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Morgan County republican. (Versailles, Mo.) 1906-1914, August 24, 1906, Image 5

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In the Morgan County Circuit Court, In Vaca
Wllhelinlna Ilrnii.l, rialulllT,
JlintiT. Matlu. If living, and If dead, his mi-
Known neirnm uevisvcs, I'cicmiiim.
At this any ensues plaintiff herein and files
netitlmi and nftirinvit. alleging Rinoiiit other
thlUK that deff ti.'niil, James T. Mnatln, if llvlnn
not a rcsinem m mis mule, ami 11 ticau iiiam-
till verily believer that his unknown helm or
devisee, by snlil record title, are interested in
the subject matter f this petition hut that they
are unknown to this plaintiff, so that their
name cannot he Inrerted herein nor their re
spective Interests set out, but Hint they derive
their interests if they have any, from James T.
Mastln as his heirs or clevieees.
Whereuiwn, It Is ordered by the clerk in voca
tion that snld defendant tic notified by publi
cation that plaintiff has commenced n suit
RKOiust him In this court the object and gen
eral nature of which is to obtain a decree of
court In accordance with the provisions of Sec
tions 653 and 426S, Revised .Statutes of Missouri
of Ib'W, divesting the said defendants of nil
their rights, title and interest in and to the fol
lowing described real estate to-wlt: The east
half of the noithwest iinitcr, the north hnlf of
the southwest quarter and the iiotthcnvt quarter
of Section ten ( to) In township forty 140), Range
eighteen (IN), Morgan County, Ml-soiiri, and
vesting same in plaintiff, and thnt unless the
said defendants be and appear at this court,
at the next t-m thereof, to he begun and holdeu
at the court house in the city or Versailles, in
said counts on tne loth dsv of December next.
and 011 or before the first day of said term. answer
or plead tothe petition in said cause, the same
sviii ne laxen as couiessea, ana jtiugineni win
be rendered accordingly.
And it Is further ordered, that a copy hereof
ne puiuisjicn, nccoroing 10 law, 111 ine .Morgan
Cnitntv Democrat, a weekly uewsnaner. tiulilisli
ed in Morgan County. Missouri, for four weeks
successively, ine last insertion to be at leat
tntrty nays neiore tne 10m day of December, l'06,
V. C. THOMAS, Circuit Clerk.
A true copy fiotn the Record.
Witness my hand and the seal of the Clr
1 ivii ' cult Court of Morgan County,
jaKAi-j this l9th day of July. 17O6.
W. C. Thomas. Circuit Clerk.
mare pushing Versailles to the front. We have one of the largest
Clay Plants in the State, and with the best fire clay in the United
States, ought to have a dozen more.
We have an unlimited amount of. clay suitable for potteries. We have
fire-plastic clays suitable for insulators, clays for sewer pipe and for building
We can supply you with tracts of from 30 acres up to 440 on the rail
road. We will allow the closest investigation of these tracts.
Several large brick blocks are going up. A laundry and a broom factory
are being installed, while we have a handle factory which is now in success
ful operation and which has recently doubled its capacity, having added
machinery for manufacture of insulator pins and brackets.
By an almost unanimous vote a franchise was granted to the Hydro-
Electric Power Company of St. Louis, which means cheap power generated
by immense dams across the Gravois ten miles south. This cheap power is
bound to attract manufacturers. The promoters state that they will be able
to develop 30,000 horse power. They MUST have a market for their cur
rent, and will gladly assist any of the following enterprises : Several more
clay plants, potteries, insulator factories, woven wire factory, furniture fac
tory, ice plant, woolen mills, and any other legitimate enterprise.
The Missouri Cannel Coal Company are building a railroad to their
mines six miles northwest of this city, where they are developing a fine body
of coal. It is expected that this line will become an electric line to Sedalia.
We especially desire clay men from any part of the
U. S. to investigate the Clays of this section.
We have ample railway facilities, and an abundance of raw material.
(The above is a reproduction of a large consignment of literature now
being sent out Irom this city to all parts of'tjqe country.)
By the Citizens of the City of
Versailles and Vicinity,
On Apples, Peaches and Pears, to
be Given at the Versailles
Street Fair.
