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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, November 04, 1912, Image 1

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ki'Mr .9?T. Th'JXJK ?JfeS(JS 1 III HI HI 1 sibbii Mini ii bswsj BMBlBMSJ mm iibjbji IBJ bbsji.
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0 vtiaiht t burtiAki
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IHuhn-llMWk wiJt
rain la
Ington, OrwiSMiui:
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nil rif in( .itw
day." . .1 .'
tltrouihoiK.' Ihe Wtei Ikdtt WHittt'
nil KHM rR'
prodlcMot; r .MMUtel, It tow
tha pOllB.
am Ovate 'Vh MSkAlmk lh ait,'lr
retit chufga that WTortt Kepub
lloati loadeM nr. MmiMJcAtie ta mud
iiort Wilson, to Mli apt eat f
ltooBVU , coTtril?!. THHt (fctombt
wuo met with sehml Ifinio,lJrom tto
Vrom Qovoraof.
oil nd Wain
his Now York heauailaetefliittmo fu
er to et the VatH to, the pot!e, so'
thftt th6 iiiiilhid.'pmcrKll9 vot
would bn.CCIt. ii -i, t
Ttitt extent tr'ljUH. ti, SocinHst
party, with ,BtK V.DuWrt os;(t
candidate, tviii o
.jme .vow. f
Taft, RooMveit I
coma iv 'siaticr of
the comWtt- W
latter caiMlliiMM.'
nnll a. hMVV
una; nMHr
iataVM' the
from tllo KJI1
la the miijo,
polls will oyM'
tomorrow or!
not k aVaHaMa
til after t '
the aftakw
turns item
fare a or tri
Tho Jire!
nrtd local laad
ALT FAfetfEfc
Vim VirJ.
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and atsto eawpa
any Wiui.ft pumi
forrcaxt for fair
. ciles ri'
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cnn9ylvnia. tm Vfti. n teverf
ticWti no-,im ouctora to
morrow, jftooftday-' trtfteUnga watd
held ',taduw WaUmrrrf . tnaW".
has l3tt!
art win
. t)j;tepf.tlvW Wi;
iMav aUsaBaw mFVmmMnmmmmmMl,
Haw .rT. ajnaaM
rinai Tiri t -i
uSJ4. wlffiTIMeM..'
a jWl
IBS to
jactedto be
it nrnwA
lh fTta& Mkl'ltvkl'iiih'ltMi nt
the Afi5lAffsfir
wL.,., r-i.,.
evq prwswws Tor wuaun.
Ainu wfth MFwtatW will. It li
PmK.f. voU. All
'NftW.tjUAWlrtHIro' tn.o contest
Vrmttt 'eft
All nnrtlefl
Mufti! wMli. KW
IHW 7MHl 1Hor All
idtfat victory, RMhUHfU the tight Is
mm MMMnMnw victory. TUB
iff irt TttoakJl. Mvatw1 WllMrtn.
ra anUclpat
Hftit votw Biyjl enilieaVorlnB to
'Arltnhft olevAhtH- tinui' opnnitlton
owan iufrs& M'mld to huvo do.
; onMtlctifc ja4l,b,4U0n point to
Htti Mln fa. iha forecuat
oniotrowv .XfWtrMMves' and Uo-
cftM'. clW -vlitii. jBvcry
MiMitT'k ' .Mncnavil for
HMrtmr iaiiitn? ; .
Allot ls.o Jar W,hrd to count
. 1 n CHAm l. mim voting for
the ilrat tlma In 'rtJuntiai eie-
AAcnlM guilty fifc'that many
nunnn 'win mimtinprmi mvwxg invara
. IMinoM MW hM ftNfarM Kt till! COM.
Mint:, -tNUy, i rMwiiv clnlma
tbey tii. w& ovmka't
bL nu. ttfOal inrir' ii 1 i
portion of
me jrtvmI' voia or I
Tw, llj.; , j,
Ohlcfto,- iyfrr. 4,-Jrhert wag lttl
aurcBaBtf of, tollttcgj activity Jm" Illl
nola t'Jdair', contrary to usual cfcatpnl,
which gets aaid the day before leo
tlpn .for rest and review or work dtae,
wiWy- cwidWate and their frlegda
ktjut up tho sscBch making air day.
