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The Fairfield courier. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1865-1865, March 23, 1865, Image 3

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TRU#tSDAY MO M 8, "66
gg"'We n e
Weekly Fe r Um o
the subsoril 14 *AVr
and if any of our friends wish it lef at
their re' c until the Nzws is again .
established vhich will be done as soon
s mail faci1tiea will allow,) we will- be
pleased to receive their orders and post -
up their names.
N4WS. - a
The visit of the enemy to this section p
of country and his wanton desttuction
of our mail facilities, has coM?pel.4N nto
suspend the issue of our , daily edition a
A until the eAils are again. established,
daily. Those who have subscribed for t
'the DAILY N'aws will have the paper r
sont 'to them, without the loss of time
-during its suspension, as soon as mail fa.
cilities are again established, and the
paper resumed.
Those who wish the weekly FAIR
.FIELD COURIEtr sett them, in the mean
time, v}llk,please sena in their orders,
with the money, and we will be pleased
to deliver the paper.
We commence, with this issue, the a
publication of our weekly papet "THE k
FiltrtnLD CoeBiR" aad until the
muils arp established daily, we cannot i
r'e-publish our daily editiom Those of
our friends who may desire to subscribe
will And us ready to- receive their sub
scriptions, and deliver the paper.
Our terms are .5 per month, and we
will endeavor to keep our patrons posted
-as to transpiring events. Having made
arrangements ror a mail supply we are
prepared to furnish the latest news. s
All inMportant news that, may 'be. re fi
coived will ,be posted, on our bulletin I
board for-the benefit of burpatrons.
- ' We'return our grafeful acknotoledge. c
menis to tife Grand Un,ion <a-mny (bali I)
'fbr sparing our printing stablishiment, t
The infernal scoundrels, after destroying
on impoense amount. of property in our
town, and tearing up our railroad, and
reducing the citizens of this bistrict'to
glmost, utter starvagion, 'did us thR favor
of leaving in tact, our ofi.oP. This, of
eourse, will place ua under many obliga
tions to them,- (over' the left,) May
their eshadew ever grow. less uItil every
mothers son of then $9o9mes so poor C
that tltey. wi)L ,1ve to lean against, a
iineo to breathe. -
We learn that attangetnents- have
been made; is' f as posaibte to piocure
them, ,Dy lwhcp ,our citizens cara be sup.
plied with provisions at cost and oarriage
pfice. Every-one. ought to lend his
bea energ9es todipply the needy.
"'In 'this' conftction, the citizens of c
Winnisboro are under lasting obligations
to Zf. Y A TT., AsniKE, Esq., for his
our tpwn supplies. lIe haa .proven. to
theuniafriend indeedr and, lby his gener
-eibyf aad--kindtiesi has prevented suffer:
th -l obri.e6thnunity. 4s. one who1
t'&hve seinesuppliga, we roturn chim
ogv egr4ial thanksfor favoring us.
This,p#pers wibih .ha .been herote.
.fore issu.a at Ce.lumbia, a. 0., hds been
-fbied, 'W the tfeent raid of'i~ heemry
t;hfoughx o it'e,t i'e'more to (h
1 , .), ro espw being pub
as 4a subitis well filled 'with
in tsig*tt. We wish our neigh.
ba (et it-msy l>efbread
t, ptuin to its old~
We ses p ~*oe iisen o
Qqpksablh 1W nser aoos Ing~ to
otette ,~ t #he Rpe af uiiiM
Are due and are hereby tendered to
n ' ott ., h
e f r'
no mente
> br. F. Soa4a, for a saok of.flour and
side of middling; to Messrs. KAHN
rEILER and Bro. for two iacke of flhr,
nd to Mr. JNo. Mn.Datu, for a lot vi
n cups, &c., which, we assure him, came
i -very handsomely, as the' enemy play.
1 smaeh with our -glassware.
Mr. ALLEN CuEsa, will also please
cept our thanks 'for his kindness in
lacing at our disposal one of his dray.
agons, which, indeed, benofitted us a
reat deal in hauling our supplies for
fipment per railroad.
To all with whom we had transac
ons in Charlotte, are we placed under
iany obligations for their kindness, and
re hereby render out thank:.
We return our special acknowledge.
rents to Co]. Wx. JOI1*STON, the affa
le and gentlemanly President of the
lharlotte & South Carolina Railroad,
>r transporting th. provisions, under
,ur care, for the citizens of Winnsboro,
ree ofall cost. ' We ippreciate the lib.
rality and kmdtkess of Col. JOHNSTON,
nd take pleasure in making the ac
To A. H. MARTIN, Esq., are we, too,
adebted for kindness in giving us assist
,nce; and to all the gentlemen connected
with the C. & S. C, Railroad we return
Jur thanks for their favors.
