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The People's Journa
l'LliJiIrl.: wE'EiY,
1. 1. MA1J1)DIN, Editor.
JCntorodt at the Post Ofilco at Pickens a
mcconetdcla.ms maLttor.
Silbscript loll, - 1.0) .1 Yea.11
uTtfl~l)SA Y. SICI'T. 1?. 1901.
'hll i Presidenit still lives and a
w' go to preSS gi|vt3 hopefill Sign
of rVCOVeIy'). .lle Stal(1s tl'e Orden
so fir as the rild <uilestion i,
('On'Oilied, I lk hls 8 ollilty iS ill i
desperate. condionl, but. tlie com
lillS;iolleS will provg ceiall to th4
r Y . -. I .-,.
Pickens couinty with a popuila
tioli of ,; fit thi. Sillare lile Palik
28th ain o1g the forty coulintries o
Sounth Carolina acco rd inlg to thl
'Ihe ohl soldiker...; thwillselves at
ieeilliliuig to elipilhiasi/A tilt wis~doi
iti lloi- fil f, a lloll O 1 i1iligelI
VelO Il. I I I'vrs-illltiolls, thll
lickv:s cotil. cotlt i Ilgellu lilaki
thelir l-l. kno0wn.
T'he irii% i/.ti~i 51Of a1 l ild ill
I ekellh "C T IS Wtl -1z'ilIred fact .
T lle I1111-11s ?-l n Vil1g illn R th ..
fort inieill to I i't lil I 'led it tit
tit l !;vlwtl 't ruatitli li vot,
W illh co:ill ,i u lt h Ill-allty, g
trilili--d tneli ' 110 11lhs: I ts S110
It W 'lll 11 it I e t IlN\h i.l I t0
'ix tlla! in t e v ilry.' u1f the ltext
ttW lit v ye rs I ii \ill be tile t
tile pi.- eV i\ied ini hilkein
is will be i:.stalletd I I fou lh
C dcev-lolut d . a ;id l';cki ns w I
lilly h i* i~hiuiL stii !1: Li iiih
ins irt . it-jn lili -t nzee
I t d. 'e It h1a1U s res lQct
orl th 'eel1i wh do. no Vilmsu. 1
I lnel t il It' I t1 it i li.ii
lie tilar or -i' i,,n1 ". }ili
0 I v i4) ft',lI ' i t. S. t'l li it i' *1 ''I
li e t l -t eO C1 il . t }t ilit i g t i
li d tat I' h itsit Iii i litiit b
lat - his i1'h1i1r t Il t t nied
ig is j h i in e t ho n i u i
Ilie ~ ~ :I lit110 '
misle ili ir 1111t:
te!vis oIfIv 11 t, fn h. ofaii a nsI
ofSot ('llaiitl }la xetj
ine Iuct eade tha the educ
liti tu e 1( iit ira.,.t us
3iO' a aI lt' Wvi o li h maithitia
(ihi e'(j Ikrinight tuelt itle lIt
youiil ht his weeh h Iiaiidlen i
Lif hemlle iltrestInglm (gt . gi
istie it l)c10ry " f Pielwel ' lty ifro
the. early setlem'e o thsl seit
thro'iiislof te waseriu d allids nh
purs taen1t bill floe dh ran t j,
h)ll (i ti ll.' ivit iis and fore ii
wtIlh ias illy nI'etire i fo t r,
yeo, nd a hacibeen hoande dhw
131 flor0ui iy word eiof liellts
is1( tue bleeolie iheiter of inern
(Jda aout s wha t hao may.eX~
Jyr stoelt f~ryleie- -iand bl
number hs thalu hyithet undrY(
t broughoutp the at- as grit~
hstaen hfom mltethol is ou
prolint nti-itis and focedl) it
tter forar thetreoetor trea
menrt~ atnd rcpeat ion. \V hitethi
roaeng his intensl helmets ali
thilosopiallyb oiand reigned ISl;
and th deivi~ou.t, hope ite~r w
qu 1aitne iht h aybe IBptet
of fairnesd toa hil ccuoedt phi
witis ofal gicuonlilttand y
byil accomplischdmentsi as wfi
peservoc the Statevida tartus f<
"Sparlanburg county will'appro.
priato $5,000 f'ir an exhibit at tho
Charleston exposi tion.-Newborry
This is the proper spirit iln
whichi a rich, progressive county
should act, through her ropresenta
ti ves, t o build up1 homle inter
- ests. This amount of jadicious ad
vertismig will bring immediato as
well as continuod progress to ono
of the iost thoroughly wide awako
collities In tho Stato. Others
ought to tako ip tho samne liio of
advanced blusinzoss methods, espo.
cially at this time of unlequillod op.