. KepHbllcga, Democrat and Progroir
lvv la4effl allk clalmaA victory In
tho state, bat ttnsfbl, totsi.-fop th
predlctlsfltt was lacking and tWt voters
racea ong or me moat pusaiHHf aitua
iKws over oevoiopea in tma pan-
BobseVelt partisans chilmeii to. have
wan aver ay goodly percent if. the
ryan vote of 1308, tut tw i siren
kWMy denied tiy WiWen -smii. who
!, tkat thalr candMiat watalg r.
cm M full party vote tMMlvlae'a
1MmW(1 &4)ftfe of Fallot cast f Mre.
dwt Taft feur years ago. put Taf t
nwtwaarara ackaowicded that' Hi Fro-
jffeiefti nef' wiison wouwgrv votes
nH h, LfiVArcnma iiib ji wiienK
jjwgMtyr w.eee recorded i iwi
tleville. Okie.' Mnv. 4.nrnr
ti-sy ftoc&cd ftfcot. rrcsidcitt.'Tslf
jatvmte 'ar, at FwtM, w T,t 8M
MMUg. Ohlo itfAWitfltgl h
imiO to vote. The. fwaafeant fnae
ert afidresuos but 4t)(had (9 talk
"gfe'gpcech he;t&:taJdant
jrpa&e pf . proeperity aafltMiwfBOf
, '"I'wnat.tu congraiuWlivyou.''
bj 'flii every evidence' ihat X see pt
Ihe wroaparity that is sjpreia tiroUg
at yoyr ente communUy."
,rsVwak..i:, Hov. 4.-Xiii)t to
iFatierson tnis ereaiHr w
3ftVM-M'Wfcodraw WiUont. Uui,sm-,t
iiWBtn m:iM."tmx9 is Brgeneefir;i'Ksi
4. .1
"so; L
V '
IV hill TA4Hin
AWSrtl 'lofty to
y thejm
in parti
An (lift Innil In
Hi JProMremMv
4yfnent durlns thd
,i now nope ana
that iUl ixe the tend
MOVAment to iriuinnii
ft, Wlib).
I tha fnsn nnrt wnmitn nf
ICallforttJ; withotfl-miard'to tholr pact
political JffMtla' to attsnd with thn
jProfrve rty. W th! flhtecnuao
it is a Adtt to?' tajr ftlndatnantata of
Recency ana nqnoaty, and wo should
iMi auporta y ever
ote.in.Uvinij and (iprls
tivenr cJcnr-dshtod
ipright clttaan In tho
T1IK rsf 4'0I IN
L New; Yorfc.NoVi ,laat word
ii tiia,vf'mvmiiiii nnu Ruoerimioriui
ca)paiih thla atate Islialntt spokan
todayjind t4 ev of olocilpn flnda tho
three ,cW&tcB for the head of tho
elato Uckai tt)ndrtg up their canvnji
i wHh Rpaechea In and about this
oltyr -All afdea tnatto claims of victory
ftttd with a forecast iW fair weather for
election day It Is predicted n heavy
vote wlU.bo ilqlloa.
Colonel Itooaeveit oldnned id anond
tho forenoon at hla homo in Oyster
wiy am, iajer in tnoany waa to ro to
Mine til, to addrem n. meeting thro.
Tonight ho wllKtolk to hla Oyster Hay
fcieuo(H8 uia ciob nis long campaign,
rAin .nt cTAir.
Salt lAko.Olty, Utah, Nov. 4. Raltt
nil mui today out the attendance at
tho aJaVcnth-hour political meatlnga
throughout'lhe etato,
Kan. Nav.i Kov. i, Wlth th& cam
palCti-yMclleally closed, Nevnda Dam
ocraM Mitreea cottfldenco of Wllsor
f cioaeu. rvovnaa uan
Confldenco of Wilson!
oarryMistiM ats frograalvcs claim
that KtMMvslt Nvtll carry tho
whllevRBMblci aro hopeful.
wa; otmooc, in" wyoino.
