling,
W. L. iAicy,
J. 11. Hayden,
H. P. (Jregory,
Oliver Terrill,
James F.mison,
E. Truett,
T. Hallard,
I. Tufts,
L. lu,
lJtiiuel Ford,
A. M. Hawkins,
James Thompson,
Win. II. Houck,
Wm. Greeves,
M. M. Barron,
Wm. Daulton,
Peter Snider,
John Hixon,
T. II. Sehncs.
John C. Chcsley,
Wm. Edtly,
Cyrus Waters,
T. It. Spencer,
Ceo. A. Shortridcc,
llloumingtoii, Mo.,
J. C. (Jgtleli,
L). W. While,
John McUluughlin,
Hiram llhiuuhard,
Dr. N. Nelson,
11. K. lirvaii,
John L. Miithcwt,
W. K. Davis,
J. Armstrong,
Warren Finley,
J. C. Heudersuii,
Wm. Massry,
A. (irccidec,
John 11. Lewis,
Levi Durklcy,
E. Ltoi.ard,
Hooper Mitchell,
John Short,
J. Mostly,
Wm. M. Kidd,
F. Franklin,
Joaiah Hinton,
W. Greeves,
Chas. Curts,
Jesse Robcrson,
E. C. S pence,
A. J. Piokerton,
John R. Helms.
1 15 Main utreet,
Will lave reeolvml by the M of S.iiomlicr, their utock of
Fall and Wintor.
Foreign and Domestic Dry GooctaH
l will cuibrane a (creator variotj and l moro onmuiuodioi:,
and ceocral, than they bare evor eMorod In thlt luarkot.
urory nrtlolo tne roiuiremciiu ol loo rvtall trade douiantu.
oan he nhlained Iroto them.
It will be thoir oonatniit eacrtitin to to conduct their burl
neat, a lo utako it the Inlerrat ol Ibo merchant to dual with
tbeui. I'.very article id their ttock, mil be oold as low a It
ran bo obtained In this clly, or dvliwod from New York or
lioaton. it u tneir uctire tu uo bunines with rctpontlble
nerrhant and In tuoh a niannrr, that when onocoounnenced.
it will continue. They know thoir tuccoi dependt toleli ui-
on tho tucoesi of their ourtomere, and It will bo their aim to
make thur Intonoumo with luereuanl, mutually and recip
rocally bom lii'lul. lby ark from iver-hants who thlt ht.
Lmuu thu lull, a Iborougu vxauiinalloa ol their atock and
Ml. umu, Augur! ii, l i-i i-a.v a.itu
1). C. F. Clnvton.
M. Catcron,
Persons wishing to buy stoves, should give
r. a call, and examine our new patterns of
, TU8T arrived, tho Choir Melodies, the Dulcimer, tho
J ' Canniu sacred, Mason's Snered llarps, Christian
Melodiett th Christian Psalmist, numeral, AUo a
yariety. ot ralmj and Myitnis.
For aula at 1). K. UAKMAN'S
(aueUMtf) NKW HOOK. STtlHK.
Pioneer Women ol' tint West, ny Mis. Kllett j
I.olly and lonely, by Mm ilia Mt Intosh ;
Dream I.ife.liy Catoliiie Cteesbore;
The Tell Tale, by Tnisla ;
Sunny Side, ,y 'l'msla ;
Peep at Nmnlmr Kiva, hy 'Irnsta ;
louis tvoni the Sacred ISiine, hy Thu Wyalt ;
Kor sale at the New ll.iok Slute, hy
jyldwtt II. K. ti AliM AN.
IT. A MS!!
Just roocived, it superior Lot uf
Curel Hums, l or Balo low Lv
C - s...V ; " X
jagi i Hi 1 1 it mipjMiMiiij .
lowest inarKet rates lor prompt pay
m hhda N. U. ami cl'l 'd stit-ar. 30(1 kbit cl f'd do.
IWKi pki;s M. H. raisins, 30oo drums Elaje ti;s.
cunH a .anie citrraiitii, mi iiant tiatos,
r cakt prunes, bO case do, in class.
1 00 bills 8. 8. nhnords, 2!S do If. S. do,2f do.
in bhls Lnelish walnuts, 2") do crvatn null.
4IXHI kecs nails, 4 to ttd, 500 do blud '2 and 3d nml.
700 ilo lonce dol, Hand 111, 3&0do brad do.ri.N end 10
ItKI do liiliiiiKdo,H,Har.dlO,lkJdowrmieJiMii
in no spiKes. 4 to 7 In, 1 wibxt tacurt, 4 to II or do,
fiOO bags cotton yarn, 200 do iloion do,
1MI Iiuks while ca'pet warp, 100 do col'd do,
400 balvs battioif, 3iHl Jo candle wick,
3iK) do wrapping twine, fiOO hhls mackerel, I,1J. and
:iim hall bhla mackerel, Nos. 1,2 and 3,
1( 0 bhls rue liuirmes, oiki bxs scaled do,
Ml cUs Enij. cmth.h. 50 do Grand Hank do.
l-'OO lixsco,,ish, luo each, '.JU bhls No. I alinn
.IK) can llaltimore Cove oysters,
kti cases laMincs, wholes, lisll and ipiurteri,
btl bhls I'eeitn nuts, IU0 hairs Hoa I Mlj.
iiMill huslii Is dried applet, fHMl ily dnud penehrs,
tut nxs titiiow cnn.ues, aiai uxt palm soap,
on nxs mean snap, .in uo tiar candles,
40 nxs siierm Calelles. no do Castile soari.
