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Xoti ft It in tita sXESRALD.
Blity Omtr a month or IB cent
A week ddlTercd at yorir dooTi
fifty cent by mall.
List roar mu-o room wWM
A. W. Goodrich lit Utn Titn
.Mexico Cigar company aael Ao
must know curly where It fc
Vol. at. No. BO.
vou 9. no. tw
Roosevelt Testimony Before Clapp Investigating Committee
Bristles With Denial and
Innocence of Charges of Undue Friendliness to Corpora
tions and Malefactors or Wealth.
Penrose Should be Expelled From Senate
Upon His own Testimony Committee is Told
Republican National Chairman Hilles and Congressman
Bartholdt Are Called Upon to Make Good Assertion
That Three or Four Million Dollars Were Used in Col
onel's Pre-Convention Fight; Committee Criticised for
Devoting Too Much Time to Investigating Bull Moose
Finances to Exclusion of
lly t.raard Wire tn F.rrnliilr Herald
WiiHhlngtnn, Oil. 4.- "1 linked no
man to contribute to the campalKii
fund wheli 1 wan clotted pteHldclll of
tho L'nltud HIiiU-h and I WIhIi to relt
erate that Mr. IIIIhh and Mr. Cnrtcl
you both iihhuiciI me that no promise
had been made aft a retain tor any
contribution. Neither the) nor any
one Hue having authority iiHked mo
to net or to refrain from acting In
tiny matter while I wax prcNldent lm
catiHe all) t-onll Ihulloii had been madu
or withheld.
"(Iciitlemcu, rmild I pat It more
riWeopliigl) Y"
In IIii-hc words Colonel ItuuHeVelt
mimmarl.ed bin testimony today at
the clone or the Mist pall if 1 1 1 H heat''
llIK before the I'l.ipp I'limiultee ol the
mnale iu oHtlKntliig eiiinpulgu fuiitlH.
Tho colonel Hpeclflcully denied that
lie over imkcd I'or cniitrlbutloUM to IiIh
1UUU4 campalKii runtl or that he had
known of any contribution by J. !'
To thflit) llileriulvoeal Htaleineillll
'alonel KooKcvelt addutl aKaIn that he
had ordered the return to the .Stan
dard Oil eompauy of any contribution
It had made Hi IU04, that he had been
tifHutftl by rjeorxc It. t'tiiielyou "only
yenlurilay'' that lie knew or no Mich
eontrlbutlon. and thai' tin dltl not lie
llttvu (.'oriielliiM N. Ill Iks hud ever de
manded a eontrlbutlon fioiu John U.
Archbold or from any corporation by
metlindH of extortion.
Colonel HotiNi'Velt did not tlt ii.N (hut
enrp'irallonH had eolllrlbuled lo tln
l'JI)4 campalKii. He Maid IiIh Itdtel'H
and published Hlal.'iiuniM bail iiIhioh
nc knowledxed thai rail, hut he hhh.--Ifled
that no hucIi contribution hail
ever been obtained under any hUkK"h
tlon that the ailmlnlMtratlon would ie.
ward the hIvcm with Hpeclal lavora.
Colonel Knoxeviill'H leHtlinoliy brlHtleil
with charui'terlHtlc MtateiuentN.
".Senator I'tturoKe Hhonld be driven
from the Hetiate." he dcrlared. "be
caiiHe of IiIh acKuowli ilKi tl irlemlll
nein with Standard till IntorcHin.
charlen It. Illllca ami coiiKrexnmnu
llartholdt ahould be forced to provo
their ntatemeutB that the ltnoiievelt
primary eatnpali;n fiindH thlx Near had
amounted to J M.OOii.iiiio or $ 4 .ihio.ihiii
or Hhould be ill'lven out ol' pulilli' life."
lie declared, iih hail Senator Ulxoii.
hln campalKii inanaKer, Wetlnemlay,
that the Honatu commlttee'H aetlvltieH
liad thus far been directed aoluly to
ward the ItooMevelt campalKii fundH
and that no nttenlloii bu,, been paid
to other candldateH. Me wan aMMiired
by Wenalor Clapp that the repreneliin.
lIveH of other candldateH would all be
culled "before cluetlon."
When the committee reconvened
lifter reeexH Henator I'aynler look up
the examinatlun.
The colonel rolterated that IiIh find
kuowleilKe of $ Hill. ami . imlrlbllllnllH
In 1U04 by J. I'. MorKan or (Icoruu
J. Gould came from the tcMlmony of
UcurKe It. Hheldon yexlcrday.
"1 know It. ('. I'rlek had contrib
uted heavily nnd wiih ready to con
tribute more," he mild. "I did not
know the amntint. Mr. Knox had
told me that Mr. Frlelt wiih one of
my iitronijeHt backers.
"I had heard there wan a .standard
OH contribution," Hit Id the colonel,
"hut I did not know that It camu
from Mr. Atcihtmlil." He could not
remember who told him.
"Have you believed all thene years
that the Standurd Oil contribution wan
not made?" uaked .Senator I'ayntor.
"Cortclyou told me thut anil Mr.
IIIIch told Mr. I.ocb that, and only tho
only the othtrr day Mr. Cortelyou
told me that ho had been Informed
by Mr. IUImk that no contrlbuilonM had
been madu by tho Ktandard oil com
pany. "1 had nil explicit uiiderniandlnB
with Mr. 11 1 1 mi and Mr. Coitelyou that
no money was to be accepted If any
Iflmt nf enniHtlmia ti'fir.t ,v iiri.HHi.il fir
implied iih to Iti receipt and tlif
money wiih to bo pent In an Imprnpr
: i it... ...... i l'
way, much ua iiiu uuihk oi vnien.y
WUHblliBton, Oct. 4. Colonel Holme,
velt arrived hern early this mornlnu
to bo the dar wltnixn before tnn Clapp
committee of thu Annate InvcidlKutlntf
campaign fund.
IIuntlnlM Welt for (fillmwo or niloncl.