1'ortunity fori liberalrty with as.
si1red profit s soon to be rualized,
*: * *
The whole colintry doplores the
dastardly nt of the enuaking, inl
siniuato g foreignor at 131111.lo last
Fritay b)y which ho mnado effortf to
take the hife oL President McKin
I evy. Such work is the n4d 1 1
school of government. haters that
seemp to be growi)ngM( year by year'
ill number11)(1's and boiaiuisted venage'nei'
:ga:inist the leads of 1vreIulies and
luonneies alke. PrSiden1.I ein
I ey personalh is a gi"oi uilIn and
pol ~iil fIi' a1sat iien 8 w . has
tll tl h cotntry. II 1 14 hi 's ais
PresidnIt ho lhas "lonar hims-1lf
til thet tioplt of Iltho r l'ited States
irrsp ctve f ary. lat g. o r,, r
I4, Ils dlatt by : IV a .I Inlto
ou1ld nevr e ljustfit (I d all thie
civilized worht hears of Isi
tunt with the deopest regrets and
v 1n4r,1i9 andmll lkpon his suier
ings anlI ilt tvinpor15 ry JOSS (If Ik
t h a' I' s thlt, chit f e li s el4'l(t this
btlod ais a public cabim11ity.
It* there is ally doubt s to th oft
1'tletiont'd assertion that Pickens
ennut IIV1imakinlg raIpid stride's inl Subl
*tnial develo)pmlent, let. the. dub
ieu individal mnakei a personal re
view.\ W tilt- to)Wns and', travel over
the ('4unty1 with Is eyVes o)pen. Thell
1townls A: I lillilly. up1 with Smlall
il dustries. andi largeone mw;t(o, that
keepT all thlt people busy and pro
vide employnent fur all willing
wotrk;ers who walt to coie. I,.it
th' lilarkabilE advancemlient---sur
lri!,ing heialse it ias; beellgradial
Ini quilt - lIms 1)11 milale on the
i,1s wlero intelligolice has beeni
direc ted towards thiel cnt itral ideas
of making the farm a livinig pIlce
andl a melans of pr'oli. So801ne ye'ars
a lal of4) cotton1 per aerot wasl somlit
thlinig extraordlinary antd a maitlelr
comel toi real ize, thriouigh ex peri
enceh tat, ultes~ lianlds ar1e 1br))lgli t,
to) a 1highi state of Viult ition1 the
jti'ilit, toatirti ill fariiiig (it'H noet
miateiral izie, aind atll ar" gradalilly
br1'igig their litns uito~li .4 pritit
il ying ti , ttint reduco and Ortohl
on th aisfied ithec rpgvn
indt tiin of th possibcl 4liieset
t ben henw1 of a eusl iing,1 ath
n tiltrn1-r1 t ay i tconsr, norl
I ant'llg of le eset'ials of agroiehure lit
I if hi itt iiS o b et to i ('ke some) ii or
his bo t n het)1 pi a)4.I blii or
-e liotl toa 1 r 1 r.- . ttl V' tl I.m for muh
t t--:p atin t tli m ) opltl tio: (li
pro-iiiyeritliCjil a hov ie Cn it
igeerit i ears 'lo when the pr1i O's.
ition ofe vo4litry; ing s i aidwas
el'pr'senteld nowg hid ave igs tht irees
th ee ullpll oula i tsrnot uin
Ii mden the211 greaItaonenWiencle thlt
0 rakload lis pnrve o i pi in~ all
"f thetownshils voting o t~'ax.Te
b airoadghat donlte rs, It hasS
t) solditon ofl thepoduct of ithjer
g l1unIt speially adbiO telCourt
gles; i has speelCd Pedo the delivoryI
11 of mai ton remoe eytionso thf
r- lpping frighty;Xby givinghPiccnsl
er gootmilipetidtages with oGer
ailroadc tos, i ha lcaued hel
h~i mae themiprotiiBtal ahre tere
w tako hep in drayae; by s din-.
