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esday, Octobei
No Cards Issued
linerv D)epartment this sea
iss 'irza11 HI hes who ha
1arkets, where she pu rchase
Season's most choice no
o make this (cpartment e
.1 it' -ou want a stylish I lat
11 to'visit our Millinery dep
mo1st comlph te le of I,
-n in the county, and at pri
Illy invite all tbw ladi:s to a
e a cordial weclcomei.
\A'. ,I. .
-k'1~ e .: l Vt. I'
lilf -rel . . it's llte 11l.
f ( of . 1
el *4 clit , I ilic ati l
illieilt' e illt flts !e, id r
ty ('luuliiion(r.,:. i'nltv i- Th
aulreathytle ii'st v nhe ien ti
rd colii.'-ue csi t jnll d I cti
th(~ (il()illeelt -li is f a e n
s aal fgvn hi p o liS
c fhsonc sucsul bui. -papa
ekl couniy a'llt ht saou .
i, 122124( to Snmni
there2141 2olu % (to~ t.his otle ci of ni
> iuc filue o iingth eiv ey of 1101
s our' hiswn se n ef rt 1to-i.-1
'iper2l justlaseay as i i5nsibl(arn
the in ils fo arlist de iv- tuai,
than4 ickI ny whoc in ileto re- '"d
et ilc reIsnle I ni t e aflter 'I p
let ni ofi ach weekil to no1t i y leyt,
iS 11 u c faihire.1224 and wei r- 1(2
1uni2 carriers 2 andIlV21 c posinSt- . nt
w1 1th isrotup :1 i:t dclivery- thci_
:0 leb ra(2cs abou1(t wicwe 1"12 nc;
12ng22 in everyh n esppe 1 ar2ecif I''(
'et asIII ~ some ma nurally Th
clcll ac2il2s :221 it2lM- ea
evnj i rem'otely, talv A ner ll,
aeil lile pide uini theci resul Tic 1
.hatthesucess f te Amer toc- t i
1l(ouri dces \Ve) arethemosbu
> themarketS n 2ontol ont'
,. leworkl It i a 2repons- Thv
- -t o t 211' to l prepare (well the'i
-221 all 24 poli 'i l e tnlemenits-21' the tic
niithS poitcs ad riest 2 the05 h
1(1. . S 21 1(1522 o. .i 1
- t gi uen tof good122' toii the
c ll iancei~ suborinated wto ea:
I as1 to i
macn.h b usi2CS I'g12iness 20 f same( vP~
enifi binesn politi 1( esl matter
itsience,21ach has itsd to any(
toproblems.o ;1
* , 2 Church Cemetary near
cv cnclosed by a 12021, sub.) "Do
'wall. It is a permnlent 022(l 812
'id adds caste to the general Jar mieel
'O pla1ce. Tius IS the rc- IIOltzchi
-work on2 the part of a com.- te'timon0
sgociation which 1has this answer.
* .rch and cem2etery In it T- s
mi Mar-cl
, credilt to theo commitee asi all in
'ho hold mnenmbershipJ in the worst dan
h le movtfement to raise an tieo neart2
of $1,000 Is commendable ro memnb(
a ben the
* trentIonA of all people who an2d disa
the history of upper South bu'd a th
av regard for thle memory to <'o was
..~ l .b .~be . r. en
r 8th, 1901. c
son is under the supervi-C
juSt rCturned from the
d a laigC anld CoImlej)L-te
'Cities. We have sp ared a
nual to any in the larger 'a
at a reasonable price yoi ca
arIItmellt. -
ess Goods that has ever
:es that defy ComlpetiLiln.
tt(nd this oj>eiine. You an
Z -
Morrow Co2
I It'N T ('.\lti . I. l I I 'll i t
:r t -t 1 - ' I - n i h \ I Ih-h
-viv dp 14p
liw I 1 1
Sh t - a d th 'I 4, l 4Cl, Il-4h
: r !. \\'V ..i~ s .1. T ('h l
\V! h- te w. .nun i u
.. v/ 14 1 i(.
t l' 4"he w ts m 1ilIr I 1
I vr V n n wI tI anwe aWNy
11 I' . ; -d ' br eriii ( the
ud1 I 14 " 1414h 1. 11k i t; 1 14
-lil :-.c n ~us t inl IL public
I inl ' 14 I r ce I I i gnedi by-lo I\ on i- 1.1
-! k n-. thi. 1- ! 1h I IIl Sep'ten11 her,
.1 . It. I.:tthetnl, Churich Clerk.