Huvwral hundred people were lined
no In the corridor of the nenato olllce
hulldlnx two hour before the time not
for the hearing, hoping to ei mm mo
little committee room with ll cunac
Ity for about 100. HuudredH of others
nackad the doorway und mirrounfleU
tho building to tee Colonel ltooovelt
A murmur of excitement concluded
with a. cheer reiea colonel iiooae
Velt oe he entered tho -building about
flvo minute boforo the time set for
hi nnnurance.
The upectators plaudod vlgorou-
lu n rvitnnut tlotMiaviilt entered the
room, followed bv a necrtary lugtflnK
a bis vallM Jiueo wiui paper. ,
"Ynn urera m. tiatulldnte for presl
dent In 19iV akd Henator Clapp.
"I war' 0Biverd tho colonel
hnrllV. '
Characteristic Assertions of
Those of Older Parties.
"i the I'omiulttee mat vear
"He WIIH."
' iid CoriicllUH N. IIIIhh was treiin.
uii i " '
"lie WIIB."
.t h.ilur Clapp nnkeit Colmiel ltoo.te
veil ir bis attention pad been called to
eeri.tin HtatementH iiiado by .lolin 1).
All III. Mill.
"It Iimh," replied Colonel ItooMeVelt
lernelj .
.Seh.itiil Clapp lulled the eoluliel
wh.it he knew abnul the Alchhnld
i onti ihiitluii at the lime It wiitt'hiihl In
have heell made.
I etihihel IiHked ImtIIIIkhIi'II to III.
cluilc III bin aiiHWer Ilia leller he eent
In i ban in. in Clapp already puhliHhi-il
denying lh.it lie knew orauy Standard
OH eonti iliulluii to the IU04 campalKii
at the time II wiih made.
Itcjceted Standiinl Oil Money.
"LookiiiK throuKh my letter buokh,'
e Biiiu, nini-o i wioiu my reeeiu ici
ter to .Seiiiitur clapp, I have found
two other letter Iicui'Iiir on cam
palKll 'uiitrlhlltioliH. One wiih to Cor
nellllH N. llllns III tuoft, which I illi-
dcmlood wan recently given to your
committee; the other, a letter written
to Ocoiku It. .Sheldon in liiUS."
At the chulrmau'H reotieHt !olouel
ItuoRfiVolt read the letter duled Hep
tember 'i I. liMIN anil uddleHied to
Meoriie It. Sheliloh, treaHiiret' of the
Itfpiibllcau national commute. It
wiih prai'lleally iih rollowH:
"I inn liifornieil that you or noma
one on liehalf ol the national commit
tee llllH heel) Hooetlli; conlllblltlonH
itnm t oi piinttluiiH, pm lleiilat ly from
.liilin l. Archbnlil ami the .Statitbiiti
OH coiuiiauy. If HiIh In true, 1 wIhIi
to outer a vlKorouK pruteHt and nay
that not only aiiouhl mo ll contribution
be refiiHed but that If inaile that It
Hhould be Immediately n turned
The letter n't forth that "four yearn
nan Mr. Curlelvoii letociMl .ill cuiitri
butloim l nmi eurpiiiatluiiH, which
Wel lieiiiK proneeuted or were likely
to lie nruneiol.il. ' antl that Colonel
IloiiHevell wlHlleil the Hume COUIHI! fol
lowed 111 the 111 US eiimpalKn.
Colonel ItooHt'Vetl alxo lead the let
ter of Orloiieif I'll, I mil to Chairman
I teniae II. ( '(.I lei "0. ill Wllleh he tl
clitred that If am money had been
eniiti'ihiiiiui hv the sianiliiril oil com
puny or .lobn U. Arehbold It Hhoubl
h.. ruturned at once. The letter wiih
an .niiihatle ileclaratli.n to Mr. Cortel
you that "VVe cannot under any clr
cuniHlaiiccH arford lo take a conirlbii
Hon that mllfbt be eoiiHtrued an pine
in iih under an olillKatlon.
"Now. In reKiird to tbn Harrlman
fntfii M iif.i'ini Keiuitiir (lanu.
Colonel itooHevcii interrupieo unu
iiMkeii to exnlaln "The chnrKcH nun
havo been made, in rcKUiar oruer,
nnd Senator Clapp uciiileHccti.
Miuiruiiv KtiilcinentM ul licati .icn.
"There Ih no testimony iikuIiiM. me,
iiveeni In the form or nearly evi
it limn ' ih.. eiilnilel aald.
iiearHiiv HtatementH or men tnai
nr.. ilenfl "
( OlOlll'l KOOHUVeil HUIU lie II. tu uuv
... .... .... t....i ....
intended to In Ink IiIh former ptivaiu
keerellll V llltll till! CO IirOVUrHV'. OUl
iiini ut, tiii. (iiiiimiiieo nan iiireiiuy uu
i..r..,i.,..,i in i.aii William l.oeb. Jr.. be
hud ..Hked him to bear out IiIh Male.
May I HPCIIK or a inner puminiiwu
iii iii.nruii.1 mnirji'iiii, rrom couKren
i..,.. i o II. Hv?" UHkeil tile coiuuvi uuu
flli.in U'ulll nil!
i.ii I. I. .Hop wtlll'll In BtlllHtanCO
HlatcH thut Hlhley came to ho me and
epoko to me ahuilt Hi-eniK 'V1",
lllllll ..lltl I Hlllll I Wlllllll mi ......n'""
i.. mi... iilni nnil aNkoil .Ml. niniry iu
i'i- ' . . ..n.i ...
l. i-l.... Mr Arelillfi III III linen. i unn
r.. I... r ever IlllVlllIf talked to Mr,
filbley alionl that matter, but It
very poHHlbli I may have dono ().'
.Tr ,i,iif.,ii iiiivt Henator Horno
nrmiuht Mr. Arehbold to luncil
ut uyntur Hay.
n.i... ..i,, u ....in, vnrv alowlv.