CkayeMM, Wyo, J?ov. 4.-illotJ ne
IHiMtaa hh4 Democrat' clpso thn
c&WHttUsMtwIth rallies In this city to
night; v Jemtor r. K. Warren, ltopub
Ikan gMIOate.for re-election, will
Mdrea.oaie 'm'Minn and 'Jrudgo dlbnon
Clark, Pemooratlc candltlatn for tho,
jmrewHfoKrt. win adflresa.the other.
yvikrm'jlmm Smk1 a KendrlcH. the
,u wocrjiHc. twmmeo utt overshadow.
t hrougCute ifat a lwu
evr, loi, wov.. 4,-tfC0res Ot
street rteeUrtga featured toduy'B ao
tlvlty 'tWColorado in tho campaign for
vo(es I tSmorrow's eiortions, with
Denver A Uie center of aotlvlty. Those
meetingii' Were to begin at noon and,
CGhtlnuetato tonight. Enrly claims of
victory .to leaders ot Jtepubllcans,
Demooraig and Progresilveg wero un
chgnga With fair wonthor a. heavy
vote. If5lctcd.
, cmjik xxvhM x h Aorifjy,
Dnve,,Kcv; 4. The atato supi'omo,
. ""P1 .PpBr'",ura J" expianauoi
IU fcctlaMejylnK an application
an iaiMMMM to prevent alloKod.
sued .in explanation, of,
ying, an application for
to prevent allogod. 1-
tlmldatMreC. voters In Laa AHlr4rt
voiara in ivin Adimiiii.
and 'HtMMUtf unties nt tomorrow's
bounties nt tomorrow's
explanation state that
Mbers of the eunroma
only flv
court keA
woro obm
tho application, , Thrca
and two favored, grant-
br. Acenrainsi? no no
M3a adbBBH
Hantr. W. M Nov. 4With ox-
cedent wegtMr today nhd forecast futf
gooa waatiier tomorrow, wew Mexico,
a stale 9f .hk( a, year faces one bt tho
vot ooMales notltlcnl conditions of
pursly 4M;.And national na no orn-
three alat chairmen
INe olactloR with llidloft-
vos an over tn state.
t purely a mntlor of
e Proaressives assert
il.wiii w&.ii
prise at Us slue, where-
m iDMfcffttg gsssrt It wl bo only
big Boougttd enrry
the, Btflto for
New, YOf, Mov. 4-OflVe hundred
and ttsVettty-llve man working forty
ay lrfcanvasslnj New VorMt City's
.cases of apttyront JrreguUirlty and o
ins nriiaorw tnair iiu usury np
vVowMte, ipparlntandenibf
:Tiami VeelirlsV today, lidded
.HaawiiBR. ran ai,iarjRCfl,Di
joosjAUdh $3 'Vtiterg
'a MivalfllaM-
1 Mnv. .iiaiaF nan
...7 -' ". ir-i e , .
Haitian (5 -tt'KiHy far-
liter sal
mnerai -tti , tna unuea
jberapVigrhyHfjaM 4rtd
, sreeigftHV oiave
t.ii.iAai.iX ...iCiiff,
land, i
idato Charges
wjty's Bole Otf
im Ii tliiep Him Out o(
Beolarca AWlruncr of "Stm
York Hteised Voiertli
Go for -iwh Eathcr T W
rar iase -hiSi.f cisg lViM
Oyster mV.KftT., Nov, I"
statement iSil' totluv Theodore
statement taS today Theodore
ltoosevuit cnarapl, unit 'republican
to vote for WcSafow Wilson it they
dtd vtiot feel tHtttltlu-y could support
President a'ntt'Srho grout cotKjern ttf.
tho "Bosses,", ik-eoliiuol said, woa to
defeat tho progrefaivo imriy.