. . I 4 >:: Please alli)wv itle th e sp ct-e
1r' som piestions asked by "I Ach
at OI hnnis If Mlt. CaItne;church
wek iagI : a thing l regrt, very no1h
I'ut ill justie it) Imly h er, I llm
1 t" it. I wish to sa3. that 114 dlbiy
. anI-wer. has bieen 4)n aitccount of the.
ngs4~ of 141y chi4hes1'2, asI 1 (couh1i 1not
1 to neul.e14( a 111241er oft so4 much(1 im1
nu and4. give iuiy 1ti444 1to inior
ihaptis2t ('ae know1 2141% 14 Iha . '. I 1-1/
lu112s t 144 in 11n- Ieigi . n.4 r fear1 of2 1.4II.
un4 :14 11 i 14enil41 hi4 111m 4 4ut. on1n s4.
1121 tiil 11'o'1 .4le 1444! lly fa 4I (. h nl 4
ingl nIalerial4( 4' Ilxill letl 1others 2144- h'
blt he14 11ever (441 in any1 where n e
ify4 44Irl. I 1 4re41min tha hi s~ ( car 4421
ledt't b 10 'loknx. day that1 stor- 444'
.uld h elmr4' ed on:1 'ae.'. I d4I1i hir
4,' ail palh4,'il riti out' hof myl on1
y411% agin1 44'1ny44', 4. -n 112's protes. y
'1m44 hinyw trades144 and was atj wrk ii
21i to1 cert,'. i 11hat T.441, 11('. 4lIelaw
SIgnedj044 it 1 .414 1t. Frea n 44.
1nd 11' 1)o1114 we:4,'. e me b r o
141, hu1)4i't441' ureb know114I that he . (1
w442ill iy lni( i never exbl mi~ the''I 1I
n4Suini.' l:I d114id sho2a4 enlemn.
me, a t I w( ohi 11 ny4 I te photgr'1'.( aI ,
to144,my house, I will' ask2 14 that5 the51 pub'.
r2ite to4 .\('lr. Wit 'Ih' nil( . I on e124
4d, "li.o?' (41 the24124 m Inther '1 f '4' . ('24 ar-241 I
h41tis1 ch Shknw at T.In : ll tz
'I''('15 J1 sepIhic ('122 per.11 t
and that heN1141 h 4')!1( (Ive taid a llent of
y taxeon rs nal4 propert1 y and aso illi I' C
Wi'lltxIore year24' 1 189 1
('1422d I Sam15 Chama, 1
'1to. the 1( taxbl vau of L the hI 142 . t -o
hiion ofic ia pize bo gold i ing~ l~e $1
we~ve no( ay ofx kneton g, ut~ W
P4ickens VC . rc.Sep t. 1.1~, 190..
. 1 C. . Mtzela , il, *1 C ((
Bro8.-YouIIrc knote just11 hande me( C 1
(that Ind yorc a~it wit I1en~l tatemente
hat (iy itsaid CiRIb. Late as' to
til (say 1that (111 never metione iiithei 21<
to Mr. ((2 ii Lathem." wnothngrsb
lin' ernce util at in the201( paper.13 ki
I eerchd to tax "ex1cIutionk agist w
myRof ilee. te,8) i~ 8)ta
81 ilOursveryclIl141 repet lly, 18
re thre meers u ofiv the .Cr la
paystorb ast1, it eig aer retu-h
,weddhle cr and take~11 ri';1toen
y0 in ag ed 'hin case, Lest thers a0
Sto cetiy tat te second Sunday co
wai~f~ reerdtobILtc ok wa aP
0'--r hu'ers have just arrived
ver k, >wn in the history of our
I this part of the Counfltry. New
ics and we invite every man, won
lothing and Cents' 5.o(
Eurnishings. 101C
Never before ia' 1u1 Cloth
, kieartilleiI t beell SO Coil
'W-~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~1 111'01WM 1 t~ ColI
te. I ou wear a stout w tio
I lit you; if' you wear a slim
can fit 'oi. The biL'gest
>wk it the county to select
im and at prices to suit the mo
rchaser. \ouths and chil
: s tits, single and dloub(le b
.astsld. 1,000 pairs pants to ,
sold rang igil in price from ,
cents to Sj.00. See them t
d get first choice. SaV
by T. ('. lloltzelw. I never saw 11hm
11 11,lil inl his life. I
- I Y wv. the( nienibers Of Mlt. (C'alniel
pti7-t church kno(w thmt one of1 yourtih-a1
- wh is alo yu I ichreb eli tlu t 1 ai
1 1n-1(1 m1ent % withI T . (". llIt(11zela:w about11
i-( tranlsactions and he( 11.14 hand
Is . to) Iay 1 hill, aniid :aboul imt iitud
, 4t i-r things Fpoke 44 hi44 11, h.ci
litty hinhh-. Irishinan aild alo withi a ll
Ilh. *spolke 44 the cat :uid u Tif T. C. A
d Iiz.eh led at 1a1ie?' W ill sar in t e
11 lilt e ab rItn t1. I'lather' ne e.