300 bxs shuviiiu snap, 100 cks Itoston tafier.i
.Mi lx sl.nch, '.'no tl,U Wilmington tar,
i.i nils iinsot'tl till, iikj nxschocnlate,
llaMHII. Il
II. Mtt l.tl.Mi,
II. Ml'llANAI.Il.
II. Mt t Lnrto,
L. riioMrsotf.
K. I'lTTMAN. WM. II I'll I
Imiioiteis nml V IhiIi skIu Healers in
No 7, Nam ot., oV, LUUIS, MO.
June U, 1M5.1. (jcllwly)
WV. the nuttersiened, having used Giles F. Fillcy't
Cook inR Stove, Mnnulactiirctl by Filley of St. T.oui.-,
ami sol. I ny
(J. W. IS 11 Y A N ,
Of Hannibal, Mo.,
Take pleasure in recommending them to Ilia public as
superior in point of thafl, economy of I'md, convenience
nml ease of regulation, lo any Air-Tight Cook Stove
which we nave ever teen used.
The Cabin and Parlor:
Or, Slaves and Masters complet in one Duodecimo I
t I r om . l... T riv i , u i .1 . .1. I
lUIUUIC Ul 0ilu ,.Kca, vj tf, luuilliuii ,uiiuu,ii.
The Christian Observer ipeakine of this work says
it li "Keplete Willi incident ot tnrilliug interest. I
Well conceived, ably narrated, and contains acenes of I
great dramatic power."
"On nf the most interesting books we have ever
read. A thousand time more truthful than "Uncle
Tom." There will be a universal rush lor it." At
lanta (Ga.) Uentiblican.
' Ihis is just the work for the times. The incidents I
are to thrilling that llie reader' attention is fixed alter
the perusal of ibe first sentence" Marlboro' (Md.)
For site at tho New Book Store, bv
iyI4wtl D. K. G ARM AN.
New Scientific Hooks.
X Field Practice of laving nut Circular Curves
KliS) tlio Practicability ot Improving the Nvi.
2iHl bxs tiro crackers, M kegs bar lend,
f.iKl bugs drou stint, 100 do buck shot.
loon teams cap and letter paper, 3IKK) do wrapping Jo,
nn reams tea paeer, a list nxs lemno syrup,
liKKi bags tlniry salt, ltNIU do (. A. tt,200do L. B do
nen ilnr. 2 hnop buckets, 200 do 3-hoop do,
I uu uox nan iiiicKutsisinetinp'l'il tub, 3 at S mill,
loo nor. zinc wash boards, l.Hl bxs c lollies pun,
I'.'ulnz well-buckets, 300 bxs block tnatcltct.
2i SI tma Kiiman matches, 100 bids oakum,
'no Mils lititler and water ci ackers, 100 do pitch,
PHI lit. Is rosin. 2!Kl bxs clay pines, 100 do atone do.
2ft cases gliM Turk pite-hnais, 25 bblt peail barl'y,
200 demijohns, I to fi gallons, 100 cks rice,
in I. in- split peas, vo bxs drills!! luttre,
Phi bxs dotiblu relineil talaeruttis,
l'.li'iisks Scotch ule, ?f bhls Mason's blacking.
2iKI hull bhls city und La. S. H molasses,
XOO chests h' gieeu and black teas, 400 bxs do do,
ItK) iiks golden syiup, MX' bxs Va. and Mn. tubacto
iton bxs cut smok'g tobacco, 100 do cat ohcwlng do
loo nxs yellow bank do,Z. oa Spanish tmok'ndt.
HKI jars Macaboy sniitr, 2 hbls Scotch do,
uti pi rngiuia cigars, so Hlpiinctedo,
bo M Havana do, 300 boxes melee do,
2ts) boxes t'lilitutid Havana sixer do,
IDO bhls cider vinegur, 300 keg rille powder,
300 kegs blasting powder, 100 caw canister do,
2 milholi U. D. chi ... 100 M lei t .atelvlu.e.