Variety Apples.
APPLKS lien Davis. First premium
$!.()(, H K Knloe; second premium 50c,
llontl & Collins.
Jonathan- -l-'irbt $1, second GOc, The
Huntsman Favorite First fl, second
50c. H G Chalfunt.
Willow Twig First fl, second 50c,
Sam McNatr.
Grimes Golden First fl, second 50c,
John McClanalian.
Shannon Pippin, Mammoth Black
Twig, Rnuian lleaitty, York Imperial,
Clayton five varieties, First premium,
each 1 sub. Versailles Leader; second,
each 50c, Frank Witten, W SGibbs, J W
Johnson, I C I.egere, (two).
Wiuesap First f I, I M Shaunep, nee-
ond, 50c, same.
Genet, Kambo and Maiden Blush
f I each, second 50c each, Dr. J T lieale.
White Pippin First fl, Dr J W Holes
stock food, second 50c, Frank Bowman.
Penn. Red Streak First fl, second
00c, H Sclufer.
Gano First 1, fecoud 50c, A L Ross
Black Iten Davis- Fitst $1, second
50c, Geo Decker.
raynes j.aie Keeper Mrst l, sec
ond 50c, Dr D A Yartiell.
Missouri Pippin First $1, second 50c
Frank Bowman.
Baldwin Firbt f 1, second 50c, Geo P
Large Rotnauite First $ 1, second 50c,
W W Moore.
Red Romanite, Limber Twig First fl
each, second 50c each, W T Irey.
Smith Cider First fl, sub. Versailles
S'.atcsm.-iu, second 50c, Bc.ud & Collins
Northern Spy First fl, second 50c,
R K Stockton.
Fullerton Favorite First fl sub. to
Morgan Co. Democrat, second 50c, Frank
k Bowman.
1111 Flower First fl, second GOc
Chus E Will son.
Arkansas Black First f 1, second 50c
1) A l'airley.
Ortly Bell First f I, second 50c, Jas
V Roe.
Wolf River, Senator First f 1 each
second 50c each, Alf ilciuetnan.
King David First SI sub. Versailles
Statesman, second 50c, Frank Bowman
The Fink First ! 1 sub. Morgan Co
Democrat, second GOc, ISronnie Clark,
Sta k First f 1 sub. Morgan. Co, Dent
ocrat, second 50c, Miss Blanche Spidel
Talliunn Sweet Fiist fl, second 50c
K A Crewson.
Walbridge First 81, second 50c. R H
Variety Pears.
PEARS Dutchess First $1, sec. 50c
Keller First f I, second 50c, Clarence
Seckel First f 1, second 50c.
Bartlet First el, second 50c, II A
Flemish Beauty, Howell, Garber
Each $1 first, 50c second.
Variety Peaches.
PEACHES White Heath First 81,
Dr. Win Well, second, Miss Blanche
Anv kind except above I'irst f 1, sec
ond 50c, W L Stephens.
Chas. W. Moore, a machinist, of Ford
City, Pa., had his hand frightfully burn
ed iu ait electrical furnace. He applied
Iltickten's Arnica Salve with the usual
result: "a quick and perfect cure."
Greatest healer on earth for Burns,
Wounds, Sores, Eczema and Piles, 25c
by Munt7.fl Drug Co.
Sent to the Penitentiary.
Judge Martin gave Frank Hawmon
and Louis Richards, the chicken
thieves, a new hearing last Thursday,
the first jury having disagreed. Af
ter the case had been gone over hilly
it was given to the new jury who,
after a short secret session agreed,
giving the boys two years in the peni
tentiary. Last Saturday Sheriff Will
son and Deputy Taylor Boweu took
the two boys and Young Adams to
Jeffeason City and turned them over
to the authorities to serve their terms.
Adams had been given two years
previous to the trial of the two chick
en thieves.
There is a Sunday School at I.onestar.
"Good old Summer time ' down this
Slf Chapel school progressing nicely
with Miss Eutiua Brtiiikhorst at teacher.
Gut Gehlken and Waldo Richardson
made a flying trip to Sedalia Saturday,
returning Sunday evening.