SIuihlitik so, I Icfer tIltn t) .144111
-rgIsIn 1111 C. W. J ane s, as ti-y were
'Sent1 whell the abo ve langtuigel sholild
Iin ecuwlusion, I will s;ay to) the pulblile
-ni-r"4lv llat I have nit, iltie to n i
1.vthinle inl the future-4 that "Laatch oe"a
aty Say\ inl re-ani t i milt wouhhV( I 'lllt hafve
id this haIri 1 it. Iot t(el Ito satisfy te
indls of 1stose who do) no4t knowm M r
leitch.I Ioek." and '4hall make no( reply inl
'futu Itl anythinig Il' tny sN ilet.s' it
tleets mly viharacter where he aild I are
ot, h no wI. I harve I t IL're 'elr to the
rize box tl i 4 i' 4)1m1141 li Itin
t-cause 44, their inn tian e
T . ('. titzela w . l , 11
NoIt q-)inmuh is bving said aut loca po- be
tis, but1:14 iwsl,24 iVes )1. V~n ills ae b1i-gi-a
il toi feel'o aboutcli for entragement.
r44tile42 lolI ai. J. ('. Strihh1ng,1 C .toman rett
1W 11f4 t' it l '.c ('. \'., 0 rerring t t(
Ilbinherin 41 ast t o thei co ~t Itf bWIlig of)041 13
st ll li l', itiual4 ii ie I.)idy vlle ('u- it
'ii t i i lts(. 3 The tho i'tf l tax-paye em11 '4- (l
y1a itih ni n14 lir t on Itt'' decide f olimse l
toth<lihll, ti'nc inI ct be ten ouc a14 l4
Iltisiend ite . ni iothji ('tola, 's wel is Ie
1ter1nin wh 114 j'h4 Iytem' wlds work for 4110-1I
hii bes5.t illret of the1 i nd'o igt h l vet1.1 I 41
ans.1iIi'iI118 Ii.i~ k'(XI10. aii t u
:l 'V t It'0 -45 t -l4'I --il -l th<II:1
II is/probabi. that' I lhlt)' ite ill appeal by
4Str'CogSit presur isaleady 1l1, bein exer-.2 of
dt lin I tis c' ity 'iniI faor of8 al further1 re ii l
tiin of th.) war~i tax ou14 beer, whi8ch t m<i
'4, chum1led,5 come enil ut ofI I 'f11 ~Ythe fr
ookithe iof th1 brewers, ho arelC 1inableOcol
iLtransfll litg (If thei ustomr b in.. wt
rensing th21 1 rien per 'itghiy Anyf~e rite- t1
ionll htowever, wil) btet tercely fopposed. 1
l-'oml W'iormatio rivliled by to
1(1Iniths'o an tll) hav been)OiS f2Clondl inh
uta oniae ofvra seletonQs ofi an extling Sii
cater bird, whi iyIs thl1jLe lrto ilofo' 1a ) Ph
Dcingd terenur livingflPft'l~l or etiVt,'t for 1
een .iurist fendy phraacis" 'fotro 18m the~
ainy knowni ofl to~ l the o -iNi'lns. 3II
'8>8Otini t idet. touhsid tllfougn hin
gtl foeue it bus1411inessi~, rn'he alo o. lyot
osition. SL .C t on theprsg1 i sietll c a1). p 11t i
ni-latheriCaolbiloI sii w ih pr. Our
>the 1a0 (J pi lf narlytttIt 1 81000,m.0 g.
yw to Utdit h hon onl of r- 0,0l
ufyna, Alorge bn mayh be expece ni
TisEto)ta wint S Mnato h t~brh of ~J
'>rth Io~ta intns oagi s his n
Sin-V AL
from the Northern markets i
business, anld at prices that wi
goods are rolling in on every
ian and child in reach of our
,ooo ys stanidard prints at tl
t per yard. a
)o yds good outill . c. b
)O %ds gool bleaching full td
*idlth, 5c.
tfact we have passe( thro'
entire dry goods and no
is, clothing and shoe dejxtrt- a
ts and cut prices to the
,k, and we Will save you
icy on your fall bill if you
give us a look before you
gons, Huggies, Surreys, &c
get our prices. \Ve caun
e you money.