"H.ivcral gefettomon hiiVo told me
that curtain of th0 lissnr bosses who
arn Mr. lliirnra'jtUcnolimiiii Mr. Alio
Qrunor, for initamoe- have receontiy
been vulillfcly ' MlvSslriK their hearers
to vote the de,nrrutlo tlcltot If they
did not feel liltftWAtlnfr tho republican
Ufcket," Bays-ihgtatemont
. 'Thin is lntcTMtinB aa a fread proof
of; how close ft fid Inllmatb tho al
Ifanco is Uetweeaythp machines it
they can only hfAf the progressives."
. "Mr., Grubetfaattltude merely II
lltatrates what'.hdd already been
shown bv the ' conduct of 'Messrs.
VcnroNe, ilnrnoif id Qrane, add the
otner ronunucan Btuo in ivcw jer
sey, IIIIiioIm and tadtauc, precisely aa
In KanBiiH, CuUfarnla and Oregon,
nhowlnif they had 'not tho sllxhtcst ox-
pcotutlon of winnlag this ulectl'on and
that thi'lr ono purpose la dlrocotly or
Indirectly to aid. t,jn democntta In or
der inai ino mwressives may uo
William Howard Taft Kyler,
Woodrow Wilson Kyler and
Theodore Uopsevelt'1 Kyler,
Launched on Unsuspeoting
(Mr base Wire te Krsataif faarald
WiwhliiKtou. Novi. 4. Mr. and Mrs,
J. U. Kyler of liuiilson, Texas, sent
a. tolegram to President Tuft, received
today ut the Whita u)uso,unnounc
iHst l5in birth of throo4 sob. named
vW4Ulam Howard Tafi;,lCylerr Thoo-
qorp iiaoHoveii ivviorHanuwooarow
WJlao Kyler. The-, preeweat mlo-
iranhticl the nnrcntH oXDremtntr the
wish that tlin triplets wQUldWvo loin;
ana ,prol'or. , ,
To Enliirgo PlH!)to: PJflHt.
Uenvor. Nov. 4. Authority to In
ofeasQ tho futmc.lt of, tv stool. plant
at pueuio win M'iun a, asuou or tno
board of dlruvturs. acoofly'to an
announcement iniulo toUay by Prosi.
dent Ji V. WflHhurn, Mr.. Vlahorn's
statement Is uiiido in coaaectJoii with
the unuul report offtutttCaiorgdo kuoi
nnu iron cuiuimii)-, wiiren aya mm
tlio output of iiic vmhio 'plant for
tho last year icpresontgWa) capacity
jroiiucimii, -iiii ;epprfcomiiiueni
The sales nt hwvy 'tails already
tiada. Will tal the fdin&UtDUt of tho
rail mill fur thn currimflcal year
and orders uln-iul) on :the,iu6okB will
keep the siitull'.r mlllejrurinlng woll
into 191a. a
Tno improvomi iiiB w'iuo gskud ror
include ax udilllliimll open hearth fur
niiDos. 1 &qk ..
4 In its liarrowlnViwfftil(y tlio
morning paper othlsjcity not
clean record, otiillbrtwer integrity
1 r - ' , ni
In voUlntr
r that watnnn jari.jir
Ho cattrjl.
wf flat of u "gang.gv
' Tho word
; Warning
Journal dally rll.
irid amlto
it,i rmmaiiotoi3
aj;i;nvctUon . wro
ft Nathan Jaffa- l
asimtnatcd If
t"ltV. the
lornlng Jrurnula
M ,
MZmmt Item iw 4
.gcuwJoit 4)
,1srm wag Hotnd
I 01 w
im mm, tea
4 rmimtrw
'petiao R
tat ttioi
ymniit. In'f
..ir' vm
I, la aafaiy
1 .V.j
ikkAi' And
ir,. X.
rmay aet Off
Mj:x-Tii.ts Tf He Prnvea
hfjEy Ceosea Wire to Waatas 'rteratdl
?r",0. N. M.. Nov. 4.A, 0.