.ii'i.ii.. i wi.m nreH deal." ho Mild
forward, "ir any mmi, mi
HoclallHl, lawyer or nem-
man nan any mminni" mm '
wanted to nee tut. I Kladly naw b in.
Aud If I thought thero wan onythlnK
to bo gained from tli Btainlpoliit or
nubile nervlee. In eelnK ''V inan. t irn
without waiting for Mm to m.k, I
would end mr Mm."
-...!.... rrArnl lruitl(vvl Moil."
.,.fnii..i itoimevelt lntunced III
practice, of that policy oy aylng dur
Inc hi admlnliitratlon he hod ent for
Jum" J. IIIU, tho rnllroad mngnato.
,.7 ? m.ni for J. V ernont Mor-
m.n ...m he. "At leant, I aw Air.
Morgam In regard to currency que
"."jii. aiwmt the Harrlman bust
n... ..ti.i hn mionel. "I feel jure
that thoer ought not bo need for any
Intelligent man lo oik any quentlon
i.n ri.iiin thn letters I wrote at
it.n, Hm. Ifurn he took UD Ills let
tem to 'Mr. Harrlman nnd defended
n.l iim nf tim term "Draotlcnl man'
In the much dUeuwed letter of Oc
tober 14. IBOt. He aald hi effort wo
to get practical men In pontic,
iu-hitn ttiA mil at the word Draett-
eat im taken to Indicate oroo lm-
propy otlv0 on tho part oi the user,
then I think thorc In to mo .moral
weakness In the mnn who make Urn
ficcuiattnti,'- (tcclurca the colonel em
Then tin rend tht letter ana declar
ed It wan "nbnoltitely Incompatible
with a MiKKt'Mlon uf my Betting aid
from -Mr. llnrrlman In nriv way,"
lwli H(rrt! Hnrrlmnn Titlk.
On October 20. 1904. Colonel Iloase-
volt wild, Mr. Hiirrlmun had telciiliuii.
(1 to Hecretnry Loph. who told the
preMdent Mr. llnrrlman wanted to sea
Urn about the New York statu cam
paign which wan "running badly."
I lii colonel null! ho mudo an nPliolnt-
mcnl throuKh Secretary Loob ut llar
rlmun'fl rnpji-M.
'Mr. l.oeb wan iircntiit thrnuuhnut
nlmuiit all of that Intcrvlow. Thcro
wan no lioxHlbllltv of nnv mlmmilnr-
standing. I mention that bocaunn I
m-o Hinnewoll meunlti, but lluboy per
Rutin have nam there mlKht have been
a mixunuerMtaiiilUiK between Mr. liar.
rlman and myself."
Colonel Itoom-Vflt Mali) at the limn
Hie llnrrlman contribution wuh mailt,
tliero waa no doubt of the national
ticket carrying New York but that the
nlule ticket wax In illtllcultlr.
"Thn entire cnuvcrMiitlnn," he nald.
wan to the effect thai tin- hutlunal
campaign fund mih Hafe and that aid
should be given In tho Mate cam
paign, a
Money Itnl-vil for Stat,. Ciumwiteii.
"1 wIhIi to call yeui uttchtlmi in tho
fact that Judge Din-ll and Mr. Shel-
don both have temiiled that Mr. Illlxi
Mtatett that tho nTTtr5,ni.U(it ruined
by Mr. HarrJniau far thutititiuii.ir
cumiuilKH but that It wan ntlHi'if -J
Mr. IIIIhh to help out Mr. Iliirrim.ih,.
In the statu cattipiilgn. -Mr. I.uch
present during the Interview in-l Mil ii .
Mr. Iltirrlmnu and iimhi-ii and in ml t
e vt ) in ii.
Never Vnkoil Harrlnmii ror Dollar.
Mr. llMrlmaii iiHketl me In Ki t Mr,
Cortelyou and Mr. IIIIhh to help rali
luildH lot tho New lurk Mute mm-
palgll. 1 never united Mr. Ilai rlinau
directly ul' liidlreetl) for a ilull.u to
help In that campalKii or any ether."
Colonel TtooKcvelt then iii.ti'iiHHed
.llldgo Alton II I'alkei h st.itemeiit In
l'J04 aud tlei'l.ired that a lepeuted
lulHNtateliieul ilulllle. I In him that
lie had Hal l tiirpni'iitlnliH tlhl mil eon
ti Unite tn IiIh I'JiM t iimpalitn.
"I never inade the Hlateiiieiil that
corporatloim li.nl not eonti Ibuletl to
the itepiilillean p.uly," lie nulil iiiii-
DciiIcm Itlael.iiiall or l'orHirntloiw.
He nald Iiih i e. riii lutter to Chair
man Clapp ami II Ih "open pulillrieil
Htatemeiit" milile It eleal that he bail
never denied that i oi poiationH had
contributed but denied Hpecllleillly
thut corporatltuiH bad been "black
mailed" Into enutributlug oi ".iHMII'od
of Home kind or fuvnr" for contrib-
11 1 1 II K.
"Now, I wIhIi lo tuko up the tenll
lliolly uf Mt. Ari'hholtl and .Seiiatoi'
I'eliriJHe," wild Colonel ItoOHi'Vell.
"I wlnli lo call vour atteiilloh to
tblH fllt't In eiililieetliiii with tho Hlate
iiientM of Mr. Arehbold iih to Mr. Ilai-
ICach teHtllind he got no Improper
coimlderutluu from tim iiilmliilatiutl.ni.
Mr. Arohboltl und Mr llarrliiuiu
alike complain mi that the ailmiulH
trutlon did what it ought not lo hao
done, but that the ailiiilnlHirailon re-
ftiHod to do what It oiigbl net to do.
Mr. Arehbold and Mi. llarrluiau'H
complaint Ih that they i;ot nothing
rrom thu adminiHtration.
"Mr. Archnold lejttiiletl Unit Cor-
noltu N UIIhh who Ih dead, attempt
ed to blackmail Mm und that 1 knew
of It. 1 don't for a mliiuto believe Mr.