Clerk 's Sale.
Pickens County,
Smith, et al, At.dn's c Aze.,
.Jesse Arter,
I pusuliance (i at judgment of forecio.s
Imlade in the ubove statted1 case and on
in the Clerk's oflice I will Hell to the
test biddec r onl
iALEI)A Y IN NOVl1oo1ti1, 1901.
)ickens emitrt house; S. C., tiwring thle
i hou111s for sale the following deScribel
estate to wit: .
Al that (ertin1 pieCe, parcel or tract of
A1 lying beilnig it, the coulnty and state
resaid adt known as the Ilim'mas 1)illard
Son tle lnortl of (Gregori s Creek, wa
U ot Twelve Nil- iti', IolIj1ining (land8
liarblv Chiiress, A. 0. 1o1w ei i(eorge
I Cliit C( linon 11an(id other], Containing
It i10) net:' e i re o le!s:A.
me, all till on-hlfi univided interest
the deflendant, Jesse~ Arter. inl all tlat
Ct (If 1land inl said couity all I state, it he
! thle :nne 11and( VConveyed to Thol)llm
I114011 ainld Jesse Arter by deed from A.
11ilhe. adjoining lands4 of Gideonl E'.
liinie Algood and ther, colntliniig
o h1(imtd an1d five (205) acies, more11 or
s, lying on tie west side of, Twelve Mile
ver. Term wls, one-imiIf cash, balalnce on
redit of 1V2 Imonth s. Cred it portion to
secired by Ihe hond of the imIreh ser
11 1 1441lgr.ge oI' the premista, with leavea
ant ici patu payment. Terms lust be
niplied with inl one hour atter the sale or
pretises will be resld 4n @I.h same
'. I 'iirchasier Io pa) y for pa)er1 andI for~ 1 4
44r4ing theL sameit.
A. d1. II()GG , [tIAI.]
Sheriff's Sale.
Ini (oniinoni Piens Court.
ni purisuanceof a 41judgmient (If fore.
mre1 n111de. iln the above1 stiated case 11y
y'. 19011, and on thle in t hev Cie, k's oillee
ill sell to1 the highest i der oni
SAICDIAY IN Novriel1p:01t 1901.
he Pich~ens court h-mse, S. C.. duintu
legatl hoursi forl sale0, the following de
bedl property towit:
U I that certin pilec, partIce' 01'r tract, (of
dI, 13'ying bing siltute in the count1y rnd1(
te4 alfor~esid (on wa~ters (If i~ighteen Mile
ek, nearW the town (of E.asley, it being
11ame1 land1( 'oniveyed to llelle 1t. Smiithi
I )r. 11. I". Smnith containing twenty-two
I one-hal f ('2'2) iacres miore or less.
t'ermiis, oneL-hal f cash11, blanI~ce on1 at ced~it
Ltwelve mon)Iths9, credit portio to1 b4le se..
-e4d by3 the bond of1 the purc'hatser and14 a
rtgage (of the precmises with interest.
m) dazy of sale. Tlerms oIf sale mutst be
nplied wvithi in one hour11 or the pretnises
.1 be reso4ld onl0 ate (lay. P~iuchaser' to
m' for Paper01s, anod forl recore dintg the same1.
J. 11. (1. MeI)ANI1:L,
Sheriff Pick ens County.
ly it' (If tax (execu'tioni lodged iln my1
('e by) 1144n. .M. II. Cooiperi, S'creCtary3 of
14', 1 have 1evie upon1 11141 i will sel1lat
kens court1 house during the legni hjour
IollIwin~g described Ilporty towit:
LIIliht cerin piece, palreel or tract (of
I situate11 ini I cusv'ille To~ wniship, Pick..
('4.1unty1, S. C., co~ntatiningr one hundred
si xty-eight and14 one( half (1t83) aceres,
e 44r less, boude byi114 13 lands of 1). E.
iicks, Hetn th . Fr'eemani, GI. W.
he, '14I, Sti).1,esleI , J 411. J. nhony and)1
I. 20, 19101. Levied upon as unknown
44old4 to) sa1tisfy said tax ('xecution I
C44t saiid1P~ property. Tlermis (csh1. pulr.
