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The Jasper news. (Jasper, Mo.) 1898-1924, August 08, 1901, Image 3

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I her ihiiu
Tas i
I A really healthy wonnn has lit-
Uo mlii or discomfort t Iho
lmctnlruil period No woman
Inccds to lWU nnr Iilnn n
iCanhil wilt quickly relievo thoso
Irniartlug menstrual prins anil
Itlio dragging hue J luck niul
Sslile aches t iu cil by falling i
tho womb niul irregular menses
has brought i rnianciit rcli f to
1OIK000 women who siufcrcd
ovcry month It makes tho men
stmnl orpins Mixuitf nptl 1 calthy
It Is the proiMou made by Na
ture t give women relief 1mm
tho terrible aches and jkIiis which
blight foninny homes
Giur swoon IvOet 11 HM
lD3fnlin tnii al fn 1
J talcn with ft aerero rain 1 mr
aluoan1 couM not cet anv rellrf mil
1 1 rid a rotl lo of Vn Wrtul hi
wonrtcrfut medicine
Mm M A YoBlrr
- nccaMMiuiM Ct CluulUooiaTcuv
Furniture and
I at all amkping i nice lint
if Kurnilure Wall lajs r Telessqs s
Ti imiw HliadiTn Unolium and Oil cloths
A line hue of Ingrain Carpels sample
Ilni Mls MiU tls
Victuro Iraiues
d w teeter
Dr Humphreys
Specifics cure by acting directly upon
the iliMusc without exciting disorder in
any other part of tho cyitem
crtM nucu
I Frfrri Ci nf itlon loJlanunMIoaf M5
i Wnn Worm I orw Worm Colic -3
I 1tlilri8ColcCrjluWaXffiilEes -23
or flilMrra or Alula ti
T ploughs CnMi Proartillls 23
H eurnlclToulbicbc ImwIw 23
llpJurhr Sick nwltrnr Vrrtlso Hi
tO tvicinlilollitvitlonWrBkSliMuch23
1 1 fcor prrtfj or tnlaful 1rrludl
1 J 1 lilt i Tiio rrnruie Tcrliwli
1 3 1rup Lrv mill Ilcracnf if H
1 1 Mll tlhrtimlaflraiIruftlMU
15 nhrunitlim Rl3umAtlrotii
16 Ulofl flilllilBJtrdMisui
l 4tarri loflurnzvlM In tbc Ucl
ao hooloi oml
ST lilluei nliritir
a rnou DiMllty 100
301 rlnary Vmlttifii Cttlusel lft
TJ liflr nJ Trrr it
Dr niirajhrrit Mnul of all lilt stcj at your
Ttniitf ltii or MalUsJ rc
Knl1 liv rtnizirtt or wiat on mlnt of nrlii
nuinnlirnri1 tfiA Co Cor Wllllaju JL John hu
Practical Horse Shoer
Firsl CIass Work Goaranlced
pposite Lumber Yard Jasper Mo
Jv Iu jour name and address and get
m nUlogue of all kiuds of Merchuu
di priceadrfying competitin Kul
ly drated Catalogue soot on receipt i
cf for poslage
Ills Best for Quality and Quantity
and Makes Crops Sure Some
of the Tiling to be
J K Olassford a former Carthage
man who had returned from Arizona and
California recently at the rfqucstof the
Curthngu Press hat given hit views on
the Irrigation question Mr Olassford
is conlldent that irrlgition can bo just
as successfully enrrlrd on In Missouri as
rikitiwi Is a fallacy In a signed article
I Mr Olnssfonl sajs
I find many opinions about irriga
tion A few lwllevu It vould Im n food
tliiiit Others that it would not do at
nil ns Ihn climate and mil are not favor
able The latter are entirely mistaken
fur I am iniiviuccd it Is just what oti
want here 1 have tpenl several years
in Arizona where we irrigate for
all crops and I am certain i would pir
well hern It would be the vety thing
for nearly every crop cpecially for
small fruits strawberries lasplwrries
i blicklx iriiS and melons Iu fart you
1 can raise as many lielons on one acre In
Irrigation us on live or more where de
ending on rain
Ah you know this year your licrrlcit
were mostly a failure Vou hae It too
iliy f jr cabbage turnips and beets al
most every year I wills iv that a man
with in ig it ion here can make a fortune
and tint too on a very foe acres of liml
by tin u v of water It would p iv just
WORKIV1 WrSTWAKl Ecto county It is a small town Will
leave soon fur Pncos our licit mad
i iwint It Isscventy miles from litre nril
J V Dryden lives III Impressions j twclto miles will be sandy then not