cre ased the valne of las, and i~
simi-lpr advantages accrue -While thn
railroad wil'l iin a vr-y shorti while
pay in, in idvaloremj taxes, for the
benlefij of the po)lh, of the County
en1oulgli to offst till that will Over
be p.tid to build it and then will
02tiitlie to pay iid Ilaud lp Ihe
cou n try, ilereaisinig tax2iblo yalues
tld brilligin !g, roveajil. oilat will bo
at consider-able factor inl mleoting
the ordinary irunninag expelnses of
COllinty govenment.
TiH E N,: WSPA PiN t AS .\
1!.00 1,.
This is pro.bably- mlore true than.
"All the world's a g', e I
new'sj'i1pe' E itol'Is co l rti'1 i/.e
just" what power. they oxert in1 shall
ling l t tilotghlts ad :ICtioIls 4Of
p eo i p le , Il )L i ' ii 11 1. it a li Ill e d i .
u| a f11 Il l 111 l i t ,'(u r
i il d, t 'Ills t lilt t wN:Y i s I I 3 111 t
hr' Ill t 1ll I Nsl'.s of 1 a1l
<itiestins whethelr political relig
iolls or wlat 11"t. Tils writer I'e.
nili er n ha. chttionl of i I tS1.
hlow Ilie wotlld hla\ . 1nkedt ot
I , v s i m I ply be:1-Ie ho hiad rIeI.a
iliy oi[1 sIle of the It"air. NIoiI
v I VIdkly, tok)o. Ik C u S :1 repr11o'ule t 1, ll
t he who\ Ile nmI.It t r in I-) I Iu:
If Co'u1se ill sueh cas.s it wOllld
up ".v11 1 wh Vl w.1 NY Olw II ls
deeleId to failuire,. It s.'emlis tlt'r
that whzat N 0 need Muost of all is a
011r ap r \.tI wi ll u ;th 0 the1 t,
hIl d l k IIs rvd r liht r by (-i I.
ihI d t11, nt S ing t h toI.
I ln 1 f pr0ill I I: It j1ourn*1al S. t h
Ill li tItiit j1 c'st ionls Of (1le d ay.
l'heaverg~e uan s nt ab.1 1
laIk IIore thain 11n' daily ain such
it s h Ill It lli) 1 1 rt ,t I t 1n .1 Il iS1islj n
r Iv t e Ir Ing 11to nIny v I homes
At th ht d ofie I p Ill'en i tt t Ia mpe r S
n th I ~! n I itIed .tt's I) I so Ilu v t .
h 1-u Iit'nst m10n of (1ur1' cOiltry
\ iat i trI ;I t it ld be to rIad
Ilhe(irI best though ) t s IISt.ad opinI ins,
3ii litit'
Tile State has its colu '' mil)IOpinl.
ois '1f 4.t1hI'S." Whiel (ICeS 110t. go
Tho, too, their is another fiold
wh ielh is poorly worked. I tow many
)aper1s inl tile solith giv it colm111111
veekly or dally to anl intelligenjit
lisussion of the lilastepiecos Of
I iteratUr1111ie? 'I'lniIIk what field i8
pen lil. to te daily or CountyN
weekly ! Tik aga in, 01 1 l 'list
mLilllher of children living away
froii tihe towis ill Smith Cir1oliia
Who, toil at Hit ii( p Orl froml-0
evarly morning till Iato ovemnIlg,'
the 1onotony o4 whose life is brok
oil by a trill to town Or by th0 ll
Pi4e1e11iCO id, teir wkly papor con
ings~ and IHappenini~gs"' at " iabibit
Tra p,"' says abou)ht, Ja hke. and( MVary
wh''io wen'ot to church~i Iast Sabbath
gy .ut. co~lunt ry' edit ors sayl th is
is aill thle alv('r1g4 Chii w'..ill reCal
w'.ith initert'4, ini fact, tis is ahuut,
all ho cani1 I~ applcate. Not so; this
is all 11h4 mot,:t you oller' im Iirom4Ii
"Ol).', yeit :4.''d inrg to1 his tast'),
it and14 digestt it, w..ithi astoishinig
Truly~ 1th4 newspapor1h4)1 is a school,1
\tlI V iditor 11.1'. teiachor. M r. prop.t
umy1 t het ailways1 aid4. in l)ilat
you''. knw how inuthis'iVtli itWtei
iH .lielent rraase. .I I 1(iiig listi
et' ,1'I' 'I3 I i the tonshe aii (t'1 appears t.
