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0C. 4.K S. C., THURSDAY JUN 21, 1894. No. 25
-Physician and Surgeo
(fls it h reidol.l o I tMain Stree
March 8,'1894
1. 0. llowEN. L. E. CiLDREss.
Attorneys at Law
Picken1s, k. C.
Oct. 5, 1893.
D)R. J. W. NORWOOD, Dentist. Dr.
W IN. N. twoon,, Assistant 01ce,
88) MaIn Stret, Greenville, 8. C.
Jan. 9, '92 y
D . J. P. CARLISLE, Dentist Groen
L ville, S. C. Otlict over Adlison &
McGee's Drug Store.
J. S. CO-RnAN,
(1. (1. 'WELss, Greenville. 86 C.
M. F. ANsal,,
T. P. CoTmnAN,
C. 1'. IoL,-INOSwOnTn, PicklenS, S. C.,
Have associated thcemielve together for
the practice of law in Its various branchest
and will give careful attentioln to alt busi,
ness undertakon by them.
Loans and discounts negotiated.
May 1, 1891.
The Exchange Hotel,
0. W. HENDERSON, Proprietor.
iMoaern Impr-ernent, Toarge Rooms.
Special attention to Cominercial Travel an
Tourists. Table Fare Unsurpassed.
Fine Climate the year round. Ap. 7, 9'z
1,. C. THORN L EY.
Livery, reel, Sale & sIhAm[ StaIei,
Easley and Pickens, S. 0..
(Opposite Hotel.)
Carriages, Buggies, and Saddle lorses, at
reasonable rates.
AWr Your patronage solicite(l.
Clark & Cooper,
Dealers in
M ard anO Grmnite ?ona1mnts,
TOBSTONES, of every description
and Wrought Iron FENCING, Oreenville,
S. C. Sept. 19, '91.
If you want the finest PICTURES made
in the State, go to
Wheeler's Studio,
113 Mclke Avenue Greenville, S. C
A&r Crayon Portraits a specialty
April 7-y.
Veterinary Surgeon.
Having $an experi nco of flifteen years
l trenting all diselases of cttle, an -
having made the disense of Murrian, in
all of its forms, a specialt , I offer my
sorvice, to i he public. Wi. tre it eat .e
suffering with ay ordinary disea-es.
11. P. G IFFIN.
Feb. 1-1y- Piekens, -. C.
. e .sePAIN,
And keepi the bowels open with Oavn LEAD.
n L[Vhlt PILLS, the (only 15 aaents4 Pill
on the miarhtet. T1. L. l. Company, Cohn
bia, 8. C. Sold by all Druggist 4. U. N.
Wyatt, Agent, Easley, S. C. May 12.
Dealer in
Wtchies, Oiamonids & Jewelry,
Oct. 19.-3mi
iNew Store
STE now have for ins pecti-n the most
Scomplete line of MILLINERY, DRESS
of the Season, selected in person in thme
Eastern Markets.
Misses Rogers,
45I Coffee Street,
Under the Opera IHouso.
Greenville, S. C., May 3, 18tu.
HaSi jutit oponeild aill latost sty los of
Spriog 8Bd Summer Milnery
At the lowest p)ossiblo1 prices.
Main Stioot, Giroonvillo, S. C.
A pril 19, 1894.
costs only $2.00 per 100) square. feet
Makes a god roof for y'eaats, and an,
one enn ut, it, onl.
GUCM I)LASTil PAINT cost onily f
CentsR per gatl. inm bbl. lots, or $4..i
for 5 .gal. tabs. Color dark rod.
Will stop hlak in tint or iron roofs
and will last for years. TaY iTI.
Sendl stamnps for sainples, and full
39 & 41 West Broadway, NEW YORE,
Tonk 8 1894.-O..te
[Vest End]
Our assoi tient is now complete
both as to width and collerings.
Shree shipments received last week
Satin and more Ribbons in white, F
cream, black and all leading Shades, j
in width from iny No. 2, including
all numbers up to 22. .% e buy noth
ing but all silk goods. We sell then,
from 15 to 25 per cent less than most
houses ask for same quality.