of the Lone Star Atatc much sand tint lest of the way so I ntu
Noun Co Tfx July 21 1W1
KditoivJhitii NlVMl
plo nod doing u got il business East
1 land Is nothing to brag of ns a county
I In Jalahaii county wo found Iwtter
connti Tho timber looks like pracli
trensfioma distance It makes gotsl
jmsts when straight enough anil makes
good UOihI We see cords of It ill the
old TliuBatHliisiitl to reach t tin
hub and icupln either ship to IVieos or
I go around liy i I liaueli No nru iu
in Eastland County no got better so pastuici most uf thn time There nru
wu went to Cisco a town of IMWU pen- good cattle Koine towns are twenty
mile apart on I lie railroad lYcd
high There Is little hay UmsI 1 ham
a reap hook and cut rm on the rail-
nd ltitlht or nuy wheru I cm llml it
Many people deuend on liiusijuit bushes
to feed In their horses Tliern Is Momn
sand here but rouds are fair We will
towns We saw pralre dis n we ham sunl a little firtlu r but the wirst
cunelntu Cnluhan rount lltild Is is oniy ten mil s wide I mil u LshuiK for
111 county wit We passisl Into rain befoio wu net lo il The imisiUil
lor county It is n limkI eniiiity the Lushes are uetlliu sculler Wehae
iu Arioua or elsewhere aud siS Ihe I land Is of fine quality If I had hud reached the pLitv where people cut
idui that the soil here Is not able for my farm in rash 1 would have Invested their wood with a pick Musqint bushes
mere liavo largo rosts ami w lieu they die
Abileni the county seat Ins ftUi pie dig the roiils for wood They make
peoplii and has a lake and running line wood Them are lields uf yucca
stream Nature provided h pn tty growing wild Iain not favorably Im
site aud the tuwn is all ornament to the pied with the country but there
country Thelindis reasonable and would be mine line counlM if well wat i
crops fair We pnetl into Nol in coun
ty which hasmuch goisl country We
hum traveled along tho railroad pirnc
wo left lliird We had to stop at one
ioint on account of rain A fiW miles
west of Abilem I atv the list r ln that
made the ground I wet lo work th il 1
hwo been since I left Missouri We
can hi nr the wolies at night list
night I shot ut one In my eteitmeut
I played low while he pliyisl high
Changing his tneties he made fur the
hills which suriouud us
At Tex irkan i It is HJll feet above mm
level and hem it is 21KK feet I he
weather is very pleas int and our health
UlMi Cyrus can run and play old
fMshioniil Western Texas has good
cattle I liavu sen some lmoiL hlioit
In the one artieln of cabbage as cab j horn There is as linn a short horn iu
bage raised by irrigation h the pasture by us as 1 ever saw any
tender and good whereas your cabbage win re Much better can be se n in
Jraisul hem by rain Is tough and no Jasper county I hav mm u eiitth from
good Your blackberries mostly dry nut Southern Texas They are no good
fund ale a lossuiur rnapberries ofttn the Theie are good mules and horses Tru
jxHiiie niul your straw berrirs are fre Johnson gra is gisl I h ire fed three
qiientl a short crop btcause of drouth bails of it and think il a goU feed
Strawberries would bear ail summer Things are mure reasonable here than
withiiriralioi With us in Arlzsn 1 1 in Kastern Tiuhm People aie mine in-
cicd We ale in pa Inns nil the time I
now and have been Mine we left Colora
do Them are inivicaus nt most of the I
sis lions hut the Ihhs is a whit man I
und there ere several thiinigli the conn
try We aie all imjrovnl luluiiltli We i
have not snlVeml iniich for water We
can get water cut ten miles aioii the I
railionl lint not for horMes The tail
road has onils now and lien aloni the
ttlk 1ora wliile atler tains theieis
water under Ihe inilioad hihlges so dial