I r~ Tusday 1('. amt i i y wihto
thought f, su I i g p intii 1he Istote a
iotinas1'terI andiiii t~hi gover'nmet.
iier 'ig on' thiat cskoes' to the n
al(*it delieryii 1 wi d neve ig to
lit's ee hiiiowii a coutry dit (or
wnhil such(1 aij gras on s largo aOt
numberi fst uden igts might1( bgi'nc
the cer~,11, olif a'c teaher Ft, why
ntdvte' ~ A Cohanni gach week to hit
(bmg ~ithI (g i wht i know Ito heI
averag chib fof the nd o ingto
1umi nu Ode up of astraded ion urise
ple,' thre distlet th10 e i ton, aco
county, the State, (I the edt0'nd
Statgie. Abcoumnllgiven up tioWlit
eaur bginning4. withof the simpso
elassie, If oo(d to istories,1 buso
thom Sa be fo thiald of1( 1master
Thuisi curs pof tinilstruictioni11 migt
ingpts tho time oft ithei itor and
tof tive Aoveuall this,1 hawvert
just a Moe teache mutapthim
selfit the worki ii tif 1tho( class
room, t ho leito mustby al mans1
put in tamp far' orignlt and thr
sonlity uponi4'u all intuon hat
ir f h io journacijlit: ''Ioa hin'
tome Ciig 11 fr tost hun NE m!o
Saom Joni, who 1 has fau facu Lt of
nhotg nthe mal'etw p1ilce or)( inothe
am nc r e ,b t t h m . T a
ron a IParticipant inl the Me
dilevval Haitorv of Pick
011i 4'ouny.tv. I
You1-y ]lot ice inl our histories col
that. bill. I-'le i. SajidI of thle st h- gl
w)est er11' f our St te. Proba.
bly this is ocemiso it, was not set
tied iunt il freul 113 to20 Y ears
afte (J he sethvieno t of Cnariestoi.
WhI is now(o (re-m;vilIlet, Anitderson,
Ovonlte antid Pivensi counties was
edltI. '. the (l i Cheiooke, I iiians,
underl ti ir chiet, AttactiIlacuiIlia, uri
to tilt' whIliteS Iml 17.77, as tily :ul rea
bvel contuIeored ill Septem0be il , 1776 cor
by t' . \\'I. ilim sni ill It (OSdep0 erae the
bat t h. . I Nk0Wvt' or Koowve. ste
'I(It'teen or sixt- en lar before, the
the t weii two grat..t 1) t ls w itl
themn am i Ir e stehooe, li' first mo.