'lroberl, Well knowa throii.nhmit
tho weat. wag aentoncctl lu rnjin
six to ciKiu yeara touny nt utius,
Pi. M.,
on n chamo ot umbenala-
ment. Probert mevlotislv had
4 served 11 term In urlson. v
TMAfj nuiNns -ro iiiraiT ui
tiiahkaiUjI:, t'uiMiNAi Owiti:int
rnpM-lnl DlMgatch to Kveutng llsraldl
Haton, N, M Nov. 4,- Tlio trial of
Probert at Taos Inst wocK, resulting
In his conviction ution 11 churiro of
ombesxlvinenli has brought to. light
ono of tho most remarkable crinilnal
careers In tho history of tbo country.
AvvuruinK iu inu uvuieniM, i-rifimri
hita not only served 11 term In tho
Wisconsin lienltontliiry, hut, following
nia reieine, roiuruou uv oia'e o a
cessful career of tiinlicxsicinont' ttnd
bank wrecking,
Proburt cnniu to Now Mux loo, alio lit
two and 11 hair years ggu from CWo
riido and emubllshbd tlm Wato- KV
Iiirm bunk ut Taos. Ha goon hurt, j
nlng, but word was pussed ot more, (ir
1 1.. . . .,.. ... 1 . . 1 1 .
gatlon was called for and John Joermj
of itaton, then traveling uuidtor' of
tho state, mado an Invostlgatlon whloh'
showed to tho auditor that IJrqbert
was ntlsiislng tho funda ot tho bank.
Hln lnitilry resulted H a sDool'lq
churgn of emboxslement of tBOp from
Hoy A. Clifford, a customer of the
bank, who had lert that amovHit tn
escrow. It was upon this charire and
upon tho evidence,' ot the traveWw
n . . .1 1 1 . . 1. . 1 .. , ....... .. ij
uuunur inuv rwusri wub wiv m
At tho tlmo u( his cqpytotiatt
Proliort was runpllig n Weky
nowspupor in Tans, tne , thob
Valley ltocorder. He entered, rio de
fense at tho trial and did not go on
tho stand. .
Probort served two and oJ half years
in the Wisconsin state urlsott. for em-
.bezxllntr funds. of a bung ut Wuinpum,
Wis. He served His lima and1 on hla
oolaao. established what was known
aa uio oiaip.jKeoivai nospnai or aiioi,
Mich., .whore ha vyaa generally knrjwn
os Dim Prabcrt, Foilowlnr tho fall
tiro of this iUWfahni(Mltvhri wontvlo
northern . JiMllaimV where 1 AURfitM
conueoiou wim ana wrecicaa ,'iaiw.
Ho then went to Kuuialro, wnoro lui
wrecked tinothor bank. JXIs nuxt von
turn was ut Mlnnlxvlllo, Oro, whKM
hn reopitteil tho performance, going
ihunuo to Dayton and DuPont. Oro.i
whom ho did tho soma job again.
Next ho went to Hen Lomond, Cal.r
whore ho mot and married a bvuUtlful
woman, using tho haino of T. T,
Davis. Ho left soon after (ho rrtiir
rhign and his wife, becoming uneasy
witiit through hla personal papers and
found Ills true niunii, IVobert did
not return to Hon Lomond. Hla next
venture won In Jha mnrcuntllo busi
ness nt Ornnd Junction. Coin., where
under the namo Of Proburt and C'i, ho
. . . ...1..... ... .1 . . '
wrueiieii wiu auBinemi,
Ho cuino to New Mexico from Colli
Los Angeles Woman Confc&g
Murder of Two Women
Priends by Poison Six Years
Mr Lease Wire to Kvsalea llsratdl
Los Ahgoios, C'iiJ,, Nov. 4,- Mrs.
Papsy Hastings Lesh, who Is In Jail
here a Waiting removal to Wudnllo,
Mo., where Vhar nrobahlv will bo tried
for the,, miirde poisoning of Mrs.
ii.iisa voo or t.ngtouyf,ana Mrs. m,
a. QUulnSanqS.orjbrldgo. Mo,, a
sane loaay oy wr,tJfttH,T.S!