N. 0., t-.
The Daily South Carolinien, publish
d at Charlotte, N. C., says:'
"IP'ayetteville, N. C., is in the pos.
esion of the enemy. The.' distance
rpm that point to Raleigh is about 55
4 geitleman who passed through
his place to Columbia, informs us that
;on. HAMPTON attacked KILPATRtdKS
avalry in, front of Fayetteville, drove
a his pickets, and caused CILPATRICK
o skedacldle for life. Gen. HAMPTON
ook 450 prisoners, and released 157
.onfederates, who were confined-as prie
oners bF. the Yankee a'riy. Ge,n.
IAMPTON also captured 'large numlper
d wagons and horses, but bad to burn
he wagons, as he could not bring them
if the field.
Subsequently, as our informaant says,
len. H. was compelled to fall back, tnd
he enemy took possession of Fayette
The gentleman also stated thatOolds
oro,. N. C., is supposed to be in the
ahds of the enemy, and ihat they were
nakng their way towaidb Raleigh, N.
i., and that there wte likely to be a
ght between the two points,--that is,
holdsb<Vo and Raleigh.
Our informatit gave us this news as
orrect, he being near at hand and
'ouches for its authenticity.
'r'he Committee appointed by the esti
ens of Wiunnboro' for thre pui,hise and
istributiot 'of provibiouk' to #hode in
eed, gretefully 'ac no,wiedge the recoipt
f the followipg 'kontdibutione, threugh
fr. J. EI. Ba, T~eN to aiim1 this desirable
nd nesessary object:
A. W. Aikdfi~ Esq., $1.000
A.- Laughlin,- ' 500'
J.'T. Brce, " 350'
Gen'1 R. J. Ripley, ' 100
Rev. G. D. Berinheiru & Lady, 501
KTev. F. M. Kn'nedy,5
H. .W. Jones, Esq. 20
Cash, 20
AlsothbefQh1owing contributions in pro
.* H. Carepng Eu 2 bush corn meal
W. M1. Mathews, E.q2 "pa
EYm. Treloaar' Esqw. 60 Ibs Rat,.
.aeRae, -Est.,. 2busloeaa aug)
ha*iks fbr thyfollow'ing ~D44%
0. & S. C.. R. ., -
~n.,tIdoiston, Esq, . .f
~.one gg our. ~ 4
4n6! T O OUR TOWN. 4e.
94 I
* 4rR
ously evaeuated Columbia, S. C., and on
Monday afternoon, Feb., 20, 1860, the
aA fdur biave arniy id oooipleted
their paeeage'througkr."
F.Iewing this, of ,consA, we were
expeCting the columns of the.enepy, ae
they had no opposing ffre kedp then
back, Accordingly, on. Tueedy morn
ing, Feb., 21, 1865, about. $ o'olgok
the advance f /he Yanlee army.(bwnd
merr, as-tley are called by-their treds
-but we designate them ah thipues
house-bufnets and cut-thrats,)rpd,ipjo
our towd and commonoed the worlk p
pillaging and destroying every :thing
they could lay hands on.
Of the dnmage done our 'citisens, ad
the destriettoni of property,. it would
take a more grapIlic pen than gars, tc
describe thoroughly. Private dwellings
were entered -ruthlessly, all kind of nee"
essaries of life and~luxuris erq aclen;
and, in some cases that. wp hesrd Qf
helpless women were cursed and threat
ened to be shot if they did not deliver
up keys of apartments. 'TPhe fireids act
ed as if they were a deputation sent
from Hell to destroy the earth. r Bar
bariatis could not have.;corppleted their
work tvith more saiiafaetion than did
the Ufnited States troops--dghting ud
der a- flag sat we once honored and
loved but 'now made more cursed to us
than the vilest reptile that inhabits this
Our once beautiful town irekents now
a most pitiful sight. Rsidences and
stores that once fted theia,proud heads
to Heaven ate now numbered among
the things that were-hatred rdins noW
meet the gaze where once t6 busy fedt
of man passed in the daily ptuuits o
life. , And all this is done, by i people
calling themselves men--they hAve be.
'lied their title, not being eten fit for an
association among the brutea tHey hpve
slain, whose carcasses meet the @ye on
our public roads.
For awhile after these "bmm.rs"
came hito our town, pillaging seemed tc
'be t}ieir only intent, and otr opiniop
was that we were going to escatps from
scenes of fire, -but we were -mistaken
in our calculation.. Perhaps about 'ani
hour mad a half after the bntirnco of the
f&st troops we were, aroused by, the ,cry
of fire, a , \thpn commenced a scene
whcl, begg*rs de*cription The enemy
were not-content with stealing' from us
our provisions and valuables, ' brt de
stroyod, by burning, prfvate' property.
