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Morgan County republican. (Versailles, Mo.) 1906-1914, November 21, 1912, Image 2

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Tli EfkrfciiKlis2in I
I lie KepuDiican,
(vSuccessor to Thk Dkmocrat.)
W. W. K1NL0CH, Proprietor
Local Editor nml business Manager.
Kutcrcd in the l'ost Office at Versailles,
Missouri as second class mail matter,
Subscription I'ricc (1.00 a Year.
'Phoni No. 105.
Advertising Rates.
.)IVlny nilverllnhiK. by 'he year, to nvetnRe
(our lncliii or more 8J4c. per Inch eacli Issue
Professional canls, one Inch, W cents per
tionth. two inches. 7j cents per month.
Locals five Ilns. or over, 5 cents per line for
Irst insertion, .'c, per line for each sulseetif nt
Insertion. In black type III cents per line for
first insertion, S cent per line for each mbse
tic 11 1 insertion,
cf(al advertising at lexal rates,
special rates on p&Ke advertisements.
No. there can't be any grafting in
Old Christian county. The Demo
crat charged $277.17 for publishing
the ballot, and the Republican $16tf.-j
f2 for publishing and printing ballots.
Mrs. K.'s t.ommcnt was: "Well,
they might as well have it, if they
didn't get it. the county officials
would." We find by our book that
in 1001 we published the ballot and
printed IJU.OOO tickets for S200,
about half the present price, but then
everything you know has gone up, yet
we hold that with the Morgan County
Rf.puiii.ican eliminated Morgan County
would be paying about the same price
as poor old Christian wait until we
get back to Nina.
The anti-suffrage women ol St
I.ouis are organizing to fight the suf
frage movement, presumably in be
half ol the distilleries and breweries
ol that great (?) city, for they will go
out of Missouri when the women vole.
Stover and Harnett are a stand-off
on Progressive vote, (50 each, and
with organization they will give twice
or thrice that number next timi.and
all the other precincts will show the
progressive spirit, even Versailles,
with its pitiftd 27 this time, (so noted
for its political cowards), will get out
of the graft class, and vot'er right.
According to the official court in
Kansas, Hedges, Democrat candi
date for governor, wins by HI major
ity over Capper, the Progressive-Re
publican candidate another case of
trying to ride two horses at once go
ing in different directions. That's
how Stubbs lost out.
.Now that the election is over and
Wilson has been elc ted president
we understand that a number of ap
plicants for the Windsor postmaster
ship have declared themselves, wheii
the tune of the present incumbent, A.
11. Cole, has expired.
We believe that the position ot
postmaster in any community belongs
to the people in a greater degree than
almost any other position. They are
probably more vitally interested and
more intimately connected with the
administration of the local postoflke
which serves them every day in the
year, than wilh any other office.
We believe that the question oi
what democrat shall fill the position
of postmaster for Windsor should be
left to the decision of democratic
patrons of the office to be decided in
an election held for that purpose.
Why should not the people say who
shall be their postmaster? This is
pure democracy the rule of the peo
pleand it should prevail. Windsor
A primary would be proper, but
the Democrats will probably follow
the Republican way of doing, and as
hey themselves did under Cleveland,
give the offices to the fellows who did
he dirty work, and the most of it.
Maj. Warner appointed a postmaster
for Versailles, despite the protest of
nine - tenths of the patrons. Why
... ... ... a
of Versailles, or of Morgan county,
have such power? Hope the Demo
crats of Versailles will determine the
postmastership by a primary, else the
change may be no improvem ent, fo
some of the would-be candidates arc
thoroughly unqualified.
1'ir.st Jlecause it is right This
country is founded on the principle that
taxation without representation is tyran
ny, that it is a government of the people,
for the people and by the people, and
that it exists by the consent of the govern
ed. Women pay taxes, they are n port,
one third, UJ.OOO.OtX), of the people,
and are governed.
Secoiied IT is time our women
cciiscb to he ceased in public affairs with
infants, idolb, aliens and felons.