Iiruiiiiiieni. uiiiiiiat..'1uflM
lire mado by warren, C?
ounir woman's huslia'ndi'
icr (rlondshln for another
ballevod by the nolloo to lift
ftni.nfl Mm. Tiall In allppnftfifef
nnrt confess her crimes, lit addlllf)
hor evinced dcslro to "start life J
again with a clean smto. j-"2
., 'y iiusuanii, uiiii 1 vuuin iroyvr
agree," oho said, ''and when I foijnd
a-lpmco as houMekeupor at the nqinv
o.Tvriiuairt junker, who is rounqry
irernAn tor a
Mr. Junker was
ta ma'.
iter than any man ever was.
a, wauia nave marrieu m
If I hftInd ft, dlVflrco."
'PnlMM1 tin' trmllrtii't miw." alio
aded- nalVflly.-Mnw that ha knows
wjmt I ana., Xtohl , him. that Ihere
was aVmethia. Wr n my Ufa ami,
wimouc KnowTwWv It wa
vuoa mo to
it ciiuaeaVmi
AHr tt t
Fisher doclar
licvuu urn yumiBi
aane, It, waa v.Wh
Was il victim', at tir,
An inherited talat: i
i( Aann hor itaMUKT
rtllrtg to 'the ajlenlet, Jtai
jnr trnir nr nar nnmiuawt
?.'4idve resnohded' t$'thW
fine nt lh4 hgrfda VJ.tttk
at .migstsuon sue v
',1 ,i .imiiu. .i
t'.KtWw4ri ,ia
$ -.Mm Hi jgji
' It i
n auw '.pa ihaaaa aai
urn wmraciiH
HlsaaUIVU out, even H I mmmmMlh'mMmmmmjmWi'fMm,' :-mMmWt(. V "1 ..Hnir. " ,- Ji-W8Q
a'lMssMetl. . ' ( -., I'M Ulia-rctlBTaWanaliWaVyTUfA.flaBF ' ' ' iMmW 'fr SBflK
aallTiistalii'haVar .bi4l .WSi.Cr-iiaWVV-r'' r'm'Jlt;
Barring AppiJs
, pu'olican to
from .Mode
May Elect Prjp Cill
. ' '. t.T'vut- ".71 ,
ed upon.
. . "' i"1"'!1" 1 UNO ' v. .
rny Lrast4 Wire t avveiiHtai1
t , Washington. Novr-MThe.
death or 7lar4'S("ntallvWy,
ft iMior or unuun ismifaitiau- w
parently breaka titer l(lek, In-
m Wlllllll III. I.HUn tlf .JIbkAltlti A
4 lives would rind ttsclr ICltTwcro
. culled tipon to elect n. jweeldent.
, Up to tho tlmo of Mr,yx?4ter'i ,
deatli tho limine, wart oimHyyl'
w vmca. HiircsFiiniion ovnwmw
iw nunc huh iiomocrawtuweft- m
ty-two Itepubllcan and tMTMJ;
ante of tho four romatalwa1
statea wero eiulally dlviiM?,'lV!
twech Itopubllciiiin andpetna.
rthOdo Island waa dh'efMHo f
I'lates in which tho dfifMlens
wna nnurillv tllvtiiiwl n'ixm- 4
ileatli,' should hla plafenot
rilled by a. Iteinibllt'anlialfciisli
tho remainder of hla,.tomiWeild
f throw Ithpde Island toMo.Hem- f
Ocratlc coltirnn. ,M
Samuel Untermtyin Ii
Corporation ouh1
Conld lfot Get ActioR th
& ItHiascd Wire to MvenlnK Kerala
ow mvon, t;oiin,, wov. rrieo
doru Ilooaevelt'g change in hla tt
ment;of Saturday that Governor WIK
son's record as governor of New 3o?i
sey, It! dealing with tho trusts wag'
Inconsistent with his present position,
oh that question, was replied ttf'fA an
address .hero lust night by Samtta
Untormuyor, speaking with thp,,aH?
