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The Bemidji pioneer. (Bemidji, Beltrami County, Minn.) 1896-1917, April 03, 1902, Image 2

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The Bemidji Pioneer.
KAISER & GREELEY, Publishers
Enterod ia tho postofhce at Bomidji u
second-ctu-ts mutter.
Official County and City Paper.
OLSON, of Shevin, hss
served notice upon the Coun
ty Commissioners of this county
that he proposes to contest the
bond election recently held for
the purpose of raising money to
build a court house'and jail. Tho
information contained in the no
tices of contest will be interest*
ing reading not only to the peo
ple of Bemidji but to those of the
entire County. The notice sets
up that in the village of Bemidji
the election officers and judges
thereof "falsely, fraudulently and
corruptly permitted and suffered
a large number of persons, not
palilie voters of either of the
precincts in said village, to vote
atsaid election upon said propo
sition to the number of 131, all
of whose ballots were cast in
favor of: said proposition."
Concerning the precinct of
Nebish the allegation is that a
large number of persons not
qualified voters of said precinct
to the number of 98, cast their
ballots in favor of said proposi
tion while only 20 votes were
cast against the proposition.
In the precinct of Grant Valley
the allegation is that illegal votes
to the number of 29 were cast in
favor of the proposition.
In the precinct of Beaudette
the allegation is that 19 illegal
votes were cast in favor of said
proposition, and only three
In the precinct of Port Hope
the allegation is that 71 illegal
votes were cast in favor of the
proposition, while only 18 votes
were cast against said proposi
That in the election precinct of
Red Lake illegal votes to the
number of 20 were cast in favor
of said proposition.
Also, "Because in the different
voting precincts of said county
not hereinbefore mentioned there
were voted by the judges and
officers of their respective pre
cincts on said day and upon pro
position, a large number of per
sons who wore not qualified
voters or electors of said county
or of said state and who were not
citizens of the United States, to
the number of more than 200,
all of whom voted in favor of said
Also, "Because no resolution
was over made by tho Board of
County Commissioners of said
county authorizing said election."
On the face of the contest pa
pers it is gotten up to bluff and
scare off prospective bond buyers
and for no other purpose. Two
years ago at the annual election
the village of Bemidji cast over
(500 votes, and nobody ever heard
of a complaint of irregularity in
connection with the same. The
vote this year in the village was
775. A very reasonable growth
in comparison with the growth
of the city itself, whose popula
tion now runs very well on to
wards 3500 or 4000.
In the town of Port Hope there
are the three organized villages
ofTenstrike, Parley and Turtle
River, either of which would ri
val Shevlin in population, wealth
and [general intelligence and
In the town of Grant Valley
there is as noble a race of people
as exists anywhere in the wilds
of Beltrami county, and there
have been as many as 40 families
settled in the town in the last
two years.
In Red Lake precinct two years
ago there were cast 84 votes, and
nobody thought of contesting the
legality of any of them.
At Beaudette in 1900 there
were cast 51 votes and nobody
thought of contesting the legality
of any of them.
If the people Shevlin, who are
understood to be backing Mr.
Olia Olson in his contest, really
wanted to go into the merits of
the recent election, why did
they not make some allegations
concerning the precinct of Black
Duck, the precinct of Shevlin it
self, and some of .the remote
precincts in the western part of
the county where more votes
were cast at the recent election
against the bonds than were ever
cast in the same precincts upon
any question, or than will ever be
cast again?
There is, of course, a possibil
ity that they may delay some
what the saie of the bonds and
by that means construction work
upon the court house and county
jail, but the delay will be tempo
rary, and will not avail them for
anv good purpose. The PXONEEK
regrets that they might not have
had better judgment in the prem
Senator Buckman, of Morrison
county, who is making an activ^
campaign for the republican
nomination for congress in the
new sixth district, has made his
appearance in Washington and
submitted to an interview with
the correspondents of Minne
apolis newspapers, confiding to
them his belief that Governor
Van Sant will have no Opposition
for re-nomination in the next
republican state convention. The
PIONEEU is not so close to the
center of political operations as
Senator Buckman, but it does
not hesitate to advise him and
other leaders in the party that
the re-nomination of Governor
Van Sant will bring anything
but harmony to the party ranks.
