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The Rich Hill tribune. (Rich Hill, Mo.) 1903-1911, December 29, 1910, Image 4

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ORDER CF miicmiCN.
Tor nervous, tired women, wo reeommend Car
do!. Canlui is a woman's iwilieinc. It acta speeifl
cnlly on tho female orpins anl lias a tonic, building
effort on the whole system. Jt contains no harmful
inrrrrdienls. lioiii!T a imro
suffer from some, form of
at once and give it a fair trial.
it Will
7Trs. W. VT. Gardner, of m.lnr all, Ky., tried Cardui anJ writes:
I think Cardui is just frnind. I have been uaii.tr it for eleven years.
I nm 4S venr r.t.1 nn.l fed liko a ilhTcrent woman, Bino l have been
takin" it". I ii"ecl to suCcr from hearing down ains. nervousness
and uleeplossnr. but now the pains are all pone ana" 1 Bleep gooa.
I highly recommend Curdui for young and old." Try it
isy jii f ? V i"I w
I .
L : !,
f1"" 7"!- '.cf-i-J a!! the
I !" " ' "i -rc rcrciviii
r..y if you urc iMaVc yo.u-
fl cr - 5 -1 - -in r-.-thod.yo.tare not cU'
f w l;.; n-'.it, n.-r v.-:! t! c preducls t :
13 . ' :i ...n.:.;! ir.in.et ccs. I here ;
f: " iuX pro-' t.ib'c way to han.Ilc, r.n.It ;trA.
v...! :. .t: (a n si r-.-.nitor. Ey its nse yc.i
r."y all tlij butter-fat and ct.n do it v .. .
'I h . r-:?ctc!; cre.im harvester gets pr.arti.: "
I: e I'-.. and produces sweet, clean crc.
. : '. i.'i..-- o i-j no t - ul-'o to trikc th.: !.n-;:,'. hu.' 1-'
! c. c.'.ic is sold it w;il demand tlit iiiSevf
IT - cu want to r.iakc your dairy pay. get a T'-:
-' it is c::sy to era;'.:., easy to f.il, easy t
:. ..- 1 dots the wtrk IVnou-hhr.
V ALBERT WIEK, Ukh Hill, Mo.
Life of Gov. Johnson
Th lita ilory ol l!i "Grrl Cr.rrror
oi a rl oion t!it IkA.Lern jjubL.ittJ lu I4 -n-crtlun.
The Infe povrtntvr '' ' Kn'rtl;'--'! pi t!.
mt tuvljff ni'il in f.'ii.lw 111" i;u t'hr tl." t
Abratiarn Lincoln. nJ In. ..vtr ti u uutiut
bv. in.piriiKnl anii ihnilm.
1 liO "Lite" u1ri ..lir.I l y j j'.'inrty i
ll. widow, cl in hri Lrn'iil. 1 '.u mi.I
puLtulieu , uiiiut.i livnu, t-f 1 ,c : tv.
ctnor. on of ihrm. Mi. puy, Lcir.j t.i. J i..-tc
The book cont.'un y pm-r, and 22
fqct of ilimuatiom, cr 4)2 p' ati tel. 1. a.-ri n
a peffecl tpotiuira ot tie brjt tutitii'. an J Ltu..i.-
Cl.lh $2f;'l
Ixallin ..... yl)
I'utl Lcatltpt (ltllittrd '.iaioo.
utnKraphrd ty Mu. Jottr.iftfi 5.( 0
Sent poti'4ii oa rcett ot parktMj ie.
.1 gi ll Is u in I d In run ritt '..
' lunik irliirh is (lie realist
arlh r of tin' ijrnr.
Wiite ful pailitulari. Do it tm'jy.
1 1... kney Si. r. 1 . . -i . i -. la
l-'.ilKt 1 V I' A.M
Chi'i-tni.i- i-i ovt i n i i
ard we l.opo "Oil S,.i,t;i" h -Uihet'i
d i iicj iinil t v r oil--
MUk .) .sii' Mi tr'n .1 i-.