dgraorncrjt of tho demooriitlo natlena)
it wus) supposed that this ofer
i( eaH.zuiiy met ami d sooa act
said ?r,- ;Unermoyur, "Hut since Cale
nel llnoeevelt has seen fit completely
to Itfilortt the connlUMlvo answer, that
lias been rnfckl, It may m well to. HUB
Plemont wliat'haa ulrrady been ald
iii that subject so as to nvld any
room Cor misunderstanding,
"ISvery movIco in thu law knowa,
that tho, statfl of New Jersey having,
very unwisely, conferred upon the
corporationsunlimited powers to aoi
iiulro tho moclt and properties of
olhor companies it cannot jirosecute
iiiiini ror naving aana so,
"It cunnot aarnpel them to; aurren
dor property whluh lb qxprcssly au
thorlitad tlium to nodUlrc. It Is uluor
ttlimtii that such wide pnwern were
over grunted to corporations, hut
that like many other unwise powers
that were conferred on corporations,
was dono many years aso.
"There hava been two sessions of
hid leg nature since Wilson became
pvernor. isvarybody In New Jersey
ufiimn niui uri Bcasion wni
crowded with reform lealslatlon of.
footing odrporatinns, which had- been
.held back may years. Whilst aov
erijor wiison aiso ut that time atrong-
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Ottoman KoverKttt Cik til
Grea, lriti;;Aif
in Sffwrt Id Jha4tW
War. j
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Military IiM
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'basiiador r , tea1 'eeii,"si
the OtsMa, ,aVnHnt
to raealve.aaatala'a.ea' la as
a akspsaaen of jWia1
fprofrrumr Fi
Colonel pduvnMii
i3f Im llMArxta Mian
jSofla preparlMi;;ihe;.siitH
-Im. If not vUrely th
mUr.VerilBele,ro imm!u7 lr.
vtho union of.thsHwn 'at
tMa moment te ' me?r eprty s4'.
ntimato than It has ever, bcag, 7aP
it hog been weWad by hmi 'om
won eacrlilco, There lt i lec
tfajger tjut any dleagfaaaaaat eTtS
IHa division at trrlt3ry'W" vli w
Jti.toay be. aJaMtaad tkM; MaSaa, ast
that details of IH finmtmm'Wirit 'ar
mm Btocedure' will w
www sawn et
etHqunnt Mllttaal i
t Xt M honed fvn .baUev4
aawers will nnr Va, fettam
...... ii,.,. A . A u. t.
a tmi'' Mf- imIm'i 11
wets-w hm;
hm hllsi f Si
she" EBi- n.aiBffi aHiW;
who teA4vMw iMiMtlefcl wait. a
thf milMwaaeai, oetV'aaawfialaMk-
ImfrtM . t. '. k ..... n ,,..I,V. ... '
want Ml.w lip Bmii. a
in the saEsaaMMa thi, UisV as kaiki
on and WJa w Mftf; jM'3hWM?
army afttirtw etaM,tf-jvjagsjM-
the line of forts rrilKpCwwltH'
the Dulgarlnna laft tryJaf fbt;
ilutt NMIm Pttsh,, thti T?k1aaF8in.
inanaBjcMnMMi. ajts rciv rem
ft)rmenta and k maklnr . last dea
Mrate aUuA to waver Ui, retreat ot
Wsahfetured fereaa, , . t . ,
"nFo w nqtning ,- jtQwever,, O' oohi
.'ltmt;iriMU?,' 't heat
Informed c&rViieponfliHtUi timi that
Prtly acaUajed. ramnaaMp , af l)iai .Otto
man arrtiy ;wf ba gBlSe th
f, jit 14 .1.
ibn iiw TjjawaTOBMiaR
ujaws saEaWBJBaaajBju
UL. SMI ' !mUMiimT. J' . '.''.
BBBBjaaBHBBBiaBiaal rBtfeaMsri
"affgf yT
aesaesswBi mv
" IJ'yJ'-
I TV 3

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