It is not within the range of
political wisdom for the republi
can party to do as Senator Buck
man has intimated. Governor
Van Sant has made an exceed
ingly weak governor. He has
blurted and llouted around, at
tended an endless procession of
dinners, banquets and royal re
ceptions, and managed very
handsomely not to give up any
considerable amount of his valu
able time to the actual service of
the state. He comprehends
neither statesmanship nor politi
cal science, and only knows in
his big and jolly fashion that he
is having a- devil of a good time
as governor of the state of Minne
sota, and that he would like to
continue the matter for another
two years.
Senator Grindeland is making
an active canvass in the Ninth
District for the congressional
nomination, and unless Halvor
Steenerson puts on his war paint
and high feathers the little fellow
from Marshall county will have
quite a machine going in a very
short time. Grindeland is no
slouch at rumaging for votes,
and either of the other candi
dates had better look out.
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Vx. and fs.oo, all druggists.
BCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, New York.
Red Lake Falls Gazette, in
a article commenting on
the 61st district senatorial possi
bilities, and suggesting the name
of Dr. N. M. Watson for that
position, says:
W. P. Street, of Bemidji, will
be the chief candidate against
Dr. Watson for the nomination.
Street has opposition in his
home county, and while he will
prove a formidable vote getter,
we look for a victory for Watson.
The Gazette evidently is labor
ing under a delusion. Street
has no enemies in his home coun
ty. Bro. Kaufer does not take
into consideration the fact that
Street is the man who organized
Beltrami county who in his
official capacity as county attor
ney collected over $40,000 back
taxes from the pine barons and
who now is the ideal of Beltrami
county voters for the position of
state senator.
Bro. Kaufer has also overlooked
the fact that neither Norman nor
Red Lake county will go solid
for Watson, and that the possible
votes for Street in the above
counties, together with the
2600,or oOO O in Beltrami, Street's
election is almost a certainty.
The grand jury of the county
of Beltrami got after the Big
Mitt men with a vengeance at its
recent session. and indicted five
or six of the worst of them for
robbery, swindling and grand
larceny. One or two of the Mitts
seem to have been in the peni
tentiary for one or more terms,
and were anxious to go back to
their old sleeping places, where
they could have the best of to
mato ketchup, good discipline,
and a bath once a week. There
is a strong probability that they
will be granted the privilege, as
the county attorney has shown
a disposition to follow up the
grand jury work by a vigorous
Thief River Falls is to be con
gratulated upon the success that
has attended Mayor Kratka in
Ins efforts to have the western
end of the Red Lake reservation
open to settlement. The eleven
townships which it is proposed
to take from the Indians com
prise some of the choicest bush
and medow land in northern
Minnesota, and will add material
ly when open to settlement to
the wealth of both Thief River
Falls and St. Hilaire, to both of
which places tho lands are con
The State of Minnesota has
filed another suit against James
J. Hill and Pierpont Morgan for
for the purpose of prohibiting
them from doing business to
gether. It is too bad that Van
Sant was not governor at the
time Tom Lowry gobbled up all
the street railway lines in St.
Paul and Minneapolis, and in
Duluth and in Superior. If he
had been, the old cable lineup
Selby Avenue would still be in
operation, and it would take all
day to go back and forth between
the Twin Cities.
The libel suit of E. W. Davis,
president of the village of Detroit,
Becker county, versus Geo. D.
Hamilton, publisher of the
Record, has been decided in
favor of the defendant by jury.
The suit was brought against
Bro. Hamilton for publishing an
article relative to the position of
Dftvia when he run for president
of the village in 1900, and asked
for $5,000 damages.
The Bemidji electric light sys
tem, ran on the private owner
ship plan, seems to be getting
no better fast. The patrons of
electric lights in this city are
paying about twice as much per
light as in Fosston or Crookston,
and got about one-half as good
Bemidji cast 775 votes at its re
cent election and Cass Lake 272.