Our sales on Laces has been simply
inmense. Daily we 'are receiving
and ordering new goods. Customors
tell us that a more complete assort. C
ment and bettor values were never i
8hown iin tle city. Monday we oLen
two shipments in this line. l:, ies
if anything Will be lower han that
PreviOUS olerings.
Silks and Woolens for Even
ing Wear.
Crema11 henriettls IlaLn w )v , r;
tal Cloth, cream,11 surih, c~ m :e
morie silkeq, creamil andI white wo
silks now in stock on( a pri4s t vs
the times.
New lot loteted sw i5e, pric ire.m 10
to 35c.
Best $1 and $1.25 ladies' :In urn
brella in the enIv. t
Very bhick India liniiion lawns -1 1
10, 12A, 20 and 25v, w.irranted fast c
In white goods n1o one call show
you a greater variety or oler you
imore attractive prices. Fverything n
in plain, s t r i p e and plaid lawns. t
Diunhy's and S. C. pin cord, 1. K t
in whito and colors.
Many new things to arrive flbst of
this week.
June 'ith, 189.1.
out of employment, or in *
*a position that you do not i
ilike ? Possibly the solie-:
: itinig of Life Insurance is
: your special forte. M any
* people have, after trial, :
ibeen surprised at their:i
ifitness for it. To all such
iit hais p~rovedl a miost cou-:
: genial and profitable occu-:
i pation. The Management i
i of the
Equitable Life
in thecDepartmient of the
SCarolinas, desires to addlil
:to its force, somec agents
of character and ability. i
W Vrite for in formation. i
:W.iJ. Ro)ddey, manauger, :
Rock UHl, S. C.
assessassagstgeSssagasmgisegessense ,
'- 0 '
An agreale TArattive and Nzwinu Tomoa.
Bold by Drggite or sent by ma1. 250., 600.
and $.0per package. amples free.
"aqjShIlob'sa Oaarh Remedy is t~o'flraL
moaenel voverfound that would domo
any good." Erce 510 eta. Sold by Druggiate,
leadinghisan o
wisav ao re u o. n' s~
~Oe~ reands b nroves
famoue .01o ghgn ontbti.
Ioints of Jiiieence let wenik the Reflecting
and t ti iRef ractin intruteintts.
A very pretty littlO experiienIt, which
illustrates the t wo II(lthods of form
ing an optical imliage and by way of cor
ollary illustrates the eseutil ditfer
unce betwcen refracting and reflecting
telescopes, may be performed by any;
ono who possesses a reading glass and a I
magnifying hand mirror. In a room
that is not too brightly illuminated pin
a sihet of white paper on the wall oppo
ito to a window that by preferenco
should face the north or away from the
position of the sun. Taking first the
reading glass, hold it between the win
low andti the wall parallel to the sheet
f paper and a foot or more distant from
Iho latter. By moving it, to and fro a I
ittlo you will b ablo to find a distance
,orresponding to the focal length of the
ons, at which a picture of the window.
a formed on the paper. This picturo,
)r image, will be upsido down becauso,
iho rays of light cross at the focus. By
noving the glass a little closer to the
vall you will cause the picturo of the
vindow to become indistinct, while a I
)>autiful imago of the houses, trees or
>ther objects of the outdoor world be
rond will be formed upon the paper.
Wo thus learn that the distance of the
mago from the lens varies with the dis
anice of the object whost) image is form
d. In precisely a similar manner an
nago is foried at the focus of tho ob
ect glass of a refracting telescope.
Take next your magnifying or con
avo mirror, and detaching the sheet of
aper from tho wall hold it nearly in
ront of the mirror between the latter
Lid thu window. When you have ad
usted the distance to the focal lengtl%
if the mirror, you will see an image of
he window projected on the paper. By
rarying the distance as before you will
>e able to produce at will pictures of
iearer or more remote objects. It is in
his way that images are formed at the
ocus of the mirror of a reflecting tele
cope.-Garrett P. Serviss in Popular
icienco Monthly.
Mules Delirious With iieasure.