IJIInu tried to blackmail him; if ho did
I know nothing of It."
Would l'pel IVnroMi 1'roin .Senate.
"I want to eall your allehtloti to
the trwtlmonv of Menttrn. Areliliobl and
I'unroio against thcinHclvoH. Mr.
1'enroio toHtllled that lie atlvlHed Mr.
Archbold to huvu tho Htaiidard oil
company aubinlt to the bliiekmall and
unit he did II to preent doing hiiii-
Jrcted to hostility from eerluln
Hource. They cuiihl mean hiifitlllty
only from mvHoir, tho attorney gen
eral or the cominliiHloiier of corpora-
"I hud no way of being himtllo un
Ichm tney violated Hie law. Hn lint
action of I'tiMiotii! In advlHlng Stamlard
Oil to make that contribution wiih at).
vlco to It lo protect ItHcIf agalUHt pron
ccutlon for violation of the law.
"If, when I wiih police coinmlHHlon
iir of New York City," nald the col
onel, "u member or thu police foreo
did, In connection with the enfotee
mvnt of the law aguliiHi liquor Helling,
what Mr. I'uiiroHc Mayn he did In HiIh
coho, I could havo thrown him olf tho
Shaken Pint nt CominlttH.
Tho colonel leaned forward In hi
chair, shook bin lint at the commit
tee and ahouted:
"And I hold that Hie Hcnnte of thu
United Htatex Hhouhrthrow Mr. I'en
roin nut of the senate ror the admin
vlon he madu tiefore tlilH commltlee."
Ktoildurd DcHcrvcd All It dot.
"Now. ua to Mr. Arehbold." icHum-
ed thn colonel. "He tcHtlllcH he mudu
tin contribution und expected noma
unuMunl kind of comnennritlon. Ho
nuy Mr, l'onrone tried to blackmail
him, yet ho hcoh nothing wrong In
what Md IIIIhh did. He Keen nothing
ImnrmiHrO In attemtitlliu lo extort li
contribution from Mm. HIh complaint
Ih that nothing Improper wu dono for
Ho referred lo Mr. Arehbold' ittntn
mailt that the Itooiovclt admliilnlra-
tlon' treatment of tho Htaiuliird Oil
leiilluil "diirkiiHl AbVHHlnlll."
"It I true that when 1 wmh .preHl
dent I odmlnlMored tho "durkcHl
Abywlnlun treatmeiit' to thn Hlaudurd
OH cornouny. but It wn becatiHo It
nebflMd It.
"Tho next Btnlomont that I want lo
call your attention to I or Mr. Arch
l.i.lrt thut when thu .bureau or t orpor-
nllonit bagan ItH InvintlxalloiiH or tho
Htnndard Oil. Mr. Arehbold went to
Mr. Illlfttf to cull mil off. Ho textltlea
that &tr. nilrni told him. 'I have no In-
Muenca with Mr. HooMivelt, I ennnut
llllltl vou.'
No Onti Cnnld lrott Jaw HrcakorH.
That etatoment I only part truo
for Mr. UIIh did huvo great Influenco
with me. I have grout reipect for
Mr. Bll9. Ilut It I true that neither
Mr. TI1Ib nor anv other humon being
liad the Bllghteet Influence with me
far a setting me to retrain rrom pro.
ccutlng any corporation for fcreaking
the law. All theo men who testify
anointi me. teitirv that I refuaed to
do, or did not do anything Improper
In lhi.l IntaraatH. And they fTU till
now upportlng thb candidate ogulnit
. . t. . k . . . V. nIIuh I'
mr" lliwpo Willi " "
OMelu Biy IlwtroyerH,
TJvrinol. Oct 4. Tim four de
troywra recently purchased by Oreeco
wh is utter conruyiion ior
MtfcV ul1 today for AUlin with
mrivr TSinriTrurn
AVtn inntAitNtu
Petty States Not So Anxious
to Tackle Turk Since Siofi:
Man Has Settled Contro
versy With Italy.
l.iiiitlou, Oct. 4 r. .no be- p
i t'ti Italy und Ti.ii..-, wiih
Hlitiied at Ouvhy. uz. i Intnl.
ItiHt niKht. aecol'tlliiM t.. a neWH
iiKciicy dlHpatch ie. i neii hero
tfum I'arlH.
IMetro Hertollnl oii.l Itechad
I'Hha. the Itullali i.ti.l TurklHh
peine dclcKatCH, will leue
oiielix, Hu ll.erliunl, ii.nlcht fur
Heine und UoiiHtitniiiiiiilf, re-
Hpeellvelj, In unlet' In ul. lain the
niililiiiili.il or He Ir Kovcrn
ItiehtN tn the peaie aitreelliellt
reai'lied hv t In-Ill I nllllK to II
Hpeelal illNpatch leieiveil here
frmii oiiehy.
(lly lirimril Wire to i:rntnK llrrnld
l.oniliili. net, 4.- A mure Imp. fill
feellnit prevailed toil.. eiiueel'lilni:
the llalkan nil nut liii iploinae.
wllleh Ih HeekliiK for n tee. IllUtle prn
KTCHH tllUlllll 11 H0llllll.il nf Iho CI'ImIh
NeWH Unit the powel'H have reached a
complete agreement and that the Hal
Itati Hti.te.M had ini.illl n .1 their tie
lllllllll.H uriixeil HtUllllliilienllHly, Imw
ever, Willi tlllillel' tepnllH nf flKlllllIK
oil the rriilltlet'H,
1'ernlHtent 1'oim.rn tti.it Turkey and
Italy bail arranued pe.u-e are be
llevecl In have hud Home Influence oh
the ,S,t Inn, HiilKurlnu, Mniiteneftrtn
ami (Ir.eli iillleH, whn. H'h iiHxiiinetl,
will in. I he un aiixtoUH In laekle Tur
key when Hhe Ih rroe rrom thu em
l.ni ruHMiiieiii nf ii war w ith a ttreat
pouer. In HiIh cotiuertlon It Ih now
minium I l.v I lit- Itulunrlnii IcKallou
here that Ituliiiirla'H demand Ih for
noli. in. my under the mireelllnhee nl
the powern, Hlinllar to thai cxlHtliiK In
Crete. The oI'lKllial ilemaud nn for
couiplete ii ti t Hi ii in y fur all the Tur
klHh proVlliet'H In Kurnpe.