Btiunilinrf Iio-'l Ht W .iin i u' ,.
lliiiiio to pl i d loo hi I n! i,i
, Mr C'laudu liiiiii-r, ,f li'hi
vegetable extract. If you
female trouble, get Cardui
Help You
W,T" "
ltittcr - f.it out cf the
the highest rket i-i '
I'i aant Cap visited at Mr
1 ' u rh l.i ililt r's Saturday r.iht
.' ! li Sui llil V.
j l . ui i il Hi tidi-n was wear
u y an uiitiu broad sndle
j i i 1 1 .i Aura 1 1 1 i qui
'r nii, v e li unit out 'Mfia'
iiinl t v. I. I, in u in w K"il u U h
1 !i ' I: U A i- IM'U 1.1 Ul ill HO
M - .1 . -1 - i.i : tiiitn i visiting
h i i h i - hi. IV I.- I lu k iiu;d r,
' t..l - '.M l l
Mi Si . in Line mid wtfi went
ii'i-'i .Siuit S.iiuidu. to i pi I d
Xii- - .villi M i h 1h p.n i n i s Mr
. Ul-i il iilui viife. I
1 in- mi k fo.ks atoutid here'
.. i . -I.. n i 1 111 p i i ing
! .I.'hn 1.iU,imJ m.ii wile ale
iiuti' .itli Mi, K'm fulhi.,
J. In. I ii u I. and wile. M i h
1 1 . a I. hi. i..-i il j itc r,ii k li.f
s l. I ll M i li-v
1 -M - N. ;ie Mutih, of N, y.uia.
: i - n-iimn li i nJ and n ainm
j i.i ar lt. ai ami on Uet (i
i l t i lt
j Mi- C V 1 1 mpii tun nf '1'i.p, U.t
K.u.-.. i vinn In r si.t, i. Mi
I' l.iii kin'ldi i atjil luunly .In-.
! a i eli. She vah- aci'otijpanied iy
! I'.i hi r soil, J "4 1". tiiile:oii.
Ml N i.i 1 . v ( - va ho h.i.-. I.H i
n.in.n in- M.iir Mr. W T Flu
t o iiepui o d lor In r liuit).' a lew'
'I ho. 'Vuie I. olT" had a Christ-
Iti.is liieul l'..IIMi-W. '1 j prte
liiilit s as Very ood, the l.ouso
was hi a ii 1 1 ! u i ly ilitoi uleil, thi
ll it wu-. priii j enough lor an. -hotly
nun oul Santo, al loed t-ule
.ii.ii m.ui.iI We I hii.k i i ii id.i
tin. i Iu um J MiUii Uiilig.
Pays k;
The Last of
Thfie were twenty five at Mi
Uui Ulmldt'rV Monday for dinner.
1'Iioj.p linent were: Mr V Hfk-
rtday and family, Mi Hrown f
Montana, Mr Off Tunphton
nd m" John of Topi-k, Kiinn..
Mr- M II'Mirv of MntionKi",
1 t E lima S.l'Tili.ii" noil iUuuIi
o r Joi rnd Kinuin- and Auni
M iry Shoriuan
r wrote our iwmt ii)oU'.t i t
"ni' sy notes''-Wlm ! hit we k
but ilidn't et theiu mailed in
Married Christmas day at the
home of the bride's parents, M r
and Mrs V L Uidor, Doc 25, '10.
Miss LeNora Hider and Mr
F'rank Brown. The bride is the
eHewt dannhter and is a fine
young lady, liked by everybody.
The bride groom is the oldest
son of N C Brown of the Bethel
neighborhood. lie is a very in
dustrious young farmer. We
extend congratulation,
We wish you all a Happy New
X. X. x.
Mrs Frankie Mericle and lit
tle daughter spent Christmas
wiih relatives here.
Mrs Lucy Collins is visiting
her parents, Mr and Mrs AC
Cate of this city.
Harry Ashley of Kansas City,
spent Christmas with his parents
Ernest Sheppard of Weston
Mn and Henry Shoppard of
Kansas City visited relatives
here this week.
If you want your lace curtains
to be snow white, and look like
new or your real dirty clothes t1'
be made clean, all without a sin
gle rub, then use "Washclean."
See your grocer, James.
