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fcntf F s istaken; it is pleasant
IrefresLit:? to the ta.te, and acts
I'r iuJ cleanses the evs-
T a 'v lisris colds, heau-
L guj fevers aud" cures habitual
Jpati-n. J-rup 01 rigs is ine
,,i-. r.f its kind ever tro-
ll i.lfasins t tlie taste and ac-
t.'tinn r.u.l truly beneficial in iU
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.i n.i tirrfftMe substances, its
L.. ov.--pilpIit fill alitit-s commend it
ill a:il Lave made it the most
'nr rc::it-i!v knoivn.
-lip i f Fis is for sale in 50c
jl bottles by all leading drtig
Acy reliable druggist who
not biive it on hacd will pro
r,rnriiri?lv f.iT BKV GQe WhO
esto try it. "Do not 'accept any
;4V .'H4HUHU0, CL
Willi. I" HZ "OfiK.
aby Carriages
feal Estate
'.- Li. nuih.ijt- property on commie-
' c:?y ar.d scurry property now
(-.1.. Jiilti tiiii&t- !i-t fi.re rurcha-
- -r .'. Am':ie;;n Cauifty an:l
. 1 f Bttititmirf.
Second Avenue, over
topes Tailor Shop.
Then, Look Pleasant!
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''1.-1 ui liK'kii,gti.r."
Arid upwards
AS-t-of. ,. ......
- -s -nu every uetd
to Pay Until 1893.
h;'1 of your Life
I T u.-r.-'' ;" ! ariva,,ce.
...! ..' ... I',-y a"Uecure
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0. F. ROTH,
The Rain that Followed a Night
and Day of Torture.
Tike Hwt Oppieuhe Heat of the
SemnoB A Man Ml rokt Dantte
Dane by the Miorm.
Ominous and black looking ts were the
clouds which rose in th3 west and south
west at 4 o'clock fester ly afteruooD, the
cooling atmosphere which they promised
to give in a copious mi if all, made them
welcome and people wto bad panted and
sweltered &Dd suffered looked upon the
approaching clouds witb more of a sense of
grateful expectencv than of fear. Satur
day. Saturday night at d yeoterday com
posed a period of beat, as excessive and
prostrating as Rock Island has known and
felt tbie year. It was a stsson of torrid tem
perature which was general all over the
United States, too. Three fourths of the
people of this great country, from the
best that can be learned, suffered from
beat usual only in the .tropics. At bjt
tew points east ot tbe i itsouri river was
the temperature less taan 90 degrees.
The thermometer registered that intensity
of beat at Nashville. Tean., acd at Bis
marck. N. D. It marked 94 degrees at
St. Paul, 92 at Cincinnati and Sioux City,
94 at Keokuk and 93 at Omaha. St.
Louis and Moorehead ere the hottest
points, tbe mercury at '.hose sites stand
ing at 96 in tbe shade. Rock Island was
not behind in uncomfor able prominence,
the temperature within the time stated
ranging from 90 to 9.1. Yesterday the
mercury did not indicate as high a tem
perature as on Saturday, but tbe atmos
phere was more oppressive. Comfort
no matter where sought was a thing cut
ef the question entirely. Down town
there were fewer people on the streets
than is customary, evt.-n on Sunday.
Tbe sun beat so fiercely on tbe payement
that one felt tbe beat bearing down almost
like a tangible, ponderatle weight. Pe
destrians crowded into t-ie narrow mar
gin of shadow cast by He buildings, and
souebt by ail mearjs possible to obtain
relief from the opj. ressive rays of the sun.
The great humidity in the atmosphere
added to tbe discomfort of tbe day. The
air seemed wet and hot. and except that
tbe vapor was invisible tbe conditions
and accompanying sensations were not
unlike those in the hot-room of a Turkish
bath. Horses suffered terribly.
Ransom Van Riper, living in the prem
ises formerly occupied by St. Luke's hos
pital on Second avenue, and employed at
the B luaiber mill, was prostrated by the
bet yesterday afternoon at his borne, be
coming unconscious, frotu which condi
tion be bad not rallied ibis afternoon.