Turkey Iiiih hocoinn ifm duello.
Willi her hatnlH virtually rree from
the 1 1 ii 1 In 1 1 war ami her penple uni
ted tn tlel'eilil llielr ratherliiml Hhe al
pearH bent nil Hi-ttllliK the llalkall
lllleiltlllll lime fl.l' all by lllellllH ol
war Tills explalllH (he freiiueliey of
the vIhIIh or (In- TurliMi iimliiiHHiuliir
ln the MrlllHll rnrelKH nfni'e, wiliTe he
wiih m ii i i i i i i i i i i-i t yi-Htentiiv ami aitalli
Inilliy anil hail ll.lli: enlirereheeH with
Hlr I'Mwat'tt tlfey, the MHIIhIi Hecre-tuts-
ol' Htate for foielitn affalrH.
The ottoman Knvrriiuieni iiIhh ban
taken I'lll'tllet- u.illllic HtepH, Hlll'll IIH
the HiiHpehHliiti nt lallway eoiiimillil
eatloii Willi Hema and the eoneeu
t tiit 1 1 1 1 1 nl iiniip-4 mi tbn frontier, n
llllH lllHlllllteil a I'l IIHOIHllIp on tele
lurniiiH, nfrielal nr nibi-rwlHii.
The nrinl. i.t lie- llalkan Htaleii,
i eiipi'i'ially Un. i i nl reach or tin
nplialH are uii.. ei 'Unix ti.
their nl
loiteti HtatliiiiH nnil ll wiih
llll.H llflell Ih .1
lacliineiil bail In n
niiiKiirinii de-
Keen III u pnlul
It iii Ik I it iii an
neb wllh purl ol'
or Adrliiuople win ti
moment eome Inr. i
Hn- Tiiikliih iiriiix
Trlnldail. Coin. mm. . Coal niln-
I ii K operatloiiH lo I.iih AnlmiiH ami
lluerrnno eiiiiuln v.ntild bo hiiuiper-
I iiiiiHlilerablv umiiil a cull he made
fur the HiilKiirlan, MoutnneKrlu and
Seivliih ri-Herx bii ie,w emploveil In
t In- hoiitliern rii-hlx IJHllmaleH of tin
number nl' ii-hi'Im ' In the two coiiii-
Hi-h varv from tin - lo Hlx humlreil
Many rtreeka uii .iIho employed In
huh dlHtrlei.
I'ltr.vci: f;i:oiti,i i.oi'.h
Copeilbaueli. i. 4. - Prince
(Icorxe nl .tirecei -larted today fur
Atlll-IIH tn be I. ...I In Join till- Orel It
army hIioiiIiI Im-niiilen break mil.
lti:AI lo ANHW10H CAM,
Han I'VanelHti.. Car,, Oct. 4. It Ih
tliiiateil that Un 1 1- are In Han l-'ran-
i'Ihco in, (Mia H. nl. .iih und n.OUO Mill
KiirlitiiH, li, (Kin iinei'vlHtH rrom both
uatloiiH are te.iih in leave ror homo iih
HOOII iih the 1. 1 ' Ive ordcrH.
roiiHliintlnnple, Oct. 4. Oetach-
mentH or liulK'iilan troopH today iicuo
traled Tnrkinh territory north of
KovehiiHo in tho nortlieaHt of
imrriKii ri,i:irr ik w
London, net. i. -Tho Ilr lllub Med
terranean fleet van ordered today to
proceed lo the Levant, uccordlnic to
newH iiKeiu-y dlHpaieh rrom nibraltar
The crulHir Weymouth Immediately
left at mil Hpeed ror Hlldu buy un the
norm coiihi or crem.
iiasnt iu;ahi op ii:aci
rerinlu, Arabia. Oct. 4. An Italian
criiiHer ih bombardinrr thu foriH ut
Hhelk Haid, noine dlMance to thn north
of thin inland.
Conntnntlnonle. Oct. 4. That the
TurklMi cublnet voted yeaterduy to
accept Ttuly'H latent propoul for
peace wan the announcement mudo
today rrom un authoratlvo noiirco.
Thn preliminary iiKrcemenUi aro to
be Hlgnud upon tho urrlvol nt Ouchy
of u Hpeclal TurklHh emmbtary who
left Coimtautlnople Immediately utter
the cabinet meniinK.
Halt lke City, Oct. 4,-Xit renponie
to the call to nrui by the areclon
government ot nil 1U utlot8 In
iiiiht hi Tnim
Engineer Disregards Signals
and Speeding Express Comes
to Grief at Cross Over
(lly l.rnard Wire In litrnlnir llrrnlil
We-dpiill. Cnllll , ni l. I TIlO
tleiltll lint fl'OIII tile Ul'elk nl' tile Ht'l
mill He. II. ill nf the Spt'lllKrii Id Npl'l-HH,
westliiioml. nvel- llle New Ynlk, NeW
Haven .Hid lllll'lfnl'd lallliMtl fur New
York lale yi-Hterilay, iiiuuheiH HiU'en.
i if tin- Hi veiiil Hcoii-H i.l paHHeiiKerH
whn wire mmi' nr li-HH Injured only
lell lemiilli In the N'nlwalk IlilHplllll.
All llli-M- ale eXpeited In leeiiMT.
The dead:
Mite! JAM US C. III! A D V, of New
Vnl'li ells, wile of ii Hun of Anthony N.
Itinilx oi Albany, N. Y.
Mi llrailx.