The store belonging to, arld oocopied
by Mr. D.. ,LAtTDE a thA irst to
receive the torch. The- buiking, being
eld, soon ignited, and- the f amua spread
rapidly froth house' to bo'ua, ezteading
north to the store foruuerly.,oecupied by
Mr. LEvEINTR ITT and south to. and in.
eluding the store of Mr. A. D). HrLTArDa';
thence crossing to' the residenlce of
that esteemea'ly, Ifr. C. ?AD1' burn
ing on her' right an4 left-on thjs left pp
to the buSding of.J6 D). AIKEIa, Esq., on,
of the lokeriladrapoV'wllIch is kndwn ail
the Banid of Fairfield. Anid on' the' rlie
to and i ydn hOdelw NTall,~
the aam~ .saged withe terrigo fury, bid'
ding hair te destroy sary hose id' eu
tow. 'this coourreg vw Tuesday! reb.
21. '
EvryMzh, t4o$e f con4kgratrqn
.had ,spentsits leyy, :eeemed .t9 tak& a ail
--bvery euie being af&aid& even to dr
breath, fbr fear 'of rett'seh uien$s as
met themyrr'tWmoafIg af tzod
grtulating themselvesshawo ouldbe
allowed to ietuIa what was let.- Btm
rwe were doomed' & t ent
ip tile nor -$ae 6 .q( r Aga
calld or.aM.t0 that the
work Ubf
sand om t edtieos tbish build
inugs itn ~ftda sad ed.t ad i
EtoN's resI$ssit d tii4 ('/W0ps
albeforelt ' ,a
It woutE%be bite jiuSf *.W l*
by . F P. BLAIR,.
h t n. This
rn1 troops at
er rps. the moeg
; ey d got into
our row arsaer huae would have
Th .iwas q, ubrt h
,thaipart of tfle oin,,ter etrdne east,
howQe ;being fortunsat enough to
escapb from the- helliis wprk of the
Yantceed ih 'bu'nii hbe.'
" There *ere;liut ' il s gbirb
in i'ng w alid porea. he
YUkeessdid not seem to oare whether.a
builditrg was ooeupied oy not,- buopieked
out howdd , whre; ih tlietf buftnng '
Woid comninicate' ea:to ber
promises.' Facry paFic g 9 lproperty
burnd.beoongd to private individuals..
tIo" public property.was desttoyed.
Th?di?positiot bf the ibie, mitheir
or kr'f marc4 46 a's otloe: -.!he
2Oth cgrps, commandq lUy Gen. GA.sx,
having reached otu town mk", .4 Aletao
& O:; was put upon -guard fot the,pt?
p6se bf affording ebme ptttlort -to the
pr?oprty of citizens e1i1tli' corps
comi:panded ., er 13LA5, pagsd
through pur town, via the old State read
fron Columbia; thb ltl'eorpi, commnai
did'by Gen. St.0 k, ,psebe 'tpon the
left, and the 18tl corpi, '4diimeded 1b'
Gen. LooN, passed upop ,t4ie right of
our town. As we. were. informed by
the Yankees, --their whole foree is put
dotn'at 60,000 but we, and thbse we
liavo converspd vi,tl, qalculata their
orc, at ths. ghest estit ate, to be 40,
010o, rank:and file.
On Wednesday hfternon -the last of
the grand Thion a y, ( s thef tity?
thewselves,) to op' light, ook Ocii
departure *nd loft up to,a 4~ potou
of our positi<p, ,SOm: oE. our eitisens
have been left inr alno't " destitute ebn.
ditidri All lost thh horfs, rnute,,
cattle, sheepr &c., whic.yere ,odp, idr
dru,anu .. very small portiomawhiqh
latter escapedt Bpaab doet aslitheir-pro"
visionh, not'a-dayi s iYf'bb1ig'lR#oi
entire fAmilies. 'dthh a ivre ixkure''or
tunate, in, gettyneg,rto })o power of for,
aging parties which were lready glut
ted. .Somelost all theiporsonal cloth.
ing-othets only 4 periion, ' China,
glass and.erockery we're' deetroed *in
tonly -spme famios.lQosingl ther
supply. The enemy's trais alid per.
sons - were . loaded iaith thet p er,
and what little his begn ,lpft arises frpr
their intlbility to remon, it, -o) ther ex
haustion iethe work of,distrsotion.