We acknowledge with thanks
the annual renewal of subscrip
tion from F J Wiseman of Wichi
ta Kans
Harry Lawsnn spent the iml
lid.-v s v it h Ins pan nts Mr imtl
Mi- G o Itw-on of ttii- ri'.v II
returned to his In me in Omaha,
Mr Arthur Edtd and Miss
Maj MiicliHiit wi re uiarrii d in
this city last Monthly afternoon
.lud'e Kimhrough tietl the ki.o',
The u-ual conia'ti H'ions un
I ereht, extended.
A Wo in aim Clrrut lileu
Is how to m ike lit'i seif attr.H
live But, without health i i
liartl for lier to be loveli ill fur. .
form or temper. A weak ii-ui
wouiun will Ue nervous and in
ah!.. Coustip il inn and Kidne.i
fioisons show in piui)ies,hloiche
s U i ii eruptions and a wretched
t I'inplei lions Bui Eucirie B'
ei s ahi a. s prove a tt'odrtt i d i
'M.iiien who want health, beauty
Mi.il itieiuls They regul'tle stoui
aci , I ver and kidneys jiurify tin-
biotul; give strong nerves, bright
eye, pure breath, smooth, vel
vt skin, lovely complcction,
ti il In a h. Try 'hem f.0e. A'
all di Cikrgists. j
t'.ii)oi) affnd to wear yom
k II ou' snd nur clothes tno r( r
a t' ;lte? Ia I "Washed an" do III
urn k while ou Mail, or go tbiul
jour other domestic Mf.iim It's j
a-. li.irinlesH as at-r and a prov
i-n success. See J.ituus.
We would like hi nr i mm our
cm it 'ponli ills a lii'ie ll.ole
the Rjcc
i .s the bist roof of its i. er
its Hire we u; fold to you
F.v r sho a n on c nvas. 'Vf
are now LuyitiR i3 iee!s a
week All the best makes
Vitagraphs, Seligs Lssena,
Imps and Thanhuses. Three
new reels each day. One
hours' entertainment for
Doors open at 2 o'clock on
Saturday At 7 every night
''Wa.shclean" ad on pate three
means jut what it say and
should bt of interest to every
liou.se-wife in. Kiel) Hill and
1 r.t hr.ttni .ir ty.e, peerl (, impiicrlT
rrtul'ttf nrart 40 yrjr. S-ld in nrlrlT
rrr my ndl r in lt U t-i Mj
C'an-iti-t, or l mul Uirrtt. x.m -1 hn
tn? Qthcr ake. fllJ tor In (iliki.1,
M-tic lubntvri than in -ftrwf sIS "
nt(atinf-ni:iliia IfM-nth. nt.uM. I 11-
s tir, ptt-m irrnn'r irr. " j inrtT,
p am fin . I ..n- V ntu o b. futfviM "i(,
ctiqu-ti-r, jt-- t. !. ftt , tn v U) t i
jrt 1 'rt Ti i1. uM , lt. ''.lir--f .r-p pr'r'n,
S.. I'm I.! t"i.., 'f :nd i'i
. 1, 1 . . . - A.- .
: I ro. ri 1 ' if v. . rr-.s , KrA i".s
County Officers
Iii'IiresetitHtlvi'. 1.. M llrlltith
( triult JinlK'f. . A. iMiton.
Pro'.mte J tnltf.'. J. A. Uvi r.
Cniiiity l'li-rk, ('. ( We-k.
I'lriult Cleik. l. I'. I'.mlin-,..
ft.11. nl. r. I, M Hinltti.
Siii-rilT, W. J Hiill.u k.
I'riiHi-ititlni.' Atty. W. ,1. Ilimmin
TrellnriT S I. I 'oli lllllli
sk IiihiI om'r. I'. M lh-. in
Itoml V ' rlilui inn K. 'tnrnii
Ailiiilnlx ri. lur. J. I.u lhii.n
I'l.riuiiT IT. . A l.nsk.
I'ri'i-lill in: J u I -. .1 I' liariHT:
ii-...-lMt, M. I .s ' M.ii; I) II .te
Nurse Says:
"I know what te pood
for young and olj ju'o
.le, writes Mrs. Clara
Dykstra, a trained muse
of South Bcllingliam,
Wash., "and will say that
1 consider Cardui the best
medicine for girls and
women. It makes them
feel like new persons, re
lieves their paiu ar 1 reg
ulates womanly tMuhles.
"Both my dauchttr andl
received great benefit." L.