by Co Mntgomet'l y, tlie setcold
y . , i ut .eral
he Io.: s.;ltitr.% either Itril r o an
Noon a.er t.:e ar fOrmed two tis- Sw
I Ile t I r 1 tI l I., it'w * v lei iilred by
t t':Ji~s . i o02, ei i l n d f"t ieor en
innte. iti oi tit t it .Jula
I Ild., ko .1h11a10 froml \'ir- ing
n . thou
& G
t h - ,t i t it 10alI levetion l t' li'
1.',0 t ..: :h tL w i sturts I- met
t Ut t t e
ustyi ! i mi cilo h courtst m 1)r
l ' h..1111 t e .t i 179 1, it t ip. tlit'
it1 tedl bY l n! it:. h a.l sp ak .) lal C tr
lione' rs t d el te anid build it Ci
0o0t1ti hois, et1 1.v Gen. Andrew '"
II kens, (o I h MIxwell, Ma. fi
ir Joh Bowen andl Mr. John 1la1 EIS
IhkI . They l.I t d and built ait 1 1 0 -
P i'iek lIi 17i v g ot t he htr legisla- ilt
turke enacted "That lt plaeo sl.1l1 Sta"
antas he i n i hi law ats Pickens . ant
ille trong Gii. .dw ckens." th
The first oi vcis ro d in 1on. e in
dt n idisti tct I'as nit April 3d, weI
17090. vrot
I suppose ats soonl as Ihs. dis- 1
t'icts egiam Stue itly pouo0, n11
V ach1 o(e built i t hi(lolse.( I. a
have not been able to get the dates foil
Loft the building of the( court iouses tril:
a0t G.r1en v:i lle andi Pendileton. It ta t
wis through tt, kinde ofth t ofu thr
miemlbers of le-gislatture ,(;l0 Sch Ol t
Commissioner andy Clerk of Cou rti
at, Anderson that I have gotten tho
dates givea. be
The lgislatture, in 1826 27, di- sh
vided Pl'edlotonl into Plckenls and f ro,
Aiidersoi n id ord0eried thatt the aiu
tourt, shoild ho hield ait Anderson ( i i
oi ttle :i Monday inl Alay, 1828, F Ce
aid att Pickens oil Fudionay follow- oin
Ing and it might he. hold for two p)li
da ys, if 11ocessall lry. for
The firstdoee reordid t Old ty
Pickoent wag oil the 28th day of in
October, .1828, by Clerk Wm. L . ri
Koithi Hlo t .eld that l lit c f11r fa
ofthe lin.e Jmst'i~~' 1, hlao, wh~ol
holdejt it, unilr t ibent a aait n of tt
diidedi a gintior ot'ernd l 'ons trli
byi the fonstieiutoras ovto of no is -_
(188. Th le convita eifon i namdha
tinusi onero s to giocatiland bildlyt
-ahe ut h11 osetc. the xins. ar<
Jats. E.tgo, aeh1.A-S
bier,) M r a SLirs, r soe m<i
lowe ti nd githe wrt iter ithres '111aCii
the8 count1 se e pr.ticable We o- hu~'
er o the ae seletedut te cho-t or
sen tileoLowerearersthe cdnter of1de1
polationr. Geiln eat any tohf 11 ii
mlita y) golIaver ordere onCIS 11e n
stin or memberi u ws ofitelegisla-ae
and~s Sliju fApiIS-he lOIl
dfa. gieso as ho ~ivo tte newJoly deV2
folloed ic1. itis--th colre fmaen ti
-ample 1imoC' be iicasit he(1i maiden 1'
vodto rditve 1 e O fi~
oie my Alr grea.t surprie ,i oe tr
eus nd le ted Mr.0 111T homSparsog tie
eraii ill tet lSenat and~ the witer o
ltizevry Jdhn byw oen to usti
twnty he oould havm no excus: whe U"
oaid the th0i wqalityxed adve a e
mustJIj)c 1 sbit, ti iciolhls o
l)Tiher1llis h legislature covndiJy id
following. haemcrtfaewi
ofii flectof yers ope tlour tat siv
ywor eve b. An thaetiCek condiio gal
agauii, tobeoeried1 H.un Pbypt po
boy to100 ruloer msasiowar here
conened.1 of hsawee ol ored~ o ha
1r nthoerno men and the Seaer', the
osepnd 1 rwinte lio wa ocupieasd ~
ulmrest overy good by) from alen to
twentyat coloredlwome. T ey, w~hoere~
groupl~l ictre ws the aombed o
bothbrnce of the elatu . nrew nd
.iisa' ceebit.Itissidtht
Th C~eist wfligso he oer fourne|
Muldind poISer iff I.. Pilpot, n
herobatosmJudge HsD F.m Brd-agi
westsideo Wlthe go lo cont ofha
Pickenslwas theobirah-placea the n
lattil Goerocvr and ear, the
Josephl o. CrownO, on was d
Pnl~ri eorgeistorictas the ated
Picken and ols.~~l byrt SAndor- jg I
oo Wefr the~ waih the ~nIn
Tomen as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Cidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
irages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
and cheerfulness soon
A disappear when the kid
neys are out of order
or diseased.