The regular Summer Sunday School
was organized at Rocky Point this sum
mer and it stilt in progress.
Price Hess and wife of Hebron, Neb,
are visiting atilcnry Siegel's this week,
Mrs. Hest is the daughter of Grandma
Seigel and will make an extended visit
with her.
Time has brought many changes since
ye scribe wrote his last epistle, among
them being two great improvements for
our locality. Rural telephone and Rural
mail route.
R. G, Richardson is constructing a
large flour mill on his farm, and will
soon be ready to do the custom work of
the surrounding country. He also has
a sawmill at the same place which is
convenient for all concerned.
C. A. Thormann of Breiiiuui, Tex. and
J. A, Thormann of Piqtia Kansas visited
at J, C, Woolerys last week. They are
uepcews of Mr. Woolers and were
raised iu Morgan Co. and say everything
is prosperous in their home states.
Panorama of Missouri's Agricultu
ral Industrial and Commerelal
The Missouri State Fair will hold its
Sixth Annual Exhibition September 20
to October 5. This institution, et in its
infancy when compared with the great
fairs of other states has made rapid
strides, not only in the character and ex
tent of its exhibits and its attendance,
but also iu the way of equipment.
It now has the finest Live Stock pavil
ion iu the world, six mammoth slock
barns, a poultry palace, dairy building
and agricultural halt, a horticultural hall
and a steel Grand Stand, all practically
fire proof, stone foundations, metal and
tile roof with stctl truss supports, beau
tiful iu architectural design, well
adapted for the pur pose t intended, and
supplied with water, sewerage and all
modern conveniences. In addition to
these there are 12 frame speed horse
barns, a large and spendidly arranged
implement building, administration
building, sheep and twine barns with
capacity for 1,2 0 animals, custodian's
cottage, fire department building, and
best mile track west of the Mississippi
The grounds arc supplied with water
from the city waterwoaks have complete
telegraphic and telephone communica
tion with all points, and will have
electrical power for lighting purposes
and fur operating machinery before the
fair opens. Twe tteatu railways have
passenger stations on the grounds and
each operates a train every fifteen
minutes. The street railway with a
large number of open summer cars will
deliver passengers ou the grounds every
ten minutes. A postoffice will be estab
lished on the grounds in the adminis
tration untitling. hxpress companies
will have agents and deliver consign,
ments to several departments
Exhibition stock will be delivered to and
unloaded from cars into the grounds.
The Missouri State Fair Offers the
most liberal mule and draft horse
premiums ever offered by a State Fair in
America. It oners a IltO.iU silver cup
for the best saddle horse youngster. It
makes special classes for Missouri
poultry. It offers liberal premium on
live stock, agriculture and horticulture.
It oilers special times tor corn grown by
boys. It offers in the aggregate f 100 1.00
ou agricultural exhibits made by
counties. It offers a purse of f250fl.OO
to any horse that will lower the world's
pacing or trotting record, and (11,500.00
for the best record made on tile track
within two minutes. It has provided
for a four-mile relay race each day to be
ridden by cow girls, the equestrienne
queens ot the western plains.
Tuesday, Oct. 2 will be Governor's
Day. Gov. Fo k, his stuff and military
escort, will be present to assist in de
dicating the live stock pavilion. Every
day will be a big day. The exhibits
from opening morning till closing even
ing will present n magnificent panorama
of Missouri's agriculture), industrial and
commercial supremacy; a dazzling
pictare of her graudeur, her resources
and her possibilities.
Cures Backache
Do not risk havinsr
V V V . m . - . . . .
win cure any case ot Kidney or Bladder Disease not ""guts uuewe
beyond the reach of medicine. No medicine can do more or Diabetes
$ql4 by Q, C, ttsMrd?, jr., th Brvtfgift.