The Woma i'j Tcnlc
As a tr"3 for fe
male t.oul':, iio medi
cine you i-.n r;ct has the
old establi-ilied reputation,
that Cardui has.
1 ifly (50) years cf suc
cess prove that it has
stood the greatest of all
tests the test of TIME.
As a tonic for weak wo
men, Cardui Is the best, be
cause it Is a woman's tonic.
I'nre, penile, safe, re
liable. Try Cardui.
v "vi v tr . i t.;-far(S!'
; Take! oil h 11
i tya an ultv
In tlit' CI nil It CuiiM of UatK
nu.it v In the ntitte ot Ml-mtirl I'eh
rmiry ttrm, 1011 (In Viu-'iilna, Nn
I'liiU'lvSil, 10111 )
lli ..r VV -ll l .ii. (
Tim unknown helm, i-unnort. tie
vIm'n. (Ioiuih., a leiimsi, hihI liniiicill
a'e, meiiM'. li ini.tf, viih-tuiirv itml
Inviihintiry k;rMiio.i ni V,h., w.
j ' li ki-,V, il.HUMM.."!, ii 4
' I -inn li ii '. .
I', ii 1 1 I . ..
I In-so. ., M ih-.iiii I . . . n a ii,. ,,
hove iiMiii. il id ti lulu, i,, Bi, , tiiikin:
Villi Mill) I'Ml'll (if you dl-e lu-nhvl
uulllli'il I tin l tin. Hhiivf Iihiiii-iI plaln
tllT Iwim tlilii tiny til. (! w ltd t Iih uinlf r
hIiumI ilerk nt tin- cln-iitt vntirt of
Hates c. unity, MlHsotirl. In v icntlun
Ills iN'tltlon duly verllied liy althlavlt
win-rein nalil plallititt iiIIi-kim inn)
avers ilmt tin iiiikiniwii lirlrii, con
Hurt, iIi vIhci-h, iluiui H, nlli-iuvs ami
liiiiiuillati', ini'iiHi' bihI reunite tolun
tiry atnl Involuntary Krantts-n of
Mclvlii V. Dlikiy, iltKf uhtiI claim
mitiii- title, HtNte or Interest In the
Htit.Jiit iiiattrr of tills suit Htid In the
IiiihIh liiTt'lnafti-r fully ilewrllwil, hut
that ths ilulutlff ran not Insert the
twiini'M f mill) d letitlHiit herein Is?
i-aiise the HHine nre unknown to Iilui
I'lal n tlfl furttwr alli gi-B Mini UTi-fH
In null fx-tklon, that the sntd helra,
cotiHort, di'vlmsn doneen, alli-nwn
niul Immediate, men, rnnotp, vol
tintiiiy k.ratitis-n hnv olitnlmil ami
derive their ilalinn to th reil entate
lier.'lnnfter dewrllied from one Melvln
V. Dk'ke.v. ili-ci'iun'il na helrd.conHort
(levlw-cn donee, hlletiee. and 1 m tiled -
lute, ineiiw, remote, voluntnrjr and
liiTiiluntary Krutiti-fu vt the natd.
Melvlu W tli key; anil that said m
tltlon contatnn us full, correct anil
complete recital anil di'm rlntloB ol
the claluia of said di-feiidantM and
how micli claims are derived an the
same are known" to the plaintiff,
I'liilntlff further llie nod arers
lu hi milil petition thut the eald J
T. Smith, defendant ufurWiilil, U the
trunti named In a certain deed of
trust of date March, 4lb, 1ST8, nud of
record In the lUvorder office with
in and fof UnteM county, at Butler,
MIsMtnirl. fu IHs-d Hook l.'l, nt paice
I '.l.', ami that the n.itd Noel II Mk
tlie other defendant herein named, le
iH-iietlehiry iihined In the smI.I ilis-d of
trust, the eald deed of trust eoverlun
thinfi1i real eatnte herettiafter lie
mrlls-d; that the nald' J.T. btultli
Hlidthennld Nisi H. .Meek, to of
t the defendant a nformald, linve oh
1 tallied and derive their rdthns to the
. Hahl real estate hereinafter tli-rrrltieit
hy mid through I iWdof trust.