Dr. Carter is attending the sufferer, and
tbe case is an extremely erious one an d
may result fatally .
Tbe storm brought soiae relief to fam
ished humanity, but very little rain in the
city, while the only damage was that to
tbe street railway system, described else
where. Throughout the country to the
south and east there was more damaee
from tbe wind, corn in many neighbor
hoods being blown down. At Cable they
bad a bard blow, but no serious damage
resulted, though there ha?e been reports
of considerable destruction. At Coal
Valley there was some damage from wind
an ! lightning.
Lish luinx Damages the Works at the
Myntlirate Power Mtition anil the
Cam tatop-.A Mtnenlnr Second Aec!
dt nt .
The first accident of acy consequence
at tbe tri-city synJicate power station
a a resu'.t of a Btorm occurred yesterday
af;ernoon about 5 o'clock, daring the
thunder storm, and tbe suspension of
tratili in consequence would not have
ameunted to much, but far a second ac
cident a singular one too that followed.
Lightning struck one of the trolley wires
somewhere in Rock Island, and darted
into tbe power station. The lightning
arresters were burned out, but saved tbe
machinery from being seriously damaged,
tbe circuit breakers being blown out.
The system was immediately shutdown,
and eyery car on tie syndicate
lines in the three cities stopped
wherever it happened to be.
After not more thanlO minutes' delay tbe
power current was again s vitched in and
tbe eystem was in operation, but
tbe cars bad not run but a few minutes
when the second accident, the most sin
Kular and eeriouB, occurred. When the
trolley wires were again given the power,
there were about 40 cars at various places
in the three cities ready to seize it, and
all started almost simultaneously. The
sjdden strain was too much for the ma
chinery and tbe effect was that tbe en
gines were flooded with water from the
boilers and the safety caps blown out.
This caused a second shut clown of about
1 5 minutes, at tbe end of whic h time the sys
tem was ouce more in good running shape.
Both accidents were of suet a nature as
do not occur on a system a; perfect as
that of the Davenport & Rock Island
Railway company, once in i year.
Enuued to Tba latt.
All are entitled to the best that their
money will buy, so every family should
have at once a bottle of the best family
remedy, Syrup of Figs, to cleanse the
system when costive or bilious . For sale
in 00c and f 1 bottles by all leading druggists.
An l'nla:p:rtnt 'ue at an Karly
Hoar KanJay , naming and the
Fnrore It CreatedA Haftpy Thoafftit
An alarm of fire was turned in from
the Seventh ward at 12.45 Sunday morn
ng and in a few minutes tbe Cable Hose
company dashed down Second avenue to
Seventeenth- jreet where .the firemen
were told that tbe fire was op where they
had come frcm, and they went back to the
house and unhitched. The down town
companies got up as far as the police
station and were told that tbe Are was
out, and they likewise went back.
Then came a telephone message to
each company that there was a fire back
of tbe Rock Inland rouod house, and the
up town companies went over acd ex
tinguished a fire in same bushes that
threatened a box car near by.
When the Phceaix company got the
second alarm tbe firemen chaard their
horse up Second avenue like a 4-time
winner and pulled up at police head
quarters for information when they were
told by Night Captain Long that the fire
was back of the C, R.I. & P. round
house. The patrol wagon not being
ia shape to go to a fire. Captiia Long
offered to go along and show the fireman
the way, but they wouldn't haye it that
way, and the captain very reluctantly
got down from the step where he had
percbed himself, and away went the fire
tnen in the direction of
the fire, "Fatty" Nichols, one of
the corpulent members of the com
pany fairly making the cart creek as they
thundered up Third avenue. Captain
Long and an Argus reporter then started
to walk to the fire and overtook the
Phoenix company at Tbiri av-nue and
Twenty-fourth street, where the boys
were trying to find some way to get by Mo
line avenue, where tbe paving is in pro
gress and they finally concluded to tackle
tbe avenue for it, and either did not see
the red danger lights or concluded to try
and ( et by it on tbe street car tracks and
would probably have piled up in a heap
bad not a mm who was p issing fi lled
them with a red li;ht at Twenty
sixth street and got them turned back.
Tbe first alarm was from Edgewood
park where a brush pile was on fire and
some barns which were not far away were
in danger of being caught.