ehinces for fied and waler tin lultei
along the railroial
When night iiuiks a fellow pick on
a nice patch of ginss and Minis In-
hoiXS loose if he cant llud one and i
liear il rauehliians house goeti mid helps
himtelf but 1 was Mis sunn in tinl
hud to he kIiowii After I hud Iruvtlisi
with Ti lis people a while I caught on
We are feasting on rahhiln to our lieait1
couleut Texas people make tia out i f
wild sage and we aie going to try It
A plant ralhil luisi eroriS liereiihd wil
hurt slot k if they eat il for someliuii
we heard mom aooiit that than a iicivh
iaHr would hold
I will send yiu a hunch West rn
ihe stranbeiry is au ererareen lilautand i telligent and have better schools al Texas iri is muuilles from California nun
nd I make iles of bears all the year At leist your her j though thinly hcltlcd lViiplu li ro Kastera Tei i from Missouri and Kin
1 ries would biar iwtter and be larger if i Inve better morals and u as they go nis 1 get bran at i I IU n sik Hour ut
Altomy Collins and LTndcrtnkirs were irrigatevl There is gyp water in sm localities per 1UI piiiiiMin niul mal at a
supplies am flue and a large line to cck I Seme of your i oplo intend to try ir 1 We Hometimes drink out of iids hunilrid I im havinj nil orlk of times
from I bivciolies and Mines whlli I rivatiou and tbu you uillwe ihat whal Tin ream snuie giid cisterns hen1 anil j some fun and snine the rmei e boll
Itrio I have taken n thorough course I inn writing alwut is true - water can f the liet places to buihl Kind that I think my trip will be profitable lo me
in Kmbalniiiig and will take good care bo had direct from Center creek and er saw 1 like ibis place and may ur any one for thai matter
if lioditsi ahd pnaervo them with fluid Spriug rivr for this purpnsn vvheie the IcK ate here some time We pissed into
1 fiirni h licliircs mlargul mA mliiy valleys nru lew and level On upland Mitchol County Ihwe lire several lulls
water can be hid by pumping anil small land nico rolling rnllets Colorado sit
farms can lie irrigatisl iu this way unted on the liirado itcr is the couu
I am of the opinion that alfalfa can ly seat IupuUion 25tO Them ti
lie made n succss here by irrigation and salt wurks at this oul Wo liavn u tid
that vou could get three ur four crop some of tin- salt It is line We hain
per vearand iih much is three tons to -seen some top not uiiails and the ordi
the acre per crop of thn best of hi i tuny quails are plentiful I have not
1 hope bomfoue or more will try usked what they Mil them here Theie
rigation here not only for fruit nndliire many jack rabbitn The half grown
vcgr 1 ables but for wheat and every ones are Hue neat 1 killed one 81
thing eli c that glows mid see what yards away with 22 but 1 dont do Ihat
ciin be done on n Miiol iiivi of land well all the time
in u daily nea sparer u tliat an
3 j incut of very ctuireuieut length
is m
ii tsivetl every day that does not consunin
Jj an uiiduo amount of the readers time
J j An iiistallmeut of high grado serial slo
ii rv apiHMts in rrtry issue uf Ihe
clerk in regard to shool land I can
get four wctioiis price I per acre
Kvery thing except grass lias to irriirat
i ill It ttkes I suctions In mikoa nun it
living We have good waler and glass
Wu iirove to Midland county Midland
oci Krcomi IliBiir iiisqiilar finture the county eal h is l JOO eople It is
of tho enterprising Chicago daily lv surioundisl by wind nulls The ranch
cry issue contains als a short ill list nil- men hive fish suids with trees on the
i etl humeyous atory on tho editorial banks Some have gardens and fruit
pigc Kendciiiof Tiifc Ciucaoo Riixiim1 treiii Kind hsiks better in Midland