2tKi bugs pepper, l(l do itlspit c, 10 case tuttnfgf,
'jo bids cloves, l.'itMiinutlscassiu.UObbUgi'dgingci,
i. tiugs race ginger, tv nxs niusiaru,
Ml catuslers muslitnl, Ml kegs Knglitli do,
Jilt) hst Undor wood's plckbts, 300tlop'periaucr,
IISI bxs tomntoe catsup, 10 do Cayenne pepper,
300 bxs assorted candy, 10 do rocJ tin,
200 bxs assorted ground spices, SOOdot bed coidi,
bOO coils Manilla cordage anorlcd,
10 bis llax tewing twine, 3000 lbs biaom twine,
10 casks crop madder, &0 bblt alum,
bO bbls copperas, 2fi do Drimttone, I ck sulphur,
Hi bbls chop, logwood, SO bx extract do,
lti J casks carh soda, 6 cks washing do,
10 bbls Epsom salts, 100 bxs black ink,
2 coses while chalk, 25 bhls whiting,
6 hbls putty, in bladder, 3 do camphor,
M kegs aaltiH-tre, 1000 doz yeast powders,
15 canes ass'd playing cards, 300 dot braoios,
10 bbls tanners' oil. So baskets salad Oil,
200 pockets brown Java colli, 50 bbls Jamaica, o t
300 bids N. O. molasses. bDOdocity and La. 8. H. do
200 hbls loaf, pow'd amicrushed sugar.
IjOO bags lUo cvlfce, 400 bags Laguayra coffee ,
300 bbls rectified whisky, Go do Bourbon do,
100 bbls Monongahela do, 13 do rya do,
100 bbls Am. brandy, 10 do do Kin,
100 bxs quart flasks, 300 do jpt do, 50 bf pt do,
S00 bxs tumblers, nss'd, 50 tfo glass decanters,
SOD bxs squat jars, 50 cerooiis 8. F. indigo,
5 cases Madras indigo, 1 do Manilla do,
100 bxs window glass, 7xtf to 10x14,
Barber's Shop.
RESPECTFULLY offers his services to the
public. He keens the best oualitv of rators.
and keeps them sharp. He will always pay
strict attention tu cleanliness and neatness.
Ho cuts and dresses hair in a stylo that
never Tails to ploaso his customers. At a
kuiglil of tho scissors and razor he yields to
nouu m Hannibal. His charges are reasona
bly low. As ho intends to continue fitting
up und improving his establishment, as fast
r''- II,kh0Ck an his means will allow, he hopes to ha?
lf.i vini' secured tho uirciu y of them for this city
This stove possesses uilvutitupes over common
stoves, in thickness of tho junto, tuiu improve
nients in druft. It is inveu up by ull atovu
Juulcrs und manufacturers, to bo thu bust put
tern lor a uescenuins; Hue, ol uny slovo now
nuulo Last or West.
This stovo was putciitetl September, 185!
ami wherever they liavo been usoil, havo given
fjencrul satisfaction. This stovo weighs some
forty pounds more to the number than uny other
stovo ever brought to this city. Thu plates in
them arc from one-half to three-l'ouilhs of an
inch in thickness. No. 1 weighs over -00
pounds. Wo warrant them all uuainst lircx.
Those stoves have a Patent Hot Air Flue, which
carries tho heat that is i;eiiernletl under tho lirc
iilate down tho front pari of tlio stove, between
two thick plates to tlio draft ut thu bottom of
tho stuvc. C. W. UKYAN.
July 1G, 1353-(JCw)
MMiVAII AN O ITS KKMA1NS: l,v I i.v.iril.
a new work hy .1. lhoinpsou, M. I).
For tale nl (he new Hook Slore in Commercial Kow.
july I2dlf U.K. UAltMAN.
Choapest and Best Writing Ink.
IT. BU1TTINOH AM & Kill), are now maim--it
facturing llluck Writing Ink of a superior quali
ty, whieli they sell very cheap thirty cunts a dozen
cones, or live cents a pint. Steel pens may be left
standing lu tins ink any length ol time without corroding.
P. S. At wholesale, they will sell it at $10 a bar
rel, i mcn-nj-u-ri j
The Arrena mill
TS now in full operation, and will buy all the Good
I beat and I'oru oilotol lor sale ai incir Mill, wo
keep on hand the bust article of Suporline l analy
l'Mom lor sale, or we will exclunio Flour for Wheat.
We will, always sell as low or lower than Quincy
Flour can be had of the same quality.
ILt'Cail and examine lor yom II.
HaiUiibal, Juuv 3, 1sj-U.
the putronac of tho citizens of Hannibal
whoso woll known chief characteristic
of energy, loads thorn to desire to sea
everything en tho progressive march.
Kecoilect it is tho shop nearest to Hick
man's Stove Store. It is on tho west side
of Main street, two doors north f Bird
street. (up.23-d-ly)
Flour! Flour! Flour!
Arrtnit Mill.
, tubal with the intention of selling wheat and buy.
in); llour, would do well to call and sea us before sell
ing or purchasing elscwheie. Remember th big stone
Mill on turd, between jviain aim mini streets, i.ive
us a call. A. S. KOBARD3 a SON.
tf N. B. Our Flour is sold nowhere elt but at tba
Mill. Every sack and barrel is branded with our nana
on it :
. julyltV.'f "A S KOBARDS it EON.

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