Third There are seven million
j working women tu the t'ntted States,
about one third ot the womenhood ot
the nation; they are entitled to have a
voice in framing the laws that affect the
conditons under which they work.
fourth liqual suffrage would ele
vate the character of the electorate,
Ily giving women the vote, you increase
the native born vote, you increase the
moral vote, you increase the intelligent
vote. Two-thirds of the immigrants are
men, two-thirds of chinch-goers are
women, less than 1 per cent of th se in
the jails in California are women.
I-"if til I Ttittl Women are given the
vote a repescutative form of government
has not been fully tried in the I'nited
States, and much that we have failed to
accomplish may be.attributed to that fact
Sixth Women have suffrage in every
other Kuglish speaking country anil in
many other lands Women have suffrage
in some form in twenty-eight state of ihe
Seventh This is a laud ot liberty ,of
boasted political freedom, ami it is a
displace and not fair that one third of
the people be denied a voice in the
government simplv because ot sex.
Kight Giving Women a note is a success.
Starting in this country in Wyoming,
it has spred to adjoining states, whose
men could tell bow equal suffrage work
ed among their neighbors
Ninth If women hud suffrage it would
increase their interest in civic affnits hiiiI
mothers would teach their clnldicn to
become bettor citiaus.
Tenth llccause the worst elements in
the community are opposed to it
The Rev.
Irl. It Hicks
The Rev. Irl R. Hicks Almanac for
I'M!) is now ready. It is the most splen
did number of this popular year book
ever printed. Its value has been more
than ever proven bv remarkable fulfill
ments of its storm, weather and earth
(make forcasts this vear. Professor
llict justly merits the confidence and
support of all the people Don't fail to
."no for his WW Alimnat', or only only
one dollar for bis splendid Magazine
and Almanac one year. The best one
dollar invcsiuent possible in any borne or
business. Send to Word und Works
Publlfthlni? Comuany. '-till I'ranklin
Ave , St l.ouia, Mo.
Wards brewn in I,' wrence, Kan
was a valuable piece of property. 1'rnhibi
lion made it useless for purpose, and the
owner sold the building and left that
state. This lumen the twelve men he
employed out of that into some other in-
itidustry.Som t people called it "a busi
ness calamity" to lose that brewery and
the wages of the twelve men it had
employed. Hut soon the big building was
put to use again as a shoe factory, and
now, with about the same capital, that
brewery had, it employs one hundred
sober operatives. Supposing the brew
er's twelve men to have been all sober
citizens, let us compare "the buisness
record of the brewcrv and the shoe
factory .allowing that the men have the
same wages, which we will put at an
average of ten dollars a week.
The brewer's men had their SI20 a
week, or 1,41- 'ear to expend in house
rent for home,, food, clothing, ami
household needs. The one hundred shoe
markers have f 1,000 a week or Jt$2,(MX) a
year to cxdend in the same way. The
brewry men rented at most twelve cott
ages. The factory men must have one
hundred cottages or lodgings,
Under the new system the builders,
butcher, bakers, grocers, clothiers, etc.,
of the town have one hundred customers
gained in nlace of the twelve they have
lost, besides ii large amount of money
from other customer.-, that formerly
The Morgan County Republican
Having: decided not to
count of our enemies, or "loving friends" $
$ either, we have decided to offer the
People of Morgan County, the State ofm
jj Missouri and mankind generally the big-
jj gest kind of a big bargain. $
. .
(r The postoffice department has caused us to mark off -JJ
!JJ and set over on our deadhead list 115 names.. Thisw
jjj means the loss to us of $115 or more, and now we mustJJI
i hustle to make it up, or so much of it as we can. It jg
jji costs fully fifty cents to secure new
jj propose to donate the 50 cents to the
1 selves, ana until
(t i. 1
fffi to new suuscnuers,
For those who would like more reading matter we offer
The Morgan County Republican and The Kansas
Weekly Star botK one year for 65 CENTS. Tnis offer ood(i
only to new subscribers, and until tne vacancies are filled. ff
P. S, No deadhead need apply. (Ji
'-. .
went for beer. More than eight times as
much money goes, from that factory
alone, into the tills of the traders
and workers of that town as used to go
there from the brewery.