1Imiai1i i an depend upon a never fail- county 1 sm one crop of corn irasa
ing source of pleasant entertaluineiit in ij short
the noteworthy fiction that is always to We drove to Odessa the county ecil of
be found in lis columns
Ajtui u lrevuntltlvu Toailvo liar Ohlltl
It Is better to prevent consumption t Kiom frightful ilisllgtircinent Mrs
than to attotvurda bit hsiking for a Nannjofiallegerof Iiirnugeia nji
eure Many rises becomn incurable jljHl Jlucklens Arnica Bilvn to gicat
sinqily beciiusc ueghsted too long soresou her head imp face and writes its
Whenyou tiret catch cold wheu you quick cure exucedixl all her hopes It
first Iwgin to cough mike liastn to use murks wonders in sores bruics sJtin
Mexican Syrup It may save your life eruptions cuts burns scalds aud piles
It has pniv en a quick and never falling iM Cure guarantetsl by Webb Drus
rr 1 V Ir
cure lor sornanii imiausi lungs Notice
ling in tho throat etc resulting fnmi a
iMiigb Drug Co
Cnsh paid or Hides niul Fure
Boucher Butts
Why doyou eutV
4 Noappetlte jog uay Stomach
K1IN UKCUIN CC KUKUtK feoijbad Well tako Dr Caldwells
381 Dearborn StreetjCbicago III Syrup Pepsin and you can ot anything
lalofcuo Maltd During July Wfbb lims
1 W iivrs
Confederate Veterans of Missouri to
fleet iu Springfield Aug ri o io
Tim Confederate people at Springficlil
Mo with ihe nsxistiiiiic of the ciiii ns
ill geueril have made ample arrange
ments for the euleitainiiieul of all visi
lors wlio wil be pii enl on tho daws
setforthi ii reunion August H il mid pne
i InAriwmv and California we can get I Cuming in In Howard county wo 10 proximo
live crops of alfalfa in one year and struck the sand hill Grass and watir mis will he one oi nm mosi mieresi
about three tons per acrn at n cutting are scarce We siw wind mills near mg anil eujoyaliln occasions ui Hie lis
Onnyearlcut seven crops fiuin tho If i Spring the county seat of Howard ry of the state oigaluzilion maile
L muud county I saw no springs but many al doubly so on account of the uui eihng f
llually t wish to say that farm- kali lakes Theie weic acres of water the lonfcderile monument to lake
ing by irrigation is tho best of all fur i but Rood waler win scarce Himaid phce on the lOlh or third day of ihe
pnidiicing Isilh quality and quantity county is not muth a a county As we reunion
and It U tlmyun slof nil came to Martin We came to level s monument wiu piircliawd by
ground Stanton the county wat uf friends of the Lji Lanv uoi only from
lintcrtalnlng Fiction Martin county Ls iisisl as tiie countv Misuui hut from nearly every stale In
rnKfii nrrlliiiii serial stnrv wat uf 1 other counties I stw counly
thu union who nppiecialn lie valor of
Iho e who slruggleil fir Southern Hide
AH aie invited tovisit Springlhld aud
enjoy thti hospitality for which the io
phi of thevlueeii C ity lire noted
All railroads lending lulu Springfield
Il ie granted a half fan- mviml tiii rale
good lu return August 12 Tieliels on
a hi Angus 7 al all ktilious
Upldcmlc Among Horses
If your hose is sn k send for Humph
reys Veteriuiry tluide maih d liee
tlumiihreys ilomisi Meii Co Vr
William and John Sis New Yolk
Wlmt ti tulif It tcll
If that mirn r of yours shows a wietch
isl sallow ivmploxion a jaundiced look
moth tatches and blotches on Iho skin
its liver trouble but Dr Kings New life
Iillsrigulatotholiicr purify lih blooO
givetiearrkiii rosy cheeks riflicomplev
ion Only Ski sit Webb llios
The 1 ivvsof health niiiiroihiit the Ihiw
itts InnieiilieieiehfllV niul one of tbn
11 I 11 tl
i penalties foC violating this luw is piles
c old mvidentallv tnkrn It is only Jo
cents a Udtlo and is H11 at drug stores PHtMJ UMn please KmlollrHWeH rtwulur by taking a