If a sentiment of sornethiliglifke mecy
appeared to in uehce bfie'arty, a' due
cee4ing o4. eo nsteal,pr 4etoy
had been su0'ered to reatain. W<) ng
rings ando mementosof deceasedhtbsadg
or parente*ere stoitl 't Asm '
gold coin 7"uld'1 ' i es
and ,ewe'y were cut uol tlpo{ qnq
of ladies,, and, .ins someo instanooa, -their
shoe. remoTed On the prgtougg'oFgeavel,
ingfer'rings... ome/at-we hawke stated
lost ainnat eihr$tlink eOnpbs.essef,
*bife otiers suiffe ceppaugtively litie,
1which, ye ,a en.ely .etrjeigpAo. the
different localities audito the'keIlent of
thefiaraetit of the j&rtIits bands of
plunderers *lbmado their be .
Eaving ochasion tq as s
dgya nAerwarda, the route taes bj the
eneumy,,we a give asktb fhd
vastation' ooeaiged' bytIttuModen. ?
route theissoad cambseasldiitghk.a
edhby. tall thpi 'olia'
-were, tayiiig atlt . *~ g gp
redids,e all oas4 SR)O-hoisses,.
oettogiws4be 'e6ndbya
epaoe f od
h ~that position to'
of ~ Others agair..
o w4nd around ther
n'a a positloa. that, itt
j end of the .wire
would penetrate th4 t t, as d so they
died by slow tor .n. -.scIpeo.
The raa ii to
aout fo fi tn t fier
side of Blackstoake is.eneas.e:ofrnins,
pecept about four milesip As hei hbor.
hood eof,M s Oooaaruts "T'i sebn
dreli tore 4 the tCq ;, ,eid ,4ig the
wood worll of it, piled it up andt'laded
tlae irOn. raii Ag inpo' 4a4dthen'set.tho
pile on fir- -heatfh' the ro t
et .79 .I9oi e4 "1 tln4 ohding
and twistiagt ,jn . oTery conceivable
shape. ;'here trees and telegraph polls
were close they; wound the iron' around
theni aorpe fbtir or five times, iliuig'-it
utterly imssible ever to be used again.
Lea .aeto the enemy turn
ed o' to- the right, taking the road to
Caniddn,.. ., 4:aM thence to Cheraw,
14ed. #d*n thb had rtty sevblb
.cs'r.mishig vrith our cavry.
ho , ur uIn .who ived in, the
count:y,fattd a. great deal' worse than
did those In tt*v. -In tofne instances
We hrd' of lalies beli duised sld
tl re, I' toe 'la, 'ut ip. o case
bavq. ve ieari. of' life. oing,,taken from
any one. Some ld. ant venerated citi"
Sons wore;hung ep ifi 1d again, to
i*tort ooffei6 gphlalbe supposed
t Q, ddeu or where slaves represen
ted, t$pgm.to lbe poseseed oft ooin or the
In' many insteates artic1l burled es
capd,'lit In the large hitiber 'of cs4 a
*s,gh , artj9)s ws,e fo nd anq atoleI'.
bpiDsons di.r apng out citiaens on
5hopoinethethp-this stobe-.atrbuted
twoh traotised ki1lI Iiah p'dsl1ihe,.
oii tho tl'eaohsry of'slklt. 'W' pt
trttf theii;ces to Bet
forses. and .mules that were hid in
dase forests wele fotnd ard taken.
C6tny fodder and shucks that the etiemy
cihld' hot litdae byrnhd';' entlemen
were robbed, f what fuds they had
about their person, watches were jerked
from- the pockets of both mile"and fe
ma1t h-iT trith, e!ety indignity and'
e'p$rs is .thkt Cquid' be offered to.
04,0. oittaes:.wee pespetrated..
Wh bulfew, oigeptior.saone escaped'
the vile tbnoh.of a meelleafbe.
Thaloegroes in thik iichiity sd the
counIr rig w;pa thirugh,,suf'er
eVaccorAing to capacity. a great deal
worse thr 4id the, 'vhite Opulation.
Wo hate .een several' thatha,d not a.
stiter lefthte.:
'rheir boxe er Okn oppn, trunks
pJ ndfad, ,the .p.esons searched-.
c10teqa n ye,,taken from their very
back an., Por oroatAe, the.
have felt the friendship of their friend,
and 'will know -how-to appreciate 'the
ftM~omu oded them by the N'o thman..
Sthl, a god inglny wonz o e
GoJain ieery, wil r
letsocM-ipe.ple pros
ampng tlik osnaik~als,.
* ~pntpfORe omnitted fa our~ repost
x@h vit othe Yan~k.elte Woas
of th6ibfnigeth Epia
~ ~od,iA~pljal~ ao
46 en l ue very per
ast th.ea arff
thew drdmp sible-fr
e p ee4dea
eEth4I66 eb

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