The shoes that are turned out barm no
one. 'I he) nie a useful puij use, pie
erve health and give comfort and pleas
ure, 1 1. e ate amom; tlie necessities oi
civilied life. There i-s not an oath, a
theft, a wife-Oe.itm.', a filtt, or a crime
jn a thousand pairs of them.
It was not so with the beer, 'that
hurt, more or less, all who used it.
ICvery barrel had in it curses, blight,
diseases, lies, abuse and and crime. It
made bad ili-lits, and sooner or later
created pauperism, filth and rage wher
ever it went. It turned good citiens
in to tramps and thieves and made a
buisness of seducing and debauching in
nocent boys and girls.
The brewery ueebed a j.ijl, police-court
poor house, lunatic asylum ami watrh
man. Not even twenty shoe factories
would ever need any one of these where
there is no brewery nor grotf simp.
from official figures we learn that
there are in the United Mates, 1,815
breweries with .'M.S0O employes If
converted into factories they would
probably give employment to ten times
as many peisons and would pay annually
in wages about f ISO.0-iO.000 to the f8,.
0(M),()(X) now paid h the hreweries
That great farm publication, the
ER, of Kansas City, Mo., making a,
subscribers, anyone sending 25 cents
wjll receive the Missouri and Kansas
Famer a WHOLH, YEAR, and will
also receive F.RHH a ,grea,t, package
containing 50 BEAUTIFUL POST
CARDS , consisting , of FLORAL.
TINE apd EASTER. ; also very latest,
designs and high work of, art. Only
25 cents gets you the farmer, for a.
year and the package of, 50 cards.
Send TO DAY. address MISSOURI
Gee Sts., Kansas city, MO. Dept. A.
tne no vacancies
50 cents cash
I'lie I urn of
(At Kidwell'sOld Stand.)
Will continue the Undertaking
Furniture business.
We are prepared to do all kinds o
epairing, and furnish Furniture at
prices that will cause you to liny.
An excellent assortment of Caskets,
Coffins, Robes, Etc., will be kept in
stock. Prompt service, and satis
faction guaranteed.
Call on, or phone us.
Phone 258.
Bridles and
Saddlery Hardware.
Carriage Trimming and Re
pairing Neatly and proniptK
in Business 41 cars.
Harness, Bridles, htc,
Home 1 made, ' Hand-mad
and guaranteed.
Will meet all competition
in prices considering tiialit
of material and workmanship
Call and see me before
Versailles. ' - M'svmri
Old Pa per at for sale at this of
fice. 20'.: per hundred.
srive .np on sic-
subscribers, so we
subscribers them-jjj
are iiiiea we oiier,w
City m
Republican, m
-1 T Ml ua
...-..-.......... vJ
Furniture of all kinds repairer,
and satisfaction given.
Kidwku. Tai.hoit.
Furniture Store
OHice ill New Odd Fellow lluildiu
Rooms .'to .'!fi
Versailles, Mo.
Prompt service and first-class wort,
to all patrons l'lione ,V7
Oae-Way Colonist Tickets to Cali
fornia and North Pacific Coast
Points, will be on sale at very low
rata of fare daily, September 25
to October 10, 1912
Tickets are honored in
Tourist Sleeping Cars upon
payment of berth rate about
half that of standard sleepers
but fully as comfortable.
Choice of Three Routes
Via Colorado Scenic Route to Salt
Lake City thence Western Pacific
through the Grand Canyon of the
Feather River; via Colorado Scenic
Route to Salt Lake City and Ogden.
thence Southern Pacific; via El
Paso and New Mexico the direct
route of lowest altittyies and route
of the "Caltfomlan" Wt connection
with the E. P. & S. W. and Southern
For information, write or caD.
Geo. A. MORGAN, Ageni

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