present them on or liefom Aug 1 as jOWJiIllujHrilmVBtoiuicli uiul llver
Ank for IllliJ Hnkllij to a hat lay will dec ide Tablets when ecessaiyand you will nei
lirviitl Tlio licit JOU cull buy At Nooneknowsthiunl irabIe torture erhuve Ihat severe punishment indicted
CnUlllllU B fiiivdbviiihsuulesntsevhaiesuirercil lllmliyou Price Jki For bale liy Webb1
Where thcdJgcsttuu is good ntid the from them Many believe them
VV AN I general jKiwere of thoeystem lu a healthy ble Thislsa mistake lioi r treat- uaUjAUDB SNOW MNIMKNT
state worms can find tin habitation Iu the ment will cun them TAIITiKKSIiUCK Kyi instant relief in case of bhssling
human Ikxlr WIUTKSCHEAM VKR IKYKPILK OINTMKXT Uun infallible rrihriiisessraldculs etc 1iice
MIIUOK not only destroys ovcry worm icurn PricenOc in boltlt tubcs ic K 01 nnt noo K I ljuulerliiuyh Drug Co
but all deraiigeinents of tho dl 1 1 Uiuderlaugh Drag Co
Q Q j 4mR M ft
Price Sic h I Lauder-
organs until
ti i iii ii nntlriatloii I
suysi Our little girl almost strangled to Ixiugbt D Witts Utile Early nlsers
death with croup Tho doctors snld she I Since then have boon entirely eureil of
couldntllvebutshe was instantly re- my old complaint I rec ommood them
llered by OnoMlnulo cough euro E 1 1 K Ilrtuderbaugh Drug Co j
liaudcrbaugUUrugco j AroJouruUui for oQico this year
Kcmomlier we carry a full lino o No jouduinfool Im ruunin to Webb
Orociries Uw ls ard Shtsn llio for u bottl of Dr OuldivellA Sy rr
H HLDricre rcviutOtirclluurcp i4
xw M r na 1 1 re
iJJW aroii Aiks
VMr V run Iter
I W ri ietUrii Ike I
iHfiiMi It m
No woman can havo a beautiful face- without healthi and few wo
men possess Hiicti perfect health as those who regularly me
tttlllh Imit In
P P n IClerRtlds P h m n
VJ r I pnnacoai will tierin
nrritlyi lireniiTtiiiinin roileinulfliMiihU
tMiitiiepminiuiijiiriiciyi s tliiiit ntie
fitnteil iliKiorsuiiu all oilier treatment
Of it Silhe 1 ivnm of C ntimibl I S C
lis It Is mtileuliliilly in m l fc
liiile restnier mi enrlli Mim Jnile1
IIiiIiikk of Ulaiicliard l i la l
Mips smi unr 1 H brntlrs friuali
- Vl llfL IITKl 111111 IIIV III 111
It rV 1iiM sol In Allien j Ibirnel Miiiiin t
jy - - 11 j ii in- u in mill ii y
-S---iv Ufiirraturiilliyli r Iiiiitrexmetiil
j j i ttliiMistti II us nm tinli Jantjil T
Wrfblntli I AUItlllFAITIMIIriflinllitio CJ
MVWri -T TZr Jy
mMJfJ iiuiumsis vi F P
Ior tliilj lv I J l ltiiulurlTfitiuli Hi -
inrnrfrM OiiPifnwrP
R1L jWfeJi SitUf ywwwtnaJM
Boots Shoes
Jasper Lumber
ill iiiriii li yuii iiiiylliiiii in l In- Iuililiim
run ti lliat rijrlii
A tov IlitiiHN Slitit Wo Kocp lii Stuck
Wliiif Uui yiIlnw iiiic IiiiiiIut wlnli 1 1 i - und ii if
liltll nnl iclcl ilimfS villT
sniifii hrick liin i iii Mil linir satiil A-
il ovu Km tlli lifk full til lllflil ill
iIiii i iiiii tiling i nii lr
I llill Villi l MM lllllrllll l Illllli I 111 flf
that priii uml iniich ipjjjr T Im i
llilllr tlllll 111 IKtl lll lillV Wo fill tills lalili oil is
lliiT WKISIl a lner
Bank of Jfasper
on niiici al lunkiiiK UusmiPs Siiil ntleiition nivm
to Colliciioiis Your natvonajio soliiMl
j a cozatt
Farm Machinery
Also lUiiis ami all kinds of Vfhiclis
Cheaper than Anybody
Is a isqiularserief of helpful ami inspiring Honks by such authors in J li
Moodv C II Spurgeati K II Meyer aud A 1 Jordeii Thn Library tins won fi r
tls lf udttfrve ptarti iu tho Christian literature of the day and present in u
choip yet desirable form the bust thoughts of the best men iu tho m iHivhI
world Only Tie per copy 2oopies for 2Vj ten or morn onleied logether al ih
ralo of 10 fur 100 st raid any where and to dilfercrit addrcssM tf ueairwl 1
have H good mipply on hand
J K WELLS Agent Jaspur Mo

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