1 1 la theretipou ordi-n-il by the uu
derslKiied clerk afi.rinld. In vacatloti
that Hal. I ili l. iidantM lie uolltlisl that
an ntlon has Kvu eouiiueiieed
HKalnst them In the circuit court of
listea county; 1n the utale of Mia
Bourl, for the purptuie of trylnn, di
termlnliur, eettllntf. deflnlug, and
tpaletliiK the title to the following
ili-scrlheil rral i-state, altuate. IjIiik
Mini U'Iiik In Hales county. In the
Hate of Mlaaourl. to wit: All of lot
three (3) mid the went half of lot
one (1 1 of the north-east quarter,
niul lot two II!) ti nd the east half ot
lut one tlj of tint north weat quarter,
all u( set thin one (1), of township
thirty nine (IIW). of rane (.HI), and by
u hli h said action plnlntln M-vk to
lorever l aratnl preilmlo the audi de
leiidantH, em-li, every and all of tU'iu
(rom setting up any lulrreat orclalui
In or to said real estate adTt-raely to
plaintiff, and which audi ncllou la re
turnable to uml tilahle uu the first
day of the lie I ri-KnUr term of thla
court, to Ik- hodleii at I lie i'ourt
intiM' In the illy of Hutler, In the
i 'Utility i.i Hates, lu the slate of alls
si.iirl, un tlin 1.IKI1 day of Kchruary,
Hill, at w tiltli tliuu mid I'liicv said
it'leiiilaiitN are n'pilrd ami coin
iiiiiinli'il to U- and n.sar uml to
hi. ail, aiiKWi r or ileiiuir to plalutlrTa
mlil pi-tillon, oltierw lw I he nlli-aa.
innin niiitshit.il In audi k 1 1 Inn will
Ih' taken IMIil l'Olisliereil Ha confessed
ami Jn.li-nn-iit reiiih rvil uccnrdhiK !
In tin-prayer t hereof, lorev er lim rln '
anil precludlliK said tlefelidnuts front '
hvieiilu-r ttiiiK up tiny claim or
title to sntd real property. (
ink Uu ii J 1 1 i.i. I .mil sic, ptililleded
In the city of Itlch Hill, In the lotilily
.f liatea, lu the atale of Mlatiourl,
i havliiK been itesiKliated by tbi-plalu-iifliiiiil
Ida attorney a ol record nit
the newspaper lliint likely to Ktvu
notice to the defeiidauta of the pen.
ilaticy of thla action. It In further or
dered that a copy of thla order Is,
published in the said Hull Iphl.
I'kiui Nt, once a week for mid during
four Ht-eka successively, the laat In
seitlon of an Id order lu said news
paper to he at least fifteen daya Is,
fore the llrat day of the nest ri nular
lenu of tdla court'
T. D. Fhiimkk
flurk of the ( Ircull I'ourt.
.sT ATK t)K M hstli'.lji
I.Ol TV OK ll.li l.H Ssl,
I, T. I). Knil ree, clerk of the clr
cult court of the inuuty alorenndl
derehy certify that the forvKolitg- la
alraeeopy of the original order of
niihll. a thin na til aauia Hpnara of
mord ii uiy ol'h.Y. TtiU VUiuy vt
Novel ili-r, 1910
(T.ai.) T. I 1 i un I K
('lerk of the Irenll t'otirt
In the ; IrcuP. C.i.iii . .f It t.M
tinihty, In the Male oi M . i n!. In
Vacatlii'i, Kebruary IVrni. 11)11
Joaejill It. Miirvll, tialutlif,
The link now n heirs, ronnrts, diw
vlsiea tlonei-s, nIIiiiiis.h, mid liniiie.
dlire. tiiei..', retiiot", rohi'.t'irv mnl
,,n,i i - .: i-,, . ,-
I .--.!. .. . .
h- '
I he Ht.il.. ,if X1i-i un., f. ail i.f
the above naiiied IM.iiIm I Hiit-l-ln;
You and each of you are hereby
uotlfled that the above iisined
plalnllfl has this day tiled w It h t he
aiiileraltflied clerk of the circuit
court of hiitea count v. Mis-nurl. Ii
vacation, hla pvtltlnn, duly . ritle.l
by atlldavlt. W herein said plaint Iff
all.-Ki-s and avers that the il. f. inl
anU claim aoiue tide, estate ur In
terest In the subjsct itnilter of said
IH-tltlon and In the land hereinafter
fully deaerlls-i. but that suld pi iiu
tirrcnu not Inaert the ii.-iuiisiifs.il.)