All kinds of stories were afloat about
the fires and one of the night force came
into the station and told a thrilling story
of bow tbe Cattle hose cart had lost a
wheel by running into the street car
tracks at Third avenue and Twentieth
street, but inq.iirv this morning failed to
verify any such rumor.
It is a happy thought to know that
Rock Island's paid department with its
comprehensive alarm system will soon be
in worRing order, and such exhibitions as
the one on Sunday morning will be a
thing of tbe past.
Elretrle t ars oa the Milan Koad.
Electric cars were started on the Milan
line as far out as tbe car barns yesterday,
and the horses have already been disposed
of by Supt Huntoon I n rr"cnt rin
ning arrangement is not siriifncry as
tbe trailer which is brought in from the
point where tbe steam motor is takuu off,
has to b" pushed htirk tht is Hnn
gerous, especially at night. It can only
be obviated by the loop around Third
avenue and Nineteenth street, which
wiil be formed ts soon as the curves
can be received for Third and Seventeenth
and Third and Niuei.emh. The sooner
this circuit is cmple'ed th snirtT th
company will lessen its chances of danger
through tbe present miaiuly practice of
pushing its trailer b irk It will not b?
long until electric cars are running through
to the tower. Cars from the E!ra etreet
line are being used pending tho cas'-ruo-tion
of cars especially adapted to the
Miiab iiue.
Notice to W ater foononirr'.
Tbe consumption ot water has increased
to such an extent this season that during
the dav tbe I umDB are taxed to their full
Capacity, ted I uolice that Very few pay
any auenuon to tne law governing sprink
ling. Persons that pay for tbe use of
sprinkling can sprinkle between tbe hours
of 6 to 8 a. m. and between 6 and S p. m.
No Etreet or lawn sprinkler will be al
lowed to run outside of tbe specified
hours, or within them in time of tire.
1 he marshal has been instructed to
Btrictlv enfftrrp th nrrfinano. in rtoarii
to sprinkling. John A, Murbik, Supt.
Cedar Bapidt Kaeei.
For the above meeting the Butlingtoo.
Cedar Rapids & Northern railway will
sell excursion tickets to Cedar Rapids at
a rate of one and one-third fare for tbe
ronnd trip; from points on their line with
in 1UO miles of Cedar Riptds. Tickets
on sale August 10th to 14 inclusive; good
returning until August 15th.
Any further information regarding
these rates can be obtained by applying
to agents of this company, or the under
signed, J. E. Haxskgan.
Gen. Ticket and Pass. Agent.
JLitiJe Ours t ailed Away.
Mary, the 5 year old daughter of Cor
nelius Concers and wife, died at its par
ents, hems on Sixth avenue and
Eighth street last night, and the funeral
occurred this afternoon at 4 o'clock.
The little 3 months old son of Louis,
SchroeJer and wife died at its parents
home on Fourteenth-anda-half street Sat
urday night at 13:30 o'clock and the fu
neral occurred yesterday afternoon at 3
Emma Theresa, daughter of John Le
veen and wife, died at its parents' home,
101? Second avenue, at 85 o'clock Sat
urday evening aged two years. The
funeral occurred from the parents' home
yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
William, the 18-montba-old son of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Hildebrandt, living on
Elm street near Eighteenth avenue, died
at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon. The
funeral will be held from the German
Lutberan church tomorrow afternoon at
2 o'clock.
Pozzoni'a Complexion Powder pro
dnces a soft and beautiful skin; it com
bines every element of teautv and purity
Better, Brighter and Jollier
Than Ever,
3-Floating Palaces-3
Modern Marine Minstrels
Mid -Summer Sale
Manufactured for this occasion. Three lots cannot be duplicated again this year
Our test four ply linen collars and cuffs go at manufactures' cost to swell tho
L.Ot 1 MENS' AND BOTS 1 ort
good muslin union linen bosom and cuff bands well made- Buttons and button
boles, and only 1 6c.