1'I t) pay13 14or al 1mper and' 114 fo)r record- it
the( 44nne14. Ji. II. (1. Mel'1)ANI lh
A: 1arney) att La,:~'
W~est ( 'oIrt St. Citi~levu,ul, S. (.
raillee ini ll the cour1 ts, Staiite and1
esalt. ')
lttorney's andi( Cjoiunsellors att EAt.
er C2llee liiildinig, (1 R INENv 1,IE ; C
riec in ll 11he co urts, S tte a (1
''ral . Sp)c1I a attenltio 40-ive' toQ co0 -0
cIal ma t te1r is. Notaies 145 lic.
H11s LIE AND) wonKX
113y Gen. Charl's H1. (Grosvenor,
r'osidet's'z life) long Friend, Comradflte
ar' and Colleagno in Congress. \Vait
his aido with othier groat meni when
'yes wor'o closed1 in dieath. Followed -
>ior to tho National Capitol and to
on1. The Ghonor'aI re'qlires a share of S
wioceedts of his book to be8 deLvoted
.ilckmIey Monument Fund~c. Thlus 1
niubscriber becoumes a con)Itributora
is fund. Million,, of copies will be
Everyboedy:will buy1 it. Or'ders g
to asking. Nobod- will reftmso. Ele
Photogr'a'vuro Portrait of Pr~osidenL
iey's1 last pictuiro tauken at fihe
o Ilousoe. You can casily a'nd quick
ar $1,000 tak ingorders. Order out. I
tick. Chianco a. provo success, so.
yearly contract andi becomno Mania
80114 12 2 cont stamnps for olegantu
>eotus. Taking 10 to 50 orders daily.
0 oopios wvill be sold ini this vicini- I
CON'T[NENTA1. AcacMImay,
- - - -- . fnntnrQ anva
vhere they have bought one of t
11 enable us to offer to the peop
train and soon our three large
store to come inspect our stock
Is larger and more complete \
iat it has ever been and we
re oOinao to offer some rare
Argains in HARDWARE of
escription. b
Gu s and sporting goods, 1i
leating and Cook Stoves,
BMting and engine fittingsof I
1 kinds, t
Graiii Drills and Disc Har
>\s, Oliver Chilled and Syra
Ise turn Plows, Hillside Plows
ud farming implements of all
Aid at Rock Bottom Prices.
The hare may be cowardly, yet, ie
as8n1ally dies gamc.
The virtues a woman boasts of she sel
tom posoes( 8.
Thousands Have Kidney Trouble
and Don't Know it.
Ihow To Flud Out.
Fill a bottle or common glass with your
water and let it stand twenty-four hours; a
sediment or set
tling indicates an
unhealthy condi
tion of the kid
r neys; if it stains
your linen It is
evidence of kid
ney trouble; too
frequent desire to
pass it or pain in
the back is also
convincing proof that the kidneys and blad
der are out of order.
What to Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every
wish in curing rheumatism, pain in the
back, kidneys, liver, bladder and every part
of the urinary passage. It corrects inability
to hold water and scalding pain in passing
it, or bad effects following use of liquor,
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled to go often
during the day, and to get up many times
during the night. The mild and the extra
ordinary effect of Swamp-Root is soon
realized. It stands the highest for its won
derful cures of the most distressing cases,
If you need a medicine you should have the
best. Sold by druggists in 50c. and $1. sizes.
You may have a sample bottle of this
wonderful discovery -'^
and a book that tells .- - ,..
more about it, both sent ' W'.9"
absolutely free by mail, "
address Dr. Kilmer & Hom of Bwamp-RhfooI,
Co., Binghamton. N. Y. When writing men
tion reading this generous offer in this paper.
Tax Notice
Theii t reaisurer's4 ofilee alt Pickenis Coni
liotus', Souith Carolinat, n.i:1 he oeni (on
MnIeitlay, octobher 15th1 for thle colection
of the follow~ ing nam, d taixes for year
i.evy for~ 8Lt i' ax, 5 miulls.
I ."vy for orelaiary Cotuty taux, 5 milis.
I aevy for Const ittutionl school tax, 3
Levy for pa1st i 1lebted01 10nes, 2 millsk.
'rotli lvy for State atti county 15
Le~vy for itetrest on Pickenis Railro.Ld
Dlois, Pick~enis court house township, 3
1-S mills.
Ir.vy for intet est ont P. R. R{. bonids
for IIrieicn township, 2 1 --1 tils.