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
that it Is not uncommon
for a child to be born
afflicted with weak kid
-- neys. If the child urin
the. ales too often, if the
ie scalds the flesh or if, when the child
:hes an age when it should be able to
trol the passage, it is yet afflicted with
-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
difficulty is kidney trouble, and the first
i should be towards - the treatment of
;e important organs. This unpleasant
ble is due to a diseased condition of the
icys and bladder and not to a habit as
it people suppose.
1/emen as well as men are made mis
)le with kidney and bladder trouble,
both need the same great remedy.
mild and the immediate effect of
3nmp-Root Is soon realized. It is sold
druggists, in fifty- 'V1
and one dollar 0M.,M
s. You may have a
pie bottle by mail
also pamphlet tell- HomO of Swauw.noot.
all about it, including many of the
sands of testimonial letters received
sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
o., Binghamton, N. Y., be sure and
tion this paper.
re was a fort built at seleca.
lRainlsiy, itn his history, cidled
1inountins inl the ind(ianl counl
a long tlie Stato line--A ppalach
or 'iiaeayo mouintalais. II ,
lIed Some of the uilles of' plices
orettly fromti what. wo do, i. (.,
nik, Socony, 'jsta o, Colorass,
Dr. lamsey is the mani who
-odc(Id vaccinationl ilnto tii s
to, First It vacciinated his sol
directly or iniltrectly, more
n a thouisandl personis were Vau..
tted, he states. Iln 17()0 thero
'o over 900 deaths inl Charlestoni
n1 sitiall-pox.
n tile war of' I 1 to 1l)5, Pick
couity seit a large IIIo nimber of
;allant 1m0n to the war as ever
owed soldiering, and they conl
muted Irgoly inl bitilding repu
ons for Generals a11d Colonols
Iiglh the east Side of Pickons
nty, one Colonel anl that Into
he -war.
'he counlty, as now fixed, hilas
n very backward in edtication.
has very few native graduates
a collegos, OXCpt physicians,
I tifay are all young meni, with
exceptiens. I beliove I aill the
aid olno 1111( the oldest living
. We aro now very well sup
Id with 3ung11 intivo teachurs
ouri publllic Schools. Th'lis counl
hits ralised Iaiv noble heroes
I heroilnus w ho by induistry havo
o(l linte families that coipare
oral~hy ini mtorals :1nd( initellIi
ICe with any section,.
&\t' hava ore10~S~ sprigs alu well~' s
god, cool wvateri than aniy coun i
I k now. Many pe'oph, here
. a iry W ilhiamis is 915 years old,
uti and Ii vel',; :overalI personst
ove 80 . Mr. .Jepthit Cra ne is
and his mother only ( diedl afe
nths1. aigo.
\'e have a small quantity of very
i lands oni the creeks an ivers
t0 some(of it is too wet to cuilti
0, and( 8)0ue on whiebl
lInhaf or more1 of (the crops aIre
t'oyed'( byv freshlet s. Th'lese Ild,
elleve, do not produace halfI as
cht now as they didl twently years
t is saidl the late dos.ieph ILooper
I ot er 2100 descend~anlts att his
itlh, quite0 a numbei Ir hbeing of thei
Id g'enertilon.
'lie Cl:erokee Inian 11 n ao was
nid into soliie t wetlty or mlore
ies [and( ownedh a great dleal of
d1 west and2( south of us ini Geor
, Albamai antd Tonni~eon.
n10 of (Jurl ri vers and~ creeks are
ned2( fromt sme h o f1 thIioso
>cs, as SaludaI, ( olen oy, East a
1Ke tw'j, Seniecat, T1ugalhoo, &c.
hav omeO luOini up1111and(l, some)
11m1o2 and1 a groat deal nion-cul1
ttale from rocks, steepntess, &c.,
ec l e took rr (Iacin1g Verv OXp~Oin
and1( tiotiblesomno. Thllis '2oun1
as alwatys been1 demIocraLtic in
ties. Thel r'epuibl icans hariidly
(o11er caida~i~ltes for oflico.
r. Rodtgers and my self wore
1)sed ini I808 which showed0(
r lock or inmbels to (lletX2
iow To
siain Flesh
~ersons have been known to
nl a poundla day by taking
ounce of SCOTT'S EMUL
~N. it Is strange, but it oftenI
omehow the ounce produces
pound, it seems to start the
estive machinery going prop.