MUS. II. I'AI.MlUt riAVIT, diitlKh
tel' nl A. N llriub.
Mlts. c HANSOM nf Albany, alHter
nl .Mrs. Ili.itlv.
i:.niM:i:it ciHitu-: i.. ci.ahic
i'I;i:.ian .1. J. iiKi-:it.
MAIIK WIIKKI.Kit. mall 'clerk,
Whn died In the hnMpltal.
.Meilleal l-lMlllllller I'nWelH who be-
Kim ah illilleM ill tin- llllllel'llllilllK
... iiiih In Willi ll tilt- biiillea Were llikeil
lai-t hlitbt nllleliiliy Hindu the Htate
III. Ill (...Ins Hint the tint llllllllieleil
He ell.
II hud been tbouinit there WIIH nil
lahth limlv. that nr u wu iniin, hut
t Ii Ih hair I., ell illnpi n eil.
llle Wleek ll. Ill 1 1 llillleil til tile lllllll
IliklllK ll el'iiHH i. M l nl a IiIkIi I'll.- nf
Hp. ed. Twn hIkiiiiIh. net HKIiIuhI Hie
train are Haiti In hae tieeu illhreuardeil
I.N the enitiiieer. All that remained
nf the train HiIh rtTornliiK wen- hnnpx
III HlllnklllU Wl.l.ll. IIIUHHI-H llT IWlHll'll
llii'tal limn three I'nlliiiiiii eoaehi-H
wllleh lilll'lleil, II hallereil loininnl IVe
nil tin Hide, two wchIIiiiIIIiiI traekH lol'il
Up ami a bridge HpannlliK the Ml I eel by
wbleh Hie Million In leached aliiniHt
wrei Iteil. The day iiineheH. which
had been left ntuudlim. and one pur
ler . nr. blurki'iieil and Htunew bill
i.inll. ii il. h iil In eii placed mi the
lull'. ..ml h.ioleil iiwiiv
Colorado Southern Roud De
cides That Domestic Troub
les Render Man Unfit for
Railway Service.
I lly l.i-nm-d Wire to I'vrnliiK lUrnld
lii im r, I'nlo., ii. I. I. The Colo-
linln ,V Snlilbel ll Itlillu.iv I'lilllpllliy,
it ih Haid, will iHNtie no nrili-r that do-
lni-Htie lllllll. I. 'H will lie n pled by
the railroad an -i 1 1 im- .in employe h
tllMelllirUe 1 1 inn I hn Hi I k h .
"l'lllloilhleitl," Haiti .1. II. WelKh.
IP-llt'l'lll Hllpl'l lllll'llllelll, llollll'Hlll
lllllll. I.'M aeeiillllt fiif II Ultlllher of lie-
eltleiiiH. A man wIiiihii liulne hiii
ouiidlnMH are not pleiiHaut often can
hot Ki't Hie proper m lilt i ll ll t of Hleep
while off iluiv. .Soiiieilmi'H wiiiiIh
which may have punned lietweeu hllii
and IiIh wile llnKtr in IiIh iiiIiiiI after
be Iiiih taken on Hie wmit nf the dav
I.iihh or Hleep and ill nf llle hitter
Hi.i I aro biiiiml in eXei'i'iHe illHlraeilm:
lly l.rnnril Wire to ICvcnlniC llcrnld
i.iv. A. v , ii. i. i.- i nt. iiopariun
of ii ..in im 1 1 - r I ..in die Hleiilll hiiov
elnieii'M mil. n lor lllnnliiim, Utah, to
eoiiHiilt Willi the HliiiM-lmen there,
wiih Hie nulv ieve...ii.i nl 1 li IH mom
Inii In the mine Htnke
A Oreek wiih killed lii'-t IHKhl 111
Itliipi'lown by a r'.iililrviiii.n. Their
Irnitble Ih hiiIiI lo have in o nwr n
IIuIiiii anil In have had tin i nniie.-l Inn
Willi tile Hlrlke,
f lly l.raid U'lre lu Kvruinir llrraldl
HoHton, Oct. 4. Willi the flrnl
world'H hitIhh kiiiiiii Iii HiIh city only
five tlnyH away the uiiotalloiiH on
nl in: I n chauee to nee the Initial ntniK
Kle in Ken way park roHn today to 17
hhl nut 112 aHkml. Ilcttlnir on tin
miiiIch Iiiih not been particularly brlHlt
In HiIh t lly. Tho Ited Hox havo ruled
HlroiiK favorite over Hie (llantM rrom
the lime or the llne-un for lha world'
Ht-rlt'H wiih definitely nettled, but there
Iiiih linen a dearth of Now York
Amuilca, ninny Orenk are lenvltiK
Utah ror the euHl. Accord nir to en! J
niali-H tlieio .are about -'.fiOO Qrooki
In thlH Hiate Hub in'i In army aervicn
Of HiIh number nearly a thousand
were umouv thn copper miner who
Htruck for hlKher wiiki-h at HlhHlium
recent y.
or tdoHo who urn mIIII ai Hlnuhum
nearly ull have declared llielr linen
tlon or JolnliiK thn Ureclau army.
Many have already, loft, u noore de
partfnir yeaterduy for New York. The
Mtrtlkere nay that tholr cbudo Will not
V9 urt by tuo exodus,
in Tnn uiric rnn
ederal Prosecutor Describes
Alleged Operations of Con
spirators in Destruction of
lly l.i-n.nt Mire to I'.vrnInK lleAtldl
I tulln ii.nii il i -. nil . "The Hll'ollK-
chi hi in i mi iiim iiteti." wiih the way
Hell. i ll S II... Illli lel'elll'il tn lllllll
Klyi'i'titi when be hmialit It In carry on
i-nUHpll'iic), ai'i'iiiilliie to the chnrucH
plt-Hellleil tnihl.X ul the trial of thu uc-
llHi-d "ilynamlle plnlteiH."