New York mills muslin. Reinforced fronts; pure linen bosom and cuflf bands:
continuous facings 39c-
the best on earth for the price. Reinforced fronts and backs. Extra well made
and first-class for wear and fit 50c. '
Ao our regular lines of 1 and $1.25 nnlaasdered shirts which we tell it 75 and 90c each. Othi r
at lhrcer pmes do not compare with them.
5 stvlfj n mh' 4 p!j liutn Handing collars Sc ach. Others sell ttem at J0c.
S styles mens' 4 ply linen tnrndown collars 6c i-ach, worth 40c. Vie a k comparison on above
items. '
ljc(t3 tyle mens' 4 ply linen cuffs 17c a pair, regular 40e curls. They are hummers and eqal to tho
One lot mens" linen collars lc each, not the latest styles.
, I s s? d"p,'f 7 ,fPecial values in mens" night shirt's, will call special attention to night stirts at
B3C each and would like them comnared to d. S. you have paid 1 for.
FalaDce of our wash goods at altaraUon sale prices. Challies-6. 8 and 10c challies reduced to
4tc a yard.
Snow cap Coating bath soap 4c a cake every Satntdiv.
Mnf! A "RTf. -RT?nS
1712. 1714. 1720. 1722 and 1724 Second Avmrtm.
Dog and Goat Circus
Will exhibit on its three pnipose j cou-
itru:ted Palaces at
Rock Ivsland,
SaiMay, August 15.
Everything new from j-tcui to stern.
An entire change of programme in onr GKAND
OPEBA HOUSE, prefenting for the first time in
FIRST PART," followed by nn olio of novelties,
introducing Prof. Bradoc's Uoo asd Goat Cib
cvs and the Great Eng!ih Cnicjc'e and Bicycle
Doors open at 1 and 7 p. m. Stage perform
ances begin one hor.r later.
Popular Prices cf Adn'.ssion.
Home Building
--Loan Association,
Crfin, Rorms 3, 4, 5 and t; Mas iuie Temple,
Vli i.ot pay the same amount to the Home
Bui'ding and Loan Association each month that
you are now pay-.uf for rent, an i acquire a home
of yonr owa.
Lians awarded at lowest r;ies.
Stocs in the fire, series may be bai njion ap
plication tatbe Secretary.
Brings out the defects, if there
are any.
I guarantee everything I sell.
If you don't , like it when you
get home with it, you can re
turn it.
G. M. LoosLHr.
1609 Second Avenue,
Rock Island.
ANTED At tbe Bock Island House a yard
man) 10
ANTED A situation as Macbintst or Enti
Deer; address Box lr.f. Milan. 111. 10
Highest of all in Leavening Power. TJ. R, Gov't Rrwort, Aug. 17, 1889.
This Week.
Croquet 4-ball sets 62c
Hammocks, jute, Mexican .". 75c
Hammocks, wbite, Mexican 66c
Hammocks, colored, Mexican f 1 15
Window screens, b aid wood frame 88c
New chamber sets, handsome decorations, yery cheap..
Picnic piates per 100 50c
Pictare frames 8x10 with elaes and mat, 3 styles 85e
Linen or cream wove stationery per pound 82c
Envelopes to match, rquare 10c
Decorated window shades with best spring fixtures 82c
GEO. H. KlUGSBURY, Fair and Art Store,
1703, 1705 Second Ave. Telephone 1216.
A Pair for $1.00, Former Price $1.75
2 75,
3 25,
1811 and 1813, Second .Avenue, KOCK ISLAND.
oda Water
Peaches and Oreani.
J5?TA 11 the finest drinks at
Thomas' New Fountain.
Prescriptions a Specialty.
Do You Want to
If so, take notice of a few of the many bargains:
Gents' Tan colored shoe?, former pi ice $4.00, reduced to $289
Gents' fine Dongola south ties " " 32.5; " " 2.68
Gents' calf hand sewed shoes " " 5 50; " 450
Ladies' ooze calf ox tie " 1.75; ' ,1.27
Ladies' Tan colored lace shoes " " 4 00; " " 2 84
Ladies' pat. leather ox tie " " 2.00; " . 1.42
Lowest Prices and Best Goods at
Central Shoe Store,
1818 Second Avenue.
Elm Street Store,
2929 Fifth Avenue.

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