5, so that the patient is able
ilgest and absorb his ordinary
:1, which he could not do be.
, and that IS the way the gain
E certain amount of flesh is
essary for healthi if you have
got it you can get it by
xtcwifid itlt smeUisumme
winterand ir you are thrIving upon
nt stop bev. the waeggq wami
MQTiajj'oi ~usia
anything. My most active and
talked of opponent was a colored
preacher. A dividing lite between
tho Savannah and Edisto on tne
We8t and Baluda on the east passes
through this county and you maly
follow a divide westward to the
MissiI river about Alemiphis,
'enn., crossing no branichi even
between Churleston and that point.
Wu.at T. Fin-i,in.
For a bad taste in the mouth take
CIlhmrlin's 8tomach1 and Liver Tab.
lets. For salo by 0. W. Earle.
A man ma1411y ownI a watch thalt is
at good tiiekeepor, andI yot lie may
not havo a good ium.
Turnip Seed!
...NEW CROP...
Fresih and RELIABLE
1 0.'l laAS, L'AP ROrs,
ROCK SA Ll' andlSTOo K F00 i>
For Horses al( Cattie.
Iff'TRY TH 18.
PANS and other Sminmner Goods
To Go Power I' CIt E'HA P.
lo 'SLre to See Ou- Line of,
F 'IN'l'U l' , 8T(\'S, TRt' I' S,
Valises, .lht li , Cet
an d Hat ilLks,
And at Lot Other V',el'ul Things.
)Wer. 0T.' vii i( S. - oia uve.
Addisoni-- Driug 8Store.
All woik guirntiied to gjvp ga jisfn.
III stock; (-11o0i114 ) to sov fort m n rs.
Better Sow a go1od patch inow.
WiIIll ine ini handy forI htheI i next
sixty dlays. P'lenty f'or all.
is tandly tot havye, too. I : hne
lots of it.
I keep overything ini the Ge'neralI
Merebhtnis( in te, and~ wvill suipply
you 11s CHEAP if not CiIEAP1Ei
thma anyonle else for th ine cflU lass
of gtoods. I stoit it your- patrloni
age. Y\ours truly,
Pickens, S. C
fW"'Homoe 'Ph ohe N 2.1N
feb1221 f
Citation Notice.
to ru' t) r*nilt imi i) I-'. 'f .\dini-.
ltti no h 01t f a d o-.u e
it O. l.inton, dI'.n(
TtS:.aTummn.:.on.o ,.n
landired itor s t itttl. o ls
1)lec3ate, thtit jtu t fI itt be tnol tp--:n- br it'.
tint' . 1 ti 'mr 'k tfl Prtob I'-. t e 18.1
at Pltilmos., 1 jtou tt t'us wil ('. gin (.
h(re'f 8. ., t ebn-k tin t ii'fogui~,n t
'.1)w1 J.nM, if Ay tiwr hov, whyij i
B ig oLet.
300 f S t. 1 ieti ~C, in u h
year of or FaleSmb le et
Sut mim oict n t s. Na l i
a'olg fo ani8 nary ho f 1.n. ll I 11tale. o
r JSateo Mn Mo',rlina aunre n
ron, En* apr, ~~ a~ sn j A'
Church Directory.
eow1Ov we give the ntanes of vl..irets
ptttors. and the Sundaysi ott witicht thyo.r
worship, tat far we hav'dtfornAiation. It
your churlt i1 not on the litt senti the ie
esmary infortnation:
It'ekent-I4v. A. J. S. Thoina-4d Sun
iay, 11 a. ni, atl 8 p. 1
Wetdiesday 8 p. i
Sec'onia-NIev. .1. E. P
fore the lirt Sti.ttday at
11 :t. Ill.
l'eter's4 Crt ek-Rter, J.-'
Itrehty 1 1p Inl; StittuN flit V 24VsCon i11 Sakttur
daiy 11 a Ili.