II wiih artel- l tin i ii ll wiih round to
in. I "Hlii. nit" eiiiiieih, acciirtllUK to
niHtl lct Atlnl'llev Chill h n W. Miller.
Unit llle delehdaillH In I li-eeiulier.
I'.MI'.I, ileeldeil In urn- nil rat Klycel'lll.
the ib'tailH. iih eliaruetl h .Miller.
i niie I'. McMaiilital had been blot.-
Inn in i unliiii John wllh dynamite
ami u.i! m I'll lea un. In leMlii.UHe In a
eli'Mi ioi l ! iii llocklu he went to lu-
( I 111 I I.l 1 1. I M.
Wi Iinwi tleclded In iiho nltro."
Mini II... Km. "and we're koIiik ilnun
III Mllliele In Kel il HIIIUllV."
'I'hnl' in. 1 1 dtihuci'iiUM Hlurr." Hiihl
Yl'H, It
m Hi.
HtrnllKeHt Ht III f ever
Invented "
riny went in Munch
wlnn- tho
niel .1. It. .. Nauiara.
While the "elew" WIIH till tllllV Mr.
Miller iihmi i led. churlcH n. Hetiin,
MliineapiillH. Ileiirv V. Lenleitnvr.
then in I'liiHbuiKb. IIiiKene A. iJ-uncy,
San I'lain Im-ii. I'i link C. Webb. Nuw
in It; .luhii T. Holler, llin'iiiln. and
William .1. YmuiK, ItoHton, wcro nc
the In M'titlhiK Inl'orinalioii about
linn iiiilnh IiiI.h that were to no liltiwu
up ami "where Un- dynamltera" wcro
In an. I'r.inl; M. Itvau. nn-HliliMit nf
I In- ii .. n wni'kei'H iiiilon, who carried
mi Die ai riiliktellielltfl hv mall. Mr.
Miller Haid, wrote letlern nnvltiK
lliieltln will care ror thu lnl4 nt
li.iM'liporl. la., nnil I'enrl.i. III. We'll
hae in m ini a man lo Mount Vernon.
Ill, beeailHe I'aul J. Mill I III ut Ht.
I.oiiIm eau'i un lo Mnuiil Vernnii. fur
lie Iiiih l.een there belnre."
i ilai Tieltmne, Hau .'i'anelHi'o. mte-
lelnly id Hie Calirullila lliilldlnu
riaileii iniiueil. wiih t'lnirKeil hv Mr.
.Mill, r wllh liilin; illreelly I'chiiiiiihIIiIo
I.. I i'MiIiihIiiIin mi llle I'ai'irii- coiihI.
"It will he Hlinwn." Hiihl Mr. Miller,
Hu. I Tvelii iii in nci.'il fur the ex-
pliisli.h ill the Llewellyn I run WoiIih
nl I.iih AllKi'li'H I lei Inn- 1!.V l'HO.
and In- wrnie tn MeN'iimnru at In-
llanapiillH lie hoped 'Hit II III ClilllH
iMiuhl he iih Keliel nun In you In Hilt'
pin en ami plenelllH I.T Hie Hl-IIHOII IIH
li. Iiiih In iim In the "(In Iilell Hlnlo."
V will ilinw Hint 'in I'Meiilh' wele
Ie i MlhiMlnlin."
'in i in I IMuinii'ti i i:,'iilim llrraldl
i: linn, n , , i oi. s. Hinr Hhcii.
' u. illt linn hand mi lint Sali-
I'.. w.i . i mi ih. no l. ui Htliound
i.iie-i l.llel I lull, 1 1 1 H I II lull I ul
Mm. i Miiiliiui, rmn mil. -n liilin Union.
in-ilatilly ltill.il nii, literally eut to
ph i i x Hi hi" I JiihI 1 1 1 1 unlit and
wiih w.iIMiic wllh IiIh wife and ehll-
l i I'M nliiiii: the iiin-ii, StepphiK mil or
the way In uvuhl train Nu. h. he
walked ki 1 1 In 1 1-1 In trniil nr the weHl
liuiind lialii, heiiiu it it ii ii 1 1 under llm
Wln-elH In 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 view nf IiIh horrified
lluise Dliltli-inle Abiilil.
I lellVel. I 'ulii., I li'l. I - Tile Ciilniailu
Htnle I. ..nr. I ul' llw-Hloi'k InHlii-i-tliill In-
das i it t hi 1 1 the 1 1 ii ii in ii 1 1 no aualiiHl
IiiiI'hi'h (lulu Kiiuh'iih- ami NehrUHka.
wbleh WIIH ItUp.lHIll un tin- uuthi'ciik of
Ihe illNiiiHi that killed liiiudieilH ul
llui'Hi'H III Un .he hI.iIi-h. ItepultH In lllo
I. mil. I hIi..wi'i Ihnl llle .illHi-inte llllll
hated In hiii ll an exlel.t nH (lu InllKei'
In he a Hiilll.e ul ilaliuei- lu ( 'ubiratlo.
Ilr l.rnanl Wire tn KvrnliiB llcraldf
i.iiiiiHiiuiK. Ivan., (hi. I William J.
Ilryaii kept up IiIh attaek upon the
lleinihlliiiii und IToKrcHHivo parlleH
iih be Joiirneyeil iiitohh Kiiiihiih ttiilaV.
After addri-HHliiK a In rue crowd hern
tint Nebrattk.iii left rot- Mci'linrmiii. J I Ih
Htoppliifr polnlH lucliidnd Marlon, Kl
iloratlo, AuuiiHtu, Wlnrield und Wich
ita. Mr. Ilryan Haiti today nnmpect ror
Itemocrilllo Hllccewi In Kiiiiniih weru
hiiKbi. In all IiIn tulks hu urged thu
h i I ion or .Iiidae W. II. ThomiiHon.
Heuiiii rnlle uollllliee for the United
Hiuii'H Hi-iinte, and Henrico II. Iloduu.