Yet some people refer to that
town as a rival one.
3 N
No Worth
The atiikiu difference between one
man and another was recently illus
trated in the United States senate.
The Ada Herald thinks that because,
Andy Carnegie helped to establish a
public library at Little Falls he ought
Aid-a town like .the Norman county
seat in the same manner.
Just because a correspondent of the
Blackduck American contributed
some "raw" poetry to that paper it
has installed a "quadrennial squirt
gun" and hired Hank Hankinson as
Dr. N. M. Watson of Red Lake
county may he a candidate for state
senator. When he comes to travel
over a certain Street down here in
Beltrami he may get stuck in the mud
and run over by% the juggernaut of
Beltrami county voters.
Fire at Cass Lake.
Cass Lake again suffered from
a lire Thursday morning of last
week to the extent of about
$70,000. The Glenmont Lumber
Co. 's saw mill on Pike Bay, sit
uated about one-half mile from
the town, was found to be on fire,
and no effort could be made by
the fire departmentbeyondcarry-
ing water in pails, to the adjoin
ing buildings and lumber. The
mill was totally destroyed, but!
was insured to the extent of1
Wednesday evening fire was
discovered in the Tedford cafe.
The alarm was promptly turned
in and the firemen succeeded in
quenching the flames, although
the interior of the building was
badly damaged. The loss is
covered by irtsurence.
Work on rebuilding the mill
has begun and they expect to
have the same in operation again
in June.
Wants Help Others.
"I had stomach trouble all my life,
says E. Mechler, proprietor of the
Union Bottling Works, Erie, Pa.,
"and tried all kinds of remedies,
went to several doctors and spentcon
siderable money trying to get a mo
ment's peace. Finally I road of Ko
dol Dy&pepsia Cure and have been
taking it to my great satisfaction. I
never found its equal for stomach
trouble and gladely recommend it in
hope that I may help other sufferers."
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure cures all sto
mach troubles. You don't have to di
et. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests
what you eat. Mayo's Drug Store.
Subscribe for the PIONEER, theofficial
city and county paper.
Young People Spliced.
On Monday of last week at the
home of the bride's parents at
Fosston, occured the marriage
of John McEvoy to Miss Ollie
Olson. Both of the contracting
parties are well and favorably
known in this city, and have
many friends and acquaintances
who join with the PIONEEK in
wishing them a long and pros
perous journey down life's path
Chas. A. Casler was married
to Miss Christina Liileboe of Wa
dena on Wednesday, March 26,
at the home of the groom's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Casler
of this city, Rev. Teeters offici
ating. Mr. Casler came to Be
midji about three years ago and
has since that time enjoyed the
friendship of a host of Bemidji
people, to whom the news of the
marriage comes as a surprise.
The PIONEER extends congratu
Band Concert and Ball.
The band boys did themselves
proud on Monday evening by
giving the best concert and ball
ever held in the city. The band
numbers on the program were
given in professional style. Mrs.
G. Lofield, a talanted elocutionist
of Minneapolis, contributed two
recitations to the program, and
Messrs. Berry and Golden sang
one of their choice duets.
The dance was a success in
all respects A large crowd was
present, and kept time to strains
of from the Bemidji orchestra
until about 2:30 in the morning.
Shot in the Left Lejr.
For all kinds of sores, bruises, or
other wounds DeWitt's Witch Hazel
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of piles. Cooling and healing. None
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counterfeits. "I suffered for many
years from a sore caused by a gun
shot wound in my left leg," says A.S.
Fuller, English, lnd. "It would not
heal and gave me much trouble. I
used aii kinds of remedies to no pur
pose until I tried DeWitt's Wich Ha
lei Salve. A sew boxes completely
cured me." Mayo's Drug Store.
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not forget to call on us. You will not regret it.
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Street, Crawford
Town Lots for Sale
As-i. Cash
NO. 5582.
First National Bank
Bemidji, Minnesota.
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servative Banking will be Grafted.
Business Solicited Fire Insurance
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SI?."? Third St., Bemidji

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