Milti Cree-k-licv. J. E. lti'oter- ith Sait
tt'ihty 3 1 it S itSliday after fourth Sattittlay
11 at li.
Six ilt- 't'v. W. C. 81alotn--SatIrdlay
bwforet thel s-conel Statubay 2 1) lt ; sentpid
Sitntthty 11 it ltl.
l'rater's Creek- -Riev. WV. C. Seabornta
Saturtlty lifore the third Stinday 2 i ut
.kd Stiay 11 a ill.
Concor-l--Itter. WV. C. Senhoorn-Satt y
Iefote tic fottilt Stiniay 2 p il ;it.h Sit .Y
I a l y i a it t .
Liherty--lieV. I f. to. Ihnhlock- -14t. alidi
3d malbbat.ls; Itorini g, It 4.ick :tight., 8;
H.S. lyery sHaitlay ttt .I p) I. - rat ie It.et -
tag, )goetinestlay 8 p. it.
Picke s-li R I. It. Ditanll --Is Still.
4Iny 8 it : 2i St utlttv I a hit .ith 18t1iny
8 ,, ; pt'tr it.enting 'We'! ntsdays 8 y li.
Twelvp lii.--itv. It. IL ID1111a1l- IAA
dz3y ;t::10 p nii.
It a tt : 5lit Sittniy 11 a h.
I~se - lANv. \\. Ir. Wj\iggilv--.t IldI
8 j itt :tI Suneb4rtty I 1 1 l m.
St. INVtt---lier. \ . Wiggi lis-- NH St it
iay -I I lt.
- Um'. W. E0. Wiggins --2d Stintiay
II :t tu ; .i ht Stlyt4iltk' I p itt.
I vt III. sfi
'hv-theia- ili iin-1st, t.a 1
a Il:.to ; 1; 1141.1 ,av - p1 nI.
Anti-t--Ne'. Wiggins- Ath suilay 1I
a til Sti ~ M ttieI i e
I 'iekenls Chue Itpr. Wiggins.-- 2d Sim
daty -1 ) Inl: 51-h .8-inl1ay.il a .1l
N iin l'ICEs.NS CItCUIr- liv. .. le
'rs t sundiqa-- 10lin sl 1, I a -.l Poor
ter ' 3::pl : tt . .
84i41111 t ittihI: ,v- t.I -tt 11ttt . I I It I New
14 .lo . t, .3::30 p Il.
Third Sitt h.ht - l'irter's Ihap, l, 1t a 7 -
salin, :;:::t ) Il,
l'n tih Sti. nhy
a t i : lvasse, ;;:: I .
Wii il ItIio 1NS ( I'n .R - it . It' . Ata
W ay, V istt: utu. I .,-s. '.
'irst sihid ny .'airvta w. 11 it. I. C .
'hini sul.uh1y-- GapI l1ill,11 :1. ml.
er ,. -1 . Pn.CALLE
*-'-I)FN I If;tSIk' Lll
liev. T. 11. .\ l , ' r - --' g to
'' t N it til' itken n
'liNd StuYhi.\ -E tral, 11 : 9 I .asley,
I1i 1t h V ti lay - 1,ihHrY, 11 a I; Ias l-Y,
Su m mon s.
('otnty of Pif wns,
n'l iii t'itilijof tiltp
W'otei - 'rw, N. P. and .11teg
\\illi;11nS, l'hi IiHlVS
( aterie ( ino~n IltuCy. 're, An..
vi a."1m0, N. 1'. ( 'rew. jr., .\louzo inw
b..,si- V l'4-w , 1. l1': w -1 hn1'1 w
Si1y W illinin . ( \ il;;ams ,ol
S1111ininou filr ihl-lief.
|(' till1),i i Sci vi-l.1
Ill the dlfenchants ab1v0,6\11i
1( o nu wet- l1( he liunphiint il (this :14ene1 of
%%hivb a ecopy iQ hen-wilit h11rl) .11)
,\()l1 :111<l 141 :se rv v :1 V 11 i)r v itI. , .
i4114 illel linlhiie:fst. 1l,-inj

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