"I saw an odd sight in Luzerno
ouitv, " sail Eckle 13. Coxo. "Six
nules that had for four years hauled
ars inl the lower workings of a coal
haft to and from the foot. of the shaft
uitl to h) brought up, owiig to th
looding of th. mile onl acconiit of fire.
rho ilelcs inl all that tiineu had e n no 111
ight fitron .r th:mi tl fliik er of tlt lit
le D: yl nIs Inoiiner, carri.l Tim
all tis in iits zeyithety reacied
h14 surfute, :01( the atiop er wa S
le::r -.< ervat1:1l.
-hei ys i pcied "aun in opIs(t-it
no.The astonih.aI wraslsear their
''ht) hey O th bco of stromg
oihe andLigpt, they elaedhl ther
adsvro bing rliw w ep t leaiure lov a
iilpI d pitant ind tim1:: is . Thore
heoy ,Aoud tremlbling", as if theywr
fraid So aething .vil was about to we
all them. Presbroktly thtac y half open d
heir yes and peered around in open
nouthed aqazerent. It as lear they
ouldn't understand it.
"When they had become accustomed
no the sunlight, they plovated their
hends and sloly ept their gaze over
ulm piles, sky mountains and horizon
gain and again. Toward sundown
hey broko into a horus of joyous brays,
he liko of which was n pver heard from
liles before.
oAfter a quanrte1 r of an hour of that
amsic they took to kicking, jumping,
taichiri arovlk tatteir occmt
owling anrte o s to theyselhad gone
und. Fot invurableyf thee thae
cimi grenat izrd newo sightesu ogel
nd Baco, refusing fodtand Cagterrot
von nltingo fare themas tond ino all
auc heirseriing anuey itni sldom "
Anlem.I allthbletteI n coardry su
Wos wt ion whinow whay personsiho
s' ould i wizardo, t 'alle mvens
)onl wirsna always prefero to
elevec in ament of appearanho ark of ai
at inferor their aorabl fomi hirm
iancesavaich provilt tht ho ocsult
owers aro musln. uoToheselvres.c ofhe
ulhis forte naible, forhere hiavor
een grati izardi et iis liaaesuseRub
Ou ltieor fared themchitobtt, in allo
vayris s theirupei, ou oit is~ ear
arokeni. l te letite n untrys
ilrstitios ichi wo1 ahaiv pubished,
md hi muchfgretter nuveer for whadicha
vould fidutoroom, they "wit" ma
*id howzr of Inia i ' usullya
ull in mslinTh reveenreofh
re oa in t I ciu'he t . undiesti holub
iie11t fi counih as narratin, Mseili
ni ote~mt thFrn h iadLionon Speoa
bakur.1 fahin are'n Fr~ienh bt. th. nauw
olor ciii s eaerwn that heare
ilktdess thn 50,000e barrls oTho oil
1 has eery devvy for 18l.w, atnd inl,
Exdanu ,ely 1Rev 'iws the Silves
.IIl.: 0l. tas l.\ lm I: II\ N 1-:v
EU 811A':lN l)MOoN:T'I z 1 AN nI TllA"
R1''I N ( lN AG1i' o Sli,vilt 1s Ia'
GAl,,Y IN FonctE No)w\-A l(o1eA]
the money unit of the untio'h, was
not impaired by ihat, Act.
Section 28 of the Act of Fobrua;
ry 22, 1873, roloduced in the R -
vised Statutos, section 3527,roads:
"Silvor coins othoer than tho trade
dollari shall bo p jaid out at tho sov
eral mints and at the assay oflice
in New York eity in> xchange fr
gold 'oins lit par, in sais n1ot Io.- S
thanl onlo hundred dolla rs." 'Ihe
811111 was limitd to one hnndii'd
dollars tc savo loss of timo and
trouble at the mints in making
change. Tho abovo section of the
Act declares tho standard silvor
dollar on a par with gold 1oins and
orders the exchange of gold eoins
for thomn at the mints when appied
for. It is clor the legal tender
qualities of tho standard si I vor dol
hir was not impaired by the Act of
12th February, 1873, hlvew that
part ( f tho Act of Flebiuary 2S.
1878, restoring to the standaid sil
vor dollar its legal tender qiuali ties
Tho Act of Febriuaury V), l , r(
tired the trado dollar and ' rdvred
theiri exchnigo or rcina into
stalnard silver dollars. It was ill -
begotteni and short livod.