defeiidauta In Ms said p.-tltl..n
cauae the names of said defe-'danta
are uakuown to him: In died kmLI
petlflon plaint IK further nil. -ties and
avers that the defendants have ob
tained aud derive their claim to the
property hereluafter doi-rlts'il from
one Thomas S. IoiIk. diseased, hm
helra, consorts, ilex Iw-es, doms-a, a!-
leiieua or Immediate, luense. remote,
voluntary or Involuntary ktranteea
of the aald Thoniaa N. lod;e; and
that said la-tltlnn contains na full,
correct and complete a reiltil and
description ot the claims of the said
defendants and how aald claim nr
derived aa the aame are known to
It la thereupon ordered by the uu-di-rsla-ned
rU-rk aforesaid, lu vaca
tion, that aald defeiident I uotlfl
ed that an action has tieeu rem
inenced BKaluet tham tu tile circuit
court of Hate county, lu the Mate
of Missouri, for the pnrpose of try
Iiir. determining. sottlliic. detiiiltiK
and quletlna-tks title to the full.iw
Ing ileacrltttMl real ratate. situate, ly
liiK.and Is'lua- In the county of Itatea
In the state of Missouri' t ii-w It:- I ho
east half of the eouth west quarter
of the north west quarter of m-rtlnn
twenty three (23), nf township thir
ty eight ("). of rnnne thirty two
(Hi), nnd hy which snld nrthm
plalntlft aeeka to forever bar am)
preclude tde aald ileh n.hiiit. nuj
earn of them, from settli K tip uny
Interest or elaltii In or til sal'l re. 1 1
estate adveraely to said philulirf,
and w hlch said act Inn Is r t nrnahle
to aud triable on the first day of the
UeltreKUlar term of this mutt, to
be lioldeu at the Court llnue la th
city of llutli.r. In the enmity nt
Hate, lu the state of .MUhi.uiI, mi
the sixth day of February, 1V11, at
which time and place said id feud
ant are required and coiuiuaiideil
to bo aud appear and to plead, an
awer or demur to plaintiff's aald pe
tition, otherwise the nlli-ksalh.ua
cnntuli.ed In aald peltllnu Mill Is'
taken uud considered na roufcehed
and judglneut rendered aerordltikt to
the prayer thereof, forever barrlutr
and pmludltiK aald defc nihtiits frotu
bereitfU'r aetllng up any china or
title to aatd real property.
TlIK Hit-it Hn.l. 1 aim Na, puhll!i.
el In the city of Kith Mill. In the
couuty of lis tea, In the state of
Missouri, haviiif been deslKinkted by
the plaintiff and hi attorneys uf
record as the newspaper tiiiwt likely
to give notice hi the dele ml.tnta of
the iN-ndmi-y of this action, It I fur
ther ordered that a copy of thla or
der lie publla'ieh lu the aald Ins
It n ti Hit. i. '1 aiai kk, once a wit k fur
and during four weeks micc.-Ui ly,
the last lasi-rtlnii of said nnler In
aald lirv epiier to In. nt l. at fifteen
daya Is (..n- the lirst day of the neat
regular term of tdW court.
T. 1, Linhr.v
t'lerk of the Cln ul) t uurl.
I, T. D hnihnv. i d rk
of the clrc vi It caurt of the ciiunty v
foresal.l, hereby certify that the
foregoing la a true copy of the iirUi
lial order of publication as the same
apH'iira of record In my olllt-e. ThU
1 5 1 11. day of Novetuls-r, lull).
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t'lerk of the (ircult t ourf
We Ask You
to take. Cardui, for your female
troubles. bocauM vva aro turo It
will help you. Remember that
this great femala remedy
h broiiht relief to thousands cf ft
nlhikp l-k amn..n m m . I. .. ... W
" 1 - ' wv.f.v.l, w.ljf IIUl J
you? For headacha, backache,
periodical pains, female weak
ness, many have said It Is "tho
best medlclna to tako." Try Itl
Sold in This City

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