I Bank of Verasilles
Condensed official statement of the condition of The
Bank of Versailles at the close of business, March 20th,
Ixians and Discounts.' $180,201.73
Real Estate, Furniture and Fixtures. 7,670.03
Cash and Sight Exchange 67,285.53
Capital Stock fully paid S30,000.00
Permanent Surplus 20,000.00
Net Undivided Profits 7,102.26
Reserved for Dividend 2,400.00
Bills Payable 11,500.00
Deposits 193,254.63
The officers and directors of this Hank solicit the accounts of Indi
viduals, Firms and Banks, and offer every accommodation to its
patrons consistent with safe banking.
Our Banking connections are the strongest and most conservative in
the state, and we are at all times prepared to meet every demand.
Our depositors are protected with ample insurance against Burglary
and Larceny.
A. L. ROSS, President.
The Morgan County
Marble and Granite Works,
(Successors to Clark Marble' Co.)
We have purchased the stock of this company
and will put in a complete line of Marble and
Patronage solicited in Versailles and vicinity.
A woman worries until slie gets
wrinkles, then worries because she lias
them. If she takes Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea she would have neither.
Bright, smiling faces follows it tue. Xi
cents, Tea or Tablets. Globe Drug
Of Stockholders' Meeting.
Notice is hereby given that there will
be a meeting of the Stockholders of The
Odd I'ellows Htiilding Association of Vcr-saille-,
Missouri, Saturday the I'irnt day
of September, 1900, at eight o'clock p. ill.
for the Purpose of voting 011 a proposi
tion to increase the Capital Stock of said
Corporation from Seven Thousand Ave
hundred dollars to Thirty two thousand
dollar. All Stockholders will take due
notice. Versailles Mo. June 2uth l'M.
Gi:o. II. IIumiAKi)
J. W. Mit.i.s
A. l'OI'I'liK
lf. D. Harrison
The Rev. J. C Warren, pastor of
Sharon Haptist Church, Hclair, Gn.. says
of Klectric Hitters: "It's a Godsend to
mankind. It cured me of lame back,
stiff joints, and complete physical col
lapse, I was so weak it took me naif
an honr to walk a mile. Two bottle of
Klectric Ilitters have made me so strong
I have just walked three miles in 50 min
utes and feel like walking three more.
It's made a new man of trie." Greatest
remedy for weakness and all Souiach,
I.iver and Kidney complaints, Sold
under guarantee by Muiitzcl Drug Co
A complication of female troubles,
with catarrh of the stomach and bowels,
had reduced Mrs, Tims, S. Austin, of
Leavenworth, lud., to such a deplorable
condition, that Iter doctor advised an
operation; but her hurband fearing fatal
results, postponed this to try Klectric
Hitters; and to the amazement of all who
knew her, this medicine completely
cured her. Guaranteed cure for torpid
liver, kidney disease, biliousness, jaun
dice, cfeilht and fever, general debility,
iiervoitKiiesa and blood poisoning. Hest
tonic made. Price 50c by Muulzd Drug
Co. Try it.
I! I Did Not Know
That my school offered
better advantages than
other schools in this
section of the country I
would not for a moment
expect your patronage,
but as I know that the
systems we teach are un
surpassed, I am more
than anxious to interest
you. It will pay you
to send for one of my
Hill's Business College
"The Growing School."
It is with pleasure that I give you this
unsolicited testimonial. About a year
ago when I had a severe case measles I
got caught out ill a hard rain aud tin
meisels settled in- my .stomach and
bowel. I had an awful time and had it
not been for the use of Chamberlain'-.
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Kvincih
I could not have possibly lived but
a few h mrs longer, but a few hour
longer, but thanks to this remedy I am.
now strong ami well, I have written
the above through, simple gratitude and
I sltall always speak a good word for
this remedy. Shiii. IT. Gwin, Concord,
Ga. Globe Drug Store, C. I). Hunter,
Frli canned goods, flour, produce,
ete., assured to customer purchasing
goods of E.. A. WlUJwlu) Sooth Sty
Rock Island Time Table.
Wett Hound. Depart.
ilo. lit I.ocal Pass 4.05 p m.
No. 27 Limited tt.js a. m
No. 75 Loot! Freight 0:1 1 a. 111,
Hast Bound. Departs
Not 14 Local Pass 13:02 p. r.i,
No. 23 Limited 1.3') a in
N(.T,l Local I'reight; ., A-iV! ,

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