Noxt onnlo the At (X1 li1 1 I,
1890, dr t ('ilng the puirchase If -i -
vor bulllioln alid (ho issil * of T
uvII'li nli' OiliH rt1( al'i8-tI foll i': '
ur 11 1 ''n . it ra d1: V
bl lrfd t h t he :-e !ll
r~v (f the Tr-easury N i S II,. h yh d ir
si lvir bul1lio n to t he aggregate
amount of four million five hun.
dred tila1usa Oiln ouC' os. or so mueh
thereof as may beo df'f-red in each
moith at the nimrket price thlereof
not oxceeding on(-, dolir f threo
hundred and sOveIty-ollo and tWenl
ty-fIve hund redi graiis of niro
silvor, aud to ISSue in pa'ym1ent ol
Such purchases of silver bullion
TProas~ury notes of the United States
to hw i)r)ared by the Secrotary of
the Tre'4asurv, &C.
Sec. -. Tiat the Sewrotary of
thlo Treasur'v slall Ii.ach1 mionthi
enini two mill0 (io does ift he)4 sil
vor bullon purl1chased unider the
proiiion1 of thuis Act into -ta ndard
silvor (dollars unt il the flat, daliy (f
July, 1891, and after thial time lhe
shall Coin of the silver bullion pur11
chased under01 th10 provisions of' this~
Act as much as may he necessary
to pr'ovido fori tile redIempt ion of'
thet T1reasury3 notes herein pr'ov'id
(Adtfor, and gain or seign irge ais -
ing from suchi coinage shall 1)0 ac
couni tod for and p a id into the
It will 1bo obser'ved that tis Act
incr'eased the amloulnt of silver bul
lion pur'chalsedI and the number of
s~tandard silver dlollar's to be coined
por1 month by the government over
and1( ablovo what was authlor'ized by
the Act of' F (1 b) riu a r y 28, 1878.
While! it (did this it stopped the
coinaige~ of the staindard silver d14,
aaft r th14 e1 1144 t (41 Juily, 1"' , but,
000 (I uncs f h eri ali) j.
Th f 1 lh ing14 i1 *l , .\ 1
SHmber :.I . I4i'4)iy . thl.i1~1 H l
.l 'ek ' i i a t11M b. theIllto 1
1 l'(I Suites
ter sh n paIa be : Ih ii .\o i a)4 Ii' 1'
ae of I h V ii W h rint 411(lilla 14)1 p1.1.-1
ihe oei idl id pi t hei etoiw
ib.e 'l nt lkel piand ha, mtd (h1
the pices'L(4 .ne shall no.8b
struck orn isse by thce mint onth
or centurios and will continue
o exist whilo metallic mon.
.V is used. Without the
-ilver dollar and its fractional
SImrt we would have no change
-'or the transaction of business.
The a)ovo Act shows that the
gold dollar about which wo have
hoard so much does not exist
md has not existed for more
than three years. All of thon
have been withdrawn from cir.
culation and recoined into other
'lenoinilations of coins. It was
iot, wanted. The Act of March
) -18I, quietly laid it away.
it lived only forty-one years
wiie tit standard silver dollar,
' 11p eOple's money, ha1s existed
le pirchase clause of the Act
of ltli of July, 1893.- By those
iwo Acts the government has
('cased to purchase silver bullion
and to coin it into standard sil
ver dollars. The purchases by
tie government of silver bullion
and having it struck and coined
into trade dollars and its frac
tional parts and into F'andard
silver dollars under the Acts of
February 1-2, 1873, February
28, 1878, and 14th of July, 1890,
(lidi not any more impair the
right of every citizen, the own
er of silver hullion, from do
positing his silver bullion at the
minits and having it struck and
Coined into bar's, trade dollars
adi Stalllard silver dollars thanm
Ii d thIie A c t o)f '100bru ary 2 1, 1853,
wlhid the governmnit first. pur
Imsed silvi-'r billion and had it
t irck 'nd enined into half <lol
I , guntr ii (1lar s, dlimo s and(
*lf dii . The S lits i at that.
ry ction (Mnnaewasfree
A earlle pectacle is" niow
i~rennd.T he 'ecrtarv of the
TreaIzurickd by the Presi
det of tHie United States has de
nied the right of citizens, own
ers of silver bullion, to deposit
it at the -mints and have it
struck and coined into bars and
standard silver dollars. The
mints aro idlo, whdlo business in
the nation is famuishing for mon
y. 'Ihere is a screw badly
loose. 'Tho muints were estab
.led to coin the money metals
of thme nation in the intorest of
tihe people and not to be closed
in the interest of Shiilocks.