Heliioi'l-iil, nr KOVerillir,
Itocki-reller HoiiKht HoiiiIh,
New York. (lei. 1. John I). Itnek-i-reller
bouulit 1'.', I ii ii, ti mi worth or the
IioiiiIh of llm MiikuoIIu I'eiroleiiin
company or Toxiih, which were iIIh
poHed or litHt April by the Stnmlard
J eonipaiiy or New York, uccordliiK
lo John A. Iloul'o, a Standard
broker, who leHtiried lodiiy lu thu
heiirliiKH here In the Wntern-I'lercn-Standard
HI IHIkuIIoii.
I'tilN Into Canyon.
Trinidad, Colo., tJi'i, 4. nr. II. O.
AbriniiH or Trlnldnil wu broiiKhl hero
by iiiiliiinoblle yi-Hterdny, HiirlouHly In.
Jured a Hie reiiiilt of un accident yea.
lerduy while huutliiu door rorty mile
eiiHt of here. While hn wa RtulklllK
a dner, llm t'llmi nt a cllfT caved und
ho full 'id reel Into u canyon,
I Vniu lH Jom-)!i Ihiclllo.
I.iindon, Oct. 4. The Dally Tele
sriiph'H Vlei.nn corrnipondtint, nuotu
ii remark which the emperor mudu to
ii inumbor of the court ua follow:
"Wo have a yet taken no military
measuro und will preerve our fans
rroid. Tho diplomats can accomplUh
FflllRTFFN fill
OWN Will
British Torpedo Boat Cut !n
Two by Hamburff-Amorioan
Liner; One Man Lives to
Tell the T,ale.
Sixtli of Series of Similar Dis
asters in British Navy All
of Whioh Have ost 10 to
15 Lives.
flir i.taicd Wire to nrihioar Herald)
Dover, Oct. 4.Tho BrltUh aub
luarlne H-2 wiih run down by tho
llnmbiifii-nmcrlcnn liner Araerlka,
here today and wink at once, drown
Iiik fourteen or tho crew. The dleaateri
occurred while the third patrol flo
tilla or Hiibtuurlnen, conilntlng of l
vchhcIii wiih imiiicuverln; off tho south
foreland on the coniit of Kent TheJ
llnur Ainerlka appear to havo out thai
miliniiirlno lu halveH.
l.luiitenniit ltlchnrd Pulleyne. tvho
wuh Hecond In command, waa the only
man amotiif the crew of fifteen who
wiih Hiived He wna floating In the aea,
too exhaiiHted to nay more when
rcHctied than "thn nubmarlno la out lu
two. 1 went down u mile."
The lt-3 loft Dover harbor at C
iiVlnck HiIh inornlntf to participate
Willi thu other HUbinarlnes In a series
or iniitieuviTH. Tho accident ooourred
JiihI an hour Inter, ulthouih none of
the Hlnler Htibmurlne know anythlliK
n bo ut It until Lieutenant Pulleyn
wiih picked up rrom tho aoa. Th
youiiK lleutenunt collapiod after he
wuh tnken from tlnrtimtoh and eon
eyetl to the parrfilt Bhlp.
The liner Amerlka. Htood bv after
Hie coIIIhIoii und threw the life bnoyo
nvi-rboiird while a number of torpedo
hniitu, after belntf Informod of tho uo
i lilent while a iiumbor by wlroleas
Heiiii-bed Hi -a for hour. None of
(be t. tiler member of thu crow, how
ever, wan round und no elgn of the
wreekiiKo waH (Uncovered.
Tht Amerika then procooded on Tier
vovaue to Soiithamnton and Cher
boiirK on her way to Now York.
I Thin Ih the alxth dlwinter to British
I Hiilniiiii iiii h, each of them Involving
:the Iuhh ul from ten to fifteen Uvea.
I.ieuieiiant I'eity ll O'llrlen waa tho
euuiiiiiiiiili r nt Hie 11-1!.
i II
Brides Organize and Adopt
Platform Recognizing Hus
band's (Right to Breakfast
and Night Off.
lly l.rard Wire to 13vnlntr Herald
New York, net, 4, Thirty-four
lirldt-H, who reached New York from
tleiintida on tho HteauiHlilp tlerniu
dlaii, formed a "Never Nuk" Hoclety.
tluiliiK the viiyime. Among the thlnsn
each brldo iiKreed to do for her Iium
I'll ml are the following:
(let IiIh breakfuHt every morning
)renH neatly ror the hiornlnir meal.
KImh him when tie comen home
rrom work.
Accniint ror every penny h
UNe him u "nlKht oti" every week,
tn npend with whom and In what
ever inunner he plemn-x,
llulloon alm Two Ufcs.
Timcumblu, Alu Oct. 4.- H. C.
Petty, aeronaut, und Lorenw How
laml, 10 years old, wero killed hers
ycnterduy when a parachute failed to
open. A dangling ropo cnught the ltr
nr Lorimio llowlund, IS years old, as
thn balloon ascended. The boy huns
on until rivo hundred Mot up when
both roll to their death.
WurohliM Not nomb-TtttHota.
Wudilimton, Oct. 4inear Ad
miral Andrew, actio secretary of
tho nnvy, Im refused the reQUeat of
tho Aeronautical soolety to permit a
battlothlii to be made a tarjt for
tnake-belleve bombs dropped from
aeroplane during the aviation meet
un Htnton Inland at tho time of th
New York naval review.
Torpedo Boat JMated.
Philadelphia, Got. .WT1is,bw tor.
podo boat destroyer Desw.whtte pro
ceedlng down the Delawar river lsit
night from this port for Newport, H.
I., collided with a 4jRnro and a Ur
holo was torn In her bows,
HomeUdnit "Wrong Witk Nebraska,
Nbuvport, n. I., Oct. 4.Tha tor
ward bollor tubes of No. 9 fir room
cm tho -battleship Nebrsks Wew out
yesterday while tho Vtscel Ws undsr
forced drnught trial. Jh. tH. WWjHH
action of two water tMara la iM
ina um vuiyoo ureTMra. ar ijku

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