L evy for, interest 'n IP. iH. R. bonud
for .1atstatoe toiwniship, '1-2 mtiLs).
Sp 'a ey for sch(ol clistrict No. 9, 2
Sieelal levy for school dlistrict No. 10,
l'% milik.
Sp1ecial levy foir school rlistrict No. 11,
Special levy for school daitrlct No 13,
I mill-.
Specil levy for school di tr iet No. UI,
2i mills.
Spiecial levy for school disti ict No. 23,
Sipee ti levy for school (iktrict No. 31,
| nmlis.
Special levy for scilool district No. -I9,
S 'ciail levy for seht( ol district No, 55,
' In ill-.
Po'(ll taix on e dol lir and conuit i ion
ouid law u'ax i.s two dlol lars collectal ai t i
lhe sameu tme from thlose 111 ihrble neod
i% to la1w. Bonks close Decem tber 3ist.,
t01. Revspect.Iitlr,
S. D). Chanpmn,~
:o water but youl can't
nake him drink.
You can't make him eat
ither. You can stufif food in
o a thin muan's stomach but
hat doesn't miake him use it.
Scott' Emulsion can make
imf use it. Hlow? By mak
ig him hungry, of course.
cott's Emulsion makes a thin
odyhungryallover. Thought
thin body was naturally hun
ry didn't you ? Well it isn't.
thin b)ody is aslcep-not
orking-gone on a strike.
doesn't try-to use it's food.
Scott's Emulsion wakes it
}-puts it to wvork again
aking new flesh, That's the
ay to get fat,
Send for fren .aiplc j
he largest and most complete li
IC county some of the Greatest
itore rooms will be filled with tl
and get our prices.
Ve again call your attention
to our line of
\Ve are still selling the cele
rated Swifts' Blood and t
Pone Fertilizers for wlheat, f
wifts' "Wheat Grower," &c.
f you want a good wheat fer
zer come to see us,
We will pay the highest mar
,et price for cotton and cotton
eed and all kinds of country
It has been ou aim to give
he people of Pickens county
>ne of the largest and most
, , , WE EXPECT A G(
We expec to deserve it. We know ti
they can get for it, and we are prepared to gi
Us to S3' that we u1nderbuy and undersell Ct
andi at liar is seldom believed wiei hI, tells tl
We invite all to come and lok through
st(ocked fuil.
(Rs OsfN0Tii
Clocks, Groceries, Stoves, Scwi
Halters, Sole, Lace a
. . . Furniture of all I
Including a nice line of 1
a . nice, clean an
All er ies of Mattre es, Carpets, Ittugs,
articles that he good peopie will
CItlery, Shot Guns a1nd 1 ii fles, Powder, Lead
mite and Blasti ng Powder to kinoIck the
probably the best turn i ( plows Oil I
Would be -(lad to have ya
thtoughi nil the C regiular s
COME IN AND SEE US and give us
Ceneral IN
\Vatch this si
TIhey will hav
to say inl it so
to write it for
We1 hanudle all
kniow n to the trade and1 employ ni
t o fl a18h the
It ou edanytingi 1n o ir lino a p ,stll
alp cesour home, Wo ii
Tour4 ter todo,1
ic of merchandise that was
values that was ever known
c season's most choicest fab
omplete lines of general mer
handise to select from in this
>art of the State and at prices
a direct competition of other
owns, and it is very gratifying
or us to state that our busi
iess has grown beyond our
xpectations, and we wish to
hank our friends and custom
,rs for their liberal patronage
md invite one and all to come
:o Pickens and ma.tke our store
We will treat you right.
Yours very truly,
W Co.
t i copie wniti. as much for their 1101e 118
ve them right prices on everything. For
lrybody, would bo ia lie-pure nilbSiunple,
" 11u1th.
oulir differeint departments. Our rooms arc
ng 1iachines, Saddles, Bridles,
Id larness Lcathewr,
,inds, Bran New . . .
ron Bedsteads, and these
d cheap enoiugh.
MTali tigs. 11111 ia thousad of other useful
eey looking through our stock.
1, Sho(t and eaps, forI sporting" me1n), Dyna
hIttom out ( f oiu wv ns. Wie ainve
lie maui1rket, ailn of several sizes.
Lu try themt. Seelthem.
t. LOT'i OF
ock is. chea. p enoughi.
youri Fall tradue and let us show you
preiate it.
an. Too busy
this issue.
kiii's or
>nibt first~class wormani
ciudi with nur address will bring a mian
yin ca r -- s1111Can give te lowest

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