With the passage of the Act of
lIth February. 873, b1ega-n the
woes of the people oif the nation.
It was conenoived1 in iniquity, it
was rushed thbrough Congress
by frand. It is a fraud. All
lawyers know every Act accom
plish~ed through fraud is utterly
null and v'oid. This Act is a
nullity. When all is reduced in
the last analysis to first princi
p)1e we have under the laws on
the statute books free and un
limited coinage of silver, 15 98.
100 of silver to 1 of gold, with
the standard silver dollar 412
1-2 grains, 9-10 fine, the legal
tender (qualities of whlich never
had been impaired by any law
at any time the muoney, unit, the
dollar of accout of the nation.
Thei laws should be iunpaurtially
executed. .How aW0re we to hatve
lit dlone? Thei~ sacr Ied1~ writers tell
u'. if a pleople would have good
governent , wi1se laws imipar
I~e a s r'ulers 'hble mient whlo
'141E, spea'~ks thle truth and
4 i'iibtrs- If then' lower' louse
angrea Id \ went y U~nited1
!S *ija a w vill bii electedl.
. is to;I exerclie the greatest
ucare ini seleet ing those who arc
to ma'k4 our li ws5 and1( to (execute'
I wim. If unwi ~ orthyV men'I art' so
leeted the peop)lle have no0 one to
bhunla. hut thlemselves. They
ar~e thme one0s who suffer. Re
spectful ly,
TIt(e le 14)n Lnn TestIc~ Casese
Post possed~4 I: i :m fier Electloi.
Ianlhunius caiso t o lost the conisti
t li olutlily of 1 li0 registration laws
cam up 11 1 ina the sup)'rm court this
inorn i ig. 'I'Ii mandamus was
vitually knocked out, the court
nex't t(ermi, whih e tgins tho fourth
TPuosday in Novembhor. Nothing
can bo (lone by the rep~ublicamn
~until after tho next general oloc
The Hoomponiinty 11ivn At Last
Bleen Fixed.
EORI COIrA1 N,'l'4T Aby p I
THlE l01'O lll I1PI4iA 11 I) 'I'l BE NA 1
Tho military C~ourt. of* Inqur111y
inado its roport to ('ovo1'Imr 'il
11r111i, and tho( iit'xt thIi it. onl dock-_
ot will 1)1 ai cotrt imliiat 14r1v
tho10o W110 h1Vr' 1141 001 111'1 l--d
by theo court.
'Th() repif , I -,1,tho -Iw 0 e it I I "r I"
ado cons1is4t., )!' ti'r!y 15ti11 : "'k 4.
ings and1( 1.1w (111111j44c (0, the coiurt'
G3ovornor 'riummi 11.11 not vv1)yt
road tho roport, amd N\ ill iwt ~
Wvhat ho jlitolUIR to fit-, 1iitil ]t lie 1:11
dono so. 'Ill( inatmial roidt,11 lw
eor, of thon roport is I Iif ortior: t
of it court mart ini Jby i lief,
TIhoso conlvictedl hlw. rI th if iiut
can bo cashieroed -)I litw'd I-, muchl
1115$100. It. is4 1144 1114,411.0 11 111 Ii'
tho guilty could I i P l
'1'Io court sid~iiits ~4I1
1n t. 0tigatiC4I18 1lit" (1 1, 4 4
all of' Chlt~i4t4'I: i;1-1I
Soconld Iligacl.. :i.41 ~!.~' .
Metts., Ajiau
hr iga io.
Iu 'l( 4)1 l- 11' , : 1 I Y 1 :
t ol.l I *q 4i H
to aboultmi, :12xt F~4fPI1 ti
Bri-d o \v:,.~4 flit? 1I.I) V1'1 ( i I i,!
cor orw ol~li~ 4 (-ie ii ~ ' ( i~
COim S II i IY '.,h IT(i'4I 4 II0 t
to denillia'l v4114 r1' '414
llllhit, li'io i tl * 144 Il. III1
commisi$ond o114.;' 1 41140 .I'
otho oc 1111 osel" ill,4!
or~ii'1 atb i.t to 21, d' 1 hi h m11 4 .' 1 i
saoid on ight. mi 114.11 WON)I :t'111:11
gulof n coml itllI ', II dI~.!;:-1
do o rncoli t 01)I (It( toi4iI l
1411110.4slly r'pl~i4
f ato tho 014.1.( moml411 (d, id
othor1pll whlio r )1' lly I 0dI - '
bn ofbo th 114 (hul l . 1.) to to) 0 )_F:
Woro guAIlty oglit (d'1II11,
1111Cc, 1144 111141 , d ,' lo (1 I )I .
101' sorije time inl a ratir disorganized
con1iditiOnl which in part'accounts for
Ihe :'ct ion of the officers and men m.
mI 44h1ed on the 1st of March.
Fifth. As to'the conduct of the
1OVerno's Guards: That Capt. J.
M. Bateman, Commiznanding the Gov.
ornor's G1uards, was guilty of disobey,
i ng or(10s to go to Darlington on
1the li gh1 of the 30!h of Mrarch; that
inI (in so lie was inflIieced by the
b l I at in :ayuempt to carry
'he'44flnnu1nit of their armory
bpretiitate ao 4I Hot and blood.
ill the s.tret(s (f Columbia.
n-> olo-r oili - ,Io membonl
, Inlity.of any
.44 .hi e 11 rs or conduct Iln.
( Ili ogfieer "Ir so4 ldier onl sli(
b at!. i , in mainutainingI to obey
4rv4rs 4 a Io t I )a'eling ton) t10 Com
Pany a cb~ieetedto jilt!ees n
r'essur timt ijired mart, courage
'I' witI tini (th,11n tit (laniger of kle
dV4 S Ovice'V i in Ih Ili l.
1111 no ollicor or m41m1b1e of this
e n ny WA: alt of, ll. (1011d et
_!l tor IltlIll.s oh lie s t he
' .4 I,~ 114.44441 .' ()I the 1stlipaOf
v.-II 4 I heir .lth oa any i ll
S the midvero and left
I \444 n 4( .')441( un
Sin b hut said Imiel were
in at exe1ment At
"Ili 4eri :nid men
11' - pt %,ne private
a a a .\. pr at ri ul
.4 ' 1'- i~ 4 rders1 iln not
n '. .4 ( 4. Nil.ih.o g for Ser
- 11 Vh Ii 141 11 4Id 1er''l to 10.
r! i 4 ' t1~ . 111dill a d E .
4 : r w44 r44 ' iht y (of disobedi-.
.h I an of' the
.2: out, with
a nswhlen Or
thl. lhe'hland
ill' 1.414
* . I ' ' ' t h14 ..)ombie4t,
bv n1 il orfs
1 4 1,' l4''! 14444 \Vhen 0y.
d I to4 1)144 by C Jl. C. Watts,
S o1p1inion i .'I Lavil that
fti 1 ut of con4sideration1 ie diii
0144.( n( 1l ders, nor 's18 lie guil(y
"t! :Inly e('1dnet, iiunbecomiing an ofli
c r n4 (or abouit the 30th of March,
' 1.- t i (ed to) special coimenda.
i4,':l fort Iis <'te rmlin(il efforts to do
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do1i4 hinigs that11 you41 ought to have
44'o; when4'4 81h0 failed to romnind
4! n tha. t1~ she neldud a n'owV dress;
h4, n4 she' sits up attor you have
io414. to b)od dlarning socks and
ptcthing the clothos ; whon aho
r'oaists horsolf on ai hot day ironing
a shirt, for you. When you scold
for such causes, they aro good
scoldingsi and sho deservos themn.
- tr'oublo yourksolf whuthor it is in the
'oold or by a good fire.

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